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Saturday, July 22, 2006

AD: A Thousand Different Ways

Here's my ATDW ad everyone's been waiting for! Enjoy!
Click to enlarge.

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Tidbits 7/22

  • ABC's Good Morning America wants to know who you think would win an All-Star edition of American Idol. Clay is currently commanding an impressive lead, but please vote nevertheless!
  • New essay from Mitzi Gill at Clay Aiken the Ideal Idol -- "This man has shown us his grit, his intelligence, his common sense, and his genuine wisdom. He has demonstrated over and over an unfathomable capacity to give and to receive love. He is not thin-skinned, and he is unmovable in his principles and purposes. He holds himself accountable to God."
  • Not to brag or anything, but we've already broken the record we set on Wednesday. Over 1550 unique visitors hit our site yesterday! Woohoo!

  • Southern Girl blogs about what's up in the Clay and non-Clay blogosphere this week.
  • Invisible Kingdom has a clip from JBT- Clay singing "When A Man Loves A Woman"

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Friday, July 21, 2006

More Clay Content At IMDB

The IMDB (Internet Movie Database) has added tons of Clay content onto Clay's listing. Among the new items are photos from the AI finale, 2005 Good Moring America Summer Concert Series, and shots from the last year's X2 premiere and the Emmy Awards. There is also other Clay information there concerning his performance appearances.

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USMA Band Performs Clay's Invisible

Well, isn't this cool! The United States Military Academy Band performed Clay's Invisible at a special concert held in West Point, NY last year. Here's the summary courtesy the band's website:

The concert continued with the Academy Concert Band, under the direction of Major Timothy J. Holtan. Notable selections included Staff Sergeant Jason Ham’s virtuosic performance of Napoli on euphonium and the band’s gorgeous rendering of Ralph Vaughan Williams’ Rhosymedre. The U.S. Army Chorale, under the direction of Captain Domingos Robinson took to the stage to perform a number of selections in the pop/rock vein, including Carlos Santana’s Smooth and Clay Aiken’s Invisible.
Thanks to Generation Clay for the tip.

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Tidbits 7/21

  • CDD broke another 1-day record yesterday. Thanks to the 1335 of you who visited CDD and hit our pages almost 2200 times yesterday.
  • 2 articles about local Idol-style competitions -- each with small, relatively un-noteworthy Clay mentions. Flint Journal, Ashbury Park Press.
  • We have an update on the CB's mammat53. After a week in hospital, mammat is feeling a lot better. Please visit this CB thread to leave your well wishes and prayers for mammat.
  • WOW! The CB's cindilu has posted TONS of GORGEOUS Clay desktop wallpapers. Get your today!
  • Clay was mentioned on the E! channel last night, according to nekia at CV: "They were doing a segment on the top 10 makeovers in Hollywood. He was not in the top ten, but after finishing the top ten, they put his picture up and said he deserved a special mention. Something like he went from geek to refined."

  • Chexxy's Pearls has a heartfelt post about the events unfolding in Uganda, which Clay visited last year. "We come to the shelter because I fear being abducted again. I was eight years old then. I do not want my brothers and sisters to be abducted as I was. We walk fast in the night to be here." Late last year, Clay testified in front of Congress and pleaded for more funds for UNICEF. See what YOU can do, visit
  • Southern Girl has another Friday photo for us to thud at... this week also includes a video!
  • Taking A Moment's, uh, "visual" representation of our joy over the studio version of 1000 Days and Clay's amazing 'vox'.
  • On The Boardwalk shares their thoughts on the studio 1000D... 'It certainly has no "shock and awe" value; not something that would make non-fans sit up and say, "Who the heck is THAT?"'
  • Invisible Kingdom: ICMYLM JBT video, thoughts on 1000D leak.
  • Need to kill some time? Marhaven has a great collection of her favourite Clay videos on her new video-blog, Marhaven's Favourite Videos.
  • CatchingtheClayAikenTrain (phew.. that's a mouthful!) is the newest blog in the Clay nation. Check it out today!
  • Non-Clay blog Mesmerization Eclipse tells us why they are watching Scrubs: "In 2004 I randomly caught that episode with Clay Aiken, the 'My Life In Four Cameras' one, where they mocked standard sitcom conventions; I thought that was really great, but wrote it off as a gimmick."
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Clay To Be In Sunday's Parade Magazine

According to PreciousDTP at the Clayboard, Clay will be in the "Personality Parade" portion of Parade Magazine this Sunday. Parade comes out in Sunday newspapers around the country. Personality Parade is a listing of various questions that readers have sent in about their favorite stars.

