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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Clay Tops Searches at Technorati

The search term "Clay Aiken" is Technorati's most searched for term today. The #1 blog tracking website gets millions of hits per day. This increase in Clay search activity can be attributed to the rising of many, many, many new Clay blogs (see the Blogroll on this page's right sidebar). CDD was one of the first Clay blogs to appear on the internet.

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CDD Photos Opens With Full CDD Ads Archive

Over the past year, many of you have been asking me to create a photo gallery for all of my CDD Clay Aiken ads.

Well, the day is here! I'm proud to announce the opening of CDD Photos, a fully-featured photo gallery that will allow you to see every single CDD ad made since CDD's interception in January 2004.

We will also be using CDD Photos to share the latest Clay photos with you... whether they are photoshoots, magazine scans, TV'll see them on CDD Photos.

And, we're not done yet!

  • Sign up for your own CDD Photos account to keep your favourite shots in your Lightbox.
  • Once you have signed up, you can comment & rate any photo we have uploaded.
  • Use our new photos page to see the latest photos.
>>Take CDD Photo for a test drive (down memory lane).

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Sophomore Album - Confused Yet?

As if the sophomore album hoopla wasn't confusing enough (see yesterday's post), here's a post from the CB's ClaysMyMidlifeCrisis:

....I asked if there was any word yet on when Clay's CD will be released. This person said "not yet", but has heard they're beginning to wrap things up, but that you never know with projects like this. This person didn't clarify what was meant by 'projects like this', but this did make me wonder if it's more than just a standard CD with 13 songs on it, but since 'projects' wasn't elaborated upon, I have no idea.

Let me emphasize here that this person is only guessing, but, expects it will come out late fall, just in time for Christmas.

So, this is something else to throw into the mix and raise our anxiety level. :hehe I have a couple of contacts in the music business but I can't say who this one is...I wish I could but I can't, sorry!

After reading this, and depending on your mood today, you can either smile
...and here's a cute thread on the CB poking fun at the long overdue and delayed album.

Update 6/24: In a segment about Kelly Clarkson on today's Entertainment Tonight Weekend, the anchor mentioned that "Clay's third album is due out soon."

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Tidbits 6/24

  • Another mention of Taylor not beating Clay's first week CD Single sales... Reuters.
  • "Measuring maniliness" -- great mention in the Miami Herald. "Clay Aiken. Whether or not it means anything to him, women love the guy -- enough to call themselves ClayMates. How many other non-British guys do you know who have 'mates?' He is manlyish."
  • Katharine McPhee says via her AOL AIM Interview that it "would be cool if I could have as much success as Clay though."

  • The ConCLAYve... what drives you creativity? (not really Clay, but fun post)
  • More JBT montages from Hobbies.
  • Taking A Moment has a 'new' video of Tears Run Dry from the Atlantic City JBT Concert.
  • The ClayBlog has a new blog about Christine, a woman trying to save her own life.
  • Shadylil at ClaySpots continues her journey down the Clay Aiken memory lane... this one talks about the summer of 2003 & the BAF.
  • ClayKat: majority of Clay fans like new hairstyle.
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Friday, June 23, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Album Out September 19 According to B&N


According to a manager at Barnes & Nobel, Clay's new album will be released on September 19, 1 week before the anticipated arrival of new albums from Fantasia Barrino, Ruben Studdard and this year's Idol winner, Taylor Hicks and runner-up, Katharnine McPhee.

CDD cannot confirm this rumour. However, like most other stores, Barnes & Nobel does have a computer system with release dates inputted by the record label.

In today's post from calleik the rumour was that the album would be out in July.

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Tidbits 6/23

This is one HOT photo of Clay. Credit: arquen_mahtala. Taken at the Toronto JBT concert, August 25, 2005. Check out all the thudlicious Clay shots on Flickr.
  • Congrats to the CB's INeedAClaybotomy's son Ben Susak who made it into FOX's So You Think You Can Dance's top 16!
  • Southern Voice: Kimberley Locke article mentions Clay & Ruben briefly.
  • Sports Central: Awesome Clay mention from Nascar driver Matt Kenseth: "after seeing the Ford commercial starring that prematurely graying American Idol Taylor Hicks, I'm not so proud. Is that supposed to make me want to buy a Ford? That macho man Clay Aiken could sing me into a H2 Hummer anyday."
  • CNN report on how Taylor Hicks didn't match Clay's first week CD single sales record. The Pensacola News Journal has a similar write up.

