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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Daily Show with Jon Stewart Spoofs Kodak Ad

From the CB's mee4Clay:

Did anyone see the Kodak Easyshare ad regarding Mount Rushmore? They were asking who is the 5th person to be added? Based on the # of votes, it would be a tie between Ruben and Clay!!! I've got it taped too!!!

ETA: My daughter won't let me take over the t.v to rewatch. Basically, they said it would be Reagan based on popularity, or Roosevelt based on history?? or based on the # of votes, it would be a tie between Ruben and Clay. They showed Reagan's head, then Roosevelt and then both Ruben and Clay. It was so unexpected but I have it on my PVR.

ETAA: My daughter said that it was not a real ad, just a spoof on The Daily Show. It was great though. She still won't let me have the t.v. :(

Clay Interviewed by WGN Radio Chicago

As we reported yesterday, Clay was interviewed by WGN Radio Chicago. An MP3 download of this interview is now available to all those who missed the interview yesterday.
Click here to download the file via

Transcript by Clay's Daily Double/Clay News Service:

WGN: Clay Aiken joins us on a telephone from a tour bus somewhere in America. Clay, where are you?

CA: We are on the way to San Diego. Hey, how are you.

WGN: Nice to have you with us, uh, Paige Davis is here also.

CA: Hello Paige, How are you?

PD: Hi Clay, how are you?

CA: I'm okay, it's nice to talk to you again.

PD: Oh, it's nice to talk to you too. I'm so proud of you.

CA: Oh... Thank you (laughs)

PD: (laughs)

WGN: So, tell the story that you just told me about Clay when he was--

PD: I told him that I first met you during the competition (American Idol) and I got into the Wayne Brady show and of course, all the idol competitiors rehearse at the CBS studios there. And, uh, I've seen you in the halls, and uh, I whispered that none of the other contestants would overhear me "You're my favourite".

PD & CA: (laughs)

CA: And then I turned around and told them all (laughs)

PD: (laughs)

WGN: And Clay, you were quoted as saying a couple of people who really influenced you --

PD: I don't think he said "I influenced you"

WGN: Encouraged...Encouraged...

PD: I read that he appreciated that I

WGN: Let's let the man talk, here.

PD & CA & WGN: (laughs)

CA: Well, wh spoke to (inaudiable) during that show and not around anybody at all. The only people we did happen to meet who happened to be at the studio where we where. So, um, we all kept tabs of the people we'd met who said nice things about us -- and we kind of had a tally of who had the most.

PD & CA: (laughs)

WGN: That's nice. Well, how nice, when you're at that point of your career, when you're competing in the show -- so high profile, to have somebody just give you a pat on the back and say you're doing a great job and I appreciate it, like what you're doing.

CA: Oh, it's nice and on top of that many of us had never left our towns, or had we left our towns, we had not went very far. Um, and to see them in Los Angeles and be in Hollywood and have people who we'd seen on TV before do that is even bigger.

WGN: Sure, and I don't want to put any pressure on you Clay, because you're coming here to Chicago with your Joyful Noise 2005 Tour.

CA: Right.

WGN: It's Clay's first holiday tour, and it pulls into Chicago - the Chicago Theatre on Nov. 22. That happens to be the same night, Clay, when Ms. Davis is opening right down the street in Chicago: The Musical.

CA: Oh, really?

PD: We're going head-to-head, buddy!

CA: Oh, goodness. Actually- this is the second tour. We actually were in the Chicago Theatre last Christmas for the holidays.

WGN: Oh.

PD: Oh, wonderful.

CA: But it's kind of a different, uh, a different beat this year. Last year we used the symphony from the Chicago area to do, kind of an orchestrial tour- and you know, the symphony played and I sang (obviously. But uh- this year --

WGN: As you'll want to do from time to time.

CA: Yeah. But this year we've changed it up a little bit and made it a little more theatrical (so we'll really compete with Paige).

PD: Ooohhhhhhhhh....

CA: I kind of wanted to string all the songs together and try to make a , you know, a Christmas show that'll be remembered not only for the music. There is so many Christmas shows out there now, they're becoming a [inaudiable] --

WGN: It sounds like he's doing the Andy Williams Christmas Show.

PD: Clay, Clay, do you dance?

CA: Um... No.

PD: Aah!! I got your beat. I got your beat! (laughs)

CA: Instead, we do have dancers, you know. I actually went out and I sat down and I wrote out a script because I was starting to think to let someone else to write the script and tell him what I'd like to have done-- and then as I sat down to start the outline, it sort of started to come together and I said, "you know what, if you want it, why don't you just do it yourself." And so I just wrote out the entire thing and when I was doing it I kind of wrote it with one particular person in mind to play the lead character and so, um, we went out and hired my old high school choir teacher. And she comes on the road and plays the lead--

WGN: How cool is that?

PD: That is so cool.

WGN: Oh my gosh, how cool is that?

