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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 30

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Clay Confirmed For David Foster's Vancouver River Rock 2006

Late last month, Global Television in Vancouver, BC reported that Clay will be judging and performing at River Rock 2006, the David Foster Foundation charity event. This has finally been confirmed by David Foster's website. Clay's name is listed under "2006 Performers".

Other celebs scheduled to perform are: Michael Bublé, Babyface, Matt Goss and George Lopez.

The event will span 2 days - both to be hosted by the River Rock Casino and Theatre in Richmond, BC (a short drive south of Vancouver).

  • On September 9 at 8 PM PDT, Clay will be judging the David Foster Star Search talent competition.
  • During the evening of September 10- Clay is expected to perform (don't know what he'll perform yet)
Tickets to the talent competition went on sale earlier this month. At last check, tickets are still available via

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Hilarious Clay Mention in Deleted Scene from Scary Movie 4

The Clay mentions are everywhere. The CH's BeeDawn spotted Clay's name in a deleted scene from Scary Movie 4 (now on DVD):

Just watched Scary Movie 4 (I know gross humor) on DVD and there is a Clay mention in deleted scene #13 Chingy And The VIP "Room." Regina Hall's character is trying to get to rapper Chingy but two pretty blondes are blocking her so she points to her left and yells, "Look it's Clay Aiken." The two blondes run off to find Clay. Heee!!!
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Clay Mention on Game Show Network's Starface

Clay was mentioned on the Game Show Network's show, Starface, says wyldflower:

another random Clay mention: I am watching a (new?) gameshow on GSN called StarFace, gosted by Danny Bonaduce. Clays face pops up, (a goofy pic of him making a silly face, wearing the bluish sweater with blue/green trim, over a green-ish collard shirt) and Danny says "Who is this american goofball runner up?" and the guy contestant answered right away...Then Danny says "I knew there was something about him that reminded me of David Bowie...on a tv Christmas special, Clay sang little drummer boy and peace on earth with what dead crooner?" The guy guessed Frank Sinatra...that was was cool though that Clay pops up everywhere....
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Tidbits 8/19

  • The Clay nation is having another block party TODAY & TOMORROW- so invite all your Clay friends and celebrate the upcoming release of A Thousand Different Ways. Enjoy the party at your board:
  • Cincinnati Enquirer article about a songwriting competition mentions Jess Cate, who won the competition in 1997. Cates co-wrote IWCY. "The first grand prize winner of the contest in 1997, Lindy Robbins, went on to write for Faith Hill and Clay Aiken, and composed the hit "Incomplete" for the Backstreet Boys."
  • Fantastic mention from Seattle Pi (did a math nerd come up with this weird name??) -- "Fantasia Barrino doesn't enjoy the same level of celebrity as Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Hicks or Clay Aiken."
  • Kitsap Sun article about AI2 finalist Josh Gracin- says he finished 4th after Kimberley, Clay and Ruben.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Clay Gives Old Friend, Adam Barbour, A Great Reference

Adam Barbour and Clay first met in 1997 when Clay first began to perform with the JCC show in Smithfield. Adam is now performing as an impersonator of Jerry Lee Lewis, and according to WRAL, Adam has "the most rocking rendition of Jerry Lee Lewis". Not only that, at Adam's website, Clay and Clay's mom give him a glowing review!

Clay says of Adam:

"I have been friends with Adam since around 1997. I met him my first time on the JCC show in Smithfield. What an awesome talent he is! He was always an audience favorite. They never tired of his 'Great Balls of Fire.' Not only is Adam a wonderful Jerry Lee Lewis impersonator but he has talent that goes beyond that. He is one of the best entertainers I know. Boy would I love to play keyboards like that man. Would have helped me along. But on a serious side I am just as proud to call him my friend ."
Check out Adam's site for what Faye said about him. Scroll down to the bottom left side of the home page and click to see what Clay and his mom say. There are also several pictures of Adam impersonating Jerry Lee Lewis, as well as other information about Adam.

As talented as Adam and Clay both are, wouldn't it be fun to see the two of them perform together!!

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Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 31

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RCA's Marketing Campaign: Wal-Mart?

We told on Wednesday that ATDW will be featured on Wal-Mart's Soundcheck website.

Well, if current Soundcheck artists are any indication, Clay will be heavily promoted at every Wal-Mart in America - over 3200 of them!

RCA is spending big bucks for this!!! Seems like RCA finally has a marketing plan in place!

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"Without You" Now At

For those of you who had a hard time listening to the MySpace version posted earlier this week, now also has a full, studio version of Clay's new single, "Without You".

Check it out --

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Reliving Jukebox 2005: Indianapolis, Indiana - Indiana State Fair

Pictures By MsMia, Mom4ClayL2, and MommaJudy

No doubt that pretty much all of us can point to one concert we've been to as our favorite. Maybe its the very first time we saw Clay in concert. Maybe when we saw him coming down the aisle singing Kyrie. Or on his solo tour when he sang with precious little Brianna, or when he "kneed" the singer and embarrassed himself and then went on and on about it!! Maybe its a favorite song he sang better than ever -- like When Doves Cry or when he sang "When A Man Loves a Woman". Bring back great memories?

I, too, have a favorite concert, and guess what...the Indiana State Fair concert is it!! Oh my, what memories for me. And from what I've read that other people have said, they loved this concert as well. So let's walk down memory lane and relive some of the best moments of this concert.

Fair History

This year the Indiana State Fair is celebrating its 150th year. I looked on the Indiana State Fair website and found that the fair has a lot of interesting history. Here are a few things you might find interesting:

  • Twice the fair has been cancelled, in 1861 due to the Civil War and in 1942-45 due to World War II.
  • In 1964, the Beatles sold out two shows and performed to about 30,000 screaming fans. The seats for the concerts were sold out before the printing of the program! And get this, ticket prices were $3, $4, and $5 for those concerts!
  • In 1989, the New Kids on the Block set a Grandstand attendance record with 18,509 fans in attendance.

