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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tidbits 10-17-08 of BAF GALA beginning

The excitement for the BAF Gala is already beginning, people are there and in place. I have added some quotes below from some of the attendees. I hope there is lots-o-clack so that CDD will be full to the brim tomorrow. Good luck BAF in raising much needed funds for the children.

From hippoga at the Clayboard, our first to send her excitement from Raleigh.

Hello from the Marriott in downtown Raleigh! Lots of fans already here-the lobby is full of hugging ladies and there is exitement and anticipation in the air! I don't have the entire schedule but I know that Aron Hall is leading a workshop tomorrow morning on getting involved with the inclusion programs. Registration for the platinum, gold and silver sponsors is at 5 pm and the meet and greet and group photos with Clay for those sponsors is at 5:30 pm. Dinner is at 7 pm and the program begins at 8 pm.

EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I am so excited! Hope to post a recap late Saturday night!

From flyingstarship, also on the Clayboard.

We are here in Raleigh at the Marriott which is magnificent! Now we know what it feels like to be a superstar--there are many Clay fans here- the lobby is bustling. I am here with grandmajoan, sue4allyoudo, jlnpreciousclay. We are thrilled to be here. We have taken about 100 pictures of our room with granite counters, flat screen tvs, 10 ft mirrors, etc.

I am the techno -freak who is crazy about the IHome on the bedside for my IPod--wall to wall Clay!

We will be reporting in regularly.


Are we excited yet???

Reported by claysweettea also on the Clayboard:

This will be my first gala, and Im so happy to finally be attending.

We will arrive at Marriott City Center ahead of gala time to look around and enjoy.
I believe we are only about 7 miles away.

A gal at Marriott City Center just called me back.
She was only able to find out that the Gala starts at 4p and ends at 12a.

She said the auction items are in the Congressional Ballroom.
Im not sure if she meant we can view items any time or not.
That is my main question. Can we view auction items before the dinner at 7p.

Elspeth reporting in for NYMom on the Clayboard:

I talked to NYmom who is lucky enough to be at the gala. She said the roundtable this morning was great and the screening of the film Including Samuel very inspirational but heartbreaking at the same time. More updates as I get them!

HCorbet10 found a list of just the members from Clayversity that are attending the Gala, it is listed on the Clayboard:

The lucky CVer's representing today are:

2old4Clay, achin4aikennnc, AnAmeraikenInTX, angelty, Ashleygram, Bonilee, brensmemaw, bowledover, Brightstar, butterflyshine, cablegirl, cam552000,
CAP121, carol5230, cathy4clay2, champion124, chloecamille2, cincy, claygalsal,
Clayscience21, ClaysFayevorite, ClayIzzaQT, claym8, Claymatron, CLAYPERFECT,
ClaysRainbow, CravingClay, curiousgladys, cotton, Educlaytor, farouche,
fromClaygary, glory note, GWENN, hannanicole, happyclayday, HippoGA, iadoreclay,
irishbookgal, jasr9203, Katy4Clay, kcudawg, KSChristian4Clay, kwhite1022,
Lakelady, lindspe, Lindylo, lulu0013, Marilyn, mercedes, mindyj, msidolfan,
Nancela, newmie, ncgran4clay, ncgurrl, ncsredclayrocks, ncwannabe, PermaSwooned,
PinkArmchair, PoisonIvy, regaledbyclay, RhonnaR, rsging, shadow2639, Shamrock,
Shycon, siclayfan, SmartyPantsSuz, sparkle, terter4aiken, tini400, Thankful4Clay,
toni7babe, TxClayFan1940, windstar2, WinkAtMe, xxx4clay.

It is great seeing so many people, just from the one board that are going to the GALA and continuing to support the needs of the Bubel/Aiken Foundation and all those hopeful children wanting to attend a camp, or to be tutored by a teacher trained by BAF. This is a wonderful cause, for the children.

I will leave the rest of the reports for tomorrows CDD, so stay tuned!


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