CA: And, uh, we have a story line that goes on throughout the entire show and the music is kind of a soundtrack to it. So as, we [inaudiable] Christmas from the past to, um, a young boy from the neighbourhood, um, we had to do back flashes into her past Christmases -- when she first met her husband, you know she reminises about Christmases- making cookies with her son. We see those back flashes and we see the action in the present time, and I sing, kind of like a guardian angel figure, looking out for this woman who's lost the Christmas spirit.

WGN: Sounds like it's quite the production. It's at the Chicago Theatre on Nov. 22, so...

PD: I'm sorry! I'm going to miss it.

WGN: Ladies and gentlemen- you're going to have to pick who you like better.

CA: Aaaah- no

PD: I'm here for two weeks, so.

WGN: Just for that one night, Clay will be at the Chicago Theatre which, you know, they use the exteriors on Chicago the movie.

CA: Really?

WGN: Paige will be down the street at the Cadillac Palace Theatre Nov. 22 and a couple of weeks after that as well.

PD: Clay, have wonderful concert here and have a wonderful tour.

CA: You do the same.

PD: I hope to catch it.

CA: Oh, please do!

WGN: Clay Aiken joining us on the phone. Tickets through Ticketmaster, as are Paige's tickets, available as well. I've never had duelling guests like this, competing.

PD & CA: (laughs)

PD: We're not really duelling.

CA: We're not duelling --

PD: at all.

WGN: Clay, thanks for taking a couple of minutes to talk to us.

CA: Thanks for having me.

WGN: And Paige, thank you so much.

PD: Thank you. Bye Clay!

Preview of New Unauthorized Biography

Beavers On Idol has posted this excerpt from a new unauthorized biography written by Terry Piper, called The Invisible Revolution: Clay Aiken and the Fans Who Made Him a Star.

The Invisible Revolution: Clay Aiken and the Fans Who Made Him a Star
by Terry Piper (2005/11/11)

[The following is an excerpt from the Introduction of the soon-to-be-released The Invisible Revolution: Clay Aiken and the Fans Who Made Him a Star (Cambridge Books).]

Excerpt from The Invisible Revolution

American Idol has introduced approximately 50 new singers to the American public in the last four years, many of them very talented young performers, and yet [with a few notable exceptions] most are struggling. The only struggling that Clay Aiken appears to be doing is to keep up with a hectic schedule of recording, concerts, television appearances, and charity work.

For a significant number of the second season American Idol audience, Clay Aiken filled a void that existed in popular music and, more broadly, in popular culture. Why Aiken was the one to fill that void was, in part, a matter of timing. He came along just in time to take advantage of the intersection of three forces in American culture -- Reality Television, the Internet, and the mood of post 9/11 America.

Reality Television and the Internet have always been linked phenomena. There are numerous Internet sites devoted to the Reality TV genre, to specific programs and even to specific contestants. People gather on message boards discuss contestants, make predictions, draw comparisons with past shows and just to chat. When the second season of American Idol began, web sites such as Fans of Reality TV, Bolt, and even Fox's own were well established meeting places. Idol fans gathered all week long, but especially on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, to talk about the contestants. The one they talked most about in January 2003, and by a substantial margin, was Clay Aiken.

Aiken is arguably the first bona fide web idol, the most successful entertainer of the 21st century so far to understand the power and reap the benefits of this medium. In the early days of the Internet, its power was presumed to be in the information that could be easily stored, retrieved and transmitted. By the beginning of this century, however, Internet users had discovered that its real power lay in the ability to build relationships and to use those relationships to sell products. What the Internet did for fandom was to allow for the active participation of a more diverse fan base with greater frequency of contact and the sharing of more information.

Before the Internet, there were large-scale fan groups, such as the Trekkies, but their sense of community was limited. These fans had to be old enough and have the resources to travel to conventions where they could discuss their particular obsession. The Internet has neutralized age, geography and financial means. All that is required is a computer with an Internet connection. Clay Aiken and his fans appeared to understand very well the potential of the Internet as a communication and a marketing tool.

Long before the American Idol competition ended, Aiken was leading the web "hit parade" with twice as many web hits as Ruben Studdard, the eventual title holder. By the end of 2003, Lycos reported that Aiken was in the top 25 searches for the year, ahead of Christina Aguilera, Eminem, and The Bible. In the category "most searched men," he was third. A year later, Lycos ranked him at #3 overall, behind only Paris Hilton and Janet Jackson, and he got there ...without a sex video or wardrobe malfunction (although some might characterize his clothing choices, at times, as surely accidental). At the end of 2004, he was in the top ten searches for "public figures" at Google (no other Idol alums were on the list), and Yahoo reported:

... it's Clay Aiken (#1) who's at the top of everyone's wish list this holiday season...even Santa can't top the Aiken juggernaut. (, 11/30/04)

Fans maintain a huge Internet presence, tracking and promoting Aiken with even more zeal than they did in the first months of their relationship when... they were focused on winning the competition for him. Why they were -- and remain -- so determined brings us to the third factor contributing to his popularity, the mood of the country following September 11, 2001.

