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Saturday, February 18, 2006

E! News American Idol Story

E! News did a story about American Idol this morning and showed a few pictures of Clay, but did not actually talk about him. The segment talked about how the different Idols are now differentiating themselves from the American Idol sterotype.

Kindergarteners "Stuck on Clay"

It looks like one teacher has mastered the craft of Clayversion... Read how the CB's flyonthewall Clayverted her kindergarten class!

Today was the 100th day of school where I teach Kindergarten. Last year for the 100th day, I printed "The 100 Faces of Clay" off the CB (someone compiled it), backed it with cardboard and wore it like a "necklace" all day, much to the delight of my class (and lots of teasing from collegues). This year, I got out my folder and there was my Clay necklace, all ready to go for another year! I had my class make hats with big, glittery 100's on them and the day was spent doing 100-related activities. I brought in snack for everyone, so it was also my day for Show and Tell. Since I was wearing my necklace with 100 faces, I decided to make Clay the focus of it. I showed my class my keychain from the JNT2, my fan club T shirt and a M and G photo of a good friend with Clay. I also brought my dvd from the JBT and decided to play some of the 50's songs because they are lively ( we all know about the attention spans of 5 year olds). Anyway, about 4 of the kids really "stuck with the dvd" while others eventually got tired and went back to their free-play period. I let a few of the interested ones wear my T shirt and hold my keychain. When it was time to clean up, I stopped the player, ejected the disc and one of the kids tried to take the disc out for me. As he touched it he said, "Wow..........that is hot!"
I winked at my teacher's aide and said, "It SURE is!"
Anyway, I'm hoping to recruit a few, new junior claymates and claydawgs. Wait until the new CD comes out! We'll be playing rhythm instruments and jump-roping to "Back for More."

Jimmy Kimmel 2/17

Jimmy Kimmel had US Figure Skater Johnny Weir on his show last night and he briefly mentioned Clay.

From the CH's sillygirl:

Clay mention on Kimmel tonight during the monologue: discussed Johnny Weir's costume for today's skate (showed a picture of him wearing a red glove and one arm in what looked like fishnets) and said it was something that even Clay Aiken would beat you up for wearing (paraphrasing).

Tidbits 2/18

  • Ratings of the Torino games are lagging behind American... here's some ways to fix it - The State.
  • AI5's Clay Aiken Kevin Covais is bracing for Simon's comments - Newsday.
  • Citizen's Voice - short mention in an paragraph about Paul Hammond. He worked with Clay on "Invisible" in 2003.
  • Putting the music industry into perspective. 2000 speech from Courtney Love - very interesting insight into the music industry - FANTASTIC READ.
  • There were a few small mentions of Clay in a CNN Showbiz Tonight American Idol story that aired on CNN Headline News last Thursday. CDD Video: Clay mentions CNN 2/16.

  • The Louisville Courier-Journal is reporting the Entertainment Weekly sophomore album story... nothing new.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Few Clay Mentions in New OK! Magazine

There are a few Clay mentions in the new issue of OK! Magazine's February 27 issue.

From the CB's CTLover:

Not even sure this is worth a mention but Clay is, once again, being used in regards to this year's American Idol. In OK Weekly, Feb. 27th issue, with Jessica and Nick on the cover (naturally!) his name is used on page 28. They highlight a few of the people on AI every week. This week one of the people they're highlighting is a skinny fellow with short hair and glasses (he can sing!) and the title is "A New Clay?"

On page 86 they have a column about "This Week's TV" and it talks about Tuesday's AI show. Clay isn't mentioned, but they use his picture (and only his). It's a close up from the GMA concert last spring.

Clay Outfit On Display at NC Musuem of History

One of the outfits Clay wore during his American Idol run is now on display at the North Carolina Museum of History in Raleigh.

An article from the Salisbury Post says:

A new exhibit at the N.C. Museum of History, "Collecting for the New Millenium: Recent Acquisi-tions Since 2000," showcases some of the latest additions to the museum's collection.

Some highlights of the exhibit:

* The clothing worn by Raleigh native Clay Aiken when he performed on "American Idol" March 11, 2003.
This is not exactly new because the Museum acquired the piece a few years ago. Nevertheless, if you're in Raleigh and haven't seen it, go take a peek!

For more information on the museum, visit their website.

"Who needs Superman when there's Clay Aiken?"

Leonard Monahan Saabye wrote this on his blog today about American Idol. It's a fantastic start to the day - especially the last line!

When did it happen? Will someone please tell me? At what point did we decide that a TV reality show with a bunch of pop star wannabes was so captivating that it was capable of crushing not just the Grammys but the Olympics as well?

