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Saturday, April 05, 2008

What's Hot From Spamalot

Once again its time to give you the lowdown concerning the goings-ons at Spamalot.

All of our reports come from The Clayboard.

  • First, here is a note from the OFC concerning a new "stage door" procedure:
    From OFC:

    Originally Posted by CanadianGal35 bfs just called and wanted me to post that from this performance onward, there will be a special area for ticket holders to go to so that they can see Clay by the stage door...this is due to the amount of people who are by the stage door after the show so I guess they are doing it so people who have actually gone to the show get a chance to see him.

    She said that she got the info from the Security guy at the Shubert... Just wanted to let everyone know.. She also said this post may travel..
    CDD will let you know how this continues to go.
  • One reason for this change could possibly be the number of people coming to the stage door. Note this comment from claysirishlass:
    claysirishlass reports that the crowd is 15 deep. Says there must be at least 1,000
    people there. A special barricade has been set up. Jerome is there too.
  • Clay did not do the stage door Saturday, and we now know why. heartsaiken4ca tells us:
    I've got the scoop. He had to leave to go sing at a wedding. I'm talking to a friend who got to go up on stage and meet him. More after I get off the phone.

    My friend Ginny from California was in the bathroom line downstairs and started carrying on a conversation with the lady behind her. This woman couldn't believe a 70ish year old woman would come to New York. The woman asked where she was sitting and when she told her, she said, oh, she was sitting a couple of rows behind her. Before intermission was over, the woman tapped her on the should and asked if she would like to meet Clay. She couldn't believe her ears! Apparently this woman's husband is a cousin of the man who plays Sir Galahad's mother (they were the people who ended up outside and then were taken inside to meet Clay onstage). He said he only had a couple of minutes because he had to sing at someone's wedding and he was running late. He was very gracious and signed a couple of pictures she brought. I'm so happy for her. She thought last summer's tour might be her last time traveling.
  • Joy2talk2U tells us this great news:
    andee1960 from CV wrote... Quote: One thing I wanted to mention: When I entered the theatre, the Spam store had a mock up of the album cover advertising the May 6 drop date.
    What great advertising to be seen by hundreds, even thousands, of people!!

  • Here is a review, including her report about being the peasant, from SimplyLuvHim:
    So, the short story is that I was the "Best Peasant" in New York's Spamalot on the night of March 25, 2008-a day that, luckily, shall not go down in infamy! I had known that my seat, D101, could be the peasant seat for a long time. It was, of course, just a fluke that I pulled it up, and when I did, I had no idea that Spamalot included a small bit of audience participation. When I learned about the possibility, I was excited, but not overly much, given my track record with getting anywhere within arm's reach of Clay. Just.not.good. So I went to the theatre with hope in my heart and realism in my mind. It was Tuesday, and that is the day that, generally speaking, the good folks at the theatre choose the seat for the week. I knew that the peasant seat had been D101 the previous week, and several people told me that the chosen seat was the hot seat for two weeks running, but of course there is no guarantee that the Spamalot team will do things the way we expect.

    So when the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch did its explosive job of revealing the final clue to the location of the Holy Grail, I sat at attention and whispered to my theatre companion (a member of the NJU), "That's my seat!" I don't think I heard another word of that play until Patsy came down into the audience and with adept sleight of hand found the Holy Grail right under my tush! Who knew?

    My biggest fear was not getting up in front of a packed theatre. I'm used to getting up in front of audiences; in fact, last year, I was the grand marshal at our college graduation, so I had to stand up in front of 10,000 people to open and close the ceremony. So, the Shubert Theatre was really small in comparison. Nevertheless, I was worried that I would trip up those stairs leading to the stage. Falling flat on my face in front of Clay would go down in history as the most embarrassing moment of my life. Luckily, dear Patsy must know that given the depth of the stairs and the lack of anything to hold on to, balance might be a problem. So, he adeptly held me under the elbow and I got up there with ease.

    Knowing about the possibility of being the peasant, I had long thought about what I might do if I were fortunate enough to be called up onto that stage. I had considered giving a quip when asked for my name, such as answering "Morgan Le Fay," but then thought twice about that. Did I really want to disrupt the flow of the show? If I were recognized as a Clay fan, did I really want to embarrass him for being OTT? Did I want Clay to remember me for being a loony? Well, the short answer to all that is NO. Then, of course, I thought about the prospect of hearing that gorgeous man sing my own name to me. In the end, it was a no-brainer. I was going to give my real name, and that is just what I did.

    Arthur and Patsy play a little game with the peasant. Arthur tells the peasant that he/she has been nominated for an award and Patsy holds it out. When I reached for it, I was gently reprimanded, Arthur reminding me that I had been nominated only and had not yet won. Of course, the next sentence was that I had indeed won! Surprise! They all sang my name to me.

    I expect you all want to know how I reacted to Clay, right? The truth is that I knew he was over to my right, just beyond King Arthur, who was talking to me. Patsy was to my left, reading my nomination and my win. But I did not focus on Clay. The only way for me to orient to Clay exclusively would have been to pay no attention to what was happening around me, for me to be out of the moment entirely. Since the actors were conversing with me, I automatically became part of the process without even making a choice. IMO, one has to make a conscious decision to attend to Clay alone. In the flow of things, it is simply not possible. Moreover, as a person up on that stage for the first time, I was literally blinded by the lights, which are very bright indeed. The audience was totally black from where I stood. I could see no one at all. Therefore, being up on stage was somewhat disorienting; one false move and I'd have been on Sean's lap in the orchestra pit!

    Right after they sang my name, someone grabbed my shoulders and turned me quite suddenly. A camera click later, I had my Polaroid-handed to me by Sir Robin himself. Now that was divine!Patsy led me back to my seat, and I got there without tripping, thank goodness! I hoped I hadn't appeared too foolish on that stage. Some people congratulated me afterwards. One person complimented me on being poised. Whew! I thought. I pulled it off!

    On the way out of the theatre, a very attractive young woman asked me if I had enjoyed the show. "Very much," I answered. "Did you?" She replied that she was married to one of the cast members. When I inquired who it was, she told me "Sir Galahad!" I responded, "He's gorgeous!" (and he really is). She said, "I know." It was really cute to hear the pride in her voice. I told her that I thought he had done well and fit fairly seamlessly into the cast and that I and my companion had enjoyed his performance.

    After the show, I tried to get my Polaroid autographed, but had no luck, given that a guy about 6'5" was right in front of me. So, I decided that I would try again the next night, and went off to Sardi's with my friend to have the second dessert of the evening. Those of you who are weight conscious might be interested to know that even with all the desserts I ate that week, I lost weight! I walked nearly everywhere in NYC, and that makes all the difference. One can exercise without really trying! Anyway, as we were finishing our coffee, a nicely dressed man breezed by our table, called me by my first name and said, "You did a great job!" I said thank you, and then remarked to my friend that the man had to be a member of the cast since he remembered my name and would have had the occasion to say and/or sing it out loud. It was not until the next day that I realized it was David Hibbard, the wonderful actor who plays Patsy. What a great guy!

    The next evening, I stood at the stage door to get an autograph. I was three back in the line, but I think that once Clay saw what he was being asked to sign, he grabbed it. He had a look of "Aha" on his face, and signed it beautifully in the white part of the picture. BTW, Clay is officially cool now. A young guy who stood in line with me thought it was way cool that I had gotten to be the peasant! What a great experience it was!

