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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Clay in August J-14 Magazine

Clay appears with his AI5 copycat, Michael Sandecki, in the latest issue of J-14 Magazine - hitting newsstands now.

Click to enlarge. Scan courtesy Aikenized's gallery.

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Clay Aiken Radio Now Streaming!

We made a cool discovery today via the Smart Mobs blog... Many of you have missed BeaversOnIdol's online Idol radio station since they shut down last year. Now, a replacement is on the air. Calling themselves "Clay Aiken Fan Radio", the streams not only Clay songs, but also songs from Clay's friends (Ruben, Kim, Kelly...) right to your desktop. And best of all - it's free and accessible from any computer with an internet connection.

Give it a try today! Click here and scroll down to "Fan Radio".

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Will "Soon" Be In October?

Here's the latest buzz on the sophomore album... an October release? Thanks to the CB's CHAfan5230 for this update:

hey all
I've been at cd stores lately browsing and of course hoping to maybe find the date of release for the cd however, my friend in canada works at a cd plus and told me some info that maybe helpful. She was looking at the delivery dates for when the cd's actually arrive at the store and found that Clay's will be shipped to the store around Wednesday [September] the 20th. Then she looked up if it had any known release date and she found that apparently October 10th would the release date for the cd. Im hoping this is true. I mean wouldn't it make sense if Clay was apparently still working on the cd by going to sweden and meeting with songwriters/producers? The cd would need time to actually be manufactured and such and plus time for promotion before hand and tv apperances would need a good month or so to actually get the word out. That's why I think that the september date seems a tad too close and this seems a bit more realistic.
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Clay To Be On GMA After All?

New buzz from Clayversity suggests that Clay may be on ABC's Good Morning America Summer Concert Series after all. Although we reported late last month that all spots had been filled, a reliable 'source' from the network says ABC has decided on opening up a new slot - September 1 - and Clay may be the artist to fill it! In April, an ABC staffer leaked word out about Clay possibly appearing on the concert series in July. Needless to say, it did not materialize and was perhaps cancelled/moved to better accomodate the sophomore album's tentative September release. Clay appeared on the GMA Summer Concert Series in 2004 and 2005.

Here's a post from the CV's StripedShirts:

I have "buzz" from GMA

This is an excerpt from an email I received from a reliant staffer:
So I guess by now you know about July 21st.I hear we have Clay coming on in the future. Have you heard why?
I wrote:
Because he's got a fantastic new cd coming out lord-knows-when.
No dates, no details, nothing in stone yet.
So.... Back in April when I first heard "Clay/GMA CONCERT SERIES", I believed it & posted about it....then things changed. This time however, I think it's for real. Take this for what you will, but I'm smiling

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Tidbits 7/8

  • The CB's Rainlover reminds us that it's been 3 years since the first "Shirt Tug"..."Three years ago today, at the first concert of the American Idol 2 Summer Concert Tour at the Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN, the "OMG, OMG, OMG, What Was That Move?" Shirt Tug was born, and, as they say, the rest is history."
  • - small Clay mention in an article about how singing & baseball don't mix well together - " But the organizers for the Tournament needs to realize that 99-percent of the fans in attendance at the stadium are there to see baseball, not Ruben Studdard or Clay Aiken."
  • Worcester Telegram & Gazette- AI5 concert review... concertgoer says Clay is her favourite idol - "He's so cute. And he has remarkable pipes."
  • Here's a new montage on Google Video, called "Can You Feel, The Girl Is Mine." Made with clips from the 2003 AI summer tour.
  • Don't forget to (positive) vote for Clay on He's currently ranked as #4.
  • The Real Rhapsody Music Store has 43 AWESOME shots from JBT and NAT.
  • I'm not sure what to make of this.... a spoof of Iraq war protester Cindy Sheehan with Clay and Neil Young. What?

