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Saturday, June 17, 2006

"Inside Bay" Article About Bo Bice Has Clay Mention

In an article entitled, "American Idol 2005 Runner-up Revs Crowd", by Cheryl Winkelman, STAFF WRITER, a good mention concerning Clay Aiken can be found toward the end. Though this "Inside Bay" article is primarily about Bo Bice's San Joaquin County Fair concert, it also mentions that Bo's album has sold "a respectable 625,000 copies."

Now we get to the good stuff!! "Other 'American Idol' runner-ups have had varied success", the article says. It mentions the low volume that some of the runner-ups have sold and then talks about the success of another runner-up who we all know and love, as follows:

However, 2003's runner-up, Clay Aiken, had a huge success and sold almost 3 million copies of "Measure of a Man" and more than 1 million copies of "Merry Christmas With Love."
Makes me proud and more than ready for the undeniable success-to-come of Clay's next CD!

If you want to read the whole article, check it out at Inside Bay

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Tidbits 6/17

We're having a real slow day today... not much news. We thought we'd use the extra room today to share with you the above photo found by the CB's ClaysMyMidlifeCrises.

  • The ConCLAYve... a nice Father's Day post. " Dad, Clay, and...Krispy Kremes"
  • Thristle Hut - short blog (includes some videos) about the sophomore album.
  • Here's a list from WebWeaver's world of just about everything a Claymate can do as we wait for the sophomore album.
  • ClayKat's blog is always filled with interesting topics. Today is no exception.
  • Non-Clay blog, In Case You Didn't Know, posts NHL game photos.
  • MyClayStation: a blog about why Clay, like Prince, will a "musical legend"
  • "Everyone is on pins and needles" for sophomore album release -- Taking a Moment
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Friday, June 16, 2006

More Information on Quiana Parler's New Baby Boy

CDD congratulates Clay's backing vocalist Quiana Parler on her new baby boy, Chamberlain Malik Moore. As we reported earlier this week, Chamberlain was born this past Wednesday at 1:00 AM. We can't wait to see you back on tour with Clay!

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ET Wants to Know: "Who is Your 'All-American Star'?"

Entertainment Tonight wants to know who your 'All-American Star' is. Starting today and running up to July 4, ET will be taking nominations.

So, please head on over to to nominate Clay! We want everyone to know Clay exemplifies THE 'All-American Star'.

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New Hair Has The Power to Clayvert: gengen

The CB's gengen certainly has a story to tell. Read this cute Clayversion story!

Well today will have to go down in my history books.

I'm sorry this is long ....

I went to the hair salon today. Not something I do that often.
I've had the same stylist Margie for 6 years.
Of course she knows all about my Clay Aiken adventures, and
she knows alot about Clay whether she wants to or not.

In the beginning when I started talking about Clay she just
did the normal polite amuse the customer stuff. But since I told her about Bubel Aiken, Camp Gonzo, Unganda, Tsunami,
etc she has seemed more genuinely interested.

She always tells me that she thinks Clay has a good voice
but he's not her type. She doesn't think he is good looking.

Margie is 29 years old and she works in a very happening
hip upscale salon.
To still go to Margie I had to follow her to that salon.
Hate hate hate the prices and some of the styles they do
are nothing short of scary.
But I love Margie.

I certainly don't represent her normal
clients because my hair is salt n pepper ... and alot more
salt than pepper.

Well today I walk up to the front desk to announce my
arrival and Jennie (the girl on the desk) says OMG wait
until Margie sees it is you.

I'm thinking OK I know should have been back for a trim
6 weeks ago but I don't think my hair is that bad??

I sit and wait and out comes Margie literally bounding towards me. (here is the conversation)

Debbie I was just talking about you...

(me wondering why???)

You're early come on with me.

(Me following Margie .. past the stylists chairs, past the
color room, past the estheticians room, through the double
doors marked "staff only")

I'm now standing in a lounge like lunch room with about
7 other stylists.

Margie ... OK you have to tell us was that REALLY Clay Aiken
on American Idol?

I think it was.... (one girl says)

NO freakin way (another girl says)

They never announced it was him. (another girl)

The owner of the salon Antonio says ...I'm telling you it is.
I saw him on one of those entertainment shows and they
talked about his makeover.

I was actually standing there in this confusion of a conversation was it him or not.

I started to laugh and I said Yep that was Clay.

Well the room just burst at the seams with...

Really, that was Clay?

I thought he had spiky hair.