Having survived pre-millennial angst...the country had settled in to the new century with optimism. The bubble had not yet burst, and stories of instant millionaires helped to feed the American dream machine just as Reality Television did. Then came 9/11. ...When a cataclysmic event of that magnitude occurs, the reaction is predictable. Yearning for a return to the familiar, to what they perceived as the safety of the past, Americans began to espouse more traditional values. Decency became fashionable again. Church attendance rose as people searched for meaning in their lives. Interest in pop psychology and psychic phenomena grew as people searched for meaning. The timing was right for a new kind of hero --- for a young man who didn't talk back to his elders, even when the elders roasted him unfairly for a performance, a young man who appeared to be decent, humble, and was unashamed to profess his Christian beliefs right out loud for everyone to hear. The nation that was turning to Dr. Phil was predictably drawn to another television personality, one whom they deemed to be somehow like them, and who appeared to be authentic. He didn't preach to them about living a purpose-driven life. He simply did it.

It's a Matter of Timing

Reality Television was at the apex of its popularity and quality, American Idol was the leader of the pack, and the Internet provided a place for Reality TV junkies to meet and talk. Many Americans were fed up with the excess of celebrity and were in the mood for a hero who reminded them of earlier, safer times in their lives. So, when Clay Aiken appeared on that January night in 2003, they were ready, and they have been with him ever since.

Aiken has more fans now. They are louder and more influential, and almost all of them are happy to talk about what motivates them. They will tell you that Aiken is a great singer, that they love his voice and the songs he sings, but they will also tell you that it's more than that. They are not just fans; they are passionate in their affection for him, as a singer and as a man. As signs at his concerts proclaim: We came for the music; we stayed for the man. Other singers have admirers, even ardent ones, but, if what fans write and say is any indication, Clay Aiken touches the hearts of his fans in a way that few celebrities do.

Because of him, all these virtual communities have formed, and populating those communities are people who have come to love and care for one another. Love is an incredibly powerful energy, and the world has a lot more of it now because of this humble, unassuming young singer whose own heart is big enough to encompass us all. I know my own heart has increased its capacity for love and compassion and for humor. (Posted at OMC)

Clay Aiken has caught the public fancy. Fans criss-cross the country to hear him sing time and time again. They organize CD release parties. They campaign for radio-play and propel his singles and albums to the top of the charts. They vote in numbers to ensure a win in every online poll possible. How Clay Aiken got where he is today is a story that is, thus, as much about his fans as it is about him.

Still, the question has to be asked: Will Aiken survive? And if he does, will he survive as the kind of celebrity he is now or will he, but for his talent, be indistinguishable from the rest? Will he always be his own man, or will he, too, start his own clothing line, sign an endorsement deal with a flatiron manufacturer or the maker of hair glue? Will he maintain the moral steadfastness that his fans admire, or will he succumb to less noble temptations? His fans would find these possibilities laughable, and yet, celebrity exerts a massive force on a person, especially a young naive one who was thrust so suddenly onto the stage. Does he have that too-rare strength of character that will protect him from excess? Or perhaps that is the wrong question. Maybe the real issue is how the relationship between Aiken and his fans will develop and change over the years and influence the direction he takes as an artist and as a man. Will he turn out to be the catalyst to change pop culture permanently and for the better?

Terry Piper is an American-born writer, living in Canada. This is her sixth book. Check out her website for release date and ordering information about this book. Comments on this article may be posted in the Rant Room for further public feedback.

Clay Mentioned on ABC Show "Hot Properties"

From the CB:

YAYAYAYAY another positive mention!!!!

About 4 minutes into the show, the character Emerson wants to get Oprah's autograph for her autograph book. She says so far I only have Clay Aiken and America's Top Model.

I love all the suprise mentions!!!!!!

The show airs on ABC 9:30 pm Eastern

Mention in NZ Herald Article About Kelly Clarkson

Clay was mentioned in this concert preview for Kelly Clarkson's upcoming concert in New Zealand. Negative content alert.

How to be an ideal Idol
By Rebecca Barry

There's something you might not know about Kelly Clarkson, from the mouth of the American Idol herself: "I have multiple personalities."

Anyone who has studied her lyrics may have already worked this out. "I can breathe for the first time," she sings on Since U Been Gone before lapsing into asthmatic trauma on Behind those Hazel Eyes and Addicted: "I can't breathe."

On the phone from London, one of many foreign cities on her promo schedule this month, Clarkson is only joking of course. The only personality she has revealed is the polite, effervescent one that in 2002 become the first American Idol.

Clarkson has been with her band for nearly four years and refers to them as her extended family. But her own upbringing wasn't easy. She grew up in Burleson, Texas, and her parents split when she was a child. She stayed with her mother, her brother with their father, and her sister with an aunt.

Sure about her path from a young age, she moved to LA in her late teens and got a handful of small TV parts. Then she returned to Texas, where she worked as a cocktail waitress.

Then came the talent quest that has since made household names - albeit for a short period - of United States winners Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken. Why has Clarkson done so much better?

Friday, November 11, 2005

Possibility of Clay on FOX Christmas Special

FOX is producing a special Christmas reality show, called Dear Santa where "each of [the] four segments will feature a child who is wishing for something big." One little girl, who will appear on the show "likes Clay Aiken." Nothing has been confirmed so far.

