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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Clay Lends a Helping Hand on CNN

Clay appears on CNN's Larry King Live, Sept. 3, 2005. Cortesy CB's Gerwhisp
Clay appeared on CNN's special Larry King: How You Can Help tonight via satellite from Raleigh appealing to Americans to donate to organizations like the American Red Cross and Oxfan International in the wake of the recent category 5 hurricane that battered the United States Gulf Coast.

He shared his experiences working as a UNICEF ambassador, comparing the devastation in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast to the damage he say in Indonisia after it was hit by a killer tsunami in in December 2004.

As CNN headed into a commercial-break, they showed pictures from the past week to the tune of I Will Carry You.

Transcript courtesy CNN

Joining us from Raleigh, North Carolina, is my buddy, Clay Aiken. Clay, of
course, the multi-platinum recording artist, the 2003 "American Idol" runner-up.
He was raised in North Carolina.

And you work with UNICEF a lot. UNICEF
does[n't] work internally, do they?

CLAY AIKEN, SINGER: No, actually
UNICEF, Larry, is an organization that has a mandate to work outside of the U.S.
They work with governments in developing nations, and they do work on projects
and governments with developed nations as well when they're asked by the
governments. So, they're not necessarily focused in the United States.

KING: So, what are you doing with regard to this tragedy?

Well, you know, I think what's interesting, and obviously I'm like most
Americans have been glued to the television for the last few days taking a look
at the damage and really feeling somewhat helpless, because I'm not able to be
there and help out and to be involved in the clean-up and the rescue process.
But one of the things that's really struck me while I've been watching TV is the
similarities, and it's hard to draw a comparison obviously, between this and the

But I was in Banda Aceh and [Meulaboh], Indonesia, in March of
this year. And it's amazing to look at some of the images on TV this week and
see some very similar sights that I saw in Indonesia.

But I guess the
thing that has struck me the most [or] did strike me the most in March when I
was in Indonesia was the amount of hope and resilience and just the attitude of
recovery and rebuilding that was in Indonesia in March. And I think that a thing
that really is resonating with me is the possibility of that here, because the
American people were without a doubt the most generous they've ever been when it
came to the tsunami. And it's amazing. The American spirit is really amazing.
And knowing that that type of help from the American people helped rebuild areas
like Indonesia and Sri Lanka and Thailand, and is going to be able to do that
here as long as people step up and support in whatever way they can. Obviously,
monetarily is the most important right now.

KING: [Are] you [giving]

AIKEN: Absolutely. You know, I think it's something that I
wish I had the time to do, but monetarily really is the way that people --
that's needed right now. Obviously [we] have to trust those organizations, like
the Red Cross. Oxfam is an organization that works outside of the U.S., similar
to UNICEF, but it's working inside the -- is mandated to work inside America as
well., you can go to for that.

But those organizations
are the ones that we really have to trust to be able to do the work. I've seen
the work that UNICEF does elsewhere. And I know that other organizations that
work in the United States are able to do that same type of amazing work that
UNICEF does, yet do it here.

And so, I think the best thing to do
outside of sending -- instead of sending, you know, nonperishable food and
clothes right now, we have to be able to trust these people with our money...

KING: Yes.

AIKEN: ... and donate to that cause that way.

KING: Thank you, Clay Aiken, as always.

AIKEN: Thank you very
much, Larry.

[closes out this portion with stills of disaster w/IWCY
played over the images]

Signed Copy of LTS Being Auctioned Off For Hurricane Victims

A signed copy of Clay's memoir, Learning To Sing: Hearing the Music In Your Life is being auctioned off on eBay by Giving Works, a non-profit organization. Giving Works will donate 70% of the final sale price to the American Red Cross. The item is currently listed at $105. You can bid here.