Other nationally known entertainers who have performed at the fair are Captain Kangaroo (I wonder if he brought Mr. Moose and Bunny Rabbit with him!!), Johnny Cash, the Jackson 5, Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks, Bruce Springsteen, and Def Leppard. Oh, and the best of all....CLAY AIKEN!!

The Performance

There is nothing like going to a concert for the first time and hearing Clay sing live. No matter how many times you hear online how awesome he is or watch a video of him singing, it isn't until you hear him first hand that you take in the truth in those words. That's how it was for me at my first JBT concert in Indianapolis. Seeing Clay come onto the stage wearing that black leather jacket, with Quiana on one arm and Angela on the other, full of coolness and confidence, just sent chills up and down my spine. Seeing him lick his fingers and them rear back and hit that jukebox to stop it from sticking made me laugh myself silly. Only Clay could set matters right. He was in control! Clay is not only an awesome singer, but an awesome entertainer as well, and he kept me entertained and laughing, swooning, or melting all night long.

The 50's set was my favorite in the concert. I've always been an oldies fan, and Clay sang every one of those songs as good if not better than the original singer, in my opinion. And Elvis! While everyone in the audience was thudding and screaming, quite frankly I was laughing my head off! He was perfect as Elvis. Had the moves and the voice down. I just couldn't get over how much he was like Elvis! Love Me Tender stirred my emotions -- watching him play the piano and hearing that beautiful voice. When he sang "Don't Be Cruel" and "Heartbreak Hotel", once again I couldn't help but just die laughing. He was so perfect, and all the ladies were just dieing. The moves with the mic while singing Heartbreak Hotel were spot on. I could've watched this part of the show 1000 times! And when he jumped on the piano and sang "Great Balls of Fire", well, that did me in -- as it well did a few thousand other ladies in the audience.

I found a few other reviews at The Clayboard from fans who commented on what they enjoyed about Clay's performance:

  • "Solitare," UM, and the whole song of ICMYLM were DEAD ON tonight. BOTW was good. "Invisible" tug count tonight was 2. He looked like he was enjoying himself tonight so that was good. He CLAIMED again he can't dance. *sigh* I give up. I just give up on that dude. -LUVclay26
  • My favorite part of the night was "Back for More". It is so much better when you see him sing it in person. I can't tell you how much I love that song. He hit the glory notes and sent chills down my spine. -vse323
  • Oh, dear, dear friends.....I am just totally amazed....Clay Aiken is indeed a PERFORMER, SHOWMAN, MEANT FOR THE SPOTLIGHT....He really can sing anything...ANYTHING....he is gifted, talented....his voice has such range, such such depth, so many nuances....he can sing folks...sing anything -calcody
  • I absolutely loved the Elvis set. It's the best I've ever seen him do. He absolutely rocked. Those hips! LLVL has got me thudding all over the track floor! Zippy888
  • The most intense part of the concert for me was I Can’t Make You Love Me…..up until this concert I was not crazy about this song, okay I didn’t like it….but that night….omg….as far away as I was, Clay made the song seem so personal, emotional, intense….sucked me in big time. -AikenInTexas

The Fans

At the Indy concert, the fan love for Clay was so thick that you could cut it with a knife. There's something different about a Clay concert than about other concerts I've been to. When I went to see Paul McCartney, I was really excited. But at every Clay concert I've gone to I have been beyond excited, could hardly sit still in my seat I was so thrilled at knowing he would be walking out on the stage soon. Its more than just going to hear Clay Aiken sing too. Its like family or friends getting together to show our love to the man we've come to support and see perform. Its almost unexplainable.

Its a Clay concert just stand up for almost the entire concert. You stand there and dance and scream and sing along until you almost have no voice left! It doesn't matter if you are an 18 year old fan or an 81 year old fan, and all ages in between, you just get up and boogy during his concert! The fans don't come there just to listen...they come to be a part of the concert in whatever way they can. The only time you sit is during the slower songs, like Unchained Melody, or when Clay is talking to you.

On The Clayboard, there are many great comments about the fans by the fans. Let's look at a few:

  • I noticed one young guy in particular who was really grooving to the music. I thought that was great. I noticed the lady in front of me dabbing her eyes with a tissue quite often. This made me feel better, because I was doing that too. I don't know why I can't listen to Clay sing, or talk or anything without getting tears in my eyes. Why does he have such an effect on me? -starttheclaymotion
  • I sat beside the most wonderful man whose wife was sitting up front in a wheel chair(broken leg) and who was just there to bring her in and get her settled and someone walked up to him and gave him 2 tickets, dead center stage, 12 rows back...he ran to his car and got his video camera and taped every min. of the concert. -calcody
  • Forgot to mention...Saw LOTS of guys in audience, more than I ever have...ALL ages..Really rocking out!! I think Clay was really having a hard time finding a reluctant male participant to be a PIP! -MsLurksalot
  • He performs with such a joyful, contagious passion that of course we are all still wanting more. He seems so comfortable and playful with the audience with lots of comments about posters including teasing a front row fan who appeared to be working on her poster right then and there, saying that would never cut it in his classroom -clangel13
  • It was such an enjoyable night-the way Clay put so much effort in his dancing and his energy level was way up. He interacted with the audience quite a bit, very chatty and quick witted. He was in teacher mode when he reprimanded someone from front row about making his sign/homework at the show, something about "It's not easy being green". -admire99

    In summary, you can see from these fan comments that Clay's fans are male and female and love to "groove to the music". Clay fans are obviously touched by Clay's beautiful voice, even brought to tears sometimes. They love to chat with Clay during the concert -- his humor makes for lots of fun and laughter among the fans. Its a special relationship between Clay and his fans. Is it any wonder that Clay's fans love to go to as many concerts as they can from just one tour!!

