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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Clay Listed in The Encyclopedia Series, Contemporary Musicians

Cstinia from The Clayboard tells us that, "I went to the library today and found that Clay was the first artist in Vol. 60 of the encyclopedia series, Contemporary Musicians." She took the time to write up the article for us so that we could see what it says, since most of us don't have a Contemporary Musicians Encyclopedia around the house! The photo used in the article is one that was from the 2006 piano photo shoot.

Next time you are at your local library, check and see if they have this encyclopedia series and check it out for yourself. Meanwhile, here is what the article says:

Clay Aiken

Although Clay Aiken is a multiplatinum-selling singer, he didn’t plan to have a singing career. He originally wanted to become a teacher, and earned a degree in special education from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. He planned to teach, get a master’s degree in administration, then become a school principal when he hit the age of 50. He truly loved teaching children with developmental disabilities, and worked one-on-one with a boy who had autism, Mike Bubel. Bubel’s mother, Diane, had seen the singing contest television show American Idol, and knew that Aiken had a big voice. She encouraged him to audition for the show, and it changed his life forever.

“ You Don’t Look Like a Pop Star”

Aiken came to the attention of millions of TV viewers during the second season of the show in 2003, when he startled viewers with the contrast between his lanky, red-haired, big –eared looks and his large, resonant voice. The show’s judge, Simon Cowell, remarked “You don’t look like a pop star.” Not only did he not look like a pop start, he didn’t act like one. Aiken, a Christian, spoke openly about his beliefs, don’t drink, smoke, swear, did not sing sexual songs, and wore a bracelet with the letters WWJD ( What would Jesus Do). Despite his unlikely appearance, Aiken came in second by less that 1 percent of the viewer vote, launching his singing career.

Aiken’s debut album, Measure of a Man, released in 2003, went double platinum. He was named Fan’s Choice at the American Music Awards, was one of People’s Top Entertainers of the Year, and was chosen as TV Guide’s Fan’s Favorite Reality Star. With the money have made from the album, Aiken surprised his mother by paying off the mortgage on her home.

In that same year Aiken founded the Bubel/Aiken Foundation, a nonprofit group that helps children with special needs. Many fans of his singing became supporters of the foundation. Aiken told Holly Vicente Robaina in Today’s Christian, “ Through [the fans] we have been able to do a great deal of work in spreading the word about the need for and the benefits of inclusion for children with disabilities.”

In 2005 Aiken published an autobiographical book, Learning to Sing. In the book, he wrote about his life and faith. He commented, “Some people have argued that I’m too religious and that I talk about my faith too much. Other people have criticized me because I don’t stand up for my beliefs enough. But my position is that there’s a fine that has to be walked. There are a lot of people who have given Christians a really bad name by being overly aggressive.”

He also commented that although he wont talk about sex or sing songs that use sexual innuendo, he doesn’t often sing songs with overtly Christian lyrics. He told Robaino that although he enjoyed listening to Christian radio, he also knew people who did not listen to it, and those were the people he wanted to reach out: “ If I can put a secular love song on an album, and someone can interpret it in a way that makes them think of God’s love for them or the power of Jesus’ sacrifice, then I think I’ve fulfilled my purpose.”

In a review of the book in Entertainment Weekly, Kristen Baldwin wrote, “ Clay Aiken is far more interesting as a person than a pop star- and, God bless him, he’s smart enough to know it.” She praised Aiken for spending little time discussing his experiences on television and telling more about his working-class upbringing in North Carolina. “Behind the polite narration emerges a complex guy with a folksy sense of humor and an endearing ambivalence about his own insta-celebrity.”

Aiken did not expect this “insta-celebrity”, or the rush of publicity he would get as a result of his American Idol performances and his album, and he was startled to be mobbed by fans whenever he left his house. He began having panic attacks, and finally decided to ask his doctor for help. He began taking Paxil, an antianxiety medication, although he did not go to therapy for this problem. The medication helped him deal with publicity, but it also blunted some of his emotions.he told Michelle Tauber in People that when his stepbrother, Brett, left to fight with the Marines in Iraq in July of 2006, “ I was trying to make myself cry and I couldn’t. I started thinking, ‘ Do I not have emotions anymore?’ It was kind of weird for me.”