'Santa' makes kids' dreams come true

Amid the Rudolph and Grinch classics and the made-for-TV seasonal movies comes something a little different this year: Dear Santa, an hour-long reality show from Fox airing Dec. 9 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Producers have teamed with the U.S. Postal Service, which delivers more than 1 million letters from kids sent to Santa Claus at the North Pole each year.

"We thought it would be a great idea if we could answer these children's letters and have their dreams come true," says David Garfinkle of Renegade 83, executive producer of the show.

Each of four segments will feature a child who is wishing for something big. For example, one little girl just wants her daddy to come home from Iraq for Christmas. She also likes Clay Aiken. She winds up getting both at a base Christmas party.

A holiday CD is being produced in conjunction with the special. Featured artists include Alicia Keys, Nick Lachey and American Idol finalist Vonzell Solomon. The CD will be on sale at post offices across the country. Part of the proceeds will go to charity.

- Ann Oldenburg

Dr. Phil "So You Want to Date Clay Aiken"

Dr. Phil mentioned Clay on his program today. Clay appeared on Dr. Phil's program on bullying in April. The audience reacted very positively.

From the CB:

If anyone is watching the DR. Phil show, he just had two ladies on, a mom and daughter. The mother wanted the daughter to date a good guy, the daughter wanted to date the bad guy.
Dr. Phil says to the mother " So you want Clay Aiken" and to the daugher " And you want Tommy Lee" .

Remembrance Day

Thank You Veterans

The Way Mentioned in Article About Co-Writer Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias Pens Another Hit Song For International Artist

MIAMI, FL. (Enrique Iglesias Official Website) - In addition to singing his own top charting songs, Enrique has penned yet another hit this time for International artist Melanie C (formerly Mel C of the Spice Girls). The track, "First Day of My Life" was written by Enrique and Guy Chambers and is in the No 1 position on the German singles chart this week. Andrea Boccelli recorded this same song in Italian, "Un Nuovo Giorno" and was a single off his most recent release, Andrea.

This is not the first time Enrique has penned a hit song. Back in 2003 Enrique co-wrote the song "The Way" which appeared on Clay Aiken's multi-platinum release Measure of a Man. "The Way" was written by Enrique with Kara Dioguardi, Steve Morales and Dave Seigel.

Currently, Iglesias is wrapping up production of his eighth studio album, which he is recording in studios everywhere from Sweden to Miami to Los Angeles. Enrique has been working with a variety of producers including Max Martin, Rami and Arnthor, Linda Perry, Kristian Lundin, Mark Taylor & Paul Barry, and Anders Bagge and Peer Astrom. To date, Iglesias' record sales are nearing 40 million worldwide.

Clay Mention on Family Feud

From the CB:

This morning I turned to Family Feud just in time to hear this question (this is not the exact wording)...

"Who do you love the most from American Idol" (100 people were surveyed).

Well, I started shouting "Clay Aiken!, Clay Aiken!" at the TV. I was VERY shocked to see the final results.

1. Ruben Studdard
2. Fantasia
3. Carrie Underwood
4. Paula Abdul
5. Bo Bice
6. Clay Aiken
7. Constantine

Do you believe that?!? Who on earth did they survey?!? Notice Kelly didn't make the list at all.

Aiken's Attorneys Stop Clay Pins

Clay's lawyers have responded to questions raised after letters were sent to various fans over the inproper usage of the Clay Aiken trademark. Apparently, they want the pin craze sweeping the Clay nation to stop. Clay has not personally commented on the situation.

From the CB's soapyjeans:

Ok I heard back and his attorney says the pin craze is over. They can't allow our pins because they use his image or any text associating Clay (not just his name) because if they did, it would be harder to stop others who did it for bad reasons.

Pins in production should stop also, whether in sales or mailing stage. To mail pins out, is at your own risk as this falls under "distribution".

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I do want to say I was not target because of anywhere I had posted my pins, it was more of a "whistle blower" situation and that's all that needs to be said on that subject.

To all you who gave me hugs and support I just want to thank you so so much. I know we will all get through this so I hope everyone will understand the decision by the attorneys was made from a legal, business standpoint.

Clay on Jeopardy Tonight

Although this is not 'news', as we reported this in early October, Clay will be an answer on tonight's episode of Jeopardy, taped a few months back at the RBC Center in Raleigh. Check local listings.

The answer was "This American Idol runner-up lost to Ruben in 2003." After the contestant, Nico (from Stratford University) answered correctly, the hometown erupted into cheers.

The segment appeared about 20 minutes into the show.

Interview with WGN FM Chicago Right Now

Clay will be interviewed by WGN FM Chicago between 3 - 4 PM EST today. You can tune in live via their website.

Click here to download an MP3 of the interview via

Thursday, November 10, 2005

MDYK, Clay Mentioned at

Brief mention about Clay covering Buddy Greene's Christmas classic, Mary, Did You Know.