  • Chexxxy talks about the sophomore album in her latest post... "Clay's new CD is a better kept secret than the location of Amelia Earhart's plane. Ordinarily an artist would have started talking about his upcoming CD by now. There may have been a tracklist by now or maybe the title of the CD or even the first single might have been identified." (Chexxxy included that thudlicious photo seen above... we just had to post it here on CDD!)
  • It's A Magical World... competitors on NBC's America's Got Talent have "the mistaken belief that they're the next Clay Aiken."
  • ConCLAYve -- blog about bad boyfriends (not really Clay related)
  • MyClayStation has some clack while we wait for the sophomore album.
  • Lordy Lordy Lordy: We miss you Clay!
  • Clayigraphy gives us a cute "Clay Aiken" anime doll (see right) and shares her thoughts on the current fanclub acronym contest.
  • Graphics In Mind has another of gorgeous creation...
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Friday, July 07, 2006

Clayboarders Join Together to Pray for Mammat53

Clayboarders are praying tonight for Mammat53, a.k.a Sharon, who was recently released from the hospital. Last week, Mammat suffered a minor stroke resulting from thyroid problems. Mammat is the Clayboard's most active member with a whopping 50,000 posts under her name (WOW!). Please feel free to share your thoughts with Mammat using our commenting feature. We'll make sure Mammat receives your well wishes.

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Angela Fisher Will Tour With Clay This Fall

Clay's long time friend and back-up vocalist Angela Fisher has confirmed via her MySpace page that she will once again be heading out on the road with Clay. Fisher has already toured with Clay 5 times - Independent Tour 2004, Solo Tour 2004, Joyful Noise 2004, Jukebox 2005 and Joyful Noise 2005! Hopefully this means that the entire "Clay Aiken gang" will be back for a smoking hot fall tour, as announced by the OFC earlier this year.

New mother Quiana Parler, Clay's other backing vocalist, has also confirmed that she will be returning to tour with Clay.

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Tidbits 7/7

  • Langley Times - This is an article about The David Foster Star Search competition, which he announced on June 8. David's sister, Jaymes Foster, will be one of the judges, and she is mentioned as "currently working with former American Idol, Clay Aiken."
  • The Sunday Paper - This article, "From Snellville to Brooklyn" talks about Diana Degarmo's work in theater. Concerning Clay, its says, "After her debut single, "Dreams," went to No. 1 on the Billboard magazine Hot Singles Sales Chart, one might have thought she'd be on her way to follow in the footsteps of "Idol" alumni Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken."
  • Ananova reports the ET All-American stars poll.
  • Idol Thoughts-- "Looks like Clay Aiken's next CD is due for a September release. Signs in Barnes and Nobles are also listing Ruben's Return of the Velvet Teddy Bear for September 26, and Fantasia's for October. Sounds about right!"
  • The broads over at LBFCA have an acronym lesson for Clay. :) The fun never ends at LBFCA!
  • May's American Idol Season Finale, which Clay appeared on, has been nominated for an Outstanding lighting Emmy.

  • It's been one year since Clay published his first blog -- July 7, 2005!
  • Southern Girl's blog today talks about a "multitude" of topics -- a look back at NAT2004, Clay's somewhat excessive blogging this week (we're not complaining!) -- "Speaking of power, I don't know of two words with more power to send Clay's online fans into a frenzy than 'He blogged.'" -- , and some highlight blogs from the past week.
  • There Was A Man blogs about Clay's recent blog entries and his changes to the current 'name the sophomore album acronym' contest. -- "Clay must have been pulling out his pretty hair because despite the seven chances, we still suck at guessing."
  • ConCLAYve: Why Clay's recent blog entry title -- "Respond To Me" fits nicely with Clay's persona... "Clay always builds in at least one if not two places in his concerts where he can interact with the audience. The best was from the 2005 Jukebox Tour where the reluctant husbands or boyfriends of Clay fans were picked on."
  • Mee-eh-gan at This Is How I Measure A Man tells us how she Clayverted her aunt -- "[My aunt said], 'He really is a good guy.' I was like YESH! My smile was probably quite large and it lasted for awhile...I'm smiling now typing this. So, that was her way of apologizing. It was a GREAT moment...."
  • Chart Rigger- Katharine McPhee ain't no Clay Aiken (after all)..."Well, they can't all be Clay Aiken, kids. Sometimes the American Idol runner-ups have to settle for being, say, a Diana DeGarmo. This week, season five second-place starlet Katharine McPhee sees her uninspired cover of 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' debut at a less-than-spectacular #12 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart."
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Clay Attended Michael Buble Concert in Sweden