Aiken found that as his fame grew, it became increasingly harder to maintain old friendships or to make new, true ones. Robaina noted, “ There are plenty of ‘friends’ who’ve come out of the woodwork from every direction. Former classmates who never spoke to him in high school now ask him to sing at their weddings.”

Like any celebrity, Aiken was often the target of tabloid gossip, and in 2006 he spoke up about persistent rumors that he was @#%$. He told Tauber, “It doesn’t matter what I say. People are going to believe what they want.” He added that his mother had always advised him that when faced with negativity, he could always “leave it alone” He added, “ I think certain people and certain magazines have had enough publicity. I have always been told to let the negative stuff fall away.” Aiken also told Tauber that he had matured and learned a lot over the past few years. “I learned this year that you can’t make people like you or care about you or love you.”

Aiken has spent increasing time on his work with charities, most notably the Bubel/Aiken Foundation and UNICE. With UNICEF, he traveled to Uganda and Indonesia, and he testified before Congress on UNICEF’s behalf. He has considered adopting a child or setting up a way to pay for an underprivileged child to go to college. He told Tauber. “ I want to be a father so badly. I want [kids] one day. Not now.” In addition to having children, Aiken is also thinking of going back to school to get a master’s degree in education. About his life, Aiken told Robaina, “My life has been guided by Provident direction more than anything else. I was really in the place God wanted me to be, at the time He wanted me to be there.”

For the Record…

Born Clayton Holmes Grissom( later changed his name to Aiken, his mother’s maiden name) on November 30, 1978, in Raleigh, NC; son of Faye Aiken and Vernon Grissom; stepson of Ray Parker, who raised him and his brother Brett. Education: University of North Carolina at Charlotte, degree in special education.

Won second place on TV talent show American Idol, 2003; released debut album, Measure of a Man, 2003; released Merry Christmas with Love, 2004; released A Thousand Different Ways, 2006.

Addresses: Record company—Sony BMG Music Entertainment
550 Madison Ave.
New York, NY 10022
Selected Discography

Measure of a Man, RCA Records, 2003.
Merry Christmas with Love, RCA Records, 2004.
A Thousand Different Ways, RCA Records, 2006.
- Kelly Winters

Tidbits 7/28

  • - mention of tonight's concert at the NJ Performing Arts Center -
    Clay Aiken with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra

    One of "American Idol's" most memorable voices joins the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra for an evening of song. Aiken's debut CD ("Measure of a Man") went double platinum.
  • Entertainment Weekly - American Idol: it doesn't really matter if you win or not -
    Think about it: Does it really even matter who wins? Clay Aiken has outsold Ruben Studdard, early exit victim Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar, and it is Chris Daughtry, not Taylor Hicks, who is currently burning up the charts.
  • Seattle Post Intelligencer - Clay fans taking over the internet?
    In a sense, you're just as vulnerable to most threats online just as you are, well, offline, and demanding that they weed out child molesters, murderers, scam artists or fans of Clay Aiken -- I know, not a criminal element, but a personal point of revulsion nonetheless -- is flat out unreasonable.
  • Raleigh News & Observer - Kimberley Locke article -
    Locke seems adept at turning what others might see as a step back into a step up. The Nashville native placed third behind Raleigh's Clay Aiken and winner Ruben Studdard in the second season of "American Idol."
  • Tacoma News Tribune adds up how long Sanjaya Malakar's "15 minutes of fame" will be -
    [Malakar] has strange mind control power over impressionable female fans, occasionally leading to public crying. (Such power in the wrong hands! We’re talking to you, Clay Aiken): plus 12 months.
  • New York Times - article about stupid Perez Hilton... don't bother clicking the link... his blog is all lies, lies, and more lies...
    In his blog postings, he lavishes exclamation points on the ravishing looks of arbitrarily chosen heroes like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez and Dita Von Teese, and snarkily picks on so-called villains like Clay Aiken, Kirsten Dunst and Sienna Miller for perceived sins like excessive drinking, promiscuity or denying homosexuality.
  • AOL TMZ - uh... Phil Spector -
    First he frightened us with his shellacked "Golden Girls" Chia Pet monstrosity -- now follicularly challenged Phil's taken his heinous blond Clay Aiken bob and accented it with poop brown lowlights and some frizz. A little dab'll do ya!

