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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Clay's Solitaire Performance - A Few More Reviews, Photos, and Videos

You may have already read our article in today's CDD entitled Clay Impresses with "Solitaire" Performance at Neil Sedaka Concert. In it we have some great pictures and a couple of reviews.

Since that article was written, we now have more great reviews to add by fans who were at the tribute. I think you'll enjoy them. These reviews made me feel as though I was sitting right there listening to him myself!

Written By tiggy52winkle at The Clayboard:

New York City Falls In Love With Clay Aiken! That should be the headline in today's paper. I was blessed, absolutely blessed to attend the Tribute last evening. Just got home a bit over 3 hours ago from one of the greatest nights of my life! By now you've seen the video, heard the song and seen the gorgeous pictures of Clay. To say that he was sheer perfection is not exaggerating. I was sitting in the 2nd row, right side of the orchestra and before the performance we could see Clay standing in the wings waiting to go on. Electricity was building, there he was! David Foster had fun with the Claymates, teasing us several times and even mentioning that when you write a brilliant song you can sing it ATDW. Claymates throughout the venue went crazy. Finally Clay was introduced by David and the entire front of the audience sprung to their feet, clapping and cheering for all they were worth. He knew his 'mates were in the house! As he strode onto the stage we took in every last detail: gorgeous grey suit with light blue pinstipes that fit him beautifully. Oh, those shoulders!!! Light blue shirt, no tie and I think brown shoes. His hair was gorgeous!!! A bit longer than the last photos we had of him on the streets of NYC a week or two ago and there were bangs. His face has lost the puffiness since he's been off the Paxil for a month or so and the cheekbones are lookin' mighty fine! Clay just carries himself like such a professional. Strides toward the mic, shoulders back and back straight...preparing to slay every person within hearing distance! He looked over at David in the wings and gave him a smile and then he smiled again and bowed his head when someone yelled, "I love you, Clay!" The band was smiling during the whole song and just taking in the crowd reaction. As we know, Clay doesn't just sing words, he infuses them with meaning and emotion like nobody else can. From the moment he opened his mouth, he OWNED the crowd. Started soft, vulnerable, building slowly to the moment that makes you hold your breath as your heart almost beats out of your chest. The crowd was silent in anticipation and waited almost until the end of the glory note...and then OMG! The cheers that rang throughout Avery Fisher Hall were unbelievable. By the last note everyone in the sold out venue had sprung to their feet. I think that Clay must have won over every person in the house. The band even clapped! NEVER has Clay sung "Solitaire" like he did last night! High notes, lower register that just makes your insides quiver and the power in his body positioning, hand gestures and voice when he wails that final glory note...there just aren't words to describe it sufficiently. Of all the times Clay has performed "Solitaire", no night was more perfect or more special than last night's when Clay sang his heart out for Neil Sedaka and all of us. To have the video of this is such a gift! A true treasure. (my undying thanks to BigappleForClay for this) Neil gave Clay a standing ovation and apparently was again, very moved by Clay's outstanding rendition of one of his greatest songs (from what I've read; unfortunately I didn't turn to see Neil's reaction as he and his family were seated in one of the boxes on the other side of the venue.) How proud he must be of Clay for breathing such life and passion into this classic! We hoped that Clay would come back out for a duet but it was not to be. We walked over to the reception following the show at the Kaplan penthouse. I got to meet Connie Francis and Neil and Leba and had pictures taken with them. I will treasure those forever! Neil and Connie sound as good as ever and just made me feel like a young teen all over again. Ivana Trump looked gorgeous and it was fun to watch her make a beeline for Neil as he entered the room. I have to mention how beautiful and classy Natalie Cole wasthough she didn't make it to the reception, and Toni Tenille was stunning in a magnificent off the shoulder red dress. We weren't surprised that Clay didn't attend the reception. He would have surely stolen the show and that just isn't Clay's style. This was Neil's night and what a magical night it was! He sang so many of his great hits for us, such a treat! As we left the reception, with happy hearts (and very sore feet!) each of us was persented with a black bag and nestled in the tissue paper was a copy of Neil's brand new CD, "The Definitive Collection" (buy this, you won't regret it!!!) as well as 2 additional CDs and a DVD tied together with black ribbon with "Neil Sedaka * 50 Years of Hits" in white writing on it. The CDs were: "Neil Sedaka: the Show Goes On" and a classical CD (Neil was classically trained in piano at Julliard) titled, "Classically Neil Sedaka." The DVD is, "Neil Sedaka: The Show Goes On Live at the Royal Albert Hall." I can't wait to watch and listen tomorrow. What lovely gifts! This night was worth every single penny paid for my VIP ticket. I will treasure it forever!

