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Saturday, November 25, 2006

New DOOL, AMA Photos!

Thanks to for these cute photos of Clay. The first one, seen above, is actually not 'new' per se (we posted a much smaller version last week). It was taken earlier this month on the set of Days of our Lives. I particularly love the second one - hot rocker Clay... THUD.

You can find even more Days photos at this website called Clasos.

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Tidbits 11/25

Here the cover of the new People Magazine special we told you about earlier this week. Young Clay is so cute! Thanks to There Was A Man for the scan.

  • Lake County News Sun - winner of Waukegan, IL Christmas concert tickets announced! "this is mom's night out, and Clay Aiken is her star."
  • AOL TMZ - this is hilarious... looks like the entire Kelly Ripa/Clay thing is falling flat on Kelly's face. TMZ labels Ripa this week's 2nd biggest "loser":
    Kelly Ripa: With her clay-footed handling of an American Idol's playful banter, Ripa inadvertently plunged into the treacherously shrill waters of "What's up with that?" Compounding matters, beyond Rosie's dark "View" of the matter, is the utterly unbelievable nature of Ripa's apology. She was worried about catching cold and flu season germs? To paraphrase a lyric from "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word," -- track five of Aiken's latest album -- "It's a sad, sad situation, and it's getting more and more absurd." Memo to Gelman: Wash, rinse, repeat.
  • The Spoof - making satire out of Clay's "Kellygate" -
    Clay Aiken, MISTAKENLY thinking that he could shush Oprah Winfrey the way he did Kelly Rippa of Regis And Kelly found out the hard way which star in the heavens shines the brightest when he woke up in a New York City ICU unit asking for mama and a warm heating pad for the left side of what was left of the left side of his jaw.
  • Wall Street Journal - Christmas CD ensures long lasting success -
    How does a pop artist ensure that his or her new album will live on for years? Give it a holiday theme. Years-old Christmas albums from artists such as 2003's "American Idol" star Clay Aiken and pop-opera group Il Divo have made a comeback on Billboard's "Top Holiday Albums" chart this year, alongside classics from Burl Ives and Elvis Presley.
  • Clay is quoted in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest about his upcoming appearance on Days of our Lives:
    "I didn't memorize my lines at all; I kind of made them up as I went along", he confesses. "I'm not very good at memorizing and so I thought I would just say what came naturally and fortunately they were willing to let me do that. Stephen and Mary Beth were just really phenomenal to work with. I can remember the words to my own songs much less words they write in the script for me".
Clay is on the homepage of AOL Music today. They have a nice photo of Clay lighting up the UNICEF Snowflake in NYC from last week. There's also a nice UNICEF Snowflake photo over @ Entertainment Tonight's website.

  • ClaySpots- more hypocrisy from Kelly Ripa - more photos uncovered! (hey... there's one of Simon Cowell doing the 'hand' to Kelly... wonder why she didn't complain then!
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Kelly Ripa - Here's Where Clay's Hands Have Been

We can't miss this opportunity to share this beautiful montage by no1tvfan who responds to Kelly Ripa's "I don't know where that hand's been, honey!".

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Friday, November 24, 2006

AD: All Is Well

Here is CDD's official ad for All Is Well. Enjoy!

» View High-Resolution Version (prints out great!)

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Charlotte Concert: Sell Out #3

On the heels of Clay's other two sell-outs in Red Bank, NJ and Verona, NY, Clay's Charlotte, NC concert scheduled for Dec. 22 is now officially sell out #3.

Congratulations Clay!

For the latest on the 2006 Christmas Tour, please head on over to our tour section.

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AIW Released Pre-maturely @ Select Wal-Mart Locations

We see this every time with Clay's CD releases. There are always a few stores across the country that someone manage to sell the CD before they are released officially.

Several Wal-Marts had copies of Clay's new Christmas EP, All Is Well, in stock today, according to reports from the Clayboard. The EP will be officially released on Tuesday.

Although sales are important for AIW, this will be a Wal-Mart exclusive and as such, will not register on the Billboard charts. If you see a copy of AIW at your local Wal-Mart, buy it NOW. AIW is only available in limited quantities and may be sold out the next time you visit the store.

As for Claynadians, we have heard that AIW will be available through most Canadian Wal-Marts, but no official Canadian release date has been announced.

