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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Clay Nation Bloggers Mark The End of An Eventful Year

As we wind down 2006, here are some year end thoughts from the Clay nation's blogs:

  • There Was A Man - this is definitely one of the BEST blogs this year! Here's to looking forward to fresh start for 2007. I've chosen some of the best parts of the blog, but make sure you head on over to read the entire thing... it's magnificent!
    2006 is finally at an end. It's probably not a bad thing in the Clay fandom.

    The Ugly
    If we only knew how good we had it in 2005. Starting the year was rough because we weren't sure when we would hear from Clay again. We had been waiting on news of an album for almost a year. We knew that he had been recording, so we were still in wait mode. We actually didn't have to wait to long to hear from Clay because on Jan 17th he blogged with a quote from the bible -- Isaiah 51:7. "Do not fear the reproach of others, and do not be dismayed when they revile you." At that time we didn't really know what he meant, but we didn't have to wait long before the crap hit the fan. Clay had become a target of a nefarious character looking to capitalize on Clay's fame by spreading vile rumors and lies about him. Vile because Clay was made to look like some desperate loser when we all know he is anything but. The one really positive that came out of this MESS was that the fandom and Clay grew stronger. Our bond is deeper than ever. Clay has proven to be a man of strength and character, a man worthy of admiration and devotion. If the plan was to divide and conquer the fandom, it was a dismal failure. You had only to look at the "Circle the Wagon" thread at the Official Fan Club to see hundreds and hundreds of messages of support for Clay. We weren't going anywhere.

    The Look
    At the the AI Finale in May, Clay unveiled a new look. No more spikes, instead there was a head of dark long hair with bangs hanging into the eyes very reminiscent of a young Paul McCartney. It was a bit of a shock at first, but many grew to love it. One thing is for sure, the man got a lot of buzz from that 3-minute appearance where he sang "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me". Every media outlook and watercooler were buzzing about him the next day. Taylor who? The look changed somewhat throughout the rest of the year, the hair lightened and grew longer. The bangs were eventually discarded for a side part, but it suited Clay's more mature look. His body and face had filled out. Gone was the boy next door. Welcome to the hawt sexy man.

    The Humanitarian
    As always, charitable endeavors were a big part of Clay's year. I'm sure we don't know everything that goes on behind the scenes, but what we do know is pretty impressive. Clay continued his work with UNICEF raising money for children in the war-torn Middle East, and even lighting the UNICEF star in New York. The biggest honor this year had to be being named to serve a two-year term in the U.S. President's Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities. The committee acts in an advisory capacity to the U.S. President and the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services on matters relating to programs and services for persons with intellectual disabilities. Clay also took part in the "David Foster and Friends Charity Gala" which raised money for children of organ transplants. Clay and David Foster raised $1 million for two performances in the auction. Teacher Clay was in full evidence at Nazareth Elementary where the authors of "My Friend Mikayla" were honored by a reading by Clay, and then the young authors were treated to a limo ride back to school.

    The Comedian
    The man loves his Christmas music without a doubt, so while there was no actual Joyful Noise Tour complete with band and back-up singers, there were spot dates with symphony orchestras for the month of December--eighteen dates in all. Due to the short timeframe, these concerts were concentrated on the East Coast and Midwest to the dismay of the West Coast (and Texas) fans. The image of a guest singer with a symphony conjures up images up beautiful, reverent singing done in tails or at least a tux. Leave it to Clay to never do what you think he will do. Yes he sang, yes he looked good in a suit, but who knew he would be so funny. His banter sections were almost as long as the singing sections. He engaged and played off his audience poking fun at them and himself. The audience loved it, laughing uproariously throughout the show. He even introduced some rather bawdy humor. I think he converted a male fan or two with this show. This was a whole other side of Clay Aiken.

    The Future
    Here are waiting again once again to see what the future holds. The end of the year seems to have shades of much beginning 2006, this time with a bratty kid who feels a sense of entitlement bashing Clay in the media with the usual scum and bottom-feeders in on the frenzy. Clay as always holds himself above the fray with dignity. Perhaps we have come full circle, and good things are in store for 2007. Our resident astrologers hint that it should be good year. Clay left a year-end audio message at the Official Fan Club where he said he hopes we all are ready for a "fresh start in 2007". Yeah, I am.
  • ... and more year end thoughts from Jemock at Taking A Moment... looks like she's decided to start predicting the future, like mamarose!
    2026 – A Year In Review


    Raleigh, North Carolina. The ballustrade of the Governor’s Mansion is decked with festive boughs of holly, pine and collard greens. The famous Hall of Trees is alight with the twinkling of 350 frasier firs, decorated with ornaments sent from all fifty states—the ornaments now number in the thousands, according to Faye Parker, The First Mom and Secretary of the Interior (Decoration). She says “It’s such a blessing for Clayton to have such dedicated constituents. So many of these ornaments were made by hand and lovingly shipped here to the Governor’s Claymate Mansion. We appreciate each and every one, and even though I usually put the ugly ones on the backs of the trees, each one is a precious gift, and a reminder that not every Governor has his own paying fan club.”

    Mrs. Parker walks through the Mansion, pointing out all the gifts received from the fans. “This mosaic of Clayton, made from human hair and nail clippings, is a favorite of his. This framed document here is a fan’s checkbook register, and you can see how every single entry in here reflects a purchase of one of Clayton’s 15 cds, concert seats, fan club memberships, ebay auctions, psychological counseling, divorce proceedings, liquor store bills and merchandise purchases, all the way down to the zero balance you see here at the bottom. Most of the artwork in the Mansion is indeed from fans, although that fringed ottoman over there was MY idea.”