Wasn't he skinny and ugly?I saw him on AI years ago.

Wow that was CLAY.

When did he change his look?

Wasn't his hair red or blonde or something??

OMG he is gorgeous.

What did he do? Did he have some work done?

Did you see when he sang? He just looked so hawwt..

Did you see that kid? Wow he was so nice motioning him
to sing with him..

Did that kid (Michael) really not know he was coming on?

I didn't know Clay was so tall.

Has he gained weight or something?

and on and on and on.... the questions went.

So I filled them ALL in on the AI5 behind the scenes details,
Clay's new look his upcoming CD etc. I told them about the
web and where they could download stuff and see pics.



The best part was one girl ran and got this
Style book that is the HOT NEW looks on men in
Europe and England. And she shows me all these pictures of hair styled just like Clay's. Dark, razor edged, long bangs...

Now I'm getting asked all kinds of questions about Clay?

over and over Have you met him??

Now they want to know when the CD is coming...

Now it's my turn to get my hair cut. Margie and I continue
our Clay conversations and when we are done she says
come back here for just a second...

Well back through the "staff only" doors and I see
some girls huddled around a
laptop looking at pics of Clay and downloading Clack.

I wish I had a camera for the pics of the girls and for
a pic of my face when I opened those doors!

I wished I could have stayed longer and guided them into
Clay's beauty ... inside and out ... but I had to leave to
pick my son up from school.

I told Margie I will pop back next week.

All the way home I was thinking to myself .. after everything
Clay has done ... they don't "GET" him until he changes his

How did they miss how
amazing, and beautiful he has always been...

Just boggles me....
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Tidbits 6/16

  •'s Dianne Austin (a Claymate) interviewed Greg Evans, the Luann comic strip illustrator. Mr. Evans will be releasing a volume of 2004 Luann comics which feature Clay.
  • A few small Clay mentions in articles about Ruben Studdard's court win today (he sued some of his former managers)... Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Antimusic, Zap2it.TV
  • Another legal article from The Albuquerqye Tribune notes: "Clothes make the man, and they can help make a defendant seem as clean as Clay Aiken, so say defense attorneys, who routinely advise their clients to look sharp and sincere at jury trials."
  • The Sunday Paper (isn't this a total oxymoron? It's Friday today): Kimberley Locke to be at Atlanta Pride Parade (indirect gay reference)
  • OC Register's writer's mom is a 'Claymaniac'. Taylor Hicks article compares him to Clay (both of them are good at covers, despite their different styles): "My mother, the Claymaniac, and I have had several arguments about this, because she's heard that Clay Aiken's next album (due before summer's up) will sport some covers. She's still not crazy about the idea, but I've tried to convince her that remakes could become Aiken's bread and butter – the thing that will keep him scoring platinum albums and selling out venues long after radio has lost interest."
  • Azle News: pointless article with tiny Clay mention (why do they write these things?). Click if you must.
  • On an Indonisian TV program, a Clay wannabe sang Invisible. Watch the YouTube video.

  • The Clayblog: why I care about Clay: "Something hit me that day. That man is SEXY!! Sex-on-a-stick SEXY!! Sure, he's dorky too, but he's the cutest, sexiest dork I know."
  • There Was A Man: post about Quiana's new baby boy. (for more info see news from earlier this week...)
  • Casper Lives reports Clay's appearance at the Tuesday's NHL game in Raleigh. (CDD reported this yesterday)
  • Hobbier's Concert Montage series continues with Ain't No Mountain High Enough.
  • Taking A Moment: blog about the sophomore album: "One of the most exciting things about getting a new cd is the fact that a tour can't be far behind."
  • Taking A Moment: hee...hee. Cute idea for a fanclub contest. "that's just what this fandom needs, you know--some Clay DNA to fight over."
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Bubel Aiken Foundation's Charity of the Day

Kari McMinn at has informed CDD that Clay's Bubel Aiken Foundation is today's charity of the day at the site. Powered by Yahoo's state of the art search technology (with over 18 million cached pages), allowers non-profit organizations, like the BAF to profit from YOUR internet searches. Here's how you can find what you want to find, while at the same time benefitting the BAF:
Go to

1. In the "I'm supporting" box, type in Bubel.
2. Click on Verify.
3. A pull down menu appears where the "I'm supporting" box was. Verify that it says Bubel Aiken Foundation (Raleigh, NC).
4. Begin your websearch, as you would do normally!
Over the past month, the BAF has received just over $100 as a result of your searches!