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Tyra Banks Show Recap Now Up!

If you missed Clay's Tyra Banks Show appearance earlier this week, The Tyra Banks Show website has a very nice wrap up of Clay's interview.

Don't forget you can find download links, YouTube clips and more on this CDD blog from a few days ago.

Here is the Tyra Banks recap:

Claymates, Claymaniacs and Claynadians filled Tyra’s audience when she invited "American Idol" superstar Clay Aiken! Clay started the interview off with sympathy from the audience when he shared he was allergic to nuts that grew on trees (peanuts were okay), mushrooms, shellfish, coffee and chocolate. He confessed nuts were banned from the Tyra Show set, because if they even touched him, he’d break out in welts. He also discussed the intense devotion of his fans, and revealed he didn’t understand the phenomenon but felt the public forum of "American Idol" made people feel he was more accessible and close to them. When Tyra asked Clay what daily tasks he missed being able to do since becoming a celebrity, he turned the tables and asked her the same question. When she said she missed walking around without a hairweave in, he began scratching his head and said that was what he missed too! He revealed he’d never actually had a weave, but knew a thing or two about drawing hair-related heat when he rocked a darker color during his surprise appearance on the "American Idol" season finale.

Clay truthfully answered the one question all of America wanted to know. Before she asked the question, Tyra held Clay’s hand and reminded him that her show was a safe place, and he could be open and honest. She then proceeded to ask him if he wore boxers or briefs! Clay started laughing, and regained his composure before seriously answering that he wore boxers. He quickly followed up by admitting his mom would probably be very embarrassed by his revelation. He went on to share that his mother and others who knew him before "American Idol" called him Clayton, but everyone else called him Clay. He liked the separation between the two worlds, and admitted he got upset at times when people who didn’t know him before "Idol" tried to call him Clayton.

Tyra welcomed Mary, one of Clay’s biggest fans. During a recent appearance, she asked Clay to sign her back so she could have a tattoo artist turn the signature into a declaration of her adoration for him permanently on her body. Clay couldn’t believe she’d actually had his name tattooed onto her back, and was even more amazed she did it without being under the influence of alcohol!

Clay revealed he always wanted to be a talk show host, so he swapped spots with Tyra and began interviewing her. She started talking about her new boyfriend and plans they had for the weekend, before realizing she was saying too much. Clay changed the subject, and they started talking about future projects. Tyra revealed she enjoyed producing films that empowered women, and would want to act in them as well since she was a self-proclaimed control freak. She also confessed it took more than two hours to go from looking "Tyra Banks – Girl Who Just Rolled Out of Bed," to "Tyra Banks – Talk Show Host Extraordinaire!" Clay made the ladies swoon when he performed "A Thousand Days" from his album, "A Thousand Different Ways."

During a mini break from Clay, Tyra welcomed Jaeda, the latest girl eliminated from "America’s Next Top Model." In a shocking twist, the first thing she admitted was that she loved her short tresses. She was embarrassed by her behavior on the show and wished she would have sucked it up and realized how great the short style actually looked on her. She thanked Tyra for the opportunity and confessed she was still going to work hard to pursue a career in modeling.

Tyra welcomed back Clay, and said she wanted to end the show in a way he’d always remember. He suggested they finish with a kiss, and a surprised but happy to oblige Tyra puckered up.
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Tidbits 11/24

  • Clay will be on Access Hollywood on Monday. The show interviewed Clay on the set of Days of our Lives about the Christmas tour and a rumoured "Clay-Whitney Houston" duet (yeah... I have no clue where this rumour came from... first time I've heard of it!)
  • Entertainment Tonight - Clay and Tori's cute AMA mini-skit stole the show, says ET.

