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Friday, October 31, 2008

Tidbits 10-31-08

In a recent interview with ET's Jann Carl, "American Idol" runner-up Clay Aiken opened up on Jennifer Hudson's recent family tragedy.

"There's no words that you can find to give somebody like that. I don't even know where to begin, I've been upset by this myself," Clay said

Clay also knows that the Hudson family loss has been felt all over the country. "I know the whole country's thoughts and prayers are with her and her entire extend family ... and anyone who was touched by her mother, or her brother, or her nephew."

The new dad also tells Jann that he hopes that individuals responsible are found so that Jennifer and her loved ones can find some closure.


For those that like polls, this one goes through December and you only get to vote once. Check it out at the top and scroll down on the right side.

Just a little political banter here from The National Republic:

So what season of "Idol" will this election resemble? Will Barack Obama trounce his opponent John McCain like Fantasia? Or will it be an unlikely nail biter like the Ruben Studdard-Clay Aiken showdown? If it's a close election, there is one insight that our electoral system should borrow from "Idol." However thin the margin, the outcome should never, ever rest in the hand of judges.


2old4Clay at CV wrote, (posted at the CH by Ms Marmalade:
A side note, my son listens to Howard Stern, and he said that Howard mentioned he was at the Friar's roast, and ended up in the elevator with Clay Aiken and a woman that was the mother of his baby. They said hello and shook hands, Howard said he felt a bit uncomfortable (?), but that he is happy for Clay that he came out of the closet...and wishes him well. Paraphrasing what my son told me, he didn't think his comments were bad about Clay. If anyone else has a different take on this, please correct me.

Continuing, posted by AnnCanada at the CH:

Well, Stern deserves to feel uncomfortable in front of Clay and Jaymes for his past comments about Clay. Clay, as always, is a dignified and magnanimous being in the presence of scum (and accepted Stern's handshake). I would have expected no less of Clay. He is an absolute gentleman and gentle man. I won't ever be forgivin' Stern until he apologizes profusely to Clay for his past ugly behaviour.


Posted by DesertFlower at the CH:

From the Public Access Forum, posted by RIClayFan.

This guy is using Clay's name to sell books.

I've reported him to Ebay, but a few more won't hurt. Thanks.

Here's the violation

Using brand, product or celebrity names inappropriately throughout a listing, such as comparing an item to another brand named item’s style or calling out an indirect relationship between the item being sold and a celebrity. See Additional Information for exceptions. (Brand Name Misuse)

Continuing, RVzLady posted at the CH:

Well, the item disappeared, so I guess enough of us reported that made eBay take fast action.


Okay, this is not meant to be political and in no way is meant to represent the feelings of Clay's Daily Double, Clay Aiken, or any of the Clay fans. However it is getting so many hits (359,220) and so many wonderful remarks for Clay I thought I would include it so that you can add your comments, of course, about the beautiful song "Something About Us" that Clay is singing. The video is called "An Obama Love Song" made by Hotshortie and placed on YouTube on June 06, 2008. If someone has a comparable video for Mr. McCain I will be happy to add it here.


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