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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Clay Fanclub Announces Renewal Info, New Contest; "Album title has been chosen"

The Official Clay Aiken Fanclub recently celebrated their 1st anniversairy. Many members have been wondering about their memberships which were set to expire on June 28, 2006. The fanclub addressed this issue and started a new "New Album Name Acronym" contest for its members. In the below post, the fanclub announces that the contest will close on July 12. They also said that the album's title has already been decided on and that it is only 4 words long (like "Measure of a Man" and "Merry Christmas With Love"). This has caused speculation on the boards about whether the official album title will be announced on July 13 or shortly thereafter.

The winner will receive: a signed copy of the new CD once it has been released, a one-year fanclub membership renewal, and a phone call from Clay himself!

06/30/06 / Clay Aiken Fan Club Renewals and a New Contest!
We're well aware that everyone is anxiously awaiting news on renewals and Year 2 of the Clay Aiken Fan Club. We value your participation in this community, and we want you to rest assured that access to the fan club will not expire for any member before September 1, 2006. More information regarding Year 2 of the Clay Aiken Official Fan Club and renewals will be available in the coming weeks, but for now enjoy the summer with no stress!

And now for the new OFC contest...

The NANA (New Album Name Acronym) Contest

We know you're all dying to hear some news on the new album, however, we thought it'd be more fun to get some album news out of you first!

Judging from the Clay Aiken pun contest, we already know just how cre"clay"tive you can be, so this time around we're putting your letters to the test because it's acronym time!

The album title has been chosen, but we can't give it away just yet. So, while you're waiting to find out what the name will be, Clay wants you to take your best shot and guess! We don't want you to guess the entire name, just the initial letters that make up the name -- an acronym if you will.

An acronym you say? A word formed from the initial letters of a name. You've already come up with quite a few Clay related acronyms on your own:

MOAM - Measure of a Man
JBT - Juke Box Tour
IWCY - I Will Carry You
MDYK - Mary Did You Know
DLTSGDOM - Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

This time Clay wants you to guess what the acronym for his new album will be!

The possibilities would be endless if we didn't give you any clues, but we're not that tough so we've narrowed it down to 456,976 possible acronyms. How'd we come to that? Well, here's you're clue: The title for the new album is comprised of just four (4) words.

Need an example? If you think the new album name is "Clay Aiken Sings Songs," then your acronym would be "CASS."

Make sure to check out the "Contests" section of the fan club for details on how you can participate in this contest. This contest starts NOW and ends on July 12th, so be sure to get your entries in ASAP!
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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day

Tidbits 7/1

  • The Ralph Englestad Arena (Grand Forks, ND) has some cool shots from Clay's concert there in July 2004.
  • Indianapolis Star: All-American Rejects played with Clay Aiken at radio station concert in 2003.
  • New Montage, "Over and Over"... about Clay's new look - to the tune of Three Day's Grace.

  • GASP! "I cheated on Clay" (with Rob Thomas) -- The ClayBlog.
  • Idle-wandering has a very insightful post about why the ballad-singing, geeky stereotype of Clay Aiken is inaccurate.
  • This Is How I Measure A Man shares 2 hot videos with us.
  • Soccer fan can't believe Clay is topping Technorati most-searched for list. Another blog has the same sentiments - shock.
  • Confessions of a Bad Clay Fan: I can't decide on my favourite Clay hairstyle... "I'm such a pathetic excuse for a fan, I don't even have a definitive choice for My Favorite Clay Aiken Hair of All Time."
  • The excitement continues... Southern Girl blogs about the new fanclub contest and the announcement that the sophomore album's title has already been decided on.
  • ClaySpots looks back at the exhilerating summer of 2003.
  • MySpace blogger: "Clay Aiken? What can I say? The guy's voice is magic, and he can turn any song, no matter how boring or corny, and make it sound like gold. The passion he exudes in music is remarkable."
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Friday, June 30, 2006

Even GQ is Honking For Clay!

Even GQ is honking for Clay! This illustration shows how a modern-rock mom's van may look like. After a closer look, you can clearly see a sticker proclaiming "Honk if you're a Claymate" plastered on the left hand side of the bumper. Cute! Click on the scan to enlarge. Scan Courtesy Clay Aiken The Ideal Idol.

This appears on page 71 of the July 2006, issue of GQ.