Georgia Music Hall of Fame and Museum Presents Buddy Greene for Christmas Concert
BMNN wrote: on Nov. 10, 2005:
The Georgia Music Hall of Fame and Museum presents this special Christmas concert, appropriate for the whole family. Hear Buddy Greene perform Christmas classics and originals penned by Greene. Greene's most popular Christmas original, "Mary, Did You Know," has been covered by artists including Kenny Rogers, Clay Aiken, Natalie Cole and Reba McEntire. Greene's writing talents have benefited contemporary gospel artists such as the Whites and Ashley Cleveland.

North County Times Intrerview

Pop nerd Clay Aiken brings 'Joyful Noise' to San Diego

By: PAM KRAGEN - Staff Writer

Since the heady days of "American Idol" superstardom, geeky pop idol Clay Aiken may have faded somewhat from public view, but he has hardly disappeared.

The 26-year-old Raleigh, N.C., native spent more than 30 weeks on the road this year (part of it a summer concert tour, the rest as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador in Indonesia and Uganda), he put out a holiday DVD, promoted his bestselling autobiography, raised money for his Bubel/Aiken Foundation (benefiting children with disabilities), made numerous TV appearances on everything from "Oprah" to "Scrubs," began recording his next CD, and conceived the "Joyful Noise" concert tour, which arrives Friday in San Diego.

Speaking by telephone from a hotel room in Los Angeles, the former special-ed teacher is the same, well-mannered, down-to-earth Mama's boy who won millions of hearts in 2003 on the Fox reality series "American Idol." In between stifled yawns, for which he apologized profusely (blaming an all-night "Joyful Noise" rehearsal the evening before), Aiken talked about the tour, his personal life, his exuberant fans (known as "Claymates") and what's coming up in 2006.

Q: "Joyful Noise" is more than a concert of Christmas music. Is it true you've hired actors and written scripted lines for them to speak between your songs?

A: That's right. I sat down in my pajamas one day and decided to write some scripted dialogue that links these songs together to keep me from looking like a fool up there on stage. It's sort of like a pageant. There's no deep character development, but it tells a traditional Christmas story. One person isn't in the holiday spirit and the others try to get him in the spirit. The music is a soundtrack for the story and I observe things and sometimes help things along.

Q: So you're like a Christmas angel in the show?

A: I'd like to keep some mystery about what I do, but that's a somewhat fair description.

Q: What music will you perform?

A: It's a mix of music from last year's CD ("Merry Christmas with Love") and some other original holiday music I found this year.

Q: I've heard you're auctioning off front row seats to each concert, with the proceeds benefiting the Bubel/Aiken Foundation. How much have you raised?

A: Um, I'm not sure how much at this point, but the foundation has raised more than a million dollars. They do a great job.

Q: Who is your audience at the "Joyful Noise" concerts? Is it the same "American Idol" fan base who have turned out for your other concert tours?

A: It's mostly the same audience, though I think it's a little older for the Christmas shows. It's a neat crowd. People get all dressed up in their Sunday best and make a big night out of it.

Q: Now that the white-hot spotlight of "American Idol" has turned elsewhere, are you still getting mobbed by screaming Claymates everywhere you go?

A: It's a little easier than it used to be, but only a little. I went to an interview at (L.A. television station) KTLA this morning and the security guard at the gate was ... um ... very enthusiastic. It's still sometimes hard to walk down the street in some places, but I can walk around L.A. or New York and nobody pays any attention. I think what's changed the most is not the fans, but my mental ability to accept it. I'm more comfortable with it now.

Q: So, who are the Claymates and why do they act the way they do?

A: I think there are only about 5,000 Claymates out there, and they come to every show. So it may seem like there are lots of them out there, but they're just very faithful fans. They are girls and women who want to take care of me and they like me for who I am.

Q: Where is home for you?

A: I'm homeless right now. I sold my home in L.A. and I'm building a house in Raleigh. Once this tour ends, I'm going to move back home. I'm really excited about that.

Q: Are you working on a new album?

A: Yes, every chance I've had this year, I've tried to get into the studio. We're looking at getting an album out next year. With my first album (the multiplatinum-selling "Measure of a Man"), I had no time to put it together and just rushed it out. But I've been enjoying taking my time with this one. We've found a lot of different stuff and the big quandary now is what type of album it will be. I'm not sure if it'll be pop, traditional or if it will have a theme. But I think it'll be along the same lines musically as "Measure of a Man."

Q: Are you still in touch with your old friends from "American Idol"?

A: I try to talk to Kelly (Clarkson) as often as I can. We're real close since we toured together last year, and I'm still in touch with Ruben (Studdard) and Kim Locke, but we're all so busy, so it's hard to stay in touch.

Q: Have you read any good books lately?

A: You know, I've got a funny story about this. One of the actors on this tour is an 11-year-old boy and the law requires that he have a tutor with him on the road. Now I'm cheaper than most folks out there and I figured, 'Hey, I've got a teaching credential, so why don't I tutor him?' So that's what we're doing. After we finish rehearsals, I tutor him for three hours a day. We just finished working on the book 'The Giver,' so I guess, to answer your question, that is the last good book I read."

