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Saturday, August 12, 2006

MOAM Reinstated @ iTunes (well, sort of)

...well, it's a start. After being removed last month, MOAM has been partially re-stored at Apple's hugely popular iTunes music store. The version currently available does not include Invisible or This Is The Night and thus cannot be downloaded as an album (you must download all the songs individually). There were rumours of licensing issues with RCA, but that remains unconfirmed. Since MOAM is not available as an album, it will not count for SoundScan's album tracking charts.

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Clay Mention on The N Channel

VisionsOfClayInMyHead reports that Clay was mentioned tonight on The N Channel (a teen channel):

I was just watching Degrassi on The N (a TV channel for teenagers) and they took clips from certain shows and made a funny caption for each. They showed a clip of a guy running away from these other guys with the caption "I didn't take your Clay Aiken CD!" And of course, I ran down here to post it.
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Clay on E!'s Summer of Love TV Special?

Will Clay be mentioned on E! Channel's upcoming special "Summer of Love"?

Courtesy the CB's claikendee:

This morning (satuday) while watching E! channel weekend news, they showed a commercial for a show/special called "Summer of Love" and showed quick clips of people i'm guessing will be covered on the show and thought I saw a pic of Clay...did anybody else catch this commercial??
I'm guessing it's about all the hot things going on this summer.
They showed quick clips of all the hot people.
Didn't catch the air date or time.
As always, CDD will keep you informed on this.

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Tidbits 8/12

  • Very nice New York Times article about celebs stepping up and making a difference in Africa. Mentions Clay's 2005 trip to Uganda. The NYT has a full list of celebs who have visited Africa here.
    Beginning early in the decade with a trickle of celebrity fact-finding missions to strife-torn sub-Saharan nations (Bono in Ghana, Bono everywhere) that became a torrent within the last couple of years (Clay Aiken in Uganda, Jessica Simpson in Kenya), Africa has now been embraced by the masses.

  • Lyrichord's Music Musings shares some non-Clay videos... Right Here Waiting (Nick Lachey/Richard Marx), If You Don't Know Me By Now (Simply Red)
  • There Was A Man compares CD singles by the numbers - Clay still tops the list.
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Friday, August 11, 2006

Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 37

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Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 38

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PA Christmas Concert Tickets Featuring Clay Onsale Monday

We were a bit confused about the Williamsport, PA "Clay Aiken Christmas" concert that popped up last month. Well, Clay's blog today explained it all -- he'll be making guest appearances at symphony Christmas concerts across the nation this winter (so no JNT2006).

Tickets go on sale on Monday (August 14) at the box office, Ticketmaster outlets, and by phone. Whether it's worth the money to go see Clay perform a only few songs is up to you; a full tour is expected in the spring.

More information about this concert.
Visit the Williamsport Community Arts Center's website for more info.

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Clay Blogs: Get Ready for the ATDW Blitz, 2007 Tour

By CDD's J4Clay

Clay blogged today, to let us know about some of the upcoming plans for the remainder of the year. One of the main reasons for the blog it seems was to let everyone know he will not be performing on GMA on September 1. What a sweetheart he is, letting us know this so we will go to no expense to go there to see him. Apparently he does plan to be on GMA as part of the CD promotion, and he said he will let us know when that is.

Alas, there will be no Joyful Noise Tour, and it appears that in 2006 there will be no solo tour either. In place of the JNT, Clay will be performing with symphony orchestras around the country that have invited him to sing with them -- we already know about the Williamsport, PA concert. We'll just have to wait and see where the other concerts spring up around the country.

The reason for no tour is that Clay will be spending most of his time in these next few months promoting his CD. We can assume that this means TV appearances, magazine articles, and radio interviews. Something good to look forward to. But sadly, I already miss not having the tour. But Clay and his team know best, and we can at least look forward to a great tour next year!

Blogs about this:

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Planning a CD Release Party?

If you are planning a CD Release party for the September 19 release of A Thousand Different Ways, be sure to get your message out at the Clay Aiken CD Release Parties board.

Let's hope this release will be as big, if not bigger, than MOAM's release in 2003.

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Clay on Last Night's ET Canada

Clay was the subject of Entertainment Tonight Canada's EQ question of the day. They asked: "'American Idol' runner up, Clay Aiken, covers which Bryan Adams song on his upcoming album?"