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TV Dance Journey Comes To An End For Claymate's Son

The Clayboard's INeedAClaybotomy's son Ben was eliminated last night from FOX's popular American Idol spin-off, So You Think You Can Dance. Nigel Lythgoe, the show's associate producer and lead judge, criticized Ben for his lack of effort during his solo dance performance.

CDD joins the Clay nation in congratulating Ben on a FANTASTIC run on the show. Making it to the top 16 of a national dance competition is a major achievement. CONGRATULATIONS!

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Tidbits 6/30

Even the cows are anxieously waiting for Clay's sophomore album. See the full photo essay here.
  • This really isn't Clay related, but Liz at Generation Clay has compiled a gorgeous photo essay of her life in Southern Ontario's farm region. Thanks to the heads up via Liz's blog, On the Boardwalk.
  • Cleveland Plain Dealer: Bo Bice article notes that "one doesn't have to win "American Idol" to become a pop star. Just ask smooth crooner Clay Aiken or fourth-season runner-up Bo Bice."
  • QuickDFW... I don't really see the point of this, but here it is. (Charles Gibson & his last day at GMA... good he didn't kiss Clay).
  • The CB's hosaa's posted this beautiful blog on the ups and downs of the past few months:
    Being Clay's Girlfriend

    I was thinking about my Boyfriend last night before going to sleep (no newsflash there - I think about him 14 out of 16 waking hours).

    Clay's Girlfriend was a little mad at him because all she's seen him do so far this year is hang out with Kristy, sing at his cousin's retirement ceremony, read a good book, give an award to a school, and sing for a couple of minutes on American Idol.

    As far as Clay's Girlfriend could see, he basically just spent six months growing his hair. He teased her a little, but he never blogged enough.

    Last night I thought about how when Clay first went on tour three years ago, he got lonely on the road and would call someone from home in the middle of the night. Home kept him sane. Home was real. Home was Love.

    Over the next two and a half years, as he got to know his new Girlfriend a bit better, he became more comfortable. He teased her because it was fun. He danced with her and flirted with her in front of thousands of people.

    He learned her language, learned how to navigate her many mood swings. She's a little higher-maintenance than he probably wanted in a Girlfriend, but this past February, he asked her to be his own personal Valentine. I for one was pretty giddy about it.

    Last night I remembered the moment I realized Clay loved his Girlfriend. I mean REALLY loved her. It was in mid-January, and the rumblings of an explosive MESS were first being heard.

    It must have been one of those times when Clay felt terribly alone. It was the middle of the night, so he did what he had done before - he called someone at Home. Somebody he loved. His new Girlfriend.

    At 3:56 a.m. Eastern Time on January 17, he joked about coming out of hibernation just to tease her. But he concluded his message with "an appropriate verse":

    Do not fear the reproach of others, and do not be dismayed when they revile you. Isaiah 51:7

    Clay knew that the MESS to come would be very hurtful not just to himself, but to his Girlfriend. He loved her and wanted to prepare her for what was ahead. He seemed to be reaching out, not just because he felt alone, but because he wanted to protect someone he loved very much.

    And when she Circled the Wagons for him, he knew he had chosen wisely. He had given as much of his heart as he possibly could, and when he saw that it was accepted, he thanked her.

    Yes I know he's doing more than growing his hair. I know he's keeping quiet for a reason. I'm impatient, but I'm here, waiting for Clay to come Home to me again with all his merry tales and joyous surprises.

    Waiting with Love,
  • Here's some entertaining Clack for you to watch as we wait for this year's sophomore album fall tour. Funny Jukebox Tour moments: YouTube Part 1, YouTube Part 2, YouTube Part 3. And if you can't get enough of that, check out this Clayboard thread of "Funniest Clay moments"
  • ... and we have one more Clay YouTube vid we'd like to share. Check out this montage called "Songs of Perfection". Thanks to ClayReport for the heads up.
  • berkleylovesclay wrote this nice piece on waiting... waiting... and... waiting. Read it at Clay Aiken The Ideal Idol.

  • Chexxxy's Pearls has a very convincing post about why Clay has already 'payed his dues' to the music industry.
  • Quomodocunquize. Now, that's a mouthful! Jemrock at Taking A Moment gives us another of her lovely voclaybulary lessons...
  • There Was A Man: waiting for soon to come can't come any sooner. (computer graphics)
  • Southern Girl shares with us a touching story about her life. (non-Clay related)
  • Southern Girl also shares some clack from Clay's 2004 A Capitol Fourth Appearance with us.
  • Something That Really Happened: The Solitaire Challenge... everyone is singing "Clay's" song!
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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Beautynomics Blog: Clay Aiken "has achieved optimality"

Now here's something you don't see everyday. A Beauty and Skin care blog, Beautynomics, is singing the praises for Clay's sizzling new look:

He actually looked gorgeous! See, I told you. Everyone can be beautiful. Just do "it" right.