    Governor Aiken’s personal secretary, Clive, tells us that the Governor has pushed a few things around on his OFC calendar to give us a few minutes.

    “Hey there! I’m Clay Aiken!!” The Governor strides into the office with a hearty giggle and a firm (not clammy) handshake. “I’m always happy to take time for the Raleigh media! Especially since I bought all the television stations and newspapers about 19 years ago! HAHA!!”

    “Will there be anything else, Governor Aiken?” asks the timid Mr. Davis. “No, Clive, I think that’s all for now. You can go clean the bathrooms now, and then you can take a nap in your cryogenic chamber” “Oh THANK YOU Guv'nor Sir! THANK YOU! Thank you for the bathroom mandate!” said Mr. Davis. “Clive has been with me for a long time now,” said the Governor. “Ever since I took over RCA, he’s been really great to have around. He can put a mean spitshine on a shoe, let me tell you.”
  • ConCLAYve - year end thoughts:
    September, 2006 saw the release of the new CD, a CD of covers (with four originals). The boards exploded with varying opinions about the CD, the song choices, the promotion, and Clay's appearances to promote the CD, but the one thing we all agreed on was that we were so happy to see him. Finally. At last.

    His fans flocked to his TV appearances, watched him light the UNICEF star, and attended his annual Christmas Tour, where he sang backed by a full symphony orchestra and where he did at least four shows riddled with vertigo. He didn't cancel, he didn't give a lackluster performance, in fact, this tour was the best I've ever heard Clay sing.

    I think all of the fans are looking forward to seeing what 2007 has in store for Clay and ourselves. A new year and a new start, for both of us. Bring it, Clay, we have your back, always and forever.
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Tidbits 12/31

  • South Florida - Rosie O'Donnell's bad year... "trying to out Clay Aiken"
  • More Kelly Ripa/Clay/O'Donnell:
  • Miami Herald - Hicks debut fails to top Clay's 2003 entrance to the pop music world - "This puts Hicks behind first-week figures for other Idols Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdard, Carrie Underwood and even Daughtry"
  • Miami Herald - what to do in Hawaii on this New Year's Eve - "throw yourself completely into Hawaiian culture like Clay Aiken did at Waikiki's only beachfront luau." (was this from the 2004 gala Clay attended in Hawaii??)
  • Courier News Online - 2006 in review ... "Clay Aiken, whose tousled new look, unveiled on the "American Idol" finale, drew breathless comparisons to ... well, k.d. lang. He later tried to show Kelly Ripa who was boss by covering her mouth with his hand on "Regis and Kelly" so he could get a question in."
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Ready For Some Clay Resolutions?

Ah yes, the last day of the year is here, and its the day everyone starts writing up their New Year's resolutions. You know, those nasty little promises that we say we're gonna keep every year, like losing 10 pounds, starting to exercise, saving more money, but that we rarely keep for more than a week.

So have you started your list of resolutions yet? Or should I say your "claysolutions"! Tiggy52winkle at The Clayboard has started a thread where you can share your Clay resolutions and check out others that you might like to keep.

And to get you started, here is a list of my own that I wrote out 2 years ago. If you are really strong, maybe you can keep them. However, I have yet to keep a one! I mean, really now, who would want to!! So for your consideration, here are my 10 Claysolutions:

1. I will not spend so much time online *Clay* searching that I let the laundry pile up so high in the house I need a stepladder to reach the top.
2. In my thrill of the online hunt for everything Clay, I will not overlook going to the grocery store, causing us to have nothing but the crumbs on our table to eat.
3. I will not stay up until 3 a.m. every morning, reading every single Clay post, going to every single Clay website, and then staring aimlessly at my computer screen, hoping that something else *Clay* pops up for me to investigate.
4. I will not spend an hour on the internet in the mornings, even though I still have not finished getting ready for work, thus causing me to be late to work for the 19th day in a row (did I say 19th - I meant 91st).
5. I will not take more than my allotted work breaks each day to check my new clay messages. I'd hate to get fired, because I need my paycheck to buy anything and everything *Clay* (i.e., the great Clay nightshirt I sleep in every night now!!).
6. I will not spend all of my hard earned money on anything and everything *Clay* instead of using it to pay the bills that keep stacking up -- after all it is harder to keep up with everything *Clay* from debtor's prison.
7. I will not lose patience with my coworkers, friends, and family who just do not understand why I am so crazy about "this skinny kid" Clay Aiken. I will understand that they just are not educated in the finer things of life -- Clay obviously being the finer thing.
8. I will not make my 16-year-old son write 100 times, "I will not roll my eyes when my mom starts gushing over Clay again". However, I will continue to gush.
9. I will not make my friends sit down and listen to every single song Clay has ever sung, watch every single Clay video ever shown, and read every single online article about Clay that I have ever downloaded. I must understand that everyone does not share my extreme enthusiasm for Clay. (go figure)
10. I will not be too hard on myself when I break every single one of these resolutions on the first day after I make them, and on the second, and on the third, and on the fourth, and on the fifth........ After all, tomorrow is another Clay--I mean day!!!!
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Saturday, December 30, 2006

"It's A Wrap" By CorieLuvzClay Helps Us Say Goodbye to Old Year and Welcome in 2007

Its hard to believe that 2006 is only a day away from being over and 2007 is ready to rush in to take its place. 2006 started so slowly and, let's face it, very discouraging. But it ended with a bang, with a beautiful new CD, many television appearances by Clay, and a very successful Christmas tour, oh yes, and that gorgeous new look on our forever gorgeous guy.

