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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stage Door 10-17-08

From Clayskater posted on the Clayboard:

I just got back from Spamalot. It was wonderful. The placed was packed. Tom was still out but the young man who plays the nun was his stand-in. He was yesterday too. He really does a good job. I thought that the entire cast was pumped up. Everyone seemed to put a bit more into their parts.

It seems that Merle and Clay are having a contest as to which one gets the most applause. They signal each other on the stage. Actually, Merle seems to be winning.

I am glad to say that there was no camera crew there and the stagedoor was very relaxed. Clay took lots of pictures.

Tidbits 10-17-08 of BAF GALA beginning

The excitement for the BAF Gala is already beginning, people are there and in place. I have added some quotes below from some of the attendees. I hope there is lots-o-clack so that CDD will be full to the brim tomorrow. Good luck BAF in raising much needed funds for the children.

From hippoga at the Clayboard, our first to send her excitement from Raleigh.

Hello from the Marriott in downtown Raleigh! Lots of fans already here-the lobby is full of hugging ladies and there is exitement and anticipation in the air! I don't have the entire schedule but I know that Aron Hall is leading a workshop tomorrow morning on getting involved with the inclusion programs. Registration for the platinum, gold and silver sponsors is at 5 pm and the meet and greet and group photos with Clay for those sponsors is at 5:30 pm. Dinner is at 7 pm and the program begins at 8 pm.

EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I am so excited! Hope to post a recap late Saturday night!

From flyingstarship, also on the Clayboard.

We are here in Raleigh at the Marriott which is magnificent! Now we know what it feels like to be a superstar--there are many Clay fans here- the lobby is bustling. I am here with grandmajoan, sue4allyoudo, jlnpreciousclay. We are thrilled to be here. We have taken about 100 pictures of our room with granite counters, flat screen tvs, 10 ft mirrors, etc.

I am the techno -freak who is crazy about the IHome on the bedside for my IPod--wall to wall Clay!

We will be reporting in regularly.


Are we excited yet???

Reported by claysweettea also on the Clayboard:

This will be my first gala, and Im so happy to finally be attending.

We will arrive at Marriott City Center ahead of gala time to look around and enjoy.
I believe we are only about 7 miles away.

A gal at Marriott City Center just called me back.
She was only able to find out that the Gala starts at 4p and ends at 12a.

She said the auction items are in the Congressional Ballroom.
Im not sure if she meant we can view items any time or not.
That is my main question. Can we view auction items before the dinner at 7p.

Elspeth reporting in for NYMom on the Clayboard:

I talked to NYmom who is lucky enough to be at the gala. She said the roundtable this morning was great and the screening of the film Including Samuel very inspirational but heartbreaking at the same time. More updates as I get them!

HCorbet10 found a list of just the members from Clayversity that are attending the Gala, it is listed on the Clayboard:

The lucky CVer's representing today are:

2old4Clay, achin4aikennnc, AnAmeraikenInTX, angelty, Ashleygram, Bonilee, brensmemaw, bowledover, Brightstar, butterflyshine, cablegirl, cam552000,
CAP121, carol5230, cathy4clay2, champion124, chloecamille2, cincy, claygalsal,
Clayscience21, ClaysFayevorite, ClayIzzaQT, claym8, Claymatron, CLAYPERFECT,
ClaysRainbow, CravingClay, curiousgladys, cotton, Educlaytor, farouche,
fromClaygary, glory note, GWENN, hannanicole, happyclayday, HippoGA, iadoreclay,
irishbookgal, jasr9203, Katy4Clay, kcudawg, KSChristian4Clay, kwhite1022,
Lakelady, lindspe, Lindylo, lulu0013, Marilyn, mercedes, mindyj, msidolfan,
Nancela, newmie, ncgran4clay, ncgurrl, ncsredclayrocks, ncwannabe, PermaSwooned,
PinkArmchair, PoisonIvy, regaledbyclay, RhonnaR, rsging, shadow2639, Shamrock,
Shycon, siclayfan, SmartyPantsSuz, sparkle, terter4aiken, tini400, Thankful4Clay,
toni7babe, TxClayFan1940, windstar2, WinkAtMe, xxx4clay.

It is great seeing so many people, just from the one board that are going to the GALA and continuing to support the needs of the Bubel/Aiken Foundation and all those hopeful children wanting to attend a camp, or to be tutored by a teacher trained by BAF. This is a wonderful cause, for the children.

