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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fantastic "Unofficial" OMWH Promo Vid from The Clay Channel

The Clay Channel posted a cute "unofficial" promotional video for Clay's new album, On My Way Here. Check it out here on YouTube.

Tidbits 3/22

  • Theater Mania - Bradley Dean joining Spamalot cast this week - "The show currently stars Jonathan Hadary, Hannah Waddingham, Clay Aiken, Tom Deckman, Rick Holmes, David Hibbard, and Brad Oscar."
  • Broadway World - similar article about Dean -
    Dean joins a cast headed by Tony Award nominee Jonathan Hadary and Olivier Award nominee Hannah Waddingham who play King Arthur and The Lady of the Lake respectively. They are joined by “American Idol” finalist Clay Aiken, Tom Deckman, Rick Holmes, David Hibbard, and Tony Award nominee Brad Oscar.
  • ABC KFSN-TV - carpooling friends share conversations on the ride to work -
    "What did Kathy tell me, she goes, David Archuletta is like a little Clay Aiken uh, uh."
  • Philanthropy Journal - Bubel Aiken Foundation to hand out more than half a million dollars of grants -
    The Bubel/Aiken Foundation, co-founded by American Idol star and singer Clay Aiken, will award more than $500,000 in grants this year.

    The grants will support programs across the U.S. as part of the foundation's Let's ALL Play program, which provides opportunities for children with disabilities to participate in inclusive recreational experiences such as swimming, arts and crafts, community service and physical fitness.
CDD Blogwatch Orders for "On My Way Here" Spike After CD Cover Revealed

There was a huge spike in the number of pre-orders for Clay's new CD "On My Way Here" at following the posting of the CD cover last night.

As of 10:50 AM EDT, the CD is #18 on the music bestsellers list and #1 in the vocal pop bestsellers list.

Keep those orders coming - order now!

Friday, March 21, 2008

What's Hot From Spamalot 3/21

All fan reports are from The Clayboard:

  • Our first news from Spamalot really is not so hot. Apparently Clay has hurt his hip. Zacus at The Clayboard gives us this report:
    Clay did not come out to the stage door tonight. Tom Deckman told the crowd that Clay had hurt his hip and was already gone. You coudn't tell anything was wrong during the show. His dancing was very vigorous throughout the show and he was extremely animated.
    Oh no!! Let's hope its nothing serious. Get better soon, Clay!

  • From Lilred:
    ... and here's a little recap from last night..
    March 20 From the CH
    QUOTE("ForeverYoung") I heard her say on the phone to one of her friends while I wasn't in the room, "I laughed so loud my mom told me to lower the volume and yes, he was really, really fantastic!" and that made my night. Best birthday present I could ever receive from my daughter. You see, this was the first time my daughter ever consented to do anything Clay related with me and I'm beyond thrilled.

    My recap consists of these thoughts from last night:
    - Row H center, no one tall obstructing my view
    - Clay animated, gorgeous and flawless
    - Dinner at Junior's during rush hour was everything the matre'd said it would be, 30 minute wait for table, dinner served within 10 minutes of seating and out by 7:45 in time to get across the alley to the theater.
    - Wind gusts in the alley so strong, my daughter had to hold on to me so I wouldn't blow away.
    - No stage door showing for Clay, boo hoo, I suspect because of the wind, but I have 2 more chances. I really wanted my daughter to have the experience.
    - The woman sitting next to me, big Clay fan, was here with her husband from Houston Texas and they came to see Spamalot while her daughter was back in Texas in labor and delivered during the first act. She called home during intermission and found out her first grandchild had been born. It's a Boy! Waves to her if she reads CH.
    - A wonderful experience that I got to share with my daughter. Now, I've got to get tickets for my son-in-law so I can share this experience with him. He is a big Python fan...

    ...and a little something from tonight from CV...

    QUOTE(Invisible926 @ Mar 21 2008, 05:03 PM) Just got back from Shubert Alley. We saw Jerome walk by with something in his hand, maybe a greasy McDonald's hamburger. *g*

    It is still windy as heck. I don't know if stage door will be possible. The barricades are out though so maybe it will work out.