    Partners in spoof TORI SPELLING and CLAY AIKEN steal the show at the AMAs!
  • StarPulse - music article - mentions a songwriter who wrote for MOAM.
  • Inside Bay Area- Kathy Griffin alert.
  • The State - concert calendar mentions Christmas tour.
  • Contact Music - don't give Clay Aiken any nuts:
    AMERICAN IDOL star CLAY AIKEN's allergy to nuts is so extreme he breaks out in rashes and bumps even if he brushes against someone who has nut oil on their skin. The INVISIBLE singer has to be so careful around people who handle nuts and politely asks snack fans to refrain from eating them whenever he's around. He says, "I was on a flight one time and the flight attendants were passing out bowls of warm mixed nuts... We said no to it and they wanted to take a picture later and we all got together for a picture and one of their hands touched mine and I had a big welt on my hand." Aiken is also allergic to coffee, chocolate, mint, mushrooms and shellfish.
  • Foxes on Idol - Idol sales update -ATDW #147 on Billboard 200.
  • Fayetteville Observer - Clay/Kelly Ripa mention. There are tons of these articles on Google News, if you're interested. We're not going to bother linking to all of them. As we said yesterday - you get the idea.

  • Nothing here today.
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Thursday, November 23, 2006

5 DAYS TO GO: "All Is Well" Cover Art Now On

We're in the home stretch Claymates! Clay's new Christmas EP, "All Is Well" will be released at Wal-Mart on Tuesday. Wal-Mart updated their website today with the CD cover art and some snippets earlier today.

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Clay In ... Identity Theft TV Public Service Annoucement

Yup... you've read it right. According to the CB's Claybaybay, Clay's name popped up during a public service announcement which aired earlier tonight on CBS:

I just saw a commercial/warning for identity theft. It took me by surprise but as I remember it this guy...rough-looking, creepy, said in a voice not his own...maybe a teenager's..."I filled my IPOD with Britney Spears and Clay Aiken Songs, what do I care..I'm not getting the bill..hahaha". It was while I was watching Survivor. I've seen that ad before with different people.
It never ceases to surprise me where Clay's name pops up. :)

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Clay in New People Magazine Special!

The CB's ellenpoppy says Clay will be featured on the new People Magazine special: "Before They were Stars." The special bound edition of People will go on sale at newsstands on December 4 for $9.95.

In the new People (December 4th, "Tom and Katie Wed!"), on page 127, there is an ad for an upcoming special collector's edition of People called "Before They Were Stars!" Subheading is "What your favorite celebrities were like before they became famous!" Celebrities shown are posed for school photos and a few candid shots, lining the margins of the cover. Favorites on the cover are Oprah, Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Madonna, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson... and Clay Aiken! Yes, there's our guy, right there on the cover in a candid childhood photo in a red, white and blue top hat, beaming at the camera (right next to a photo of a young Lindsay Lohan who looks as if she could be his twin sister).

This is one of the People bound (not just center-stapled) issues, collector's items issued by People Books; I think they usually sell for about $9.95.

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Tidbits 11/23

People Magazine - Clay Aiken and Tori Spelling offer some "Comic Relief"
  • The Kelly Ripa/Clay story is finally dieing down after some of the infotainment shows, like The Insider and Entertainment Tonight broadcast this picture of Kelly committing the exact thing as Clay!
  • Charlotte Observer gives a nice mentions to the UNCC Outstanding Young Alumni award Clay recently won.
    Clay Aiken, class of 2003, Outstanding Young Alumnus Award. The "American Idol" runner-up is a founder of the Bubel-Aiken Foundation, which puts children with disabilities together with children without disabilities at summer camps and other programs. Aiken also served as an ambassador to the Ronald McDonald House Charities, UNICEF national ambassador of education and was appointed to the president's Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities.
  • Oregon Live - winner of UNICEF/Pier 1 Greeting Contest got to see Clay light UNICEF Snowflake last week - "They caught a Broadway show and participated in the Snowflake Lighting Ceremony with Unicef ambassador and singer, Clay Aiken. But it was Linda who said she felt famous."
  • A few Christmas tour mentions:

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Easton, PA Venue Includes Clay in Brochure

With all the hoopla the past few days, we've neglected coverage of the Christmas tour which is scheduled to kick off in less than 2 weeks.

The CB's JesBen posted this scan from a brochure sent out by the Easton State Theatre in Easton, PA where Clay will bring his symphonic Christmas tour on December 11.

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A New Perspective on The "Clay vs. Kelly" Controversy

A Clay fan,Cincy 15, wrote a very beautiful blog about where Clay's hands have been. I debated whether or not to post this on here, because I'm sure that everyone just wants to see this mess go away. Then I decided to for anyone who may want to read it. It's a nice thing to see after all the negativity around this situation. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do:

Where the Hand Has Been
In response to Kelly Ripa’s comments that she doesn’t know where Clay’s Hand has been, I may be able to address that issue and hopefully eliminate any of her fears. You see, I am a student of that Hand. I’ve made it my point to learn where it has been in the past, where it may be at any given time of the day, month or year and to speculate where it may be going from this point forward. No, I am not a stalker; just a fan.