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Attention To All Websites Syndicating CDD Content

Over the past few months, an increasing number of Clay websites have begun syndicating CDD's content. Please be warned that doing so without crediting and linking to CDD constitutes copyright infringement as text in our blog postings (except quoted elements) are intellectual properties that belong to us (clayisouridol and J4Clay). As a courtesy to our news blog, if your website fetches CDD's postings each and every day, we ask that you only display the first 100 words of each post.

Again, this post is only for website publishers. As a CDD visitor, you are welcome to copy some of our content to message boards, e-mails etc. (we'd appreciate a link though).

We thank you for your support and certainly do not mind you using our content given that you follow the basic rules outlined above.

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Calleik: Clay Ready to Take on International Market

The CH's music insider calleik has updated us on the status of the sophomore album. Read some of calleik's older posts: 6/12 6/9 6/1 5/27

She has some exciting news to share with us, but isn't very specific:
This may be the last quiet moment for a while. Savor it.

Oh, I know, we're all ready for everything to break loose. But hold it and feel it. Things are going to launch very soon and it will be jubilantly chaotic. We are going to see the conventional and the very unconventional. We are going to see him in the usual, comfortable places...and some places we would have never dreamed.

Tonight, Quiana with her new baby. A proud and happy Clay.

But he's bursting at the seams with his own excitement because his time is about to come. He--and we--have been waiting for what seems like forever. But he's been busy. We don't know everything, but we will soon see the results of his efforts.

The vibes are out there...we aren't hearing or feeling because they've been kept under wraps on purpose. Personally, I like this. It's all been very strategic and the timing has been closely worked...and reworked.

It's interesting because things have been heard...and yet kept secret. This excites me. I think we are in for incredible surprises.

I've been told: "There is more power in this than you can imagine. We are waiting to watch it unfold."

Yes, we are, too...but we are participants in what will happen, so there's even more excitement.

Projections are scary...I so want them to be right. Something tells me we have nothing to worry about.

And very soon is...very soon. Not quite...but very.

And just may be our last look at the Clay we have known. Soon, he will be our Clay with a new image, our Clay with a new CD and tour...but he will be Clay for a whole new demographic. And, I believe, the international market will be discovering him.

Tonight, I savor...because tomorrow our Clay will be out there...and he will be seen by people who have never really "seen" him.

Changing the landscape...people have asked me about this. Yes, I think he will. I really do. The pure pop sound reborn...but in a way that is all his own. He is not Manilow. He is not Buble or Grobin. He is not the Beatles or Elvis. He is Clay Aiken. And Clay Aiken has a mark to make. And he WILL make it. There are some heavyweight believers out there. But I don't need to hear what they say. I already believe. I believed it when I heard the first notes.

Savor the now. What we've known is almost over.

I, for one, am thrilled to have been there to see the beginning. So, I savor. Tonight. Tomorrow is going to be something of our wildest dreams.

Break out, Clay...we're beyond ready.
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Clay Attends NHL Stanley Cup Finals

Clay attended last night's Edmonton Oilers vs. Carolina Hurricanes Stanley Cup final game held at the RBC Center in Raleigh. He watched the game with Kristy Barnes, an old friend from his years at the YMCA and current Chief Operating Officer of the Bubel Aiken Foundation.

Clay has performed at the RBC Center 3 times in the past 3 years. Edmonton won the game 4-3 in overtime. The Hurricanes lead the series 3-2.

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Tidbits 6/15

  • You may recall the SPJ Journalism award the Hawaii Star Bulletin won for its 2005 Clay Aiken drawing. We posted this in Monday's Tidbits post. Luckily, we have managed to locate the drawing (seen above). Cute, eh?
  • Common Conservative (obviously very biased): "Let's see...spend a hot, humid summer knocking on doors trying to get people to vote Democrat with a platform weaker than Clay Aiken's rendition of 'Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me' from the season finale of 'American Idol,' or hang out with bikini-clad college coeds drinking fruity tropical drinks with little umbrellas. I'll take Door #2 and a pina colada, Monty."
  • NBA article from a Spanish site - negative.
  • National Ledger writer asks whether Elliott Yamin's fans are already turning their back on him... has some Clay comparisons (mentions the ridiculous class action lawsuit against Clay and Sony BMG)
  • The Baseball Toaster -- small Clay mention. Since I don't follow sports, I don't know what to make of this, but it doesn't look very nice to me.
  • Reaction to Quiana Parler's new baby on her website. Clay blogged yesterday saying photos of the new mother and baby will be on soon.
  • TV Envy's (late) article about Katharine McPhee signing with RCA.
  • Rockymount Telegram article about singing at sports events... "Finding singers for the country's chorus may not be difficult for the Bulls, but they still take the selection seriously. Former "American Idol" contestant Clay Aiken, Tony Award winner Pattie LuPone and country crooner Tift Merritt are among former songsters for the Bulls, DeMargel said."