According to an article in the Birmingham News entitled "Inside Buble's Bubble", Clay went to one of Michael Buble's concerts while he was in Sweden. The two had a chance to talk and Michael said this about part of their conversation:

"It's funny, because Clay Aiken came to my show in Sweden," Buble says. "He's a nice kid, and we were talking about the press beating up on us. He said, `You think you get beaten up, I get beaten up every single day.'"

While he's not the punching bag that Aiken has become, Buble says it still hurts to read bad press.
According to a thread at the Clayboard, there is speculation that he met with Max Martin in Sweden:
Just read at CH that Clay went to Sweden and attended Michael Buble's concert--------on June 5th. Specualtion is that he was there to work with Max Martin, a pop writer/producer--------worked with Kelly Clarkson on Since You Been Gone and Behind These Hazel Eyes.
Remember, this is just speculation at this point. We do know that he was at Michael's concert, but whether or not he met with Max Martin is speculation. Still, its very exciting to know that he was in Sweden!

Go to The Clayboard to check out the thread on Clay in Sweden.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Clay in July 17 US Weekly

Nice Clay mention in the new, July 17, issue of US Weekly. Talks about Clay's new hair. Scan courtesy gerwhisp.

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Clay Increases The Jackpot in Acronyms Contest

Clay "upped the ante" in his guess the sophomore album acronym contest, announced late last month. Here's today's update posted by the fanclub staff. Changes include more chances to enter and BETTER prizes (partiicularly the phone call from Clay!!!). Fanclub members, you have less than a week to get your entries in -- what are you waiting for?

07/05/06 / OMG! Clay Ups the Ante on the Acronym Contest
Over the fourth of July holiday, Clay has decided to up the ante on the new NANA (New Album Name Acronym) Contest and add a personal touch as a thank you to his fans. Since the first contest clue leads to a possible 456,976 acronyms, Clay would like each fan club member to now be allowed up to seven (7) entries giving everyone a better chance at guessing the acronym for the title of his new album.

And that's not all... Clay wants to add more to the jackpot! The grand prize winner will now also receive a one-year fan club membership renewal, compliments of Clay, and a congratulatory phone call from Clay himself!!!!
On another note, the fanclub also posted a note about Clay being named ET's 5th "All-American" star...
07/05/06 / Clay is ET's #5 All-American Star"
The results are in... Clay Aiken is #5 on Entertainment Tonight's "All-American Star" poll. Clay made the Top 10 among other stars like Jennifer Ansiton, Reese Witherspoon, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney and more!

Thanks to everyone who voted and congratulations, Clay!
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Tidbits 7/6

  • Clay blogged again last night. Talk, talk, talk! Our man can't stop talking! LOL.
  • The Kansas City Star - Article about Eric Huffman, who sang in the chorus at the Kansas City Joyful Noise Tour this year. He says some very nice things about Clay, such as "He was a cool person, fun to hang around with," and "it was neat to be in a full-fledged professional show."
  • Clay topping ET's All-American celebs list has made it all the way to India -- India E-News.
  • Congrats to the Bubel Aiken Foundation -- Special Children's SITE OF THE DAY... says: "Season Two runner-up Clay Aiken founded the Bubel/Aiken foundation with Diane Bubel, the mother of an autistic boy he worked with while studying special education, with the purpose of promoting inclusion in school and society for children with disabilities. On the Bubel/Aiken site, you can donate to the cause, shop for foundation-supporting merchandise, find out how to volunteer your time, apply for a grant, or learn more about the foundation and its mission."