I have learned that from the time Clay was a baby, that Hand (like the Hands of most children) has been held firmly by his mother. I am sure there were times as a youngster when he may have felt he was giving her as much in comfort as she was in guiding him since a single mother often only has the touch of her child to remind her of love. From early on, the Hand was reminded to join with the other Hand as he knelt in prayer. Faith is an important part of the Hand’s life, you see.

The young adult Hand didn’t go many of the places the Hands of many of the places adolescents seem to go these days. It wasn’t seen rolling a doobie, drinking with friends, hanging with a gang or falling prey to unfortunate peer pressure. Rather, it was living a good life in a relatively small town where it learned the importance of family, education and service, most often at the YMCA where he worked and volunteered. At that time, the Hand was introduced to the Hands of a young man whose disabilities would lead Clay to an important goal in his life, working to insure educational and societal opportunities for children who otherwise would be misunderstood or lost along the way. Decency and Service are also dominant factors in the life of the Hand.

From that point on, the life of the Hand seemed to take on a life of its own. Once the beauty and the voice of the man were exposed to an audience much larger than the one in his hometown, it didn’t take long for the Hand of the son, student and community leader to realize that he had been given a special gift from God. The Hand has been wrapped around a microphone in recording studios and concerts to entertain and bring joy into the lives of his fans. The Hand has been seen making a sweeping gesture at those times to bring to the forefront back-up singers, band members and even members of his audience. Sharing; yes, that is another element of the Hand’s existence.

But this is not an ordinary Hand. Having accomplished fame for his talents was not enough. Now, the Hand was put to Clay’s purposes in life, the first of which being the establishment of TBAF to raise awareness for children with educational disadvantages and to promote inclusion of them in areas of life most of us take or granted. The Hand was seen at countless telethons and fundraisers for charities other than his own. It went to Capitol Hill a couple of times to speak before our nation’s leaders about the importance of medical research for a cure for autism and the enactment of laws to protect the rights of children who are disabled to the same quality educations as those without disabilities. Whenever there was a time of disaster, you could count on the Hand to be there to assist as a UNICEF ambassador to analyze report on the devastation of a village in Banda Aceh as the result of a tsunami or the needs of a child in Uganda left homeless, hungry and in peril due to the ravages of war. Service takes a major role in the life of the Hand.

So you really don’t need to worry about where the Hand has been. It has been and no doubt will continue to go wherever a good Hand is needed. Even at its early age, it has gone places and accomplished deeds that boggle the mind of this older woman. I have little doubt the Hand will travel to many more places during its lifetime, to entertain, to teach, to observe and to promote. The Hand is placed firmly in the Hand of a greater being. It seldom makes a decision without first going there for advice and guidance. That comforts me, as it should Ms. Ripa. It gives me no reason to worry about where the Hand has been but much to anticipate as to where it is going.
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Happy Thanksgiving!

As a Claynadian, the notion of celebrating Thanksgiving in November is a bit awkward for me. But to all my American friends,

Happy Thanksgiving!
Thank you Mr. Clay Aiken for bringing such joy to our lives!

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Clay Performs on GMA This Sunday

The official fanclub says Clay will appear on the Good Morning America Weekend Show this Sunday, November 26 to sing "O Come O Come Emmanuel". The segment was taped last week when Clay was in New York.

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Tyra & Clay Hit it Off on Tyra Banks Show

Tyra blogs about Clay on her website. There's actually no content there yet, but I have a feeling she'll have lots to say about Clay after the show has aired on the west coast.

The full Tyra Banks Show interview with Clay has finally aired. In one of the most memorable interviews yet, Clay and Tyra's chemistry were undeniable.

I personally haven't watched the show myself, but check out these 9 YouTube clips to get an idea of the interview. And, of course, you can check out the Clayboard's Tyra thread for even more information.

For those of you with a fast internet connection or a lot of patience, a huge 413 MB file of the entire episode is now up at ClackUnlimited. A note of caution - a large portion of the Clay nation has been reduced to a thud pile following this appearance, so please exercise extreme caution... hee...hee....