  • Nothing here yet

Clay Attends "Idol The Musical" on Friday Night

According to iluvmusic2 at The Clayboard, Stripedshirt at Clayversity was lucky enough to go see "Idol The Musical" on Friday night, and Clay and his entourage showed up there on the same night! What are the chances of that happening?

Here is the report from Stripedshirt:

reporting from striped.... at CV:

I cannot believe my luck tonight.

I went to see IDOL THE MUSICAL.....and guess who shows up? CLAY!!! He brought the posse w/ him - Angela, Quiana, Mary, Jerome, Jamie, plus the girl who we lovingly dub 'Sweater Girl' & an unidentified male (I think it's Sweater Girl's date) I cannot believe of all nights I wound buying a tkt to the show, that he would come finally come & see it for himself.

And guess what? he liked it! Even though parts of the show were so cheesy & ridiculous, he liked it!

He did not boo, hiss or hurl things on the stage. When the show ended, he was the first to stand up & give a standing ovation, which the kids up there REALLY appreciated. The kids were on their full A Game tonight & acted very well, I was so proud of them. I don't know how many of you here have seen the musical - so you may not connect immediately to what I'm trying to say, especially the scenes I'm describing - but this is the best I can as far as connecting those moments to the looks on Clay's face.

Here are what I can gather:

Clay arrived quietly w/ his crew into the theatre around 8:20 - and there were some gasps in the audience when they realize he was inside - and I had a perfect view of him from where I sat, which was off the side, diagonal. Clay was sandwiched btwn Mary & Sweater Chick, Jamie sat w/ Jerome who took an aisle seat. Jerome was so big, his legs stuck out on the sides. I could've tapped him if I wanted but I kept quiet & observed Clay. Quiana & Angela sat one row behind them.

The minute they all seated, the lights dimmed & the 1st no. 'Idolize' started. The actors attacked it w/ so vigor & verocity that it was overwhelming to watch w/ Clay in the audience, & I had a difficult time trying to figure out who to keep my eyes on - him or the actors who were ripping into the no. My eyes were flipping backm & forth..... And Clay's reactions to this were priceless!!! Oh my god - it killed me not to be able to take a photo of his facial expressions when he was watching the 1st no. - he had the program book open, and up against his face, covering his mouth and nose - and when the Flat Clay was unveiled, he jerked in his seat, sending the program flying onto Mary's lap, which he quickly retrieved. Part of the time he was bending to whisper something into either Mary's ear or Sweater Girl's ear. The other times he watched w/ his finger to his lips, taking it all in, or cringing from some of the nos. making his chin disappear into his neck. Everyone around him were choking, they were laughing so hard, & it was real funny watching Jerome wipe his eyes. At one point Clay even yelped 'oh god!'

I can only remember bits & pieces of what I saw of Clay because there were moments I was watching the musical, which has improved some since the first time I saw it the first wk it opened; alot of subtle edits have been done, as well as additions. One of them, was the 'armrest' bit - the cowboy had his feet on the armrest of the couch, prompting the girl Alex, the grease faced gas station attendant, to shout "Get your foot off my armrest!" I missed Clay's reaction on that one, I don't know if audience caught that one, but I'm sure he must've snickered. I did not miss his reaction to the "I'm NOT Kelly Ripa" bit - he nodded his head & clapped his hands for that one.

And the far funniest moments was during the "Burning Hunk of Clay"/Claygasm no. when the actress was making out w/ the Clay bust, then started to remove her cardigan, skirt & pulled out the whip, screaming, "Oh Clay, OH CLAY" his eyes got so big I thought they were going to pop. Mary was shaking all over laughing.

The actors all had their eyes on the left side of the house where Clay sat during the finale, & when they all took a bow one by one, it was almost as if they were saluting Clay. It was a cool moment.

Later, Todd Ellis the producer came towards Clay as the audience filed out, & asked him to stick around so the actors could meet him. The doors closed shut as I stepped outside, but I sat on a stool & waited. Waiting w/ me were 2 others who knows the cast, so they were hanging around to get their loved ones. Behind the door, I could laugh applause, then laughter, then clapping, then Clay talking rapidly; I couldn't make out a word he said, it was too far & somewhat muffled. But they were all having a good time inside, & I felt so glad he made this musical; it turned out Todd went to the Syracuse concert just last wk. & his wife got to talk to Clay for a bit about coming to see the show. That paid off tonight when Clay brought his troop in.