  • Marhaven issues us another of her "scrapbook challenges" -- this one is to encapsulate Clay, Ruben and Kelly's friendship on one page. She's done an awesome example (see above)
  • Feeling the Joy has a not-to-miss video from last year's Interlochen, MI JBT Tour concert.
  • Idle Wandering tells us why Clay is the new trendsetter in cool... as Allison Glock put it: "Aiken's ignorance of all things hot translates into a doofy authenticity and a captivating vulnerability. He's so uncool, he's cool." (recommended reading)
  • On the Boardwalk: a blog about Clay's blogs -- "Who could believe this? After six months of blogging MAYBE once a month (if we were lucky), Clay has now blogged 3 times in 24 hours. It's a veritable conversation with us!"
  • Southern Girl ponders whether Clay should try songwriting as many other Idols have... "I hope someday Clay *does* try his hand at songwriting. Maybe he'll surprise himself and be great at it." Blog also includes some NICE clack from JBT!
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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Brand New Clay Pictures From Kelly's Concert Makes Their Debut

Have you had enough pictures of Clay from Kelly Clarkson's concert? I didn't think so! If not, here are two new pics, one hot off the CB and the other straight from people online.

The photo on the right was found on People Magazine's StarTracks section. The caption reads:

American Idol stars Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard get fan-friendly Monday while showing their support for another AI vet, Kelly Clarkson, during the Raleigh, N.C., stop of her Addicted tour.
ZumaPress also has some new, albeit small, photos from the concert.

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B&N: Album Still Slated for September 19

You may recall our blog last month about Barnes & Nobel listing Clay's sophomore CD for a September 19 CD release date. Well, the CB's clays irish lass went into the same store today and asked the manager for a list of upcoming CD releases. Clay is still listed for September 19. Here's her recap:

Libby C and I went to B & N today. They showed us a list of all upcoming cds. OMC is still on for Sept. 19. Ruben for Sept. 26, Fantasia--10/17. Kat and Taylor in Nov. This was a list put out by Sony and is not in their system yet. Libby got a copy of the list and is trying to figure out how to scan it. Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!!!!!!
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Tidbits 7/5

  • Our chattery Clay blogged twice in the last day - once last night and once this morning. He talks about his Kelly Clarkson concert experience and still insists that we'll "see him soon." Oh Clay, oh Clay... shame on you! 'Soon' is a bad word! LOL.
  • Hairstyle Watch gives the thumb up to Clay's new hairstyle: "You can not deny Clay Aiken's new hairstyle anymore than you could deny his singing abilities."

  • Graphics in Mind has a HOTT new drawing of Clay's new look (based on a photo from the KC concert earlier this week)
  • ClaySpots: another impressive "walk down memory lane" post...
  • Chexxxy blogs about the Kelly concert Clay attended.
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Clay Named America's 5th Favourite Star on ET

As promised, Clay was named the fifth most popular All-American superstar on last night's Entertainment Tonight. ET showed footage of Clay with ET's Mary Hart at last year's Emmy awards, as well as some concert footage. The host mentioned how Clay's concert tickets are "hard to come by" and that Clay is "selling truckloads of CD's".

The results were based on an online poll which allowed ET viewers to tell ET who they thought THE All-American superstar was.

CDD Video: Entertainment Tonight viewers name Clay as an "All-American" star.

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day

>> Watch a clip of Clay singing "Star Spangled Banner" at 2004's A Capitol Fourth.
>> The Clayboard'ers have a wonderful thread with Clay's Independence Day photos (both old and new)

Tidbits 7/4

  • Clay falls on the Lycos50 to 39. Keep SEARCHING Claymates!
  • American Idols still have to prove longevity... Topix.
  • Pennlive/Patriot News: Michael Buble jokes about his "GQ cover" looks... referring to Clay.
  • has an update on Steven Domalewski, the 11 year old minor-leaguer who was hurt in a freak baseball accident last month. The horrific accident was witnessed by the CB's NanClayfan who went home and shored up support for Steven amongst her Clayboard friends. Tonight, we hear that Steven is on the mend as a team of doctors convenge on the NJ hospital Steven is being treated at. For almost a month now, Steven has been under a medically induced coma. We ask that you continue to keep Steven in your thoughts.

