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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Clay Aiken "Spamalot" Playbills Now Available for Pre-Order

In December, we told you about a new Playbill for "Spamalot" that would become available to coincide with the play's reopening with Clay. The Clay Aiken "Spamalot" Playbill is available for $10 to residents of the U.S. They will ship in the week of January 21 via USPS.

We are being told the cover will be black & white.

Please note, this is a pre-release sale. Clay Aiken's first performance in "Monty Python's Spamalot" is Friday, January 18th. The Spamalot Playbill featuring Clay Aiken in the production credits will ship the week of January 21st via USPS. does not ship outside of the USA.

By popular demand, is pleased to make the Spamalot Playbill featuring Clay Aiken in the production credits available to his fans who will not be able to attend the Broadway show at the Shubert Theatre in New York City; or who want to have more than the one copy audience members receive at each performance for their collections or to send to a friend.

Inside the Playbill you'll find Clay Aiken billed on the title page of the production credits section. In the production credits section you'll find Clay's headshot, along with the headshots of the other cast members, as well as his bio and the bios of the rest of the cast and the production team.

The Spamalot Playbill featuring Clay Aiken in the credits is guaranteed authentic, sealed in a custom fitted vinyl bag, and mailed in protective packaging. Shipping and handling are included in the purchase price. does not ship outside the USA.
Pre-order your copy online

Tidbits 1/5

  • South Florida - In an article about the 1st season runner-up, Ralph Pagano, of "Hell's Kitchen", it says:
    The chef at Mancini's on Las Olas Boulevard is used to people doing double takes when they see him. A lot of diners recognize Ralph Pagano, but some can't immediately recall from where.

    It could be from Hell's Kitchen. Pagano was the runner-up in the Fox series' first season. "I was the crowd favorite, the Clay Aiken of Hell's Kitchen," Pagano said. "I lost by one point. My mother says I won."
  • Relish Now - In this article about upcoming television shows, American Idol is mentioned as follows:
    The biggest show on Fox returns for a new season. Will there be a new North Carolinian following in the footsteps of Clay Aiken, Fantasia Barrino, Chris Daughtry and the rest? Tune in and see.
  • - In an article about Frenchie Davis and Ruben Studdard touring with "Ain't Misbehavin", there is a Clay mention:
    The Alabama-born Studdard defeated Clay Aiken (coming soon to Broadway in Spamalot) in the second season of American Idol and has recorded five albums.
  • Philadelphia Daily News - Ruben Studdard dropped by record label -
    Ruben Studdard - the guy who won "American Idol" even though if you asked most people, they'd say Clay Aiken did - was dropped by his recording company after his career got off the ground about as high as he can jump off the ground. But, according to, Studdard (or as they call him, "the plus-size, 29-year-old, schvitzing velvet teddybear") is slated to co-star in the 30th anniversary national touring company of "Ain't Misbehavin'."
  • Lo Hud Journal News - American Idol no longer just about winning -
    Still, the viewers get the final say about who wins. Then the public decides who has a big career.

    Clay Aiken finished second and still put out hit records. Jennifer Hudson finished sixth and won the biggest prize of all - an Academy Award in her debut starring turn in "Dreamgirls."
  • - A Spamalot full page ad via Yahoo has a picture of Clay and says, "Clay Aiken Joins The Broadway Cast Beginning January 18".
CDD Blogwatch
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Friday, January 04, 2008

Tidbits 1/4

  • UNICEF FieldNotes - Clay's visit Mexico was a huge success, and Claymates responded with $110,000 for UNICEF's efforts in Mexico -
    Congratulations to everyone who participated in UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken's holiday challenge--once again you have amazed us and surpassed our goal of raising $100,000 to help the children of Mexico. Thank you so much for sharing the true spirit of the holiday season with children who need it the most.