I will leave the rest of the reports for tomorrows CDD, so stay tuned!

Wrapping for Inclusion 2008

Yes, it is that time of year, and the best time of year to get out there and get those stores locked in to your group as far as times that are best for donations.
I hope that we can help the BAF reach their goal this year, let's make an extra special effort. Check our the BAF to coordinate your efforts. They also need State Coordinators, Team leaders, and wrappers.

Please remember this is to help the children so they can be included in everyday activities.

Start Your Engines!

It's that time of year again!

We're very excited to start up the 2008 Wrapping for Inclusion Campaign. Last year, we moved past the $100,000 mark in fundraising with this fun and exciting event and this year we are looking to go even further. We are excited about an even slimmer manual and we have moved many forms online. (Check out the WFI Tool Kit below.) Thank you in advance for joining with us and helping us to achieve our $120,000 goal!

Attention Pennsylvania Fans and Beyond

This was posted on the Clayboard by Claysvoice and I thought I might help it reach those that may have not seen it. It involves radio play for the holidays for those in the Pennsylvania area. Get busy ladies!!


I've just heard from a friend that WROZ 101 The Rose in Lancaster has started a listener survey for their upcoming holiday programming. Two Clay songs are up for rating .... MARY, DID YOU KNOW ... & SILVER BELLS w/Kim Locke. The are also many versions by other artists on there of songs Clay has recorded. JMO, but it would probably be wise not to give those other artist versions too high of a rating - there's a chance if that version doesn't pass the audience test, they might give Clay's a try.

If you're not yet on their listener survey (& why the holy sweater vest not when OMWH was on there all summer?! ), here's the link to sign up:

This really has more impact to the Program/Music Director than even daily requests do.

UNICEF with a twist

I looked at this story in Yahoo News because I have an interest in the late Lady Diana's children, Princes William and Harry. Well, in reading the article I found a tie to UNICEF which I thought was of interest and somewhat Clay related. Enjoy!

PORT EDWARD, South Africa – British princes William and Harry set off Saturday on a grueling 1,000-mile motorcycle rally in South Africa to raise money for charity.

The pair joked that they had a wager on which royal tumbles from their bike the most during the eight-day off-road adventure.

"It's going to be very challenging and we're expecting to fall off many a time," said Harry, 24, before more than 80 riders set off from the holiday resort of Port Edward on South Africa's southeast coast.

A crowd cheered the riders as they hit the winding dust road bound for the southern coastal city of Port Elizabeth.

William, 26, who next year will begin training to be an RAF search and rescue helicopter pilot, said he and his brother had decided to take part in the rally "because it's a mixture of adventure and charity."

Funds raised through the princes' participation in the Enduro Africa 08 event will be divided among UNICEF, the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund and Sentebale, a charity established by Prince Harry to help disadvantaged children in Lesotho.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Spamalot Closing

Playbill announced today:

Monty Python's Spamalot, the 2005 Tony Award winner for Best Musical, will end its reign at Broadway's Shubert Theatre Jan. 18, 2009. When it closes, the musical will have played a total of 35 previews and 1,582 regular performances.

I will be sorry to see it go as will I am sure a lot of Clay fans will.

August Rhapsody

There is a new video on YouTube, created by aspiegirl that is worth a look at. It has a 5 star rating and is being touted as very artistic and creative. Enjoy!

10-16-08 Stage Door

First let me say before you read on that it was a very different night at the stage door and I have posted many reports, some with a difference of opinion. This is good because unless we were there we have no idea how it may have looked, so I am offering opposing views. Before the show started, the E! True Hollywood crew had been there and Jerome told them they could be there but they could not take video, so they left. However, when they saw Clay come out for the stage door session, they came back and that is when Jerome whisked Clay away. Thanks to dancerdad and returnofaiken for their wonderful photos tonight.

Thanks to HCorbett10 for being the go between and posting the information from Jax5230 on the Clayboard

From Clayngel:
lots of energy again tonight, good audience
Clay wasn't wearing his boots for the Not Dead Yet scene
During kotrt, clay almost got hit with the armor cause he was talking to rick. luckily, I think bedevere caught it before it actually did.