Such is the power of American Idol. A piece in The LA Times does a pretty good job of dissecting AI and why we are so drawn to it as a society. In light of the mounting wave of consumer collaboration, customization, flashmobs, the blogosphere, podcasting and all the rest, the success of AI makes perfect sense.

Who needs Superman when there's Clay Aiken?

People's Favourite Idol (Text Messaging Poll)

On page 14 of People Magazine's new issue, readers are asked to vote on their favourite American Idol.

The choices are Kelly Clarkson (A), Clay Aiken (B), and Fantasia (C).

To vote, you must have a text message enabled cellphone.

Text "VOTE B" to SCOOP (72667) to vote for Clay.

Regular text messaging fees apply.

Tidbits 2/17

  • - Bo Bice "riding wave of popularity", like Clay Aiken.
  • Only Idol's Clay Aiken biography has been updated.
  • We've posted this before, but if you haven't seen it, check out Clay's photo at
  • They'd like to hear Clay Aiken.
  • Jesus is kind of like Clay Aiken and dare we say it... Paris Hilton? The Catholic Spirit's Article.
  • Clay's Canadian executive producer James Foster-Levy's brother, David Foster received the Order of Canada today. Congrats!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Put Clay on MSNBC's It List

MSNBC wants to know which American Idol deserves a place on their 'It' list.

Clay is currently trailing Carrie Underwood -- please vote here.

Clay Mention on Jeopardy 2/16

There was a small, unexpected, but very nice mention of Clay on today's episode of Jeopardy.

Under the category "Dirty Words", the answer was:

Mr. Aiken could sing the praises of this earthy material that's used in bricks and pottery.
And, obviously, the correct response was "Clay."

CDD Video: Clay Mention on Jeopardy 2/16

Claymates Open Their Wallets For Duke Children's Hospital

Claymates showed their love and support for Duke Children's Hospital yesterday in WRAL-FM's Duke Children's Hospital radiothon (which continues today).

Claymates were on hand to take calls. Calls flooded in from all parts of the country. In fact, the CB's very own jtgranny from Texas won a signed Clay oil painting after donating.

Cl-Ornament Being Auctioned Off

A 2005 Joyful Noise Tour Clay Aiken ornament is being auctioned off by NC State University. If you couldn't get your hands on one during the tour, now is your chance. Bidding is currently at $100. The auction ends tomorrow.

Happy Bidding! (Click here to go to the auction listing)

I Will Carry You Club Restarted

Today's an exciting day in the Clay nation. The Clayboard's I Will Carry You (IWCY) club is back! Having 'died' prematurely in 2004, it was resurrected earlier this month by Claydreamer03 and Rachelle03, who started the club in the summer of 2004.

I had to opportunity to design a logo and a few buttons for the club and was one of it's first members when it began in the summer of 2004 (ahh... memories on memory lane!)

The club has a new website, It is being maintained by Claydreamer and now has a full list of members (almost 1000!).

For more information about the club, click here. To sign up, visit the Clayboard thread.

Tidbits 2/16

  • 'Clay Aiken drone' Kevin Corvais makes it into American Idol 5's top 24: TV Squad.
  • North Carolina AI article, mentions Clay was from NC and made it into the top 12 - being circulated around a number of NC news outlets.
  • Election scandals - mentions Clay-Ruben voting scandal from AI2. From the The Scanton Times-Tribune:
    When the smoke cleared, Ruben Studdard was the new "American Idol." Clay Aiken was freedom toast.

    "Aikengate," or "Studdardscam," depending on who was howling, moved millions of Americans to action. The Federal Communications Commission was inundated with angry calls and e-mails, including the following from a grammatically challenged "Aikencrat" claiming to be "a 58-year-old Colorado businesswoman." (Thanks to for posting it.)

    "I am so incredibly disappointed in 'American Idol' and I will NEVER watch it again!" she wrote. "I will never accept this decision... I AM PURSUEING (sic) GETTING THE VOTES RECOUNTED BECAUSE I FOR ONE DOESN'T (sic) WANT TO BE PLAYED FOR A FOOL! I'VE PUT A LOT OF TIME INTO CLAY AND HIS WINNING AND THE VOTING PROCESS. IF THIS WAS SOME SORT OF SCAM, I WOULD WANT IT TO BE KNOWN... ROCK ON CLAY!"
  • Poor Ruben appears on UPN's little show - Eve... "Clay Aiken is counting his blessings"
  • Does anyone get this? It's about a former Idol judge who only lasted a few days during Season 1 of AI.
  • Clay sure likes to keep us guessing. Berkleylovesclay has complied a list of things Clay has said about the sophomore album, which is scheduled for release May 9 (tentative)
  • American Idol squishes NBC's Olympics coverage:
  • The CB's Cageme reports that FOX 10 in Arizona mentioned that Clay's sophomore album on its newscast yesterday.
    Just saw a short Video and the News reporters talking GOOD about OMC. Picture and Video from the Christmas JNT. "Clay is back in the Studio getting ready for his new CD that will be released this May."
  • MarLovesClay tells us why we should trust Clay.
  • Access Hollywood showed Clay, Simon and Paula 3 times yesterday in show teasers on yesterday's show... in the end the story was about some American Idol contestant that never made it to Hollywood getting married... huh?
  • Read Clay's celebrity astrology report.
  • Berkleylovesclay's new article... How my perception about Clay has changed.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Clay Heading Out On Tour Again After CD Release