Thanks to the CB's JNT Silver Arrow for these cute caps.

Check out these related posts for more:
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Tidbits 11/22

Entertainment Tonight has put Clay and Tori Spelling's hilarious AMA "Kellygate" spoof front-and-center on their AMA article. LOL. Sister infotainment show The Insider has a very similar article on their website.

A comedic highlight of the evening came when CLAY AIKEN poked fun at his "Live" spat with KELLY RIPA. Clay spoofed his hand-over-the-mouth exchange with the talk show host while he and TORI SPELLING were onstage to introduce JOHN MAYER. As Clay introduced the singer, Tori placed her hand over his mouth, saying, "And I'll tell you where that hand has been later."
  • More stuff about Kelly Ripa... Inside Edition will be airing the hypocritical picture of Kelly we posted yesterday today. The show also reported that Clay sent Ms. Ripa a bouquet of flowers after the show. There's a ton of articles on this -- We're only posting a few of them - you get the idea!
    • AP Wire story courtesy CBS News- Barbara Walters says 'flare up' now over with: "Rosie O'Donnell is one of the kindest, most sensitive people I know. And so is our friend Kelly Ripa. And Rosie and Kelly talked yesterday after the show. Rosie and Clay Aiken have talked. And all is well with the world, and all is well with them."
    • Extra
    • ABC News Local article about Ripa's conversation with Rosie O'Donnell on The View.
    • Cinema Blend
    • Detroit Free Press - O'Donnell spoke to Clay and Clay assured her he did not perceive Ripa's reaction as "homophobic" -- "O’Donnell later in the show said she spoke with Aiken and was apparently satisfied no homophobia on Ripa’s part was taken by the singer who was subbing for Regis Philbin."
    • Another short AP Wire story.
    • People Magazine -
      Aiken hasn't commented publicly on the incident – but did participate in a mini-skit about it during the American Music Awards on Tuesday night. As Aiken and Tori Spelling were introducing John Mayer, Spelling put her hand over Aiken's mouth and said, "I'll tell you where that hand's been later."
    • AOL TMZ - Regis & Kelly now trying to hide Ripa's diva-like whining.
    • ABC News
    • ... and the broads over at LBFCA always manage to find the comedy in every situation. Check out their latest - "The Feud" - hilarious!
  • And a bunch of AMA articles too-
    • AOL TMZ
    • Socialite's Life -- "Barry Manilow, who is--through the wonder of plastic surgery--is looking more and more like Clay Aiken, who is himself, looking more and more like someone completely different."
    • All Headline News-
      Tori Spelling and the "American Idol" contestant appeared on stage to introduce John Mayer, who was performing his latest single at the awards ceremony. As Clay began introducing the songwriter, Tori cupped her hand over his mouth and said, "And I'll tell you where that hand has been later."
    • CBS News - "Tori Spelling and Clay Aiken did make fun of his beef with Kelly Ripa. Spelling put her hand over Aiken's mouth as he was introducing John Mayer, saying "I'll tell you where that hand's been - later.""
  • Access Hollywood - time to let Clay Aiken be Clay Aiken?
    Shaun Robinson and I spent some time with him here at NBC just last week. I have only met him a handful of times but before this latest incident, he seemed much more grounded and real than ever before to me. It was like the North Carolina boy had returned to his roots. He was laughing, he was joking. He wasn't surrounded by a million handlers. He was just Clay Aiken from North Carolina not Clay Aiken of American Idol fame.
  • AP Wire - November celebrity birthdays - Clay Nov. 30.
  • RCA Records Press Release about the AMAs mentions Clay.
    Last night RCA Music Group artists, Carrie Underwood, Jamie Foxx, Barry Manilow, Taylor Hicks, Tyrese, Clay Aiken, and Katherine McPhee performed and/or presented at the 34th Annual American Music Awards at Los Angeles' Shrine Auditorium.
  • Carolina On My Mind's mid-week news round up is always an interesting read! Don't miss some of the beautiful graphics produced by some of the Clay nation's finest designers.
  • Some more Kelly Ripa blogs today.
    • Something That Really Happened, Southern Girl and Casper are shocked, like us here at CDD, at Kelly the hypocrite.
    • God Forbid The Clack Skips Around, Thistle Hut- this AMA picture speaks volumes about Clay Aiken and his sense of humour. Kelly who?
    • Non-Clay blog Seriously? OMG! WTF? shares our views (and hey.. .thanks for citing our post!) -
      Clay’s Daily Double and Our Daily Ripa
      Oh Kelly Kelly Kelly, before you rip someone a new one for something they did, make sure there are no pictures of you doing the same exact thing.
      Kelly Ripa takes the foot in mouth prize today.