ETA to say that we even got a knee bend and a great move at the end of "Solitaire"!!!
Written By claysbuttercup99 at The Clayboard:
I wanted to come post and Clay was pure perfection last night!! I could see backstage the entire show and for much of the time before Clay came out, he was laughing and smiling. At once, the entire crowd was silent as whoever performed before Clay was about to start, and I could faintly hear Clay's voice laughing with David backstage. It was so great to see Clay interact and mouth the words to a lot of the songs. He was very respectful of all of the performers while he backstage - as always! He listened to everyone, and to fast songs, I saw him dance along just a bit! Clay, although sick, seemed to be in a great mood all night.

Before the show began, I was talking to a couple next to me. As it turns out, they are very close friends of Ruben's. We talked for quite some bit. They both used to be involved in show business - the woman had toured with broadway musicals and I am not sure what the man did (Just to mention, the man's brother is the American Idol attorney for all top 10 idols of every season - except for season 2, where he had to pick. The man told me his brother picked Ruben.. the wrong choice.) They, both, had never met Clay before and didn't know of him except of when he was on Idol. The woman was amazed of how many of the fans knew each other, as I told her about the Clay Nation, and asked to join for a night! We explained to her all about what he was up to with Spamalot and etc. She was very interested in hearing about everything....

As you know, he did not come to the reception. However, he was complete perfection during the performance. I was in first row on the right side when looking at the stage - and as Clay finished, I turned around and looked out. Everyone was standing. So many smiles, laughs of excitement, cheers - it was so great. His smile that he gave us in person was just amazing - he knew he perfected it in every aspect and he knew we were all hoping he would do just that. Although I though sitting infront of the speakers would not be so good, let me tell you, I heard every breath and every syllable and I can guarentee it was absolute perfection - I don't even mind that he did not come to reception.

FYI: At the reception, I talked to the couple yet again and they said they just LOVED Clay's performance. I knew, right then and there, Clay had done it again - stolen some more hearts!
Great reviews, don't you think? Thanks from CDD to all the Clack gatherers. The mp3's, videos, photos, and reviews are amazing. These photos and videos show that Clay's voice is even more amazing than ever before. He is a class act and has been from Day 1.

In case you are interested in downloading videos, here are some places you can find them:
  • Clack Unlimited - MP3's and Videos from three different Clack gatherers
  • YouTube - Video of David Foster's Introduction and Clay's Performance of Solitaire
NOTE: If you sign on at YouTube, you can rate the video. If you have not joined, you can subscribe that then rate the video.

Seven YouTube Honors Today, 10/28/07 (As of 11:45 p.m. Eastern Time):

#18 - Top Rated (Today)
#5 - Top Rated (Today) - Entertainment
#27 - Top Rated (This Week) - Entertainment
#61 - Most Discussed (Today)
#12 - Most Discussed (Today) - Entertainment
#9 - Top Favorites (Today)
#2 - Top Favorites (Today) - Entertainment

And here are a few more pictures for your enjoyment. Please do not post any of these pictures at the OFC.

Clay Impresses with "Solitaire" Performance at Neil Sedaka Concert

Clay got a standing ovation after his powerful performance of "Solitaire" last night at a special concert in New York City celebrating Neil Sedaka's 50th year in the music industry. The special event was held at the legendard Lincoln Center, with proceeds going to the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Other celebrities on hand included David Foster, Natalie Cole, Dion and Connie Francis.

We have a number of recaps to share with you. A higher quality MP3 cap is available for download at SendSpace.

First up, from the CH's dancermom2:
It's a cold and rainy night...there are streams in the streets and I had to wear high heels and nylons. So not fun. But for Clay?? For him I would do it!!! And it was so worth it!!!!!!!!

