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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Spamalot 10-31-08

To start that is a picture of the stage door which we haven't seen much of lately, but let's get an update on the stage door situation. Ms Marmalade posted this at the ClackHouse:

Clayphan at the OFC said she spoke to Jerome and that Clay had not been doing stage door because there was only one barricade. She said that now there were four so perhaps Clay will resume.

This is a report at the Clackhouse from zippy888 and posted by anncanada:

Hi everyone from NYC!!

Oh what a night!! Clay was full of animation tonight. He was watching the first few rows and he could see some of his fans. I'm sure at one time I caught his gaze. Be still my heart! Some things I remembered from tonight:

- Clay held his rubber chicken upside down! Yes, he held it from the skinny legs! That was a riot!
- He sang "Amen!" Such glorious notes!
- He showed us his socks when he came out to do his "I found my grail!" Of course, they were mismatched - his left one was white and bright green (like his suit) and his right one was beige and white. He did a little jig when he showed us his socks.
- He does a different kind of dance in one part of "YWSOB".
- He yelled, "Be careful!" to the girl who swung the mace.
- The waitress slid her hand down his left thigh. OMG!
- The can-can girl raised her skirt all the way up to his face and shook it furiously.
- Lots of tongue action in most of the scenes! I remember in the slo-mo part he puffed his cheeks a lot!
- When God appears, he's bent down on all fours, in a praying position but shivering from fear.
- He pulled at his ribbons while speaking to Prince Herbert's father. He was so on tonight!! Loved those ears that stuck out of his helmet! Truly comical!!
- Lots of NJUs in the crowd - could hear men laughing mostly.
- It wasn't full house - most of the sides of the theatre weren't filled. A friend also told me that the mezzanine too was not filled.
- No Stage Door tonight.
- Met dancerdad - I asked him to say "Hi!" to dancermom2 for me!
- Ruben and friends were in the box in the theatre.

Good morning

I remember more bits:

- Clay did that head grinding dance, you know the one that goes side by side, during Find Your Grail. I don't know the name of that move. He was really into it last night!
- The Knights of Ni didn't do any jokes like Rick Holmes always does. Miss that.

I think there was no SD 'cos Ruben and friends were there as well it was Halloween and most of the performers were coming out of the SD wearing a costume. So they were probably on their way to Halloween parties. ***ETA: To clarify, the barricades were all up last night. There are 2 new ones that are painted blue (for those who know what I'm talking about.)

If you are able to stand, please give a standing O to the cast when they take their bows. It's our way to say thanks for a job well done!

Thanks to Ms Marmalade at the ClackHouse we get a report from BFS:

From BFS:

recap from the train...
theater not full at all due to big parade for Hallowen

I was the first to see Ruben, he was talking to Jerome outside the theater. i saw his beautiful smile and started hop skipping going omg Ruben is here....i am sure it was a sight. i was so excited, i didn't see Frenchy and had to be told she was there. i saw her later in the box and she looked really good. I didn't want to stare, so it is totally possible, that Ruben's wife was there, he had two other's with him.

Rick and Bradely Dean were out tonight.

first things first he sang the amen

i am loving the exchange with king, it is much more snarky and sarcastic.

during not dead he was verra adamant about "i can't" with some very cute expressions.

and when he did "maybe" there was some verra cute tongue action

and he mimiced the jig that Lance did

when he came out as Sir Robin, he was holding the chicken by his feet

Patsy was clapping during "Idol of Age"

LOL hit Clay when she passed Clay and he tried to get to close

he did the pray and quake

verra flirtatious with his flame holder girl.

peace sign during find your grail

he was trying not to get sick on his horse

saw a wee bit of skin during the tunic flip

no tongue during bottle dance, but Clay was awesome

ears out of helmet during Guard scene he fluffed them in the beginnig and was playing with them right before he was killed

the father and lance flubbed their lines during you killed the brides father, and rather badly

the show was a bit lacking with both Rick and Brad out...Clay was good, but he couldn't make up for the so-so performance of the others.

we had barricades so not sure why it didn't happen.

Few more tidbits from the show...