  • GFTCSA's blog on how Clay has made her more tech savy.
  • Taking A Moment's jemrock has a new voclaybulary lesson for us.
  • Don't miss Clayventures,'s official blog.
  • Here's an interesting post from Skybar22 at Rooting For Clay Aiken. It talks about how astrology may have to do with the events of the next 4 months... namely, the sophomore album release.
  • Southern Girl's Guide big post about what's new in the Clay nation (mentions Anderson Cooper, 'coming soon' album, etc.)... also a few other new posts- Friday photo, Blogs roundup.

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Radio DJ: New Album "is pretty hot."

Here's today's exciting sophomore album update. According to the CH's calleik's sources, the album will be out before the end of July.

  • Via a blog (we won't be naming or linking to it due to objectionable content), a RADIO STATION DJ (yes... a DJ) says:
    Have you heard Aiken's latest music, Marty? It's actually pretty hot. We listened to a few tracks at my station recently and jaws were dropping. He's going to surprise some folks with his new one. Cooper's working with "60 Minutes" now as well as CNN. Probably a business meeting - CD promotion interview, UNICEF, tabloid sh**.
  • The CB's clangel13 says her Olympia, WA radio station played TITN twice within 3 hours and announced that Clay's new CD might be out by the end of July:
    My local "non-counting" station that likes Clay has played TITN twice now this evening. The DJ extolled him and said he's been hearing that the new CD should be out any day now between now and the end of July!!
  • The CH's calleik:
    Hang on, everybody...really...hang on. SOON.
    Wish I could say more. But...hang on, okay?
    {{{CH and loved ones here, there, everywhere...and those who have been taken}}}
    Love...goes a long way.
    Hope...goes even longer sometimes.
    Because faith and belief...brings it.

    I don't know if he's hearing from fans or industry sources, but he sounds excited!!
Update 6/23 2:32 PM: A manager from Barnes & Nobel says the album will be out September 19.

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Clay Still Holds First Week CD Single Sales Record

Taylor Hicks has made his fans proud for selling 190,000 CD's this past week, but Clay's fans are even more "proud of their boy" for still holding the record of CD's sold the first week, with 393,000 back in 2003. Every article that I've found thus far about Taylor's CD sales mentions Clay as still having this record. Though we have something in our Tidbits 6/22 section today, I'd like to expand upon this with a few thoughts and more info.

First, here are some articles which mention this...

  • Zap2It - I love this sentence from this article, "The all-time "Idol" first-week singles sales champ is, of course, Clay Aiken." Yes, why of course!!
  • - Yahoo says, "Season two runner-up Clay Aiken scored the No. 1 spot with "This Is the Night" with a whopping 393,000, staving off winner Ruben Studdard's "Flying Without Wings" (286,000)." Don't you love the word "whopping"!!
  • WSBTV Atlanta - "The show has also proven to be golden for Clay Aiken, a runner-up to Studdard in season 2."
  • Local (Central Florida) - This article has the same info in it as the one immediately above.
  • - Another mention of Clay's "whopping" 393,000 CD's sold.
  • KNBC: "The show has also proven to be golden for Clay Aiken, a runner-up to Studdard in season 2."
  • and a few more...Arizona Republic, E! Online News, Pioneer Press, Reuters
This is a great time, I believe, for Clay's record-selling CD to be mentioned in so many articles, right before his next CD comes out. Many people who read this and who may have forgottten about Clay will again be reminded of what a great seller his first CD was. Maybe some who never bought it will. Hopefully, when his next CD comes out quite soon, they will remember how popular his first CD was and this could make for more sales. This possibility is exciting!

To see the other articles where Clay's sales-breaking CD is mentioned, see our Tidbits 6/22 in today's CDD.

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Anderson Cooper Interview Possible?

RUMOUR ALERT... what you are about read is pure speculation.

According to rumours from Rosie O'Donnell's personal blog, Clay dined recently with CNN reporter Anderson Cooper and a 'few others' at the upscale Nobu restaurant in New York City. According to these sources, an interview with Cooper on his popular CNN show might be in the works.

Anderson Cooper has reported extensively on conditions in places like Uganda and Darfur. As you know, Clay visited Uganda for UNICEF last year. As a result, an interview with Anderson Cooper isn't that farfetched an idea.

