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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Clay on "All My Children" September 14

Clay will be guest starring as himself, on the ABC's All My Children September 14th.

From the CB:

Clay Aiken to appear on 'All My Children'
Jul. 30, 2005 at 2:02PM
Clay Aiken, currently on a 25-city U.S. tour, will appear on the ABC's "All My Children" playing himself being interviewed by Erica Kane.
Kane, played by Susan Lucci, will have the singer on her new talk show. The show will air Sept. 14.
Aiken, who sang three songs from his Jukebox Summer Tour 2005 on ABC's "Good Morning America" said he has decided to leave Los Angeles and return to his hometown of Raleigh, N.C.
"I like L.A., I like California, but there's a different energy there," he said.
In addition four singing tours and selling nearly 4 million albums in two years, Aiken was named a UNICEF ambassador.
"It's the closest thing I can do now to being in a classroom and teaching," said Aiken, who earned a degree in special education at University of North Carolina-Charlotte. He told "Good Morning America" he recently visited Uganda, where he visited "night commuters" -- children who must leave their homes in the countryside every night to sleep in UNICEF shelters to avoid being abducted by a rebel group.
Last March, Aiken visited camps for tsunami survivors in Indonesia.

Tour News/Media Updated

The Tour News/Media page (click the button on the left of the page) has been updated with tons of photos from Uncasville and a link for the whole concert in WMV video format

Cary, NC Declares August 5 "Clay Aiken Day"

From the Raleigh News & Observer:

Cary preps for Clay Day
Clay Aiken is to perform in Cary on Friday evening.


Cary Mayor Ernie McAlister will declare Friday "Clay Aiken Day" during a speech at a meeting of the Triangle native's fan club, the Claymates.

The Claymates are meeting for breakfast that morning to prepare for Aiken's performance in Cary's Koka Booth Amphitheatre that evening.

"This is a big event for Cary," McAlister said. "This just gets it started out on a good note."

But do not expect the retired banker to join the Claymates soon. "I don't have his CD out in the car right now, if you know what I mean," he said.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Clay on CNN HN Showbiz Tonight Again (7/29)

In his second appearance in less than a week on CNN Headline News' Showbiz Tonight, Clay previewed the exciting new set of songs he is performing on tour, armed with clips of What a Night and Mandy from last week's rehearsals. CNN also showed part from this morning's "Back For More" (more info and download of this new song in Tour News/Media) performance on GMA and also mentioned the BAF improper spending controversy was also brought up, but Clay got an opportunity to mention that an independent auditor cleared the BAF of these allegations. A few GMA-fans were also interviewed including one fan who had 140 Clay pins on her hat! ATCA and MOAF should clack tomorrow, or you can watch it at 11 PM EDT/8 PM PDT on the CNN Headline News Channel. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT

HAMMER: Another former contestant, Clay Aiken, has become one of the biggest stars to emerge from "American Idol."

BRYANT: Aiken has just launched his fifth tour -- five, A.J. And everywhere he goes, his so-called Claymates follow.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Sibila Vargas is back with us, live in Hollywood with Clay-mania.

SIBILA VARGAS: Clay-mania. He`s singing covers. He`s got a new magazine cover, and he`s gotten himself covered in the wake of some questions about his charity.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT got up close and personal with southern sensation Clay Aiken, and only we`ve got the inside scoop.


VARGAS (voice-over): "Coming Back for More" is Clay Aiken`s brand new song. He debuted it in New York this morning as part of "Good Morning America`s" summer concert series.

Fans came from all over, and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there with them.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He`s just wonderful. I mean, he really is.

VARGAS: Clay fans -- they call themselves Claymates, if you haven`t heard -- are crazy for the former "American Idol" runner-up. Some are disillusioned.


VARGAS: Wait, come again? Didn`t Ruben win?


VARGAS: Second place doesn`t seem to matter. He`s No. 1 to millions. This fan carries around a life-size cutout of Clay everywhere she goes.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`d like to introduce you all to flat Clay. He`s the mascot of the Claydelphians, Philly area fan club.

VARGAS: Check out this fan. She`s collected 170 Clay Aiken pins.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He represents a perfect person that this world - - everybody should try to be in this world.

VARGAS: And Clay fans know no generational boundaries.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: In Clayland there is no age. We`re ageless.