The peasant was a NJU named Mike...Mike was pretty cute on stage, Clay held out his hand and started to make the face, when Mike turned to him and offered his hand, Clay shook it.. After Mike left the stage, Clay gave him several thumbs up....

and during the wedding scene...Bevedere and Patsy did a Frankenstein dance, Clay just kinda did his own thing...

During Bright Side of Life Clay did Charleston knees and a real cute dance with one of the chorus line dancers, i am not sure how to describe it, but it was really cute.

I thought that the King who has a tendency to be a bit mush mouth was really good tonight

And LOL of the Lake was fabulous...she did drop it like it was hot...during her ad lib portion

Unfortunately Rick's replacement doesn't come close to holding a candle to Rick, so for me, someone who has seen it coughafewtimescough, it did make a difference, to the NJU probably not except for the rather large flub at Swamp Castle the pauses were noticeable...oh was still fun, and it was nice to see the show again after not having seen it for awhile...

Halloweens Past

Thanks to twelvesomething at the ClackHouse, we have some of Salamander's renditions of Clay's possible Halloween costumes for the past few years. I can just see these on Clay too, wonder what he and Parker were this year?

Let's start with 2005 and work our way up:

Or, is this better?

Let's move on to 2006 a very interesting year:

Or perhaps a little Austen Powers action:

Still no, well let's try his looks for 2007:

A little Elvis trying to be Clay or is it Clay being Elvis?

He has so many looks, I'm thinking a little London action, perhaps a visit to Hannah:

How about on to 2008, thanks to morganette at the ClackHouse:

Thanks again to twelvesomething for bringing these back out of the archives so we could talk a walk down memory lane one more time, and to morganette for giving up Clay for 2008 and look, he is eating my favorite Halloween treat! If anyone has any other renditions they would like to submit for any holiday, just add them to your Clay board of choice and I will be sure to use them, LOL.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Spamalot 10-30-08

HCorbett10 at the Clayboard brought over siclayfan report from the CV:

Brief Spam recap-- I've been having trouble getting on the internet here at the hotel, but I'll try to post before trying to catch up on the board.

The show and Clay were of course great. Rick was the only one out again this evening. Mostly NJU again, very few fans though there were some screams for him at the end. Sadly he spoke the AMEN again tonight and just as sadly, no SD. There was only one row of people at the SD and I should have known he wouldn't come out since we were right in the middle. I had a good view inside the theater when the stage door opened and I could see Jerome standing a few feet from the door for several minutes, so I really thought there was hope. Then he wasn't there anymore and my friend said she thought she saw an SUV pulling away from the curb. We waited several minutes longer, but we pretty much knew it wasn't happening. I just hope he didn't do the SD because he had somewhere to go and not because of a couple of people standing right in front of him in Row A during his final bows--the usual suspects!!! One of them was jumping, dancing and waving her hands at him. I swear I think he was trying to avoid smiling or looking at them. At least DD didn't have another wasted trip.

The theater was pretty empty compared to my visits during his first round. There were certainly some people in the mezz, but it didn't look like many--less than yesterday. It's such a great show I hate to see it close, but I guess it's the sign of the times.

That's all folks, not a very busy night.

Tidbits 10-31-08

In a recent interview with ET's Jann Carl, "American Idol" runner-up Clay Aiken opened up on Jennifer Hudson's recent family tragedy.

"There's no words that you can find to give somebody like that. I don't even know where to begin, I've been upset by this myself," Clay said

Clay also knows that the Hudson family loss has been felt all over the country. "I know the whole country's thoughts and prayers are with her and her entire extend family ... and anyone who was touched by her mother, or her brother, or her nephew."

The new dad also tells Jann that he hopes that individuals responsible are found so that Jennifer and her loved ones can find some closure.


For those that like polls, this one goes through December and you only get to vote once. Check it out at the top and scroll down on the right side.

Just a little political banter here from The National Republic:

So what season of "Idol" will this election resemble? Will Barack Obama trounce his opponent John McCain like Fantasia? Or will it be an unlikely nail biter like the Ruben Studdard-Clay Aiken showdown? If it's a close election, there is one insight that our electoral system should borrow from "Idol." However thin the margin, the outcome should never, ever rest in the hand of judges.