As a side note, Anderson Cooper has been spearheading CNN's coverage of the problems in Africa. His new memoir, Dispatches from the Edge urges western governments to help.

Update 6/23: Also, a radio station DJ commented on this story via another blog (we will not be linking to it due to objectionable content). He says the dinner was to talk about UNICEF (Clay is a UNICEF ambassador). The DJ also had some nice things to say about Clay's new album (which he apparently listened to...I'm so jealous!). This coming from a radio DJ is fantastic!

Have you heard Aiken's latest music, Marty? It's actually pretty hot. We listened to a few tracks at my station recently and jaws were dropping. He's going to surprise some folks with his new one. Cooper's working with "60 Minutes" now as well as CNN. Probably a business meeting - CD promotion interview, UNICEF, tabloid sh**.
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Tidbits 6/22

  • We have a few mentions of Taylor Hicks' CD single sales not exceeding Clay's record-setting first week sales...Arizona Republic, E! Online News, Pioneer Press, Reuters.
  • This was also mentioned on Rita Crosby's MSNBC show yesterday. "Rita Crosby started talking about the amazing success of past contestants and there was Clay at #1 with 393,000 in sales for TITN, and Rita said, Clay Aiken, of course, at #1!!" says the CB's MixnJude0. (CDD Video: Clay mention on MSNBC 6/21/2006)
  • Jewish Exponent- Great Clay mention in article about the new show America's Got Talent... "Indeed, while a William Hung could be hanging out in the audition room, so could another Clay Aiken type be achin' to appear, too."
  • American Daily... negative mention..."a platform weaker than Clay Aiken's rendition of Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me." (yeah... whatever)

OK, and I have something else that is totally unClay related to share with you. This ad, a spoof of this hilarious Canadian Idol moment, was played on Tuesday night's Canadian Idol.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's Coming...

This sign was spotted by IWCY Clay Club's Clazy Daze's daughter at her local Circuit City Store. WOOHOO!

Clay is also listed as: ""Clay Aiken (title TBA) (RCA, 2006)" on Pause & Play.

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Raise Money for BAF With Your Old Printer Cartridges

The CB's LLnepa has found a fantastic new way YOU can help the Bubel Aiken Foundation. At the same time, you will be environmentally proactive. How? Donate your old printer cartridges to an organization called Empties 4 Cash. E4C will donate money raised through the sale of your old cartridge to the Bubel Aiken Foundation.

How do you get started?

1. Contact and request a pre-paid mailer.
2. Once you receive your mailer, enclose your cartridge and send it back to E4C.
3. Everything is free- boxes and shipping!
4. All major brands are eligible.

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WRAL: Clay Attended Monday's NHL Finals

According to Raleigh radio station WRAL, Clay attended Monday's NHL playoff finals (Carolina won). As we've told you, Clay also attended a game held last week. This rumor has not been independently confirmed.

From the CB's ncsupack88:

While getting ready for work this morning I was listening to WRAL-FM. Bill (Sherri's off for a few days) had requested people call in if they saw in celeb sightings. He went on to mention that it was already reported about Cuba Gooding, Jr., Tim Robbins and Kid Rock. He then said that either one of their account execs or it was this person's child (can't recall which) reported that Clay Aiken was sitting near them and he WAS wearing glasses and there was no hoopla surrounding him which I took to mean he was relatively incognito with his glasses on so nobody was bothering him.
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Tidbits 6/21

  • Aspen Daily News article about online RPG games... "You can play poker with a fellow avatar that looks like a Pixar rough draft of Clay Aiken before realizing five minutes in that he's a white supremacist - or even worse, a white supremacist with a pair of Jacks in the hole."
  • Clayboard-- The CH's music insider calleik posted some of her thoughts today. (nothing really new)
  • Windy City Times -- human rights activist says, "Clay Aiken? I don’t know if we’ll hear from him again." (oh yeah... what about last month's AI5 BUZZZZZ???)
  • Billboard reports that sales of Taylor Hicks' new CD single fell short of Clay's 393,000 first week sales. Taylor's single, Do I Make Yo Proud, sold about 277,000 copies (digital and physical combined) -- "Season two runner-up Clay Aiken scored the No. 1 spot with "This Is the Night" with a whopping 393,000, staving off the winner Ruben Studdard's "Flying Without Wings" (286,000)."
  • Here's another article from USA Today's Idol blog about how no one can touch Clay, in terms of CD single sales.
  • Another blog post from the USA Today blog about Elliott Yamin debuting on the Lycos50. Mentions Clay as the other idol on the list.
  • The CB's raleighwood says KJOY-FM in Long Island has a new promo featuring Clay. The promo has Clay saying: "Hi this is Clay Aiken on my radio."
  • Clay was mentioned on last night's Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Summary from CB's Heidiseek: "He says that in a magazine Hillary Duff says she is a virgin, even though she dating a musician for 2 years. Leno says if you're a virgin and you're dating a musician for 2 years it must be Clay Aiken." (Good, bad???)
  • According to, Invisible is Blender magazine's 11th worst song of all time. Hey, but thanks for the nice photo and allowing a reader to post: "I went and listened to this Invisible song. Thanks Blender, if it wasn't for you I would have missed this great song! I bought and downloaded Clay Aiken's whole CD and it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially the song, Touch!" Gotcha!