One of our Clay fans who is gifted in word, CorieluvzClay, has written a beautiful piece to help us remember everything Clay from 2006 and look forward to what's yet to come in 2007. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Being a Clay fan, whether during the highs or lows, is a fascinating and exhilarating journey. Read on to enjoy this journey through her words.

It’s A Wrap!

And so, metaphorically speaking, another curtain comes down for Clay Aiken & his Nation of devoted, love-struck fans. No venue is ever the same after The Man gets through with it, for he leaves behind what no other performer can…a little bit of himself. Clay gives so much of his spirit and his soul to each and every Christmas Concert series, his essence lingers in the air like the scent of the very holiday itself. You can almost smell the fragrance of fresh pine trees, Christmas Cookie scented candles and the smell of Cinnamon & Sugar baked goodies as vital sparks of his warmth, willpower, prowess and comedic flair hang, suspended in the air of each venue until it ever so slowly dissipates.

The walls and the rafters of these auditoriums absorb the tenor’s honey coated voice, words flowing forth in an array of strengths. Notes from the depths of his lower register to heaven bound glory notes soaring toward the angelic audience who beam with pride at one of The Master’s extraordinary creations.

Clay’s ardent fans, extended family really, and newer audience members were treated to a Symphonic Christmas Show this year like no other Clay has given to us. This time it was pure Clay…no backup singers to drown him out, no band to obliterate his words…supported by Symphonies and Orchestras up and down the East Coast. It was just Clay, solo and in his purest form of showmanship to date, lifting us up so high at times we looked down on Heaven…AND…his sparkle surpassed that of the brightest star in the galaxy! Left to his own device, Clay was singer, actor and stand-up comedian all rolled into one and as far as this writer is concerned he deserves a Grammy, an Oscar and a Golden Globe for Comedy.
Clay Aiken is one amazing entertainer, we are so lucky to have him in our lifetime…the only sad downside is that the rest of the world has not yet experienced Clay Aiken the way we have…but when that day comes, and I do feel it coming…look out world…you will be hit with a tsunami of emotions, thoughts and feelings like nothing before!

Those of you who truly “get him” will be astounded by what he does to you and make note that with all the talented fans in his Nation, no one to date has been able to put into words, what exactly it is about Clay and what he does to one’s senses…poor unsuspecting souls…but we will welcome you with open arms and show you the thud laden way…we are as intelligent and savvy as The Man himself, however, when in his presence we have been known to summon up only guttural sounds at best!

Clay Aiken is not the quirky, sweet Southern “boy next door” of American Idol fame. This awesome human being is a grown man, still sweet and yes, still humble…BUT…now-a-days he is steeped in sizzling seductiveness, complete with both the “X” and the “IT” factors squarely in place! As we have been known to say within the ClayNation…The Wrapping has changed, but The Gift is the same!!

Clay Aiken has matured, he is a man who is gorgeous in looks, beautiful in heart and divine in spirit! He has always been a strong individual, learning to get through a childhood riddled with bullies, hurt and pain. But now he has further grown, in so many ways…this past year especially, and developed into a man of strength and substance like never before. He is savvy, street smart and intelligent & Clay is wise beyond his years. He is a compassionate humanitarian, a passionate believer in God as well as in what is good and bad and what is right or wrong.

Clay Aiken’s journey has been a truly phenomenal one…almost as multi-faceted as his charismatic personality, talent, wit and charm. As 2006 comes to an end I can’t help but think that this year mimicked the highs and lows of Clay’s vocal range. It would have been a devastating time for one with a lesser outlook on life and to some degree it took its toll…but Clay’s spirit transcended the slings and arrows of tabloid rags and media trash. His intelligence helped him to cope and decipher things that were being said, written or shown…lies and complete untruths running rampant through the Internet plagued him, but he took hold of the reins in his own way and told the media that his personal life was his own and belonged to no one else and that it was, in fact, no one’s business. Their questions and innuendos were rude and invasive. He said this year was the “education of Clay”, and so he learned…and with quiet class and dignity Clay told them all where to go and when he was done, he had freed himself of the shackles that held him at bay for months.

Clay emerged victorious and more confident then ever before, with a totally new look that some say is more rock and edgy…sporting a longer hair style, with and without bangs, a new GQ look in his dress and a new attitude. He metamorphosed into a hotter and sexier man then his Claymates dared to even imagine, his demeanor and persona exuding animal magnetism and a seductive allure! During his Christmas show, Clay was flirtatious and tempting, he exuded a star quality loaded with pizzazz and he was oh, so, provocative as he sang to us through half-closed eyes that held a come-hither look and kissable puckered lips…forget about McDreamy and McSteamy…can we say “McSizzle”??

Clay Aiken also emerged, knowing for absolute certain, who his fans were and where they stood…and where we stood was all around him…surrounding him in our circle of unconditional love and unwavering support, faith and loyalty!