The question concerning Clay is, "What do you think of Clay Aiken's new hairstyle?" Here is the answer that Walter Scott of Parade Magazine gave:

We think he should lose the bangs. At 27, the 2003 American Idol runner-up has lost his boyish charm and allowed himself to be overstyled. Readers: What do you think? Go to for our pop-culture poll and sweepstakes.
Be sure to write in to to give your opinion on Clay's hairstyle. I just tried to go to this site, and it gave me an error, so maybe this link is not available until Sunday, July 23. You can get into Parade's home page by clicking

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Studio Version of "1000 Days" Leaked

Talk about perfect timing! Just as we are conducting our current poll about whether you'd listen to an ATDW leak, we HAVE OUR ATDW FIRST LEAK!

Although it has since been removed, had a leak of the STUDIO VERSION of 1000 Days which Clay debuted in Cary, NC last year. Fear not -- CDD has uploaded mp3 versions onto MegaUpload and Rapidshare (see links below).

If you weren't a fan of the song back then, you must check out this version! IT'S BREATHTAKING!

>> MP3 File available here.
>> Backup MP3 file on Rapidshare (scroll down to the bottom of the page to d/l)
>> Backup MP3 file on MegaUpload
Update 7/23: Hey! The YouTube Studio version of 1000 Days is back up!

N.B. These sites are tricky to use... make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the Rapidshare page and click on under Free Download or enter the 3 displayed letters and click "Download" at MegaUpload.

N.B. 2. We don't actually know whether this will make the album. It may just be a rough cut that got leaked somehow.

Update 7/21: This was found on P2P filesharing network Limewire. The person who had it probably never intended on sharing it, but put it up accidentally.

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Tidbits 7/20

  • After a 6 day run on top of Technorati's most searched for list last month, Clay is back on top today! WOOHOO!
  • – PopWatch - Online article, "'Idol': Whose disc will you buy?", mentions Clay's release date as September 19, and also all the other idols who have release dates in September and October. The author thinks Fantasia will sell the most, and then says, "Anyway, that's my take, but I know there's got to be some differing opinions in the PopWatch crowd -- and among Claymates as well (quick! alert Mr. Aiken's yahoogroup immediately!)." Update: Holy smokes! Read all the fantastic comments left about Clay!
  • Sony BMG/19 PR about the signing of Kellie Picker to BNA/RCA Records.
  • National Ledger: AI CD releases -- "Industry insiders say that the move will help build traffic for the also-rans. "'With the exception of Clay Aiken,' says Billboard's Geoff Mayfield in the New York Post, 'the other finalists who have gotten albums haven't really been a big deal.'"
  • Independent Weekly has a write up about the success of the Pensacola Civic Center which Clay played at during JNT2005. "the stadium hosted acts ranging from Staind to Nine Inch Nails to Clay Aiken."
  • Clay was mentioned on last night's Entertainment Tonight Canada... in a piece about a Canadian comedian Jessica Holmes, Holmes asked a hip-hop dance instructor whether he'd worked with Clay Aiken. The answer was an obvious 'no', but ET Canada did show a small clip from the Invisible video!