Another report from HCorbett10 on the Clayboard

From DM From the CV:
There was a paparazzi crew there...two still photographers...high powered flash that flashed like machine guns. They were okay DH said. Although the flash was annoying. His doesn't fire that fast.
The problem was there was a video camera crew there. DH said it was a pretty big crew...4 people. A reporter, video guy and sound guy and one extra person. The security guard (not mister I never smile) had told them no video and they left and went down the street. But when Clay came out and went about half way around and the crew came back. Jerome saw them and hustled Clay inside.
Plaid vest with a blue shirt underneath.

Just in case you want one of those vests for someone in your family:

Clayshines at the Clayboard reports:

Morganette posted at the CH a link for Clay's

A report from Clayskater on the Clayboard

Just got back to hotel. How said that the crew from E True Hollywood story had to ruin the night. They were there before the show and trying to interview people. I actually told them to go away that no Clay fans wanted to have anything to do with them.

After the show at the stagedoor, they were told they could not film in the alley. They were run off and then when Clay finally after a long time, CLay came out, he stayed about long enough for 10 people. Jerome nearly picked him up and got him in the door. The crew played innocent and said well it was for CLay and thet just didn't understand. Afterall, Clay was just a normal guy. I told them that noone trusted them and that as long as they hurt people on purpose, they will get no support. The cameras were not running and there were people who were very upset.

By the way, the play was fabulous. Everyone was really on and the audience was the best I have been in for a long time. Tom was out, but the person who plays the nun did his part. He did very well. House was pretty full. It was a great night except for the silly TV crew. The look on Clay's face was so sad to see. He was really surprised and a bit frightened!!

HCorbett10 forwarding a report from Jax5230 on the Clayboard

From Jax:

Apparently there were fans there who were feeding the fire a bit. People kept saying they didn't want to be interviewed, but a few fans jumped at the opportunity. No idea if it's anyone here, anyone on any message board, or someone casual. There were definitely people wanting to be interviewed, though. Pretty annoying!

Reported by ReturnofAiken at the Clayboard

One more thing, from front row, I could totally see that Clay had mismatched striped socks on again. Oh, and the orchestra was PACKED! And for seeing it for the first time, I thought it was PHENOMENAL!

Carried over to the Clayboard by HCorbett10 is

From roseBud42:

I was there tonight, and I don't think he looked frightened either. Jerome knew the E camera crew was there, so obviously Clay knew it too. I think he made a point of coming out to sign a few autographs, but was planning from the start to go quickly back in as soon as the E crew started getting closer. I was standing over towards the side Clay came to when he first came out, and he made a point of saying that he would not have time to do pics tonight. (Although, he said he felt bad about it, and did do a pic with one person that I saw.) However, I got the distinct impression that he knew he was going to have to hurry in order to avoid the cameras. I bet he and Jerome agreed that Jerome would keep an eye out for the cameras as Clay signed a few autographs - and then they would get back inside the door before they could give the camera crew any satisfaction. It seemed more a matter of hurrying, rather than being afraid of anything. JMO, of course.

I had a great time tonight, because I was lucky enough to be sitting in the peasant seat. It was a blast! When I purchased my ticket a couple of months ago, I had no idea that there was a possibility that A101 would be the peasant seat. What an awesome surprise - and since yesterday was my birthday, it was just about the best present I could have wished for. Getting my picture taken with Clay and his castmates, the cute little trophy and most of all - having the guy we all adore kneeling right in front of me as they sang - what a fun experience! All I can say is - WOW. That man really does have THE most beautiful eyes.

Per KrisnClay at the Clayboard

I guess WENN photography was there also. I was just at CV and there was a link for them there. About 6 pictures. They show the whole vest and how Jerome got Clay inside.

You can check out the WENN website by clicking here.

Getty was there and well and you can see their photos here.

Per DorforClay at the Clayboard

Clay knows to follow Jerome's lead. It may mean his life someday. I didn't see anything in the video but a little confusion.

I've noticed his arms. Quite muscular now. Big difference from when he was on AI.

HCorbett10 forwarding from the Clayboard this report:

From mariedrummond1:

she said that E made people reword their answers so that they were a complete sentence, instead of "since AI" they made them answer "Ive been a Clay fan since American Idol" she also said that jerome showed up behind them at the stagedoor before Clay came out and they joked that they hoped he didnt push in for an autograph and he said he was just waiting for E to overstep their bounds..

p.s. she didnt talk to E, she just evesdropped.