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Clay in Women's Day Magazine

From the CB:

There is a full page article in the latest issue of Women's Day about a woman in Arizona whose one wish was to meet Clay. She did meet him and there is a great picture there of Clay and this woman. She was put up in a fancy hotel and flown in from Arizona. Her concert was at GMA. How exciting to open this magazine and see Clay there. And a full page of him!!!!!

Football Fundamentals with -- Clay?

Clay's cameo appearance on Monday Night Football in September with Jimmy Kimmel was mentioned in this article appearing at Sports Illustrated's website.

Monday night recap
Blow-by-blow details of the season's biggest game
Posted: Tuesday November 8, 2005 4:49PM; Updated: Tuesday November 8, 2005 4:49PM

10:25 -- In "60 seconds with Jimmy Kimmel" the ABC host does an unfunny bit about Bill Cowler's grimace. It'll be tough for Kimmel to live up to the time he introduced his halftime guest by saying "Here to talk about the fundamentals of throwing a football, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, No. 8, Clay Aiken."

WOW Christmas E-Card

Word Record has put up this article with a picture of Clay linking to an e-card to promote their new Christmas compliation- Wow Christmas. Trouble is the card itself does not feature Clay. Clay's Mary, Did You Know appears on the CD.

11/10 Update: The website now informs us that a Clay Aiken Christmas e-card is coming on November 25 due to popular demand.

Clay Makes People Sexiest Man List

It appears Clay has made this year's People Magazine Sexiest man alive list under the 'Sexy Geeks' category. If you click to this site, and scroll down, you will see this:

Sexy Geeks!
Check out Adam Brody, Clay Aiken and 9 other guys who are so uncool, they're hot

Clay's Lawyers Getting Tough on Clack DVD's?

From the CB's ProudToBeAClaymate:

I recieved an email that says its from Greenberg Traurig Attorney's At Law "Jess Rosen"..It was said that I'm selling unauthorized bootleg sale and distribution of his performances..I'm wondering what this is all about and if anyone else has recieved anything like this..I've never sold anything of Clays to make a profit..I've only asked that those pay for the cost of dvd's, cd's and shipping...Never anything for a profit..I don't understand what's going on..I really hope that a Claymate didn't turn me in,,,I know several of us make copies for each other..Please, tell me what i should do..I'm freaking out here...
ProudToBeAClaymate admitted that she had sold DVD's of Clay Clack on eBay and it was confirmed that this letter was sent by Clay's team, Greenberg Traurig LLP, to a number of fans over concerns of unlawful usage of the Clay Aiken trademark in products such as pins and DVD's.

AD: Oakland, CA

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Simon Cowell's Comments on the Howard Stern Show

From the CB:

Simon was interviewed by Howard Stern. When asked about Clay and Carrie he said that Clay's continued level of success will be determined by the next album. I think this is one reason Clay is taking so much time -- he knows the importance of this CD. He still feels Carrie has the best shot of overall success because of the kind of fans she draws. He's proud of Kelly but belives she would not have the kind of success she is seeing without idol.

Just before the interview ended his sidekick asked Simon if he thought Clay was g** -- Simon said he DIDN'T think so. Amazing coming from Simon.

Nice Mention in StubHub PR

Nice mention about Clay in this press release from event ticket reseller StubHub about a partnership with the NBA.

StubHub Tips Off NBA Season with New Team Partnerships; Online Ticket Marketplace Inks Sponsorship Deals with Wizards and Nets About StubHub

StubHub is the leading open marketplace dedicated to tickets. StubHub's open marketplace allows fans to buy and sell tickets to sporting, concert, theater and other live entertainment events. StubHub's goal is that fans always find a choice of select seats at fair market value, even for events that are "sold out." The company reinvented the ticket resale market and continues to lead through innovation, by connecting sellers and buyers via its FanNetwork (sm) system, the company's patent-pending, convenient, secure, and highly reliable ticket fulfillment service; StubHub supports all fan transactions with the StubHub FanProtect (sm) Guarantee. StubHub partners include sports teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, leading collegiate athletic programs including USC, Alabama and Cal, and media companies including AOL and Knight Ridder. StubHub regularly partners with leading recording artists such as Britney Spears and Clay Aiken to offer tickets to exclusive events in support of their charities. The company is headquartered in San Francisco. For more information on StubHub, visit Interview/Article About Sophomore Disc

Canoe Music published this article today about Clay's sophomore disc. This very insightful article was put together with an interview with Clay.

Lowdown: Aiken, Cdn. producer See Eye To Eye
By KAREN BLISS -- For JAM! Music

North Carolina pop crooner Clay Aiken calls Canadian Jaymes Foster-Levy "absolutely wonderful." The runner-up on 2003's American Idol and the best-selling artist from that season has been working with the sister of acclaimed producer David Foster (Josh Groban, Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion) on the follow-up to 2003's "Measure Of A Man" and they have been taking their sweet-sounding time.

"We have been in the studio throughout the past four or five months," says Aiken, who is taking a break from recording for his second annual Joyful Noise Tour, which launched in Vancouver Nov. 2 and ends with a pair of shows in Florida, Dec. 29 and 30.

