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Friday, October 17, 2008

10-16-08 Stage Door

First let me say before you read on that it was a very different night at the stage door and I have posted many reports, some with a difference of opinion. This is good because unless we were there we have no idea how it may have looked, so I am offering opposing views. Before the show started, the E! True Hollywood crew had been there and Jerome told them they could be there but they could not take video, so they left. However, when they saw Clay come out for the stage door session, they came back and that is when Jerome whisked Clay away. Thanks to dancerdad and returnofaiken for their wonderful photos tonight.

Thanks to HCorbett10 for being the go between and posting the information from Jax5230 on the Clayboard

From Clayngel:
lots of energy again tonight, good audience
Clay wasn't wearing his boots for the Not Dead Yet scene
During kotrt, clay almost got hit with the armor cause he was talking to rick. luckily, I think bedevere caught it before it actually did.

Another report from HCorbett10 on the Clayboard

From DM From the CV:
There was a paparazzi crew there...two still photographers...high powered flash that flashed like machine guns. They were okay DH said. Although the flash was annoying. His doesn't fire that fast.
The problem was there was a video camera crew there. DH said it was a pretty big crew...4 people. A reporter, video guy and sound guy and one extra person. The security guard (not mister I never smile) had told them no video and they left and went down the street. But when Clay came out and went about half way around and the crew came back. Jerome saw them and hustled Clay inside.
Plaid vest with a blue shirt underneath.

Just in case you want one of those vests for someone in your family:

Clayshines at the Clayboard reports:

Morganette posted at the CH a link for Clay's

A report from Clayskater on the Clayboard

Just got back to hotel. How said that the crew from E True Hollywood story had to ruin the night. They were there before the show and trying to interview people. I actually told them to go away that no Clay fans wanted to have anything to do with them.

After the show at the stagedoor, they were told they could not film in the alley. They were run off and then when Clay finally after a long time, CLay came out, he stayed about long enough for 10 people. Jerome nearly picked him up and got him in the door. The crew played innocent and said well it was for CLay and thet just didn't understand. Afterall, Clay was just a normal guy. I told them that noone trusted them and that as long as they hurt people on purpose, they will get no support. The cameras were not running and there were people who were very upset.

By the way, the play was fabulous. Everyone was really on and the audience was the best I have been in for a long time. Tom was out, but the person who plays the nun did his part. He did very well. House was pretty full. It was a great night except for the silly TV crew. The look on Clay's face was so sad to see. He was really surprised and a bit frightened!!

HCorbett10 forwarding a report from Jax5230 on the Clayboard

From Jax:

Apparently there were fans there who were feeding the fire a bit. People kept saying they didn't want to be interviewed, but a few fans jumped at the opportunity. No idea if it's anyone here, anyone on any message board, or someone casual. There were definitely people wanting to be interviewed, though. Pretty annoying!

Reported by ReturnofAiken at the Clayboard

One more thing, from front row, I could totally see that Clay had mismatched striped socks on again. Oh, and the orchestra was PACKED! And for seeing it for the first time, I thought it was PHENOMENAL!

Carried over to the Clayboard by HCorbett10 is

From roseBud42:

I was there tonight, and I don't think he looked frightened either. Jerome knew the E camera crew was there, so obviously Clay knew it too. I think he made a point of coming out to sign a few autographs, but was planning from the start to go quickly back in as soon as the E crew started getting closer. I was standing over towards the side Clay came to when he first came out, and he made a point of saying that he would not have time to do pics tonight. (Although, he said he felt bad about it, and did do a pic with one person that I saw.) However, I got the distinct impression that he knew he was going to have to hurry in order to avoid the cameras. I bet he and Jerome agreed that Jerome would keep an eye out for the cameras as Clay signed a few autographs - and then they would get back inside the door before they could give the camera crew any satisfaction. It seemed more a matter of hurrying, rather than being afraid of anything. JMO, of course.

I had a great time tonight, because I was lucky enough to be sitting in the peasant seat. It was a blast! When I purchased my ticket a couple of months ago, I had no idea that there was a possibility that A101 would be the peasant seat. What an awesome surprise - and since yesterday was my birthday, it was just about the best present I could have wished for. Getting my picture taken with Clay and his castmates, the cute little trophy and most of all - having the guy we all adore kneeling right in front of me as they sang - what a fun experience! All I can say is - WOW. That man really does have THE most beautiful eyes.

Per KrisnClay at the Clayboard

I guess WENN photography was there also. I was just at CV and there was a link for them there. About 6 pictures. They show the whole vest and how Jerome got Clay inside.

You can check out the WENN website by clicking here.

Getty was there and well and you can see their photos here.

Per DorforClay at the Clayboard

Clay knows to follow Jerome's lead. It may mean his life someday. I didn't see anything in the video but a little confusion.

I've noticed his arms. Quite muscular now. Big difference from when he was on AI.

HCorbett10 forwarding from the Clayboard this report:

From mariedrummond1:

she said that E made people reword their answers so that they were a complete sentence, instead of "since AI" they made them answer "Ive been a Clay fan since American Idol" she also said that jerome showed up behind them at the stagedoor before Clay came out and they joked that they hoped he didnt push in for an autograph and he said he was just waiting for E to overstep their bounds..

p.s. she didnt talk to E, she just evesdropped.

Mariedrummond1 video from the night, she was focusing on his striped socks when Jerome escorted Clay back inside when the E! crew came back:

Clayphan76 was also taking video and this was her view:

It had been reported that Clay came back out after a few minutes of discussion, but I do not have documented information on that yet.


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