I watched this video of Clay Aiken's before and after, and was just...taken away.

What does the "it" in my sentence pertain? Well, here there are :

For guys :

1. Your haircut : Please do not be stingy and stick to the town barber for life. Once in a while, go to some posh hair salon and have your hair done there. I promise, you will never go back to generic hair cuts again. Again, look at Clay Aiken!!!

4. Eyebrow work : Check Clay Aiken's before & after for reference.

Gosh, Clay Aiken has got a voice of an angel. His new look , just really compliments his absolutely beautiful voice. I must say, he has achieved optimality.
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Find Out If You're A Real Clay Fan has a fun quiz that promises to tell you whether you are a REAL Clay Aiken fan or not. A real Clay fan should have an indepth knowledge about Clay's life and Clay's musical journey post-American Idol. See if you're an authentic fan at!

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Music Industry Insider: Sophomore Album Will Showcase Clay as "a major breakout artist"

The CH's music industry expert calleik tempted us with another of her posts about the sophomore album. She said in a post last night:

You matter how much longer it matter whether we hear something tomorrow or next week or even next really will be all right.

It will be more than all right. We know that. Yes, I heard things...I am still hearing things. Yes, I know how a lot of it works...but nothing I know or hear can comfort when it all comes down to the Wait. It's excruciating, it's feels lonely. But he is coming back and it will be new, exciting, invigorating. He will be at the helm of us once again and we will be his to navigate. Whenever, wherever, however.

We all need him right now. So yes, life is feeling pretty raw and barren. I can sure verify that. He fills us in ways that we never knew could happen. We are yearning for that now. Seconds are creeping, minutes are maddening, hours pass, days tick away, weeks slide by. An eternity! When is "soon" NOW? is. And it will be. That is one thing we know.

As a creative being myself, I can speak from the other side. I spend what seems like a lifetime crafting my it, nurturing it, polishing, perfecting...and then it's ready. But now the real waiting begins because so much else comes into play. Every single element adds weeks, months...and the overall timeline trips into not only next year, but the year after. It's maddening...and it seems like it will never come. Belief day I am holding tight, the next I feel I am slipping over the edge.

But at least with Clay, we know it is happening...

One of the neatest things recently? Referring to the cuts that have been heard by some: "This is NOT American Idol. Hell, this isn't even Clay Aiken. This is a major breakout artist. I, for one, am going to enjoy the aftershocks."

Yeah, we know that. But yes, this is going to be a whole new kind of fun...watching others fall under the spell. Watching many be blown away. Watching a new demographic build...watching Clay's fandom expand by multitudes...watching the respect grow and the praise catapult...watching what we've always wanted.

The buzz about ramped up negotiating tells me that bigger deals and new developments may be impacting. I know a little bit about a couple of things that have been circulating...and if true, it pretty much makes the wait seem inconsequential. All in all, our agony is going to soon be our ecstacy.

I can only hope that turns out to be the same with me and mine...

As for us and the bag. Today, tomorrow...July, August, September...yes. 2006, 2007, and beyond...yes. The media blitz, the tour, everything else...YES.

Yes is such a nice word.

What else really matters?
Read some of calleik's older posts: 6/23 6/12 6/9 6/1 5/27