    Ticket guy said only a couple of tickets left for tonight. We asked if David(Patsy) would be back. He didn't know. I want David back!!!!
  • James Beaman's Blog - James Beaman is the actor who plays Sir Robin, the same role as Clay, in the U.S. Tour. He has some very interesting things in his blog, many which are certainly similar if not the same as Clay has in this role. One thing that he wrote about in his March 16 entry is his feelings concerning people who leave the theater early before or during the curtain call. People have been seen doing this same thing during the Broadway show. Might Clay and the other actors feel this same way? Maybe we should consider what James has to say and not leave early:
    You who have followed my blog know that I try to accentuate the positive and see the good as much as I can. But I have to point out a pet peeve of mine. Audience members should not leave the theatre during the curtain call, period. The curtain call is part of the show (and in our show it includes a wonderful encore sing-along of "Bright Side" with confetti canons going off at the end--why would you wanna miss that!?) and to walk out while we are out there receiving your appreciation is like departing a restaurant without leaving a tip. In addition to that, WE CAN SEE YOU. We can see masses of people making for the exit while we are sharing what should be the crowning moment of the evening with the audience and that doesn't feel good--it also takes away from the experience of other audience members. Please, when you go to the theatre, stay for the curtain call. Yes, you may have to file out with everyone else after the show and yes, you may have to get your car from the garage, but are you really saving any time by leaving three minutes early? This is my opinion and my opinion only and doesn't represent the production. I just had to say it!
    James also talks about his dressers and his 100th performance. Check out what all he has to say. Its very interesting.

  • Today we have some fun pictures for you.

    A little fan lovin' for Clay's bus picture

    Spamalot Audience with Their 3-D Glasses!

    And speaking of 3-D glasses, how about these from

BREAKING NEWS: CD Cover for "On My Way Here" Released! has posted what appears to be the official cover for Clay's new CD, "On My Way Here". Wow! Looks gorgeous!


Tidbits 3/21

  • Orlando Sentinel - Spamalot - "And David Hyde Pierce, who played Sir Robin, handed down his mantle to Clay Aiken."
  • Playbill - Bradley Dean joins Spamalot on March 25 -
    The cast of Monty Python's Spamalot currently features Tom Deckman, David Hibbard, Jonathan Hadary, Clay Aiken, Rick Holmes, Brad Oscar, Hannah Waddingham, Kevin Covert and Matthew Crowle.
CDD Blogwatch
  • Nothing here yet today

Billboard: "Clay Aiken Heads 'Here'" with New Album, Tour, TV Appearances

2008 is definitely shape up to be the year of Clay Aiken, as Billboard reveals that Clay will be touring this summer and appearing on several TV shows in support of his new album, "On My Way Here", out May 6 on RCA Records.

Clay Aiken Heads 'Here' On Next Album

March 21, 2008, 12:20 PM ET
Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

[...] Clay Aiken will return with his first album of entirely new material since 2003's "Measure of a Man."

Due May 6 via 19 Recordings/RCA, Aiken's "On My Way Here" was produced by Kipper, best known for his work with Sting and Chris Botti. The album will likely include the title track and a song called "Ashes," but no other details about the project have yet been made available.

Aiken is expected to tour the U.S. this summer, beginning in July. He will also be visible on TV shows such as "Good Morning America" and "The View."


Thursday, March 20, 2008

What's Hot From Spamalot 3/20

What's hot from Spamalot you ask...well, lots and lots of great pictures of Clay!!

First though, due to high winds, Clay did not get to come out the stage door and sign autographs on Thursday night. Hopefully the winds will die down before Friday night.

Now, for some great pictures from the last few days.

  • From Shamrock:

  • Here's a stage door report that will absolutely leave you in stitches. Its from Okclayhoman at The Clayboard:
    Stage door report from tonight..