VARGAS: Just last night, Clay Aiken kicked off his jukebox summer tour in New Jersey. We caught up with him. Here he is practicing, just days before he hit the road.

CLAY AIKEN, SINGER: I want people to call me Clay Aiken instead of "`American Idol` runner-up Clay Aiken." If I can have that, I`ll be happy.

VARGAS: You`ve arrived. "Saturday Night Live`s" making fun of you, and you made the cover of "TV Guide."

AIKEN: I don`t understand it. I ask my publicist all the time why the heck they want me on the cover.

VARGAS: His tour features some 70-odd songs from five decades, everything from Sam Cooke to Barry Manilow to the Bee Gees and the Goo Goo Dolls.

All this fanfare comes on the heels of scandalous reports that Clay`s kids charity is not so charitable. Clay cleared that up for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, telling us that an independent accountant said all was on the up and up.

AIKEN: You hope that people would get the entire story and people would want the entire story, but it`s been a -- it`s been a disappointing thing. And I`ve learned in the past that people are more interested in sensationalism than they are with getting the facts.

VARGAS: Fans didn`t flinch. Clay said donations went up after the air was cleared, and now he`s just riding the wave.

AIKEN: It`s really surprising to me. I mean, it`s hard, after -- even after three years to think that for years people didn`t want to talk to me at all, and now people are so interested.


VARGAS: And Clay`s "Jukebox" tour hits 25 cities and includes about 70 songs. That`s a lot of singing. The tour wraps September 1.

And Karyn, I need to ask you, are you a Claymate?

BRYANT: Well, you know, Sibila, he wasn`t my pick that season. I`m just going to leave it at that.

Fanclub Store is Now Open

The OFC's Store has now opened and is taking orders! The prices are somewhat high, with a t-shirt in the $45 range. Note: you do not need to be a fanclub member to use the store.

Good Morning America Concert (Sings NEW Song!)

Clay appeared on today's edition of Good Morning America for their weekly Summer Concert series!

HQ Photos from Getty Images (courtesy CB's mee2u). Do not repost anywhere copyright is an issue:

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at


-More caps/photos can be found at our Photo Album for the GMA Concert and HERE.
-Links to media/recaps are on our Tour News/Media page.
-A HQ download of the new song, "Back For More" is available at
-Recaps are also available HERE.

Songs Performed:
1. Suspicious Minds- the #1 Elvis hit from 1969
2. Back For More (view lyrics) - a new song off for the new album that is very radio orientated. The lyrics refer to radio a couple of times ("Don't change the station"). A fantastic song.
3. Invisible (partially aired on TV)
4. Twisting the Night Away (not aired on TV)

Clay was also asked about his UNICEF duties and his move back to Raleigh from LA.
The CB's Khrystah has found some hilarious signs spotted at GMA on Friday:

By Carol of RI Clay fans:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

Jukebox Tour Songlist

Confirmed Songlist:

1. The 50's Medley
Twistin' the Night Away
Johnny be Good
Rockin' Robin
The Great Pretender
Only You
I'll Be Blue
Mr. Postman
Mr. Sandman
That'll Be The Day
Rockin' Roll Is Here To Stay
Let's go to the Hop
Great Balls of Fire

2. Unchained Melody

3. Elvis Medley
Love Me Tender
Hound Dog
Blue Swade Shoes
Don't Be Cruel
Rock Around The Clock
Heartbreak Hotel
Jail House Rock
I Can't Help Falling In Love With You
Suspicious Minds

4. The 60's Medley
Daydream Believer
Can't Buy Me Love
Sugar Sugar
Happy Together

5. Solitaire

6. Mowtown Medley
Where Did Our Love Go? (Angela)
Midnight Train To Georgia (Quiana)
My Girl
Tears of a Clown
Rescue Me (Angela/Quiana)
Heard It theought The Grapevine
I'll be There
Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Clay/Angela)

7. The 70's Medley
Car Wash
Oh What A Night
Nights On Broadway
To Much Heaven
I Feel The Earth Move (Angela)

8. Mandy

9. Bridge Over Troubled Water

10. When Doves Cry

11. The 80's Medley
All Night Long
Never Gonna Give You Up
Rock With You (Jacob)

12. Sailing

13. The 90's Medley
Can't Touch This
Black Velvet
End Of The Road (Clay/Jacob)
Livin' La Vida Loca
I Can't Make You Love Me
Turn Down The Lights
I Will Always Love You (Quiana)