10 minutes later, the doors swung open, & out walked Jerome, Quiana, Sweater Girl & then Clay - they all walked out, & there was a yellow cab outside which Jerome got Clay into. Clay didn't stop for pics or autographs & there were a small group of fans who stood out there. The cab sped West, towards Jersey. I'm willing to bet tomorrow night there may or may not be some mention about Idol The Musical at the Newark concert, but we'll see; if he does, it'd be a great plug for the show.

Now -- this is where I need help from anyone out there who can do a SENDIT link, because I don't know how. I have video, just 19 seconds of Clay exiting the theatre after his pep talk w/ the kids. It's not much, but I know you all want to see it & I'm glad I got it. Can someone here help me?
ClaysMyMidlifeCrises also reports the following from Stripeshirt:
More reporting from stripedshirts at CV....

I'm actually quite calm as a matter of fact I've done my screaming & creaming at the theatre, believe me.

I was walking around Times Square tonight after the show, grinning like a fool, people were looking at me wondering what the hell was wrong w/ me. They have no idea.....

Clay wore a white button down shirt, baggy canvas shorts, dark flip flops. In the dark, he looked like a glow worm! Mary, Jamie, Sweater girl all work dark colors, as did Jerome; Sweater girl's male companion had a white shirt also, so he also stuck out a little. Clay's hair....I think was the same...but yes, he looked really good.

Angela & Quiana wore jeans & Angela had some nice bling on & a nice printed top.

i also remembered watching Clay during the slower nos. He couldn't stop rubbing his hands & curling & intertwining his fingers together. That, and coupled w/ his serious, pensive expression was enough to send me over the edge because I found that so hot.

And, he whooped a 'WHOO!' when the musical finished. That was his stamp of approval!

These actors will be putting their last show this Sunday; next week, a new cast replaces the old one as those kids pack up & return to Syracuse. (w/ exception for one, a guy who plays stripper/Chippendale J.D.) I'll miss this crew, these kids did a great job.

The New York Times, Village Voice & others will come the 2nd wk of August to do a review, & it'd be interesting to read the critic's take on this show; so it's building quite a bit of momentum & w/ Clay having been there, I'm sure he's helped Todd Ellis raise a lot of interest for the musical!!
Now that we know Clay approves of the musical, I'll bet Clay fans will be attending it in record numbers! Let's hope that he will mention something about the musical at his New Jersey concert on Saturday night.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Tidbits 7/27

  • National Ledger - Article about Clay and the fans helping to save Jericho. "Meanwhile, Jericho stars are happy the show is back. 'I heard that Clay was a fan, but I never thought he'd rally his fan base,' Skeet Ulrich tells In Touch. 'I appreciate it!'"
  • "Idol: The Musical" listing -
  • Press release from Audio4Fun about their new product - a voice changer that will make you sound like your favorite American Idol contestant-
    ‘We have just uploaded a series of parody voice packages of many famous American Idol contestants such as Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, Justin Guarini, etc.,” said Helen.
  • Lancaster Online - Not sure who this guy, Eliseo Roman, is... but it says he's performed with Clay: "He's performed with a number of well know singers, including Linda Eder, Vanessa Williams and Clay Aiken."
  • - new profile for Clive Davis includes MOAM as one of Clive's "key albums" he's produced - "2003 - Clay Aiken - Measure of a Man - Producer"

Thursday, July 26, 2007

July 28 Concert at New Jersey's Prudential Hall - Wait Till You See This Venue

Most of Clay's venues this tour have been outdoors it seems. The tour started in Frisco at Pizza Hut Park's soccer stadium. Thankfully the weather was cool and sunny, at least for Texas in the summer. There have been a couple of amphitheaters. And who can forget Meadowbrook, complete with dive bombing mosquitos and horseflies the size of a Clydesdale!

Well, Clay won't have to worry about having his bug spray with him on July 28 when he performs at New Jersey's Prudential Hall. This venue is absolutely gorgeous! The New Jersey Performing Arts Center website says the following about the venue:

(The 2,750-seat) Prudential Hall…is breathtakingly glamorous…classical in form and spirit: four-tiered and horseshoe-shaped, glittering with light. The color scheme varies slightly from the traditional red and gold. There's red galore, but in place of gilded plaster, the tiers are faced with panels of beautiful golden wood…(the) stage and auditorium have been combined into one warm, embracing room. The region has not seen as fabulous a new hall since Philip Johnson's New York State Theater opened its doors three decades ago."
--- Herbert Muschamp, The New York Times
Take a look at this beautiful theater:

When Clay looks out from the stage, this is what he will see, and hopefully a sold out house looking back at him! A friend who showed me this picture said that, though she lives in New York, it took Clay to finally get her to this amazing theater. I hope that both fans and first time hearers fill the place to the brim. What an awesome place for Clay to perform. Why, its almost as classy as he is!!