Clay's backup singer, Quiana Parler, said in an interview yesterday with 107.9 The Link that Clay and the rest of the band are excited about a new tour that will kick off after the May release of the new sophomore album. In other words, watch for concert announcements very soon!

During the interview, she also said that it was "such a blessing" to work with Clay and that the recent rumors surrounding Clay is "absurd".

A download of the interview is available here.

Claymates Headed to Duke Children's Hospital's Radiothon

A team of Claymates will be heading to the Raleigh's WRAL-FM's Duke Children's Hospital Radiothon later today. At 4:30 PM, Claymates will take over the phone lines, which they will man until 8:30 tonight. WRAL and the Claymates have partnered up to raise funds for Duke Children's Hospital.

CDD has also learned that a special "Clay Aiken incentive" will be announced between 5 and 6 PM EST tonight.

The radiothon is being streamed online at The website also features photos and a webcam feed from the radiothon.

You can donate by calling this toll free number: 1-866-684-1015.
You can also donate online at this address.

From the CB's thudclayz:

"....I am listening to Mix 101.5 Duke Children's Hospital Radiothon. Bill Jordan just mentioned that there will be a Clay Aiken incentive mentioned in the 5 p.m. pledge hour. He also said that the Claymates are coming and that we willbe there later today. He said that we will want that incentive.

Get the word out. Mix is streaming the radiothon on their website. It would be an awesome showing if Claymates from all over the country could donate during the time we will be there today. I'm looking forward to it!"

Claymates will be answering the phones from 4:30 to 8:00pm tonight. Let's fill those phone lines with donations. I can't wait to find out what the Clay incentive is. Bill said they will announce it durning the 5pm hour.

He just said the incentive will not last long so if you are a Clay fan you will want to be listening at 5pm.

Ever Wanted A Clay Aiken Robot?

"Robot artist" Mark May's Clay Aiken robot which he made for Claymates at the 2004 Summer Tour Musikfest concert in Bethlehem, PA is on display at the Reading Public Museum in Reading, PA until May 21.

Usually, his robots are made from scrap, but he notes that the Clay Aiken robot "cost over $1,000" because he "had to spend more for the parts" and it "took longer to construct."

Clay In Pollstar Top 20

Clay is on the Pollstar Top 20 concert tours list again this week! He rose 2 spots to #18 from last week's #20 ranking.

The average gross for each concert was $142,491, while the average ticket price (excluding fees) was $58.71. (All figures in US$)

Tidbits 2/15

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Not That We'd Want to Make Raleigh Jealous, But...

... The Times Herald-Record (NY) has a new article about the Bernese Mountain dog that appeared in 2003 issues of Entertainment Weekly and Teen People with Clay (right).

The article says:

Fun Facts: Appeared in "Entertainment Weekly" magazine with "American Idol" runner-up Clay Aiken.
The dog is looking for your votes in an online poll of 'favourite dogs'.

Click here to read the article and vote for Clay's dog.

Tidbits 2/14

  • Altoid Mints offers free song/skit website in case you don't sound like Clay Aiken - Chilicote Gazette.
  • Thanks to our affiliate for this cool web program - make your own heart candy.
  • BOI Article: Clay Aiken, A Spirutal Being on a Human Journey
  • A Clay Aiken revival for Barry Manilow? (Barry's new album was #1 on the Billboard 200 this week)
  • Is Google a good indicator of fame? Out of the Idol finalists, Clay has 2nd most results under his Google search "Clay Aiken".
  • supports Clay - denounces recent National Enquirer story.
  • Kelly, Clay and Carrie's success an inspiration for others: Foxes on Idol
  • A Valentine's photo collage from LBFCA.
  • Clay is up 4 spots on the Lycos50 this week - #21.
  • Teen golf sensation and Clay fan, Morgan Pressel continues her education... ESPN article mentions Clay being on her iPod.

