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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Spamalot 10-28-08

Photo borrowed from a previous nights stage door.

This is a great review by Crazyglue91152 on the Clayboard, very insightful in more ways than one, please read:

Superstar and love of my life!
Reply Quote MoreRecent Posts Message Friend Blocking Invite Ignore User's Posts Last night was so exciting for me, clayngel, grandmajoan and other claymates in attendance not only because of Clay's fantastic and funny performance as usual but because of the presence of his new family and friend Kelly Clarkson. Yes, I said new family which includes of course his son Parker, mom Jaymes, Uncle David, Jerome and his wife. During the intermission while I was talking to clayngel who told me that KC and David Foster were there in the audience, Jerome who was then talking to his wife saw me and introduced me to her. She's so nice and sweet. On my way back to my seat, walking on the 2nd aisle, Kelly was right in front of me and she's talking to a guy and telling him that her favorite song was the one sang during the boat scene (Galahad & LOTL). During the finale, I also said hello and spoke for few seconds to David while walking backup on the aisle to his row as we were both standing and clapping and singing and dancing along to the finale song "Always look on the bright side of life". He was all smiles and told me that he really enjoyed the show and that it was hilarious and Clay was fantastic.

There was no SD as it was cold and windy and the fact that Clay was attending to his special guests and family but clayngel and I stood and waited at the closed left entrance door of the theatre where the mdse store is. While clayngel was talking on the phone with someone, my eyes were fixed on the 2 black vans and a black car parked in front of the 44th St. exit door. Then the Shubert Security man came out, then a guy and a gal and Kelly who hugged Jerome before going into the first van and they're gone. Then Jerome opened the side door of the second van and took out a car seat....and I was screaming silently and excitingly told clayngel that omg, omg, Jerome got the car seat out of the van....a car seat.....Parker is here....Parker is here....Parker is here with his Dad.....omg, Then the Shubert security man came out again, followed by Jaymes and David who went into David's car. Then Jerome's wife came out and went inside the second van first, then was given the car seat with Parker all covered up by Jerome and finally, Clay joined in while Jerome walked around the van to his seat beside the driver who moved the van forward right in front of where clayngel and I were standing as he waited for David's car to pass first. I waved shyly and mouthed goodnight to Clay and family and wished them all well and a great evening. Indeed, it was a great and memorable evening! What a night!


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