CDD Video: Clay on ET Canada 8/10
Courtesy the CB's Gerwhisp.

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Clay Makes Big Jump on Lycos50

All the ATDW buzz has been healthy for Clay's Lycos50 ranking. Clay comes in at #17 this week, up from #32 last week. It marks the 161st week Clay has been on the list. Amazingly, Clay has never fallen off the chart -- not even once!

Please keep searching --

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Tidbits 8/11

  • Lumino Magazine-- AI article: "Want to be the next Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, heaven forbid, Clay Aiken?"
  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Film teacher often confused with Clay Aiken... "Clark said with a chuckle that he's sometimes mistaken for "American Idol" contestant and fellow North Carolinian Clay Aiken."
  • From the Clayboard: Daniel Pearson, who was the bass player for Clay during parts of NAT, JNT and JBT recorded with Clay according to Pearson's MySpace: "Hey Bro, All's well on this end. Did a taping with Clay and the trio gig with Tariqh this week. Both went well....."
  • ATDW is mentioned in MSNBC's weekly quiz -- "What is the name of Clay’s CD?"
  • 4 new heartwarming stories have been posted at the Bubel Aiken Foundation's website.
  • USA Today Idol blog talks about Idol CD single sales... "So we see Clay is still the champ, although for some reason he benefited less from the download revolution than did Kelly."
  • Foxes On Idol article about CD sales mentions ATDW/MOAM/MCWL: "The buzz is definitely beginning. Clay’s CD is just the first of many that will be dropping this fall. I thought it might be interesting to take a look at Idols’ album sales so as to get a better idea of what to expect when the floodgates open."
  • Daily Press' article on Elliott Yamin mentions Clay -- 'Under normal circumstances, this column is an "American Idol"- free zone. It's not like you depend on me to fill you in on the ups and downs of Clay Aiken.'

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It's Time For The 4th Annual Claymmy Awards

Its my pleasure to tell you that its that time of year again. Yes, the 4th Annual Claymmy Awards are upon us! Clayscowchick, aka Lisa, has announced the Claymmys at the 4th Annual Claymmys Clayboard thread. Click on the link at this thread, and it will take you to 4th Annual Claymmy Awards website. A list of categories, including avators, blends, concert pics, fan art, and many others are listed at this site. You can enter up to 4 entries in each category. Check out all the rules and other information at this site.

This should be great fun for everyone. Good luck to everyone who enters.

My only question is....will we have our own red carpet for the awards?? ;)

clayis' Update: Yes we will. I've entered CDD into the Claymmys for the 2nd year. We'll be keeping you updated, so please come back on September 21 to vote for us!

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Use "Good Search" To Make Money For TBAF

Want to do something very easy to make some money for The Bubel Aiken Foundation? For every web search that you do through Good Search, BAF earns one penny. That doesn't sound like much, does it. But, so far for the month of August, $597.42 has been raised, with a total August goal of $745.19. With all the Clay fans that are online, those pennies add up very quickly.

The Good Search thread at the Clayboard explains what you should do in order to search:

In "I Support" box, write "Bubel-Aiken Foundation", Click "Verify", and put your Clay search in upper Search Box. MAKE SURE that this box is filled in, and Verified, before you search.

You can put a Goodsearch toolbar at the top of your screen, or you can make Goodsearch your Home Page.

Search For EVERYTHING on Goodsearch: Lycos, Google, Yahoo, etc. Clay Aiken, Search for Nuts and Bolts, Search for Vacuum Cleaner Bags, Search for Clay Aiken UNICEF, Search for Geneology, etc. THIS SITE EARNS A PENNY ON ANY AND ALL SEARCHES. And do it often, so those pennies will add up.

While you are on sites like Lycos etc., search for anything Clay Aiken. You have earned a penny for TBAF, and you have earned points on Lycos, Google, Yahoo, etc. for Clay Aiken.
Note this request at Good Search's site: "Please use this site honestly. Fraudulent searches will result in a charity being de-listed."

Also note that at the top left of CDD's blog page, we have a link to "Good Search" that you can use.

So try to make a few searches a day. Not just Clay searches, but anything that's on your mind! Right now curtains for my son's room are on my mind. And office supplies. Oh, and places like Amazon music. Hmmmm, I wonder why! Let's see if we can make more than the $745.19 total that we are trying to reach for August!

