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Monday, March 31, 2008

Tidbits 3/31

  • antiMusic - new details about Clay's new CD (nothing we don't know already)
  • American Chronicle interviews Debra Poneman, who was the editor of Chicken Soup for the American Idol Lover's Soul, now available at bookstores:
    Some of the proceeds from the sales of this book go to various charities. Can you tell us about them?

    Yes, as with all Chicken Soup books, a percentage goes to a charity or charities chosen by the authors. We chose three charities for this book: Ace Young´s High Roller´s With Heart that benefits the Children´s Hospital in Denver; Clay Aiken´s charity, The Bubel Aiken Foundation whose goal is to create an environment for children with disabilities where barriers are broken down and inclusion is embraced; and Idol Gives Back which raises money and awareness to benefit children and young people living in poverty in the US and Africa.
  • After Elton- K-Lo and mention of new album -
    Kimberley Locke, "Fall"

    She was right behind Clay Aiken in the show’s second season, and American Idol invited Kimberley Locke to perform her new “Fall” single on Wednesday night. She’s slimmed down, but she still has that voice!

    Clay's back for more

    Speaking of Clay Aiken, check out the cover art for his upcoming, sophomore album, On My Way Here … and we’ve learned Claymates can’t take a joke…
  • Quad City Times on the new American Idol video game -
    I tried four songs — “September,” “Save a Life,” “You’re Beautiful” and “It Ends Tonight.” As I sang, the words “Poor” and “Horrible” kept showing up on the screen. My friend sang like that little bore Clay Aiken and the game kept giving him props. I don’t get it.
CDD Blogwatch
  • Something That Really Happened - confirms tracklisting for OMWH
  • Carolina On My Mind - Clay nation abuzz with news of CD tracklisting -
    Clay Aiken often brags about the detective abilities of his fans, never more on display than this week's discoveries of the track list for his new CD, On My Way Here, as well as video and audio demos by songwriters.

    Some fans choose to remain "CD virgins." Not me -- I listen to every little snippet and link that comes along because I know these songs will be brand new when Clay sings them.

    Saturday morning a news story on the Ace Show Biz site confirmed the playlist CA fans had discovered through a music store a day earlier. From the track listing page, a click on more info takes the reader to OMWH's corner on Amazon.


Natalie said...

Lordy...why do I bother with reading some of the crummy comments put out by various Clay bashers?? (See link for After Elton.) I just get all peeved. You really should post them in their own seperate section: "Not Worth Your Time".

Okay, on to better news now! Just wanted to vent that! ; )

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