We now await the next upcoming tour for Clay’s sophomore CD, A Thousand Different Ways…so Clay, rest, relax, take some time off...then come running back to us with the hottest love fest concert series evah in history!!!!!!! Just imagine...a concert tour of love songs...nothing but love songs!!!!!!! Now hold that thought until the ATDW tour begins. I am also thinking that Clay will add several songs to the fourteen on the CD, plus Lover All Alone & If You Don’t Know Me By Now...I'm imagining two – two and a half hours of LOVE SONGS...NOTHING BUT LOVE SONGS!!! Complete with sweetly whispered lyrics and soaring glory notes. Jade colored eyes, squinting to a half-closed gaze, making love to each and every Claymate as those notes slip through perfectly bow shaped, plump, & puckered...just right for kissing! *sigh*

Everything within me that makes me think, feel and imagine tells me that 2007 is going to be an astounding “break-out” year for Clay Aiken…if we thought the last four years since American Idol II have been phenomenal…something tells me that “we ain’t seen nothin’ yet”!!!

Bring it Clay…we adore you!! You are encircled in our unconditional love and unwavering support…we are waiting for the next tour to begin…we will try to be patient…but it has already been four whole days since we’ve seen you…so make it snappy…LOL

I wish you a New Year filled with health, hope, happiness, love and all that your heart desires! May God bless you and keep you always safely within the Palms of His Hands!

By: CorieLuvzClay
December 27, 2006
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Happy New Year From CDD!

Help Faye Parker Get Out Of "Jail"

Clay's mom has been locked up in the Muscular Dystrophy Association's "jail" until she raises $3000 for this worthy cause.

Donate money to help the 1 million Americans immobilized by this debilitating genetic disease. With promising treatment options in the works, your support is more important than ever.

Clay appeared on the annual MDA Telethon in 2003 and was given a now famous introduction from Jerry Lewis.

Click here to help free Faye from "jail"

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Clay's 2007 Greetings Now Up @ OFC

Clay's left a short "New Year's" message for us on the official fanclub. Fanclub members can listen to the snippet under the Media section of the website once logged in.

... and to get you into the mood for a new year, here's suz4's cool "My favourite things 2006" montage, posted to YouTube:

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Tidbits 12/30

Clay is featured in a new American Idol promotional e-mail and is also featured at

  • Vancouver Courier names David Foster's Vancouver gala one of this year's best. Clay performed at the gala, held this past September.
    Best Gala (extra large)-David Foster and Friends Charity Gala Michael Buble, Olivia Newton John, Clay Aiken, Babyface, Bill Cosby, George Lopez, Daisy Fuentes and Matt Goss joined the Grammy award-winning producer for a truly, star-studded, Hollywood-style, charity concert and benefit.
  • - write up about the song "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve", which Clay covered on MCWL.
    "What are you doing New Year's, New Year's Eve?"

    Those are lyrics to a song which has been running through my head this evening, so I've decided to use that song title as the topic for my blog. I did a Google search for the song because I'm not sure who originally sang it. It looks like a group called The Orioles originally performed the song in 1948 but the song has been covered by Ella Fitzgerald, Johnny Mathis (see the link earlier in this paragraph), Harry Connick, Jr., Diana Krall and Clay Aiken, among others over the years.
  • Not ready to give up on the 2006 Christmas tour yet? Check out NCClayfan's Photobucket slideshow.
  • Reality TV World - catching up with idols - "Everyone knows what former American Idol stars like Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, and Taylor Hicks have been up to recently. But in its January 8 issue, US Weekly caught-up with more than 50 other former Idol contestants that have appeared as a finalist in the show's five-season history."
  • Foxes on Idol - Idol sales update.
  • Monroe Times - American Idol bad, runner-up worse (negative)
  • Victoria Time Colonist - worst music of 2006... (negative)
  • Inside Bay Area - stupid 2006?? " JULY - Clay Aiken named to the President's Committee for People With Intellectual Disabilities."
  • More Kelly Ripa/Clay mentions:

  • Nothing here yet!
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Friday, December 29, 2006

Tyra Writes About Clay In Online Journal

Tyra Banks had some nice things to say about Clay in her online journal:

Someone who has the cleanest smelling breath is Clay Aiken. I know cuz he came on my show, and I had one of the most fun interviews with him that I have ever had. I am so in love with him. He is so funny, loving and amazing. He even sang with me. Yes, we did a duet - I was awful, he sounded like an angel. Clay has the most loyal fans in the world. They call themselves "Claymates." I told Clay I am a "Clay-African American," meaning that I am an African-American that loves Clay Aiken. Get it? The show was so much fun! Oh yeah, I ask Clay the one question everyone was dying to know the answer to.
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Goodbye 2006! Hello 2007!

Another fantastic year in the Clay nation has come and gone! From the amazing release of Clay's two new CDs to the unforgettable American Idol 5 appearance, we saw it all in 2006.

As we say goodbye to 2006, here is the CB's mamarose10's 2007 predictions, a Clayboard classic since 2003:

I looked at the calendar this morning and was alarmed to see that we are only two days away from a NEW YEAR!! Where does the time go?

Only two more days until 2007, and that meant it was time for me to seek out the Clayboard Crystal Ball and take my yearly peek at what predictions it would have for Clay and all of us during the coming year in Clay Land.

So I dug the Crystal Ball out from its hiding place in the secret cupboard behind the old upright piano at the Bakery, dusted it off and sat down to have a look.

Our beloved Clayboard Crystal Ball seemed somehow older and more worn this year as I gazed into it…yet at the same time that special shimmering flame that burns within its murky depths seemed clearer and brighter.

In past years, the Crystal Ball had seemed eager to share with me exciting little tidbits that the year ahead would hold for Clay and our Clayboard family. But this year, the ball seemed to have more important things to say to me and to share with all of us.

I sensed it had some simple truths it wanted to impart. And while I was looking for words of tours and TV appearances and new CDs, the Crystal Ball seemed instead to want to tell me all about Clay fans.