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Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 39

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Sturgis Journal Brings Attention to Clay's Amazon #1 Status

Clay recent week long run on top of's bestsellers list is getting the attention of the mainstream media.

Here's what the Sturgis Journal had to say about it in their article titled "How to move beyond Idol".

Clay Aiken's "A Thousand Different Ways" is set to be released Sept. 19, but not without already making an impact on pre-sales on

The album is currently ranked No. 1, giving the "American Idol" Season 2 runner-up his third album to achieve such a feat.

Ruben Studdard, who barely defeated Aiken to become the "American Idol," can't claim the same distinction. That doesn't mean Studdard's music isn't good, it just means Aiken was just as worthy of the title Studdard received.

Clay might always be known as the "American Idol" who didn't win, but did win. It's that photo-finish thing, considering the margin was so close.

He's proven he's a star. Aiken's even set a few singles sales records, but he'll likely always be linked to "American Idol," especially when his CDs are released in proximity to Studdards.'
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Accolades for Clay from Chicago's Lumino Magazine

Lumino Magazine's Clay article is just too good for us to miss. We hope the folks over at Lumino don't mind us posting it in its entirety:

30. Clay Aiken, 26

Never in a million years would I have thought that the word cool and Clay Aiken would go hand-in-hand, however, after the last year, the cute little southern boy has grown on me, and seemingly, on many other people across the U.S. of A. No longer do people call him gay, but as each album and each TV appearance passes, people seem to become fond of him. But the transformation from hated to loved and dork to stud was not easy.

Aiken was born Clayton Holmes Grissom, before shortening his name to Clay and taking on his Mom's last name. Anyone with the middle name Holmes is cool in my book. Cool step No. 1.

Then, he got an amazing physical makeover. Cool step No. 2. Cool step No. 3 would have been getting a sexier, male voice, but his metrosexual dressing does the job.

Ultimately, Clay made being a dork cool. Millions of fans have jumped on the looney Claymate band wagon, so he must be doing something right. And girls and boys alike love this guy.

I have a feeling Aiken's 15-minutes of fame are starting to dry up, but I am along for the ride. If it's movies, or extreme dodgeball that he tries next, I am ready to support the coolest dork in the world.
Lumino also named last year's Merrillville, IN JBT concert in their Top 16 concerts of 2005 list. In their review of the concert, they said: "As illustrated by the sold-out crowds throughout the tour, people of all ages will-- and do-- enjoy Aiken's energetic yet intimate, empowering and humble performances."

Other top-name artists on the list include Coldplay and Gwen Stefani.

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Star Magazine's ATDW Tidbit

Nice Clay mention in August 21's Star Magazine. On page 27, it says (courtesy the CB's ellenpoppy):

Clay Aiken's Hot New Look! ["Hot New Look" in larger red font]

Clay Aiken, 27, may have to shot to fame as the American Idol runner-up with the clean-cut Howdy-Doody look, but for his third album (due out Sept. 19), he's had an extreme makeover. So what do Star readers think? In an exclusive poll, 69% say they like his sexy new look better! And a whopping 67% (most of whom are female) say he now looks like hunky Jared Leto. Not bad, Clay!
Star's website also has a poll asking: "DO YOU LIKE CLAY AIKEN'S NEW LOOK?".
Click here to cast your vote.

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"A Thousand Days" #1 At Promosquad

What a fantastic way to cap off Thursday afternoon.

10 days after being posted on Promosquad, Clay's "A Thousand Days" is the site's #1 song (click here to see the chart). Earlier this week, the song made it onto Promosquad's Hit-Bound list.

Clay's two other songs also charted this week. "I Want To Know What Love Is" enters the chart at #20 while "Without You" enters the Hit-Bound list.

Promosquad allows users to listen and rate new music via their popular Jukebox feature. In return, the user gets rewarded points which can later be redeemed for prizes. All major record labels use Promosquad to survey interest on upcoming releases.

If you are a member of Promosquad, please continue using Promosquad to rate ATD, "I Want To Know What Love Is" and "Without You". If you aren't, head on over to to sign up and begin.