David Foster teased us. He started talking about this show on Fox called AI and how coming in 2nd sometimes doesn't mean you didn't win. The Clay fans in the audience went wild. Then he said oh... wait...I want to intro Kat McPhee....who missed her flight and is in the audience...I am producing her next album. Oh okay...back to the show...ond then he said...there are a Thousand Different ways to sing a song. I have to tell you that at those two points the screams commenced from those in the audience there for Clay. Then David says oh I messed up there is another act coming was a Jazz trio called Bad. I like jazz...but at this point I was totally in the mindset that boyfriend was coming out and I was not in the mood to hear a jazz trio...I don't care how good they about sloooooow torture during their jazz number..I thought I was gonna die. So then out comes David again after they are done...and says this guy is an amazing sister Jaymes is here and works with him....and then THERE HE WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was wearing a light blue tie. A black suit with thin white stripes. He looked sooooo good. short. Only one place in his bangs I wanted to sort of brush it out a tad!

And sing...oh yes baby!!!!!! He sang. I think he was uncertain at first...but then after the first couple of lines he settled into the song and he soooo nailed it. Those low notes...that down just thrummmmmmed through me. He rang the rafters at Avery Fisher Hall when he hit the note. He was in total danger of overpowering the microphone. There was a knee bend....I think. The Clay fog kicked in when he took the stage. But oh to see him is to love him. To hear him is to thrum.

After he was done and he left the stage he high fived David. He didn't say a spoken word and he didn't come back afterwards at the end for a duet or for the finale but Natalie Cole and Dion didn't duet or come out for the finale either.

Clay got the first standing O that wasn't for Neil. Connie got the other. And it was not just us that stood and clapped. There was one I love you Clay yelled at the beginning of the song.

I felt young there...I didn't recognize a lot of the songs...but it was a fun night...even if I had to schlepp in the rain!! What I kept thinking was that I hope that Clay can have a celebration of 50 years of music like Neil did.

mustbeeme at CV who was there said she saw Jesse and Sean in the audience and Mary in the wings.

ETA: I didn't hear any broken or missed note....he did do a change up in there.....
From the CB's PinayRN4Clay:
First things first...

Can you spell gorgeous with a capital G?

Through my binoculars from the 2nd tier, I could see Clay's cheekbones, feathery bangs and gorgeous face. When he was introduced by David Foster, he walked from my left side of the wings to the my right side of the stage amidst a roar of cheers and screams. He tentatively smiled at the first strains of the song but then broke into a full smile and looked down when a fan yelled "I love you". Pinstripe suit, light shirt, no tie. Did I say gorgeous?

He sang the first stanza softly, but then as he glided from glorious high tenor to glorious low baritone, it seemed to pick up steam. Then he just belted it out of Avery Fisher Hall and through the rafters. How could this kid make me hold my breath and say a silent prayer that his voice stays on steady. As he nailed the glory notes of Solitaire, the crowd erupted in cheers and a good-size standing ovation from the audience. Clay got the other standing ovation aside from Connie Francis, and of course, Neil. Clay's was louder, I think, and there were fangirly screams that broke through, particularly from the lady next to me. Believe me, it's Not-Just-Us. Isn't it incredible that others get the privilege of hearing Clay pour his heart out in a song? Who is this Clay Aiken, they might ask? After tonight, they know that Neil's masterpiece certainly found a rightful voice. That's why I say, the screaming is Not-Just-Us. If not for my sore throat, I would have been louder but I do sound like a frog right now.

The night was rainy and gloomy but inside Avery Fisher Hall, the stars went out full force tonight. It was a thoroughly entertaining show. Of course, Neil was the brightest of them all. After years of genius talent, of course he was. But Clay, dear Clay was just like that rebellious young star who threatened to outshine them all.

At the first half of the show, Neil was seated on the balcony with his wife Leba, daughter, son and his family. It was a sell-out, and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Sir John (funny how I thought of Sir Robin at that point) appeared on the wide screen as he was "stuck in Vegas". He sang snippets of Neil's songs. Great voice.