Angela, Quiana and Jacob Will Be on The Christmas Tour

From the CB:
I went to the show last night [Atlantic City], and stayed overnight at the Borgata. I was walking around the casino at around 11:30, and saw Angela standing near Quianna who was talking to someone. I went up to her (Angela) and told her how wonderful she was and how great the show was. She's such a nice person--very gracious and charming. I asked her if they will be touring with Clay for the Christmas show and she said yes!! I told her that I loved WDC and she laughed and said "That's everyone's favorite". I saw her again later, at around 1 a.m., and she, Quianna, and Jacob were standing there, surrounded by Clay fans, answering questions, and giving hugs and autographs. It was a wonderful evening--and the news that they will continue to be with Clay was great to hear. She sounded very happy when she said "Yes"!

Clay on CNN Hurricane Relief Special

We reported yesterday that Clay was going to be on last night's NBC A Concert For Hurricane Relief (Clay told us this in Atlantic City on Sept. 1). However, it turns out that Clay will actually be on the CNN 3-Hour hurricane help show hosted by Larry King, airing at 8 PM EDT/5 PM PDT on CNN tonight, as CNN confirms in this article:

CNN special hopes Clapton, Connick on King 'help' show
CNN special hopes to link viewers, missing, relief efforts

Friday, September 2, 2005; Posted: 6:46 p.m. EDT (22:46 GMT)

(CNN) -- Eric Clapton, Harry Connick Jr., Celine Dion and Bill Cosby will be among the celebrities and notables joining CNN's Larry King on a three-hour live special Saturday to aid Hurricane Katrina victims.

Among King's guests on the 8 p.m. special will be people trying to locate loved ones missing in New Orleans.

Scheduled to appear are John Goodman, LeAnn Rimes, Clay Aiken, Sela Ward, Magic Johnson, Terri Hatcher and Richard Simmons.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, Alabama Gov. Bob Riley and charity organization officials will give guidance on relief efforts.

Also on the guest list are: Marty Evans, Red Cross CEO and president; Nick MacDonald, senior program officer of Mercy Corps; Jonathan Reckford, pastoral leader for Habitat for Humanity; Maj. George Hood, national community relations secretary of the Salvation Army; Bob Forney, president and CEO of America's Second Harvest; John Hill of the National Next of Kin Registry; Nancy Aossey, president and CEO of the International Medical Corp.; and Lt. Gen. H. Steven Blum, chief of the National Guard.

CNN will simulcast the special on CNN International and CNNRadio. will post special "How You Can Help" coverage on its front page.

"People here and around the globe have been overwhelmed by Katrina's destructive wake, and they want to know how they can help," said Jon Klein, president of CNN/U.S.

"That's why we're preparing this special, to help our viewers understand that there are many ways they can contribute and volunteer."

The program will provide viewers with phone numbers, Web sites and other contacts for organizations assisting in the relief effort.

TIME For Kids Magazine Spotlights Clay's UNICEF Work

TIME For Kids' spotlights Clay's UNICEF work in their new issue. A PDF File is available here, but for convenience, we've included this screenshot in JPG format:

Friday, September 02, 2005

Clay in NEW Entertainment Weekly

The new issue has a little tidbit on Clay moving home. Note: not positive.
Free Image Hosting at

Clay In Sept. 12 "In Touch" Magazine

From the CB:
[There is a] quarter-page pic of Clay on page 73 of September 12th issue of In Touch with headline: "Are fans touring Clay's house?" (This is section that dispels/confirms rumors.) Cute picture from McDonald's day late year, where Clay put his HUGE hand prints in cement. He's holding up his hands, as if to say STOP!!! to his fans. Not best pic from that day, but he still looks very cute.

Clay Aiken hasn't exactly invited his fans inside his home, but hoards of them
are visiting his San Fernando Valley house anyway. That's because they're
e-mailing each other a virtual tour of the place, which is up for sale just a
year after Clay bought it for $2.3 million. He's selling it because he's
"lonely" there.

Scan courtesy
Free Image Hosting at

Clay Appearing on Tonight's "A Concert For Hurricane Relief"

Clay announced last night at the last concert of the Jukebox Tour in Atlantic City that he is scheduled to appear on tonight's telethon A Concert For Hurricane Relief airing on all NBC stations, as well as CNBC and MSNBC at 8 PM EDT (We do recommend that you check local listings since some NBC stations are running an 1 hour locally produced telethon before the concert). Following the broadcast, the main NBC network will air a special edition of Dateline: Katrina- Devastation in the Gulf. Other celebrities scheduled to appear include Harry Connick Jr., Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. The concert-telethon will be hosted by NBC's Matt Laurer.

