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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Tidbits 6/3

  • Very nice article about Clay's AI appearance from BeaversOnIdol
  • VH1 Best Week Ever poll - Who is better... Clay Aiken or Jared Leto (you must register to vote) Here's a blog explaining the poll.
  • Canyon News - AI article... 'Some of the highlights of the show that took place on May 24th, was when Clay Aiken walked on stage, sporting a jaw-dropping new look. Clay, as you know was runner-up for season two, and his CD sales have topped Ruben Studdard with his "Measure of a Man" CD. Aiken, 27, is by far the only runner-up to achieve success, second only to Kelly Clarkson.'
  • For those of you with Comcast Cable on Demand -- the CB's LUVClay26 has found Clay's The Way video. Once you are in, navigate to Music>Music Choice>What's Hot>Bo Bice: Hunk Idols. The Way is stuck in the middle of that clip.
  • Some stuff for you to check out this weekend: CB Buzz in your office, MySpace blogger discovers The Way on the radio, This is How I Measure a Man (blog), now this is how you decorate your MySpace page (thud)
  • Don't forget to check out blogs in our blogroll >>>
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New Entertainment Weekly Mentions Clay

A very nice Clay mention in the June 9th issue of Entertainment Weekly. Thanks to Clayissunshine for the scan!

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Clay in Star

Clay is in the new June 12 issue of Star Magazine. Good mention, but don't go out running to buy this rag -- they weren't so nice to Clay 4 months ago.

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Friday, June 02, 2006

Fantastic Clay Mentions in June 12 OK Magazine

Thanks to the CB's bubbles 1904 for this recap of Clay mentions in the new June 12 issue of OK magazine:

OK magazine with Jessica and Nick on the cover, June 12, 2006 issue, has 2 separate mentions of Clay, both with pictures. page 31 in an article about the AI Finale, it says Idols meeting Idols and show Clay shaking Michael's hand. Notice the difference in the size of hands. Then on page 38 a Style Alert page, they have a column that is headed This week We're Loving. Number 1 is "Clay Aiken's new look" with a little picture. 8 of the other 9 have not picture at all. Good mentions. I have no scanner so can't help with a scan.
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Tidbits 6/2

  • American Idol site... Banner ...Will Clay's hair survive? (site is just a big advertisement... no real content)
  • Take a peek at this new photo of Clay with David Foster and his daughter Sara. Taken at last week's AI finale.
  • Eufaula Tribune on the AI finale... "The most comical moment occurred later when they met Michael Sandecki-who was named Idol's "Best Impersonator" for being a Clay Aiken wannabe. He nearly passed out on stage when Aiken unexpectedly joined him for a song during the Wednesday episode."
  • Post Chronicle: American Idol Taylor Hicks hit by gay rumours by opportunistic tabloid papers (can we say... "here we go again?").
  • EarthTimes: Taylor Hicks signs record deal... mentions Clay working with Clive Davis. Here's another one from LiveDaily.
  • Indianapolis Star mentions Clay topping this week's Google Zeitgeist, as we reported a few days ago. "Aiken tops Zeitgeist -- 'American Idol' star Clay Aiken, who made a surprise appearance May 24 on the show's season finale, was first on Google Zeitgeist's list of gaining queries for the week ending May 29."
  • Orlando Sentinel columnist doesn't really like Clay's new hair: "What was that hairdo on Clay Aiken, the poor thing? Did some genius actually "style" that?"
  • TVnz: AI starting in NZ, very brief Clay mention.
  • Lycos50: Clay 7th most searched for artist, up 3 to 36 on main list. (we've just been informed that this is out of date... Lycos hasn't updated the list since May 20)
  • Chicago Reader: article about the author of Clay Aiken: From Second Place to the Top of the Charts
  • Reno Gazette-Journal: AI5 CD "recommended if you like: Clay Aiken, Bo Bice, karaoke bars."
  • Uh... we're not sure whether this a spoof or this is real. A Socialite's Life: Katharine McPhee asked to sing at Tom Cruise's wedding after "Clay Aiken, turned down the opportunity to sing for the couple."
  • Check out this fantastic montage (YouTube) by myclaystation. Get ready to thud!
  • The CB's VisionsOfClayInMyHead shared an article from her school book highlighting Clay obsession. (scan below)
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"The Wired Baron" Praises Clay, Claymates

The Wired Baron, published by the Fountain Valley High School Online News network had heapings of praise for Clay. Here's what they say in their article on Clay:

Michael Sandecki, recipient of the "Best Impersonation"award was among the lucky few who were recognized. Sandecki was given the opportunity to perform a song by his favorite idol, Clay Aiken.