2old4Clay at CV wrote, (posted at the CH by Ms Marmalade:
A side note, my son listens to Howard Stern, and he said that Howard mentioned he was at the Friar's roast, and ended up in the elevator with Clay Aiken and a woman that was the mother of his baby. They said hello and shook hands, Howard said he felt a bit uncomfortable (?), but that he is happy for Clay that he came out of the closet...and wishes him well. Paraphrasing what my son told me, he didn't think his comments were bad about Clay. If anyone else has a different take on this, please correct me.

Continuing, posted by AnnCanada at the CH:

Well, Stern deserves to feel uncomfortable in front of Clay and Jaymes for his past comments about Clay. Clay, as always, is a dignified and magnanimous being in the presence of scum (and accepted Stern's handshake). I would have expected no less of Clay. He is an absolute gentleman and gentle man. I won't ever be forgivin' Stern until he apologizes profusely to Clay for his past ugly behaviour.


Posted by DesertFlower at the CH:

From the Public Access Forum, posted by RIClayFan.

This guy is using Clay's name to sell books.

I've reported him to Ebay, but a few more won't hurt. Thanks.

Here's the violation

Using brand, product or celebrity names inappropriately throughout a listing, such as comparing an item to another brand named item’s style or calling out an indirect relationship between the item being sold and a celebrity. See Additional Information for exceptions. (Brand Name Misuse)

Continuing, RVzLady posted at the CH:

Well, the item disappeared, so I guess enough of us reported that made eBay take fast action.


Okay, this is not meant to be political and in no way is meant to represent the feelings of Clay's Daily Double, Clay Aiken, or any of the Clay fans. However it is getting so many hits (359,220) and so many wonderful remarks for Clay I thought I would include it so that you can add your comments, of course, about the beautiful song "Something About Us" that Clay is singing. The video is called "An Obama Love Song" made by Hotshortie and placed on YouTube on June 06, 2008. If someone has a comparable video for Mr. McCain I will be happy to add it here.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Surprise

Oh my goodness what a way to start Halloween. Thanks to Yollie950 and his video at YouTube. Love it, you are so talented, but then you have such an excellent subject.

Spamalot 10-29-08 Recaps

First before you read the recaps, this is the reason there was no stage door last night:

There was a special dinner held at the Bon Appetit Club to honor David Foster. Clay was again amongst the "A" listers, Dr. Phil, Donald Trump, Peter Cincotti along with others. This is one of the photos.

When all hope was lost of getting any reports from Spamalot last night, finally the reports started flowing in. Clayshines at the Clayboard posted:

Actually, NY4Clay was there with her daughter and she just phoned with a report.

She said the show was FABULOUS as usual. Tom was back and got quite a cheer when he appeared as Not Dead Yet Fred. It was mainly an audience of NJUs, a lot of men who were totally enjoying themselves. There was a standing ovation.

Clay was playing a little with the ribbons in the guard scene but did not sing the Amen. Actually he just said the word AMEN.

They were in the second row so her daughter could really see Clay's face and was very impressed with how his facial expressions have developed.

She echoed what Dancerdad had said about SD. They chatted with the king and some of the dancers and Tom but no Clay.

HCorbett10 at the Clayboard reported these recaps from CV: From Njrp4clay

I just got home from Spam. When we went to pickup our tickets we saw a film crew come out of the SD. Don't have a clue why they were there though . Our seats were in the second row with 2 empty seats in front of us. Clay was great. He was dancing around alot. My DH said Clay looked at him and seem to recognize him. (Clay scopes the first few rows). He had tongue action going tonight. Almost every scene the tongue was appearing. During the finale Clay was having a problem with a piece of hair from the wig. I think it was tickling his nose. He finally pulled it out looked at it then blew it away. I was glad to see Tom back and I liked the king. I thought he had a very nice voice.

After the show I was standing next to this guy with a big camera. I asked him if he was dancerdad and he said yes. Jerome came from 44th st and went in the stage door then came out with a computer bag and that was the last we saw of him. He didn't speak to anyone. Shubert guy just stood there then all of a sudden pulled the one barrier away and told us Clay had left already. It was strange that Jerome didn't tell us there would be no SD. However, Jerome was dressed up. Maybe they had some place to go.