    As for the play itself, there is nothing I can add that has not already been said. Clay's performance is a triumph, his voice divine, his excitement palpable. I saw the play 5 times while I was there, and on Sunday night, another Clay friend and I scored 5th row center seats, which are typically considered the best seats in the house. I have to agree that they were-I was close enough to see every detail and every expression, and far enough back that I could take in the entire stage. To make matters even better, that night Brother Maynard sang the Amen, in that glorious voice that has no match. Sigh.

    After I got back home, I couldn't get the songs out of my head. What fun! Oh, I forgot to mention that after some of my performances, I managed to get Rick Holmes', Tom Deckman's, and Hannah Waddington's autographs. They are all generous with the fans. Tom is just a doll-and an amazing talent.

    Oh, I forgot to add one other thing: At the Sunday night show, my friend and I sat next to a friend of Hannah Waddington. She told us that Hannah considers Clay the nicest person she has ever worked with and has said that the entire cast loves him!!
  • And another review from another lucky peasant, Alliicat:
    I went to the April 1st show. And was THE VERY BEST PEASANT IN NYC!

    But first the Clay stuff which I know everyone wants most.

    The first guard in the tower scene - Clay was so cute. He made such cute faces through the whole thing and played with his helmet strap like everyone has said. And I got to hear his English accent for the first time I was really looking forward to that. My friend Cydni who went with me is not a Clay fan - she laughed all the way through the play - not just at Clay but the whole thing. She said she thought he would have been a lot stiffer playing his parts and was surprised at how loose he was. Of course she has not seen him in concert and seen was a silly goofy guy he can be.

    I'm working such long hours and my internet connection has been so bad that I've not been able to read a whole lots of reviews but I'll tell you some of the things I had the wrong idea of. The horse scene - I thought that they were facing sideways while galloping away. But they are Right at the edge of the stage - so close! - and facing the audience -I was seat C101 - so Clay was on my side of the stage - Really Really close. He doesn't just stick his tongue out but rolls it up so you can see the underside a lot. They are all lined up in a row, facing us and doing all kinds of different antics. Each doing his own thing but I didn't get to see of lot of it because I was mostly watching Clay.

    Then the guard scene - so so funny - but the reports I read said he kept a straight face through the whole thing - maybe he changed it but when he was questioning the Kings directions or repeating back what he thought the King had told him to do (which was never right of course) he would get this really quizical expression on his face. Then after he repeated back to the King was he thought he was supposed to do - Like "Ok so you're saying, we should guard him and not let anyone in unless they knock." or some such silly thing - Then he would draw himself up really tall and proud draw his chin in against his chest and get this really smug smile on his face, like he was so proud of himself that he got it right.

    But my favorite part was after many trys at getting his instructions straight, the King turned for the upteenth time to leave the room and turned around to check on guard Clay to make sure he was finally straight on what to do and was guarding the Prince and caught Clay staring vacantly at his pike. This part was so hysterical. Clay was just standing there with the most vacant daydreamy expression on his face - hope I can describe this so you all can imagine it. The pikes were decorated for the wedding with dryed flowers tyed just under the heads with ribbons trailing down. Clay was suddenly gazing up at his with the most vacant expression on his face like he was lost in another world, when he's supposed to be guarding the Prince - then to top things off he reaches up (still with that utterly vacant daydreamy expression on his face) and starts twirling the ribbons around his finger like he was so facinated with them. Everyone in the audience including my friend Cyndi started laughing at that he just looked so silly and stupid - it really made the scene.

    But people are right Prince Herbert was so good in his roll - just perfect. Oh and the stand in King did an excellent job I thought.

    Oh and that bottle dance - it is a killer - when they stick their legs out and do that slide....Wow for some reason that is so sexy. Well I was mostly watching Clay and he looked sexy doing it anyway - I'm not sure about the others. Loved the part where he was trying to look up the girl's skirt.

    And as others have reported - even when he is not the center of the scene, he keeps on acting - never lets up - is always turning to someone pretending he's commenting on what going on or reacting to what is happening or something - always making a little more of the scene than he would really have to.

    Another memorable moment - think it was the 2nd poopy scene. Clay really did it up. After he grabbed his butt, he let go then stood there for a bit and wiggled and twisted his legs and butt around like he was kind of "settling things around in there" is the only way to describe it. He did it so well and everyone got the picture so well, that you could hear people in the audience going "ewwwww ...and then laughing. Then he walked (uncomfortably) off stage.

    Ok now it's my peasant report. I bought the tickets before I knew about the seats - or I might not have bought them - I'm chicken. And when I saw the time coming up I started to get nervous and was praying - let it be one of the other seats...please. When Patsy came toward me, Oh Lord, but I got up and put my purse in the chair - then had to snatch it back out so Patsy could get the grail he found in the seat Then he told me I could sit back down. They Clay gestures to me and asks the King if they shouldn't do something to reward me so Patsy came back for me. When I was heading up to the stage and Patsy was counting the steps I knew I would be ok - didn't feel like I was going to faint or anything. I remember most of what happened but don't remember the order they happened. OH and contrary to some earlier reports - I Did Not stare at Clay the whole time. I least I don't think I did. The King took my hand and asked my name and I said Renee - then he asked my last name - He turned me to face forward and said to face my audience - then the speech is made about me being remembered for evermore as the best peasant in all of NYC - blah blah etc. There's some singing and I'm facing the audience and trying to kind of move a little back and forth with the music. I turned my head to try to see Clay but at that point he had his hands up and I couldn't see his face - I tryed to see between or around them but the brat kept them between us. Then I remembered that the King had told me to face the audience so I turned back and faced them. At some point the picture was taken and Clay gave me the picture and someone else gave me the award envelope and the golden foot of God. Then a lot of them smiled at me and shook my hand and congratulated me. And Patsy took me back to the stairs. I wasn't sure if I wanted to be best peasant but as soon as I was up there I was really glad I got picked. It was a once in a lifetime experience - being on a Broadway stage - and next to Clay to boot. Oh and you don't see bright spot lights - all you see is one big solid wall of blinding white light. That's all you can see - no people - no nothing - just a solid wall of white light. If you look straight down you can see the first 2 or 3 rows of people. But nothing if you look straight out.

    A funny thing - after the show several people congratulated me on the way out of the theatre. But the funny was when we were over at Juniors sitting and waiting for our seats. Several people and groups of people would walk by and see me - they would start clapping and congratulating me on the great job I did. Then when we were seated, a group of 5 was seated at the table next to us and one of the guys turned around and started the same thing - clapping and saying how good I did and everyone at the table was clapping and congratulating me. It was so cute, like they were pretending I was really a Broadway star.

    The show and Clay were sooo fantastic that I was so wishing I could see it again - but I know how lucky I was to be able to see in just once and to be the peasant.

    Here are a couple of YouTube videos of Clay at the Stage Door:

  • From bbandit31 on 3/25/08:

  • Here is a great one of Clay laughing at a fan's comment. This one's a definite keeper!

Tidbits 4/5

  • United Press International has picked up on the new album, in a short article released on its wire services:
    NEW YORK, April 4 (UPI) -- U.S. pop singer Clay Aiken is gearing up to release his fourth album, "On My Way Here," next month, RCA Records announced Friday.