"She used to be at Warner Bros ,and went out on her own," says Aiken. "It was a match made by my management company. We interviewed a number of people to see what gelled and what didn't and she and I got along famously, so we decided to work on this together. She's absolutely wonderful and she and I see eye to eye on a lot of things."

While the Foster-Levy divides her time between Victoria, BC and Los Angeles, says Aiken, the two have been working in L.A. The album is the first proper follow-up to his post-Idol rush job, 2003's Measure Of A Man, which went multi-platinum in the U.S. and sold 167,000 units in Canada, according to Nielsen SoundScan. He also put out "Merry Christmas With Love" last year.

"The last album ('Measure Of A Man') was something that I was proud of in the sense of' Wow, I have an album,'" Aiken says with a laugh. "So it was cool for that, but there were some songs on there that I did not necessarily connect with, songs that talk about being lovelorn and full of angst because someone wronged me -- and I don't know anything about that. I didn't know anything about that then; I don't know anything about that now."

Although Foster-Levy had experience with the Popstars television franchise when she was an executive at her brother's now-defunct label, 143 Records, which took a similar approach to Idol in that the album was practically ready-made no matter who won, she's fully behind Aiken's choice not to rush-record this new studio album, according to the singer -- and there's no reason to.

Now that his success has been firmly established, they are sifting through the best song submissions, something Aiken didn't have a chance to do on "Measure Of A Man" because it was so important to strike while the iron was hot and the TV fan-base still there.

"More important than what it sounds like is what is says to me," Aiken says of the next album. "That's why we're taking our time. I want to make sure that what I sing represents something that I know something about and I feel. Some songs we find and we said, 'That is it. We're gonna do that' and so I've gone and recorded them. And then there's been some other ones where we've gone in and we've liked the song a little bit; we wanted to change it some and see if we could make some modifications.

"So it's all up and down, completely across the spectrum, where we are as far as each song goes. Some have been recorded; some we have been listening to submissions and we continue to get them daily."

Still, in his quest to forge the direction with which he's happy, he's won't be co-writing any songs as many singers are wont to do after first-time success and freedom.

"I'm not much of a writer," he admits. "A few lines I can pull off in a song. I know there is a lot of people out there nowadays who say they've written a song and that means they've written a line or so. So it may be possible that I'll go in and change a line or two, but I don't think it's fair to take credit for writing songs, if I just change the line (laughs).

"So I'm not really going to do any writing, but we've taken our time and focused on finding really good stuff and, as a result of that, we've found a lot of stuff (laughs), so the problem now is trying to figure out which songs make the album and which don't, or do we want to put out a larger project or multiple projects, or do we want to do the best of the best? So right now, we're in this quandary, exactly what we've found do we want to go with."

When Aiken reconnects with Foster after his tour concludes, they will get down to picking the final track listing, but he still won't be swayed to put a deadline on it.

"We'd like to have the album out in the first half of next year, and I know that's a very broad time frame, but more importantly than saying we want to have it done in January or February is saying that we want to make sure that what we put out is something that I'm proud, and that we're all proud of, all the people who have worked on it," says Aiken. "So I'd hate to say February and then we realize we should take some more time on it."

Monday, November 07, 2005

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Joyful Noise Merchandise Now Available Online

All of you tourless Clayfans can rejoyce! The official Clay Aiken webstore has just made goodies from the Joyful Noise Tour 2005 available online! T-shirts start at $25, Keychains are $5 and a tour program costs $20. See the offerings here.

Happy Birthday to CDD's Mamarose

Happy Birthday to Clay's Daily Double's Chief baker of cookies/board member Mamarose10!

Columbus Dispatch: ???

The Columbus Dispatch posed this question to its reader today in it's Flipside section... Sure puzzles me since there actually is no vaccine yet.

From the CB:

Question: During an avian-flu pandemic, who should be LAST in line to receive the vaccine?

A. politicians
B. Big Bird
C. Tom Cruise
D. Clay Aiken

I think the paper is tired of Clay winning all their polls so they decided to make it something awful to win!

The voting is via online at

Diary Of A Claynadian Claymate

Claynadian May Brown wrote this piece or the Victoria Time-Colonist's Sunday edition.

Diary of A Claymate - CLICK TO ENLARGE+READ

Monroe County Executive Loves Clay Aiken

Local leaders and their music

(November 7, 2005) - Earlier this year, one of President Bush's aides publicized the presidential iPod play list, revealing that the leader of the free world enjoys country, classic rock and "My Sharona" by the Knack. Since then, I've been wondering what Rochester's leaders are listening to. Last week, I asked some of them.

Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks was playing Clay Aiken, the American Idol runner-up. Mayor Bill Johnson, who wishes that Rochester had a good contemporary gospel radio station, was listening to The Gospel According to Jazz Chapter II by Kirk Whalum. State and county Republican Chairman Steve Minarik, a self-described "country music guy," was listening to the most recent Brooks and Dunn greatest hits album and Montgomery Gentry.

LA Producer Working with Clay

Free Dinner included in the Ticket Price for the first 50

Sought after Los Angeles arranger Jason Goldman who is currently also working with Michael Buble, Clay Aiken and more provides musical arrangements for the big band.