    We're putting together Clay's Mexico Holiday Photo Album now -- in the meantime, here is one photograph we wanted to share with you to start off the New Year -- faces of two of the people your generous gifts are going to help.
  • Winston Salem Journal - American Idol returns January 15 -
    American Idol (8 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 15, on Fox, with additional episodes on Wednesdays): The biggest show on Fox returns for a new season. Will there be a new North Carolinian following in the footsteps of Clay Aiken, Fantasia Barrino, Chris Daughtry and the rest? Tune in and see.
CDD Blogwatch
  • Clayigraphy - the "Claymate robber" strikes Michigan and elicits hysterical response from fans -
    My first reaction was OMG... No!... Clay's fans don't need any further press. And I stuck to my guns all night! Even posted that I thought Clay would be absolutely mortified if he were to see this (which he will) even though I continued laughing quietly to myself at all of the responses this story elicited.

    OMG!! BWAH!!

    Ya think she was trying to raise money for the "Dinner with Clay" auction?

    Good Baby Brush:
    The article next to the video says "Midland police said they know what motivated the woman to rob three banks, but won’t comment."
    Wouldn't it be a hoot if... nah *g*
  • Carolina On My Mind - 2007 a big year for Clay nation and for Carolina Clay -
    Only a few hours old, 2008 blew into Carolina with blustery winter conditions for the mountains and bone-chilling, gusty winds for the middle of the state.

    As I watched reports of the atypical southern weather, my thoughts naturally transitioned from the continuous parade of wind chill factors to favorite soup recipes. In a previous blog, I shared some of these cold weather dishes; but, typically, the versions printed below have endured many alterations.

    While excitedly anticipating Clay's Jan. 18 Broadway opening as Sir Robin in "Spamalot," I, like most CA fans, have enjoyed this week's steady stream of 2007 replays by montage creators and graphic artists. The photo interlude below also reflects attention to the annual rewind.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tidbits 1/3

  • - Ruben Studdard to tour with Frenchie Davis, fellow AI2 competitor -
    The Alabama-born Studdard defeated Clay Aiken (coming soon to Broadway in Spamalot) in the second season of American Idol and has recorded five albums. Studdard is scheduled to perform concerts in support of his most recent recording before taking the stage in Ain't Misbehavin' in the fall.
  • USA Today Idol Chatter ... new CD sales data:
    Clay (Christmas album): 3,000 (8,000; 1.4 million total)

    Clay (Thousand): 400 (800; 522,000 total)

    Clay (All Is Well EP): 200 (400; 52,000 total)
CDD Blogwatch
  • 2007 in Review: ClaySpots has a great summary of events in the Clay nation in 2007 -
    Hey Clay,

    Here we are once again, your internet fans, taking a look back at 2007 and seeing what you, and we, were up to. We did a lot this year!

    You ended 2006 with a wonderful Christmas Tour that featured your marvelous voice and some off-the-cuff banter that had us rolling in the aisles. You showed us that you were a funny, bawdy man with a devilish sense of humor and we ate it up. But, as you know, after the tour was over, we wondered….when will we see you again? Actually we always wonder when we’ll see you again, but that’s pretty usual for us.
  • The ConCLAYve takes a look back at 2007 -
    Another year flew by – and we’ve all had such fun contributing our different voices on ConCLAYve. Now at the start of 2008, we are once again sharing our thoughts and wishes. Please share yours. We love reading your comments.
  • Something That Really Happened - final tally for UNICEF fundraiser out -
    Congratulations to all the generous contributors who helped UNICEF reach their goal of $100,000 by December 31 to help the children of Mexico. The final tally is $109,800 - exceeding the goal by 110%!
  • Taking A Moment's Jemock pokes fun at "Meet and Eats" ...
    Lot #001: Dinner with Clay Aiken
    Dinner for two with Clay Aiken and guest(s) in New York City plus a sightseeing carriage ride. This will have to be on a Monday night. Schedules must be flexible!
    Minimum Bid: $5,000

    Ooooh. I like Lot #001 a LOT.

    But here's why I wouldn't win. Apart from not having any money, I mean:

Clay Back in NYC - Rehearsals Begins for Spamalot

Clay has arrived home from New York City after his UNICEF trip to Mexico over Christmas & the new year.

Clay posted what is probably his shortest blog to date - 8 words - to let us know that rehearsals are beginning, as planned for Spamalot.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Tidbits 1/2

  • IdolHeadEd has posted a great review of NBC's "Holiday Celebration on Ice" which featured Clay as the exclusive musical guest -
    IdolHeadEd writes
    Although I missed the first 10 minutes or so, what I saw was way better than his last NBC special and well worth an article. It doesn’t hurt that I like ice skating as well as Clay’s singing.