  • Chexxxy's Pearls has a cute Clelly (Clay & Kelly Clarkson) montage.
  • ClaySpots... part 2 of Shadylil's blogs about her Clay journey.
  • Lyrichord's Music Musings about which albums she's been waiting for...
  • If you haven't had time to check out Marhaven's Musings' music jukebox, check it out!
  • Hobbies continues their awesome JBT concert montage series.
  • berkleylovesclay guest blogs on ConCLAYve about love, Clay and the sophomore album.
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dr. Phil's Comment Speaks Loudly of Clay's Wisdom

According to a thread on the Clayboard, Dr. Phil had a show today for girls concerning reputation having to do with a teenage girl who had been lied and gossipped about.

According to "Cathy with a K", the following is part of what Dr. Phil said during the show:

They talk about me all the time. I'm in the tabloids everyday! I mean I'm having a 3-headed alien baby with somebody or something. Seriously! I don't ever want anybody to mistake my silence for agreement with that, but you know what I think? I think that what I do and who I am in the pattern of my life speaks a lot louder than standing up and responding to every gossip story that's out there. You can't do that. You can't respond to that stuff. You are not going to be able to control what people say about you. You can't control that stuff.
This is exactly what Clay chose to do concerning the lies and rumors that were spread about him this past year. Many of us at times wondered why he didn't say something to defend himself. But I think what Dr. Phil says here can help us see even more clearly that Clay did the wise thing in remaining silent. The class-act life that Clay leads does speak a lot louder than any words he could have said.

Thank you, Dr. Phil, for your wonderful words of wisdom.

If you would like to read the Clayboard thread yourself, go to Anyone Watching Dr. Phil CB Thread.

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Clay Is #37 On Lycos Top 50

Once again Clay has made the Lycos top 50 searches! In fact, Clay climbed three places to #37, up from #40 last week. This gives Clay 155 weeks in a row on the Lycos 50! This week's subject matter under Clay's name and place on the chart....."John Paulus Apology".

Keep searching at Lycos for Clay's CD, Clay's appearances, pictures of Clay...anything!! If he ever does drop off the top 50, he starts over at only 1 week on the charts, and we don't want to see that happen!!

If you want to check out the Lycos 50 site, click here.

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Vote for BEN on So You Think You Can Dance

A reminder that the CB's INeedAClaybotomy's son, Ben, will be competing live on tomorrow night's So You Think You Can Dance Top 18 airing 8 PM on FOX. As with American Idol, you will be given the option of phone voting for Ben. VOTE VOTE VOTE CLAYMATES!!!

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We're always excited when another Clay website opens. Check out the newest one, The site, which will primarily be a photo gallery promises to add new Clay photos everyday... some "never-before-seen."

Go to

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Tidbits 6/20


  • Sports Central: American Idol and sports article... (weird): "What if Jerome Bettis reveals that he owns a Clay Aiken album? This is a slippery slope, one that certainly changes any hope to pin down fan laws, let alone man laws."
  • TV Guide: Birmingham AI5 concert sells out (Elliott Yamin's hometown): "For the July 29 stop in his hometown, 9,000 tickets sold out in less than 15 minutes, besting the tour led by Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken in 2003. And he hopes to release a classic R&B record."
  • ProWrestling: random mention (good or bad???)
  • Clayboard post... "So what are you doing while we wait for news??"

