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Sunday, October 12, 2008

10-11-08 Stage Door Evening

Isn't this wonderful, to have so many Clack gatherers willing to share their photos and stories with all of us? I love a good tour, but there is something about getting eight reports a week from NYC that is just plain fantastic. I sure am loving it, how about you?

HCorbett10 reported:

From Jax:

OMG! I just got off the phone with JessMcVargas!

Great show tonight. Good amount of Clay fans there. Clay was wearing the same thing he wore for the matinee and looked absolutely adorable and sounded really cute too.


I think Jax is a little excited but can you blame her, a "hey" from OMC?

Joy2Talk2U reported:

From LauraQ....

Theatre was packed....if it wasn't sold out, it was close. NJU sitting next to her practically choked to death she was laughing so hard. She was laughing so hard she shook Laura's seat. He sang the Amen tonight. People clapped all thru the performance. The crowd was very lively.

Stage door was at least 4 to 5 deep all the way around. Laura got her pic taken with him.....she is practically incoherent!!!! She will try to post pics tonight after they get something to eat. Clay wore same hoodie as he did this afternoon.

Lucky Laura, but we still want photos, or we will settle for the video from YouTube thanks to ClayMelia2, LOL.

Oh my goodness, one of our own, ClayandKimfan was the lucky peasant tonight, that must feel wonderful. Congrats to her. She was tired but managed to report:

Hey all,
Its VERY VERY late and Im so tired and I will post more in the morning or afternoon when I get more of a chance. I just wanted to say how much fun I had and Jerome is such a sweetie and so is many of the ushers and staff of the Shubert. We were able to have standing seats for the 2pm mantinee show and of course as I had been nervous over I was chosen Peasant for the 8pm show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a memory I WONT soon forget. Im short so EVERYONE including Clay was so much taller than me lol. Ill post a recap and pictures tommorrow It was truly amaizing day for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luv to you all...A sistas got to get some sleep now


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