American Idol, notorious for their wildcard decisions, threw in one more surprise for this nominee. Within minutes of his performance a renowned pop artist and heartthrob stepped up to the mic. Season two runner-up, Clay Aiken accompanied Sandecki in Elton John's "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me."Sandecki, too thrilled to articulate, stood in awe with his jaw dropped as Aiken charmed the audience.

However, this guest appearance was not only a treat for Michael Sandecki. Many Clay fans (also known as "Claymates") were pleased to see that he had sported a new longer, darker haircut, which resembled a more modern Beatle. How remarkable is this new look? E! had dedicated a brief segment on the 27th in order to comment Aiken's new hairstyle. Undoubtedly this transformation had been a hot topic in the media.

Aiken's powerful performance and new style was just the wake-up call needed for Clay fans and non-fans alike. This visit on Idol certainly boosted his popularity. Many are now clambering all over record stores in order to purchase his CDs, while others are anticipating the release of his new album which is rumored to be released between June 20th and July 17th. By being a motivational writer, UNICEF ambassador, and lovable underdog, Aiken has been an inspiration to all. After such an amazing appearance, this accomplished star will no longer be "invisible"to the public.
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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Check out ClayKat's Blog

You don't want to miss ClayKat's cool Clay Aiken blog. She offers some very interesting insight into the Clay nation!

Go to Claykat's blog.

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CD to Drop in July?

The CH's calleik and the OFC's renybc, who both have connections with those in the music industry posted messages last night, fueling speculation that an official CD release date (rumoured to be July) will be announced soon. Keep in mind everything you read below is pure RUMOR.

Oh...and...I still believe in July. I hear, I share.

*The ClackHouse holds its collective breath.* Those fireworks are going to blast the paint off the walls.

Love songs will never be the same again.

I just know July is going to be a HOT month. Not sure about the actual CD drop yet. But there is going to be a lot going on from what I am hearing. I really think we're looking at a single in June or July. The fall thing is a fake-out. This whole campaign is based on shock and awe. It has started. It's going to continue in that fashion. Expect the unexpected. In spades. Strap on the seatbelt...or maybe the oxygen mask.

Still not convinced? Watch the [AI] video again. Watch his eyes. Just...his eyes.

ETA: Oh...and a postscript...our man's stock has shot up to an exorbitant level. There are bidding wars going on. I love it! We will soon have an embarrassment of riches.

...and the Official Fanclub's renybc posted this:
I have no idea who Calliek speaks with, I don't know her at all but what she hears is certainly almost eerily identical to what I'm hearing and I've certainly enjoyed it.

I have friends in the recording business only because I also used to work with them at a label and have stayed in touch over the years. It's not just Clay I hear about and I'm certainly not hearing because I am a Clay fan. In fact, they think that part of it is absolutely hysterical. I once refused to work on a Duran Duran promotion because they weren't "cool" enough for me and now I worship at the altar of the adorkable one.

Clay is incredibly hot right now, he is the talk of the industry, great things are both happening and expected from and for Clay and they suggest I watch for exciting news in the next few weeks and prepare myself for a smoking July.

Someone asked me what I meant when I said my friend had great expectations from Clay, as well as for him.

A good question, so I called and asked and this is what he said:

Right now I'd say the biggest buzz on your darling Clay is that we think he's going to exceed everyone's expectations and is poised to amaze and astonish with his talent now that people, yes me too, are receptive to him. The general opinion is that he's ready to show the world who Clay Aiken really is and, after the way he blow the lid off last week, I've got a whole new appreciation for just what this kid is capable of. I guess I should have gone to that concert with you after all. How about next tour?

This is a huge statement someone who laughed at my Clay love not very long ago.

The friend who made the lovely statement above is a high level executive for a major label and has been in the music business for over 20 years.
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Clay in People and Life & Style Magazines

Clay's new hair is featured in both the new issue of People (June 12, 2006 issue) and the new issue of Life & Style (June 2006 issue). Isn't it nice to see all this Clay buzz?