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Tidbits 6/29

  • The CB's ComfieCozyClay shares some of her shots taken at JNT 2004's San Jose concert. THUD!
  • Diamond City Electric City - In an article entitled "Together at Last" by Gene Padden, DC Editor, which is about the bands Journey and Def Leppard playing on tour together for the first time, Clay is mentioned as follows: "Idol showed video clips of Jackson's performances with the group during the '80s, and Clay Aiken won over voters with his rendition of 'Open Arms.'"
  • LBFCA - The Broads have done it again. Check out "You Might Be Going Through Clay Withdrawal" at the LBFCA site. It'll give you a much needed chuckle!!
  • Article from the Arizona Daily Star about a former AI2 contestant who (obviously) "competed against eventual winner Ruben Studdard and runner-up Clay Aiken."
  • Lycos50's new article mentions Elliott Yamin having a higher ranking than Clay... "Now that takes some doing!"
  • Channel News Asia: very brief Clay mention in this article about a Singapore Idol contestant singing Solitaire.
  • AOL Music includes Clay in its gallery of "musical transformations"
  • Wisconsin State Journal: producer John Roach who "worked with former contestant Clay Aiken and judge Randy Jackson on the annual Ronald McDonald House charity event in Chicago" stirs things up with Elliott Yamin fans.
  • I've never seen this photo before! Casper at Casper's Place says: "this was taken at a Krispy Kreme charity signing in Raleigh." Note the thudly stubble. :)
  • ConCLAYve has a nice blog about why music is the "shorthand of emotion"
  • meerkat chitchat has some ... um... surprising photoshopped photos of Clay... 'viewer discretion strongly advised - PG content'
  • Hobbies' new JBT montage - 90's medley, ICMYLM, IWALY (highly recommended)
  • Marhaven is recommending a cool project- Frame Clay onto your wall! (see photo on the right)
  • According to Claynecticut at The Clayboard - "Was watching Dane Cook's (comedian) "Tourgasm" the most recent episode he got sick and flew to NY to see a doctor there...the doctor's office had signed cd's all along the wall and Clay's MOAM was up there!"
  • Confessions of a Bad Clay Fan on how American Idol is now expired... "I like American Idol. I liked it in 2003 when it brought me Clay. I still like it. I enjoy watching it every season. I don't think the show is now pointless and irrelevant since it already discovered the biggest bestest idol the world will ever know."
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      Wednesday, June 28, 2006

      Claymate Catches Hubby Singing This Is The Night

      Since we're somewhat empty of real news these days, allow me to share with you a cute story from the CB's proud to be a claymate. You'll finish reading with a smirk on your face - guaranteed!

      I'm downstairs, on the computer, sitting here on the Clayboard, which is nothing new..My husband is upstairs in the shower and cleaning up for work for tomorrow..He has the radio on, and I can hear him singing...Well, I was suprised to hear him singing to Clay..Singing...This Is The Night..I quickly opened the door and said "Oh My Gosh..You Do Like Clay and you can't deny it now"...I can't believe I heard my husband singing along with OMC...This is the first time ever, I've heard my husband singing along with Clay..I'm sure this was my one and only time, but I'll take it...
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      "Clay Aiken" Makes It Into The Record Books At Lycos

      Today is a great day for Clay Aiken! It marks the 156th week or 3rd year the search term "Clay Aiken" has been on the Lycos50, a list of's most searched for terms. It's incredible how Clay has not dropped out of the top 50 even once in the past 3 years. And we certainly want that tradition to continue. Please search for Clay everyday at!

      Clay comes in this week at #38.

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      Tidbits 6/28

      • A reminder that tonight is the night to cast your votes for the CB's INeedAClaybotomy's son Ben who is competing on FOX's American Idol dance spinoff, So You Think You Can Dance. It all starts at 8 PM EDT on FOX (in the US) and CTV (in Canada)-- Canadians are not eligible to vote.
      • Star Plaza Theatre - Check out the four GORGEOUS pictures of Clay from the Jukebox Tour at the Star Plaza Theater website.
      • In The Fray Magazine - In an article about the new show "America's Got Talent", Clay is mentioned: "Where American Idol and The Amateur Hour are and were serious ventures where winners actually do become recording stars (Frank Sinatra, Pat Boone, Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken)..."
      • Billboard - In an article entitled "Hips Slips; Hicks Clicks" by Fred Bronson, Clay is mentioned among all the other Idols who have had a #1 song in the Billboard Hot 100. "This Is The Night" debuted at #1 exactly 3 years ago today on June 28, 2003!
      • AOL Music - On AOL Music's main page, scroll down to the section entitled "Musical Transformations", and Clay is the 4th person shown as having changed his looks (includes a before and after picture of Clay's hair).
      • 96rock interviews Michael Sandecki (sang with Clay on AI5 finale last month). Sandecki admitted on the to 96rock that he is gay.
      • VYUZ San Diego: Josh Gracin, runner up to Kimberley Locke, Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard preparing to begin acting career, release sophomore album. (CDD's note: Congratulations Josh! Hope the sophomore album is a blockbuster!)