    The latest CD from the former "American Idol" contender is to be released May 6. It is his first album of original songs since his 2003 double-platinum debut, "Measure of a Man."
  • Ventura County Star - article about Chris Daughtry -
    The fourth most successful "Idol" after Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken and Carrie Underwood, Daughtry is the most idolized "Idol" who finished lower than second.
  • Bleacher Report - making the case for why Wrigley Field doesn't need a corporate title: "Giving Wrigley Field a corporate name is like giving Clay Aiken a MMA Fighting Award."
CDD Blogwatch Gets OMWH Refresh has received a refresh for the new album "On My Way Here". Personally, although it looks great, the site still lacks content. RCA needs to hire a web designer to redo this site entirely!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Amazon Presents Clay's "List of Music You Should Hear" is sponsoring a page where Clay lists "music you should hear". Some of the tracks Clay mentioned by name include:

  • "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman from the album, This Moment - “I've been a fan of his as long as I can remember. It's great that he's getting airplay on mainstream radio with this song.”
  • "Fall" by Kimberly Locke from the album, Based On A True Story - “We did American Idol together and I think she is just awesome all around.”
  • "Everything" by Michael Buble from the album, Call Me Irresponsible – “A wonderful singer, just a classic.”
  • "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles from the album, Little Voice - “That's one of those great catchy songs that you just seem to hear everywhere and can't get out of your head.”
  • "Because of You" by Reba McEntire & Kelly Clarkson from the album, Reba Duets – “What's not to like? Two powerhouses together on a great song."
The page also has a short bio about Clay:
When Clay began the search for songs to record for Aiken’s first album of original material since his 2003 chart-topping debut, Measure Of A Man, he fell in love with a song written by OneRepublic frontman Ryan “Alias” Tedder called “On My Way Here.” The message of the lyrics — how the lessons we learn while growing up shape us into who we become as adults — struck such a deep chord with Aiken that it wound up inspiring the theme (and title) of his new collection, On My Way Here

Tyra Banks Show Looking for Claymates for Upcoming Show

The Tyra Banks Show is looking for Claymates to be featured on a currently unspecified upcoming episode. At this point, we're not really sure if this means Clay will be appear on the show, but we'll keep tabs on this and pass on the information as soon as we know.

The CB's Elspeth posted:

I received a PM from an associate producer on the Tyra Banks show. They're looking for Clay Aiken fans to feature on an upcoming segment. When I spoke to her on the phone, she said she had heard from fans concerned that the focus would be on OTT fans. She said that was not their intent. She didn't want to give away too many details but she did say that the segment would be "really fun".

She asks that you email her directly at with your name, how much you love Clay (detailed reasons), recent pictures, and contact information. If you're interested, I'd be sure and send her the information in the next day or so.

Apparently her phone number was posted on another board and while she is happy to hear from people, she asked that people please do not call her (as she did not intend for that information to be posted) but to please use the email address provided.

USA Today's Idol Chatter Interviews Clay

USA Today's Idol Chatter had a few moments on the phone with Clay to discuss details about the new album, On My Way Here, in stores on May 6. Some highlights:

My (brief) encounter with Clay

Well, it was a short chat, and Clay couldn't have been more pleasant. We mostly talked about the album (I'll include the item that resulted at the bottom of this post), but I also complimented him on having the most dedicated fans around [...]

“I would like to have signature songs,” Clay Aiken says, “songs that are identifiable as mine as opposed to ‘Clay Aiken sings such-and-such.’ ” That’s why the American Idol Season 2 runner-up conducted an intensive search for new songs he could connect with.

“I went through a bunch of songs,” he says, “and found On My Way Here by (OneRepublic leader) Ryan Tedder, and it hit me in the gut. It became the catalyst for the whole album to be lyrically connected — most of the songs relate to lessons I’ve learned.” On My Way Here became not only the title track for Aiken’s new album, due May 6 on RCA, but also the lead single.

American Idol Extra Interview: Video

A YouTube cap of Clay's American Idol Extra interview is up. The piece, mostly about Spamalot, aired last night on the FOX Reality Channel:

Tidbits 4/4

  • Playbill's National Magazine has the "It Takes Two" article about Clay (that was in the Spamalot Playbill) in their March 31 magazine. Clay is also mentioned on the cover as "Idol no More". You should be able to find one at a bookstore in your area.
  • Florida Times Union - Josh Gracin giving free concert in Florida tonight -
    Meanwhile, Josh Gracin plays a free concert tonight at The Jacksonville Landing. Gracin came in fourth in Idol's second season (the Ruben Studdard/Clay Aiken year.) Stacey was in the Navy during his Idol days; Gracin was in the Marines. Gracin got out soon afterward, and his self-titled debut album went to No. 2 on the country charts. His second CD, We Weren't Crazy, was released this week.
  • Crossville Chronicle - AI transforms "some average American" into stars -
    Maybe it is just nice to see that some average American can become America's next biggest star. Just look at what the vehicle known as American Idol has done for Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry, Clay Aiken and Jennifer Hudson, just to name a few.
  • USA Today grades the Idols -
    Clay Aiken

    •Evaluation: Ruben Studdard's runner-up enjoyed huge popularity initially with early singles and debut album Measure of a Man, but sales have steadily fallen. While mainstream support has eroded, Claymates remain ferociously loyal, and the geeky popster's odd projects and antics keep him in the headlines (a memoir, Spamalot role, in-flight tiff).

    •Needs to improve: In his easy-listening niche, he'll always be second banana to Barry Manilow unless his songs and performances vastly sharpen. A new album arrives May 6

    Sales: A+*
    Airplay: C-
    Artistic merit: C-
    Celebrity value: B+
    Overall: B-
    *Grade predates alarming dropoff
CDD Blogwatch

Media Covers New Album Release

Today's press release for the new album from RCA has brought many mentions in the press:

  • Reality TV Magazine -
    Looks like the little Clay Aiken we fell in love with during season 2 of American Idol is all grown up now. With more successes under his belt than we can even count, Aiken’s journey has already been long and fruitful. Now he’s using it, and what he’s learned along the way, to inspire the theme of his new CD, On My Way Here.
  • USA Today -
    Music: Aiken is well on his way to new CD

    "I would like to have signature songs," Clay Aiken says, "songs that are identifiable as mine as opposed to 'Clay Aiken sings such-and-such.' " That's why the American Idol Season 2 runner-up conducted an intensive search for songs he could connect with.
  • E! Online -
    Cue the Claynation celebration.

    Clay Aiken has finally set a release date of May 6 for his first album of original material in five years.

    For those keeping score, On My Way Here is technically Aiken's fourth studio release. But it's only his second to feature new songs. Since releasing the multiplatinum smash Measure of a Man following his runner-up finish on 2003's American Idol, Aiken has failed to match the success with his subsequent albums, compilations of Christmas carols and cover songs, respectively.

RCA Announces "On My Way Here" as Lead Single; To Debut on Monday

RCA Records issued an awesome press release for Clay's new album today, confirming that the title track, "On My Way Here", will be the lead single. Written by OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder, the song tells "how the lessons we learn while growing up shape us into who we become as adults".

"On My Way Here" will officially debut as the single through AOL Music on Monday, RCA said.

Here is the press release in its entirety:

Clay Aiken to Release Brand-New Album, On My Way Here, on May 6th 2008
Friday April 4, 12:30 pm ET

NEW YORK, April 4, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- Multi-platinum selling pop singer Clay Aiken will release his fourth album, On My Way Here, on RCA Records/19 Entertainment on May 6th, 2008. The collection is the 29-year-old Raleigh, NC, native's first album of original songs since his 2003 chart-topping, double- platinum debut Measure of a Man.

On My Way Here chronicles Aiken's experiences over the past five years, ascending from popular contestant on the second season of American Idol to pop superstar. The album's theme came to Aiken when he and his executive producer Jaymes Foster fell in love with a song written by OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder called "On My Way Here." The message of the lyrics -- how the lessons we learn while growing up shape us into who we become as adults -- struck a very deep chord with the artist. The title track "On My Way Here" will be the first radio single from the album to be released later this month. Additionally the single, "On My Way Here" will premiere as an "AOL First Listen" on Monday, April 7th.