David Foster then came out and enthusiastically introduced his protegee, 18 y/o Renee Olstead. Brava for her smoky, marvelous and powerful bluesy jazz voice.

Cousin Brucie was alternately doing the intros with David Foster.

Captain and Tenille sang "Love Will Keep Us Together", and they revved up the audience and got us all clapping and swaying. Loud applause.

Dion was funny as he recounted when he, from the Bronx, met up with the Jewish wordsmith from Brooklyn. He regaled us with "Calendar Girl".

David Foster really played us. He started to talk about American idol, that "losing is sometimes winning", then as the excitement built up, he called on Katherine McPhee in the audience. I groaned inwardly because I wanted my Clay already!!! DF was like a maniac who ran from end to end as he talked more of how a special song can be sung a thousand different ways. As the audience applauded, he then called on this jazz trio called Bad Plus. Sorry, sorry, sorry, they're good but where is Clay?

And finally, the gorgeous man appeared and just stunned us into place with a masterful, amazing performance. High notes, low notes! Wow!!! image image image Solitaire just blew me away. It was raw and poignant, and just plain beautiful. I was holding my tears back. I'm just so proud of him.

After Solitaire, I think it was Cousin Brucie who got out shaking his head in amazement at the sustained ovation that Clay got. He asked, "What was that?"

I had learned earlier that the two ladies next to us were Claymates as I heard them chatting away about Clay. They told me that they met groups of Claymates scattered around the theater. It was nice to swoon together.

Natalie Cole sang really well. She got quite a reception too, but not an ovation.

Paul Schaffer, the musical director from Letterman entertained us with Sedaka bits.

Lou Christie sang a rollicking song.

Barry Manilow turned up on the screen with a message to Neil. A few screams from the audience. He said he recorded Solitaire. David Foster then said that somebody else also recorded the song which got the audience chuckling.

Connie Francis certainly impressed the audience with her "Where The Boys Are?" Her voice is distinctive and strong despite the years. Small, but a true diva who can still belt it out. Standing ovation, and deservedly so.

And now Neil comes out into the stage!!!! image He is a genius. A high-caliber musical talent who staged several comebacks in his lifetime. As per Cousin Brucie, Madonna is the female Neil Sedaka because of their abilities to reinvent themselves. Singer-songwriter extra-ordinaire.

Neil performed solo with some of his songs then had duets with Connie Francis and Captain and Tennille. Of all his songs, my most favorite is "The Hungry Years"- the song just grabs you by the heart. His new song "You" is a beautiful love song.

Tidbits 10/27

  • Via AOL - - In a list of the Top 25 Most Outrageous Concert Riders, Clay came in at #9:
    The Concert Rider: "This truly is very, very serious. No nuts. No mushrooms. No coffee. No mint. No chocolate. No shellfish." --Clay Aiken

    Spinner's Comment: The real question: How do the Claymates make it through the 'Idol' star's performance without nuts or mushrooms?
    Apparently Spinner is not aware of Clay's allergies.
  • Canyon News - Clay Aiken headed to Broadway -
    From “AI” to Eric Idle’s “Spamalot,” Clay Aiken is headed for Broadway. He’ll be joining the cast of “Monty Python’s Spamalot” on January 18. Aiken is set to play one of the leads, Sir Robin, in the Tony Award-winning musical directed by Mike Nichols, Diane Sawyer’s hubby.
CDD Blogwatch
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Friday, October 26, 2007

David Foster's Recording Studio Destroyed By California Wildfires

According to an article in, David Foster's California studio was destroyed by one of the many wildfires that has been ravaging southern California.

The article goes on to say that he and his girlfriend, Yolanda Hadid, "managed to retrieve a lifetime of music and archives, some on computer hard drives, from the studio, but he is unsure whether his master tapes have been damaged." He was also able to safe his gold records.

After going back to his studio, David said, ""I don't know what the future's gonna bring, because smoke damage and electronics don't go well together."

Despite the damage to his studio and other parts of his estate, he still made it to the celebration for Neil Sedaka on Thursday night.

David Foster, of course, co-wrote Lover All Alone with Clay.

Reports, Audio from Neil Sedaka Tribute Concert

We're bring you a compilation of reports off the boards from the Neil Sedaka 50th Anniversary Tribute Concert that is taking place right now in New York City.