Update 9/3: Clay actually appearing on CNN special. More info.

RadioMax Clay Aiken Special on Labor Day

RadioMax will be airing an one hour Clay special in celebration of the end of the Jukebox Tour on Sunday and Monday at Noon EDT. You can listen from their website.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Just For Laughs - Clay Mention in Comedy Column

There's a cute Clay mention (about the upcoming All My Children appearance on Sept. 14) in this article by Gary Pettus of the Clarion Ledger, a Mississippi newspaper.

The bible of libel: Read it on the Web

By Gary Pettus

Actress Susan Lucci is Phyllis Diller's
daughter — The Internet.

Some people believe the moon landing was a
hoax. But tell them that Donald Duck was banned in Finland, and they'll say, "I
heard that."

It's on the Internet. So it must be true. Posting a rumor
on the Internet is like injecting a moped with jet fuel.

Gary Pettus
If you want to wreck a reputation, then launch a pipsqueak bit of pimply
faced libel into cyberspace and watch it shoot up before your eyes into a
full-grown urban legend with a driver's license and hair on its chest.

Some rumors do sound plausible, if garbled. But some sound so slap
crazy, even to me, and I used to believe that Beaver Cleaver became rock star
Alice Cooper before he was killed in Vietnam and his cat blew up in the

So I did some research. Below are some popular Net rumors,
followed by my findings:


Claim: The lovely actress Susan
Lucci (Erica Kane of All My Children) is the daughter of comedienne Phyllis
Diller, who makes a living laughing at her own looks.

Conclusion: Right.
And Clay Aiken is Brad Pitt's Chia Pet.

Diller and Lucci do share a
heritage: They're both homo sapiens.

Claim: The red spot on the 7-Up
soft-drink logo comes from its inventor, who had red eyes. He was an albino.

Conclusion: Get right with God.

OK, there is some truth here:
7-Up is a drink, and some call it "soft." But there's no evidence that inventor
Charles Leiper Grigg was an albino. He might have visited Albania and brought
back a grossly mistranslated souvenir gift for his offspring: "My dad got to be
an Albino, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt." Thus, the confusion.

Claim: Chocolate affects a dog's heart and nervous system; a few ounces
will kill a small dog.

Conclusion: Unlike The Weekly World News, more
than half true.

Cocoa mulch, sold in garden-supply stores, contains an
ingredient that can kill dogs and cats. The ingredient also is in chocolate,
especially unsweetened baking chocolate and powdered cocoa. So is caffeine, to
which dogs and cats also are highly sensitive. A 50-pound dog can eat about 9
ounces of cocoa bean mulch before it dies (apparently, most dogs won't eat any).
As for milk chocolate, a 50-pound dog can eat about a pound and live. But his
intestines will re-enact the Burning of Atlanta.

Ducking the issue

Claim: Donald Duck was once banned in Finland because he doesn't wear

Conclusion: Lord love a duck.

In Helsinki's youth
centers, Donald Duck comic books were once replaced by hobby and sports
publications as a cost-cutting measure. But rumors grew, and soon it was written
that the innocently de-panted Disney duck was outlawed. And the career of the
poor politician who had made the proposal was, well, Finn-ished.

Astronauts aren't allowed to eat beans before they go into space because the
inevitable bodily function that follows will damage the space suit.

Conclusion: I don't want to know. OK. I found this: U-2 pilots never eat
beans within 12 hours of a flight. But it could be because they prefer a baloney

Now, I know what you're thinking: Why should I believe any of
this guy's information?

Why? Because I looked it up on the Internet.

Contact Staff Writer Gary Pettus at (601) 961-7037 or e-mail

New UNICEF Slideshow of Clay's Uganda Trip Narrated By Clay

UNICEF has once again updated its site with a flash based slideshow narrated by Clay. The slideshow shows images from Clay's UNICEF mission to Uganda earlier this year.