"I thought if we could find songs that relate to what's gone on in my life over the past five years and address what I've learned from my experiences, it would be a great concept for my album," Aiken says. "Since I got into this business, I've learned so much about myself. I think this album covers how far I've come, personally and professionally."

The chance to record new material was an opportunity Aiken didn't want to miss. His previous two albums, 2004's Merry Christmas with Love (which went platinum within six weeks of its release) and 2006's gold-certified A Thousand Different Ways, featured 10 cover versions of well-known songs popularized by Celine Dion, Elton John, and Dolly Parton. Aiken's vocal performances on songs like "As Long as We're Here," about not waiting until it's too late to tell someone you love them, and "The Real Me," about being in the public eye, resonate with the kind of emotion that can only come from someone who's experienced this firsthand. "Although," Aiken says, "it was important to me that the songs be interpretable in all kinds of ways. People should be able to find their own meaning in the lyrics."

On My Way Here will be released just as Aiken finishes up his Broadway run playing Sir Robin in the Tony Award-winning musical Monty Python's Spamalot. Since January, Aiken has spent his days in the recording studio with On My Way Here's Grammy Award-winning British producer Kipper (Sting, Chris Botti), and his nights onstage in Spamalot. "I guess I'm a glutton for punishment," he says with a laugh.

For more on Clay Aiken, please visit his official website

Source: RCA Records

Thursday, April 03, 2008

USA Today Mentions Clay's Single

Coming attractions: Achin' for some new Aiken? It's on the way is the great title of an article in USA Today which talks about Clay's upcoming CD and also mentions his new single. USA Today says:

"I would like to have signature songs," Clay Aiken says, "songs that are identifiable as mine as opposed to 'Clay Aiken sings such-and-such.' " That's why the American Idol Season 2 runner-up conducted an intensive search for songs he could connect with.

"I went through a bunch of songs and found On My Way Here by (OneRepublic's) Ryan Tedder, and it hit me in the gut," he says. "It became the catalyst for the whole album to be lyrically connected — most of the songs relate to lessons I've learned."

On My Way Here became both the title track and lead single for Aiken's album, due May 6 on RCA. The album, produced by Kipper, is Aiken's first collection of new material since his debut, 2003's Measure of a Man, which has sold nearly 3 million copies.

Aiken co-wrote one song on the new album, Lover All Alone. Musically, he promises the new album has "a little bit of something for everyone, from symphonic-type ballads to upbeat, edgy stuff."
Can't wait for both the CD and the single to be released and to see what Side 2 of the single will be!

RCA Begins Album Promotion

RCA is beginning promotion for Clay's new CD, "On My Way Here", due in stores May 6. The ad above appeared in this week's edition of Playbill.

TV ALERT: Clay on "American Idol Extra" Tonight

Remember that "American Idol Extra" interview Clay did a while ago about Spamalot. We're receiving word that this interview will air TONIGHT at 7 PM ET/4 PM PT on the FOX Reality Channel.

Time to Hit the Polls: USA Today Spring Album Poll

Claymates, it's time to hit the polls. USA Today is asking: "Which singer's spring album release are you most excited about?"

VOTE FOR CLAY at USA Today's website ... scroll down, the poll is on the left side.

Clay on Jimmy Kimmel 1000th Show Promo

Clay is on an ABC promo for Jimmy Kimmel's 1000th show. Jimmy, congrats on this fine achievement, and we look forward to seeing Clay return to your show!

Look carefully, and you'll see it! Clay is on the left hand of the "J".

Sony BMG/RCA To Release Album's Official PR Tomorrow

Corabeth at CH reports that Sony BMG/RCA is prepping an official press release for Clay's new album On My Way Here. The PR, including the announcement of the lead single, will be released to media tomorrow.

An update from RCA Marketing---posted with permission
The press release to announce the album release and the lead single will be out on Friday

There are definitely more webisodes coming
YAY!!!!! YAY!!!! YAY!!!

Tidbits 4/3

  • Charleston Post Courier - Quiana and co. to kick off Charleston, SC's Wando Riverfront Music Series -
    On Friday, Quiana Parler and Friends, featuring Dudley Birch, will kick off the series at Children's Park along the Wando River. This nine-piece band features male and female vocals with a three-piece horn section. A previous contestant on "American Idol," Parler has toured with Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken and has opened for a variety of well-known jazz and R&B artists.
  • Idol mentions:
    • NewWest -
      Year after year, the show keeps cranking out these manufactured pop stars who somehow seem to have an album in the can the day after they’ve won the title. Some, like Carrie Underwood, Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson, go on to have bona fide Successful Careers. Others, like Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks, don’t even make it to the second album before they’re dropped from their record labels like a crack pipe when the cops walk in.
    • Knox News - article about Josh Gracin -
      Undoubtedly, Gracin's first CD was boosted by the power of "Idol," where he came in fourth place during the show's second season (the same season in which Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard became stars).
  • - Grand Forks, ND venue to host curling event -
    Affectionately known as “The Ralph”, the facility opened on October 5, 2001, and has played host to such events as the 2005 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships, a tennis match between Andre Agassi and Andy Roddick and many concerts from artists such as Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, and Clay Aiken.
  • Lycos PR - Clay #6 on this week's Lycos50
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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What's Hot In Spamalot 4/02

After a few days off, "What's Hot" is back with lots of hot news and pictures for our readers. Sometimes real life gets in the way of writing for Clay's Daily Double. Something I wish would never happen. But, today I've got a lot of hot Spamalot stuff to report!

  • Everyone would love to be the peasant called up on stage. Kd4clay from The Clayboard was lucky enough to be just that. Here's her expciting report:
    Peasant March 29th Matinee #645 [-]

    I hope I'm not too late with this. I'm a newbie to posting on boards. I'm not sure this is the correct area to post this. Could you please move it if I wrong?

    My wish came true. Yes, I was the chosen peasent, D101, for the matinee on March 29th. I knew the time would be approaching soon. I'd been to 2 previous shows. A girl sitting 2 seats from me asked me if I was excited. I tried to stay cool. My sister, Angela, had forgotten about the peasant seat. I wanted it to be a surprise for her, so I answered, Why? Now my heart is really starting to beat quickly. Well the grenade hit and sure enough there was D101. Still trying to stay cool!!!! Before I could think Patsy was coming down the aisle towards me. Told me to stand up. There was the "Grail" on my seat. Patsy told me to sit back down which I did. Clay says bring the peasant on stage. Everyone's clapping. OMG!!! Here we go!!! Up the steps, I hear King Arthur say something like "Oh what a beauty". Ok let's stay calm---searching for Angela. Yes, I can see her in the dark. Really can't see the audience. Then King Arthur says something like, "Dressed very nice for a peasant". I think I say "Oh well you know". What kind of an answer is that, I'm thinking. He asks me my name twice. I want to make sure he hears Dor ish. Sometimes people think I say George. Ok so far so good. I haven't fainted. Everyone on stage is hoping that I will be chosen for the award. I think King Arthur is giving me the middle finger of each hand. My eyes get wide as I'm looking at him. I'm presented with the "King Arthur Award". I remember rolling my eyes as I'm walking over to where Clay is. Eveyone is singing. I hold up the "King Arthur Award". Did I mention it's a foot with the big toe sticking up??? Clay is on his knee facing me. What the heck!!! I can't see his face. I'm thinking. Dear God, move your hands away so I can see your face, but he doesn't. The flash goes off. It's obvious where I'm looking on the photo and it's not at the camera. OK I did it!!!! My heart is returning to normal. I wanted to get to the stage door as quickly as possible. Dashed out and got a great spot. Someone comes out and says he's not coming out. Doesn't feel well. Oh well. That means another trip to NYC. Got to get the photo signed.