    Friend soonercindy called me........Clay came out tonight in cream colored basketball type pants and a more random university navy blue sweatshirt......he was happy and relaxed and the crowd was huge and at least 8 deep..maybe more......our friend Susie got her playbill signed and Clay used her head to balance another playbill.......Clay said he hoped she didn't mind having his armpit in her face LOLOLOL.......Rick and Tom and Hannah were also out signing autographs and they all mentioned how wonderfully energetic and enthusiastic tonights crowd was......... sounds like another great e vening and a sold out show!!!!
  • From Clayngel:
    It was pouring when I got to the theater and the lines to get in were huge! There were also lots of school groups and tour groups and busses letting people out in front of the theater, so lots and lots of NJUs got to experience our guy tonight!

    I was in the front row of on the right side and sitting next to a very nice woman from PA who I met at the Neil Sedaka show in Oct. We talked before the show and at intermission. One of her friends were celebrating her Birthday and had front row center seats!

    The audience was very enthusiastic tonight and the entire cast was feeding off of the energy. I just wish David Hibbard had been there because his understudy wasn't as good.

    Clay didn't really get a response when he came out of the tower in the first scene, but when he came out dressed as Sir Robin before "All For One' he got a lot of applause.

    Being off to the side a bit I was able to see Clay's facial expressions and reactions during the French Taunter scene when his back is to the center and he is just so adorable. He acts just as much as if he was the star of that scene even though not many people can see what he's doing. That's a sign of a really great actor!

    The drunken guard scene, as Austen said, was hysterical tonight! One of the best I've seen. (Again, just wish David had been the other guard) Chris and Clay play off of each other so well and their timing is perfect. I hope Chris' replacement does as well because I would hate for the scene to lose anything. The audience could not breathe, everyone was laughing so hard!

    Clay really hammed up YWSOB and the Brother Maynard scene and the crowd ate it up. Just amazing! I think he got the loudest ovation at the end, but during the curtain call he sort of pointed to Hannah as to indicate she was the "winner" of the applause contest. But he probably wouldn't admit his was loudest anyway.

    I didn't rush to the stage door after the show because I thought it would still be raining. *kicks self* Of course it had stopped and was actually pretty nice out, so I was behind a couple of people, but still able to get my MOAM signed. It was a little crazy out there though because Clay took a while to come out and in the mean time Rick, then Tom had already come to sign and then Hannah followed closely after Clay! So there was a lot going on!!

    I hope tomorrow's audience has as much energy as tonight's because it was a really fun show!
  • Here are some gorgeous pictures of Clay from Mad4Clay:

Tidbits 3/20

  • Clay's dentist, Stanley Dentistry is sponsoring the Bubel Aiken Foundation's "Dancing Like the Stars" event, to be held at the Southern Women's Show in Raleigh.
  • ABC 30 - random mention ... AI related - '"What did Kathy tell me, she goes, David Archuletta is like a little Clay Aiken uh, uh."'
  • Ecorazzi - UNICEF ambassador Lucy Liu joins fellow ambassador Clay Aiken to promote TAP project -
    Yesterday Ecorazzi told you that Clay Aiken was helping UNICEF promote The Tap Project — a campaign aimed at providing safe drinking water to children around the world. Shortly after posting, the comments came rolling in with support for the pop star turned Spamalot actor. Say what you want about Aiken…but that kid has some serious fans.
  • Lycos50 PR - Clay #3 on this week's Lycos50
  • Sturgis Journal - American Idol has huge impact on music industry -
    Do this test. Turn your radio on for about an hour and see if you don’t hear Idol finalists like Gracin, Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry, Elliott Yamin, Jordin Sparks, Carrie Underwood, Mandisa, Clay Aiken, or Kellie Pickler play at some point during that time. Listening to the farm report doesn’t count.

    Gracin was featured on Season 2 of the hit show, but in all honesty, I didn’t think we’d hear much about him after the show came to an end. That’s partly because all the attention was focused on Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard.
CDD Blogwatch
  • Taking A Moment's Jemock gets "Spammed" -
    Went to “Spamalot” on Tuesday. Got a playbill with a SPECIAL THIRD ANNIVERSARY pair of 3-D glasses, which was a very nice bonus, because I’ve been needing some new glasses. I wish they were bifocals, though, because I’m having trouble reading the computer screen with them on. I keep getting vertigo and falling out of my 3-D chair onto the 2-D floor.

