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Monday, October 27, 2008

Spamalot 10-26-08 PM Show

There wasn't any stage door, and Clay did not perform at the matinee, but we do have a few recaps of the evening performance to share, but first a photo from another day for your viewing pleasure:

Intermission report from Scarlett

Clay is frisky and showing off that he is fine
Danced a bit at Lance's Scottish army
When they did "Sing and dance" - kicked again, kicked pretty high
At the sart of Camelot scene Clay reached for the top of the fgirl in white's panties, close but no cigar
The girl serving drinks reached under his tabard between his legs
Once again, Clay did a very enthusiastic "Quail" wth both arms in the air and louldy and clearly saying it

When the knights were "riding" looking forthe grail, CLay had lots if tongue, deep knee bends and very funny faces
He had a "look at me, I'm cute" smile afterwards
The can can dancer attacked Clay with her skirt to his cheek, yes, the upper ones
At the taunter's castle, on the burn your "bottoms burners", Clay slowly reached back and pinched his own behind
There are more clay fans today than yesterday and there is more energy on stage and in the audience. Although, the "Idol of the age" did not get drowned out.

From Marilyn from the CV, reported on the Clayboard by HCorbett10:

Today I went into the city to meet some friends that came in from Canada and the Midwest to see Clay. I was not intending to go to the show at all, but one of my friends had an extra ticket and I found myself watching that tower window for the beloved face. Clay was so animated tonight-he seemed to put more into everything. Like when he said "The Quail" he raised his arms up in the air and said it almost reverently. I just love his expressions on "Brave Sir Robin". He was a tad tentative on the dancing in the "Not Dead Yet" scene, but if you hadn't seen the show a few times (heh) you would not have realized it.
I love the way the new king dances before they indoctrinate "Dennis" as a knight. A little more energy than the first king. Clay was so funny doing the slo mo- to me he almost looked like he was trying not to throw up. I have yet to watch to see what any of the other horse riders do!!! Just cannot take my eyes of Clay. He also did that cool hip side to side head roll (I wish I knew what it was called) I really love when he does that.
When it was time for YWSOB I held my breath-but he did the WHOLE thing and was just great- the crossed eyes and the protruding tongue- hilarious.
The Knight of Ni asked how many Sarah Palin's it takes to screw in a light bulb-I think the answer was one-it's the one thing she can do completely (not sure the exact way he said it)

And Brother Maynard SANG the "Amen" LOOOOVED it!!

In the finale, Clay tried to do a little dance with Patsy and Bedevere but threw his hands up in the air and just did his own thing. At curtain call, Patsy got VERY loud cheers, and I think Clay beat the LOL this time. By the way, I think she is getting into the role a little more- her "Find your Grail" was a lot funnier than the last time I saw it. But she has a fantastic voice.
Also at curtain call, Clay lifted the tails of his tux and sort of wiggled his rear at the dancer behind him- hilarious! And he picked up some of the confetti and held it in his hands, and at the last note he blew it from his hand into the orchestra pit. He also lifted both pants legs as he backed up and showed the audience his striped socks!! Unfortunately, I couldn't see because everyone was standing up, but my friend in the first row told me. She also said he was sort of favoring his right foot at the end, and she thought he looked like he was in some pain. It was hard to tell if he had an air cast on during the show, but he certainly didn't at the finale!

When we came out we knew by the rain that Clay would not be doing stage door. I am just glad that my friends got to see him. One of them was leaving at 4 a.m. this morning to go back to Florida, so she was ecstatic that he appeared.

Clay is SUCH a trouper- I hope he rests that poor ankle tonight and didn't overdo it. I give him kudo's for THE SHOW MUST GO ON!! You go, Clay!! Luv Ya!!

ETA: There was a young girl in her late teens, early twenties next to me, and she was laughing at everything Clay did-in fact, she was hysterical when he did Brother Maynard. I also heard some guy behind me going - THATS Clay Aiken, and he was laughing a lot, too!

From ClayPhan:

I don't even think that "absolutely incredible" begins to cover it!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! It was like he was never injured at all. He did a little dance thing in the "NDY" scene when he says, "So, it's not just dressing up and dancing?" In "KOTRT" the LOTL threw her armor towards him. He missed it and the knight standing above him grabbed it then held it over Clay's head and kept teasing him with it. He poked one of the girl's butt's too. Then, in the same number when the waitress comes out, she went to go grab him....I'm thinking his stomach....but, she almost grabbed something else, and instead grabbed further down his leg. He totally aced "YWSOB"!!!! When the "naughty girl in nasty tights" came back out, he gave her rear a little slap. For the final number, Clay started the dance with Patsy and Bedevere, but then threw his hands up and did his own thing. He was sooooooooooooo animated tonight!!!!!!!!! No sd, but I'm just overly happy that he was even there!!!!


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