      • Confessions of a Bad Clay Fan addresses the stereotyping of Claymates as "overweight, Bible-toting grandmas." BadFan has another post -- "The Clay Aiken fandom is a fun place to be"
      • i heart clay: memories from Jukebox 2005.
      • Epsilon Institute: Superman's black hair makes him look like "Clay Aiken circa 2006"
      • ClayKat: when will the CD come out???
      • American Idol blog: Idol release dates.
      • ClaySpots: The American Idol 2003 Tour and what I've learned from Clay so far... (this blog entry is very good. Recommended reading)
      • Taking A Moment: While we're all so busy with Clay, here's some food for thought (grin)... (recommended reading)
      • Southern Girl posts about how Clay fans are from every corner of the world!
      • Brazilian Clay Aiken blog -- completely Spanish, but cool to see how Clay is so popular in a country where AI doesn't get much attention.
      • Lyrichord's Music Musings: Lyrichord's initial reaction to MOAM. "The first time I got my Measure of a Man CD in the mail from Amazon sometime in mid-February of 2004, I listened to it and went WTF?"
      • Marhaven blogs about the anticipation of Clay's official album announcement coming "soon" and this week's entertainment news.
      • Chexxxy's Pearls continues her wonderful 'memory lane' series. Today, she shares with us 2004's AI3 Fantasy performance.

      Windows has a new superbug... this time the "Clay Aiken drives us crazy with 'coming soon' syndrome" (courtesy the CB's Dino).

      This post was edited by clayisouridol.

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      Last Spot Taken On Good Morning America Summer Concert LineUp

      Our hopes that Clay would fill the last spot for the Good Morning America Summer Concert lineup have been flickering for weeks. However, those hopes were finally snuffed out when that final July 21 spot was filled by Taylor Hicks, this year's American Idol winner. It could've been Clay's 3rd consecutive year on the Summer Concert series lineup. Below is the complete schedule.

      Left: Clay performing on last year's Good Morning America concert series.

      • June 2 - Rob Thomas/Jewel
      • June 9 - Kenny Chesney
      • June 16 - Prince featuring Tamar
      • June 23 - Mary J Blige
      • June 30 - Pussycat Dolls
      • July 7 - Beach Boys
      • July 14 - Train
      July 21 - Taylor Hicks (last spot filled)
      • July 28 - Huey Lewis & The News
      • Aug. 4 - Pharrell with Kanye West
      • Aug. 11 - Carrie Underwood
      • Aug. 18 - Christina Aguilera
      • Aug. 25 - Lionel Richie

      Of course, we are all disappointed and had high hopes of Clay filling that last spot. However, we need to think positively and that something even better will show up along the way. We can't necessary blame Team Clay, since we don't know what else is going on in Clay's personal or professional life. Possibly there were prior commitments or other reasons why Clay chose not to perform this year. Meanwhile, we have our memories of Clay's prior performances to enjoy. And let's look forward to good things to come!

      To see the listing at the GMA site, go to Good Morning America.

      Also, if you'd like to read the thread about this at the CB, go to Clayboard GMA.

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      Tuesday, June 27, 2006

      Teen People Readers Say Clay "Needs A Haircut"

      The CB's NickiHeartsClay informs us of a Clay mention in the August 2006 issue of Teen People:

      Hey all! I just got the August Teen People in the mail today. On page 44 there is a part that says "Does he Need a Hair Cut?" with four celebs. One is Clay from the AI5 finale. It says 86% said yes he needs a haircut and 14% say no.

      Also a little later on page 72 there is an article on Katherine McPhee and near the beginning of the article it says "The LA native is poised to become Idol's biggest loser since Clay Aiken."

      Just thought I'd let ya know!
      Technorati tags: , , User: Back For More Will Be Lead Single


      Seems like we are being bombarded with these rumours daily now. I wouldn't put much credibility in this post on American Idol's official website by a user called KCCDRPSFan. She says RCA will be releasing a CD-Single of Back For More in July and that BFM is already impacting select radio stations as Clay's lead sophomore album single.

      If you are going to read further, I encourage you to find yourself a bucket of salt -- but then again, the September 19 release date has been floating around the past week (see this and this).

      KCCDRPSFan says:

      I was at IDf and this woman on there who works at a radio station
      that knows Clay and has spoken with him and said that his new album
      will be out on September 19.

      His first single is called "Back for More" and will be out
      in stores sometime in July.

      His new song is playing on certain radio stations now.

      Clay sang that song on tour as well as another new one called
      "Tears Run Dry". You can probably hear him sing it on one of his
      fan sites.
      Again, let me stress that this is a rumour and it may turn out that this person is just pulling our legs. Infact, we heard from Clay last week that the first single might be a cover... and BFM is not a single.