    Actual recap of show appears HERE: This was the one and only time I’m seeing Spamalot, so I can’t do an involved compare/contrast or tell you how much funner this one was than the others or whether there was “more energy” or whether the audience was NJUs or INTJs or ASCAPs or what. What I do know is that it is a very funny show, and a very good ensemble production. All the parts were played well, IMO, including Clay. He was cute and funny, although I thought his speaking voice got kinda shrill in one part for a couple of lines which almost made me develop a mild facial tic and made the hair on my arms stand up a bit, but he lowered his voice several octaves for the lines following that and then I was good to go. I looked around to see if anybody else noticed, but the whole audience was yukking it up in a big way, so I relaxed and smoothed my arm hair back down. Other than that, I thought he was really really good. His singing was very good. His dancing was good. Everybody was real good. It was good.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What's Hot From Spamalot 3/19

Today we have a very hot and thorough recap posted by lilred at The Clayboard:

  • QUOTE(stripedshirts @ Mar 19 2008, 12:26 AM) ahhhh, so it's Happy Birthday Spamalot, it made 3 yrs this month At the box office, the candy dishes were filled w/ Green Apple Tootsie Rolls, which the tkting agents had fun handing out in honor of St. Patty's Day yesterday.

    I see a few reports rolling in from tonight's show, which I saw. And it was a very good show based on the 3 yr. anniversary, the little added gift of 3 D Glasses & a dopey 'Certificate of Achievement in Showing Up Monty Python's Spamalot' I tried on the glasses to read the certificate, & the letters did appear to jump off the page. At the bottom corner of the certificate, is a print no. of the series....mine read 3/1675. I wonder if really that many were distributed tonight, as it was a full house.

    A few things to report:

    - Clay was dancing as if he's got springs on his feet...very bouncy. His dancing is getting so good that he can never say he can't dance. & he's gotten so creative w/ pantpooping too - no 2 soils are alike, & he's even gone into stuttering the 'oh - h - h's' while hand on butt.

    - During the Knights of Ni, some of the audience got ahead of Rick Holmesby yelling 'Ni Ni!' which almost threw Rick off for a moment - he lost concentration & looked at the audience for a moment, surprised. Then went back into routine. I don't know if fans are the culprit this time around. That was the only interruption in the entire show.

    - Micheal O'Donnellas Patsy tonight did not possess the lovable 'pow' that David Hibbard has when annunciating his lines and comic timing. He is however, a fluid dancer - very light on his feet & a decent singer. Also during the Dumb Guard scene, he didn't act drunk - he acted as if he has acid indigestion & constipation. Not quite as funny as David would've done.

    - Don't know if the fans in the front row noticed, but after Brother Maynardsaid "& now the Congregation will sing "Hymn no. 101, Get Your Hand Off My Knee You Dirty Old Bastard" - the Killer Rabbit Puppet stuck its head above the daisies & mouthed the lyrics along w/ the knights before ducking back behind the cover. I caught that & it was the stupidest/funniest moment of that scene.

    At the Stage Entrance...

    - Since Rick seems to have the most creative control over random material during Knights of Ni, I asked just where/how he decides what to use, since he's been ripping on Spitzer for the past week. He said he just chooses whatever catches him, as Spitzer's been good fodder. He may start on McGreevynext. Uh oh....can't wait to hear just what Rick will do that that former governor. Sex & politics, scandal & pop culture have made good recipes for Rick

    - Tom Deckmandidn't have his wool cap on tonight when he came out to greet fans @ the Stage Entrance. His hair is cropped very short. The guy seriously looks like a living cartoon - they should make trading cards of this guy because his facial expressions are priceless. He hung around for about 5 minutes chatting & posing for pics, then practically sprinted towards Bway as if late for an appt.

    - Micheal O'Donnell stepped out, looked around, said hello. Then took off w/o signing autographs.

    - Hannahwas the last to come out. She is a total goddess....had to kneel down for most of the photos since most of us were barely up to her shoulders. As it is revealed the new Galahad will be played by Bradley Dean, she says he's a 'good chap' & looks forward to working w/ him. I'll still miss Chris Sieber just the same - he just embodies Galahad so well & such a great sense of humor. He came out during Curtain Call w/ 3 D glasses on. When Clay walked over & saw him w/ them on, he pointed & laughed.