N.B....ok so it's been a few days since I've started this section. In case you forgot, we list the best Clay blog posts within the past 24 hours here.
  • The ConCLAYve posts about "acting with an accent" and includes some thudly videos of Clay acting and singing.
  • myclaystation... the wait is long, but it's worth it! "I'm waiting for Clay's sophomore CD! This waiting is interminable, like a kid waiting for Christmas or Hanukkah, but I know the wait will be more than worthwhile when I finally get that new CD in my hands. Clay Aiken is definitely worth the wait!"
  • We've been neglecting to post a link to a new news blog that has sprung up. Check out the Claymaniacs News Network blog.
  • There Was A Man celebrates the 3rd anniversairy of the infamous Clay 'shadow' [;)] Rolling Stone mag cover.
  • Graphics In Mind has a nice blog post about support from other Clay fans.
  • The ClayBlog updates us on the BeadForLife, the organization that has been raising money for Ugandan families devasted by civil conflict. Clay visited the African nation last year as part of his UNICEF mission to Africa.
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Monday, June 19, 2006

New Single Heard on NY Radio Station?

The CB's pearlgrl says she may have heard a "new Clay song" earlier today on New York City's 102.7 FM's Morning show. The CB's ClaysMyMidlifeCrisis tried contacting the station today but was told the programming director for the morning show had already left. We'll keep you posted on this.

On my way into work this morning, I turned on the radio (I'm in NJ) to mix 102.7 a NYC station. Michelle Visage was doing the entertainment news, and (edited - CS) and all of a sudden she started to SQUEAL--"Is that Clay I'm hearing. I love him! I love his voice. I voted for him"....

YES! in the background, it was Clay singing and it was a song I've never heard before....and believe me I know every song he's ever sung (shamefully admits) It was a song I didn't recognize and it was definitely Clay singing it.

It was only for a few seconds and the DJs were talking over it, but could it be a new single that has been sent to the radio stations for a release date coming up soon? (fingers crossed)
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Tidbits 6/19

Just wanted to share some 'useless information' I calculated last night...
There are over 2700 news, chart and tour posts here on CDD. If all these posts were layed end to end, it'd stretch over 54 km or 33.5 miles. WOW!!
  • - Sports article about tonight's hockey game includes Clay's name - See Item #6
  • MSNBC - article concerning the gay allegations.
  • NY Newsday (being syndicated): article about celebrity activism mentions Clay's UNICEF role. "Celebrity activism is not new. UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, seized on the idea of in the 1950s when entertainer Danny Kaye became its first globe-trotting ambassador, speaking out on children's issues. Since then, it has used scores of stars, from "American Idol" runner-up Clay Aiken, who visited Indonesia and Uganda last year, to Farrow, who spent a week in Darfur this month."
  • Antimusic -- random Clay mention (negative)
  • Good Clay mention on UPN's Daily Buzz. Thanks to the CB's fancynails4 for this recap: "One of the personalities on The Daily Buzz (UPN 6-9 am M-F) reported on Ruben being 'awarded' $2 mil from his ex-manager for embezzlement. "Now he has enough money to sue Clay Aiken for stealing his career." They showed the pic of Clay and Ruben taken during AI2 where Ruben is sitting down and Clay has his left arm on Ruben's shoulder."

  • Lordy Lordy Lordy reflects on July memories (2004 A Capitol Fourth)
  • Something That Really Happened blogs about Indonesia Idol's Clay wannabe who sang Invisible (we posted this in a Tidbits post a few days ago)
  • Thanks to ClayKat for linking to our blog regularly. She posts about Clay's NHL game appearance last week and whether he'll show up for tonight's NHL Stanley Cup finals, to be held at the RBC Center in Raleigh.
  • Cute post about "Cloomate etiquettes" from Taking A Moment. (I hope Jemrock doesn't mind me posting some of it here)
    One of the unique hallmarks of the Clay Aiken fandom is a phenomenon which occurs every few months, much like the Northern Lights or the changing of the seasons or of Clay's haircolor. This is what happens: Sarge The Bus Driver comes out of retirement and runs the tour bus through the neighborhood car wash and makes sure Raleigh's gate is securely in place to keep Clay away from the driver's seat. Clay drags his little wheely suitcase and laptop backpack onto the tour bus, stocks the bus pantry with grape jelly, Bi-Lo peanut butter cookies and Grey Goose Vodka (haha just kidding), and hits the road for his national solo tour. By "national" I mean "not Canada and not West Tennessee". And by "solo" I mean accompanied by Mary, Jerome, Nick, Faye, Kristy, Amanda, Amber, JohnD, Steeeve, Angela, Quiana, Chamberlain, that other dude dancer whose name I can't remember but I think he did the ironing, too, Allison from the Christmas Vignettes, Brianne, The Dancing Siblings, Allison Glock, Roger, Clive, Fran, SweaterGirl, BlondeBroadwayGirl, BikiniGirl, the band, the roadies, the sound crew, the lighting crew, and the OFC Claymate of the Day.