ETA: I think he flicked the hair away then watched it for a few second as it floated to the ground. Every one else was singing but him.

From lindylo

There was a short promo on ETalk Canada tonight about David Foster. I think they said that he had a lot going on in NYC this week re his book launch and they would have coverage tomorrow. I wasn't really paying attention until I heard his name so I could have missed something. Maybe Clay was attending something for this tonight and that is why he left quickly and Jerome was dressed up.

From SiClayfan

I don't know if this post will go through--I have really poor internet access here at the hotel. My friend and I were in the 2d row too--great seats. Clay did lots of tongue action, though not much during YCSOB. It was cute how during the curtain call he kept trying to grab the single hair from his wig hanging in his face --he finally got it and pulled it out. He didn't lift his pants to show us his socks, but he put his left foot out during the finale and we could see stripes. I was a little disappointed he just said the AMEN--was looking forward to his singing it--maybe tomorrow night. He didn't seem to have any problem with his dancing, so hope he is all better.

It was definitely a NJU crowd, but everyone seemed to enjoy the show. I'm so glad Tom is back--the last show I saw was without him and he is such an important part of show. I read Rick was back from his trip to Italy so I hoped he'd be back in the show, but not tonight. The king is growing on me, but I still liked Jonathan interpretation better. LOTL has a magnificent voice and she's grown into the role since I saw her opening weekend, but she's still no Hannah!!

Tidbits 10-30-08

Don't forget to set you clocks back one hour before you go to bed on Saturday night or you will be way early for church on Sunday morning. Yes, it is that time of year for those that are affected by the time changes, enjoy the extra hours sleep it will do you good

According to the Los Angeles Times today in their article about where in the world stars would like to go if they could get away, Clay was among four stars whose photos were used.

Former American Idol finalist Clay Aiken names Afghanistan among his favorite places.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

FCA needs some help

Couch Tomato is requesting help with FCA, check this out:

Hi Everybody,
I started FCA way back in 2003 when my bookmarks were getting out of control and I couldn't keep up with the exploding Clay Nation. I still love FCA as much as ever but honestly I've let it go. Today I make a new committment to it however, the 20 hours a week I used to spend on it are gone (I have 2 jobs and work about 60 hours a week for starters) and I need help.

The reason Ansa redid the site to Joomla is because allows us to give folks access to help us. We've not really taken advantage of that. Now I want to try to utilize that better. So starting tonight I plan to use 1 hour per day to get the site up to speed.

If you have 1 hour a week or 30 minutes a week or 10 minutes a day to help us out it will be appreciated. It's not even about what's there but we even want fresh ideas - well after things gets going and updated.

SO.... I created this forum here to have an active place to just know if we can get any help and to see who is doing what. Again, no pressure. 30 minutes a week is better than 0 hours a week.

I just love my baby (FCA) and would like to make it all shiney again, with your help.

I will create threads as I go through the site page by page to figure out what needs to be done. This thread can be used for any ideas...whether you'd like to implement them or not.
In case you don't know... here it is...

After this gets organized a bit ..we can extend to FCAM

You do not need to be a technology genius to work on FCA. If I can do it, anyone can. And if you can write on a message board you are qualiied.


Thanks in advance

Tidbits 10-29-08

Lowrider at the ClackHouse reported that there was a Clay mention on the Tyra show yesterday:

Dazzlingstar at OFC is reporting that Tyra was talking to T.I. (rapper) and she said I was talking to my friend Clay Aiken, and hear that a lot of people can vote, but don't know that they can, and then they showed a picture of him from the AMA's....he is right...check out some of the sites to see if you are registered....use your voice, vote...

I agree that we should all vote, but I also vote that Clay should be back with his girlfriend Tyra and real soon, LOL.

Ms Marmalade from the ClackHouse posted the quote from Hosaa at Clayversity that: (news travels ;-)

A friend e-mailed TBAF to get an update on when the Christmas book "Remember When" would be available for sale. Here's what Aron said:

We are working on the final arrangements. It should be up on the website in the next week or two.