Now I wanted to tell the Crystal Ball that I know a little about Clay fans myself, having seen that they can stretch from a 17-year-old in my Girl Scout Troop to ClassAkt MK’s mom, BetterthanSinatra, who will turn 82 this year.

But the ball seemed insistent in making sure I knew that Clay fans come in all age groups, races, religions, shapes and sizes, and no matter how they can be categorized and scrutinized and lumped and sorted, what stands out and makes them Clay fans is their UNITY.

From the depths of the ball I read the words: "Other pop stars merely have fans, but Clay Aiken has a NATION, and a powerful nation at that. It is a nation UNITED by caring, by compassion, by pride, by hope, by faith, by time, by adversity, by trial, by loss, by victory, by joy and by love!"

"Clay fans MUST be proud of that, and PROUD of THEMSELVES," the Crystal Ball seemed to stress.

Wow, the Crystal Ball said a mouthful there. And it was typing in CAPS too!!! It must mean business!!

Things went dark for a moment or two in the depths of our special orb. I gazed in deep…thinking maybe that was all it had to say. But just when I was about to give up I saw the word "Strength" appear through a mist. The ball seemed to want to say something about strength and as the mist cleared a bit more I clearly saw the words.

The Crystal Ball said: "It is not really adversity that makes us stronger, although it does play a part. It is the love that builds beneath the adversity, the love and faith and support that the adversity brings forth in Clay fans that gives us strength and will continue to give us strength and stand us in good stead…for all the days of our lives."

I had to giggle at that last line. The Crystal Ball must be a "Days" fan and I made a mental note to try to get some soap predictions out of it in the future.

But now I sensed the Crystal Ball was growing weaker, and that our yearly time together was soon to end.

Through the mist, as I gazed deep into the ball, I could see something floating there and as it came clearer, I read the word "Bonds." Oh wow, I thought, "bonds"…as in stocks and bonds maybe?? Was I going to get some financial tip here (maybe to help me pay for future concert trips)?

But the Crystal Ball said: "No Dummy, not that kind of bonds."

The Crystal Ball continued: "I am talking about the bonds of Clay fandom. In 2007, do not forget the bonds you share because of Clay, the bonds you share with your fellow board members and all Clay fans, the bonds you share with the friends you have made BECAUSE of Clay and, most of all, the bond that all Clay’s fans share with him. What you have built together is stronger than you know, stronger than any one knows. It will withstand the test of time. Cherish your memories, hold onto the joy. Trust and believe in the future."

The glowing beam within the ball, whose power source I could never understand, was now sadly growing very dim.

I felt a little panicky! Did it not understand what I needed to see, what I needed to know? I gazed almost too hard into its depths, so hard my eyes were beginning to hurt, and just when I was about to give up, I saw it. I saw what I needed to see…ALL I really needed to see.

Swirling, ever swirling, very deep down in the ball, so deep I had to bend very close to see it, were the words:

"Do not fear. There is GREAT joy ahead! Clay will be fine. HE will ALWAYS be fine, because, after all, he has the best fans in the world. Just ask him. For he knows!"

And the Clayboard Crystal Ball went dark.

I wiped away the tear that had fallen on the now dark surface and carefully put our Clayboard Crystal Ball away until next year.

I am ready for 2007.

Happy New Year Clayboard!
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Tidbits 12/29

  • Clay will be mentioned on Inside Edition today. The AI5 appearance was named as an "unforgettable 2006 TV moment". Check local listings.
  • Ripa/Clay:
    • Foxes on Idol:
      Clay didn’t have the best year, that’s for sure. His CD, A Thousand Different Ways, didn’t do as well as expected, and he was the subject of some pretty nasty tabloid fodder. But the brouhaha that resulted from his spontaneous shushing of Kelly Ripa brought Clay back into the public eye as a sympathetic character. He was, after all, just being his silly self and Kelly really overreacted. Rosie’s defense of Clay continued the controversy. All of this got Clay back on the entertainment TV junket, making lemonade out of lemons.
    • New York Times (repeat, not new)
    • Detroit News
    • Pittsburgh Live

  • ClayKat: photo montage tribute to Clay.
  • Herald Dispatch blog - mixed bag for Idols this week ~ mentions DOOL, and ATDW.
  • Seriously? OMG! WTF? - Days of our Lives mention. "I am so happy that Patch finally got his memory back and Kayla and him are really back together! They have always been my favorite couple on Days! And to have Clay sing to them tomorrow is just icing on the cake for me."
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Clay Mentions on The Insider & E! News

Ryan Seacrest on E! News said Clay is prepping for a new national tour in the new year. This clip was shown on last night's E! News. Thanks to the CB's gerwhisp for the cap:

Also, The Insider ran a short segment about Clay's Kelly Ripa feud, naming it 2006's #5 story. Again, thanks to gerwhisp for this cap:

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

ATDW Nearing Half-Million Units Sold

Ken Barnes at USA Today's Idol Chatter blog says ATDW is nearing its 500,000 copy sold:

Dropped from 124 to 143 on the chart, but sold around 20% better, 23,000 compared to 19,000, and his total is 483,000, so close to half a million he can taste it. His Merry Christmas With Love album nearly equaled A Thousand Different Ways this week, selling 21,000 (22,000 the previous week; total 1.3 million).
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Tidbits 12/28