Regis & Kelly Anger Clayfans Again

After last week's Regis & Kelly Halloween Dress-up Clay fiasco, this:

That does it. I was just watching the show. They had Slimon on today and he was talking about how in England that on Halloween they dress up like Monsters. He said don't you do that here? Kelly said well yes we do. Then they showed the video of her immitating Clay. Slimon all during the video kept saying, "I love it", I love it". Then Regis said there you go. Two Monsters.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Clayboard Kicks off BAF Fund

The CB's 2005 BAF fundraising drive started today. Click here for details. The CB hopes to raise $5000 for the Bubel Aiken Foundation. The recent UNICEF drive raised $9500, $4500 over the targeted goal.

Honouring Claydawg Jim Leverton

As you are probably aware of now, the Claydawgs lost on of its own in a tragic Utah accident last weekend. The Dawgs have sent this e-mail on how you can preserve the legacy Jim leaves behind. We encourage you to help the dawgs and Mr. Leverton's family by donating, or buying a pin, both benefiting the BAF, as outlined in this e-mail.

I'm sure many of you are aware that last week we lost a very special Dawg. Jim Leverton (jimu1963, aka SnowDawg) was killed in a tragic accident in state of Utah. We all are mourning and trying to come to grips with this sad news. The past week, there have been so many wondeful prayers and thoughts posted on our board and other boards throughout the fandom. We have been in direct contact with Jim's parents this whole time and they have commented many times on how helpful those prayers and thoughts have been.

To honor Jim and all he stood and lived for, the ClayDawgs have established the Jim Leverton Memorial Fund. 100% of proceeds from this fund will go directly to the Bubel/Aiken Foundation in Jim's name. He loved children and greatly admired Clay so we felt it would be a perfect way to make sure that Jim's legacy lives on forever.

If you would like to leave Jim's wonderful parents a note or prayer, you can do so at the following link:

I do know that they read the thread everyday and have even posted updates and thank yous the past week.

If you would like to contribute to the Bubel/Aiken Foundation in Jim's name, all you need to do is go to the main page by clicking here: http/ Then click the black graphic just below the banner with Jim's picture in it and it will take you to a PayPal screen where you can submit a donation. Again, 100% of all money donated will go to directly to BAF. If you don't have a PayPal account but wish to still donate, please contact Brandon at and he will give you instructions on how to do so.

We also have designed a new pin to honor Jim that can be worn at upcoming concerts or anywhere else you please. The pins sell for $4.20 plus shipping with $1.00 going to the Fund. You can order them here:

This is an extremely difficult time for all the Dawgs and Lovely Ladies. Jim was a dear friend to so many of us and will be greatly missed. But his spirit will live on in all of our hearts forever and with your help, many special needs children & their parents will also know who Jim was and know what a special man he was.

God Bless,

The ClayDawgs

Heinz Hall Concert Expected to Sellout

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Says the JNT concert coming up at Heinz Hall is expected to sell out.
Rockettes might step up Downtown culture, revenue
Sunday, November 06, 2005
By Marylynne Pitz, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Jody Doherty, a spokeswoman for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, said the organization has sold 7,242 tickets to its seven Pittsburgh Symphony Pops concerts called "Home for the Holidays: Celebrating Pittsburgh Tradition." That's 553 seats ahead of this time last year. B.E. Taylor's two holiday concerts Dec. 5 and 6 at Heinz Hall are almost sold out, and Doherty said she expects Clay Aiken (Nov. 29 at Heinz Hall) to sell out, too.

Snicket Author Makes 'Clay Aiken' Entrance

Looks like Clay's venue walk-around he did during the Jukebox Tour and previous tours is famous, according to this article. Abridgement appears below.

Author's show is a fortunate event
Lemony Snicket wows crowd at Skyline High with his presentation
By Scott Iwasaki
Deseret Morning News

Last week my wife and I had the chance to see Daniel Handler at Skyline High School. You may know Handler by his pen name, Lemony Snicket.

He's the author of the best selling "Series of Unfortunate Events" children's books. His new book is called "The Penultimate Peril." The King's English bookstore produced the event.

Usually when an author makes a presentation, he gives a short lecture, reads passages from a book he wrote and then, with a heavy sigh, signs copies of his new publication.

Not Daniel Handler. Instead, he gave a concert.

Handler did what Clay Aiken does during a concert. The author made his entrance at the back of the auditorium, then, as he spoke to the audience, he roamed the auditorium - in the same way former Styx bassist Glen Burtnick used to do during the live version of "Love Is the Ritual."

While Lee didn't sing, he put on a good show.

But that's for another column.

Lycos: "Clay Mania shows no signs of diminishing"

Lycos' weekly column today had this about Clay's streak on the Lycos50 (a list of the 50 most searched terms):

Clay Aiken (High: #1, Streak: 5/03 to present) -- American Idol's most popular runner-up first appeared on our list just one week after he "lost" to Ruben Studdard. He first reached the number one spot in March 2004 when his biological father passed away. Clay is the most searched American Idol contestant on Lycos, and Clay Mania shows no signs of diminishing.

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