    My wife and I were always Clay fans and despite the recent negative press heaved upon him we still remain supporters and fans. So I was very eager to see what this show had in store for us. Unfortunately my wife will have to watch it on the DVR because she is stuck in upstate NY. She will be glad I recorded it. I know I am.

    I tried to see if I could find this on the NBC or Universal HD website so I could at least see the part I missed but could not find it. So I’ll just review what I saw with Clay and skip the skating to canned music parts.

    This was officially titled “The Capital One Holiday Celebration on Ice”. Universal titled it “Holiday Celebration with Clay Aiken”. It’s no surprise they chose to title it this way to capture a wider audience. I captured me. It was hosted by Tracey Wilson and Brian Boitano.

    Before we hear the first Clay number, we find out in an interview that this is the first time Clay has seen professional Ice skaters live. Maybe he meant these particular Ice skaters. I know the Ice Capades went through Raleigh sometime in his childhood. We also found out that he was nervous for the skaters when they practiced together for the first time.

    Todd Eldridge is the first skater I saw Clay sing with. I know it wasn’t the first in the show because in his interview vignette, I saw him singing “Don’t Save it All for Christmas Day” with Shae-Lynn Bourne. Sorry I missed that but I’m going to give it a 10 because you know it had to be. Anyway, I’m not really into guy skaters but with Clay’s magical take on a song I’ve never heard I think called “All is Well”. It was a sight to behold. As Clay belted out those high notes the crowd rose to their feet with thunderous applause. I knew this was not going to be my grandma’s Christmas special. Fantastic! I hope this song is on Clay’s next Christmas CD.

    Next up would be my favorite singer/skater combination I could ever imagine; Sasha Cohen and Clay. Singing “The Christmas Song” to Sasha’s beautiful movement on the ice was mesmerizing. As she skated with perfection Clay sang with perfection. It was one wonderful performance and the crowd again agrees with a standing ovation. Me too. It couldn’t get any better.

    Next up was Philippe Candeloro be bopping to Clay’s peppy rendition of “Sleigh Ride”. With more athletic moves than Todd, Philippe made it more entertaining for me. Clay of course was great. He got as much camera time as Philippe.

    Next Clay sings another of my favorites from his Christmas CD, “Merry Christmas With Love” to the skating of married duo, Jenni Meno and Todd Sand. This was so touching. It’s a great thing to hear Clay sing this classic by himself but the added visuals of this couple skating was something I can not describe adequately. We actually see Jenni and Todd afterwards with their two kids and it adds an even more of an emotional touch. Just beautiful!

    We then get to see a short vignette on Clay’s trip to Uganda through UNICEF. Clay looked quite different sporting a beard.

    We are now treated to a second helping of Clay and Sasha and this one is even better if that’s possible. Singing “Winter Wonderland”, Clay and Sasha give this classic new life. It seems to me that Clay and Sasha were best of friend during this show. She gave him the most attention as he did her. I’m thinking she has to be a Clay fan. I’m also thinking Clay, like the Idolhead, is a Sasha fan. Together they made this show a winter wonderland. Another one for the vault.

    The show ends with Clay singing another of my favorites from his Christmas CD “What are you Doing New Year’s Eve? At this point I think to myself that Clay must have read my review of his CD because he did all but one of my favorites from the CD. Clay, Idolhead fan? Hmmmm....With the entire skating cast spilling onto the floor Clay gives another stellar performance. Blending some brilliant choreography with Clay’s vocals, all the skaters shined. With one last gesture, Sasha glides up to Clay and delivers a pair of ice skates as to say thank you. The rest of the skaters do their encore skate as Clay exits the stage with gift in hand. Upon his return to the ice, skates on, he is flanked by Sasha and Surya Bonaly. More for physical than moral support I suspect. As Clay said earlier in an interview, he won't be in the Ice Capades anytime soon.

    As I watched this show I felt I was witnessing Clay’s emergence as this generation’s Robert Goulet. His style does not really have a place in Pop music but much more suited to Adult Contemporary. He could easily host a musical variety show of his own on TV. But I feel he would do very well in Las Vegas. But for now his next stop is the Great White Way in his first Broadway musical “Spamalot”. I will be back in NY the beginning of February and will stop in on Clay and bring back my personal review of his performance. Be looking for it.