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Clay Attends Kelly Clarkson's Concert in Raleigh

Clay showed up, along with Ruben Studdard and other friends (including the BAF's COO Kristy Barnes), at Kelly Clarkson's concert yesterday evening in Raleigh, North Carolina. By all reports, the Clay's fans were thrilled.

Notrelated from the CH, who was at the concert, gave the following report:

"Just back from the Clay show, oops I mean the Kelly show in

I sat about 8 rows directly behind Clay and ended up spending the
majority of the concert staring at the back of his head (and his
swirly *g*). I was lucky enough to be in the VIP seating and it's a
bit higher up than the seats Clay and his group were in, so I had a
pretty good view of him the entire concert.

Kelly who?

Clay and his entourage really created quite a stir when they came
in. I was a little worried there for a while because SO many people
surrounded the area to take pictures and get autographs. I kind of
felt bad for him until I realized he seemed to be enjoying the
attention and was not at all bothered. At one point he even stood
up, turned around and waved to the crowd.

It looked like the venue brought in more security as time went by, which helped, but people still kept coming up for pics and to chat. At one point it looked liked he had a security guy directly behind him, which seemed to control things, but alas, impeded my view *g*. It was so cool that Ruben was with him. They all seemed to be having a great time. I caught Clay's head bee-bopping during several songs and I saw him singing to Miss Independent and maybe SUBG. And he was very chatty with his group…leaning over Kristy (?) several times to speak to Ruben. There was a guy sitting next to Clay also, maybe Nick. His profile looked like Nick's, but his hair was very short.

I tried desperately to get a few pictures, but he was just far enough away that everything I got was dark and/or blurry.

Our seats ended up being great for several reasons…the view of Clay, first and foremost, of course. But then Kelly ended up coming into the crowd to sing Breakaway and she was right behind us. Everyone turned around to watch her which gave me a perfect view of Clay watching her too. Again, I tried to get a shot of Clay, this time of his actual face, but it wasn't to be…just more blurriness.

They all left pretty quickly once the concert was over and the lights came up.

What a fun night…the concert actually was pretty good, but seeing Clay, unexpectedly, was such a treat!"
What a great review! Later information says that the guy sitting next to Clay was a venue security guard and that he left when the show started.

Here is another report from Cats4Clay at Clayversity about Clay, Kelly, and Ruben having dinner together.
"Okay, folks, I may have my very first, official, new Clay item to
contribute to the conversation. I was also at Kelly's concert tonight with my wonderful son, and we had a very nice and talkative security guard standing by our section, and he told us that he had heard a rumor that Clay Aiken might be a surprise guest singer tonight, but to not hold him to it, because this was only a rumor. We all know that did not happen, and I honestly took it with a grain of salt, anyway, but then he started talking again, and he said what he did know for a fact, because he saw it with his own eyes, was that Clay dropped Kelly off at the venue this afternoon. I also heard this same thing from two different security officers throughout the night, so I would pretty much think that this is true. When word was getting around that Ruben was in the building (Clay hadn't made his way to his seat yet), two girls behind us said that they were just entering a restaurant in Raleigh last night (sorry I can't remember the name), and that as soon as they got there their waitress asked them did they see Clay, Kelly and Ruben just leave. The waitress said Clay loved to eat there, and he took the two of them out to eat last night. I hate like crazy that I was on the total opposite side of Clay tonight (we were in almost identical seats, just in opposite sections), at least I knew I was breathing the same hot, sweaty air as he was, and that he was doing fine and enjoying a night out with friends. I love seeing his smiling face in that picture, and I'm glad that he was there tonight to support his friend."
It does my heart good, and I'm sure yours as well, to know that Clay was not only out with his friends enjoying Kelly's concert, but also that he was having a blast giving out autographs to his fans, even standing on his seat and waving to everyone. And how awesome for him, Kelly, and Ruben to be together again and able to spend some time together.