Thank you!

Aron Hall
Director Services

Per CNET, Dolly Parton wrote a letter to stop the upcoming Federal Communications Commission vote on opening up "white space" spectrum hope. Parton wrote in her letter.

"I can unequivocally confirm that the importance of clear, consistent wireless microphone broadcasts simply cannot be overstated. This industry relies on wireless technology and is in jeopardy of being irreversibly devastated by the commission's pending decision."

Among those that signed the letter that Dolly wrote was Clay Aiken. The vote is in a week so we shall wait and see what happens with this one. Their opposition includes Bill Gates, LOL, gee that is some big competition.

This is in no way an indication of CDD's taking sides, we are just reporting Clay's participation in this effort.

Our poll for the next Clay Aiken tour has closed and the results are:

Jukebox Tour 146 (42%)

Christmas Tour (music) 24 (6%)

SRHP w/orchestra 26 (7%) (OMWH w/orchestra)

SRHP w/band 112 (32%) (OMWH w/band)

Christmas Tour w/vignettes 2 (0%)

Independent Tour 37 (10%)

Votes: 347

Thank you for your votes, let's see if the word gets to Clay and what he has in mind.

Spamalot 10-28-08

Photo borrowed from a previous nights stage door.

This is a great review by Crazyglue91152 on the Clayboard, very insightful in more ways than one, please read:

Superstar and love of my life!
Reply Quote MoreRecent Posts Message Friend Blocking Invite Ignore User's Posts Last night was so exciting for me, clayngel, grandmajoan and other claymates in attendance not only because of Clay's fantastic and funny performance as usual but because of the presence of his new family and friend Kelly Clarkson. Yes, I said new family which includes of course his son Parker, mom Jaymes, Uncle David, Jerome and his wife. During the intermission while I was talking to clayngel who told me that KC and David Foster were there in the audience, Jerome who was then talking to his wife saw me and introduced me to her. She's so nice and sweet. On my way back to my seat, walking on the 2nd aisle, Kelly was right in front of me and she's talking to a guy and telling him that her favorite song was the one sang during the boat scene (Galahad & LOTL). During the finale, I also said hello and spoke for few seconds to David while walking backup on the aisle to his row as we were both standing and clapping and singing and dancing along to the finale song "Always look on the bright side of life". He was all smiles and told me that he really enjoyed the show and that it was hilarious and Clay was fantastic.

There was no SD as it was cold and windy and the fact that Clay was attending to his special guests and family but clayngel and I stood and waited at the closed left entrance door of the theatre where the mdse store is. While clayngel was talking on the phone with someone, my eyes were fixed on the 2 black vans and a black car parked in front of the 44th St. exit door. Then the Shubert Security man came out, then a guy and a gal and Kelly who hugged Jerome before going into the first van and they're gone. Then Jerome opened the side door of the second van and took out a car seat....and I was screaming silently and excitingly told clayngel that omg, omg, Jerome got the car seat out of the van....a car seat.....Parker is here....Parker is here....Parker is here with his Dad.....omg, Then the Shubert security man came out again, followed by Jaymes and David who went into David's car. Then Jerome's wife came out and went inside the second van first, then was given the car seat with Parker all covered up by Jerome and finally, Clay joined in while Jerome walked around the van to his seat beside the driver who moved the van forward right in front of where clayngel and I were standing as he waited for David's car to pass first. I waved shyly and mouthed goodnight to Clay and family and wished them all well and a great evening. Indeed, it was a great and memorable evening! What a night!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Deck the Halls 4 Inclusion

Triad Voices for Inclusion , a Beta Alpha of The Bubel/Aiken Foundation, is proud to introduce " Deck the Halls 4 Inclusion " a holiday fundraiser in conjunction with Rockdale Wreaths, a Maine company which produces beautiful, handmade, natural wreaths. This year, as you begin to decorate your homes and offices for the holiday season, and prepare to exchange gifts with family and friends, we'd like to invite you to help The Bubel/Aiken Foundation provide an additional gift: the gift of a more inclusive life experience to children with and without disabilities across the nation.