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Bubel Aiken Foundation Will Offer New Logo Pin; Also Check Out Summer Sales

The Bubel Aiken Foundation will be offering a new pin with The Bubel/Aiken Foundation logo, according to Kristy Barnes, Chief Operating Officer. "Our first new item is a pin with The Bubel/Aiken Foundation logo." On the We're Listening page of the BAF site, Kristy also says, "We are in the process of designing additional new items for the store and they will be available as soon as possible."

While you're waiting for these new items, check out the current merchandise which is now on sale. BAF is having a summer sale, and you can see these items in the Merchandise Section of their site. Get can buy the Hurricanes-Bubel/Aiken Collector's Edition Jersey for half price, only $62.50. NOTE: This is not an autographed jersey.

Remember, every item that you purchase helps as BAF works toward full inclusion.

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Tidbits 8/10

  • Clay is on's homepage listed under "Popular Searches". Woohoo!
  • ATDW is finally available for pre-order at Priced at $14.98, you're better off with's $9.99 price.
  • Hey! It looks like the house Clay did his ATDW photoshoot at last month is a hotspot for photography/video shooting. Take a look at this Rebecca Lynn music video from 2002- shot at the exact LA same house!
  • WCSH 6 TV- article about Dean Benowitz, AI hairstylist -- "If you've never heard of Dean Benowitz, you probably don't know beans about hair styles. And he should know, because Benowitz is the hair stylist for American Idols Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Hicks and Clay Aiken."
  • Richmond Times Dispatch- CD release season heating up! "September is particularly overstuffed, and many of these folks -- Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdard, John Mayer and that memorable pair, Justin and Janet -- have much to prove to remind us why they matter."
  • As they say it, better late than never. Blog from WDBJ-TV's Kimberley about the May AI5 finale: "My personal favorite....the Clay Aiken wanna-be who looked like he was about to have a heart attack when his Idol came out on stage to perform a duet with him of Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me. What a great moment in Idol history.... HaHa! By the way, what was up with Clay's hair?"
  • Florida Sun Sentinel answers reader's question about Clay (funny since there's no mention of ATDW):
    Aiken might not have won American Idol but he has gone on to have the biggest career of anyone who has appeared on the show with the possible exception of the first winner, Kelly Clarkson. His debut album, Measure of a Man, sold more than 3 million copies. He tours constantly, almost always to sold-out venues and is very active on behalf of charitable causes, especially the Bubel/Aiken Foundation, which he formed in 2003 with activist Diane Bubel, whose son Mike is autistic. The organization is dedicated to the integration into the mainstream of young people with developmental disabilities.
  • reports yesterday's Parade mag poll which Clay won.
  • Christian Today article about Christmas CD mentions Clay/MCWL.
  • Press Connects - someone in NY named their horse "Aiken For Clay". Too cute!
  • ATDW is now available at Sony Music's store... very good description:
    Chosen in Rolling Stone's "People of the Year", Clay Aiken has gone from American Idol to American icon. Clay's new album, A Thousand Different Ways is sure to capture the hearts of millions with a passionate, engaging voice in more than a thousand ways! The album features the hit, "Without You", and so much more.

  • Taking A Moment- how to beat the summer heat. "It's so hot that I think Clay would be down to his last three shirts, and probably had to apply extra deodorant."
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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 40

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So. California Clay Fan Party - First Hand Report from Attendee

A few days ago, I wrote about a Fan Party in Southern California where money was raised for The Bubel Aiken Foundation and Bead For Life. A good friend of mine whose name is Rose was in attendance at the party and wrote a beautiful summary of that day's events. With Rose's permission, I am including another article about the party in Clay's Daily Double so you can see first hand what a wonderful event it was.

One reason I want to do this is so that any fans who have never been to such a party can see how wonderful they are and what fun it is to share time with other Clay fans. But these get togethers are not just about fun and food, although those items are available aplenty. These parties are also to raise money for Clay's foundation as well as other charities that we have come to know of through Clay, such as Bead For Life. Many fans work very hard putting together items for the silent auction and other fundraisers. To me, it is a labor of love, and I continue to be so impressed with the wonderful fans that Clay has.

It is my hope that possibly someone might read this article and if they have the way and means to do something similiar to this in their area of the country, they will step out and do so. Its a wonderful way to make the bond closer between fans and to show our support of Clay.

And so, with that long introduction, please read my friend, Rose's, beautiful summary of her day at the Southern California Clay Fan Party. May there be many more!