Those of you who are going, we want to hear all about it!

Male Fan Gives Excellent Review of Sterling Heights Concert

There are so many women who are big fans of Clay's, from the pre-teens to those who are, well, a bit older than that. But the male fans tend to be few and far between. And finding a male fan who not only gives a wonderful review, but also a very well thought out, knowledgable, and eloquent review of Clay's concerts is extremely gratifying. And that is what we have right here.

Brad attended the Sterling Heights concert with his wife. I've read some of his reviews before. He is honest and upfront with what he has to say, both when he likes something and when there are things he doesn't care for as much. That's another reason why his reviews are so great. Honest, knowledgable, eloquent...what more could you ask?

I think you are gonna love this review. Read on and see if you don't agree with me:

You know the particulars of the Sterling Heights concert, so I won't repeat them. My attendance recalled and reinforced for me the two reasons I love going to Clay concerts.

1) Clay's incredible voice and his instrumental artistic execution. Live performances should be far better than the studio version. They should be the difference between hearing and seeing thunder and lightning on TV and experiencing it out of doors under a canopy. But, all too frequently, live performances are an expensive disappointment. Clay's voice crackles with an electricity that milky studio recordings cloud. His single-breath phrase connecting is simply the best of anyone - even more astounding live, given stage movement and audience focus. He pays attention - gives homage - to his craft, like an artisan etching intricate metal work while surrounded by marveling enthusiastic onlookers, making it look effortless. But it's not. It takes an equally divided, equally dedicated focus on visual presentation and vocal rendition. Clay's the best, apart from his vocal gift, because he is always focused and IN THE MOMENT in each song. Which brings me to...

2) Most performers have a prefabricated scaffold of "banter" intended to fit any audience at any venue. To a limited extent, so does Clay. But my wife briefs me on the banter for each concert and most of it is never the same! I once attended three concerts in a row and the audience play was drastically, unpredictably, wonderfully different each time. Because... Clay is IN EACH MOMENT. He doesn't merely perceive or notice venue phenomena; he reacts and responds to it precisely in that moment. Take Sterling Heights. He climbs the right side stairs to a private open box and performs there (away from the sun) because the sun is in the eyes of part of the audience and he was concerned for them. It was consummate Clay! That wasn't the only impromptu moment. You already know about Clay's talk with the girl hiding in the trees who had lawn seats but wanted to be closer to the stage!

But that's why I love Clay concerts. He invites me - pushes me - to be in the moment, to be aware of the shows within the show all around me, to appreciate the gathering as well as the singing. He puts us in our moment.


P.S. The orchestra at Sterling Heights deserves special appreciation and thanks, and was one of the "shows within the show". Watching their facial expressions and body language - during the songs as well as in between - was a treat. If you haven't yet, take in the "orchestra show."

Uncasville, CT Added to Christmas Tour

Clay will return to Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino in Uncasville, CT on December 9 for a Magical Holiday Tour Christmas concert. Clay last played the casino, known for being the second largest in the world, during the opening days of the 2005 Jukebox tour.

The CB's clayinct spotted the date in the current issue of The Connecticut, a magazine distributed in the Connecticut area.

I was reading through The Connecticut, a magazine, and on the Performing Arts Guide page, under Mohegan Sun, Clay was listed as performing on December 9th. It's on page 72.

YouTube Clip - Clay Sings "Right Here Waiting" at Meadowbrook

As you are probably aware by now, Clay added "Right Here Waiting" to the set list last night at Meadowbrook to replace "A Thousand Days". Here is a clip off Clay singing it off YouTube:

M&G Pass - Clay Looks Sexy on a Tractor

Here's a shot of the tour M&G pass that is distributed to everyone who wins a M&G opportunity... he sure is looking sexy on his tractor (which plays nicely with the song "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" Clay sings during the classics medley)!