    Classic Clay Moments

    The last two fan comments above are a great lead-in to one of the classic Clay moments at the Indiana Fair concert. And I must admit that I am totally biased when it comes to this Clay moment...because I was a part of it!! Please allow me to pull the following from my Indiana State Fair Meet and Greet summary:

    I was so lucky to have Clay interact with me at 3 of the 4 concerts. The first time he did it in Indiana was a HUGE shock to me. I had just come from the meet and greet where we had snarked about the book I made for him about green being his favorite color. So I decided to quickly make a sign on a piece of paper that said, “It’s not easy being green” and hold it up. I started working on it and then the show started so I stopped to enjoy the show. Then while he was talking to the audience, before he sang “Unchained Melody”, I started working on it again. Well, he looked down and saw me, and here is how that little session went:

    Hello Indiana!!...(chit chat with the audience about warm weather, people from Iceland, music from concert…)….The next song that we are gonna do…you’re still working on your sign right now, huh…(laughter in the audience)…you go ahead and finish it and when its done you can hold it up and I’ll comment on it then. These other people, apparently they worked on it at home…they prepared. Now you know, I was a teacher, that wouldn’t cut it in my classroom. (says something I can’t understand through all the laughter and then WINKS AT ME!!)….right here when I’m trying to do a show. I’m going to let you slide this one time. When you get it done you let me know….(looks at other signs and talks about them)…….is it done now, “it’s not easy being green”. I have no idea what that means. You did all that work, I still don’t know what it means….

    Oh my goodness. I was dieing!!!! And this started a whole long thing about all the signs in the audience!! The funniest was about someone who said he spit on them in Ohio and deserved a hug. He said, “Most people would just be glad that I spit on them!” ROFL!!! Oh, and he most certainly DID know what I meant by “It’s not easy being green”!!!!! He just wouldn’t say. Who would’ve thought that would happen to me!!!!
    The picture above is actually of Clay talking to me. This is the stuff that memories are made of!!


    As you can see from my comments above, I was lucky enough to have a meet and greet that evening. It was the first time I met Clay and I was nervous. However, I kept telling myself, "This is just a guy from Raleigh, NC...just a normal regular guy. Just talk to him like he's a friend." That's the approach I took and it worked out beautifully.

    Here's a part of my meet and greet:

    Finally it was my turn, and this is kind of how it went. I can’t remember exactly word for word the order everything went in, but this is very close to how it went. (C=Clay, J=Jan, M=Mary, MM=Mini Me [what we called Clay's bodyguard])

    J-Hi Clay, how are ya? (I wanted to say this to him FIRST before he had a chance to – he always says “how are ya” when he greets people.)
    M-Oh, you’re the one that gets 2 autographs.
    J-Yes, I do.
    C-How do YOU rate? (very snarky tone)
    J-Well, I won 2 meet and greets, one for Stub Hub and one for the fan club (I point to my two name passes and Clay looks at them – Can’t remember exactly what he said to that. (By the way, I did make a point of looking into his eyes as all this was going on. And, oh my goodness, the pools of glorious bright and shining green are unbelievable! Big round green pools!! His eyes just melted my heart.)
    C-You’re not from Indiana, are you.
    J-No, I’m not. Did my accent give me away?
    C-Yes it did.
    J- My name is Jan and I’m from Sugar Land, Texas. (I hand Mary my LTS book for him to sign)
    J-I wanted you to sign it here on the “fan” chapter.
    M-Oh, we have been signing them here in the front of the book.
    C-Yeah, I don’t want to get all messed up by signing it in a different place (snarky tone) (I didn’t understand why it mattered, but, hey, I wasn’t gonna argue about that, I mean CLAY WAS SIGNING MY BOOK and he could sign it upside down if that’s what he wanted!!!)
    J-Oh, okay, I mean, I wouldn’t want that to cause you to get all messed up and mess up the show tonight!!! (snarky voice) (I think he asked me my name again here, but I’m not sure)
    Then I pulled out of my bag a little booklet I had made for Clay. It was called “Clay’s Favorite Color Green, or Why I Won’t Fess Up and Admit This To My Fans”. It was a snarky little book written on an elementary school level (since he is a teacher) complete with pictures of him wearing green cuz he wears lots and lots of green, pictures of green lighting, even pictures of him in green when he was overseas, etc. I must admit that I think it turned out quite funny and snarky and very colorful with LOTS of green in it!! (Note most of this conversation was quite snarky – I LOVE SNARKY CLAY!)
    J-Oh, and here’s a little book that I made for you, Clay (hands it to Clay and he takes it). It’s all about your favorite color green.
    C-Oh it is, is it?
    J-Yep! (All proud)
    C-(Starts looking at book) – You know, people have been wrong before!!
    J-I know, but I don’t think that I am!!! Just look at the book. Look at all the green you wear.
    C to M- I do wear a lot of green, don’t I.
    J-(Turns page) And look, even the lighting on the stage is green.
    C-Hey, I don’t have anything to do with that!
    Clay is kinda looking through the book, and somewhere in our conversation, I say,
    J-And then you had to go and make that comment about “orange being your favorite color the other night” and I had to add another page to update the book!!! Clay laughs with one of those wonderful deep throaty laughs like he does (not a giggle) and I love that I got him to laugh like that (!) and then he says to me:
    C-You’re funny!!
    And I just about die right there on the spot!!! I mean, Mr. Snark himself says that I’m funny!!! ….Meanwhile MM is grabbing me by the sleeve and keeps saying, “We need to take the picture, we need to take the picture”, but Clay is enjoying the book and I’m not gonna just walk away from him looking at the book!!! MM finally wins and we stand up to take the picture….I remember that when Clay was getting up from his chair, I just kept thinking, “Oh my, we are about to be side by side, arm around each other!!” Clay is on my right and he puts his arm around my waist and I put my arm around his waist (melt). Now ladies, this is one of the best feelings in the world. I mean, I am standing so nice and close to Clay!!!
    So now I’m walking away all smiles with my camera and my book, and all of a sudden I hear…
    C-Hey Jan!
    Clay is calling me back!!!! Oh my goodness!!!! I go running back (MM is probably having a conniption fit about now because we are running behind schedule!! hehe)
    C-So, do you have any proof that green is my favorite color? (Clay is still looking at the book)
    J-Well, I’m pretty sure that I remember you saying it was back when you were on AI
    J-(Turns page) And even your eyes are green! (I have the picture on this page of the 5 rows of Clay’s green eyes plus two other pictures that really show off those green eyes.)
    C-Yeah, my eyes are green, aren’t they.
    J-Oh, yeah, they sure are (in a sort of dreamy voice!! hehe)
    J-And look, Clay. You are even wearing green on your jukebox tour (turns page), and you even wore green when you went overseas.
    Clay looks at a picture of him wearing the shiny green shirt with the Queen of Malaysia.
    J-And look at this page, Clay, you even “hide behind green” (he is behind a bush peeking out), and you sleep on green (he is sleeping on a green couch), and you even have your own green sign with your name on it (it’s a highway sign that says “Aiken, Exit 22”). (NOTE: this may have been when he said “You’re funny” instead of earlier, but I can’t remember for sure).
    (And then Clay looks at the next page which is a picture collage of him wearing green and then the last page which is an orange page due to the comment about orange being his favorite color a couple of concerts earlier.)
    And I said goodbye and that was it!!!