    I purchased my tickets in January. I had no clue of the peasant seat. This was a birthday present to me from my sister. Birthday 2/25. I searched to find a date that was convienent for both of us and also good seats.When D101 & D102 came up I grabbed them even though it was a month after my birthday. As time went on, I found out about the peasant seat. lgforclay kept a log of the peasant seats chosen. Everyone in my group(PAClayfans) had their fingers crossed. I still can't believe it!!!! It was meant to be. Did you know that the address of the Shubert theatre is 225, same as my birthday.
  • From Lilred at The Clayboard:
    April 1
    from BFS at CV!
    QUOTE... back from the show...

    ....Lets start with stage door, it wasn't just raining when we came out it was pouring...torrential down pour and just minutes before according to some who were already out there it was barely misting, go what do the Clay fans do...they huddle under umbrellas hoping against hope that Clay will wave from the door or something. It actually did stop raining in fairly quick order, but by that time Clay had already left and security came out and took down the barricades ...don't blame Clay one bit it was raining hard and showed no signs of slowing ...

    Okay some random thoughts...

    tonight's peasant was AllyKat...she couldn't stop staring and this was her one and only show...she was too adorable...

    Had a substitute King tonight-Thomas Cannizzaro...I really enjoyed his performance...he is younger more sprightly version ....he is normally one of the French Taunters...

    Anyway instead of scatting with the Lady of the Lake he did ABCDEFG, I can't wait to was too funny...he is also a bit lighter on his feet than really cute thing was when he did the whoa entering the Knights of Ni forest he did a cute slide and a was very funny...and I squealed a bit ...from if you were wondering who did the squeal it was me....sorry....

    Galahad...Bradley first time seeing him and I was pretty impressed...He isn't Chris, but he is playing the role his own way...I think he plays a bit more gorgeous dude than Chris, but it was still very enjoyable...more later about his interaction with Clay...He did hold out his hair during the slo mo horse scene to make it look like his long golden locks were blowing in the wind...pretty funny

    Rick, Hannah and Tom are sheer perfection they are hysterical and Tom's Prince Herbert is so freaking hysterical with his little gestures and faces... I swear the man has jello for bones....

    Okay some Clay favorite kind...
    He has become so mocking in the coconut scene...he is so hysterical...tonight he calculated the air speed and velocity of the sparrow on his hand using his strap as the pencil...

    He continues to do the sing song...bored stiff anyway...which is hysterical...

    Slo-mo horse was gorgeous as ever...lots of tongue

    Clay had a slow and deliberate dismount from his pony tonight and his good steed got some extra petting tonight...

    Clay has perfected his lecherous looks and is now bending down so low that his hair almost hits the floor when he goes to look up the skirts....He is shimmying with the best of them ...and appeared very thirsty tonight drinking lots of his drink...

    When LOL came out and does her Knight striptease...after she throws her first glove...Clay says off mike...throw it to meeee...she didn't, in fact, sailed over everyone's head....

    Clay got a very nice reaction to Idol of the Ages tonight

    there were lots of NJU and at least one school group at tonight's show.

    Knights of Ni...did the red phone in the White House and then said ahhh, who cares you're not the President, you were the Governor of NY and you like spending $4000 a night to party with hookers/prostitutes....and he did a little dance and then said paid for by Eliot Spitzer...

    Clay has so perfected soiling his pants his gestures and motions leave no doubt in your mind what has happened and it is very funny...

    I think from what I have heard that Clay and Brad's guard scene has come a long way...tonight Clay was very taken with his Pike and was staring up at it watching it kind of catch the reflection of the light...which has the effect of slowing Brad down b/c he doesn't have Clay's full one point Clay was twisting the ribbons on his wedding decorated was quite funny...

    Once again when Clay died his pike landed on the lights and Clay ever so carefully moved it out of the way...

    I must say it has been a joy to watch Clay continue to grow in his character and more fully develop it.

    And Clay's solo was excellent tonight...I especially like when he is taking a bow and then realizes that the piano is there and basically tells the audience to hold off on the applause and runs to the piano...

    His bottle dance is deliberate and very lethal in it's intensity...

    It was a fun night and I must say that i was very impressed by the Tom C. King...he was different, but very enjoyable...
  • Craving Clay gives this report:
    Just got off the phone with Tiggy52winkle. She said Clay is really "on" tonight. Young guys in front of them are laughing like crazy. There are people in back of them from SC seeing the show for the first time. She thought lots of fans there. Looks pretty full but doesn't know if sold out.

    During the tower scene he held his helmet strap and kind of snapped it between his fingers when the other guard was talking about carrying the cocanuts on a line. During Find Your Grail, Sir Robin said, "Its the lake lady!"

    He yelled "stop it, stop it" to the can can dancers.

    He did a "major" horse dismount right in front of them. They are in Row C, left side on the aisle.

    The replacement for King Arthur is wonderful. Not sure who it is but NOT Anthony Holds. She likes the new Galahad although he doesn't have much of an English accent. Says he has very white teeth, even whiter than Sir Robin's.

    They got the Playbill with the CD ad.
  • Bbandit31 came all the way from Singapore to see Clay in Spamalot. You can tell by her report how thrilled she was and how worth it it was to make the trip! Here's her great report:
    I'm back from my week in NYC and I'm missing Clay badly already. Someone said that we leave a little of ourselves with him everytime we see him. And I can't agree with that statement more. He has my heart and I love him dearly. I know many others played Sir Robin before Clay took on the role, but speaking personally, I can't imagine anyone else doing the role like our Clay. He was, for want of a better word, Phenomenal. I loved every move, every line, every expression, every note he sang. After reading so many recaps before I left to see the show myself, I went expecting Clay to blow me away with his performance. But nothing could prepare me for how much more in love I would be after I actually saw him with my own eyes. No recap, no clack, no photo can capture the true talent, beauty, sexiness of the man. Yes he is major major sexy. (Clay you can stop protesting.) Especially so when he dances. He flirts with the audience. You see it in his smile. When he does the dance with the coconuts, when he walks across stage singing "all for one", when he does his YDSOB dance, and especially in his white suit. WOW.

    The trip from Singapore is long...and expensive...but it is so worth every cent. I would do it all over again if I could. I would fly there right now. If you can get there but choose not to - just go. You won't regret it.....

    ...Stagedoor 27 March -
    Clay's sharpie had run out of ink while signing halfway and he asked aloud if anyone had an extra sharpie. Note the lady who gives him her sharpie. She stood in front of me on Friday 28 March and asked Clay a question about the tour and she got an interesting answer.

    Stagedoor 28 March -
    I was sitting in seat A1 again on my final night watching Spamalot. That's way over to the left which makes it really hard to get to the stagedoor and get a good spot. I found myself to the extreme right with hardly a view of our hawtsexysingerman. But I stuck my hand vertical and managed some shaky and blurry shots. ...I had one hand trying to film him, another holding out my playbill (which he missed) and the rest of me was trying to hear what he was saying to the lady in front of me (the sharpie lady from the previous night). After he left, I asked her what she asked him and what he said and she said she told him to come out west for his summer tour in july. He said something like - I don't know what you're talking about. She said your summer tour, it is all over the media. And he said - when's the last time you trusted the media?