If you'd like to read more about this and see some pictures go to the following sites:

Clayboard Kelly Concert Thread (pictures begin over halfway into the thread)
Aikenized Photo Gallery (Kelly Concert) - All pictures in one spot
Truth Rules... blog about Clay, Kelly, Ruben spending time with each other
Southern Girl also blogs about this

Click to enlarge

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Clay Comes in 5th on ET "All American Star" Poll

TV Alert: Watch tonight (7/4)'s Entertainment Tonight to see Clay crowned as America's 5th most popular superstar! (Check local listings)

Entertainment Tonight asked us to write to them online and tell them who our favorite "All-American Star" is. After days of people writing in, voting, and stating the admirable characteristics of their favorite star, the top ten list is now on ET's website. Clay Aiken came in 5th, beating out such stars as George Clooney, Brad Pit, and Julia Roberts. Even America's favorite pirate, Jack Sparrow aka/Johnny Depp was only ahead of Clay by one spot at #4!

ET writes about Clay, "The former "American Idol" runner-up has many devoted fans who adore his voice and personality -- viewers say Clay is authentic and the real deal!" They got that right!

To read about all of the stars who made the top 10 list, go to ET Online.

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Clay's Book, "Learning to Sing", On High School's "Must Read" List

One of the Clay fans in one of my groups posted the following, which I think is really exciting. Yes, our schools are doing something right!! ;)

My daughter will be entering school as a Junior in September. We just received the summer reading list (they are required to read 6 selections during the summer and write a small summary of each). I was glancing through the pages and found Clay's book listed!

I thought I would pass the info on to let you all know that (at least in the school system here) he is considered a "must read".
I gotta agree with this school district. LTS is a must read for young and old alike!

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Our 4th of July Gift to You – A Walk Down Memory Lane: July 4, 2004

The 4th of July. Our country’s birthday. A time of family get-togethers, parades, and all-American food like hot dogs and homemade ice cream. And, of course fireworks and lots of spectacular fireworks shows.

But on July 4, 2004, fireworks were going off in the living rooms of every Clay fan around the country because their idol was scheduled to sing at “A Capitol 4th” in Washington. Hundreds of thousands of viewers crowd the west lawn to watch the 4th of July spectacular every year, and typically another ten million viewers watch it at home on their televisions. And this year hundreds of Clay Aiken fans were included in that count. Clay was asked in a Yahoo music review if he was nervous about the number of people he would be singing in front of. His reply was, “"I'm more excited about it, actually. I was invited to a different Fourth of July event but I wanted to do this one. ... It's just a cooler opportunity to be in Washington, D.C., for the holiday, with a big 110-piece orchestra."

This 4th of July was to be an especially moving one for Clay. His brother, Brett, had just enlisted in the Marines, and his father, Ray Parker, died two years before on July 4. Clay said in a Yahoo music review, “"This Fourth of July is special because my dad was in the Air Force and my brother is now in the military," said Aiken. "It gives a little more meaning to it this year."

I can remember the excitement of Clay fans on the various boards I visit. We were so excited that he was invited to sing in such a prestigious event and that he was the one to be singing the National Anthem, as well is God Bless The USA and Measure of a Man. For so many people to be able to hear that voice all over the United States made me and all other fans so proud...especially proud to be an American.

The host that evening was Barry Bostwick, and his introduction of Clay was fantastic. A Clay fan could hardly write it better! In fact, its so good, I can’t just quote part of it, so enjoy the whole intro again:

“We love talent. And we're always happy to encourage it wherever we find it. And America found a great talent recently and his name is Clay Aiken. I know, I voted for him too. Now they encouraged this young man by turning his albums into million sellers and his TV appearances into major events. This past year he won the American Music Award, the Billboard Music Award, had his face on the cover of Rolling Stone, TV Guide, and Teen People magazine and was named by People magazine as one of the sexiest men alive. (more screams) This Raleigh North Carolina native stood the music world on its ear and continues to charm with his down-home personality and dazzle with his outstanding voice. Please welcome once again - Clay Aiken.”
Does that introduction make you just about to burst with pride!