      Technorati tags: , , ,

      iMacs of Clay!

      Check out this cool video clip from YouTube! This is what happens when a Claymate gets left in a computer lab with the internet and thudly photos of Clay. LOL! "my friend and i were all alone in the school's mac lab yesterday :ph34r:
      and suddenly we had a brainwave...!" says the Singapore Claymate who taped the video clip.

      Technorati tags: , ,

      "ClayFan CD Release Date Survival Kit" by claydb

      When I saw this, I just had to bring this over.

      The CB's claydb has designed a "Survival kit" for anxieous Claymates waiting patiently for the new sophomore album.

      Here are the contents as per claydb's post:

      When the OFC was asking for suggestions for merchandise, I sent them this. Thought I would share it with you. Feel free to add items we may need for our survival to this kit.

      ClayFan CD Release Date Survival Kit
      1. ClayFan Anti Aging Pills
      2. Seminar on How To Be A Patient Person
      3. Chewing gum with valium burst
      4. ClayFan anti-wrinkle cream
      5. Mints with valium burst
      6. ClayFan age spot remover
      7. Medical Plan & Therapy for those who are not handling the false release dates well
      8. ClayFan AARP Plan for those fans under 30 who turn 65 while waiting for the CD to come out
      9. Blog from Clay every Blue Tuesday that somebody else releases a CD that we don't want
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      Tidbits 6/27

      • In case you missed the first time around, here's an ultra-thudly photo of Clay with his JNT 2005 dancer Brianne (above). Thanks to the CB's ClaysMyMidlifeCrises for the heads up.
      • Raleigh restaurant "Gypsy's Shiny Diner" plays the "occasional selection by Clay Aiken."

      • Chexxxy's Pearls takes us on a walk down memory lane to Clay's 2003 American Music Award win. (still gives me goosebumps!)
      • Three Friends: soon...soon...soon. I don't think we've ever done this indepth with the word soon. Rainlover at the CB coined the suggestion that soon stands for "September, October or November." Is it "soon" yet? (Clay insists that the album is "coming soon")
      • The ConCLAYve: Clay has expanded my horizons... "The consensus seemed to be that your circle of friends decreases as you age. But something happened in the spring of 2003 that changed all that. Clay Aiken."
      • ClayKat tells us about her experience with new clack site
      • Wednesday's Child: A list of Clay's charitable work (this just makes your heart melt)
      • Personal blog from Anjsebastian tells us why Clay has a "heart of gold" (awww....)
      • Spotted in Des Moines, IA: The "I Love Clay Aiken" car. >>
      • LiveJournal user blogs about Canada's new Clay Aiken look alike, Keith MacPherson, current Canadian Idol competitor. (clayis' note: Keith can sing and has charm, but he's no Clay!)
      • MySpace blogger's poem for Clay Aiken.
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      Monday, June 26, 2006

      Talented Clayfan's Clay Drawing Published in Taj Mahal Review

      Connecting Aiken Fans Everywhere's Carliss Mora has gotten her beautiful Clay drawing published in a journal called the Taj Mahal Review. The India-based biannual magazine published 3 of Carliss's drawings, including one of CLAY! She shares her story with us on CAFE's website.

      Congratulations Carliss! If you want a copy of the Taj Mahal Review with Carliss' Clay drawing, you can order one for $25 at this website.

      Technorati tags: , ,

      Clay Still #1 At Technorati

      On Saturday, we told you how Clay topped Technorati's most searched for list. Well, as of 1:10 PM today, Clay is still #1, beating out the likes of "World Cup", "Windows Vista", "Video" and even "sex". The CB's wandacleo interpreted this as: "I see from the original list that Clay was 16 x better than sex."

      Technorati tracks over 45 million blogs and is visited by millions of people around the world each day. To keep Clay at #1, all you have to do is head over to Technorati and search for "Clay Aiken".

      Technorati tags: , , ,

      AD: Renee4Clay's "Coming Really Soon"

      We're poking fun at Clay's assertion (made 6 months ago) that his album is "coming soon." :) Also see Renee's ad from yesterday.

      Technorati tags: , ,

      September 19 Rumoured to Be Drop Date


      September 19 seems to be an eligible candidate for the sophomore album release date. A Barnes & Nobel manager confirmed this date last week. Today, a poster over at Television Without Pity posted this list of Idol-releated release dates:

      Clay - Sept. 19
      Ruben - Sept. 26
      Fantasia - Oct. 3
      Taylor - Oct. 10
      Katherine - Oct. 17
      No comments yet from Team Clay; therefore, this is still a rumour.

