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Monday, October 13, 2008

Stage Door 10-12-08

Originally Posted by lc82577
So, I'm 9 yrs old and I had the best time of my life. It's probably my 11th time now, I'm hoping to be in Spamalot soon, but of course I have to finish school. It's my very first time being a peasant , I was so nervous I was shaking so much. When I saw the numbers, my seat jumped up and my heart started to pound like crazy. I was making movements that my aunt and I would switch seats, but the sound would not come out . I started geting suspicious because everyone was looking at me like (I wonder who is sitting there?) during the play. Once I got on stage, I was so close to Clay that I might have seen that he had a cut on his lip, I do not know how I remember that because I was in a Clay/Robin fog I also saw Clay blowing me kisses. He gave me a new nickname during the SD, "BELL".

P.S. Guess who I want to be, SIR ROBIN, although they make fun of me at dance class for liking the play but, I never listen to them, SPAMALOT IS THE BEST . By the way, my aunt says that she'll post my picture after she scans it tomorrow, we are stil in New York, I live in Massachusetts.

The video for the matinee on 10-12-08 from YouTube by Clayphan76, thanks.

Sue4AllYouDo posted on the Clayboard that one show was not enough, she went for the matinee and stayed for the day, LOL.

Hi All !!! Just got home from what was supposed to be a short day in New York with tickets only for the matinee, but ended up with us going to the evening show also!!! Tom Deckman was out for the matinee, but back for the evening show!!!

The Matinee was great. It was an audience of mostly NJUs, but a very enthusiastic audience indeed. The crowd was really into the show and there was lots of laugher and applause. Clay was GREAT, as usual....nothing different to report here.

Stage Door this afternoon was incredible. It was 4-5 deep and Clay signed MANY items and took MANY pictures. What I found to be most touching was the fact that Clay sent Jerome out to the Stage Door Crowd to find one of our own, and he brought her back to see Clay. Seems that this very young lady has suffered a loss and Clay took the time to comfort her. I admire him so very much.....please don't ever let anyone tell you that Clay has changed.....HE HAS NOT !!!!! When you see acts of kindness like this, it really touches your heart.

Thank you to Jess for being so kind and for taking a really great picture of Clay and I. As soon as I figure out how to show you guys, I will. Also, Clayphan, has terrific video that she said she will post, and Jess's friend (is it Kristen) also has some really great pictures. It was a really fun afternoon, with lots of friendship, laughs and cameraderie.
The folks that I was with tonight decided to stay afterall, so we raced from Juniors to the Box Office and found that tonight's show was practically SOLD OUT (I think the matinee was SOLD OUT, also!!!) 2 of us got Standing Room Only and 2 of us got seats in the problem....the show was GREAT and Clay SANG the "Amen"!!!!! It was the most beautiful AMEN I have ever heard!!! I was quite amazed by this because this is the very first time I have ever heard him sing this part.....It was really, really beautiful. Again, the evening crowd was enthusiastic and fun. Another great Stage Door and this time there were many children getting autographs. Seat A101 tonight was a wonderful little girl....she was dressed in a beautiful red dress with a red tiara in her hair....a little princess. Clay paid particular attention to all the children today, those that were at the matinee stage door and the evening stage door alike.

We also had some important visitors today.....Brett was there, as was Jerome's beautiful daughter.
Another great day in New York City...another great day with friends and strangers.....everyone having a wonderful time, enjoying our wonderful, compassionate and considerate man. I really can't say enough good things about Clay Aiken and I'm so happy to see all the love that is being sent to him, because he has no problem giving it right back.

Well, if you can take another video, here is the evening video again from YouTube by Clayphan76. Notice the clean and jerk with the Lady of the Lake, LOL.


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