(Left: People; Right: Life & Style)

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Clackhouse, Clayversity Open "Clack Unlimited"

Following yesterday's closure of (the site is still up, but no clack can be downloaded), our friends over at Clayversity and The Clackhouse have opened Clack Unlimited, a cooperative clack sharing project run by members from both boards.

Clack Unlimited will soon be home to the most extensive archive of Clay video and audio files.

Please donate any amount you can to the site since running such a clack website will cost thousands of dollars per year.

A sizeable amount of video caps are already up on Clack Unlimited.

Here is Clack Unlimited's message to you!


CLACK UNLIMITED will provide the fandom with a full archive of clack from past tours and appearances as well as new clack as soon as it becomes available.

This site is truly a cooperative undertaking by fans. It is being run by the clack providers you already know and trust. We're taking over for ATCA, who did a wonderful job sharing public clack for the last two years. The servers and infrastructure will be maintained by The Clackhouse with support and clack-sharing from Clayversity.

We will initially make available the most recent new clack -- Clay's appearance on AI and the resulting media buzz. We are working hard to make the full clack archives available to everyone but fans should be aware that the archive requires sizeable investment in hardware and software infrastructure. To house the archives we will need a very large server with unlimited bandwidth, a very expensive undertaking. The cost for ATCA was several thousand dollars per month. We expect our costs will be similar.

We trust that fans will continue to support this public clack site, so important for existing fans and the conversions of new fans! Please help us make this the best clack resource on the web!
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Tidbits 6/1

It's been over a week now since AI and we're still getting a few AI articles.

  • Wire Image has several pictures of Clay from AI5, including one with David Foster. Put in "Clay Aiken" under "Search" (left side of page) to find the pictures.
  • Taylor Hicks signs on to Arista/19. Mentions success of past idols. Blogcritics also has an article similar to this.
  • Real GM Football: very nice Clay mention in this football article -- "Most of the contestants on Idol will fade back into everyday life in a few months, while winning the whole thing doesn't secure anything but a record deal that could very well fail. A few years ago a very large man by the name of Ruben Studdard beat Clay Aiken in the annual competition. That didn't stop Ruben from fading, and Clay from ultimately excelling."
  • As we reported yesterday, Clay was the highest gainer on Google last week-- Internet Ad Sales
  • Pop Matters has a reality check for Clay's copy-cat Michael Sandecki: "One perfect example from this season of this phenomenon was the annoying, wiry young man who entered the studio claiming he was the second coming of Clay Aiken. After he performed part of truly horrible rendition of some song, Simon stopped him. When the potential Idol whined about how he was Season Five's Aiken, Simon Cowell responded acerbically, 'But Clay Aiken could sing.' With this one line, he perfectly encapsulated the problem with Idol."
  • Carlisle Sentinel: Idols' futures are bright. "Even non-winners such as Clay Aiken have released their own CDs after their time on the show expired."
  • Daily Texan's article on season finales. Mentions Clay on AI finale.
  • Wicked Chop Poker: small mention of CDD affilate
  • "And to all you American Idol fans who chose to watch Clay Aiken's new hairstyle instead of what had to be the best two hours of television in years, all I can say is you can McSuck it."
  • Kansas City Star's review of Michael Bolton's new CD... "he ought to be 'swinging' mere mortals, like Andy Williams or Clay Aiken."
  • MediaFiends: The 58 best AI performances according to Jlynn206... Clay -- #52 Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch; #34 Unchained Melody; #14 This Is The Night; #3 Bridge Over Troubled Water
  • Uh... we're not sure what the folks over at were thinking when writing this one up.
  • Clay's name was mentioned on a recent episode of The WB's new show Pepper Dennis... The main star mentioned how she "voted for Clay like 300 times".
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Sales Quadruple After AI Appearance

USA Today says this week's sales of Measure of a Man increased over the previous week's sales by over 400%. Due to Clay's appearance on American Idol, sales of MOAM were in excess of 2,000 units. This is in contrast with sales 2 weeks ago of about 500 copies per week. These figures are impressive, given the fact it has almost been 3 years since MOAM dropped.

Congratulations Clay!