  • myclaystation has an awesome blog about the Clay nation and why it has earned respect ... "the message boards opened my eyes to an incredibly diverse fan base for Clay and there are some very, very intelligent, quick witted and just plain old great people on the boards." (graphic above courtesy myclaystation)
  • Taking A Moment's Jemrock in her signiture style shares some 'tips for the savvy Clay traveller" -- "It doesn’t matter if the seats are milk crates or that you have to immunize deported chickens while you’re on there, the more money you can save on airfare, the more you can spend at the “Let’s Buy Clay Another New Car” merchandise booth.'
  • Southern Girl - 13 things about me you may not have known.
  • The ConCLAYve: How to cure a phobia with Clay Aiken...
  • ClaySpots -- the conclusion of her series on the summer of 2003
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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Watching Clay on Oprah Again

Did you remember to watch the repeat of Oprah's Wildest Dreams Show today? The one where Clay goes to the high school of the blonde-headed twin sisters who have worked so hard to graduate in the top 20% of their class? I think the second time around it was even better!

Of course, I loved watching him go to the school and talk to the twins. Being a special education major, he understood just what the twins went through. Also, the fact that they were picked on as children surely touched a chord with Clay. I loved seeing him on Oprah telling the twins why they were really there. I'm sure it meant a lot to Clay to be able to be a part of something so special for the girls.

But what I loved most of all, was hearing him sing "I Will Carry You" in ballad style again. I love IWCY as he sings it on MOAM. But sung as a ballad really touched me even more. I hope he has at least one or two songs similar on his new CD. I know he'll have lots of upbeat songs on "A Thousand Different Ways". But those beautiful ballads that Clay sings...well, they just touch me "A Thousand Different Ways". He was born to sing them. Of course, if you didn't get to see Clay sing on Oprah today, you can always run to Clay Aiken Media World and download IWCY.

No doubt there were people who saw this Oprah show for the first time and got to hear that beautiful voice. What a great time for this repeat, not long before his CD will be released. I hope hearing Clay today will entice people to run out and buy a copy.

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Clay Recorded At Raleigh's Osceola Studios

Producer/Engineer Dick Hodgin at Osceola Studios in Raleigh blogged today on his MySpace account on recording with Clay recently. Here's what he said:

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Studio Tours today
Current mood: amused

I agreed to host a few tours of the stuido for my son's YWCA summer camp....about 16 kids per tour......the only thing was, the first two tours were 7 YEAR OLDS that could not have cared less about it......all they cared about was the bobble-head Stich character i've got sitting on the console...

They asked me if i had worked with anyone famous and i told them "hootie and the blowfish..... crickets....

so then i told em i recorded CLAY AIKEN and they all said "Ooooooo, my MOTHER likes him"...
This was also reported by The Raleigh News & Observer (not sure about the last sentence. Widely expected drop date is September 19.)
As it happens, Clay has been working on his new album, the followup to 2003's "Measure of a Man." Dick Hodgin, partner/producer at Raleigh's Osceola Music, reports that Aiken was recently recording some vocal tracks at Osceola -- "And we got a keeper vocal on Sunday," Hodgin says. There's been talk of a fall release, but I'd be surprised if it emerged before 2007.
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Tidbits 7/19

  • Clay blogged on the OFC last night about "A Thousand Different Ways"
  • Tower Records is also joining other record stores in listing a September 19 release date for ATDW.
  • The Deadbolt: Fall American Idol releases ... "Although maybe it should be called American Idol season, as Clay Aiken's third album hits stores on September 19th, Ruben Studdard's smooth soul comes back for a third time on September 26th, and Fantasia Barrino's second album drops on October 17th. It's an American Idol world this fall."
  • Yahoo Music has a similar article: "Clay Aiken's third album drops Sept. 19, Ruben Studdard's third effort is out Sept. 26 and Fantasia Barrino's second album hits shelves Oct. 17."
  • Access Hollywood article about teen singer/actress Samantha Cole -- "Cole appeared on 30 episodes of MTV's "The Grind," and her first self-titled album came out in 1997, according to her MySpace page. The blonde songstress toured America with a Top 40 song called "Happy To You" which was re-recorded by none other than Clay Aiken!" (CDD's note: Bad journalism... the CBers have discovered that 'Happy To You' actually refers to Clay and Kimberley Locke's duet, 'Without You')
  • Clay was mentioned on last night's episode of The Daily Buzz (a syndicated Infotainment show). Recap courtesy the CB's fancynails4:
    Clayton (how ironic) Morris was giving the run-down on 'She's The Man' with Amanda Bynes; and showing a clip. She plays a girl who disguises herself as her twin brother to get into his private school for a couple of weeks and then falls in love with his best friend. Hilarity ensues, I guess! The hair-do she is wearing is moptopped. Clayton said, 'She now looks like Clay Aiken'!!! Well, at least Clay IS being thought of! This was pretty mild as Clayton Morris is usually very snarky towards Clay!!!