    And it looks like the understudy for Clay & Brad Oscar will return next month to cover for King Arthur & Sir Lancelot:

    April 17 - 19, 2008
    Anthony will play the role of Lancelot for four performances in MONTY PYTHON'S SPAMALOT at the Shubert Theatre Thursday through Saturday.

    April 8, 2008
    Anthony will play the role of Lancelot at this week's Tuesday evening performance of MONTY PYTHON'S SPAMALOT at the Shubert Theatre.

    April 3 - 6, 2008
    Anthony will play the role of King Arthur for six performances in MONTY PYTHON'S SPAMALOT at the Shubert Theatre Thursday through Sunday.

    - from

    I want to say once again, that Clay's got a beautiful butt. Very generous w/ his booty flashes & much appreciated at how slowly carefully he plants the butt down onto the piano stool.

MTV Lists New Album's Title - "On My Way Here" is confirming that Clay's new CD, due for release on May 6, will be titled "On My Way Here", as Clay has suggested multiple times in interviews.

Randy Jackson Talks About Clay on WRAL

Randy Jackson had some nice things to say about Clay in his interview with Clay's hometown TV station, WRAL.

Linda: (...) Well as you know we are Clay's hometown.
Randy: That's right. Clay Aiken, what's up baby? What's going on? You are in New York, I know. What's going on?
Linda: Back on season 2. Yeah, we just went to New York and saw him on Spamalot.
Randy: Yeah.
Linda: (what she says is kind of fast for me to understand) think Broadway was going to be his deal and...
Randy: You know, listen. Clay is a really talented guy and a really talented singer. I saw him about a year ago. He and I were hanging out in a studio with Michael Buble, so... You know, he can almost do anything he wants to do. I mean, when you've got that level of talent, so... I'm very proud of him.

Amazon Rankings: March 19, 2008

In Music

1. Celtic Thunder
2. Across The Universe
3. Sara Bareilles
4. Danity Kane
5. Jack Johnson
6. Robert Plant, Alison Krauss
7. Once
8. The High Kings
9. Yael Naim
10. Amy Winehouse

47. Carnival Ride

51. Daughtry

223. Jordin Sparks

234. New Release - 2008, Clay Aiken, May 6

622. Audio Day Dream

658. My December

1,210. Elliott Yamin

1,935. Small Town Girl

3,984. Katharine McPhee

4,602. MOAM

6,323. Fantasia

6,934. ATDW

9,088. Taylor Hicks

9,127. Bucky Covington

25,536. MCWL

31,086. The Return

Tidbits 3/19 - Spamalot celebrates 3rd anniversary with 3D glasses that do, well, nothing:
Eric Idle's hilarious Broadway musical Monty Python's Spamalot celebrated its third anniversary on March 18 at the Shubert Theatre. So how do King Arthur, Sir Robin, the Lady of the Lake and their court of madcap medieval knights celebrate such an occasion? Well, by going 3-D! The sold-out audience were given special glasses for the event, along with a special edition, collectible certificate of achievement. What did the glasses do? Nothing, which was the Python-esque point of the joke. Click on to see Spamalot leading players Jonathan Hadary, Clay Aiken and Hannah Waddingham sporting their stylish specs in celebration of their show's big day!
TheaterMania -
And now for something completely different. Spamalot cast members Clay Aiken, Hannah Waddingham, and Jonathan Hadary celebrated the third anniversary of the smash Broadway musical by donning 3-D Glasses at the Shubert Theatre.
  • Ecorazzi - Clay Aiken "urging New Yorkers to participate in The Tap Project, a UNICEF program aimed at providing clean water to children in developing countries -
    The Tap Project will take place in select New York City restaurants during World Water Week (3/16 - 3/22). During that time, restaurants will ask their customers to pay $1 for each glass of water that would normally come free with the meal. That dollar will then be donated to UNICEF where it can provide safe drinking water for a child in a Third World country for 40 days.