    No matter it doesn’t look like Clay will be fading away anytime soon much to his critics and detractors dismay. Especially if I and his fervent fans have anything to say about it. And when my wife gets home, I’ll have an extra Christmas present for her.

    Idolhead Ed
  • PRNewsWire - Sally Beauty Best Tressed(R) Survey reveals results ... not too flattering for Clay:
    Male Celebrity with the Worst Hairstyle in 2007
    2. Clay Aiken
CDD Blogwatch
  • Nothing here today

First Annual Golfing For Inclusion Tournament To Be Held in Florida on January 7; Golfing For Inclusion Auction Items Announced

The first annual "Golfing For Inclusion" Tournament will be held on Monday, January 7, 2008, at the Mirasol Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The tournament will benefit the Bubel Aiken Foundation, and information about the times and cost can be found at the Bubel Aiken Golf Tournament page. You can also scroll down at this page and click the "Click Here To Register" button at the bottom right side of the page.

Clay gives us the following message about the Golf Tournament at the above mentioned Bubel Aiken page:

Please join me, John Hancock, American Portfolios Financial Services, and others for the first annual Golfing for Inclusion tournament to be held January 7, 2008 at the Mirasol Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. What a way to get 2008 started with world-class golf, fabulous prizes, post-golf celebration, silent and live auctions, spectacular entertainment, and raising funds to help children with special needs!
At this time, there are seven corporate sponsors for the tournament, which can be viewed at the Bubel Aiken Corporate Sponsor page. These sponsors are:

  • John Hancock Annuities
  • American Portfolios
  • Anoroc
  • Edwin Watts Golf
  • Marine Max
  • Nicklaus Premium Golf Equipment
  • Outback Steakhouse
Website links for each of these sponsors is also on this page.

Recommended lodging is at the Palm Beach Gardens Marriott, 561-622-8888.

If you'd like to have a great day of playing golf for a very worthy cause, check out the information at The Bubel Aiken Foundation website.


Aron Hall at The Bubel Aiken Foundation has announced several of the live auction items from the Golf Tournament that will also be available for bidding online by the general public. These items are online at the BAF auction site. The one that everyone is really buzzing about is:
Lot #001: Dinner with Clay Aiken
Dinner for two with Clay Aiken and guest(s) in New York City plus a sightseeing carriage ride. This will have to be on a Monday night. Schedules must be flexible!
Minimum Bid: $5,000
Now how awesome would it be to win this item! Not only would you be donating a nice sum to BAF, but, well dinner with Clay in New York...what could be better than that?

Other items open for bidding until January 6 online are as follows:
Lot #002: Autographed Augusta National Masters Flag
One of the famous yellow flags from The Masters autographed by past Masters Champions Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Gary Player.
Minimum Bid: $2,000

Lot #003: 2008 Masters Experience for Two
Head to beautiful Augusta, Georgia in April 2008 for a Masters Experience which includes Thursday and Friday Masters Passes, lodging in local homes, food prepared by professional chefs, plus hospitality. Transportation is not included.
Minimum Bid: $7,500

Lot #004: Golf and Breakfast with Gary and Wayne Player
Enjoy breakfast and round of golf for you and three friends with Gary and Wayne Player in the Palm Beach area. Schedules must be flexible!
Minimum Bid: $15,000

Lot #005: Golf at the Floridian with Wayne Player
Play a round of golf with three of your friends and Wayne Player at the Floridian—the exclusive private golf club owned by Miami Dolphins’ owner Wayne Huizenga.
Minimum Bid: $3,500

Lot #006:
Online Poker Lesson with Greg Raymer
Experience a one-hour online poker lesson with 2004 World Series of Poker Champion Greg Raymer. The lesson will include Greg Raymer guiding you playing poker plus a demonstration where Greg actually plays and explains his playing logic during hands. A rare opportunity from one of the best in the game!
Minimum Bid: $5,000
Instructions for bidding on these items online are as follows:
1. Bid by emailing
2. The Subject Line of the email should be "Golfing for Inclusion Auction Bid".
3. In the body of the email include the lot number and lot title. In addition, include your full name, phone number, address, and email.
4. In the body of the email, submit your MAXIMUM BID for the item. Submit bids in increments of $100.
5. Please only submit ONE (1) bid. Any bids under the minimum will not be considered.
6. The highest maximum bid will be sealed and then introduced to the live auction audience at Mirasol when their bidding has stopped. The live audience will be given the last chance to bid.
7. If your maximum bid is the winning bid, your purchase price will be $100 over the next highest bid.
8. We will contact you after the event only if you have won an item. We will make payment arrangements then.