Mariedrummond1 video from the night, she was focusing on his striped socks when Jerome escorted Clay back inside when the E! crew came back:

Clayphan76 was also taking video and this was her view:

It had been reported that Clay came back out after a few minutes of discussion, but I do not have documented information on that yet.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Knight Fever

Oh my goodness, I got an email about the "Ask A Star" column and this photo from their advertisement accompanied it. I just had to add it even though I had printed their story yesterday, enjoy...

Now go ask a question, LOL, at

Killer Older Photo

Morgan Rowan at the Clayboard is wanting to know if she is the only one that hasn't seen this photo before. Goodness, I don't recall seeing it but it sure is newsworthy, LOL.

Stage Door 10-15-08

As reported on the Clayboard

From Claysbabygurl:
She got video tonight
She said he looked HOTT tonight!!!
And that she couldn't stop saying how yummy he was tonight!!!
She also said .....OMG!!! lol
Said there was a lot of people there...3 to 4 rows deep
She said he took LOTS of pics tonight with fans and was in a GREAT mood

There conflicting reports about his socks, one fan said he had on one white sock and one striped sock, the other fan said both socks were striped. They did both agree that he did have on sandals.

It was a conflicting night for sure, LOL, one fan said Tom Deckman was there and another said he most certainly was not. Sounds like we have people out there thinking more about Clay and his smile than anything else, what are they thinking, LOL. Let's just say it was a papparazzi night and they forgot to take pictures, or at least post them. Bad papparazzi, bad papparazzi, LOL.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Playbill Yearbook

We need to go to to get their latest yearbook, LOL, it has some Clay comments. Thanks to angelcat4jc we got the scoop.

angelcat4jc from the Clayboard bought the Playbill yearbook and there were several remarks about Clay entered.
I ordered this book when I ordered the new playbill with the new Bio along with a Spamalot mug from

It's called "The Playbill Broadway Yearbook-June 2007 to May 2008. It's a really great book and it was around $25.00.

Lots of Clay mentions in the Monty Python's Spamalot section, of course.

There's 8 pages on Spamalot.

The first page is what is usually in the playbill. It shows the front of the playbill, the list of Cast of Characters, the main title page with SAM S. SHUBERT THEATRE at the top and it has Jonathan Hadary, Hannah Waddingham, Clay Aiken as the starring roles. There's a picture of Clay/Robin holding the chicken and a picture of Chris Seiber (Galahad) and Hannah (LOTL) next to Clay's picture.

The 2nd page has the Scenes & Musical Numbers listed and Cast Continued (standbys, understudies, swings, dance, and orchestra) listed. Sean McDaniel is listed under orchestra/Drums.

The 3rd and 4th pages are the cast pictures like what is in the playbill from the Spring with Clay's picture of him with the bangs. It even has pictures of the crew including the director, choreographer, Eric Idle, John Du Prez, all the way to the standbys and producers and the actors who played the main parts before Clay got there. Clay is the 3rd picture, so he is prominently featured.

The 5th page has a continuation of the photos and a group picture of the crew, including, I think, Clay's dresser, Shannon?

The 6th page is a group picture of the Front of House staff-the ushers and ticket takers. There is a separate picture of the box office guy, Craig Bowley. He is holding the Spamalot Sir Robin Clay pin and is wearing a Clay Aiken lanyard as well! The rest of the page lists the staff of Spamalot-general management, casting directors, make-up, stage managers, etc.

The 7th and 8th pages are the most fun-they are the "scrapbook" pages (plus continuation of the Spamalot staff list). The scrapbook "correspondent" is Hannah. She answers questions about different things that happen backstage and her experiences. Some highlights include Clay mentions:

Most exciting celebrity visitor and what they did/said: Glenn Close. She didn't come to see me, she came to see Clay Aiken. I had just joined the show and I didn't realize she was there until I came out to the water cooler for a drink. When I saw her I did a quadruple take and spilled my water all over the floor. She came over to me and said, "I hear you're the new Lady of the Lake. I'm sure everybody will love you. Have a wonderul time in New York." I felt like I'd been ordained!
"Easter Bonnet" Sketch: Ours consisted of Clay Aiken and I singing "The Prayer" one night; Bradley Dean and I the next. We sang it very seriously while Lee Wilkins, dressed as The Flying Nun, rolled around us on roller skates.
Favorite In-theatre Gathering Place: There's really no place backstage at the Shubert. It's quite crowded. While Clay was here my dressing room became the hangout place. We would sit and gossip to each other. It's the first one on the main level and it gets a lot of traffic. Jim Woolley redecorated it like a Barbie caravan home: pink curtains, lots of greenery and flowers. It's absolutely revolting--but I love it. It's like a 12-year-old's bedroom.
Favorite Off-Site Hangout: The Westway Diner on Ninth Avenue. Everyone goes there between shows because they have really good food. (has anyone tried this place?)
Memorable Press Encounter: The show asked Clay Aiken, Jonathan Hadary and I to take pictures of us in full costumes--but for some reason wearing 3D glasses. And I just thought, "Christ!"
Memorable Stage Door Fan Encounters: Clay Aiken's fans were very full-on but lovely. They were so embracing of the rest of us as well. Even afer he left the show, I still get flowers and cookies from them, saying they liked me in the show as well.
Fastest Costume Change: Clay, out of Robin into Brother Maynard in the space of just a few lines.
Busiest Day at the Box Office: Clay Aiken's opening and closing nights. I would liken them to Wembley Arena with Elvis in the building.
Memorable Directorial Note/Tale from a Put-in: During the put-in for Clay and me, Mike Nichols said, "Don't try to get laughs on every line. It's very cheap and it's like paying for sex: ultimately unsatisfying." There was slight hiatus and then all of us wet ourselves.
Another Tale from a put-in: The next put-in was for Bradley Dean as Galahad. The only person who has to wear a costume during a put-in is the new person and Bradley was so embarrassed. So, to help, all of us dressed up in 1980's outfits: The boys all looked like something from Flashdance and the girls were all in leg warmers and hideously big dangly earrings. Great fun. (That's the pic Clay showed Jimmy on his show in May.)

Check out

Here is your chance to ask Clay a question. Run on over to
and ask away. Come on folks, let's think of something out of the ordinary, something that hasn't been asked before. If your question is picked, you will "be in lights" on the pages of Good luck all.

Stage Door 10-14-08

Okay, I must warn you to get ready for this one, LOL. As one fan stated, doesn't Clay have a mirror in his dressing room? Is Jerome afraid to tell Clay his hair is not just right?

This per LilRed at the Clayboard, I just had to laugh at this one, LOL.

Now that hair style reminds me of the Flock of Seagulls Look LOL, but I don't even notice the hair when I see that SMILE...


Katy4Clay reporting Brown Hoodie with hair standing on end. 4/5 rows deep at stage door. She didn't get a look tonight but will be back tomorrow. She got some pictures ...eeeeeeeeeee

From Claysbabygurl:
Funny so far
Clay very animated tonight
Tom isn't here so its an understudy
Clay poked the understudy
He was so happy to catch the LOTL's armour
He told the drummer who does the symbol part that that's stupid
Making funny faces during the horse scene before the french guard scene
He screamed wait for me right before intermission I will have more late

Video uploaded to YouTube by ClayMelia, thanks so much. the crowd seemed very subdued even though there were a lot of people there. Some of the regulars up front, obvious when Clay said "Oh, I see I signed the other side, that is why you turned it over!" LOL, busted. It must be nice to be able to be there so much, I have seen the one set of ladies there numerous times, I only wish I could be. I do hope at the one show I will get to go to that I too will be able to get an autograph and perhaps a photo with OMC. What are the odds? LOL.

Now on to a verry, verry nice picture thanks to Barb916

Some of the regular group got to go backstage, and on stage to romp around for a little while, how cool is that? I guess it pays to be seen often, LOL.

Tidbits 10-15-08

10-14-08 was the 5th Anniversary of the award winning, multi-platinum Clay CD "Measure of a Man". My how time flies.

Please note that we now have a poll for you and hope that you will participate in it. We are wondering what type of Clay Tour you would like most of those listed. I think it would be interesting to see what most people would like. Thanks for taking the time to enter your answer. The poll is in the left column of this page.

The Clammy awards have been announced and our very own J4Clay won a Clammy for one of her Blends, and a People's Choice Award for one of her photos. Congrats J4Clay, keep up the good work.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Forgotten Knights

I saw this really fantastic video over at YouTube and just had to bring it over. Thanks to Mariedrummond1, this is such a great look at Clay and his banter. A great montage...

Did you catch the surprise Jerome appearance, LOL. Clay, oh please, please give us a tour this year we miss them so much.