    So go see Clay in Spamalot on Broadway and on your way stop off at an eatery for a glass of the good stuff.
  • Just Jared - on the Tap Project -
    Longtime UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken continues to rock out his blonde hair as he talks up the Tap project, which helps UNICEF provide safe drinking water to children around the world.

    The 29-year-old American Idol alum encourages people to eat out during World Water Week (3/16 - 3/22). During that time, New York City restaurants will be asked to pay $1 for each glass of water that normally comes free with their meal. One dollar provides safe drinking water for a child in a Third World country for 40 days.
  • New York Times - Clay mention in article about NCAA basketball -
    My first CBS N.C.A.A. tournament seminar wrapped up with a family-style dinner at New York ’s Sambucca Restaurant. Munching calamari in a room with Dick Enberg, Jim Nantz, Billy Packer, Bill Raftery, Verne Lundquist, et al., I felt a bit like Clay Aiken at Woodstock.
  • News Durham Region - article about songwriter Brad Stella who has worked with Clay -
    After working with the casting director for the hit show Rock Star he worked with the Mark Burnett camp and wrote and recorded with singer Ingrid Michaelson, Universal Music, Clay Aiken and other artists.
  • Comments on last night's American Idol 7 performances:
    • Radar -
      American Idol is getting freaky. And not just, like, Clay Aiken freaky. Take the cartoonishly cute Clay and slap weird liberal arts college bread-locks (think the end of Joe Dirt), a guitar, and some uncomfortably snug distressed boot-cut denim on him, and you have the pop Frankenstein that is Jason Castro
    • TV Fodder -
      But don’t get too comfortable, because there were really only two that stood out. The first belongs to Mr. David Archuleta, who had me biting my fingernails in suspense as I waited anxiously to see if he was going to reclaim his past glory, or forget all his words again and curl up in the fetal position. Thank goodness it was the former, as David belted an awesome version of “The Long and Winding Road.” I give the kid props for using last week’s crash-and-burn performance as motivation to come back and try again. And try he did. Once again, I felt like I was watching a mini Clay Aiken (didn’t his song tonight remind you of Clay’s performance of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” back in Season 2?)
  • Florida Times Union - what celebs were doing before they became famous - "Clay Aiken worked as a YMCA counselor in North Carolina."
CDD Blogwatch

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tidbits 3/18

  • NYC Official City Guide:
    You might also want to make note of two newsworthy Broadway debuts: Clay Aiken, currently starting as Sir Robin in Spamalot, and Mario Lopez, who joins the cast of A Chorus Line in the role of Zach on April 15th.
  • In a blog called Ear Candy with Travis Hay is an article called "30 things you likely don't know about Ear Candy". Clay is mentioned as follows:
    15. Albums in my record collection I won't ever own up to owning: Ethel Merman's disco album, Ashleee Simpson's "Autobiography" and Clay Aiken's "Measure of a Man."
  • The Buffalo News Entertainment - In "Idol Thoughts: Handicapping The Finalists", Clay has a couple of mentions:
    Season One’s Kelly Clarkson and Season Four’s Carrie Underwood, arguably the best “Idol” singers so far, made it big, and the hotly contested Ruben Studdard- Clay Aiken finals raised “Idol” buzz to new heights....And also-rans have done well. Aiken plays Sir Robin in “Spamalot” on Broadway, Jennifer Hudson collected a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in “Dreamgirls,” and Chris Daughtry’s first album was the fastest-selling debut rock album ever.

Clay Takes #3 in This Week's Lycos50

Clay has climbed back up on the Lycos50. He comes in at #3 this week, with the caption "New CD Release" under his name.

Let's keep searching for Clay and keep the buzz alive for the May 6 CD release!

Playbill Posts New Clay Aiken Article

Playbill has a new Clay article up, talking about Clay in Spamalot and his new CD, due for release on May 6.

It Takes Two

By Andrew Gans
March 15, 2008

Two time's the charm for "American Idol" runner-up and Spamalot star Clay Aiken.

Two may be Clay Aiken's lucky number. After all, the former "American Idol" contestant placed second during the second season of the hit Fox TV series, and that runner-up status has not affected his career in the least. In fact, he has long outsold that season's "Idol" winner, the affable, velvet-voiced Ruben Studdard.