    I'll never forget that Meet and Greet. It couldn't have been more perfect!!

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Tidbits 8/18

  • The Clayboard is having another block party this weekend- so invite all your Clay friends and celebrate the upcoming release of A Thousand Different Ways.
  • Foxes on Idol's latest Canadian Idol article talks about why the expected winners don't always win on Idol --
    On every season of Idol, American or Canadian, there always seems to be a frontrunner early on. Sometimes it’s obvious (Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood), sometimes it’s not (Melissa O’Neil). Sometimes there seems to be one, but they don’t end up winning (Katharine McPhee, Clay Aiken).
  • Our Sports Central - another report about the Bon Jovi jersey auction (signed by Clay and other celebs at the 2004 AMAs)
  • iVillage Daily Blabber gives us another reason why Justin Timberlake should keep his mouth shut - disses American Idol, Taylor Hicks (small Clay/Ruben mention). Here's another one from The Celebrity Cafe.
  • An ATDW tidbit from Foxes On Idol: 'If you’re interested in hearing a track from Clay’s album, set to drop on September 19, check out his myspace to listen to “Without You.” And no, it’s not the same “Without You” that he sang with Kimberley Locke on her first CD, One Love, it’s the Harry Nilsson version!'
  • NY Daily News isn't a fan of Clay's new hair -- "Someone has to tell Jason Giambi to lose that awful mustache! It's the biggest hair don't since Clay Aiken went for the mop-top look."
  • Raleigh News & Observer: Clay Aiken's concert ticket prices are nothing compared to an Indian Pop Star's concert tickets going for $300 each. He's playing at Raleigh's RBC Center tonight - "Clay Aiken (2005) at Booth Amphitheatre in Cary: $55"
  • The Columbian- will the local Idol competiton produce "the next Clay Aiken"?
  • Still haven't found CDD's official Clay Aiken homepage, or CDD's Clay Aiken Google homepage yet? -- here's one for you. AwesomeStart's Clay homepage.

  • MySpace blog- Now... we don't usually post Kathy Griffin crap on CDD, but this begs the question: "Has Kathy Griffin's obsession with Clay gone a little too far?" Click if you dare.
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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 32

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VOTE NOW - Clay Nominated for's Top 49 Men of 2006

We asked you last month to nominate Clay at's Top 49 Men of 2006 competition. Looks like you took our advice! today revealed the 100 shortlisters and Clay is one of them! Please go over to right now to rate Clay and make him 2006's #1 man (not to mention the thudliest!). Clay's name is on the 5th row, right hand side.

Update: Although the site doesn't specify, I'd vote for at least 10 other guys to make sure your vote counts.

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Tidbits 8/17

  • The InStyle Sexy Poll results were announced on CNN HN's Showbiz Tonight last night... Clay was shown! Thanks to the CB's gerwhisp for the screencap.
  • Winston Salem Journal Relish Now's horoscope prediction: "You're killing time until Clay Aiken's CD hits stores in September. His new k.d. lang hairdo rocks, and you know that his album will be filled with the soothing sounds you've come to expect."
  • Indianapolis Star article about Kid Rock notes: he took "cheap shots aimed at Radiohead, Clay Aiken, Britney Spears and Madonna." (nah... you don't scare us Claymates!)
  • A few more re-hashings of the RCA PR:
  •'s article about the Top 49 Men of 2006 list - Clay made the shortlist. Your votes are needed to make Clay #1- more info.
  • LBFCA at it's best-- check out their new photo dairy entry, Nothing Here To See, which reminds you of just how gorgeous Mr. Aiken is :)
  • Incenses and Spices (Clay site) - why media spin often equates to nothing-- "I started reading 'reviews' of the upcoming album. Opinions are being strongly stated. Assessments are being made. Criticisms are being offered. Except there is one little problem. Nobody has heard it yet! But that doesn't stop us. Nope, we just forge ahead because we know. We know without knowing."
  • The Stranger article about Fantasia Barrino's upcoming TV special, Life Is A Fairytale says: "And be sure to catch next week's Lifetime movie, The Clay Aiken Story: Life Is So Too a Fairy Tale." ( good mention or bad mention??? referring the runner-up success or the other thing????)
  • Twin Cities Pioneer Press--- American Idol 'rules' because "it produces new stars, reinvigorates careers, it gave the world Clay Aiken ..." (it falls apart after this... so if you're sensitive to idiotic writers like this one, please ignore and move onto the next item)

  • Webweaver: Without You is Clay's best recording- EVER -- "It's an absolute stunner. IMO, this is Clay's best studio recording ever. His voice is front and centre, the orchestration is beautiful, and the production is flawless."
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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 33

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Update on Clay's Appearance on Jimmy Kimmel

There's an update on Clay's appearance on Kimmel. The date, as you already know, is September 26.

According to, Clay will be a guest and have an outdoor mini-concert. How exciting!!!

So, get out those calendars and mark the date. I'm sure you won't want to miss this appearance. Personally, the interviews with Jimmy Kimmel are my favorite ones that Clay does. So, I already have it marked and highlighted. I can't wait!