You can view this from UNICEF's Clay Aiken Profile page.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

BMG Music Service - New Album "Soon"

BMG (owner of RCA Records) 's Music Service site (similar to Columbia House) presents this notice to you when you search "Clay Aiken"

A new album by Clay Aiken is coming soon! Check here to be notified by
email when it is available.

A warning however: Albums are typically released later to the music service and therefore, this "new album" may be Merry Christmas With Love (which has NOT been released to Columbia House or Music Services, such as the BMG Music Service).

"I Will Carry You" on Christian CD Compilation

Looks like IWCY is on this new Christian CD Compilation, to be released by RCA Record's parent company, Sony BMG:

Shout! Music You Can Believe In
Artiste : Various Artistes
Label : Sony Bmg Music
Item Code : 828767234625
Usual Price : S$18.95

Details : CD 1 Tracks :
Meant To Live - Switchfoot
Beautiful Love - The Afters
I Will Carry You - Clay Aiken
Show Your Love - Jars Of Clay
I Got A Feeling - Third Day
This Generation - Sonicflood
You Give Me Life - Jason Morant
Healing Rain - Michael W. Smith
Disappear - Bebo Norman
Lifeline - Brooke Fraser
We - Joy Williams
Dance Dance Dance - Mary Mary
Why We Sing - Kirk Franklin
The Way To Begin - Krystal Meyers
Here With Me - Mercy Me
Cornerstone - Day Of Fire
CD 2 Tracks :
Friend Of God - Israel Houghton
If We Are The Body - Casting Crowns
Compelled - Sara Groves
Mother India - Caedmon's Call
No One Else - Cece Winans
Shout To The Lord - Darlene Zschech
Come, Now Is The Time To Worship - Brain Doerksen
Thank You God - Don Moen
Open The Eyes Of My Heart - Paul Baloche
I Am Free - Ross Parsley
Here I Am To Worship - Eoghan Heaslip
Blessed Be Your Name - Robin Mark
Angels Brought

More from Various Artistes :

1.God He Reigns

Date Change for Eugene, OR Christmas Show

The Eugene, OR Christmas show, previously scheduled for November 4th at the Hult Center has been moved up one day to November 5th. The venue has not changed, nor has ticket sales, which commence October 1st via the VENUE WEBSITE.

Merry Christmas With Loves Jumps Up to 700s on Amazon

Merry Christmas With Love found itself as the 745th most ordered CD this morning on's bestseller list. Measure of A Man is also up, currently lingering around the 1200 range. In related news: Lycos reports searches of the term "Christmas" jumped 450% this week, over last week.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Picture from Idols Edition of Break Magazine

Break Magazine is published by the folks at the North Carolina Collegiate Association who also publish Collegiate Standard (a mag that featured Clay on the cover last year) .

Thanks to the CB's Sarah4Break:


Clay Pic in MSN Article on TV's Grumpiest

From MSN TV:

Frank Sawyer, 'Lost'
Christina Yang, 'Grey's Anatomy'
Lewis Black, 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart'
Chloe, '24'
Dr. Gregory House, 'House'
Dr. Perry Cox, 'Scrubs'
Tommy Gavin, 'Rescue Me'
Eric Cartman, 'South Park'
Al Swearengen, 'Deadwood'
Bill Bittinger, 'Buffalo Bill'

5. John C. McGinley as Dr. Perry Cox, 'Scrubs'

Channeling fave curmudgeons Louie De Palma and Lou Grant, McGinley, as Dr. Perry Cox, takes nearly orgasmic delight in pricking pretentiousness, in green interns, irascible boss or ball-breaking wife. His signature dig: addressing Zach Braff's geekish Dr. "J.D." Dorian as Abigail, Tiffany, Thelma -- whatever ludicrous girl's name pops to mind. His rapid-fire, complex, articulate rants are hilarious demolition derbies that turn pomposity into road kill. Dr. Cox's crustiness -- though he wields wit like a scalpel -- is only skin deep. Like Hugh Laurie's House, he's vulnerable at heart; a deep-feeler and healer. The difference is that McGinley's loveable curmudgeon cuts up within a brilliant ensemble, while House is a one-man band.

Next: Tommy Gavin, 'Rescue Me'


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