14. MOAM Songs
I Will Carry You
The Way
When You Say You Love Me

15. New Songs
Back For More (UPTEMPO)
Just You (BALLAD)

16. Finale

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Opening Night News from JBT

From cellcert reporters:

-Clay will be plaing piano during concert
-Songlisted posted HERE.
-"He's changing on the stage. He has a rack of clothes on the stage, and he's behind it changing."
-" wrapped his leg around the mic"
-Wore Converse brand clothing, holes in jeans
-70 Songs played

JBT Merchandise Photos

Thanks to the CH. These are photos of merchandise that will be available at all Jukebox tour concerts. Click to enlarge.

JBT Tourbook

Here are pictures from the Digital Camera pixs of the JBT Tourbook, courtesy the Clackhouse. Click to Enlarge.

Clay in Aug. 8 Issue of People

From the CB:
Clay is in the new People magazine with Jude Law and Sienna Miller on the cover. The date is August 8th. There are some really sweet pictures of him with the kids in Uganda. I'm sorry if this was already posted!
Free Image Hosting at

CDD Tour Coverage

CDD will be your #1 source for tour news/info. Here's how we're going to cover it.

After each concert, we will:
-post a recap taken off the CB Concert Review forums
-Links to Media (ie. Clack) will be posted onto the Tour News/Media page.
-A photo gallery for each city has already been set up at my Photobucket account, which you may browse (no hotlinking, or our photo gallery will be closed down. Feel free to download and upload to your own webspace). This is also accessible on the Tour News/Media page.

We will not be posting:
- links to individual concert threads at the Clayboard
-post long articles regarding the tour on our homepage. Articles/Reviews will be posted on the Tour News/Media page.

AD: Cary, NC (July 28, 2005)

Free Image Hosting at

New Website for Clack Downloads

A new website has been set up for Clay fans who wish to upload clack to free sites, such as and The links to the download page can then be posted at this new website. The concept is that people will be able to share clack and also aviod costly bandwidth issues. Go visit "" today.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette Article

Concert Preview: Clay Aiken fills album gap with pop history revue

On the day we reach Clay Aiken, he's in the middle of damage control, a rare situation for the "American Idol" runner-up and contemporary poster boy for everything good and wholesome.

The trouble is a TV Guide cover story in which he admits that the entertainment industry has made him "jaded" and then appears to go on to attack the population of greater Los Angeles, where he now lives.

"I said I felt people there put too much emphasis on the outsides and not their insides," Aiken says. "What I meant to say was 'people in the entertainment industry' and I kind of generalized 'entertainment industry' as 'L.A.' and it came out that way. I read it back that way and went, 'Oh, crap,' and it kind of stirred a commotion amongst fans and whatnot, and that's nothing that would ever have happened to me before.

"I'm surrounded by people in the entertainment industry, not people that I work closely with, but people in general in this business, who, sometimes I think their priorities are wrong. But I just said it one way and now I look like a jerk, and I didn't mean it that way at all. That's not the kind of thing that would have happened to me as a teacher. I would have said something, people would have realized what I meant and I would have moved on to the next thing."

Fortunately, Aiken's little commotion comes on the eve of his next thing, the Jukebox Tour, which makes its fourth stop Sunday at the Chevrolet Amphitheatre. It's a concept show he cooked up to bridge the gap between his 2003 debut, "Measure of a Man," and the follow-up that doesn't seem to be coming along as smoothly as the first.

Aiken will start from the '50s and, with liberal use of the medley, will touch on as many as 100 Top 40 songs from then till now, including a few of his own.

"A friend of mine was in a show in Charleston that was a revue of music from the '60s," he says. "I thought, that might not be a bad idea, why don't I just pick a decade? But I couldn't really pick a decade, so I thought, why don't we do them all?"

Aiken's career as a young adult contemporary singer -- starting when he turned up as a geek and mama's boy from North Carolina on the second year of "American Idol" -- has defied the odds and the predictions of resident "Idol" critic Simon Cowell, who said he was better suited to Broadway.