  • The Official Fanclub has posted the 4th installment of the Virgin Megastore exclusive video. This video was taken at Virgin Megastore Los Angeles on September 26 when Clay signed autographs at the store. Installments 1 through 3 are also available. Fanclub members can access this video under the Media section of the fanclub once logged in.
  • TV moments of the year - AI5 appearance:
    • Reality TV Magazine - "#10 During the American Idol 5 finale, Michael Sandecki was giving his best Clay Aiken impersonation, when Clay Aiken himself walked out on the stage. Who can forget Michael almost going into shock on the stage?"
    • Portland Mercury, Seattle Stranger:
      MICHAEL SANDECKI—THE GUY WHO HAD A CLAY AIKEN FREAK-OUT (from American Idol): Idol fans may remember Michael Sandecki as the Clay Aiken look-alike/number-one fan who auditioned for AI, but didn't go to Hollywood. However! When he was invited to sing "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" during the Idol finale as a tribute to Aiken, he went completely ape poop when the real Clay Aiken swished onstage! It looked like someone told him he'd won $50 million at the exact moment he accidentally stepped on a downed power line. In other words... awesome.
  • Days of our Lives mentions:
  • - Ryan Seacrest upset about Clay Aiken/Kelly Clarkson gay question posed to him during radio interview.
  • St. Paul Pioneer Press - Carrie Underwood article, small Clay mentions (negative)
  • Scranton Times - article about a NC band which opened for Clay at Musikfest in 2004.
  • TV Guide horoscope 2007 (negative)
  • Kelly/Clay:
  • My San Antonio mentions Clay topping Lycos' 2006 most-searched for list.
  • My San Antonio - jokes?? Some random Clay mentions...
  • Daily Press - 2007 predictions for the Grammys:
    The Rolling Stones win a posthumous achievement Grammy. Informed that the Rolling Stones aren’t dead yet, a Grammy spokesman says, “You’re kidding?”

    When the group lurches up on stage to accept the award nonetheless, a surprised and horrified presenter Clay Aiken screams, “Run! Zombies!”
  • WGHP FOX-TV - OK... please give me a break! This is absolutely TERRIBLE journalism! Don't miss the other WGHP report, below this item, which is even more outrageous!
    Now, Clay has brought his drama to the Piedmont. Over the weekend he performed with the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra for a Christmas concert. Apparently, Clay was scheduled to perform with a number of local artists -- all of whom were canceled from the show's bill at the last moment. So, only Clay performed.

    Clay certainly didn't win any fans over after that incident. Whether it was his call or "his people," it definitely was not a decision made in the spirit of holiday of giving. One of the scheduled singers, a local teen, said not only was he told he wouldn't be able to perform with Clay, but when the two took a picture together, Clay exhibited less than star-like qualities.
  • ahem... and here's the FOX-TV report for you to judge yourself... Didn't people buy tickets to see Clay Aiken? And, this report mentions: "Crawford reportedly told Joshua he was being cut from the show because he was not singing Christmas tunes" DUH! It's a Christmas concert!

    I am not making this up:
    15-year-old Joshua Willard of Lexington was supposed to sing during Saturday’s concert. He rehearsed Saturday afternoon at the Greensboro Coliseum and was looking forward to singing on the same stage with Aiken.

    About half an hour after rehearsal, Willard said he was told his act had been cut from the show. Joshua said Lisa Crawford from the Greensboro Symphony relayed a message from Clay’s team. Crawford reportedly told Joshua he was being cut from the show because he was not singing Christmas tunes.

    "Clay's sitting there behind us kind of...barely touching us like he thinks we're diseased or something," said Joshua.

    Clay used to be Joshua’s idol, now he has a different opinion. “He is very snotty and I don't want to have anything to do with him," added Joshua.

  • Nothing here yet.
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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Us Weekly: Idols We Still Love

Clay is winning a Us Weekly poll which asked users who their favorite past American Idol was. Ryan Seacrest, in an interview with Us, said this about Clay: "Clay Aiken was the the ultimate Idol makeover story. He had a great voice from day one but his look and confidence grew out the success he had each week."

Clay Aiken
45% (1501 votes)
Carrie Underwood
23% (758 votes)
Kelly Clarkson
28% (938 votes)
Taylor Hicks
4% (130 votes)

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"New" Clay & Quiana Photo

Quiana has posted a new photo of her with Clay on her MySpace page... they're both looking great!

Update: it's actually from September! I knew I saw this somewhere!

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Clay Mentions in Korean Newspaper

Thanks to the CB's Bloomingclay for these scans from Korea's Sports Seoul. The first scan translates into: " Clay Aiken just took off his glasses and changed his hair a little bit,but like in the movie 'Superman', a swot now looks like a prince."

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Tidbits 12/27

  • Lake County News Sun: Aiken's Christmas show a cash cow for Genesse Theatre -
    Rovine quickly added that "when people ask 'Did the show make money?' that's a fair question." One answer to that, he said, is that "we have never lost money on a show that we have promoted or co-promoted," and he added that most shows promoted by outside agencies -- such as when Clay Aiken was brought in by Jam Theatricals -- also make money for both the performer and the theatre.