We'll be sure to remind you about this as the date nears. =)

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CDUniverse's Tracklisting Causes Confusion

CDUniverse, the first store to offer ATDW pre-orders back in July, is showing a different tracklisting for ATDW- additional songs are: "Mysterious", "Glory of Love", "If You Don't Know Me By Now" and "Something About You". "These Open Arms" and "Because You Love Me" are missing.

This is probably an outdated tracklisting released to music retailers a while back, so I wouldn't give much thought about it. After all, we did received an official ATDW PR from RCA containing the following 14 tracks:

Originally recorded by: Richard Marx
Written by: Richard Marx / Produced by: John Fields

Originally recorded by: John Waite
Written by: Diane Warren / Produced by: John Fields

Originally recorded by: Badfinger and Then Harry Nilsson
Written by: William Collings, Thomas Evans, Michael Gibbins, Peter Ham,
and J.C. Molland
Produced by: John Fields

Written by: Andreas Carlsson, Samuel Waermo, Mimmi Waermo & Clay Aiken
Produced by: Andreas Carlsson and Samuel Waermo

Originally recorded by: Elton John
Written by: Elton John & Bernie Taupin
Producer by: Per Magnusson & David Kreuger

Originally recorded by: Paul Young
Written by: Daryl Hall
Produced by: Adam Anders

Originally recorded by: Bryan Adams
Written by: Bryan Adams, Michael Kamen & Robert John "Mutt" Lange
Produced by: John Fields

I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS - Guest Vocals by Suzie McNeil
Originally recorded by: Foreigner
Written by: Michael Jones
Produced by: Russ Irwin, Marti Frederiksen & Charlton Pettus

Written by: Jon Bon Jovi & Desmond Childs
Produced by: John Fields

Originally recorded by: Celine Dion
Written by: Diane Warren
Produced by: Eman

Originally recorded by: Dolly Parton
Written by: Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil

EVERYTHING I HAVE - Featuring William Joseph on Piano
Written by: Jeremy Bose
Arranged by: Jeremy Lubbock

Written by: Christian Leuzzi, Aldo Nova & Emanuel Olsson
Produced by: John Fields

Originally recorded by: Mr. Mister
Written by: Richard Page, John Lang & Steve George
Produced by: Eman
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Full Version of Debut Single Without You Available @ MySpace

Team Clay has posted a FULL (and clear) VERSION of Without You on Clay's official MySpace page. You can stream it directly from the built in music player located on the top-right hand side of the page. A shorter version of the song was posted on Promosquad earlier this month. The CH's Corabeth, who is working with RCA for the planned CD release parties, confirms that Without You is indeed the lead single for A Thousand Different Ways -instores September 19.

Before you go-- A health warning: do not listen if you have mild cardiac conditions -AACK! THERE ARE SO MANY GLORY NOTES... I'VE LOST COUNT!, otherwise, click here to savour Clay's gorgeous voice!

Note: CDD will not be uploading this full version for you. If you know how to rip it, great... but please do not share it with anyone (that constitutes copyright violation).

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Clay Wins (Another) Insider Poll

Clay's former "employer", infotainment show The Insider, is probably conceiving of ways to controlling us voting-like-crazy Claymates tonight as Clay wins another of their text-messaging polls today! [Clay won one last week too! :)]

On last night's show, the question was: "Which music star would you want to perform at your reception?"

The results were announced on today's show. The host noted that Clay has an 'excellent' voice.

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Clay on Entertainment Tonight Tonight

As we told you earlier today, ET will announce the results of the InStyle "sexiest people" poll during tonight's show.

On Tuesday, InStyle named Clay as 2006's "sexiest singer".

Since ET is a syndicated show, check local listings to see when it comes on in your area.

Note: We won't be uploading a video since the screencap shown is about the only thing they showed.

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Tidbits 8/16

  • Postcard from the Pug Bus -- not sure whether I should laugh or cry at this stupid piece of satire... Katharine McPhee & Clay???
  • Reality TV Mag - ATDW article (actually, it's just the RCA PR)
  • Planet Out - Reality TV competitions -- "Winning doesn't always mean success and losing doesn't necessarily mean the end of a career. Clay Aiken certainly proved that."
  • Foxes On Idol article about Canadian Idol asks why Canadians sent home Clay Aiken-esque Keith McPherson... "You send him home. After he gives the best performance he ever has. No one will ever confuse his voice with Clay Aiken’s, but it was a nice functional voice."
  • MSNBC - who will win So You Think You Can Dance? Will it be "Benji the exuberant, eerily Clay-Aiken-ish ham"? Goes on to say:
    Benji's Aikenesque appeal — he's skinny, nonthreatening, and almost adolescent in appearance, and his style is cheery and conventional — bodes well. In keeping with that tradition, he has been a darling of the fangirls who make up a large chunk of the audience on a show like this. On the other hand, fangirls can be overestimated in number because they shriek at such a high volume. Justin Guarini didn't win the first "Idol," and Clay Aiken didn't actually win either, despite his post-show success as his generation's Pat Boone.
  • Raleigh News & Observer picks up the New York Times Celebs in Africa article from the weekend.
  • Monster And Critics - ATDW article (derived almost entirely from the RCA PR)
  • The full version of Measure of a Man is now back at Apple's iTunes music store. It was removed in July due to legal issues and re-instated partially last week.

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ET Sexiest Man Poll - Vote for Clay!

Vote for Clay!
Clay's been included on Entertainment Tonight's daily poll today. It asks: "Who is the sexiest male celeb?" We want Clay to win this poll, please go to to vote!

InStyle Results
ET published the InStyle mag sexiest people results announced yesterday.

Clay will be on ET tonight (8/16) as they announce the results.

Click here to read the article.

Update 12:19 PM: Clay's currently holding a 74.3% of the votes. Johnny Depp is in a distant second at 9.2%. Wow!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bubel-Aiken Foundation Funds Inclusive Service-Learning Project

The Bubel Aiken Foundation is funding the Inclusive Service-Learning Project at the Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota, according to an article at the ICI website. The article says that this project "is developing inclusive service-learning curricula for elementary, middle, and high school levels that will be pilot-tested at target schools in Minnesota, Iowa, Los Angeles, and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, as well as in after-school programs run by the YMCA in New York City." The curricula will bring young people with and without disabilities together both in the classroom and in their communities, and will help in the development of friendships among the young people.