Subtle yet speaks volumes

I was of course over at the Clayboard today to see what was going on and I found a lovely post by Nicki503 and it moved me. I thought I would add this, with her permission, to today's CDD, enjoy.

I just figured out how to get this over here! claysbabygurl316 was kind enough to take the picture. Thank goodness its not on my camera as I still don't have my normal PC back and can't upload any of my SD pictures yet! I and my two other traveling friends wanted to show our support for Clay without blatantly having Clay on our shirts because we love the whole Spam cast and did not want to specifically point out Clay. We knew Clay would know what the shirts meant. I was so happy to get this pic while we were wearing them.

What a lovely photo, and I think in this case less was more. What a nice way Nicki503 to show your support, it goes to prove everything doesn't always have to be shouted from the rooftops to be effective. I am sure Clay noticed and appreciated this sentiment. Thanks again Nicki503.

Tidbits 10-14-08

It is reported on that Spamalot's attendance has gone from 54% Sep 29th - Oct 5th to 70% this Oct 6th - Oct 12th. I would say that was excellent news.

Is anyone interested in making a Clack'o'lantern? Run right over to Claypiccity and get all the instructions you need to have the best pumpkin on the block. This could be fun and your neighbors will all know who your favorite Halloween character is, LOL.

The State Register Journal in Springfield Illinois is the oldest newspaper in Illinois, and to my surprise we have a little tidbit today. Jaymee Toler got to have her 15 minutes of fame in their columns today and this is just a little of what she had to say:

Posted Oct 13, 2008 @ 11:44 PM


Name: Jaymee Toler

School: Routt Catholic High School

Grade: Senior

My dream job would be: an actress on Broadway.

The best thing to splurge on is: new clothes.

My school needs: a better theater program.

Concert I’d most like to see: Clay Aiken (again).

The most unique item in my wallet or purse is: deodorant.

I say Jaymee is one smart young lady, how about you?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Have you used Clack Unlimited?

I just found out in a post at the Clayboard by GooodBabyBrush that Clack Unlimited is in jeopardy. Please read below and remember all the times that you have downloaded something from there. Things are slow right now so we haven't used it too much, but we need to keep this massive resource up and running. Check it out please:

I don't think the Congressional bailout extends to clack vaults...
Over the last few months, we have had a large number of cancelled subscriptions to Clack Unlimited. Our ability to keep the site afloat is in serious jeopardy.
I will focus on the issues related to the CU:

Our ability to keep the site afloat was based on both the one-off donations and monthly subscription commitments made during the last fundraiser.
Since most of you opted for monthly subscriptions, we have to rely on those periodic payments to finance CU. We have a very modest sum of money in the account from the one-off donations and they are dwindling quickly because of the lower subscription payments coming in every month. With CU, the one-off donations are way, way down.
We have been following up with people regarding their cancelled subscriptions as they occur but in most cases, we do not receive a reply. We realize that many of you have legitimate reasons for having to cancel your subscriptions.
However, the main reason people have for canceling is because they aren't "downloading very much clack right now" and they've vowed to start up a new subscription when Clay tours again.
Unfortunately, busy or not busy, we have to incur the same operating expenses for CU every month. So, CU may not be here by the time things get busy again/Clay tours.
The situation is dire and we need to get a handle on it now.
If you are under the impression that you have an active monthly subscription, check your Paypal account and ensure this is the case. If your subscription was terminated because there was a problem with your funding source and you would like to start up a new one, please visit the site and click on "subscribe."
If you are in a position to make a one-off donation, please use the same link above or send your donation to funds@clackunlimited.comThank you.

Tidbits 10-12-08

This is a well writen, cute intro to a cute stage door story told by Saratoga Gal at the Clayboard:

There are 2 different people that are out there. One, kind of serious a good share of the time, cleanshaven and usually well dressed, and a nice looking man. The 2nd has a mustache, and he tends (or has tended) to get a little anxious when he is out there, and I have never seen him smile.

I don't remember this being posted, but on the Matinee on Sat. the 11th, there was a good crowd at Stage door. In fact not many places to stand at the rail as soon as we got out. I was in SRO, and got right out, and I got half a spot, 2 others behind me did not get a spot. When the door opened and Jerome & the Shubert security guy came out the announcement was "ok, sorry to tell you to put away your pens"..... (and everyone groaned), AND they continued "Because Clay has his own marker!!!".. and everyone cheered. They were quite pleased with themselves for making people believe for an instant that Clay would not be out.