I attended the loveliest Clay fan party Saturday and met with so many of my So. California friends. I got to talk to Dianne Austin, and she remembered me from previous affairs. She is a nice lady. She wrote a nice article about the party too. It was a wonderful party. The home was in Venice Beach and pretty darn swanky.

I bought raffle tickets, $15 worth and don't cha know, I put both halves in for about $5 worth. They called a bunch of numbers and no one had them so afterward they assumed they could have been mine. Anyway, I won nothing, but some sweet lady felt sorry for me and gave me a lovely Clay candle.

We all got goodie bags with a dog tag and chain. The tag is darling. It has Raleigh on it and says Property of Clay for whoever wears it. There was a dvd and picture too. That was so nice.

We sat under a beautiful weeping willow tree...and the breeze made the branches flow over us. It was so neat, just like a canopy. The food was all catered and fantastic -- so much to eat -- sandwiches on croussants, salads, veggies and fruit, cookies, pasta, chicken wings. Yummy!

There was a silent auction along with the raffle. They made big bucks from all of it, $3500 in all, for BAF!

Valentino was so cute, begging food from everyone. I gave him a bit of my sandwich. He is such a beautiful dog.

Joannie Mason and her husband were terrific as host and hostess, lovely people. The day was gorgeous. The people were friendly and warm, and the food was delicious. A good time was had by all!
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Mr. Mister: Clay's Arrangement Is Our "Favourite"

The producer of "Broken Wings" and "Because You Loved Me", Emanuel Kiriakou, offers some tidbits into ATDW. Both of these songs will be on A Thousand Different Ways.

According to Kiriakou's brother who posted on a non-Clay message board, Mr. Mister, the band which wrote & performed "Broken Wings" back in the 80s, loved the arrangement for Clay's version.

"In fact, Richard Page, from Mr. Mister, heard it and said that it's his favorite arrangement that he's ever heard, and he's heard the song recorded 100's of times."

[Via the Clayboard]

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Clay Wins The Insider's CD Poll

Cap courtesy the CB's RedBay.

Remember the "The Insider" poll we bugged you about yesterday? Well, Clay has taken home the jackpot thanks to all of you. On today's The Insider, Clay was declared the winner of the poll.

The poll asked: "Which artist's CD are you most excited for?"

Woohoo! More ATDW BUZZZZZ....

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Tidbits 8/9

  • Clay has dropped to #2 on's bestsellers list. Congrats on a fantastic run, and let's hope Clay is back up on top 'soon'!
  • Biggest celeb transformations poll from Parade Magazine - Clay's new hairstyle wins! (thanks to Southern Girl for the heads up) (the above previous link points to the PR... see the results on Parade's website) Update 7:50 PM EDT: This was reported on the E! Channel today... E! showed Clay's AI5 'shocker' along with Clay's other hairstyles. -- video @ ClackUnlimited.
  • Canada's Chart Attack has another ATDW article.
  • Want a piece of the gorgeous graphite drawing you see on the left. Bid for it on eBay. Profits to to the Buble Aiken Foundation, according to the artist.
  • Don't forget to check out LBFCA regularly. Some great and thudly stuff over there!
  • Rock Star Supernova article from iFMagazine mentions Clay: "I am also genuinely concerned about the longevity of the band given this beginning, but you never know. After all, Clay Aiken has sold a ton of records."
  • Now here's a cute post from The Cat Librarian -- Clay Aiken Reads! (photo above courtesy this blog)
  • The Big Dawg returns with an ATDW post.
  • Daily dose of laughter from Taking A Moment..."Ok, but here's the thing. What about the tour? Huh? What about that? You know how he loves to incorporate costumes and dancing and priiingers and fake babies and whatnot. Well, I was avoiding work doing some research, and I came across a wunnerful wunnerful video."
  • Here's an interesting idea from ClayKat... a list of the 'Thousand Different' reasons we love Clay Aiken.
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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Buzz From the Infotainment Shows

Clay's name showed up today in the infotainment shows.

  • E! covered yesterday's silly lawsuit against Clay. E! was very fair to Clay and in my opinion, was fantastic buzz for ATDW. (I mean who cares about this silly woman and her "Clay didn't like my book" lawsuit???)
  • The Insider wants to know whose album you are most excited for. Text "Clay Aiken" to 55888 (regular text messaging rates apply).
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Clay #1 Again at

Clay made a brief dip into's #2 position. He has since recoved to reclaim the #1 spot on the Music Bestsellers list. YAY!