Happy Valentine's Day

A Happy Valentines Day to all of you from everyone at Clay's Daily Double.

If you are a fanclub member, you can log into Clay's blog where he has posted a new blog wishing us Happy Valentine's Day.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Clay in New Billboard Magazine

There were 2 Clay mentions in the new issue of Billboard, on newsstands now.

> The New Charlotte Arena, also known as the Charlotte Bobcats Arena took out an ad using a photo of Clay which was probably taken when Clay played at the venue in December.

Under the concert news section, there was this little tidbit of information about Clay's Florida concerts in late December. Fantastic total!

Boxscore Concert News
#27 Clay Aiken - Ruth Eckerd Hall - $245,403

Clay #1 At House Of Blues Website

Clay claimed the #1 spot on the most searched artists on concert promoter House of Blue's website this week.

Ironic thing is that Clay doesn't have any concerts scheduled!

Congrats Claymates! Let's keep Clay there- keep searching.

RealityTVBlurred Attacks Pathetic Media

Finally... a non-Clay site has commented on how pathetic the media has been recently. published an article today about Clay's sophomore album, using quotes and information from the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. It also cited the recent National Enquirer 'scandal' and a new opportunistic report from the NY Post that claims we Claymates are going to sue Clay. (sorry... i just started laughing uncontrollably at this one... what's next? Claymates are from pluto?)

They write:

This news comes despite a pair of incomprehensibly stupid rumors in the wake of recent news: an idiotic overheard conversation and an absurd Page Six item that parses its words carefully to essentially create the news it is "reporting." That item says that Clay's fans "could file a class-action lawsuit against the singer," quoting "a spy" who says fans "might want their money back." The key words, of course, are "might" and "could," as in, one day, Page Six and Jossip might have actual news to report instead of just printing quotes that could be completely fabricated by gossip-whores who might be desperate to capitalize on recent controversy.

WOW... -- Thank you RealityTVBlurred for standing up for Clay and the truth.

Clay Mentions 2/13

FYI: Effective tomorrow, this 'column' is being renamed "Tidbits".

  • There are several new photos up at Clay band member Quiana Parler's website.
  • American Idol article.
  • Great mention in this article from New University in CA - says Ruben won, but Clay went on to have a career.
  • Um...? I'm not actually sure of what this has to do with Clay, but heck... here it is.
  • TV Week - Clay's a 'one-man recording and live concert industry.'
  • Check out this satire by the talented hosaa!
  • New Clay Aiken quotes to read and ponder about.
  • In politics, there are too few Clay Aikens and too many William Hungs... FANTASTIC MENTION from Columbus Dispatch.

Clay Was Not In Hawaii

Yesterday's report that Clay was in Hawaii watching the NFL ProBowl was a miscommunication. Clay was not in Hawaii, as far as we know.

In fact, it was NFL player Troy Aikman who went to see it, not our Clay. Not the first time someone's confused Troy with Clay, check out this blooper from last week!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

AD: Sophomore Album

Clay Mentions 2/12

Claymates, Are You Ready? It's Coming May 9!

...Well, maybe. RCA has been saying this past week it's going to come out May, and today we got a first tentative release date from someone in the know - May 9.

So mark it on your Claylendar, but be warned- it's extremely early for a firm release date and therefore the release date will most likely change as we get close to May. (this happened with MCWL... Remember, it was originally scheduled for Nov. 2, then got pushed back to Nov. 16?)

I'm in love with clay from Aiken forums posted this tidbit today:

Okay, so I just got an email from my brother at the end of January, but I haven't checked my email in a while. I'm not sure how to explain what he does for a living, but he puts out all the celebrities CD's and he gets to meet all of them. This is what it said...

New Clay Aiken CD is coming on May you think he still has any fans?

Don't mind that last part, he always likes to tease me about Clay. Now, I don't know if that's final or anything, but he usually knows everything ahead of time. I emailed him back and I'll see what he says. Just thought I would post.

Sorry if this was already posted, I know there was talk about it being in May, but I didn't see no date.

Clay Appeals for Support in UNICEF Magazine

Click to enlarge

The new issue of UNICEF's publication 'Every Child' has an excellent article about Clay's work as a UNICEF ambassador. In the article, Clay shares his experience from his trips to Indonisia and Uganda -- "Everyone deserves the best start in life," Clay said. Thanks to Okie4Clay for the scans.

Is Clay In Hawaii or England?

Confusing start to the day for us today... bear with us.

flyinpenguin over at the CH is reporting that she has heard that Clay is in Hawaii today watching the NFL Pro Bowl which is broadcast tonight on ESPN at 6 PM EST.

There are also reports that Clay as in England last week. Perhaps he was finishing up the album there?

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