    Now I don't know what to make of that. He didn't seem to be joking from what i saw of his face when he spoke to her. If you listen real carefully, you can barely hear him say the words "I don't know what you are talking about". But the rest...well...i can't hear it. So I can only report what she told me.

    I would like to thank all for your kind words. I hope my recaps and stagedoor video brought Clay closer to those who can't make it there. And for those who were there, I hope you enjoyed it as well.

    Special thanks to Clayharmony, Clayniac24, d4kkkks, NYcityClayfan for taking me under your wings in NYC. Claymates rock!!!

    ETA - someone upthread asked about the silver sharpie? Well i printed another copy of his CD cover and managed to get in front for him to sign. I held out the photo in one hand and the silver sharpie in another like he asked me to the previous night. But with all the people pushing playbills at him, he signed my photo with the black sharpie he had in his hands and missed my silver sharpie altogether. It doesn't matter. It may be hard to see his signature, but I know he signed it and that is all that matters. Besides, he spoke to me and that alone made my year. NO....made my century!!!
  • From Wildcard24 (this report is long long long, but very interesting and informative. Don't miss reading it!!):
    Spamalot Recap: 3/27 (Thursday) and 3/28 (Friday) Sorry if it's long, I tried to shorten it. Feel free to scroll--

    The line-Tons of people in line. I got to the theater early on Thursday, a bunch of teenagers were in line, they're from a high school in Wisconsin on a field trip (nice to see this). I met 2 fans from Wisconsin next to me in line (not a part of the field trip). I also met Clazyglue and d4kkkks (the regulars). The theater doors opened at exactly 7:30 and 3 ushers placed a scanner at the table in front of the 3 entrance doors. The tickets scanned very quickly and the crowd got ushered in pretty fast (no wonder they only allowed 30 minutes prior to the show).

    The show-Funny, funny, funny! Every detailed had been reported. It was my first show but in spite of all the recaps I read, I was still in denial that I was watching and listening to a new Clay Aiken. The man has flawless accent LOL Clay as Robin and the other tower guard was so indifferent to the king that they discussed the improbability of a swallow carrying a coconut instead of being impressed that a king was talking to them. The king and Patsy left exasperated, the other tower guard asked Robin how'd he knew that was a king. Robin responded something like, he didn't have sh*t all over him LOL

    The solo YWSBIYDHJ was awesome! Clay looked imposing, tall and strapping, dancing and singing solo onstage, until the ensemble joined him onstage. The stomping of his foot and the wriggling of his body just before the bottle dance was alone worth the plane fare to see him. If there is one thing that I could improve on this scene-that is for Robin to sing his 2 glorious notes in front because at this scene, he was behind all the people dancing and singing up front and I almost missed to watch Clay back there on top of the piano with all the fun commotion going on in front.

    Drunken guard scene-- made me laugh until tears were streaming in my eyes. I thought I would hyperventilate since I have a habit of covering my mouth when I laugh in theaters or movies. I failed to cover my mouth half the time because Clay was so funny in his facial expressions, I was laughing pretty much the whole time. Herbert's father wanted him to guard Prince Herbert but Clay as the drunken guard kept repeating the instructions incorrectly followed by a hilarious doubting facial expression if he got it right alternating with a smug look of I think I got it LOL For example, Prince Herbert Dad would say, and don't let anyone in except me, and Clay would repeat, and don't let anyone come in unless it's you or anyone else! complete with a firm nod of his head, a roll of his upper limber body (he's drunk) followed by a rolling eyes upward with his mouth puckering to the side. He'd done this with all the instructions with different facial expressions. It's my favorite scene, especially Prince Herbert (Tom) was equally hilarious in this part. When Lancelot killed the guard (Clay) he fell right in front of me, his face averted towards the stage so he wasn't facing the audience, his tunic flipped during the fall and folded to his stomach, and I didn't look at the rest of him, and look at his hand holding the spear instead

    The Peasant--Sir Robin was very enthusiastic when he told the king that maybe the peasant should be rewarded. D101 was a guy and he was wide eyed about the whole thing. At the stage door, he was let in at the end of the barricade to go to the backstage. Apparently one of the cast knows him, I couldn't remember who it was that came out and asked him in, it was too fast, I might be wrong but I think it was Rick Holmes who let him in.

    Stage door--D4kkkks got me a second row spot at the stage door and she left that spot as soon as I took it (what a darling she was!). There were tons of people there already even though I was able to exit quickly. I was able to shoot a pretty good stage door video with a few close ups but I don't know how to turn that into shareable clack.

    I went alone but sat between fans. I was in 2nd row center B103 right in front of Clay!!! To my right were 2 ladies from Boston, to my left were 2 from Indiana. Next to these ladies was Regaled by Clay whom I told that, omg I think Clay is an actor, a real actor! The lady from Indiana whom I abused by hitting her arm a few times didn't get mad at me because she was busy laughing as I was, and I think she got a kick seeing me laughing so hard seeing the show for the first time. The woman sitting beside me from Boston I think lost it. She laughed the hardest!

    The second night 3/28 I find as enjoyable as the first night. I couldn't say which night was better as a nuance I saw the first night that wasn't in the second were replaced by other small nuances present that were not in the first. The scantily clad dancer who served Clay and Galahad a drink slapped Clay's butt on Friday but didn't on Thursday but Thusday Clay shimmied with that dancer and didn't on Friday so, just little things. The huge steel looking helmet worn by lady of the lake was tossed perfectly in front of the guy who picked it up the first night, and was tossed a bit on the right and rolled some towards the audience onstage the second night. Like I said, little things that would not make me choose one night over the other. I enjoyed both shows tremendously. Both nights were packed though I did not see a sold out sign on the ticket window.

    The other Peasant--Friday's D101 winner was another guy. The 2 men were seated while the narrator already begun. They looked like businessmen with their business long coats and their suits and ties. The guy who won removed his jacket before sitting. We were seated across him on the 5th row on the right. He absolutely looked like he didn't know he'll win the peasant of the night by sitting there. It was so funny the way they talked about the clue once it was uncovered. One said it was Die Oy! Lancelot said it was something you said when dumb like Doi! With another saying that was not doi but Duh! The king asked for a clue and a big hand pointing down at the audience came down from the ceiling. Patsy came down to D101 and ushered the confused looking guy in his late twenties to the stage, the king said he like peasant in tie, ask for his name and last name and they sang to him paused a second all looking funny to their right for a Polaroid shot, Clay handed the photo to the winning peasant and Patsy ushered him back off stage. Lucky guy!!!

    Saturday, I walked by myself around the theater district and Times square, and decided to check on Spam attendance. I went to the ticket window-there were only 4 left-one seat on the left box (no view of Clay as tower guard), 2 on the last row of balcony (obstructed view), and the very last seat of row T last row in Orchestra to the right. All for regular price!

    Stage door the 2nd night was packed before I exited even though I was lickety quick. There were people there already before most of the audience got to exit. I found a place in 3rd row deep in the crowd, more people piled behind me later on, the tall guy and his wife in front of me moved as soon as they got their playbill signed but accidentally caused a commotion when both left and the woman in red coat lightly leaned on the barricade due to the movement-that little movement was enough for Clay to put his hands up and skipped the rest of us wanting his autograph. The guy meant well by leaving so others can be upfront but movement like that in a packed tight space was not good. The only reason I mentioned this is so that those who have not gone yet can tell the people in front of you not to move, being still is more helpful so the people behind can extend out their playbill and Clay usually reach for those and sign. Out of the 3 of us, one got an autograph so we were happy. I called joyclay as soon as I arrived home Sunday evening and told her that we got her an autograph. She wasn't able to go so we did this for her. She was happy!