"When I got off the show, I saw something on Broadway, and said, 'That's a compliment because those people can sing,' " Aiken says. "Anybody who can do seven shows a week and just really full-out sing as well as those people do, if that's how good you think I am, thank you. That was kind of a backhanded compliment. That's where some really talented people go, so thanks, Simon."

Rather than going to Broadway, Aiken, who was studying to be a teacher and describes himself as "dodgeball bait" when he was in school, went west and rode that "Idol" well. He has enjoyed sales of more than 3.9 million, running just behind Kelly Clarkson as the biggest-selling Idol. It was all beyond his expectations.

"I had no faith, to be honest with you," he says. "I'm not a pessimist, but I try to be a realist as much as I can and realize that thousands of people are trying to do the same thing that I'm doing and four people are doing it well -- and I'm not sure that I'm one of them. So, I kind of have to realize that it could honestly end any day. I'm enjoying it while I can. I kind of chalk it up to a good summer camp experience. If it doesn't end up working out for the long term, I have memories that I would never have gotten any other way."

One of the keys to his continuing success is the Claymates, a fanatic fan base that follows his every move on fan Web sites and makes sure that any critic who says anything remotely negative about him is deluged with e-mail (this writer got 65 of them once). So, how does Aiken deal with his Claymates and all their high expectations of him?

"It's difficult for me to answer that. I think they do have expectations and sometimes, to be completely honest, it's almost, well, I don't want to use the word 'burdensome' ... sometimes it's tough to live up to everyone's expectations because they are so enthusiastic. And some people want my hair to be short, and some people want my hair to be long. And some people want my hair to be blond, and some people want my hair to be brown. It's hard to please everyone, but in general, they do kind of help keep me sane, because they are so enthusiastic and I'm constantly wondering why the heck people like me. I don't even get it. I get confused every time I see a fan site, I just laugh. I think sometimes they think I'm better than I am. It's tough to live up to their standards, but it's a good challenge for myself."

Which brings us to the long-awaited follow-up to "Measure of a Man," which was scheduled for the fall but is looking more like early spring. Aiken is working with producer Jaymes Foster-Levy, and the challenge is to find 11 or 12 songs he can really get excited about. "We're not going to rush it this time," he says.

Does that mean he wasn't happy with the first one?

"I wouldn't say that," he says. "I was new. We walk off the stage of 'Idol,' and two days later, I was handed my songs by the label: 'Here you go.' Fortunately, I liked them all. I think they did a halfway decent job of picking songs that I sound good on. But a lot of the songs were angst-driven. 'I Survived You' and 'No More Sad Songs' -- it's not necessarily any emotion I wanted to express. There were definitely elements that I thought were good, the songs were good. I was thrilled to work with the producers I got to work with. But this time, I want this one to be everything I want. You kind of have to fail on your own. If I don't have a full stake in it and it flops, I have an opportunity to blame someone else. If I put this together and it flops, at least I can say it flopped on my terms."

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Clay Mention on CNN HN

Clay was mentioned on today's edition of CNN Headline News Showbiz Tonight. This repeats at 11 PM EDT tonight (7/27) or 8 PM PDT.

From the CB:
Showbiz Tonight just did a segment on the TV Guide Makeover.
Who's pic showed up and got a mention????
Clay's of course!!!!

2005 Bubel Aiken Foundation Disney Teacher Award Winner

From YAHOO!:
2005 Bubel/Aiken Award: Mary West, a special needs teacher from Montrose, Colo., was honored by the Bubel/Aiken Foundation for her commitment to working with children with disabilities. The Bubel/Aiken Award recognizes a teacher who helps promote full inclusion for students with special needs.

Learning To Sing Nominated for Prestigious "Quills Awards"

Clay's New York Times bestselling memoir, Learning to Sing: Hearing the Music In Your Life has been nominated for a Quills Award. The award show will air on select NBC stations on October 22, 2005. Consumer voting begins August 15 and ends September 15 at all Borders bookstores, as well as on the NBC Quills Site.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

More Info on New Songs

From the CB:
The poster at the OFC, who says she sat in on the tour rehearsal, says that Clay rehearsed 2 new songs for the tour. " Back for More" and "Just You". She said that the latter was a beautiful ballad and that he is singing it on GMA (airing Friday at 7 AM).