The Bubel Aiken Foundation is funding $82,000 for the first year. This will be used to develop the initial lessons in the curricula. Project Director Brian Abery says, "“We’re excited about working with the Bubel-Aiken Foundation on this ground-breaking project, and about the interest that State Farm Insurance Foundation has shown in collaborating in the future stages of development.”

The Bubel Aiken Foundation continues to make great strides in their goals of inclusion of children with disabilities. This is just another example of the great work that is being done and of how our donations to BAF are being used. BAF is making certain that the message of inclusion is being spread all over the country. We can all be very proud to be a part of this message in whatever way we are able. Thanks to everyone at BAF for their hard work.

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Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 34

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Clay to Be On Jimmy Kimmel Live on September 26

Great news everyone!! Clay will be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live on September 26, according to Jimmy K's website. The site does not indicate whether Clay will be a musical guest, but I'm assuming he will be singing a song from his new CD.

Note that at the site, it says, "THIS DATE IS SOLD OUT. We have reached our eticket capacity for this date. Check back, sometimes tickets become available due to cancellations or click the "see all tape dates" link below to view other shows and guests."

Looks like this is the first of many more TV appearances to come. Start charging up those video recorders. You'll need them a lot in the next two or three months!

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Clay Drops One To #18 on Lycos 50

According to Hotclay at the Clayboard Thread entitled, "CLAY is down to #18 ON LYCOS; 162 weeks in the top 50", Clay was #18 in the Lycos Top 50 this week. This is a drop of one from last week's #17 spot. We need to search more at Lycos so that we can bring him up higher. I'm liking the 162 weeks that he's been on Lycos -- that's about 3-1/2 years!! We absolutely can't let him ever drop below 50!

Another interesting item on the Top 50 this week is "My Space", which is at #1. Hmmmm, could that have anything to do with Clay's My Space? You never know!

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Clay InStyle's Sexiest Singer, 3 Years and Counting

Back in May, we asked you to vote for Clay on InStyle magazine's Sexiest People poll.

Thanks to all of you, for the 3rd straight year (see last year's post), Clay was named the Sexiest Singer.

The results (along with an AI5 finale photo) are on page 482 of the September issue of InStyle.

[Via Southern Girl]

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Sandecki Recounts AI Surprise in American Idol Magazine

Clay is mentioned in the Fall 2006 issue of American Idol magazine.

Michael Sandecki, who was labeled as "faiken Aiken" in May when he appeared on the American Idol finale with Clay was interviewed by the magazine in their article, "Having an Aiken Breakdown".

Sandecki said this about the moment which has since been labeled by many people as the best part of the show: "I started singing, and then I heard all the girls scream, and I know they weren't screaming for me, and then I turned around, and oh-my-god!"

American Idol magazine is on news stands now.

[Scan courtesy the CB's clayaikenisthegreatest]

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ATDW Feature @ Wal-Mart's SoundCheck

A Thousand Different Ways will be featured at Wal-Mart's SoundCheck. SoundCheck allows fans to download exciting behind the scene footage from the album making process, interviews, performances, extra track(s) and much much more.

Although SoundCheck is available online for free, you must pay a small fee to be able to download the video to your computer.

CDD will let you know as soon as Clay's SoundCheck is available.

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Tidbits 8/15

If you missed it yesterday I've reposted the ATDW CD cover above. Wal Mart began showing the above cover art for ATDW yesterday... Eeee! Purdy! (Besides, having 2 of these on our homepage is always better than one.) Read more...

  • A few news stories about Bon Jovi's Jersey auction. Clay signed the jersey at the 2004 American Music Awards... Ashbury Park Press, Home News Tribune, Top 40 Charts, Our Sports Central,
  • Detroit News (need a fact checker!): "Clay Aiken's new album, "A Thousand Different Views" (in stores Sept. 19) features the newly mop-topped crooner singing songs by Richard Marx, Bryan Adams and Mr. Mister ("Broken Wings"), as well as four new songs."
  • Joey Molland of Badfinger expects the band to profit from ATDW- he tells Morning Call, "Clay Aiken has just recorded 'Without You'"
  • Rolling Stone Mag's take on ATDW:
    Sure, it’s hard to write a hit song. But Clay Aiken’s third record, A Thousand Different Ways (out September 19th) takes the notion of playing to win to a new level. Aiken and his handlers have decided the way to Number One is through a delicate balance of … other people’s Number Ones.
  • TV Guide blogs - Rock Star Supernova -- "Tommy [Lee] isn't exactly Clay Aiken."
  • 411 Mania - small Clay mention in a review of a Japanese horror film.
  • USA Today Idol blog - strategies for winning Idol.

  • A few album cover blogs (more info via the link above):
    • Southern Girl
    • There Was A Man: Reaction to cover... "RCA has hit upon the perfect marketing plan. Use an album cover that screams 'YOU WANT ME! BUY ME! BUY EIGHT! TAKE ME HOME!'"
  • Also a few blogs about the Jon Bon Jovi auction (again, see the link posted above)
  • Taking A Moment: family trip & Clay's ATDW album cover (above) -- "Yeah, I'm not seeing a thing wrong with that one. However, I *am* thinking of a Thousand Different Ways I'd like to.....well, nevermind. You don't need to know about that."
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Monday, August 14, 2006

Just Saying My Hellos!

Hi there! It's me...Mee-eh-gan. Or now you guys all know me as Meghan.

I just wanted to post to say hello. I hope you all continue to enjoy this blog as much as I will enjoy posting news for you to read.

Just in case you wanted to know, I'll tell you a little about myself. I love theater. I've performed in three musicals- Guys & Dolls, Little Shop of Horrors, and Funny Girl. So, as you can probably tell, I also love to sing. I have a dog named Shadow, who I consider my sister. I love the musical RENT. My favorite character is Roger.

