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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tidbits 10-29-08

Lowrider at the ClackHouse reported that there was a Clay mention on the Tyra show yesterday:

Dazzlingstar at OFC is reporting that Tyra was talking to T.I. (rapper) and she said I was talking to my friend Clay Aiken, and hear that a lot of people can vote, but don't know that they can, and then they showed a picture of him from the AMA's....he is right...check out some of the sites to see if you are registered....use your voice, vote...

I agree that we should all vote, but I also vote that Clay should be back with his girlfriend Tyra and real soon, LOL.

Ms Marmalade from the ClackHouse posted the quote from Hosaa at Clayversity that: (news travels ;-)

A friend e-mailed TBAF to get an update on when the Christmas book "Remember When" would be available for sale. Here's what Aron said:

We are working on the final arrangements. It should be up on the website in the next week or two.

Thank you!

Aron Hall
Director Services

Per CNET, Dolly Parton wrote a letter to stop the upcoming Federal Communications Commission vote on opening up "white space" spectrum hope. Parton wrote in her letter.

"I can unequivocally confirm that the importance of clear, consistent wireless microphone broadcasts simply cannot be overstated. This industry relies on wireless technology and is in jeopardy of being irreversibly devastated by the commission's pending decision."

Among those that signed the letter that Dolly wrote was Clay Aiken. The vote is in a week so we shall wait and see what happens with this one. Their opposition includes Bill Gates, LOL, gee that is some big competition.

This is in no way an indication of CDD's taking sides, we are just reporting Clay's participation in this effort.

Our poll for the next Clay Aiken tour has closed and the results are:

Jukebox Tour 146 (42%)

Christmas Tour (music) 24 (6%)

SRHP w/orchestra 26 (7%) (OMWH w/orchestra)

SRHP w/band 112 (32%) (OMWH w/band)

Christmas Tour w/vignettes 2 (0%)

Independent Tour 37 (10%)

Votes: 347

Thank you for your votes, let's see if the word gets to Clay and what he has in mind.


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