    Aiken, the "American Idol" star who opened his Christmas tour at the Genesee on Dec. 1, sold 1,942 tickets and grossed more than $121,000. Rovine said "I guarantee you that will hold up against anyone else" on the singer's 18-show itinerary.
  • Kelly Ripa/Clay:

  • There Was A Man - Clay Aiken's incredible Christmas tour, 18 nights of magic in photos.
  • Southern Girl's thoughts on Clay's DOOL appearance -
    As for Claaaaay...well, no big surprise here, but I thought he did a great job! That song is probably my favorite off his new album, A Thousand Different Ways, and he sings it so tenderly and with restraint. Just lovely. Except for the caterpillars creeping over his eyes, he looked good, too. ; ) And in the realm of acting, I thought he was fine -- heck, he acted rings around the last two dudes to play Shawn Douglas (no mean feat there, but still...), and there was just a couple of obvious ad-libs that made me cringe slightly. For a guy who doesn't make his living acting, he more than passed muster as far as I'm concerned.
  • Year end thoughts from...
    • ... ConCLAYve:
      This was, undeniably, a tough year to be a Clay fan. We literally did not lay eyes on him for five months, from the end of December until the end of May. Nor did we hear much of him, either -- only ludicrous stories in the tabloids and lies perpetrated by the usual wannabes and bottom feeders who always seem to follow in the wake of celebrity.

      And when Clay finally did surface, spectacularly, on the AI5 finale, he seemed to have reinvented himself (OMG, who is THAT guy?), and proved, reassuringly, that he was still capable of creating incredible media buzz without saying a single word (Prince was on the show? Really?). We had been hearing vague things about his travails with RCA, as the new album we all eagerly anticipated was eventually released, with inexplicably poor support from them. Which was tragic, because it's so good. We fans were baffled and did our best, but wanted so much more for him. Controversy seemed to dog him, no matter what he said or did.
    • Southern Girl
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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Clay Topping Charts In Singapore

A bit of good news today from Singapore and our friends at Clay Aiken Singapore:

i dunno if this has been posted already...i think i've seen a thread about ATD being played in some Singaporean stations but not about it being NO.1 IN TRIPLE C CLIMAX (a program in a Singapore radio that highlights 10 most requested songs for a particular day). ATD has been no. 1 for 2 straight weeks but recently dropped to no. 2. In addition to these, WY is no. 2 in MTV Asia's top 10 covers of 2006 and is played very often in Mandarin MTV in Singapore.
(from the CB's mu99le)

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Days Re-Airing Dates & Times

If you missed today's episode of Days of our Lives, you can now download the caps at ClackUnlimited, or catch a repeat of the show at the following times on the SOAP Network:

  • TODAY (12/26/06) 11:00 PM EST
  • TOMORROW (12/27/06) 10:00 AM EST
  • Sunday (12/31/06) 8:00 pm EST
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Tidbits 12/26

Thanks to the CB's mu99le for this new scan from Singapore's Teen Magazine. The magazine published a nice interview with Clay last week. I don't know about you, but that photo looks new to me!

  • A few Days of our Lives mentions. The episode aired yesterday in Canada and will air today in the US.
  • Newsday- celebs and their dogs -
    Clay Aiken and Raleigh, find a backseat in that stretch limo - all the way back, in fact. Human stars may use their pets as fashion accessories, but these five mini-stars come with their own accessories - matching jewelry and a trendy little Kate Spade-style handbag. They also have their own magazine that gives the gossipy back story about their celebrity lifestyles, and serves up plenty of doggy (and catty) dish.
  • Kelly Ripa/Clay mentions:
  • USA Today - 2006 in review:
    Clay Aiken, whose tousled new look, unveiled on the American Idol finale, drew breathless comparisons to … well, k.d. lang. He later tried to show Kelly Ripa who was boss by covering her mouth with his hand on Regis and Kelly so he could get a question in.

  • Southern Girl shares on her Christmas - "I DID blow my careful eating to smithereens, however, but it's only one day and it's *Christmas* so I'm not going to get too worked up about it." (not really Clay related, but a fun read)
  • Carolina on My Mind - North Carolina welcomes their idol home...
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Monday, December 25, 2006

Ripa vs. O'Donnell Named People Magazine's #1 YouTube Clip

Clay got caught in the middle of one of biggest "feuds" of this year. People Magazine named Kelly Ripa's divafest on "The View" as their #1 YouTube clip.

Let the fur fly! Kelly Ripa calls in to confront Rosie O'Donnell on The View over Rosie's response to the Clay Aiken Incident on Live With Regis & Kelly (search "Kelly Ripa" and "Clay Aiken" on YouTube for that gem). The dialogue touches on flu season, homophobia and, of course Clay -- and you have no idea how much I hate myself for even caring.
So, as we watch these divas battle it out, here's Clay cracking jokes about the incident and as one blogger put it, "coming out smelling like a rose":

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Entertainment Tonight In The "Clay"smas Spirit!

Update: download a very nice Clay Aiken Christmas clip at

We don't know how this qualifies at news, but it's certainly a wonderful Christmas present from Entertainment Tonight. Clay is currently gracing the homepage of Entertainment Tonight's website, The story highlights Clay's 2004 Christmas special, "A Clay Aiken Christmas" which is available on DVD:

CLAY AIKEN's new 9,000-square foot home in Raleigh, NC, won't be standing empty this Christmas. The platinum-selling recording star took great pains to make sure that this year's Christmas tour finished up in time for him to get home to spend the holiday with his mother, FAYE, family and friends.

Before he headed out on the road, Clay began decorating his Christmas tree with ornaments sent to him from his fans.

"This one is from JENA and JUDY in Ohio [and says], 'Merry Christmas with love,'" the recording star tells ET.

Adding to the festivities for the former "American Idol" contestant was the re-airing of "A Clay Aiken Christmas," originally shot in 2004 and now available on DVD. Joining Clay on the holiday special, originally broadcast on NBC, were Grammy Award winner BARRY MANILOW, "Will & Grace" star MEGAN MULLALLY and gospel singer YOLANDA ADAMS.