Let's keep him there -- pre-order your copy of ATDW today (don't choose Free shipping; won't count for Wk. 1 sales)

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Tidbits 8/8

  • Deadbolt article about AI (songwriters compete to write winner's single for AI6) mentions Clay brielfly.
  • calleik on why she's proud of Clay -- Ideal Idol.
  • Seems like we aren't the only ones excited about the $2400 raised for the BAF at the recent So. Cal. Claymate gathering. Here's a news article from Elites TV.
  • CelebrityCafe - useless Clay mention in a CD review.
  • Daily Press- AI article. "Clay Aiken, the season two runner-up, got a lawyer to free him from his contract. The same lawyer went on to represent Mario Vazquez, a teenager who abruptly quit in the middle of season four."
  • SheKnows- article mentions Kara DioGuardi, who co-wrote a MOAM song.
  • Grand Forks Hearld: Grand Forks Idol ready to make another Clay?

  • ConClayve has an insightful post on why Idols HAVE paid their dues: "Recently, Kanye West was on the show and was asked about American Idol and he said they pay dues in a different way. He used an example of someone who was discovered in a mall because they had the look, He said he thinks it is harder to make it on AI than in Real Life."
  • Well, I'm certainly glad WE don't receive this kind of e-mail messages from our visitors, unlike Jemrock at Taking a Moment: "You're making fun of his toes and portray him as a complete Southern idiot which you should know he is NOT. You must be another of ***** blogs, aren't you. Well I hope the ladies of Raleigh's DMV sue you, you scumbag! Freaking idiot. You're a disgrace and your stupid blog is a shame."
  • Southern Girl shares her thoughts on the ATDW tracklisting.
  • Marhaven- better late than never. Blog about ATDW.
  • Wednesday's Child: ATDW tracklisting brings back "A Thousand Different" Memories.

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Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 41

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Clay's CD Release Date Finally Listed At RCA

RCA has finally included Clay's release date on their "Upcoming Releases" list. Only one other CD is being released that day - "Empire" by Kasabian.

Aug. 8 Fourplay - X
Aug. 15 Elaine Elias - Around The City
Aug. 15 Christina Aguilera - Back to Basics
Aug. 29 Ray Lamontagne - Till the Sun Turns Black
Sep. 5 George Winston - Gulf Coast Blues
Sep. 12 Citizen Cope - Every Waking Moment
Sep. 19 Clay Aiken - A Thousand Different Ways
Sep. 19 Kasabian - Empire
Sept. 26 My Morning Jacket - Okonokos (live)
Oct. 17 Dave Mathews Band - The Best of What's Around
Oct. 31 My Morning Jacket - Okonokos (live DVD)
Nov. 7 Foo Fighters - Unplugged (CD + DVD)
Nov. 14 Katharine McPhee - TBA
Nov. 21 Daughtry - TBA

CDD will keep an eye on upcoming TV appearances and let you know when these are listed at RCA.

Meanwhile, start preparing for those CD Release Parties, and save those pennies so you can buy CD's!

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BAF Grant Helps Ease Financial Pain for Families

The BAF has handed a $25,000 grant to the Western DuPage Special Recreation Association of Naperville, IL (a Chicago suburb). The $25,000 grant will help families off-set summer camp costs for children with disabilities. The Naperville Sun's article notes:

Naperville Park District offered several camps in cooperation with the Heritage YMCA Group for ages 3 years old through eighth grade. Any child registering for these camps and needing inclusion services benefited. The Bubel-Aiken grant was used to offset the cost of staffing to these families and to provide the adaptive materials necessary.
Blog posts about this:
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New Video On The Way (no pun intended)

According to renybc, a reliable source, a video for the lead single of ATDW (still unknown) is on the way. Here's what she posted:

Trying to catch up, quick comment on the single question. As far as my friend knows there is a single and he has not received word that the plans have changed so yes he is still expecting it. He also warned I would need to have air conditioning to withstand the video, I am trying to order some now! That cannot release it until I am prepared!!!!!
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Monday, August 07, 2006

Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 42

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Attorneys to 'vigorously dispute' Claims Made by NC Woman

As you may have been alerted to earlier today via Google News, Clay is being sued by Jeannie Holleman, the author Out of the Blue -- 'Clay' it Forward. She claims to be a "lifelong friend and neighbor of a Raleigh family that were friends with Aiken's mother, Faye Parker, and took her in when Parker and her young son left her abusive husband."