Clay couldn’t have sung The National Anthem more beautifully or with more feeling. His arrangement was simple and straightforward with no gimmicky additions like we hear in some arrangements. The Washington Post said:

“In many ways, it was Aiken's best performance of the evening. He sang the anthem beautifully and reverently, in the time-honored manner of an old civic prayer. And yet he also found a way to give the song a hip, vital shallowness that would normally be introduced by a spinning "American Idol" emblem, and he brought the ending home like a seasoned contestant.”
Except for the National Anthem, Clay’s performance was saved for last. As one fan said back then, “Looks like the one who gets the loudest screams gets to go last! Clay is saved for last! Cuz he's the very very best! The fireworks should be starting soon right here in my living room!”

Of course, Clay sang “Measure of a Man” as beautifully as always. I thought this song was so fitting because so many men and women have died on the battlefield since the founding of our country, all so we can have freedom. Obviously, these men and women have shown us what the true “measure of a man” is by being willing to sacrifice their lives for us. And those who have not died in combat have shown the same thing with their loyal service to their country. This song, I believe, was so touching and moving to the millions of people watching for this very reason, and Clay has a way of making a song even more meaningful with the gift that he has been given.

Clay sang his last song, “God Bless The USA” in a way that, as a Clay fan said, “gave it new life.” Another fan said, “I got goosebumps all over me when Clay sang "God Bless The U.S.A.". He was absolutely incredible. And a standing "O"!” As Clay sang, the camera scanned the audience, and there were countless men and woman from the various branches of the military standing up singing along with him. I had tears in my eyes, and you can see that Clay did as well. It was an unbelievable moment. A couple of Clay fans made these comments:

"The tears in his eyes just did me in! What a beautiful performance!"

"I couldn't see the tears in his eyes for the tears in my eyes. He
just touches me deep inside with the emotion in his voice. 'Nobody
does it half as good as you, Clay, you're the best!!'"

I don’t think any Clay fan who had the privilege of watching Clay sing on that stage that night, with the Capitol in the background and the many, many people there who showed up in spite of the wet weather, will ever forget it. To watch his emotions was so moving – his smiles, his tears, the little bit of nervousness you could hear in his voice every once in a while as he spoke. And knowing that family was in his heart that night, making this an extremely touching performance for him, this was something I would never have missed for anything in the world.

Clay continues to touch our heart and soul in ways we can’t describe. The fireworks still go off at any given concert. In fact, they go off in my heart when I'm home listening on my CD player. And when the new CD comes out, no doubt there will be another fireworks display.

We at CDD want to wish you and your families a wonderful 4th of July. Pull out the old video of A Capitol 4th if you get a chance. You won’t be sorry. Oh, and Clay, thanks for the memories.

If you want to download the three songs Clay sang from A Capitol 4th, go to ClayMediaWorld and then scroll down to “C”/Capital 4th.

If you would like to read a review and see pictures from Clay’s performance go to:

Yahoo Music Review (Click on "Rehearsal" or "Show" to see pictures)

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Tidbits 7/3

  • BeaversOnIdol has a really long, but nice editorial on life as a Claymate. By Shari, a single mom living in California. -- "No, people like Clay Aiken don’t walk into your lives everyday, and fans like his are truly once in a lifetime."
  • Shanghaiist - In an article entitled, "What a Croc: Please don't wear these shoes", the writer does not like these colorful shoes worn in Hawaii. However, Crocs are so popular that he says, "There are are bunch of Crocs clones out there now, too -- because somehow, like a colorful Clay Aiken of molded rubber, Crocs have become popular." How nice that he realizes how popular Clay is!
  • Yahoo-Press Release Clay came in 2nd to Elliott Yamin's 1st for Moosak's month of June voting. NOTE: You can vote every 5 minutes on this, so we can make Clay #1 this month!!
  • YouTube has an old video of young Clay singing at a Hometown Connection engagement all the way back in May 1999.
  • Piano-maker Baldwin Pianos says Clay uses their product... "Baldwin Artists are not paid for their endorsements of the Baldwin piano. Their voluntary preference for a particular piano is a testimonial to its quality and reputation. The Concert & Artist Division ensures that these professionals always receive the finest instruments and service available. Clay Aiken - Vocalist, Runner-up to Fox TV's 2003 American Idol: The Search for a Superstar competition."
  • angelcat4jc recommends The Way from last year's Jukebox tour concert in Interlochen, MI. He gives "the look". You can download 4192spooky's version here at ClackUnlimited.