    It was a great show and the walk at Times Square at night plus the city tour with my clayfriends made our trip another one to file under my Fun Fan Events! Cheers!
  • And last but not least, Zippy888 (who was peasant one night 2-3 weeks ago) caught the bridal bouquet when The Lady of the Lake through it into the audience! Here's her report:
    I'm back from the matinee show this afternoon for a bit. Want to know what happened? I caught the bridal bouquet! Catching the bouquet was the last thing on my mind, functioning with only less than 3 hours of sleep! It went straight up into the ceiling and came right down into my hands! I squealed and screamed with delight amidst crowd cheers and applause. I waved the bouquet at Hannah during the ALOTBSOL sing-a-long and she did a finger wave back at me and acknowledged my bouquet wave. I saw Clay smile when I was waving the bouquet in the air!!

USA Weekend Interviews Clay: No Tour In The Works After All

USA Weekend interviewed Clay for the second time in as many months, and Clay burst the bubble, so to speak, when he confirmed that contrary to press reports, there is currently no plan for a summer tour. "I'm taking a break," Clay said.

Here is an abridged version of the interview. Please head to the USA Weekend website to read it in its entirety. A shorter version of the interview will appear in the May 11 print issue of USA Weekend.

Clay Aiken talks music, acting and talk

ACTING: "I enjoy being myself more than I enjoy being somebody else." In other words, he has enjoyed working in Spamalot but he's not looking for another Broadway role, nor is he looking to do movies, as some of you wanted to know.

TOURING OTHER COUNTRIES: Those of you who want him to come to Australia, Norway, Singapore and more are out of luck. Why? Clay says his record label doesn't release his albums in those places.

TOURING IN GENERAL: "I'm taking a break," Clay said. He knows that you all want to see him again, and acknowledged that there were some press reports that he would tour this summer but "we never said we were planning on touring this summer. Do we plan on touring for this (new) album? Yes. But not this summer."

TALK SHOW: Now, here is something he clearly would like to do. "We put feelers out for this, that or the other...we make known what we think we're interested in doing," Clay says, using We meaning He. And he says they've made it known that talk is something he's interested in doing. But, like Spamalot, he says, sometimes it's a matter of ideas and opportunities coming together at the right time. Bottom line: nothing in the works right now.

THE NEW ALBUM: "I know a lot (of the fans) like to like everything I do," Clay says, but on the new album there will be something everyone won't like, but also something everyone WILL like. A lot of you want Clay to rock out, or as he calls it "do rockin' songs" — and he says on the new album he does — but it's hard for him to find such songs. "I can't find one I'm comfortable with." He was reluctant to pick a favorite or signature song from this album but eventually said the song Something About Us could be it.

Look for my shorter print piece on Clay in the May 11 issue of the magazine, and you can read about my previous interview with Clay here.

Tidbits 4/2

New poll at
"Which Idol alums would you like to see follow Clay on Broadway?"
  • American Idol articles:
    • Reuters wire story - Idol contestant hospitalized after show -
      "American Idol" pits singers against one another in a months-long competition for a professional recording contract. Past winners including Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood have gone on to music stardom, as have some runners-up like Clay Aiken.
    • E! Online - it's David vs. David on American Idol 7 -
      Bottom line, both guys have proven themselves enough to have wildly successful stand-alone careers after the show ends, regardless of who wins (the loss didn't hurt Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson or Clay Aiken), and if you ask me to choose between my Davids, I won't. The'yre both too good to make the call.
    • TV Fodder - American Idol top 9 recap - "Singing sixth was David Archuleta, who performed “Smoky Mountain Memories.” His voice was great and he completely nailed that last note. He’s like Clay Aiken Version 2.0 with the way he can sing any ballad they throw at him."
    • Roanoke Times -
      David A. Oh, David A. I agree with Dolly that David "has the voice to become a great, great singer." But, I'm just not feeling it's his time yet. He does have a solid voice and he performed the heck out of "Smokey Mountain Memories," but I don't know. I'm just over him, I think. Again, his will be the CD at Starbucks or on adult contemporary stations. Or on Broadway with Clay Aiken. Not that that's a bad thing at all, but I just don't want him to steal the limelight from someone who deserves to win.
    • My Fox - Gulf Coast -
      David Archuleta, "Smokey Mountain Memories:" Oh man, this kid is back in the game… he picked one of Dolly's favorite songs, and she tries not to cry when he sings it. He reminds me a lot of Clay Aiken, even though they don't sound a like. But they both have that (slightly fake) "Aw, shucks," innocence about them. Randy thinks that was the best performance of the night, Paula says he's glorious and Simon says the song choice was spot on.
  • Boston Herald - celebrities have specific demands from the hotels they visit -
    Some requests, such as buckets of “clean” ice, seem reasonable. Luxury hotels must occasionally get rusty water in the ice machine for this stipulation to be so common. Others, such as the mandatory cereal schedule for Clay Aiken’s backup band, go off the silliness charts.
CDD Blogwatch
  • Idle-wandering presents a montage to the tunes of "Here You Come Again" by Clay

Tuesday, April 01, 2008, Make Album Triple Official

More confirmation that Clay's new CD is now set for a firm release date of May 6. News about the news album have been posted to and on Clay's official website, There is also a short announcement at Clay's MySpace blog.

New Album!!!
Clay Aiken's new album, "On My Way Here" is OUT ON MAY 6! Watch a behind-the-scenes video of Clay Aiken discussing the recording process HERE! And stay tuned for an all new!
4/1/2008 - New Clay Aiken Album!
Clay's new album, "On My Way Here," will be out May 6th! You can watch a behind-the-scenes video of Clay discussing the recording process Here!

Tidbits 4/1 jumped on the Clay Aiken bandwagon with a nice write up for the new CD, "On My Way Here", out May 6.

  • Happy April Fools! Raleigh Chronicle's article is hilarious:
    CLAYAIKENVILLE, NC - According to Mayor Charles Meeker, the City of Raleigh has now been officially renamed "ClayAikenville", after the famous singer.

    In a press conference near the Capitol building which was announced today about 10 minutes before it started, ClayAikenville Mayor Charles Meeker said that the name change for the city would help create a fresh new image.

    The city council stood behind him, applauding after the announcement.

    "Naming the city after Sir Walter Raleigh is so 16th century," said the mayor. "I mean, does anyone here actually know what Sir Walter Raleigh did for a living? I know I don't and I'm the mayor."

    "Clay Aiken on the other hand is a person who can lead us into the 21st century," added Meeker.
  • Boston Herald - The Edge - former Idols receive the "Idol" boost -
    Similarly, season two contestant Kimberley Locke recently performed the song “Fall” from her latest CD. Locke’s run on “Idol” was five years ago, so some kids who watch the show might not remember she finished third behind Clay Aiken and winner Ruben Studdard.
  • Detroit News - Josh Gracin's "crazy ride" -
    He finished fourth on "Idol," behind Kimberly Locke, Clay Aiken and winner Ruben Studdard. After the show, he signed with Disney-owned Lyric Street Records -- home to one of Gracin's favorite acts, Rascal Flatts -- and released his debut album in June 2004. Success followed, and Gracin played concerts with Brad Paisley, Trace Adkins and more.
  • All About Jazz - We think this is another April Fool's Joke, but it's not as obvious, so correct us if we are wrong:
    Since the quartet Fourplay released its first CD in 1991, it has become known as a solid, if rather uninspiring, smooth jazz band, playing mostly R&B-flavored pop while incorporating minimal jazz content.