According to this morning's Associated Press article, "Holleman claims Aiken, his mother and others conspired to defame her and depress sales of her book by denying they knew her, branding her stories as lies and demeaning the book on Aiken fans' Web sites."

Take a look at this woman's requests: "The lawsuit seeks at least $260,000 in damages and asks the court to order Aiken to retract the critical comments or endorse the book on his official Web site, to write a positive introduction for the book and to sell the book at his concerts for at least five years." Doesn't that just spell out: opportunist? Laughable.

Seems like this has already backfired. Here's a sampling of what the non-Clay bloggers are saying:

  • fruit and water: "Great strategy! Why stop at asking for money when you could also MAKE him like your book?"
  • Seriously? OMG! WTF?: "What a psycho? I mean you write an unautorized book about someone and when they will not endorse you, you sue them. WTF? And what about following him to Hawaii. She needs a restraining order and not an edorsement."
  • waywardbound: "This woman needs to get her own frikking life. And her lawyers should be ashamed of themselves for taking this case. It is cases like this that give their profession a bad rep. I don't really understand how it could be illegal to state a personal opinion."
Clay seems very fed up with all the false accusations he has been faced with. He released this statement today through RCA:
As a so-called 'celebrity' I have become used to scurrilous allegations and untruths being made about me and my work. I have always taken the path of not reacting to these matters and have accepted them as, somehow, coming with the 'job.' However, I cannot, and will not, stand by when these attacks are made on my family. I have instructed my attorneys to not only vigorously dispute the claims that have been made but to also pursue all possible remedies against those involved in the perpetration of these untruths.
Woohoo! Go Clay Go!

Note: CDD debated the posting of this article on our site. We initially decided to ban the article from CDD altogether. However, since Clay has made a statement, we are posting this story once and only once.

Related link: Blog about this from There Was A Man.

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Don't Miss Clayquébec's Gorgeous Wallpapers

CDD's Clayquébec1 has decided not to listen to the ATDW snippets, but that isn't stopping her from making these GORGEOUS ATDW wallpapers.

» Get your copy before they disappear.
» Check out CDD's official ATDW wallpaper.

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Tidbits 8/7

Still more ATDW Buzz today:
  • PR Inside
  • Australia
  • INQ7 article about Philippine Idol mentions Clay -- "he champion doesn’t necessarily sell the most CDs. Sometimes, the runner-up outsells the champ. Clay Aiken outsold Ruben Studdard."
  • This is just plain weird... San Bernardino County Sun article about a comedy show/concert: "They opened the show by introducing themselves as Clay Aiken's father and Ruben Studdard's mother, an "Idol"-related gag that set the tone for the lighthearted, two-hour show."
  • Fantastic Clay mention on this morning's FOX-8 News (Cleveland). Quick summary from the CB's MAIKENMUSIC03:
    Clay is used as the news teaser line today. Showed older nice pic, called him popular runner up and news will be about what is on his album. Kenny Crumpton also showed with a young lady who was jumping up and down regarding it-definitely a Claymate. Kenny says something about "see the future of America folks". I don't know how much I will get to see as leaving for my sons Dr. visit soon but will watch as long as I can.
  • American Idol creator Simon Fuller tells the LA Times: "Just look at what Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken did, what Carrie is doing. It's that empowering of America."

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Clay Dropping Fast on's Poll

Clay is dropping fast on's poll. The poll posted last week asks: "Which new [Idol] album will you get first?"

Clay is currently leading at 44%, but Taylor Hicks is catching up.

Vote now!

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Clay Blogs to Thank Fans

Clay has blogged again on Monday night, 8/06. Though I can't quote the blog for you, I can say this. Clay is both proud and humbled by the fact that his CD is #1 on and has been for several days. He makes me proud to have been a small part of getting him to #1.

For those of you who have not had a chance to purchase "A Thousand Different Ways" yet, you can go to, "Music", "Top-Sellers", and pre-order a copy or two (or eight) of Clay's CD. Let's keep him at #1 and show him what amazing fans we are!!