  • Marhaven issues a scrapbooking challenge to Claymates.... and here's Mar's first entry into the scrapbook.
  • ClayKat blogs about the new OFC "guess the album" name contest
  • Clayigraphy questions the point of the contest... "what are the odds" of someone guessing the album name exactly?
  • ConCLAYve: Berkleylovesclay reflects on the meaning of Independence Day
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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Camp Gonzo Finally Becoming A Reality?

The CB/TTC's 123somethingextra updated us on her efforts of getting the BAF's Camp Gonzo project into all YMCAs in Georgia. The project, which had a successful pilot run at the YMCA in Raleigh, aims to make ALL YMCA facilities more inclusive of children with disabilities. More information on the project, now formally known as the Summer Camp Project (SCP), can be found on the Bubel Aiken Foundation's website. There is now indication that the initiative is finally taking shape nationwide - a long time goal of Clay's.

Here's what 123somethingextra posted yesterday on That's The Clay:

Just recently the Georgia Claymates began talking with a YMCA in Atlanta about us donating time, materials, etc. to the YMCA summer camp in hopes of eventually getting a Camp Gonzo in Atlanta.

A lady who is the Coordinator for the Georgia YMCA's has been working with us closely and asked us the other day what was our ultimate goal as far as volunteering and donations to the YMCA Georgia. So, we told her. Our ultimate goal is to have a Camp Gonzo in Georgia. She had no idea what we were talking about so we explained. Everything. We explained Clay, the BAF and the initiative that Clay started within the Camp Gonzo summer camp program. She told us that their summer camps already had programs for children with disabilities. So, we told her that we appreciated that YMCA Georgia had summer camps for children with disabilities but that Clay's dream was for children with disabilities and children without disabilities to go to camp together, to experience the same summer program along side each other. Well, we were informed that that is exactly what they do.

Prior to contacting the YMCA Georgia we had gone to the BAF site and downloaded flyers about the camps that had already been started so that we could use them. After this lady told us that they already have a program set up for children with and without disabilities to attend together, I went back over to the BAF site and the flyers are gone. The programs are no longer called Camp Gonzo but rather simply Summer Camps. We have been told that all the YMCA's are now involved in summer camps where exclusion is a thing of the past.

This is great news. This means that Clay's initiative has been met. He has accomplished his agenda. Why haven't we heard about this? Why hasn't it been discussed on the boards? This is great news. Have I just missed it? Does anyone recall seeing a thread about this? Does anyone know more about it than what I have discussed?

Also of interest is this newly added paragraph about this program on the BAF's website:
In July 2006, the Foundation was asked to present its For All—Inclusion in Your YMCA workshop at The YMCA of the USA’s International Conference. The workshop focuses on embracing the philosophy of inclusion and what the YMCA’s role could and should be. The Foundation continues to introduce its Summer Camp curriculum and showcase its current partnership with several YMCAs throughout the country.
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Tidbits 7/2

  • 2 years ago today: Clay performs on Good Morning America's summer concert series. Clay won't be on this year.
  • Billboard's Fred Bronson talks about why American Idol single sales are so high: "Now that sales are having such a strong impact on the Hot 100, Clay Aiken's fans might buy enough copies of the first single from his next album to catapult it to No. 1. You know they're going to give it their best effort!"

  • ConCLAYve: video from Clay's 2004 performance with label-mate Heather Headley at Broadway Cares.
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