From the CB:
Clay said in his interview that he will be singing the very first number one hit on the Billboard charts when it started. Here it is:

"What is now the Hot 100 existed for nearly 15 years as numerous different charts. On August 4, 1958 the charts were combined into one main all-genre singles chart: the Hot 100. The first #1 song of the Hot 100 era was "Poor Little Fool" by Ricky Nelson"

Access Hollywood Interview Airs 7/26

Courtesy Access Hollywood
Courtesy Access Hollywood

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Clay reveals that he'll be covering Ricky Martin and that he will be moving out of the LA area (also reported in last week's issue of TV Guide). Access Hollywood previewed songs from the Jukebox tour. When asked to "shake his bon bons", Clay responded, "But, you don't want to see my behind!"

The interview is now available for download at Measure of A Fan and is viewable at The preview clip from the July 25th show is also available at Measure of A Fan.

Access Hollywood has also added an article (with pictures) on Clay onto their site:

All Access: Clay Aiken
2:52 pm PDT July 26, 2005

It takes a brave singer to cover the likes of Earth, Wind and Fire. But Clay Aiken isn't afraid.

In fact, when we caught up with him as he prepared for his upcoming tour, he told Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson that from here on out, he's going to do things his way.

"I think the thing that is hard about L.A. for me is that it is so big and unfortunately people who I have met in L.A. -- a lot of people who I work with who work inside the music industry -- they are not always the most savory characters," Clay revealed. "But there are people in the industry who spend to much time on the wrong things."

Harsh words from Clay -- the unlikely heartthrob who has sold over 4 million albums to the legions of "Claymates" worldwide and is now apparently ready to give up the big city livin'.

"I just miss the small town atmosphere," he added. "It's so much slower and the people that I come into contact with daily in North Carolina don't necessarily have an agenda."

But before Clay packs his bags, he's got a brand new funky tour and only Access was there during the funky 70s rehearsal session, as Clay sang some classics from Earth, Wind and Fire to the Bee Gees.

For an exclusive peek inside Clay's rehearsal, check out our photo gallery!

Valdosta, GA Time Change

Concert promoters for the August 6 concert at the Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta, GA have announced that the concert will now start at 7:30 PM local time, instead of the previously announced start time of 8 PM.

More Summer Vacation Photos

More photos of Clay on vacation have been posted at Clay's official fanclub.

AD: Atlanta (July 26, 2005)

Free Image Hosting at

Tomsriver Interview Today and Tomorrow

Clay will be interviewed by 92.7 WOMB on Tuesday and Wednesday (26 and 27) at 4:45 PM and 5:45 PM, local time.

Links to downloads of this interview has been posted in the Tour News/Media page of our site.

Transcript from the CB of the first 7/26 4:45 PM interview:

Brian: Asked about the tour

Clay: had the opportunity to tour again, but didn't know what to do. Thanks to Quiana who was doing a review in SC, Decided to do the same.

Brian: What kind of songs:

Clay: Will start with the very 1st #1 on Billboard (should be Rock around the Clock). Said the best music written was from he 50's to the 90's. Singing Sam Cooke, Goo Goo Dolls, Andrew Sisters, Jackson 5, and Michael Jackson, everyone can sing at least 5 songs if they did their job right. Just got a rough cut, very rough cut of a new song and is getting into the studio to record it.

Brian: Will you do any new songs.

Clay: Hope to do at least 1 or 2

Monday, July 25, 2005

Clay on CNN Headline News "Showbiz Tonight"

Courtesy CNN

Clay appeared on CNN Headline News's Showbiz Tonight Tonight (7/25). Clay defended the BAF over allegations of wrongful spending, saying that only 1/3 of revenue went to grants, but was quick to point out that over 50% of money received went towards other charitable purposes, such as Camp Gonzo and Able to Serve. He also said that more money was raised in the 5 days after the WRAL report, than in 2 months before it! The CNN reporter also mentioned the Jukebox Tour is to start on Thursday night and that people "still love Clay Aiken".

A video download of this is available at Measure of A Fan and AllThingsClayAiken, and the transcript is available on

Possible Song for New Album, "Back For More"

The Clayboard's admire99 has located this interesting tidbit from the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

BACK FOR MORE (view lyrics)
(Title Code: 321596690)

Performers:CLAY AIKEN

Variations:(none found)

Tel. (212) 830-2036

The composers have previously won an award from SOCAN (the Canadian counterpart of ASCAP) in 2003 for their #1 Billboard song, "Surrender" (performed by Laura Pausini) and have worked with BMG Canada, Clay's record company in Canada. The writers have written for Kelly Rowland, Jessica Simpson, 98 Degrees, Stacie Orrico, The Corrs, and Laura Pausini.