Raleigh N&O to Publish Special Clay Page on August 10

The Raleigh News & Observer will publish a special Clay page in their August 10 issue to celebrate "Clay Aiken's 'Symphony' concert in Raleigh."

Raleigh fans can purchase their copy of the paper on August 10, or can reserve their copy of the paper for pick up at the Raleigh News & Observer offices for 50 cents per copy.

For fans outside N.C., the Raleigh News & Observer will be selling these special issues with Clay's page at the following prices:

$3.00/ea Mailed within the continental US
$6.00/ea Mailed to Hawaii or Alaska
$10.00/ea Mailed outside US
Complete order details are available at the Raleigh News & Observer website.

The photo of Clay that will be published was taken by the CB's jtgranny and is being published with her permission.

Meadowbrook Photos at Venue Website

A nice selection of photos from last night's Meadowbrook show have been posted to the Meadowbrook website. More thudmats needed here!

Columbus Reviewer "Touched" by Clay's Performance

The Other, an independent newspaper based in Columbus, published an awesome review of Clay's huge (12,000+ in attendance) show in Columbus last week.

And I found myself trying to figure out how I was going to tell the world I didn’t hate the guy—that, indeed, I was somewhat touched by him.
Here's an abbreviated version of the review... thanks to the CB's Buckyeye4Clay for providing the scan and typing it out.
Clay Aiken is an utterly convincing singer. Deal With it.

By John Petric

If you haven’t suspected it by now, this ought to confirm it. Yours truly is over the hill.

I liked Clay Aiken.

* * *

So yes, Clay Aiken. He’s a piece of work isn’t he? A cross between John Edwards and Paul McCartney, he mines the emotional veins dug by Streisand, Manilow and Celine, yet without the soul, severe schmaltz or extreme hysteria of those three.

* * *

And yet, let me tell you …..he can sing like a son of a gun. When he isn’t sounding like God’s most precious choirboy, he approaches Luther Vandrossian levels of soul pop.

So the first half of the first half was just that. Even the songs that weren’t about self-affirmation sounded like they were. And then everything suddenly coalesced a few tunes later for what would turn out to be the master stroke. “These Open Arms.”

“What if everything you ever took for granted was gone?” … “And everything you thought was right was wrong?”

Those very questions might be on Michael Vick’s mind right now. But our boy Clay was singing from the fist-sized organ in his chest. He’s no dummy. In fact, I figure him to be quite shrewd. The placing and pacing of “Arms” woke me up and won me over.

Aiken sang those soul-numbing lyrics with every ounce of focused emotional force he could conjure. Every hurt, every slight, every deep yearning to be loved when he wasn’t came out in that song. And let me tell you, we’re talking utterly convincing. I would’ve dabbed his eyes myself if he’d been teary.

* * *

With violins and cellos and violas caressing the melody, Aiken had the force of Oprah’s entire universe behind him. It was pure pop beauty, and I was awestruck by the moment.

Having achieved that level, Aiken returned to it frequently in the second half, but not before he had some fun with golden oldies and whatnot. He had a fine sense of humor, often self-deprecating and a little bit wicked, like when he mentioned the “Chemical Contaminated” grass.

His goofy, well-executed medley (with awesome symphonic accompaniment – mustn’t forget that) included dead-on snippets of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince and even “Achy Breaky Heart.”

After “These Open Arms” my favorite song was “Without You” a not-so-minor pop masterpiece. Aiken didn’t quite nail it as perfectly as Harry Nilsson, who was nowhere near the technically accomplished singer Aiken is. But he nailed it nonetheless, in his own patented I-die-for-your-sins-every-night way of performing.

And I found myself trying to figure out how I was going to tell the world I didn’t hate the guy—that, indeed, I was somewhat touched by him.

Clay Returns to Meadowbrook ... with his Coloured Socks!

More tour coverage at our 2007 Tour blog

Tidbits 7/26

Great photo of Clay performing in Chautauqua, NY last week at the Chautauqua Institution website.

  • Associated Content - ha! This is just too funny... spoof of PETA "targeting" bug swatting Clay Aiken (he was very annoyed with those pesky things at the concert last night in Gilford):
    The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals took aim at pop superstar Clay Aiken today, after Aiken viciously killed various flying insects during an outdoor concert in Gilford, NH on Wednesday. According to witnesses at the scene, Aiken swatted, slapped and smashed several bugs, with no thought for the feelings of the bugs or the crowd.