"I met Barry for the very first time with the special," Clay commented back in 2004. "He was in the rehearsal studio playing 'Because It's Christmas' that we performed together. He and Yolanda Adams were standing there singing, and I had to step back. I said, 'You guys sing it once because I can't just jump in and sing with Barry and Yolanda, two of the greatest performers, right away. It was breathtaking to be in the room and rehearsing with them."

The special includes several songs from the platinum-selling Merry Christmas With Love, which includes a mix of modern and classic holiday songs, from "Mary, Did You Know?" to "The Christmas Song" to "Joy to the World."

"I believe Christmas is one of those holidays that is understood to be religious," Clay said. "For the TV special, we sang songs that were classically Christmas. Yolanda sang 'O Holy Night,' which one would agree is a Christmas song regardless of what your religion is. For me, I decided to perform 'Mary, Did You Know?' I believe those are the only two religious songs on the special. To me it is important to maintain my belief system no matter what I am doing, but it is also important that I don't ostracize any person's belief or religion."

When it comes to childhood memories of Christmas on TV, Clay's thoughts go to the claymation "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," but he is also a fan of the warm, cozy Christmas specials, such as those done by ANDY WILLIAMS. So, he wanted to capture that feeling for his own show, but give it a little more edge.

"The cameras are pulled out and you see how the show is being made," he explains. "At the same time you get a look backstage, a little behind-the-scenes action going on, but inside the set itself, it is very classically Christmas. It is about the music, the holiday season by the fire, mistletoe hung and that kind of thing."
Story copyright 2006 CBS Corporation Inc./Paramount Pictures

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DOOL: Claynadians Receive Special Christmas Present

Update: now has a cap of this you can download! Woohoo!
» Download now

Christmas couldn't have been better for Claynadians! The Canadian simulcast of tomorrow's Days of our Lives episode, in which Clay guest stars, aired today on Global Television.

For any Claynadians who missed this episode today, and for my American friends, tune into NBC tomorrow (check local listings).

Here's a full report courtesy the CH's GooodBabyBrush:

Kayla and Steve arrive too late and the manager said they started early because of the storm. She said she’s got all she needs now with Steve back and they dance. The guy tells them they’re closing and Kayla steps into the ladies room first. Clay Aiken walks in asking where his car is to the airport as he doesn’t want to miss his flight. Steve introduces himself, assuring Clay not to be afraid of the patch..he’s not a crazy fan, LOL, and offers him a ride to the airport and his car is right outside. He explains they were late as they read THE STORY to the kids at the hospital. Clay said if you’re late, that’s a great reason. Steve tells Clay to tell him if he’s overstepping, but asks a big favor, explaining his wife is a big fan and they just got back together after 16 years…cue the commercial as Steve explains (apparently). Kayla returns and Steve seats her at a front table. Clay walks out and introduces himself to Kayla. Steve explains they’re driving Clay to the airport and Clay tells Kayla that Scott found a track to one of his songs and he’d like to sing one of his love songs as a gift from Steve to her. He sings the perfect song about a man giving the only thing he can..himself…as they watch lovingly and kiss…the song continues as we join the pub folks as Mimi and Max step aside to hug and kiss as Shawn watches a little jealously…until Belle and Claire join him and he smiles and takes his daughter and holds her…while Sami watches smiling and Lucas and Will join her. Pop Shawn kisses Caroline at the bar and Bonnie pours herself another drink (sigh). Chelsea watches morosely as Nick joins her and puts his arm around her and pulls her in for a hug. Bo and Hope kiss in front of the pub tree as the picture fades and

We RETURN TO THE HORTON HOME as Doug, Julie and Maggie look outside and smile. The camera pans on all the pictures on the mantle…Belle & Shawn, Jack and Jennifer, Sami & Lucas, Doug & Julie, Bo & Hope, Abby and then an old black and white of the Horton original family. Alice holds Tom’s picture and says “Merry Christmas Tom, my darling Tom. Merry Christmas to all those we love near to us far away..the blessings of this day will be with you now and all the days of our lives. As the camera shows her and Tom’s ornaments and the tree angel as we return to Clay finishing his song I CAN ONLY GIVE YOU EVERYTHING I HAVE as he smiles watching Kayla and Steve kissing.
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Tidbits 12/25

  • People Magazine quotes Clay about talking about one of his favourite movies from this year:
    Clay Aiken: The Queen – "Helen Mirren looks just like Queen Elizabeth. Acted like her! I thought it was very good."
  • Grand Rapids Press has some compliments for us... awww.. thank you!
    Clay Aiken, the singing sensation who nearly won TV's "American Idol" in 2003, packed DeVos Performance Hall on Tuesday with a sold-out performance with the Grand Rapids Symphony. Emissaries from "Clay Nation" were out in force for the Christmas program. By a show of hands, at least a dozen claimed to have been to more than 60 of his concerts. One owned up to 70, and another said she had seen him more than 80 times, which impressed Aiken. "I don't even like myself that much," he told them.
  • Even on Christmas day, we can't escape the Clay/Kelly mentions:
  • My San Antonio - Christmas cheer? What Christmas cheer? "After weeks of battling mall crowds, nasty clots of traffic and Clay Aiken mangling "Silver Bells," I couldn't feel holly or jolly if you strung me up on the mantle with garland and tickled my soles with mistletoe and candy canes." uhh.... yeah.... whatever!

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