For each individual wreath purchased through "Deck the Halls 4 Inclusion" the Bubel/Aiken Foundation will receive $9. Bulk orders, 8-10 wreaths shipped to any one address, not only saves you $5 per wreath on the purchase price, but also benefit the Foundation even more, bringing $13 per wreath. All prices, both here and on the website already include shipping built into the price. If you are placing a bulk order and have a Beta Alpha affiliation, please let us know and we will make sure the additional $4 per wreath donation is credited to the Beta Alpha of your choice. Please note: if you place a bulk order online with Rockdale please email us the details of your order-name on order and Beta Alpha affiliation-so that we can ensure that you receive Beta Alpha credit. The deadline for ordering wreaths is Monday November 10, 2008 . You can see all of the wreaths, and a few bonus items, at our Rockdale store at the link below or on our website. When ordering directly from Rockdale at the store they have established for us online, please be sure to use the following link to ensure TBAF receives funds:

Price List: Includes tax & shipping charges already. TBAF receives $9 per wreath, $13 per wreath for bulk orders with 8 or more wreaths shipping to any one address.

A. Deluxe $49.25
B. White Wreath $39.95
C. Classic $34.95
D. Country Charms $39.95
E. Blue Wreath $39.95

Bulk Orders (8 to a box):

A. Deluxe $44.25
B. White Wreath $34.95
C. Classic $29.95
D. Country Charms $34.95
E. Blue Wreath $34.95

Check out the Clayboard for ordering instructions so that your Beta Alpha, or a Beta Alpha group gets credit for your purchases. Check out wreaths at Rockdale Wreaths Online

More Sims

MsMuffins31 has done it again, and made a few more Clay Sims, she is all too clever.

Clay getting ready for one of his favorite snacks:

Yummy! Peach Ice Cream with all the fixings:

Gotta work off those calories, Oops!

It would be so much fun playing a game on your computer with all these great Clay Sims. WTG MsMuffins31

Tidbits 10-28-08

This is a video that was posted at the Clayboard by smittenwithclay and is one of the best promos I have seen for Spamalot that includes Clay. I can watch it time ad time again and hope you enjoy it as well.

Monday, October 27, 2008

For your viewing pleasure

Annieq and Kathy were taking a tour of NYC and found one of the buses. I think it is neat because it is different than the one during his first tour of Spamalot. I think we could use a bus 1 and bus 2 pin for our collections, LOL.

Here is another great video placed on YouTube by suereu:

Wrapping for Inclusion

It is that time again for everyone that can to get involved in Wrapping for Inclusion this year. Their goal is $120,000 which is obtainable if we all get out there and try.

Please check out the information for Wrapping for Inclusion at the Bubel/Aiken Foundation page.

WFI - The Facts

What: A nationwide awareness and fundraiser campaign through The Bubel/Aiken Foundation.

When: The Holiday Season

Why: To help raise awareness and funds for The Bubel/Aiken Foundation, spread holiday cheer, and have fun!

How: If you would like to volunteer, please send your contact info to .

There are usually State Coordinators and Team Leaders in each state, so please check it out. I am sure they need plenty of wrappers, and some states need Coordinaters and cities need team leaders. Step up to the plate, those children are counting on us to help.

Spamalot 10-26-08 PM Show

There wasn't any stage door, and Clay did not perform at the matinee, but we do have a few recaps of the evening performance to share, but first a photo from another day for your viewing pleasure:

Intermission report from Scarlett

Clay is frisky and showing off that he is fine
Danced a bit at Lance's Scottish army
When they did "Sing and dance" - kicked again, kicked pretty high
At the sart of Camelot scene Clay reached for the top of the fgirl in white's panties, close but no cigar
The girl serving drinks reached under his tabard between his legs
Once again, Clay did a very enthusiastic "Quail" wth both arms in the air and louldy and clearly saying it

When the knights were "riding" looking forthe grail, CLay had lots if tongue, deep knee bends and very funny faces
He had a "look at me, I'm cute" smile afterwards
The can can dancer attacked Clay with her skirt to his cheek, yes, the upper ones
At the taunter's castle, on the burn your "bottoms burners", Clay slowly reached back and pinched his own behind
There are more clay fans today than yesterday and there is more energy on stage and in the audience. Although, the "Idol of the age" did not get drowned out.