And, of course, I LOVE Clay Aiken. He really is amazing. I had to go back to school today (*groans*). I have this picture (the one on the left) in the front of my binder, and every time I looked at it, I became just a little happier. =D When I came home, I had a pretty bad head ache. I was also a little upset from other things that happened. So, I went to take a nap, and I popped in Clay's "Merry Christmas With Love." I don't think it's ever a bad time to listen to that CD. It's amazing! I love Christmas songs and then hearing him sing them- It's magical. Plus, it's only mid-August. I think we should still be able to have a few Christmas in July celebrations. Does anyone agree?

In case you didn't celebrate Christmas in July, (Because everyone does, you know?...I'm just fooling around, but any excuse to listen to Christmas music is all right by me.) =D here are some nice Christmas videos to go watch.
So sit back, relax, and cool down from the heat outside:

I hope you all enjoy the videos! Thanks for reading.

Again, I look forward to posting news and what-not for all of you to read in the future. So, keep coming back to CDD. Thanks. =)

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All Clay Day @ Idol Waves Radio

To celebrate the release of Clay's third album, A Thousand Different Ways, KennDawg's Live 365 Online Radio Station "Idol Waves" will be all-Clay, all-day on September 19. So, screw conventional radio - be sure to tune into Idol Waves on September 19 as they play Clay's biggest hits, unforgettable covers and even some Christmas songs!

[Via It's All Bout Love]

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Signed Jersey On The Auction Block

Rock superstar Jon Bon Jovi, composer of Clay's new song These Open Arms , is auctioning off a jersey to benefit Philidelphia's Project H.O.M.E. Clay and other celebs signed the jersey at 2004's American Music Awards.

Click here to bid (eBay). The price is currently at $500.

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Tidbits 8/14

  • Ramblings of Three Friends marks the 1st anniversairy of last year's Clio, MI JBT concert. Read CDD's J4Clay's "Revisiting JBT: Clio, MI" blog here.
  • Lyrichod's Music Musings: People who've purchased ATDW have also purchased a wide variety of other offerings (list via Lyrichord's):
    5. Christina Aguilera--Back to Basics*
    10. Barry Manilow--The Greatest Songs of the Sixties**
    11. Jesse McCartney--Right Here Where You Want Me**
    13. Evanescence--The Open Door
    15. Lionel Richie--Coming Home**
    18. Justin Timberlake--FutureSex/LoveSounds*
    20. Tony Bennett--Duets: An American Classic*
    21. Stacy Orrico--Beautiful Awakening*
    22. Jessica Simpson--A Public Affair*
    23. Janet Jackson--20 Y.O.
    24. Paris Hilton--Paris*
    25. John Mayer--Continuum
    27. Beyonce--B'Day
    28. Nick Lachey--What's Left of Me
    ** indicates ATDW is directly linked on the first page of similar albums on the other artist's album page
    * indicates ATDW is among the relevant searches of "customers also bought" linked from the other artist's album page
  • Reserved for something else... check back later today for more blogs.
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Sunday, August 13, 2006 Has Possible CD Cover has a picture which just may be the one used as Clay's CD cover for "A Thousand Different Ways" (see the picture above).

However, Walmart is the only online site that I have been able to find this picture at. I checked online with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, Best Buy, and Circuit City, and none of them have this picture at their site yet. Some sites still have no picture at all.

So, although we aren't 100% certain that this is the actual CD cover, it sure looks like a possibility. We'll let you know if and when other sites begin to show this picture.

clayis' 8/15 Update: This looks very official to me. Don't see a reason why RCA would change something so THUDLICIOUSLY gorgeous!

clayis' 8/15 Update 2: There is a rumour on the boards that this is NOT the album cover. Again, only a rumour. I personally don't understand why RCA would mess with something THAT thudly.

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Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 35

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Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 36

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Reliving Jukebox 2005: Clio, Michigan; Clio Amphitheatre

August 13...Clio Amphitheatre...Clay Aiken's 13th show...But 13 was not to be an unlucky number for Clay or his fans. In fact, Clay rocked the house with his singing, dancing, and his snarky humor!

Clay and his entourage made the 60 mile trek from Rochester Hills to Clio, Michigan in about an hour. I'm sure that long trip wore them out!!

The Clio Area Amphitheatre is an outdoor performing arts facility with an over all seating capacity of 3130 seats, with 2130 of those being reserved seating. It has attracted acts such as Michael Bolton, Semisonic, and, of course, our very own Clay Aiken!

The Flint Journal Review said that there were "about 2,500 people at the 3,100-seat venue. Make that a crowd of about 2,475 women and 25 men, a lopsided fan base that didn't go unnoticed by Aiken." The Review went on to say that Clay said to the men, "I know you've either been bribed, threatened or tortured to be here." As always, that Clay humor makes all his shows more fun!

The Performance

As always, every song in a Clay concert is memorable. But some of them always stand out in one way or another. One highlight, according to one fan, was I Can't Make You Love Me. SoliTaire52 said, "I think only one fan yelled anything during this song. The audience sat mesmerized, with Clay's voice floating, wrapping itself around us, and touching the deepest part of our souls, leaving us wanting more." Unchainedmelody said that all the songs were sung to perfection, including When Doves Cry, and that Clay "gave it respect and justice." She also thought Unchained Melody, Mandy, and Solitaire were all beautiful. She doesn't usually like Mandy, but she did Clay's version!

Another comment made was that the new songs were well received by the audience. "1000 Days sounds better each time I hear it. It's beautiful. And - Back For More needs to be on the radio, the radio, the radio....right NOW!!!!" Claysawesome thought that Clay's voice is "the absolute best that there is around...He can sing anything. I loved Great Balls of Fire and the Elvis Medley! Just WOW!"

Clay's backup singers were also enjoyed by many. I think he has some of the best backup singers around. Claysawesome said, "The backup singers did a fabulous job. Besides having great voices, Angela and Quiana seem like such nice and funny ladies, it's no wonder Clay keeps them with him through each tour. I enjoyed Jacob's songs as well." Unchainedmelody commented on Jacob, "I just have to mention Jacob and the Michael Jackson song. That was fabulous. You forget how good Michael was at one time and Jacob had every dance move down to perfection."