    • ClaySpots - Kelly Ripa nothing more than a lying coward--
      So what happened? Why did Kelly Ripa go ballistic on Clay's ass? What possessed her to be so unprofessional as to air this publicly? When Clay couldn't defend himself?


      Kelly Ripa is such a coward that she didn't or wouldn't say to his face what she used her TV show for...a bully pulpit. She deliberately used a forum where Aiken couldn't fight back. Where he had no opportunity to explain what happened.


      And then to turn it around and say that Clay disrespected her through out the entire show? What the fuck has she been smoking? Maybe she'd better eat a sandwich or something because, seriously, the lack of calories is affecting what little gray matter she has in that freakishly large head of hers.


      To compound her bullying, she called in to The View today and when Rosie called her homophobic, Ripa back-peddled so hard she left skid marks on the floor. Tried to turn it into a 'I don't want to get the flu or germs' rant. Bullshit, Ripa. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. So, not only is she a coward, she's a liar, too.


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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Clay Spoofs "Kellygate" On American Music Awards

Cap courtesy gerwhisp | Download the video clip here.

Looks like Clay isn't getting bogged down by the whiny Kelly Ripa and her outrageous claims. Moments ago on the American Music Awards, Clay introduced John Mayer with actress Tori Spelling. Half way through introducing Mayer, Spelling placed her hand over Clay's mouth and jokingly told Clay: "I'll tell you where that hand's been later."

Clay always knows how to manufacture his priceless TV moments!

Update: Cute AP wire photo at -- Yahoo News.

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Canadian Wal-Marts To Sell "All Is Well"

Reps at Wal-Mart Canada's CD Suppliers confirm to the CB's Cedoux that Canadian Wal-Marts will be selling Clay's Christmas EP, All Is Well, which will be released exclusively at Wal-Mart next Tuesday, November 28.

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First Photos from DOOL!

Woohoo! The CB's admire99 has found some new, albeit tiny, photos of Clay on the set of NBC's Days of our Lives where he performed "Everything I Have" and "O Holy Night". The special episode of Days will air on December 26.

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Clay Looking Purdy at American Music Awards Tonight

Live update 10:36 PM EDT: Spoofing the recent Regis & Kelly appearance, Clay presented with actress Tori Spelling. Half way through introducing John Mayer, Spelling placed her hand over Clay's mouth and jokingly told Clay: "I'll tell you where that hand's been later." See Ripa - there's such thing as a sense of humour! ROTFL Clay!!! You're so cute!

Clay was sporting a nice vest! Thud!

Not sure why Clay is signing this guitar - maybe for an auction? Caption on Getty reads: "Singer Clay Aiken poses with the DKNY display backstage at the American Music Awards with distinctive assets."

Our boyfriend is looking darn handsome tonight! Clay's currently attending the American Music Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. He will present later tonight.

Here are some thudly pictures courtesy Getty and FilmMagic. We also have some screencaps from earlier tonight when Clay was announced as a presenter during the opening sequence. already has a very short clip from E! of Clay being on the AMA Red Carpet.

If you don't have access to a TV at the current time, be sure to stay up to date via the Clayboard's AMA thread. Otherwise, tune into ABC right now to watch the American Music Award live on the east coast.

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Kelly Ripa: Hypocritical Beyond Belief

"You don't put your hand over someone else's mouth when they are conducting an interview."
-Kelly Ripa

Sorry for my little rant today... it's been a long day and I need to let it out. Plus, these photos prove how hypocritical the little brat is.

So, Kelly Ripa -- you are concerned about getting a "cold or flu" from Clay touching you? What about these photos, Kelly? Was the desk disinfected with soap and alcohol before you stuffed them into your fat mouth? Did you wash YOUR hands before sticking them all over Regis' face? Huh? Hypocrite!

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