A Few Years Back...

Is anyone up for a little Jukebox Tour? Sit back, relax and feast your eyes on Clelvis. What we wouldn't do for another Jukebox Tour, oh heck any Tour, LOL.

This video is courtesy of YouTube and was created by Tsunamimommy, thanks.

Stage Door 10-12-08

Originally Posted by lc82577
So, I'm 9 yrs old and I had the best time of my life. It's probably my 11th time now, I'm hoping to be in Spamalot soon, but of course I have to finish school. It's my very first time being a peasant , I was so nervous I was shaking so much. When I saw the numbers, my seat jumped up and my heart started to pound like crazy. I was making movements that my aunt and I would switch seats, but the sound would not come out . I started geting suspicious because everyone was looking at me like (I wonder who is sitting there?) during the play. Once I got on stage, I was so close to Clay that I might have seen that he had a cut on his lip, I do not know how I remember that because I was in a Clay/Robin fog I also saw Clay blowing me kisses. He gave me a new nickname during the SD, "BELL".

P.S. Guess who I want to be, SIR ROBIN, although they make fun of me at dance class for liking the play but, I never listen to them, SPAMALOT IS THE BEST . By the way, my aunt says that she'll post my picture after she scans it tomorrow, we are stil in New York, I live in Massachusetts.

The video for the matinee on 10-12-08 from YouTube by Clayphan76, thanks.

Sue4AllYouDo posted on the Clayboard that one show was not enough, she went for the matinee and stayed for the day, LOL.

Hi All !!! Just got home from what was supposed to be a short day in New York with tickets only for the matinee, but ended up with us going to the evening show also!!! Tom Deckman was out for the matinee, but back for the evening show!!!

The Matinee was great. It was an audience of mostly NJUs, but a very enthusiastic audience indeed. The crowd was really into the show and there was lots of laugher and applause. Clay was GREAT, as usual....nothing different to report here.

Stage Door this afternoon was incredible. It was 4-5 deep and Clay signed MANY items and took MANY pictures. What I found to be most touching was the fact that Clay sent Jerome out to the Stage Door Crowd to find one of our own, and he brought her back to see Clay. Seems that this very young lady has suffered a loss and Clay took the time to comfort her. I admire him so very much.....please don't ever let anyone tell you that Clay has changed.....HE HAS NOT !!!!! When you see acts of kindness like this, it really touches your heart.

Thank you to Jess for being so kind and for taking a really great picture of Clay and I. As soon as I figure out how to show you guys, I will. Also, Clayphan, has terrific video that she said she will post, and Jess's friend (is it Kristen) also has some really great pictures. It was a really fun afternoon, with lots of friendship, laughs and cameraderie.
The folks that I was with tonight decided to stay afterall, so we raced from Juniors to the Box Office and found that tonight's show was practically SOLD OUT (I think the matinee was SOLD OUT, also!!!) 2 of us got Standing Room Only and 2 of us got seats in the problem....the show was GREAT and Clay SANG the "Amen"!!!!! It was the most beautiful AMEN I have ever heard!!! I was quite amazed by this because this is the very first time I have ever heard him sing this part.....It was really, really beautiful. Again, the evening crowd was enthusiastic and fun. Another great Stage Door and this time there were many children getting autographs. Seat A101 tonight was a wonderful little girl....she was dressed in a beautiful red dress with a red tiara in her hair....a little princess. Clay paid particular attention to all the children today, those that were at the matinee stage door and the evening stage door alike.

We also had some important visitors today.....Brett was there, as was Jerome's beautiful daughter.
Another great day in New York City...another great day with friends and strangers.....everyone having a wonderful time, enjoying our wonderful, compassionate and considerate man. I really can't say enough good things about Clay Aiken and I'm so happy to see all the love that is being sent to him, because he has no problem giving it right back.

Well, if you can take another video, here is the evening video again from YouTube by Clayphan76. Notice the clean and jerk with the Lady of the Lake, LOL.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

10-11-08 Stage Door Evening

Isn't this wonderful, to have so many Clack gatherers willing to share their photos and stories with all of us? I love a good tour, but there is something about getting eight reports a week from NYC that is just plain fantastic. I sure am loving it, how about you?

HCorbett10 reported:

From Jax:

OMG! I just got off the phone with JessMcVargas!