    And when that happens, all the Clay fans around the country scramble for hotel rooms and make plans to sleep with other Clay fans they met on the internet.

    Today I'd like to discuss some etiquette guidelines everyone should keep in mind while sleeping with someone you don't really know.
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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Claymates Pray For Young Baseball Player

We have an update from about the condition of 12 year old Steven Domalewski who was seriously injured inwhat was called "a freak accident" earlier this month. The CB's NanClayFan posted this on the CB:

We attended our Grandsons' Little League baseball game yesterday, and witnessed the most horrendous accident we have ever seen. The 12 year old pitcher for the other team threw a fast ball, and the little boy at bat nailed it so hard it was a line drive directly back at the pitcher, and hit the boy in the chest. He dropped immediately, and after checking on him, my son (who was 1st base coach came running back towards the stands yelling "911" at the spectators). They did all they could for him (oxygen, CPR etc) until the ambulance arrived. All the kids from both teams including many of us in the stands were crying and praying because he had turned completely white (including his lips), had stopped breathing, and it was believed that his heart had also stopped. We really thought he was already gone by the time the ambulance arrived, but they did get him to the hospital alive. We've been praying for this little guy constantly, but it looks like we need a lot of help. I will post the e-mail correspondence my son had with one of the other coaches today regarding his condition, and hope you will join me in praying for little Steven.
The article mentions NanClayFan's CB post, saying: "Carolee Gross told Steven's story on three Web site message boards for fans of Clay Aiken -- the American Idol singer. Aiken has a wide Christian following and started the Bubel/Aiken Foundation to help ill and disabled children. 'People all over the world are praying for Steven,' she said."

Although doctors are beginning to awake Steven from a medically induced coma, your prayers are still needed. Share your support here on the CB.

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Want To Have Some Fun Finding All The Clays?

Need something fun to do while waiting for CD news? Wish it could have to do with Clay? Well, do we have something for you! Claym8t from the Clayboard has put together an awesome "find it" puzzle with at least 25 pictures of Clay in it. Claym8t says, "If you've found Clay you've found a treasure." See if you can find all the treasures in this pic. Maybe we'll have at least that many tour cities!

If you want to check out the CB thread where this can be found, go to Can You Find All The Clays.

On your mark, get set, GO!!!

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Tidbits 6/18

  • Boston Herald's 'bad dads'...(talk about bad journalism... Clay's biological dad passed away in February 2004)
    American Idol star Clay Aiken can relate to Norris' childhood plight because the singer's biological father hit the bottle pretty hard as well. Aiken told Rolling Stone that his pop's drunken rages became so violent he and his family fled to escape him! 'We moved so he wouldn't know where I was,' he said, adding that his mother’s second husband, Ray Parker, was 'the only dad I ever had.' To add insult to injury, now that Aiken has risen to stardom, his abusive dad has been reaching out to get in touch with him. But the Idol says he won't be sucessful in his efforts because 'I don’t want to give him the time of day.'
  • LBFCA's cute commentary on Clay watching last week's NHL game.
  • ... and BestOfClay has some drool-worthy desktop wallpapers based on photos from that game.
  • Media Life Magazine Taylor Hicks article: "Following in the footsteps of Clay Aiken before him, another American Idol contestant has become an unlikely heartthrob. People magazine has named 'Idol' winner Taylor Hicks the worlds No. 1 hottest bachelor. Hicks says he is ready to settle down, as soon as he finds the right woman -- and he has his eyes set on someone already. The 29-year-old singer is trying to find a woman he made eye-contact with on a recent flight, saying that the moment he saw her was like a scene from a movie."
  • Chapel Hill News - article about the 'regional charms' of the Raleigh area. Small, random Clay mention: "By then we were hungry. We ate at Flying Fish, where the dark-haired waiter reminds me of a goth Clay Aiken."
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Happy Father's Day to The ClayDawgs!

to all of Clay's male fans -- The ClayDawgs!

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CDD supports:

Bubel Aiken Foundation GoodSearch for TBAF UNICEF