Bidding Deadline: Sunday, January 6, 2008, 8 pm Eastern

You can find all of the above information about online bidding at the Golfing for Inclusion Auction Items page.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Northeast Pennsylvania Voices For Inclusion Host "Raise The Odds For Inclusion" Gala and "Beta Alpha Leader Roundtable"

We are happy to announce that the Northeast Pennsylvania Voices for Inclusion are hosting the "Raise The Odds For Inclusion" Gala on April 12. Tickets for this event go on sale on January 6. All information pertaining to this Gala is listed below, including contacts and costs.

For more information you can contact Linda Learn at:

or email:

Please note that Clay will NOT be in attendance.

What a great way to help raise money for The Bubel Aiken Foundation and the 100 camps they are planning to have this summer, as well as to meet new friends and have fun!

Tidbits 1/1

  • Our first tidbits post in the New Year! Happy New Year everyone!
  • Reality TV World - a look back at 2007 ... "Clay Aiken unveils a "Build-Your-Own-Scandal" contest on his blog." ... "Clay Aiken calls American Idol a 'drug'." ... "Clay Aiken takes credit for saving CBS' canceled Jericho drama." ... "Clay Aiken announces he'll be joining the cast of Broadway's Spamalot musical."
CDD Blogwatch
  • Nothing here yet

Monday, December 31, 2007

UNICEF Goal of $100,000 Reached....And Then Some!!

The goal to raise $100,000 to help the children in Mexico has been reached! Not only that, but as of this writing, the donations have gone 9% above the goal, and UNICEF has $109,190 to help rebuild the lives of the children and their families in Mexico. Once again, Clay fans have come through and helped Clay make a difference!

Thanks to everyone who reached deep into their pockets to give.

The Tastes of 2007 – A Clay Feast Fit For a King!

Once again we are saying goodbye to another year. 2007 was a mighty fine year for Clay and his fans. Start with a pound of Gala bidding, add two Kimmel shows, toss in a Vancouver performance, and blend with two tours. Then simmer with a pinch of a Neil Sedaka tribute and bring to a boil with a large dose of UNICEF travel. Finally marinate with $300,000 won on 5th grader and cool with an excellent ice skating celebration and you have a recipe for success.

And, yes, successful 2007 was. Does that year have you hungry for more? Does your temperature rise when you think of the possibilities in 2008? Well, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s look back at “The Tastes of 2007 – An End of Year Celebration Dinner” with monumental Clay proportions!



Kimmel Hearts – Heart-Shaped Candy good enough to have its own song. Eat these sweet tidbits and you will definitely have a song in your heart!

Mike & Juliet Layered Dip – Layer a little talking with the hosts, a hot red Claymobile, a Clay trivia game, and some karaoke and dancing with Juliet. Serve with an audience of excitable fans.

Toasted Tribute Tray – This appetizer has 50 years of great items. Cheesy Fondue Dip MC’ing by David Foster, Classy Oysters Rockefeller, complete with songs by Neil Sedaka, and last but not least, a solitaire party cheese ball made more tasty by that Solitaire singing man, Clay.


Christmas In The Heartland Holiday Dinner – This appeals to those who like a variety in their meal. Enjoy and zing and a little pizzazz with such meaty tunes as Don’t Save It All For Christmas Day with its long lasting flavorful glory note, sit back and take in the haunting lyrics and smooth aroma of Mary Did You Know, and experience a mixture of the gently stirred and yet powerfully succulent All Is Well. Something to satisfy everyone’s liking.