      Technorati tags: , ,

      Tidbits 6/26

      • andPOP: AI4's 5th placer Constantine Maroulis releasing new album... "Looks like you don't have to win to be successful; Clay Aiken proved that, now maybe some of these guys will too."
      • Reality TV Magazine blog about Kimberley Locke's upcoming mention. Briefly mentions Clay.
      • AntiMusic mentions Jay Leno's Clay Aiken 'quip' on his show last week. (read more about it here)
      • Another Clay mention in an OC Register article about Taylor Hicks' CD single sales.
      • Is there a chance that Clay will be on Good Morning America's 2006 Summer concert series after all? In April, an ABC insider told us that Clay was scheduled for GMA's Summer Concert Series. However, a few weeks later, when ABC published their official list, Clay was not included. The CB's NCMama posted this today, fueling speculation that Clay will appear on GMA's only vacant spot - July 21.
        My friend just called to tell me that her husband was watching & said "Why was Clay just on?" But he did NOT mean in person - we are thinking it was a picture or maybe they did a montage of former summer concerts, as an advertisement for this summer's shows.

      • Another cute voclaybulary lesson from jemrock at Taking A Moment. "Jemock's Patented Vocabulary-Builder For the Clay Fan With Superior Intellect and Too Much Spare Time and No Adult Supervision"
      • Chexxxy's Pearls: Watch last year's top-notch interview with Canadian TV station OMNI-TV's The Standard.
      • The Cat Librarian hasn't been updated in a while, but it's a nice blog to check out.
      • MySpace blogger's list of "FUNNY STUFF THAT'S HARD TO ADMIT". "I still think Clay Aiken is a darn fine singer" checks in at #23. YEAH!
      • BMG Japan's official blog talks about the success of Clay Aiken. Here's a roughly translated version courtesy Google Translate.
      • Clay's Hometown. Here's a new blog from the CB's scrpkym who just moved to Raleigh. In her first post, she talks about what it's like to live in "Clay's hometown."
      • Check out OurManClay... the newest Clay blog by several of Clay's east coast fans.
      • Southern Girl's Guide... cats & Clay.
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      Sunday, June 25, 2006

      Have Some Fun Working Clay Aiken Jigsaw Puzzles

      Needs something fun to do to keep your mind off the CD release date? Check out Jigsawzone where there are lots of Clay jigsaw puzzles you can put together. You'll even find some of Clay with his new hair style! You can try to beat the fastest time or see if you can at least finish a puzzle in the average time.

      Check out all the puzzles at

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      Pictures of Quiana's Baby Up at

      Pictures of Quiana Parlor's baby, Chamberlin Malik Moore, are up at her MySpace blog. What a precious bundle of joy he is! Chamberlin was born on June 14 and weighed 6 pounds 2 ounces. Quiana has two pictures of him posted for all to see. Go to Quiana's MySpace to see the pictures of her beautiful baby boy. No doubt Clay will be spoiling this sweet baby!

      Congrats Quiana!

      Update (from clayisouridol): If the MySpace page is blocked for you (I know some people with firewalls have MySpace blocked), try this link.

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      Japanese and Korean Clay Nation Growing


      Clay ain't just a phenomenon here in North America anymore!

      Last December, the South Korean Clay Aiken fanclub achieved a milestone- 9000 registered members. Earlier that month, Clay's Shine was used in a Korean TV commercial. And just last month, Clay was the most searched for popstar on Naver, South Korea's #1 webportal. Clay even beat out South Korea's beloved home-grown popstars. Today (in our Tidbits post), I told you about "The New Clay Aiken", the first Japanese Clay Aiken website. When you get a chance, be sure to check these two websites out. Although they aren't in English, it's nice to see that people around the world share our passion for Clay.

      If indications are right, Clay's sophomore album will be formally released in both South Korea and Japan this Summer/Fall.

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      AD: Renee4Clay's New CDD Ad

      It's been such a long time since renee has done an ad for us. enjoy this new one!