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 43

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Give a Bead For Life Party for Uganda During Clay's Tour

With Clay's next tour hopefully not too very far away, its time to start preparing for the concerts we plan to attend. Of course, we don't know where or when they will be yet, but there are some things we can think about even before we have all the details.

One of those things is thinking about giving a "Bead For Life" Party. What is Bead For Life, you might ask. If you go to the Bead For Life website, you can read the mission statement, learn about the women who make the beads in Uganda, learn about the staff in Boulder, Colorado, see the beautiful jewelry that is made, and learn how to give a Bead For Life party.

Quite a few people have given Bead For Life parties during Clay's tour. I have given three at the pre-parties before his concert. The beads sell themselves. They are so beautiful and fans want to buy them for themselves and as gifts because of their beauty, but also as a way to help the people in Uganda. Clay has worn in the past a necklace that one of the ladies in Uganda gave to him. After people saw that necklace and found out where it came from, lots of fans decided they wanted to help. You can make as much as $1100 or more at just one party, and the jewelry is very reasonably priced. It is very easy to give a party. Just go to Beadware Parties and Events at their website, and click on Beadware Events. You can also email Patty Manwaring at if you have further questions.

So when you're getting everything together for Clay's next tour, don't forget to give back a little to the people in Uganda by giving a Bead For Life party. Maybe plan one with a friend. Its another way we can give back to something close to Clay's heart.

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So. California Make A Difference Clay Gathering a Rousing Success

The 3rd So. California Clay Gathering was held Saturday in Los Angeles. As Clay fans always love to share in, there was lots of laughter, food, fellowship, and giving to the causes close to Clay's heart.

Of really great news is the fact that money was raised in the amount of $2400 for The Bubel Aiken Foundation and $1500 for Bead For Life Project. This money goes to the people in Uganda to help pay for their living expenses. The jewelry is made by women in Uganda, and the bracelets and necklaces are beautiful!

Rottenrubysmom (Margi) says on the Clayboard, "It never ceases to amaze me the spirt of love, compassion and giving that lives in this fellowship called Claynation. I am priviledged and proud to be a part of it."

The next SOCAL Clay Fans Gathering will be Saturday, September 16th in La Mesa in San Diego. If you need information on this, you can contact Margi at rottenruby @ (no spaces)

I'm sure there are fan groups all over the country that have get togethers like this to have fun as well as raise money for Clay's endeavors. We applaud all of you for this.

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Promosquad Users Declare: "A Thousand Days is Hit Bound"

Thanks to all the listening and voting Claymates and the general public did over the past few days, A Thousand Days is #1 on Promosquad's "Hit Bound" chart.

Congratulations Clay!

[Download the Promosquad version here]

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Teen People wants to know whether Clay's new style is hot or not.

Be sure to cast your vote!

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ATDW Shipping Internationally In October?

Is Clay Aiken finally to show his amazing talents to the world? A rumour from the Clayboard says RCA may be shipping ATDW internationally via its Sony BMG International this October.

No confirmation from Team Clay, but the prospect of Clay having his album in non-English speaking countries is exciting!

[Via the Clayboard's ClaysMyMidlifeCrisis]

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Join the CDD News Posting Team!

CDD is once again opening its doors to new news posters. Both Jan and I will be more busy this fall, so we'll need at least 1 more news poster to join us here at CDD.

You will not be paid, but I'm sure posting on the most popular Clay blog/Clay News Website with an average visitorship of 1200 people per day will be a rewarding experience.

Interested candidates must have access to a computer (duh), and the following skills:

  • E-mailing/Word processing/Good typing speed
  • Message boarding
  • Internet/General computer knowledge
  • Know what a blog is
  • Good English writing skills - no, I don't need a BA or anything like that.
  • Thudding (OK... i'm kidding, but you've gotta be a Claymate, OK?)
Assets which will be helpful, but are in no way necessary are:
  • prior experience with Blogger or other blogging services (such as WordPress)
  • (X)HTML
  • CSS
  • (If you don't know what the these are, not to worry... you won't really ever need them)
'Work' is flexible- I only ask that you make an effort at posting a few things per week.

Training will be provided.

If you are interested, please contact me through our feedback form - serious inquiries only.


CDD supports:

Bubel Aiken Foundation GoodSearch for TBAF UNICEF