Soft Rock and A Hard Place SmorgasbordA buffet style table holds a variety of hot and cold dishes to tickle your taste buds. A thousand different dishes that will fill your stomach and your heart with love and have you coming back for seconds. Maybe "Rock" Cornish hen or "Soft" Shelled Crabs. A sprinkling of snarky humor makes some of these entrees not only delicious but also delightfully fun to eat! Consider trying Sloppie Joes or Really Cheesy Macaroni.

UNICEF Entrees With a Foreign Flair – Clay traveled high and low to help the children. While in Afghanistan, he taught Afghan children and gave a vaccine to a baby. Possibly he tasted this savory tidbits from our menu:

  • Samboosak (Afghan meat pies) or Mourgh (Afghan Chicken).
While in Mexico, Clay visited the sites of the earlier flooding, including the area of Tabasco and visited schools that had been damaged by the flooding. He shared a smile and a warm embrace with many children there. Some of the foods from our menu that Clay might have eaten are:
  • Chiles en Nogada (Stuffed Poblano Chilies), Huachinango Entomatado (Snapper in Tomato Sauce), or Flautas Jaliscienses (Jalisco-Style Flautas).
Possibly Clay ate one or more of these meals while spreading the message of love while in Afghanistan and Mexico.


Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? – We've got desserts that not only satisfy your taste buds but also give your brains something to feast on.
  • What country is German Chocolate Cake from? How about Brazil Nut Cookies?
  • Maybe you would like to try a piece of apple pi…and while you are enjoying those juicy apples in the pie, can you tell us what the mathematical constant, “pi” represents?
  • Can you tell me what the adjective is in these delectable desserts: Spicy Carrot Cake, Tart Lemon Cake Roll, Jumbo Molasses Cookies?
If you can answer these questions, maybe you can earn $300,000 like Clay earned for The Bubel Aiken Foundation. If not, you can still enjoy your dessert while knowing you are NOT smarter than a 5th grader.

Holiday Celebrations On IceOur desserts in this category are cold and frozen. They send chills down your spine, just like Clay singing All Is Well. Try our icy cold desserts like Cranberry Ice, Frozen Custard, or Hot Fudge Ice Cream Sundaes, which mixes the hotness of our gorgeous singer with the cold chills that run down your back as you listen to that luscious voice.

BAF Gala Goodies Galore
  • How about some tea cookies in the shape of Clay’s auctioned ring…put them in your mouth as he put the ring in his!!
  • Maybe some Gingerbread Cookies dressed in an icing shirt like the one Clay cuddled up with to bring in more donations!
  • Or maybe have a piece of Southern Peanut Butter Pie, full of southern charm that Clay overflowed with as he flirted with the bidders.
  • And finally some Mixed Nut Cookies, for that nutty snarky guy whose humor never seems to end!
Now these are some desserts that you can really sink your teeth into!

And if you can’t find anything you like on the 2007 menu, eat a little bit of spam to tide you over until 2008. Believe me, you will be able to eat spam a lot next year as well.

Are you full yet? You’re not? Well, just sit back and wait until the next menu is available in 2008. It will be a brand new menu of savory, flavorful morsels even better than in 2007! And you’ll never find yourself full enough with the treats that Clay has to offer us!!

Anyone want seconds?

Spamalot Update from Clay Nation News

Clay Nation News sent a newsletter out today updating us on the status of Spamalot.

We hope everyone respects Clay's wish for NO CAMERAS of ANY KIND at the Spamalot performances. He notes that it is illegal and punishable by fine and imprisonment to photograph or video tape any New York theater show.

The Shubert Theater handed out great promotional flyers for Clay's Spamalot appearance at the concerts. The Sunday, December 9th, New York Times also featured a quarter page color ad in announcing "What a difference a Clay makes" and showing a photoshopped Clay in Sir Robin's costume.

Clay indicated in an interview that he starts his rehearsals on January 8th. He has been fitted for his costume and he has his British accent down. January 18th is just around the corner!

Please Note: Clay has strongly requested that fans absolutely do NOT bring cameras to Spamalot or attempt to record the show in any way. It is illegal to tape a Broadway performance and is also very disruptive to the actors on stage and other audience members. The law states that filming inside New York City theaters is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months in jail and a $5,000 fine. Copyright infringement claims can bring heftier financial penalties.

UNICEF Fundraising - Last Call - 3% to Go!