And today, we're starting a new section of the daily Tidbits section which will bring you new Clay related blog postings. We are committed in making the blogosphere full of Clay buzz. ;)
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Clayboarder's Son Makes So You Think You Can Dance's Top 20

The CB's INeedaClaybotomy's son Ben has made the top 20 of FOX's hot American Idol dance spin off, So You Think You Can Dance airing Wednesdays and Thursdays on FOX.

Please be sure to tune in TONIGHT to VOTE FOR BEN!

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'New' 2003 Prints from Kevin Hees

Kevin Hees, the photographer who did the MOAM photoshoot back in 2003, has posted several 'new' photos from the photoshoot. Heed our warning: get ready to thud.

For those of you who do not like the new look, why not get these 11x14 autographed prints? But you'll have to dig deep into your wallet...$250 each, or $1100 for a set of 5.

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Tidbits 6/14

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Music Critic Raven Smith Raves About Clay on AI5

In the AOL journal of music critic, Raven Smith, called "Rebuke the World", Raven gives us a section about her views of Clay on AI5. From what I can read, Raven must be quite a Clay fan! Her Clay review is the fourth one in her review called, "COMIC RELIEF: Music Critic Raven calls it as she sees". The Clay review is as follows:

COMIC RELIEF: Music critic Raven calls it as she sees

When I watched the American Idol finals this year the best part was watching Clay Aiken walk out. I screamed like some crazed teenager and hoped no-one saw me. He is the all alpha male and the surprising geek that gals shout, "Drool Drool," heck even the Clay Aiken look-a-like was drooling. When the music started and the announcer said, "Will the real Clay Aiken come on down," Clay did his thang. He walked out stout, confidant and knew he was all that. Clay, being the professional that he is, handled the look-a-likes attempt at a duet very smoothly. Funny though, the look-a-like wasn't even a bit embarrassed. He is the type that will go home, re-watch his debut over and over; and for the rest of his life, not once think he over reacted. This is what makes earths grand adventure worth living through. When Clay comes to my town the teenagers and us older gals, going through a mid-life crisis will join hands, wait in line and no doubt fainting spells shall commence, by us all.

Just to let you know, I have started the process of trying to get an interview with Mr. Clay Aiken. Will keep you updated.
-Raven Smith
Like all of us, it seems as though Raven is anxiously awaiting Clay's next tour!

To read Raven's review, go to AOL Journals.

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Attention All Quebec Claymates

The CB's Claynadian Mtl is organizing a Clay Aiken fan meetup in Montreal:

We are planning an informal get-together for Montreal and area Clayfans. Come join us for dinner on Thursday, June 15 between 6:00 - 6:30 p.m. at the Baton Rouge Restaurant (Namur Metro at Decarie and Jean-Talon) for some great conversation, sharing the Clay love and a chance to meet local Clayfans. All are welcome!!
If you are interested, please contact Claynadian Mtl.

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Tidbits 6/13

  • IWCY Clay Club's cool Clay T-Shirts are now available for sale, starting at $20!
  • Clay takes a double digit tumble on the Lycos50. Please keep searching!
  • Inside Bay Area: Carrie Underwood article mentions "TV manufactured stars" like Clay Aiken.
  • 24 Hours Toronto: Weird mention in a Canadian politics article - "Clay Aiken was just beginning his long and sure-to-be storied rise to musical legend, and a stiff, young idealist from Ottawa named Dalton McGuinty proposed he could find enough sources for cheap hydro for the province without coal-fired plants -- and without resorting to building new nuclear power plants."
  • Columbia Daily Herald: "It just proves yet again what Reuben Studdard, Fantasia, Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken did before him - that we in the South are more talented than the rest of America. I knew that, but it was nice to see it proven again."
  • USA Today AI blog talks about where season 2 idols are now: "Clay Aiken: Unlike this fella. He's got it all: a new album later this year, TV appearances, loads of souvenir merchandise (the thong and Christmas tree boxers are quite fetching) and a fan base that won't quit (even when sometimes you might want them to -- kidding, sort of)."
  • Ka Leo O Hawaii: "Idol phenomenon likely to continue" Small Clay mention.
  • Here's a nice montage called "Ready to Fly" from the CB's rcknrllmom.
  • ... and if you're looking for some new look/AI5 related montages, here is a good one.
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Monday, June 12, 2006

Anticipation Builds For New Album

The frenzy around the yet to be titled and released sophomore album is building. The CH's resident music insider Calleik offered another teaser for us last night (read some of Calleik's posts from last week):

I know.