  • Idle-wandering has a mock CD cover for us. By the CH's Fountaindawg.
  • Idle-wandering also has a little history on the long overdue soph. album, ATDW.
  • Chexxxy -- Clay Aiken & Elvis Presley. "Critics booed him, haters trashed him, djs refused to play him, he ignored them and continued to sing his songs. He became so famous he only needed one name------------Elvis. 49 years later another young southern boy walked out on stage in California and started singing, week after week. He is becoming so famous that most people know him by one name------------Clay,"
  • What I have on my iPod/Claypod -- ConCLAYve.
  • Marhaven blogs about crafts... (not really Clay related)
  • WebWeaver's blog about "A Thousand Different Ways" (soph. album)
  • Wednesday's Child... we've been patient for almost 2 years now... only a few more months left!
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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Meadowbrook Looking to Book Clay Concert

Meadowbrook in Gilford, NH is looking to book Clay for a concert 'soon'. Clay's show at the venue was a smash hit last year. Could this mean tour dates will be announced soon?

Here's an e-mail Bill Garland, the venue's General Manager, sent to the CB's claytonlady:

Thanks for taking the time to respond to our email. Clay was not touring
this summer, but we will make sure to try and book him again soon.
Clay- we're ready when you are!

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"A Thousand Different Ways" Instores September 19: Variety Magazine

Claymates proved themselves to be a smart bunch! Clay blogged last night about someone correctly guessing the sophomore album's title -- the correct title had been floating around the various message boards for about a week now! Today, we received confirmation from Clay's album Executive Producer, Jaymes Foster-Levy:

The sophomore album will be called A Thousand Different Ways.

Other developments today:

  • Foster-Levy said she was impressed with Clay's 'instinct' and 'talent' and that Clay has choosen some 'amazing' songs that will 'showcase his talent'. She reassured us that the album will be "worth the wait."
  • Joining the likes of FYE, Media Play and Barnes & Nobel, Variety magazine reports that Clay's album is due out September 19 -- "But before the pre-Thanksgiving rush of tyro Idols, there will be an onslaught of releases from "AI" vets. Clay Aiken's third album is due Sept. 19, Ruben Studdard's third CD bows Sept. 26 and Fantasia's soph effort is due Oct. 17."
  • A formal RCA Records announcement is expected by the end of the month.

Blog activity about ATDW:
PS. Yes... I'm hard at work on several new sophomore album ads. I'll post them as soon as I get them done (hopefully this weekend)

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Tidbits 7/18

  • Rock Star Supernova article from the Albuquerque Tribune mentions Clay -- "It's a good time to be a singer with all these reality shows just itching to make you the next Clay Aiken."
  • Box Office Prophet's review of the new movie, Little Man (not nice): "Talking about Shrek, Pirates and Spider-Man then talking about Little Man is like following up a Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and the Beatles discussion with Clay Aiken."
  • Remember the printer cartridge BAF fundraising effort we told about you last month? In just a month, the group has raised almost $550 for the Bubel Aiken Foundation. See how you can help out...
  • USA Today: how will BMG work out this fall's Idol releases? 4 from AI5 contestants (Hicks, McPhee, Daughtry and now Kellie Pickler) and the Idol alums?
  • Access Atlanta interviews Ruben Studdard. Ruben mentions Clay a few times, but nothing really new (talks about AI2 tour, Clay/Kelly/Ruben's reunion earlier this month). Ruben is scheduled to release his 3rd album this fall.
  • Another Ruben article/interview from MDJ online. Mentions Ruben beating Clay on AI2.
  • Canadian Idol article from -- you don't have to win AI to become successful: "And, of course, there's season 2's runner-up Clay Aiken, whose albums went on to far surpass American Idol winner Ruben Studdard's in terms of sales."