    This session, recorded for a brand new label, may surprise their longtime fans, as they've gotten a little more adventurous with their choice of material, though guest vocalist Clay Aiken isn't that far from their mold. Keyboardist Bob James composed three of the tracks, with two each from guitarist Larry Carlton and bassist Nathan East and drummer Harvey Mason penning “E. D. Blues.”

    The set list is sort of a suite, representing a single guy heading out on the town for the night looking for companionship. James' “Night on the Prowl” has an urban swagger, while Carlton's tender ballad “Do You, Miss September” will appeal to female listeners, especially with Aiken's vocal.
CDD Blogwatch
  • Taking A Moment - Britney Spear's April Fool's letter to Clay Aiken -
    Hey Clay!

    It’s me, Britney! I haven’t seen you IN, like, what. SO LONG. I mean, GAWD, sometimes I think I’m NEVER going to get my present.

    Did you see me on your tv the other day, tho? I don’t mean actually SITTING on your tv, haha, but I would if you wanted me to. I had a guess-star roll on How I Made Your Mother. It was real good. I haven’t actually WATCHED it yet but I heard I was real good.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Scrapping 4 Inclusion Announces New Program: "Let's ALL Scrapbook"

Scrapping 4 Inclusion, in partnership with the Bubel Aiken Foundation, announced their new program "Let's ALL Scrapbook". More information about the program and how you can get involved was made available in a press release:

Scrapping 4 Inclusion Announces the Let’s ALL Scrapbook Program in Conjunction with The Bubel/Aiken Foundation

NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 03/31/2008 - The Foundation was co-founded by Clay Aiken & Diane Bubel in 2003 to serve children with special needs and the goal of inclusion for ALL.

Scrapping 4 Inclusion is proud to announce its new Let’s ALL Scrapbook program. Let’s ALL Scrapbook is an inclusive arts & crafts program where children with and without disabilities get together and create a small scrapbooking project or other paper craft project.

The intention of Let’s ALL Scrapbook is to provide suggestions and instructions so that anyone can organize and offer this program to children in their community. Let’s ALL Scrapbook will take a simple idea and make it easy to follow with a goal that people just like you will take the initiative and go out to their community and get children with and without disabilities participating together in this activity.

Let’s ALL Scrapbook is a program that has been run in partnership with The Bubel/Aiken Foundation’s Let’s ALL Play program. It is intended to be an independently-funded and operated activity to promote inclusion. Therefore no application or approval is required to facilitate this program. However, it certainly can be offered as an additional activity for those who are offering the Let’s ALL Play program funded through the Foundation.

Kids’ crafts help to foster creativity and imagination. They give children a sense of accomplishment. By encouraging a child’s creative side, you will not only help to develop their imagination, but also improve the way they feel about themselves. Let’s ALL Scrapbook is intended to be a stepping-stone program to introduce inclusion to children and to members of our communities. It is designed to be run by anyone at any skill level. You do not have to be a teacher or an avid scrapbooker to make this program work. You simply need the desire to help bring inclusion to the children.

The Let’s ALL Scrapbook instruction manual is available for download on the Scrapping 4 Inclusion website. This manual has complete step-by-step instructions for operating a Let’s ALL Scrapbook program.

We encourage everyone to download their copy of the manual today and get involved. Get out in your community and scrapbook with the Kids.

About Scrapping 4 Inclusion
Scrapping 4 Inclusion ( is an awareness and fundraising campaign where Volunteers across the USA will organize a Scrapbooking Crop in their community. A Scrapping 4 Inclusion Crop can be customized by each Organizer to fit with what they are personally able to manage and what the market in their community will bare. If you are interested in getting involved, we are always looking for additional volunteers to plan events in their own community. You do not need to be a scrapbooker to get involved; you only need the desire to help. The more volunteers involved the more voices there are to raise awareness.

For more information on Scrapping 4 Inclusion please visit their website.

About The Bubel/Aiken Foundation
The Bubel/Aiken Foundation ( provides services and financial assistance to promote the full integration of children with disabilities into the life environment of those without. The Foundation strives to create awareness about the diversity of individuals with disabilities and the possibilities that inclusion can bring. A step in the right direction, even if a small step, brings us closer to our goal. All children deserve to experience the fullness of a life lived without boundaries. Eliminating the stereotypes that have long been associated with physical and mental disability is the first step to erasing lines that divide us.

The mission of The Bubel/Aiken Foundation is creating communities where ALL children can learn, live, and play together. To learn more about The Bubel/Aiken Foundation visit their Website.

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  • American Chronicle interviews Debra Poneman, who was the editor of Chicken Soup for the American Idol Lover's Soul, now available at bookstores:
    Some of the proceeds from the sales of this book go to various charities. Can you tell us about them?

    Yes, as with all Chicken Soup books, a percentage goes to a charity or charities chosen by the authors. We chose three charities for this book: Ace Young´s High Roller´s With Heart that benefits the Children´s Hospital in Denver; Clay Aiken´s charity, The Bubel Aiken Foundation whose goal is to create an environment for children with disabilities where barriers are broken down and inclusion is embraced; and Idol Gives Back which raises money and awareness to benefit children and young people living in poverty in the US and Africa.
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    Some fans choose to remain "CD virgins." Not me -- I listen to every little snippet and link that comes along because I know these songs will be brand new when Clay sings them.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

One Year Ago on March 31, 2007 - Bubel Aiken Foundation Gala "Champions of Change" Took Place

Its always fun to remember anniversaries and events that happened one year ago to the day. An especially wonderful and fun event that happened one year ago from this Monday, March 31, was the Bubel Aiken Foundation Gala, Champions of Change. As we all know, the gala was a huge success, not only in the amount of money that was donated, but also in the vocalizing and support of BAF's mission of inclusion.

A news article can be found at The Bubel Aiken website's news archives, and reading it is a great way to remind yourself of the many good things that happened that evening. Just a few exerpts are as follows:

The very special gathering was to celebrate and recognize the achievements of "Champions of Change" and to support the Foundation's mission of inclusion.
Diane proved once again that she is a true advocate for inclusion, and she continues to inspire everyone who is lucky enough to hear her speak with passion about inclusion and her very special family. Clay’s speech about how we all can be Voices for Change was equally inspiring and passionate.
The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Champions of Change awards. Awards of recognition for their efforts and continuous devotion to making a difference were presented to Jonathan Bunzey, the Youth Honoree ,Coach Jim Johnson, State Farm Insurance , and The Voices of Beta Alpha Volunteers. All the honorees graciously accepted their awards and showed a truly humble spirit in the midst of their incredible work to open doors for inclusion for children in their communities.
A Live Auction followed, and the generosity of the supporters was overwhelming. It was wonderful to see Clay Aiken interacting with the audience and the auctioneer in an effort that ended up surpassing all expectations. By the end of the auction, Clay announced that the supporters had more than paid for the Foundation’s “Let’s ALL Play” summer camps for the entire 2007 summer.... At the end of the evening, supporters had helped to raise $333,238.45!
And, of course, I think we can all remember how funny Clay was at the gala, auctioning off his ring and his shirt after making them even more desirable to be won than they already were!! Because of Clay and his shenanigans, the donations went way up and a fun time was had by all!

Congratulations to Bubel Aiken as we remember the great results of their Champion of Change Gala one year ago today!

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