The speculation is maddening. The wait is excruciating.

The hopes, the dreams, are expansive.

Believe me...okay, some will, some won't, some will fall in between...but we're on the verge of a major shift. And a huge HUGE outbreak.

I wish I could put into words why I know this. But all I can do for now is echo the vestiges of that night.

And again, tell you...compel look into those eyes. They really tell the story of what's to come.

Don't you see the fireworks? They're there.

Don't you see the confidence? He's not worried.

Don't you see the deliverance? It's done.

Now it's all about the timing.

We want it NOW. We'll get it when it's all just right.

There's something comforting in the knowledge that a bigger plan is at play and he's at the wheel. Those who live and breathe this have seen and known and spoken. We only need to listen. And experience.

It will be hot and soon and pack a wallop that will resound. In astonishing numbers. In pretty pages. On amazing stages. It's coming. The next wave is rolling toward us. Better brace.
And here's what another reliable source, the OFC's renybc is saying:
Calliek does have her own way of conveying thoughts and, as someone who tends to wax rhapsodic on a semi-regular basis, I have no arguments with anybody's writing style.

Even my normally distressingly prosaic friend was, for him, overly descriptive when he was describing his and other's he knows in the recording industry's reaction to Clay's AI appearance. It seems to have been an event that opened both his eyes and thesaurus. I kind of enjoyed listening to him trying to find ways to express what he was thinking and hearing.

Fortunately, it only seemed to be discussion of Clay himself and his talent which brought on the verbal gymnastics, when he was talking about what he would do and would he suggested we would be seeing, the language was a lot more direct. He made it clear he expects we will get the first single "quite soon" (is this a term they teach in Music Industry 101?) and that over July and August we will see Clay everywhere, magazines, tv and radio. Pretty much all the Clay we can eat and I am looking forward to that all Clay buffet.

Amusingly, he seemed to think that by Fall we might even feel like we've had our fill. He actually said "by the time the tour starts you may need a break". Poor boy just doesn't realize that when it comes to Clay, there's never enough to satisfy our hunger completely and we will always keep coming back for more (especially if it's live Clay, eye debacles and all).

P.S. Much as I'd like to see something like a movie soundtrack song, I think we can rule out anything this summer or fall as we would have heard about that by now. A movie studio doesn't care much about any RCA shock and awe campaign, they only care about promoting their movie and the soundtrack is a big part of that. I'm hopeful that the look, new sound and promotion will spark interest in having Clay on a soundtrack in future since, without that the only way for him to get one would be if his label actively marketed him to studios. "Active" and "Clay Aiken" don't seem to be terms that have gone together in RCA's vocabulary in the past. I am still hopeful this may also change in future.
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Tidbits 6/12

  • MSNBC reports Clay's search popularity increase after last month's AI Finale. "And a recent report of Yahoo's top five overall search terms featured four 'AI' related phrases, including 'American Idol,' the names of this year's winner and runner-up, Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee, and everyone's favorite 'is he or isn't he?' Idol, Clay Aiken."
  • A Clay Aiken illustration won a SPJ Journalism award for the Hawaii Star Bulletin.
  • review of Busta Rhymes' new album. Nice Clay comment: "All great musicians allow their personalities to shine through the music they make. Whether it's Bruce Springsteen building albums around his blue-collar world view or Clay Aiken energizing power ballads with his unique brand of clumsy heterosexuality, the earmark of great music is when it manages to faithfully represent the people that have made it."
  • Some cool blogs to check out today: Ramblings of Three Friends, The Clay Blog, There Was a Man (beautiful photo collages), Clay Musings (this post's mainly about Carrie Underwood)
  • Thanks to ClayReport for alerting us to the old People magazine poll on Clay's new look. The new look is losing.
  • For those of you who still haven't gotten over Clelly, here's a Clay montage to the sound of Kelly Clarkson.
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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Tidbits 6/11

  • Being a Clayfan is a learning process too (this is so true for me... I would've never learned all this web design stuff without Clay): Olosta blog.

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