Clay took the stage around 8:50 PM EDT tonight to perform Neil Sedaka's "Solitaire". A very low quality MP3 capture of the performance is already up at ClackUnlimited.

  • "SOLITEEERRRRR.. said he looked really nice. .they are trying to take a picture..coming in loud and clear.. sining it like in concert durning NAT.. whow just whow.. I am shaking...hes singing soliteeer.. keeping to himself he plays the game.. whow his voice is spectacular.. just awesome"
  • OMG!!! Major screams for Clay....suit, grey shirt, cute hair.....
    Not sure if she said he had a tie or not.....
    Singing Solitaire
  • what freakin power..whow is all I can type.. hitting the high notes and now low range.. a little hope goes up in smoke.. just how it goes goes without saying.. SOLITEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR
  • This entire crowd is out of control.. the scsreaming is unbelievable. .David trying to calm them.. now talking.. lordy my whole desk was shaking.. maybe it we me lol.. that was beyond believable.. pray for clack

Update: Just a couple of additions to the Neil Sedaka Reports in CDD's other "Tidbits 10/26" section. These are taken from The Clayboard:
Clay looked gorgeous.. dark gray pin striped suit.. gray shirt no tie.. hair..just beautiful breath taking.. wasn't shorter.. a tad longer .. just a tiny bit..same as last we saw him..he had bangs..
Report From Corabeth:
Gorgeous hair, gorgeous pinstiped suit, gorgeous man.

The cheekbones are back!!! No more round face! The "Clay face is back." He looked gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! The long face and jawline is back.

Solitaire gave them chills and got an amazing ovation. The entire audience stood up. The place just erupted.

David Foster played the piano for Clay and as Clay left the stage, David high-fived him.

They did some film tributes and Barry Manilow was on it and plugged his album and mentioned recording Solitaire. When David came out he said, "someone else recorded Solitaire, Barry."

Jaymes was there. So was Mary Brennan.

David said, when you write a great song you can sing it a Thousand Different Ways. He started to introduce Clay and stopped and said, "no need to go through all that -- Clay Aiken."

New 5th Grader Promos From FOX

FOX is pushing Clay and Regis Philbin's 2 hour Celebrity Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader heavily as the November sweeps season quickly approaches. The special celebrity edition of the hit game show airs on Thursday, November 1.

Two new promo clips, each 10 and 20 seconds long, have been posted to ClackUnlimited.

Tidbits 10/26

in New York City
  • New York Daily News -
    NEIL SEDAKA: 50 YEARS OF HITS. Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, 65th St. at Columbus Ave. (212-721-6500). Tonight at 8, Natalie Cole, Clay Aiken, Captain & Tennille, David Foster; $40-$140.
  • Times Herald Record -
    A "Neil Sedaka Tribute" featuring Clay Aiken, David Foster, Lou Christie, Natalie Cole, Raul Midon, Renee Olstead, the Bad Plus and the Captain & Tennille takes place at Avery Fisher Hall, 10 Lincoln Center Plaza in NYC, at 8 tonight.

  • USA Today's Idol Chatter - Ken Barnes says:
    I hope everyone settles any Clay issues that have come up -- he's a unique case in Idol annals, with a large and extremely loyal fan base, a career that is thriving but seems beset by issues with less-than-ideal guidance (and maybe regard) from his record label -- and he seems to polarize people, arguably more (and on a larger scale) than any other Idol. Without jumping into anything specific, I'll just toss in that I'd love to see him make a really good record someday. (Some will immediately respond that he already has, but not yet in my estimation.)
  • TV Fodder - Regis, Clay test their skills against "5th Graders" -
    Clay Aiken and Regis Philbin will try to outsmart the kids on November 1. Tony Hawk must get a gold star since he is the only one listed for November 8th's epsiode. Billy Bush and Kellie Pickler share the November 15 date.
  • Spamalot mentions:
    • Yahoo/Reuters - weekly tabloid run down, Life & Style magazine -
      Clay Aiken is coming to Broadway. The pop star will appear in the Tony-winning hit "Monty Python's Spamalot" from Jan 18-May 4. Mike Nichols, the show's director said, "Clay is amazing. ... He's an excellent comic actor" - LIFE AND STYLE
  • - this looks like the same article posted to MTV Canada yesterday ... Christmas tour & Neil Sedaka concert -
    Long-off-the-radar "American Idol" runner-up Clay Aiken is getting into the holiday spirit with an upcoming Christmas in the Heartland tour. Before hitting the road, he'll perform at the Neil Sedaka: 50 Years of Hits show on Friday in New York — the event will benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation.
  • Christmas tour mentions:
CDD Blogwatch
  • Nothing here yet