From Marilyn from the CV, reported on the Clayboard by HCorbett10:

Today I went into the city to meet some friends that came in from Canada and the Midwest to see Clay. I was not intending to go to the show at all, but one of my friends had an extra ticket and I found myself watching that tower window for the beloved face. Clay was so animated tonight-he seemed to put more into everything. Like when he said "The Quail" he raised his arms up in the air and said it almost reverently. I just love his expressions on "Brave Sir Robin". He was a tad tentative on the dancing in the "Not Dead Yet" scene, but if you hadn't seen the show a few times (heh) you would not have realized it.
I love the way the new king dances before they indoctrinate "Dennis" as a knight. A little more energy than the first king. Clay was so funny doing the slo mo- to me he almost looked like he was trying not to throw up. I have yet to watch to see what any of the other horse riders do!!! Just cannot take my eyes of Clay. He also did that cool hip side to side head roll (I wish I knew what it was called) I really love when he does that.
When it was time for YWSOB I held my breath-but he did the WHOLE thing and was just great- the crossed eyes and the protruding tongue- hilarious.
The Knight of Ni asked how many Sarah Palin's it takes to screw in a light bulb-I think the answer was one-it's the one thing she can do completely (not sure the exact way he said it)

And Brother Maynard SANG the "Amen" LOOOOVED it!!

In the finale, Clay tried to do a little dance with Patsy and Bedevere but threw his hands up in the air and just did his own thing. At curtain call, Patsy got VERY loud cheers, and I think Clay beat the LOL this time. By the way, I think she is getting into the role a little more- her "Find your Grail" was a lot funnier than the last time I saw it. But she has a fantastic voice.
Also at curtain call, Clay lifted the tails of his tux and sort of wiggled his rear at the dancer behind him- hilarious! And he picked up some of the confetti and held it in his hands, and at the last note he blew it from his hand into the orchestra pit. He also lifted both pants legs as he backed up and showed the audience his striped socks!! Unfortunately, I couldn't see because everyone was standing up, but my friend in the first row told me. She also said he was sort of favoring his right foot at the end, and she thought he looked like he was in some pain. It was hard to tell if he had an air cast on during the show, but he certainly didn't at the finale!

When we came out we knew by the rain that Clay would not be doing stage door. I am just glad that my friends got to see him. One of them was leaving at 4 a.m. this morning to go back to Florida, so she was ecstatic that he appeared.

Clay is SUCH a trouper- I hope he rests that poor ankle tonight and didn't overdo it. I give him kudo's for THE SHOW MUST GO ON!! You go, Clay!! Luv Ya!!

ETA: There was a young girl in her late teens, early twenties next to me, and she was laughing at everything Clay did-in fact, she was hysterical when he did Brother Maynard. I also heard some guy behind me going - THATS Clay Aiken, and he was laughing a lot, too!

From ClayPhan:

I don't even think that "absolutely incredible" begins to cover it!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! It was like he was never injured at all. He did a little dance thing in the "NDY" scene when he says, "So, it's not just dressing up and dancing?" In "KOTRT" the LOTL threw her armor towards him. He missed it and the knight standing above him grabbed it then held it over Clay's head and kept teasing him with it. He poked one of the girl's butt's too. Then, in the same number when the waitress comes out, she went to go grab him....I'm thinking his stomach....but, she almost grabbed something else, and instead grabbed further down his leg. He totally aced "YWSOB"!!!! When the "naughty girl in nasty tights" came back out, he gave her rear a little slap. For the final number, Clay started the dance with Patsy and Bedevere, but then threw his hands up and did his own thing. He was sooooooooooooo animated tonight!!!!!!!!! No sd, but I'm just overly happy that he was even there!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Recaps of Spamalot 10-25-08

Photo from Oct 21 stage door for your viewing pleasure.