In Spamalot Aiken has assumed the roles of Sir Robin, Guard and Brother Maynard, which were created by Curtains Tony winner David Hyde Pierce but most recently played by Broadway veteran Martin Moran. And, it turns out that Moran was one of Aiken's earliest inspirations. "When I was in seventh grade, my mom took me to see Big River. It was the very first time that I looked onstage and I thought, 'Wait a second, people can make a living singing!' That kind of excited me — it was the first time I really thought to myself, 'Maybe this is what I'd like to do, something with music.' Ironically, the person who played Huck Finn in that production of Big River was a guy named Marty Moran."


Although he does get the chance to display his beautiful, rangy, crystal-clear voice in a few numbers, Spamalot doesn't offer the gifted tenor as much opportunity for vocal acrobatics as several other Broadway musicals might. "We had other shows approach us," Aiken says, ". . . but the reason we were interested in Spamalot was it was completely different than anything I had done in the past, and it was something that I don't think people would have expected me to be interested in. That was kind of a draw, the fact that it was opposite of typical Clay Aiken stuff."

Clay Appears on ET to Promote UNICEF's TAP Program

Clay appeared on tonight's edition of Entertainment Tonight to raise awareness about UNICEF's program called "TAP". ET explains that "During World Water Week (3/16 - 3/22) diners across the U.S. are invited to pay $1 for their tap water at participating restaurants. One dollar provides safe drinking water for a child in a Third World country for 40 days."

Watch ET's interview with Clay at
Download the TV version of the interview at SendSpace, courtesy gerwhisp.

More info: The Tap Project.

Monday, March 17, 2008

What's Hot From Spamalot 3/17

Today in "What's Hot From Spamalot", I thought we'd start with a few pictures that are setting the boards on fire! See if you agree!!

Taken by slowandeasy at CV (courtesy of Eleid at The Clayboard)

What's that? Oh, you say you liked that last one? Then how about one like it from Tonibabe at The Clayboard, only a larger version!

Happy now?????

Here are some more of our great fan reports, all from The Clayboard:

  • From lilred:
    Here's a nice recap from CV:

    QUOTE(irishbookgal @ Mar 16 2008, 03:56 PM) After show report from toni!

    Clay did do the stage door! EEEE!! Clay was wearing his blue NC hoodie, sweatpants, and sandals. Verra, verra nice backside! He was gorgeous! Clay was very chatty and friendly at the stage door. There was a nice crowd but not as huge as yesterday.

    2nd half was great as always.

    Bottle dance was tremendous, the best that toni has seen yet. She said before he goes to the piano he goes to the end of the stage now and holds out his hands for applause and jumps up and down when he sees the piano. He then motions with his finger for the applause to stop.

    The tunic flip today was so high you could see part of his back! Toni said you could hear some moans and gasps coming from the audience.

    The Knights of Ni did the Rod Stewart Do You Think I'm'll cost you $4500...the Elliott Spitzer thing. The King didn't say his line "oh artists formally known as the knights that say ni" he said something like "oh knights that now apparently appear to be client 9..." The Knight then said "Touche".
  • From Okclayhoman:
    Evening intermission report:

    I just got off the phone with Okcclayfan.......she says Clay looks and sounds absolutely wonderful...definitely in his element.........Appears to be a full crowd.......lots of men and families and young people and all are enjoying the show........Tom is there and is adorable as usual but Clay is having a ball on that stage........she will call me back after the show and at the stagedoor...... Linda just could not say enough about how wonderful he is......she knew he would be but seeing him live upon the stage is like nothing she could have envisioned......The crowd is loving him!!!!!

    She is really at a loss for words...his dancing is just wonderful........he flows now.......not having to think so hard about what he is doing.....she says the crowd seems a little quieter than at the matinee but they are still she said......what more can she tell us that we don't already know...Clay Aiken is a star.......and having the time of his life up there on that stage!!!
  • From Joy2talk2U:
    From CV...