More CDD Blogwatch in today's post about the new album's title being announced ... "A Thousand Different Ways"
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Jaymes Foster Blogged....and Now We Know The Title

As mentioned in an article from yesterday, Clay blogged at the OFC and let us know that someone had guessed the correct title of his upcoming CD. This, of courses, set off hustle and bustle at the OFC like you've never seen (or should I say "clustle"!). And finally, Clay had pity on us and blogged and let us know that if we just checked the recently penned blog of Jaymes Foster, we'd find some interesting information.

Interesting, to say the least. We finally have the name of the CD! "A Thousand Different Ways"! What a beautiful title! Jaymes said many wonderful things about Clay and the CD. If you are a member of the OFC and haven't seen her blog, head over there and check it out.

There are some great threads at the Clayboard concerning the CD title.

Can We Think of "A Thousand Different Ways" We Love Clay has the obvious answer of "Yes" and our love is still pouring into that thread. A couple of ways listed here are "by doing volunteer work for BAF" (from j4clay) and "I love how he put a smile on my face thru his songs even on my toughest days. My way of showing I love him? Buy all ATDW cds I can." (from Claybaby525)

A Thousand Different Ways...Add To The List is a more humorous thread, started by CTLover1, and lists different ways Clay will sing, such as "while turning his feet backwards" and "while lining up his milk bottles" (so says PreciousRfew).

And one final thread, New Blog! Monday Night - Blog #2, is a discussion of the actual title and the things Jaymes Foster said in her blog. NCSUPack88 says, "Well I think SOON is NOW!!!" And wm7ca speaks for all of us I believe when she says, "Thank you Clay for taking the time to do it right!"

We are still patiently waiting to hear the actual date the CD will be released. But meanwhile, there are "A Thousand Different Ways" to enjoy the CD even before it is released! So don't just stand there....join in the fun and excitement, which I don't think will subside any time "soon"!!

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Clay Blogs...And Someone Has Guessed The CD Title

Earlier today, Monday, July 17, Clay blogged on the OFC! And today, Clay informed us that someone has actually guessed the correct title of the CD! Now he didn't tell us what the title was or who guessed it. But most fans are excitedly trying to figure out what the title is by hunting for clues in Clay's blog or by the times he blogged over the last couple of days vs. the time the guesses were made on the OFC thread. Some people have even made a long long list of all the guesses left over a certain time period to try to make it easier to figure out what the correct guess was. There's a great thread at the Clayboard called He Blogged where you can join in on the fun.

I know Clay must be laughing himself silly over our guesses and all the excitement. I'm laughing myself. But I think this is the most fun most of us have had in a long time, and it is not only bringing us closer as fans to each other, but also bringing us closer to Clay, whose teasing is just one more way to show just how much he loves us.

Happy Guessing!

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"There's Clay on the TV screen"

Things are slowing down again. Accordingly, we'd like to share this cute story posted by the CB's imclaymed:

This morning as my husband and I were taking our grandchildren for breakfast, here in Warren, Ohio, the six year said "There's Clay on the TV screen". We caught up and got close enough to see a teenage-like girl and an older woman sitting in the back seat of a van watching what appeard to be Clay singing "Mandy". :tasty

Since we were in the flow of traffic, with me in the passenger seat, I simply gave the woman driver a "thumbs up". She looked at me a bit puzzled, so we pulled ahead in order for her to see our "I'd Rather Be At A Clay Aiken Concert" sticker. Then she honked a few times, as did we, with each smiling and giving the other a thumbs up. Since Clay is never on the radio in our area, I was so excited that I wrote down her liscense plate number. So, if anyone was on route 5 at 8:15 this morning, I'm looking for you.
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Tidbits 7/17