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Neil Sedaka 50 - Concert Tomorrow in NYC

Clay is among the performers scheduled to perform tomorrow night at a special concert celebrating Neil Sedaka's 50th year in the music industry. The concert, taking place at New York City's legendary Lincoln Center, was announced in August.

Neil Sedaka mentioned Clay being a performer two times during his segments on NBC's Today Show this morning.

Tidbits 10/25

Another beautiful Christmas tour. This one is for Clay's December 9 date at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT.


  • The big Neil Sedaka 50 concert Clay is scheduled to perform at is coming up TOMORROW... stay tuned to CDD for complete coverage.
    • CBS - Neil Sedaka celebrates 50 years in the music industry -
      Now his achievements are being honored by his fellow musicians with tribute concert in New York, "Neil Sedaka 50 Years of Hits." The show, featuring Clay Aiken, Connie Francis, Natalie Cole and more benefits the Elton John AIDS Foundation.
  • - busy schedule ahead for Clay Aiken -
    Long-off-the-radar "American Idol" runner-up Clay Aiken is getting into the holiday spirit with an upcoming Christmas in the Heartland tour. Before hitting the road, he'll perform at the Neil Sedaka: 50 Years of Hits show on Friday in New York - the event will benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation. After that, Aiken will hit the rink November 6 in Las Vegas for a guest spot at the Capital One Holiday Celebration on Ice, which features a host of champion skaters and will air on NBC on Christmas Day. His tour launches on November 26 in Wichita, Kansas, and stops in Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Minnesota before winding up at the Star Plaza Theatre in Merrillville, Indiana, on December 22. And of course in January, he joins the Broadway cast of the Tony Award-winning show "Monty Python's Spamalot," playing one of the leads, Sir Robin. ..
  • Futon Critic - FOX press release for November sweeps -
    Guest Stars Include Jack Black, Jerry Seinfeld, Regis Philbin, Tony Hawk, Carrie Fisher, David Hyde Pierce, Valerie Harper, Clay Aiken, Billy Bush, Kellie Pickler, Lauren Conrad, Carlos Mencia, Joey Fatone, Kathy Griffin; And IDOL Judges Simon, Randy and Paula Get Animated on FAMILY GUY
  • Pollstar - Clay Aiken heading out onto his Christmas circuit -
    Holiday tours continue to pile up like post-Christmas credit card statements. The latest round of treks designed to add to the holiday festivities include Clay Aiken, Mannheim Steamroller, and Sister Hazel.
  • - Enrique Iglesias co-write "The Way" for Clay. - "Enrique co-wrote the hit song The Way for American Idols runner-up Clay Aiken …"
  • Los Angeles Times, The Envelope - American Music Awards just around the corner ... post about the "Best Soundtrack" category -
    In fact, "HSM2" has already topped 1 million copies in sales, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

    But unless ABC's Web site is going to be bombarded by votes from the tween set -- or Disney's street team -- it will come up short. The album's sales are propelled by parents, and I'm guessing they're not so passionate about it winning anything, and the kids they're buying it for aren't the demographic that's interested in the AMAs right now -- not unless the AMAs are taking out ads at Hannah Montana concerts, but even then it's doubtful. Besides, John Travolta has a larger, more energized fan-base than Clay Aiken Zac Efron.
  • Christmas tour mentions:
    • Omaha World Herald - "'American Idol' runner-up Clay Aiken will join the Omaha Symphony for a Christmas concert at 8 p.m. Dec. 21 at the Orpheum Theater. Tickets: $25 to $125."
    • Lake County News Sun
    • Akron Beacon Journal -
      Clay Aiken 7:30 p.m. Dec. 17, State Theatre, Playhouse Square, 1501 Euclid Ave., Cleveland. With a 45-piece orchestra. Tickets go on sale 9:30 a.m. Saturday. $35-$75. 800-766-6048.
CDD Blogwatch

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Album: Australian Songwriter Pitches Song Ideas to Clay

moonhead at Clayversity has discovered the MySpace profile of an Australian songwriter, Sven Tydeman, who is pitching some his songs for Clay's third album.