PR Newswire- Clay Returns From Uganda

From Unicef's Official Site:
UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken returns from northern Uganda's conflict-affected districts

Aiken Witnesses the Phenomenon of 'Night Commuters'

NEW YORK, July 25 /PRNewswire/ -- In an effort to bring attention to the
plight of children in northern Uganda, UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken traveled
to the conflict affected region to witness the phenomenon of "night
commuters," children who trek from the countryside into slightly more secure
towns and UNICEF supported shelters every night to avoid being abducted by the
Lord's Resistance Army (LRA).

The conflict in northern Uganda has displaced approximately 1.4 million
people -- 80 per cent of them children and women -- as the rebel (LRA) seeks
to overthrow the Ugandan government. Each evening, the threat of LRA attacks
and abductions drives over 40,000 child "night commuters" to leave their
homes. An estimated 12,000 children have been abducted by the LRA in the
conflict-affected districts since June 2002, to be forcibly recruited as child
combatants and sex slaves.

"Northern Uganda is one of the most dangerous places in the world for
children," said Aiken. "Children are being forced to commit appalling acts of
violence. Children are being killed and raped. It was all too clear that
those living in the conflict-affected districts of Uganda deserve much more.
The global community must act now with utmost urgency to put an end to these
atrocities. No progress will be made until there is peace throughout the

Aiken toured UNICEF supported projects in northern Uganda, including
internally displaced peoples' (IDP) camps, night commuter shelters and
reception centers for formerly abducted children in Kitgum, Gulu and Katakwi
districts. There are currently more than 200 IDP camps scattered across the
eight conflict-affected districts.

"In the UNICEF supported reception centers for formerly abducted children,
I witnessed children receiving psychosocial counseling," said Aiken. "These
children spend anywhere between a few days to several months in these

The child-centric conflict has wrought unprecedented violence and poverty
to a region once famed as Uganda's "food basket," because of the abundance of
natural resources in the north. As a result, the local populations of mostly
women and children are deprived access to basic healthcare, clean water,
education, nutrition, protection and shelter.

UNICEF and its partners are providing rapid, high-impact humanitarian
assistance to populations affected by conflict in northern Uganda. These
interventions are in the areas of health and nutrition, water and sanitation,
education, child protection and emergency shelter.

In March, Aiken witnessed UNICEF in action during his first field trip,
which took him to the tsunami stricken region of Indonesia. Aiken visited
primary school students and camps for the internally displaced survivors in
the tsunami ravaged province of Aceh.


Founded in 1946, UNICEF helps save, protect and improve the lives of
children around the world through immunization, education, health care,
nutrition, clean water and sanitation. UNICEF is non-partisan and its
cooperation is free of discrimination. In everything it does, the most
disadvantaged children and the countries in greatest need have priority. For
more information, please visit or call 1-800-4UNICEF.

Learning To Sing Onsale for $3.49

Thanks to the CB's Mee4Clay. has LTS for sale at $3.49 and the audiobook for $9.99.

Diane Bubel Meets Kelly Clarkson

From the CB's GibsonGirl27:
I saw Diane Bubel tonight at Kelly Clarkson's concert in Charlotte. She was in front of me in line for the meet and greet. Clay had gotten the passes for her, her daughter and a couple of friends to meet Kelly. I thought it was cool that she was there. Their passes had CLAY written on them in big letters and they were "personal guests." I was standing off to the side waiting for my turn when they went up to Kelly. Kelly didn't really recognize Diane's daughter, but as soon as she saw Diane she got all excited and smiled really big and said "You're with Clay! I knew I had met you before!" They then said some things that I couldn't quite hear then Kelly said that she had just talked to Clay last night and that he talked about being really busy getting ready for his tour. Then Diane talked about going to see him in Raleigh next week. That's about all I heard.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

New Photos from 2003 RCA Photoshoot

Many thanks to the CB's mee2u.

CDD supports:

Bubel Aiken Foundation GoodSearch for TBAF UNICEF