    QUOTE(tugger;710267) OMG!!!! Sue is on the phone right now.....she said the play was hysterical tonight!!!!! Prince Herbert was so funny that Lancelot couldn't continue....he was laughing so hard!!!! Clay was laughing so hard during the guard
  • Exerpts from Tiggy52Winkle:
    ...The full cast was there today and it was packed in all sections of the theater. Lots of men and the ones around us were thoroughly enjoying the show. Where to start? I've seen the show quite a few times and it just amazes me how much Clay just continues to grow as an actor and changes things up to keep them fresh for the audience and himself. The tower scene is so funny. He's got a much dirtier face than when I saw him last on 3/1; still playing with the helmet strap that is so cute. His facial expressions are always changing as well as the way he delivers a few of the lines. When he was talking about the bird having to beat its wings 43 times a second he flittered his hands really fast to simulate what he was saying. So funny! When he sang the line in the not yet dead scene about being afraid he'd simply run away (from all the fighting in Camelot) he hugged the triangle to his chest and looked very worried. He also, did more jumping at any sudden noise or movements from the guys laying on the cart as they started singing. Cleared his throat a bit before uttering "Good!" when Lancelot told him there'd be lots of fighting. He is so in character all the time and plays this part and Sir Robin with such vulnerability. He makes you believe in that short space of time that he IS the character he's playing, the sign of any great actor. In the scenes where he soils his pants, OMG! He really grabbed his butt and made it seem very believeable. Much more realistic than I'd seen before....Clay had his tongue hanging out doing the slo-mo riding and was really doing some sexy riding on that horse! OH WOW! That part alone is worth the price of the ticket!!! He tied up his horse tonight and that's the first time I've gotten to see that. the way he dismounts, too! Lot's of looooooonnnnnggg leg action....The stomping and bottle dance are absolutely deadly. His eyes are just like green, smokin' laser beams, no lie. They absolutely sizzzzzzzzzle!!! Clay got great applause for his big number and it's just music to our ears because the audiences are not mainly fans. He is winning people over like knocking down bowling pins. STRIKE!!! Sorry I'm skipping around but just writing things as I think of them....He did a lot of shoulder shimmy action today and it will make you weak in the knees in a hurry! During the finale I saw him making all these faces and smiling and making eyes.....I glanced over at Hannah and she was giving it right back to Clay! Some major flirting going on between those two! Maybe just for looks but heavens she just married the King and she's already flirting with Sir Robin??? Has she no shame??? LOL! It was sure fun to watch. Tom was hysterical and had Lancelot laughing so that he couldn't deliver his lines for a few seconds. Clay as the guard, what can I even say? He is just so funny as that character that there are no words. The faces that he makes are absolutely priceless and you laugh until your stomach hurts. Just brilliant. As Brother Maynard he has really changed it up. Not touching the glasses much tonight but pausing, looking up over his glasses and then reading some more from the book. When he starts skipping the audience just roars!....Cut to finale....he seems to love it. Very animated and lots of shimmying and shoulder action! Took forever for us to get out to the stage door this afternoon and I got a spot about 3 deep into the crowd at the far end of the line. I'm tall and have long arms so reached over several heads to get Clay to sign my Linda Huber print #14! It is an absolute treasure now! Very large crowd!
  • Here are a few more pictures you will enjoy. The first one is obviously a play on words "Ni cell phones in lobby"! The second shows a "Sold Out" sign, a beautiful sight!! And the last is of a very large crowd at the stage door over the weekend.

  • And finally, some more great pictures from Toni7babe:

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tidbits 3/16 has 6 photos of Clay meeting Rosie O'Donnell and some of his other fans at Spamalot.

  • Buffalo News - runner ups on AI do well -
    But there’s one more element to the competition that has developed over the show’s seven seasons — winning isn’t a ticket to stardom and losing isn’t a ticket to oblivion. Season One’s Kelly Clarkson and Season Four’s Carrie Underwood, arguably the best “Idol” singers so far, made it big, and the hotly contested Ruben Studdard- Clay Aiken finals raised “Idol” buzz to new heights.

    And also-rans have done well. Aiken plays Sir Robin in “Spamalot” on Broadway, Jennifer Hudson collected a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in “Dreamgirls,” and Chris Daughtry’s first album was the fastest-selling debut rock album ever.
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