This is a wonderful recap by anntherese54 from the Clayboard:

Saturday, October 25th, Evening Spamalot Performance

It was a crazy day, but I had a wonderful time last night at Spamalot in spite of the rain, the change in plans and the uncertainty of whether or not Clay would perform in the evening.

I enjoyed the show immensely. From the very first note of the music, I'm pretty sure I sat there with a big ****-eating grin on my face for the entire show. Tom, Rick and Wally Dunn (Belvedere) were out. I thought that the replacements did a good job (especially Rick and Wally's). I missed Tom, though. He is so exceptional in the role. His replacement had a great voice and was good, but Tom is just so amazing. However, the fact that there were so many replacements made the show fresh and new for me which I really enjoyed. I have a nephew who is in theater and I know he's had shows where he is the understudy. I know how happy he is when he gets a chance to perform because that's what he loves to do. So, I was able to enjoy and applaud the moments for the other cast members to get their chance to perform on Broadway.

Merle Dandridge was absolutely stunning. Her voice is amazing. Seeing her up close was a treat. She killed on her "Diva's Lament". What a voice!

My heart will always belong to Patsy. David Hibbard continues to play his part to perfection. His "Bright Side" and "I'm All Alone" numbers are my favorites in the show (along with Clay's YWSOB).

Clay was wonderful. I saw no evidence of his injury hindering him in any way. He danced, skipped, jumped, kicked and did all the usual choreography. I did not see any evidence of an air cast or brace. In fact, at the curtain call, as he backed up behind the curtain, he lifted both his pant legs and revealed his mismatched striped socks. No brace or cast was noted.

Here's where my recollections get really random:

-At the end, when the confetti streams down, Clay caught some of the yellow and white confetti pieces. Then, when he bowed, he opened his hand and blew the confetti pieces into the audience. It was cute!

-Also, during the curtain call, at one point, he stood on one leg and had his other leg bent and elevated and he turned and twisted on the one leg. I don't know which leg it was, and if it was his good leg or injured leg. But, he was moving very loosely and freely.

-When he came out to do the "I, too, have found my grail!" part at the end, he did a little Charleston dance where his knees came together and then spread apart with his hands crossing over his knees back and forth. Also very cute!

-He was glowing. He seemed happy and relaxed. If he was in pain, the guy's a damn good actor because none of it was observable on stage.

-When the LOTL came out dressed in her armor during the Camelot scene, as she walked out, she whacked Clay in his lower abdomen with her arm. LOL. It was really funny.

-The face Clay makes during the bottle dance is hysterical. No tongue going from side to side, but his eyes were crosseyed and just had this comical look on them the whole time. Very funny!

-The peasant was a young guy who was a lot of fun (seat C101). He got lots of cheers from the audience. Clay tried to shake his hand, but the guy did not even notice and did not shake it, so of course, Clay stood there looking crestfallen.

-Clay sang the most beautiful "Amen" during his Brother Maynard scene. I hope he keeps that part in that scene because it's another opportunity for him to showcase his gorgeous voice.

-The guard scene. It was the first time I saw Clay with his ears sticking outside his helmet and he looked hysterical. He reminded me of a young Red Skelton, who was a master of making people laugh just through his facial expressions and body language and his ability to be just plain silly. While standing guard after the king goes back into the castle, Clay began playing with the ribbons on his spear. He didn't do that when I last saw the show in September. It was great. He was totally distracted by the ribbons (feeling them, smelling them, looking at them intently) when Lancelot came out and killed him.

-Run Away scene. When the king and the knights were running in place for the "Run Away" song, one of the French can-can girls came up to him and rubbed her skirt in his face...a lot! lol. It was very funny.

-In the slow-mo horse riding scene, Clay made faces like he was going to barf. Again, very different facial expressions than he did the last time I saw the show, and it was fun to see all the little changes in his character portrayal.

-It was raining after the show, and Jerome came out pretty quickly to say that Clay was not coming out.

I stopped in a small cafe yesterday and bought some lemon tea to get out of the rain for a bit. The quote on my teabag reminded me of Clay, Spamalot, and my day's adventure:

"On with the dance, let joy be unconfined..." (-Mark Twain)

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