Great show tonight. Good amount of Clay fans there. Clay was wearing the same thing he wore for the matinee and looked absolutely adorable and sounded really cute too.


I think Jax is a little excited but can you blame her, a "hey" from OMC?

Joy2Talk2U reported:

From LauraQ....

Theatre was packed....if it wasn't sold out, it was close. NJU sitting next to her practically choked to death she was laughing so hard. She was laughing so hard she shook Laura's seat. He sang the Amen tonight. People clapped all thru the performance. The crowd was very lively.

Stage door was at least 4 to 5 deep all the way around. Laura got her pic taken with him.....she is practically incoherent!!!! She will try to post pics tonight after they get something to eat. Clay wore same hoodie as he did this afternoon.

Lucky Laura, but we still want photos, or we will settle for the video from YouTube thanks to ClayMelia2, LOL.

Oh my goodness, one of our own, ClayandKimfan was the lucky peasant tonight, that must feel wonderful. Congrats to her. She was tired but managed to report:

Hey all,
Its VERY VERY late and Im so tired and I will post more in the morning or afternoon when I get more of a chance. I just wanted to say how much fun I had and Jerome is such a sweetie and so is many of the ushers and staff of the Shubert. We were able to have standing seats for the 2pm mantinee show and of course as I had been nervous over I was chosen Peasant for the 8pm show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a memory I WONT soon forget. Im short so EVERYONE including Clay was so much taller than me lol. Ill post a recap and pictures tommorrow It was truly amaizing day for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luv to you all...A sistas got to get some sleep now

Stage Door 10-11-08 Matinee

LOL, OMC says Chef Boyardee is um-um-good!! I couldn't resist after hearing about his shopping trip and he looks so well fed.

There was little clack from the Matinee, but what there was is good. Thanks to Joy2Talk2U at the Clayboard I have added it below:

More from LauraQ....

looks nearly sold out....... mostly nju people.
Men laughing a lot at matinee behind us. 3 to 4 rows deep are stage door for the
matinee behind he took pics with fans.
grey hoodie and jeans couldnt see his

I love that Laura has her priorities straight, gotta check out those feet, wonder if she is looking for more striped socks and sandels?

KrystyneY at the Clayboard offered, in part:

It was not really much of a Clay crowd. There was clapping for him when he first appeared, and laughing at all his jokes of course...but you can tell it wasn't mostly us. The crowd seemed to appreciate him though.

I wish I could remember more details. He was very cute in the Not Dead Yet scene, and he did poke Tom with the triangle ringy thing. He got laughs for the Idol of my Age line...but you could tell some people did not get it. He didn't catch the LOTL's arm in the Camelot scene...Of course he was a totally oogling perv throughout like always! The quail line got a lot of laughs, and he did that whole scene more like a statement than the usual question of "The quail?" He lay on the floor praying for a long time while God was speaking. He was really funny in Brave Sir Robin, and the people laughed a lot...but you could still here the minstrals whole song, which was good. Pooping his pants has become a huge production! Very funny. YWSOB was amazing...very impressive as always. The crowd really responded to that. Brother Maynard was very funny...he has individualized all his characters so much...they are so different from one another. The hand shake thing during the peasant scene is still hysterical. It never gets old when he puts his hand out and the peasant ignores it! Because he times it just right, so that they are never looking his way. He seemed to be having such a great time during Always Look On the Bright Side of Life, and he shimmied with one of the girls...cute...and he gave us his usual salute as the lights went out.

Thank you once again to all the Clack gatherers, we all appreciate you so much. Keep the reports and photos coming please.

A Look back...

I realize it isn't Valentine's Day but I thought we could take a look back a few years and just enjoy Clay. The video is from YouTube of course and as I was spending the afternoon watching these videos, this one just hit a warm spot in my heart. I thought I would share it with you once again.

Tidbits 10-12-08

The New York Times has an article today to help those that are looking for deals on hotels while in New York City. So I thought I would give you the link to the article in case you are making a trip up there and haven't made your plans for Spamalot, or Clay's next adventure, yet.

Linda Huber's OMWH Portrait

ArthurB16 from the Clayboard shared Linda Huber's new drawing of Clay titled OMWH, it is unbelievably beautiful. Oh to have just one tenth of her abilities. I understand the prints of the drawing may not be on her site yet, but please visit there and see all the lovely works she has, it is well worth the trip.

Nothing else can be said!

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