  • Incense & Spice (Clay website) has a new article on Clay's recent NANA contest, what makes Clay special and what it might be like to talk with Clay on the phone.
  • TravelPod: Travelling blogger snaps 'lots of pictures' of Raleigh... "I took a lot of pictures of Raleigh signs since my friend Jen has been the BIGGEST Clay Aiken fan for the past three years, and Clay lives in Raleigh. "
  • WebMetricsGuru tells us about a new 'social network' (ie... MySpace, Flickr, YouTube) called "I can totally see someone like Clay Aiken using Dandelife to illustrate things he wants to share with his fans."
  • Clay Aiken The Ideal Idol has a new article by OOISEE...she has some bold predictions about Clay's future: "I want Clay to be so rich he can out-donate Paul Newman, so long-lived that he will still be in demand for interviews after Letterman's successor has been succeeded. So famous people won't be surprised to see a Clay Aiken t-shirt anywhere in the world. So prolific that he has several "best of" and "greatest hits" albums. Not to mention live concert DVDs. Not to mention award-winning movies, television shows and specials, animation voiceovers, etc."
  • LiveJournal writer blogs about his 2004 airport Clay encounter... "I get to the passport dude who stamps you and he goes "do you know who that was in front of you?" and I said "no?" he told me it was Clay Aiken." (CDD's note: Although Clay did travel to England in 2004, we have no way of confirming this LiveJournal post's authenticity)
  • Diane Austin from Entertainment World attended last Thursday's post-live show taping of FOX's So You Think You Can Dance. Due to some technical issues, the emcee talked to a lady in the audience. Surprisingly, Clay's name came up. Here is Diane's recap:
    He came upon a lady that happened to be from Raleigh, North Carolina. He started asking her what that town was known for. She named a couple of things, but they didn’t ring any bells for me. I waited to see if someone’s name would come up.

    Sure enough—right around the third mention—Clay was named. As soon as he was, many people (mostly women) began to hoot and holler (yes, I’ll admit I was one of them.) The host then took off on quite a lengthy Clay discussion—I was struck by how he kept milking it for all it was worth. How many people here are Clay fans?--what are you people called (Claymates?)—doesn’t Clay have a new album coming out?—doesn’t he usually do a Christmas show every year?—he’s really known and loved for that Christmas music!—etc., etc.

    It was fun to hear this guy go on and on about Clay. The lady from Raleigh was definitely a fan and she supplied him with much of the information. But there were quite a few other fans in the audience who seemed to be jumping in their seats and waving their arms when asked who liked Clay Aiken.

  • calleik's 7/16 post about the sophomore album:
    I've been absent for a while...thanks for all the PMs, all the care and kindness. Working on professional things and some rough RL stuff.

    But just wanted to say...we're getting close. Really. I know, everyone's tired of hearing "soon." But it's all good. I promise.

    Truly. Spectacular things are coming.

    From what I heard months and even weeks ago. It's on.

    Just know. I do.

    Breathe it in...honeys.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Tidbits 7/16

  • Carolina Clay: My 2004 birthday was marked by Clay Aiken concert... "This weekend is also the second anniversary of one of my happiest birthdays ever. In 2004, Clay not only came to Greensboro to sing for me on the eve of the 17th, but numerous fans who have become friends also gathered in my city for the Not a Tour Concert and a message board reunion. Prior to the show, we met for dinner and celebrated several July birthdays within our group."
  • Chexxxy's Pearls: Chexxxy shares us her thoughts on the events of the past 6 months -- "These guys decided that he must be gay because he has expressive hands and doesn't hide his emotions. He is artistic, slim, handsome and kind to children. Yes, that's all it takes." (recommended reading)
  • Who Will Stand For Clay/Clay Musings blogs about Chexxxy's blog. Clack included.
  • Punch Needle Crafting: cutting through this drought with Clay Aiken and needle crafting. (BFM montage)
  • Sally Rand McNally blogs about her roadtrip from Houston, TX to Halifax, NS, Canada (wow... lots of driving) (Clay blog; non-clay related)
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