We are ever so close to hitting the $100,000 target in Clay and UNICEF's fundraising drive for the children of Mexico. As of 3:55 PM EST, the total amount raised stood at $97,295! Way to go, everyone! Only a little bit more to go!

Last chance to donate ... click here for more information

Update 9:25 PM EST: congrats everyone! We've done it! Fundraising currently stands at 106%!

Tidbits 12/31

  • LoveTripper - Clay brings joy to Mexican children's Christmas -
    Smiles were once again seen on the faces of little ones living in Chiapas and Tabasco, Mexico this holiday season, thanks to the combined efforts of UNICEF and platinum-selling perfomer Clay Aiken. Taking the trek with his mother and younger brother, the singer cherished his role as a south of the border Santa, delivering gifts to over 300 children in the flood-ravaged area. A UNICEF ambassador since 2004, his journey marked the fourth time that the American Idol runner up has traveled on behalf of the charitable organization, having ventured to Banda Ache, Uganda and Afghanistan in previous years.
  • Los Angeles Times - Clay Aiken ready for "Spamalot" -
    Broadway is being "American Idol"-ized as Fantasia performs in "The Color Purple" and Clay Aiken prepares for his appearance in "Spamalot." And then there was the three-month, NBC-televised audition process known as "Grease: You're the One That I Want," which delivered the lead casting for the current Broadway revival of Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey's faux-'50s musical.
  • Inside Bay Area Buzz - prediction for 2008 ... not really sure if this is good or bad; depends on your interpretation:
    Scandalous bad girls (i.e. Paris, Lindsay, Nicole) will be replaced by Hollywood bad boys. Zac Efron, the Jonas Brothers, Pete Wentz will all follow the king of all bad boys: Clay Aiken.
  • Kinston Free Press - Kim Patrick to star with Quiana on Raleigh version of "Dreamgirls" -
    She will perform with Quiana Parler, a Charleston, S.C., native who has toured with Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson as a background vocalist and was featured in the Clay Aiken Christmas Show.
CDD Blogwatch
  • Taking A Moment gives us the "GOOD CLAY FAN WORD OF THE DAY: votary" and some ideas for organizing our Clay collection -
    One day not long ago, I was doing some tidying up in one of my main backup auxiliary Clay shrines and decided to re-organize things. I have some pretty good stuff, if I do say so myself. But I had reservations on whether any of it was archived properly or protected to the fullest extent possible, or displayed to the best advantage. As a result of several days’ work and loss of many brain cells, I’d like to offer some practical tips on maintaining your clack collection.
  • Clayigraphy - Chardonnay gives us a list of her favorite montages of 2007
  • All That Is Clay Aiken - Clay Aiken & his different kind of Christmas
  • UNICEF fundraising updates:

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Raleigh Chronicle's Article about Clay's Mexican Visit

The Raleigh Chronicle always comes through for Clay and this is certainly no exception. They ran a great story, titled "Clay Aiken Visits Mexico Over Holidays", about Clay's current visit to Mexico on behalf of UNICEF:

The Raleigh Chronicle 30.DEC.07
CHIAPAS, MEXICO — Raleigh native and recording star Clay Aiken spent the holidays as a UNICEF ambassador visiting children in Mexico that were affected by recent floods.

UNICEF says Aiken is traveling in the region with his mother and younger brother who is a Marine on leave from Iraq.

During his trip, the Aiken said in his blog that the airlines were delayed and also lost his family's luggage, but that after visiting with the people in Mexico, his problems with the trip felt insignificant.

"They have lost so much (much more than a few suitcases) but they have an unbelievable spirit and contagious joy," said Aiken in a post from the field. "This is the holiday season and the spirit of family and giving is alive and well here."

The event where Aiken was present was also attended by Isabel Aguilera de Sabines, the First Lady of the State of Chiapas and was held in the city of Ostuacán where 19 deaths were recently reported after a series of mudslides swept over the mountain community of Juan de Grijalva.

"They rolled out the red carpet for us and we celebrated the holiday together singing Jingle Bells and other holiday songs and even taking a whack at a piñata (and, believe it or not, I didn’t hit anyone!)" said Aiken in his blog. "As upbeat and positive as the people are they still need our help -- there is much to do to reconstruct their village and get their lives back to normal."

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