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      Tidbits 6/25

      • WOW! Isn't this drawing stunning! A very talented artist did this 11x14 graphite pencil drawing based on Clay's HAWT new look. She says it took her over 30 hours to complete. You can get your hands on it! It's being auctioned off on eBay. (starting bid is $450).
      • Arizona Republic mentions Clay in Taylor Hicks CD Single sales article. "The all-time "Idol" first-week singles sales champ is, of course, Clay Aiken. The Season Two runner up's "This Is The Night" sold 393,000 copies in its first week."
      • LBFCA: "Loosen Up Your Buttons, Clay" ... to the song "Buttons" by the Pussycat Dolls

      • Southern Girl reflects on her mother... "My mother once went to a Clay Aiken concert on my behalf when I wasn't physically able to go myself. She had the time of her life."
      • Clayigraphy... "How I spend my summer"... "I've attended 23 Clay Aiken concerts."
      • HotForClay shares her 2005 JBT Meet'n'Greet memories.
      • Going to prove Clay Aiken is everywhere, here's a JAPANESE Clay Aiken blog. Thanks to Tao Qian at Idle-wandering for bringing this to our attention.
      • Chexxxy posts about Solitaire... get ready to thud (some great clack is included in the post)
      • Wednesday's Child... "through the years musically"
      • Lyrichord's Music Musings... revisiting Clay on Jimmy Kimmel Live 2003.
      • MySpace blogger's top 10 cuties list. Clay rings in at #2. She says:
        Clay Aiken - 10 Aww!'s. I actually feel really ashamed, as a Clay fan, that I have not submitted his name to this list earlier, if not first. I should have been more mindful of my Clay duties. Nonetheless, he's of course one of the top of the Cute List, not only because of his great voice, humble attitude, kindness and just overall likeability (how could someone NOT like Clay? He's just SO nice!), but because of the following entry from my copy of his memoir, "Clay Aiken- Learning to Sing- Hearing the Music in Your Life" (just to preface, Clay's parents were VERY strict with rules, and punishments were really harsh. Not abusive or anything, just harsh. But of course, Clay being the nice guy and 10 that he is, still totally loves and appreciates them...):
        "Erin Cates was the most desirable girl in my high school. She was sweet and beautiful. She had dirty-blond hair and full cheeks that flushed when she smiled, which was often. And she had a terrific voice, which I got to hear every day in choir class.
        Because we both did shows, we were invited to attend the masquerade ball held by the Raleigh Little Theatre. When Erin heard about the ball, an amazing thing happened. She asked me to go with her.
        In my mind, this was going to be the biggest night of my life. I was going to wear a tuxedo. I was going to buy her a corsage.
        My mom knew how badly I wanted to go. I had been going on about it all week. But then, two days before the dance, I talked back to her. I sassed my mama, so what did she take away? My one chance with the homecoming queen.
        ...I mulled it over, and decided that some opportunities simply cannot be ignored.
        The night of the ball, I told my mom I had to work. I dressed in my Italian Oven uniform...I hid my tuxedo (which was unfortunately a tad too small) in the trunk of the car, said goodbye to my parents, and left for work.
        Erin met me in the Italian Oven parking lot. She picked me up and drove me to the Kroger grocery store, where I changed into my tuxedo in the men's room. She wore a pale aquamarine gown, and when I saw her waiting for me there in the fluorescent light of Kroger's, I knew she was the most beaufiul girl I'd ever seen and that any punishment would be worth this night with her.
        The dance itself was mildly disappointing. It was filled with old people. I was hoping for lots of kids from our school- witnesses, who would see me on a date with Erin Cates.
        Nonetheless, Erin and I danced together. We SLOW danced together. The song was a ballad by Boyz II Men, and I remember how dizzy I felt, spinning in circles, my hand on the small of her back.
        I remember thinking: 'We have so much in common, both of us love singing. And she's from a good family and she seems to be enjoying herself and maybe, after tonight, she will say she wants to be my girlfriend. We will become a couple, and we will always remember this dance as our special night.'
        I dreamed that dream the whole time we danced, and then the ball ended.
        We drove back to Kroger's. I took off my too-tight tux and put on my Italian Oven uniform, and Erin Cates, homecoming queen, waved goodbye and drove out of my life. I didn't even try to kiss her good night. Because although I longed for something different, I knew the truth: Erin Cates was never going to be my girlfriend.
        Erin Cates liked me as a friend. She appreciated my voice, and the fact that I was a gentleman. And that's why she spent time with me
        Still, I know she cared about me. Because even though we both knew we were destined to be just friends, for one night she let me pretend otherwise."

        Now, what girl did not cry from reading that? It's beautiful (YES, especially for us fellow dorks who sympathize). This is why us fans LOVE CLAY FOREVER!!!!
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