You can listen to some of Sven's songs at his MySpace page ... all of his songs have Clay Aiken written all over them.

This is posted on Sven Tydeman's My Space under testimonials....

"Ron Moss, my boss and head of A&R and vice-president of Rondor International (Universal) who signed Avril to a publishing deal LOVES the song we wrote together and is pitching it for the upcoming Clay Aiken album. The production you did on the song was also very hip. You know what you're doing!"

Ted Bruner Writer / producer Rondor Music International (Universal)

Scrapping 4 Inclusion Launches 2008 Calendar

Bubel Aiken Foundation authorized fundraiser Scrapping 4 Inclusion is launching a beautifully, professionally crafted wall calendar to raise money for the TBAF.

The calendar may be purchased at Scrapping 4 Inclusion's secure store at for $22.00.

Here is the text of the press release from Scrapping 4 Inclusion:
Scrapping 4 Inclusion is proud to release a 2008 Calendar to benefit The Bubel/Aiken Foundation (TBAF). The Foundation was co-founded by Clay Aiken & Diane Bubel in 2003 to serve children with special needs and the goal of inclusion for ALL.

Digital Designer Erin Hooper and published poet Sally Meyer teamed up with Scrapping 4 Inclusion to create a beautiful, inspirational calendar to help spread the word about the importance of inclusion for ALL children and the mission of TBAF. This work of art has something to offer everyone, from scrapbook layout ideas to beautiful poetry and inspirational writings to some great photos of children simply living life to the fullest, together with no boundaries. Photos featured in the calendar include children with and without disabilities playing together at Let’s ALL Play Camps, participating in the Let’s ALL Scrapbook program as well as photos showcasing volunteers and TBAF staff working with the children. Also included are photos of one of the Scrapping 4 Inclusion fundraising events.

Erin Hooper, graciously donated her time and creativity to this project. Erin is a photographer and digital scrapbooker / artist from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

Products used for the calendar were graciously donated by Scrap Girls. Scrap Girls is making it simple and fun to become a great digital scrapbooker. They are a web-based company offering Digital Scrapbooking Supplies, Educational Movie Tutorials and eBooks, and Commercially Licensed Graphic Design Products. Scrap Girls also puts out an email newsletter six days a week full of inspiration, tutorials and digital scrapbooking freebies and they offer a free beginner’s eBook for anyone needing help understanding where to start with digital scrapbooking. Visit their website for more information.

Writing contributions for the calendar were provided by Sally Meyer. Growing up in England, Sally learned to enjoy the simpler, slower side of life. At the age of 23, she immigrated to Utah, where she married and raised eight children and two husbands. When her eighth child was diagnosed with autism, she turned to her favorite means of problem solving and soul searching—her pen and paper/keyboard. She wrote poems about living with a son who has a disability. Then going a step further she created a year-long journal of his life, which she one day hopes to publish. Sally's poetry has been published in magazines, books and many websites. She recently branched out into the world of screenwriting and has completed four full length feature scripts and a television series.

Scrapping 4 Inclusion volunteers also provided their heartfelt words describing their experiences during the Let’s ALL Scrapbook program for publication in this calendar.

The calendars can be purchased from the Scrapping 4 Inclusion Café Press store at You can also find links to purchase the calendars from the Scrapping 4 Inclusion website and The Bubel/Aiken Foundation website. A 2008 Calendar will make a fantastic holiday gift. Products can be purchased directly from Café Press and shipped anywhere internationally and you can even include a ‘gift message’ with your order. Help make inclusion a reality by purchasing your copy of the 2008 Scrapping 4 Inclusion calendar.

CDD supports:

Bubel Aiken Foundation GoodSearch for TBAF UNICEF