As you can see, there's something for everyone at Clay's performances. That powerful Aiken voice raises the roof! And that beautiful and gentle voice emotes in a way that brings out feelings we don't realize we have. Every performance by Clay is amazing, whether he's singing, dancing, or bantering with the audience.

Stump The Band
No Stump The Band in Clio

The Fans
The fans were "on" that night in Clio. The Flint Journal Review said that, "from the time Aiken stepped onto the stage dressed as The Fonz, licking his thumbs and bumping a "malfunctioning" jukebox with his forearm, the Claymates were on their feet and screaming. Fans sat silently only when Aiken belted out ballads." To me, this is typical of all Clay shows. Its hard not to show our adoration without standing screaming out our love for him! He just brings out the excitement in us!

Some of the fans that were at the concert took note of the electricity in the atmosphere. SoliTaire52 said that "Clio had a much better crowd than Meadowbrook. Meadowbrook is a beautiful ampitheatre and the concert was wonderful, don't get me wrong, but there was just something "different" about tonight vs last night. I do believe it was the crowd. They were on their feet from the first!"

Nmktchick had some great comments and the chemistry between Clay and the fans:

He was on fire last night. He seemed to feed off of the energy of the crowd and he gave it right back to us. Pretty early in the concert when Clay was talking he said, "Wow, you guys are close. Its kinda freaking me out a little", or something like that. Thats why we seemed like family to him last night. He was indeed very yappy last night, it was like being at a comedy show."
I love what The Flint Journal Review said about the fans:
Covering the 1950s and '60s during the first hour of the show, Aiken embraced the aw-shucks corny factor that made him a star on Season 2 of "Idol" - think judge Simon Cowell telling him to never dance again - and he ran with it, knowing that each shake of his tush and wink of an eye would send the crowd into a frenzy. A jump on the piano during "Great Balls of Fire" had women fanning themselves. In addition to seeing Aiken's ever-improving dance skills and his ability to play the piano, fans got to hear quite the range in his voice, often amazing listeners with low tones that many didn't know he had. He adapted well to the style and sound of each artist whose songs he sang, but in true "American Idol" fashion, he, well, made it his own.
He also unselfishly helped his fantastic band and three phenomenal backup singers make things their own, often singing backup for them.

But there was no doubt that Aiken was the heartthrob star of the show. His grinding dance with a backup singer during his version of Prince's "When Doves Cry" during the '80s segment had many swooning.

"This is too much for my heart," said Jean Roman, 65, of Toledo, who had never attended a concert until Aiken stole her heart on "Idol" in 2003. The Clio show was the third Aiken concert she had attended in a week.

It was Aiken's six-song set of his own works at the end of the show that garnered the biggest applause of the evening, proving that while he has built a 2005 tour around songs of the past, he's going to have plenty of fans in the future.
As you can see, this seems to be one of the more exciting concerts between Clay and the fans that there was. Makes me wish I had been there!!

Classic Clay Moments

You want some classic Clay moments? Well, you've got them aplenty at this concert. I'll save the best for last, even though it happened toward the beginning of the show.

During the 70's part of the show, Clay always finds one of the "few" men in the audience who looks like they aren't having fun there and would rather be home watching a repeat of "Designing Women". He then has them come on stage to dress up and dance to "Carwash" with his backup singers. Well, Clay did something different tonight. It just so happened that Miss Michigan was in the audience, so he asked her to come on stage for this part of the show. Treyclay says, "She was great! She put the crown on the afro wig and had BIG sunglasses and several boas.... and she danced real funky and almost... well, she did... steal the show from Angela and Quiana on this song. They were watching her with eyes wide and enjoyed the heck out of her."

Another highlight to leiningerm was when Clay saw all the signs that said "Touch". Well, we all know how he feels about that song! Leiningerm said, "I'm sure you've seen the clips of that, when he paced the stage, telling everyone to "hold them high." Then he sounded like he was challenging us, that "if everyone in the audience holds up a sign," (looking SO VERY SERIOUS like he meant every word--we
were on the edges of our seats) then the snark...'I still will NOT sing that song!'" Looks to me like Clay is sticking to his word on this one!

One more highlight, and you all will remember and love this one. Clay was in a very chatty mood at this show. Maybe its because he felt everyone was so close to the stage and it was so intimate. Then, as Clay was sitting at the piano, ready to play Love Me Tender, he began what is now one of the great Clay classics. Its too good to just scan over. So here, as word for word as I could get it, is that classic Clay moment:
You people with your cameras, you’re cracking me up...there’s a lady right here -- yes I’m talking about you -- who took 20 minutes to sit down for that song because she didn’t want her camera to jolt at any point while her camera was videoing it, because, God forbid, the clack skip around (laughter and clapping) Yeah I know your words! (more laughter and cheers)

If you are video taping, please be respectful of the people who are behind you or if you are gonna stand up, make sure you don’t stand in front of them -- you know who I’m talking to.

Anyway, as we sat down together to do the set list for this show, we realized that there was somebody in the 50’s who had more #1 hits...I’m sorry, I’m just picking on you, its okay. You what? (woman says something) Oh, well see, the people behind you can’t see me now...its all good. There’s people here that are gonna be mad that I said that. There are gonna be people here that are happy that I said that. You can’t ever make anybody happy all together. I figure I should just speak my mind. Why not?

So, its like a forum here just for discussion...its a town forum. You say what you wanna say and I'll say what I wanna say, and we’ll all be happy. And this girl will video tape it and put it on the internet tonight.
What a great classic moment that will be with us for years. No one will ever forget, "God forbid the clack skip around" or "Yeah I know your words"!

What more can you say about a show like the Clio show...intimate feel, great singing, great dancing, snarky banter, Miss Michigan, and a Classic Clay Moment! What wonderful memories for those who attended and those of us who got to enjoy through that awesome clack that Clay loves!

Pictures by Karen Eh and ImFeelingit Dawg

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