    "It was the most heartless thing I've ever seen," said former fan Brenda Levy. "I thought he was just wonderful, but seeing him squash those mosquitoes changed my mind. I'm organizing a CD burning. All bug lovers need to let him know we won't stand for this."

    Said a representative for PETA, "Aiken's callous disregard for other creatures continues to shock and outrage. Today it's mosquitoes, tomorrow it could be roaches. Who knows where his brutality will end? It wasn't so long ago that we called attention to his history of cat violence." Aiken has previously been the target of PETA's wrath for anti-cat sentiments. "Now his behavior has escalated to the mass murder of innocent flying insects. We will be picketing his next concert and are going to court to gain control of his dogs."

    It was the latest in a series of public relations nightmares for Aiken, who has been accused of starving children, violating child labor laws and spreading athlete's foot fungus on commercial airline flights.

    When contacted for comment Aiken said "Don't you people have anything better to print?"
    Author's Note: This is satire. No representatives for Aiken or PETA were contacted for this spoof.
  • Raleigh Chronicle - at last... a media outlet willing to set the record staight about the "plane incident" -
    Some Clay Aiken fans are crying foul about a news report earlier this month that said their favorite singer had gotten into a fight on an airline flight and they say that the media has left out an important detail.

    It was reported on July 7th that on a flight that ended at the Tulsa, Oklahoma airport, Aiken got into an argument with a female passenger.

    However, fans are saying that Aiken has been maligned unfairly in the media over the airborne incident.

    According to one reader, an earlier report that they say was later edited said that "Apparently, a former 'American Idol' contestant was asleep in his seat and a woman roused him to get him to move his foot, Johnson [of the airport] confirmed. An argument then followed."

    However, later Associated Press reports do not contain that important piece of the story Clay Aiken fans say and it was sent out on the wire in the edited form.

    The fans seem to be upset that it's not being reported that evidently, the woman woke up Clay and initiated the incident. Some fans believe that the important detail was omitted just to make the story more sensational.
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - music industry Q & A -
    Q.On oldies stations, Neil Sedaka deservedly remains one of the most played artists. What are some of his songs that became hits for other people?

    "Solitaire" (Carpenters, Clay Aiken);
  • Columbus Alive - Chris Daughtry with a small Clay mention -
    Davis, of course, is the head of RCA Records and one of music's legendary executives. He's had huge success in signing other Idol alumni, including Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken. He recognized that the groundswell of support for Daughtry— and the publicity that surrounded his departure from Idol—made the singer a hot commodity.
  • MountainX - this guy wants us to explain all Claymania to him...
    I don’t understand why Clay Aiken is perhaps the most popular of all the American Idol runners up. I also don’t understand why, to join his fan club, I have to shell out $25 and look at a picture of him in which he seems to have been drugged and flung against a wall. Someone out there gets it, though: the attraction to this waifish crooner.

    Explain it to me, please.
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Clay Adds "Right Here Waiting" to Setlist

Quick tour tidbit - Clay replaced "A Thousand Days" with "Right Here Waiting" at tonight's concert at Meadowbrook.

Clay Spotted at Cedar Point Last Sunday

According to reports off the boards, Clay took himself and the rest of the tour gang to Cedar Point in Ohio in between tour stops on Sunday. He was seen taking several of the thrill rides at the park, including the park's flagship ride, the Top Thrill Dragster.

The CB's missyluvsclay reports:

he was there with the crowd...I have friend that works at Cedar friend was walking into work and seem a whole bunch of Cedar Point people around a guy near the bathrooms but thought nothin of it...Then when my friend got into work he was told Clay was there...The he said 10 mins later he seen Clay walk onto Top thrill Dragster...He pasted up Power Tower which my friend was happy about cause he was scaried something would happen...Clay left around 7 on he was there pretty much all day...He was walking around like any other person but got to cut in the front of all the lines...He never said anything about anybody bothering him so thats good...My friend also called Clay's bus a fancy bus lol..
But this isn't the first time Clay's had a little fun at an amusement park. Clay's been known to drop by theme parks during some of his past tours. Check out Clay's expression in the photo to the right as he enjoys a ride at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida back in December 2004 during the first Joyful Noise tour!

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