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

See... We're Not The Only Ones. Non-Clay Fan's Comments

The CB's MixnJude found this awesome post about Clay's appearance on AI last week. Best of all, it was from an American Idol board's non-Clay fan. See Claymates, we're not the only one gushing about our boyfriend. ;)

Principality Aiken eclipses even Prince

By now, everyone will have agreed that the American Idol finale was by far the most sensational of them all. I'd like to recap one most extraordinary moment. Or rather, my take on said instant.

The awards are given and I am somewhat surprised that such beautiful trophies have been made and are actually handed out for those low-grade performances. Couldn't they have been given out to the 12 finalists for outstanding achievement, or something? Nevertheless, this kid--Michael Sandecki --who was bashed during his audition, is handed a trophy for best look-alike, and is then asked to sing. As the audition reject begins his unlikely rendition, I'm thinking how nice for him, how nice of AI, and how completely odd, all at the same time. Until the backdrop is raised, the figure appears and the crowd goes wild. The kid--none the wiser--assumes the audience is loving his performance and keeps on singing. The suspense is staggering.

(Here's the disclaimer: I am not a fan; I don't own his CDs and I haven't followed his career. Sorry.)

Even with the close up, it takes me a few seconds to recognize him. His hair is longer, darker. His pale skin is the angelical contrast that brings his face into full focus. The new look is uncanny yet striking. Coupled with his phantasmagoric presence, it forewarns of something untamed and latent; like copper embers willfully subdued, silently smoldering over this pristine porcelain visage, yet ready to be set ablaze at the very first vocals with all the passion that his singing unleashes. Then there's something about the way he carries himself--and this unforgettable expression of his--that has me riveted to my television screen.

With the noble bearing of a prince, Clay Aiken inches towards his fan--mic in hand. His expression is a radiant and intoxicating mix of impish playfulness and powerful self-confidence; it accurately reflects his anticipation of the genuine pleasure of surprising an admirer, his love of performing, and this underlying intensity--a hint of seriousness that permeates his commanding presence and keeps me mesmerized and on the edge of my seat with expectancy. Now, that's what I call making an entrance! There is no denying it: his entire persona exudes raw magnetism. Could it be that, surreptitiously, this moment has turned the finale into Principality Aiken, and I've become but his humble subject? Whatever it be, my undivided attention is entirely his. And, quite frankly, I am floored.

I recall the first time I'd seen him sing. It was on a daytime talk show--Ellen, as I recall it. Now, if I had enjoyed "Invisible", I had been even more charmed by his demeanor, the look of pure joy that was evident in his eyes in those rare frontal close-ups. There is something truly magical happening when Clay Aiken makes eye-contact with the camera. For some reason, his happiness is contagious. I strongly suspect that that mystical "reason" has everything to do with the fact that Mr. Aiken is genuine. In fact, the only thing that I've found annoying in his subsequent performances has been the editing. (What's up with all those sideways close-ups, really!? )

But coming back to the finale at hand, if Michael Sandecki is passionate about his idol, it is clear that that love is reciprocated, and that Clay Aiken fully appreciates his fans. The mic is finally raised to his lips, as Michael suddenly turns and at last comes face to face with his true American idol--live and in the flesh--for the shock of his lifetime, and one of the most delightful moments in recent TV history. Time-travel-like dissimilarities notwithstanding, his mirror image has masterfully taken over the song, and now shakes his hand, as the kid convulses with awe. The astonishment subsiding and giving way to pure joy, Michael summons enough self-control to join The Voice he worships for a duet rendition of "Don't let the sun go down on me", making this the true climax of the finale of American Idol, that not even Prince's appearance--or the winner's announcement for that matter--managed to eclipse.

As for me, I suspect I've become addicted to a moment; the very one when, as the sheer embodiment of the ultimate charismatic stage presence, Clay Aiken and that haunting expression of his becomes a transfusion of happiness in my core. His new look? Love it; simply love it! However, not having access to Tivo, the next day I found myself endlessly surfing variety shows for a glimpse, a replay, an encore of "The Moment". Yet it's not enough and I'm already having acute withdrawal symptoms. I positively need more!

Memo to myself: as soon as feasible, pick up all Clay Aiken CDs and DVDs. Then will I finally be worthy of bestowing upon myself the supreme title, that of full-fledged Clay Aiken fan...
Eva H.

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"Clay Aiken" Google's Biggest Gainer

WOW! Searches for Clay had the biggest increase on Google this past week! He even beat American Idol winner Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee! Incredible! The BUZZ is definately on!

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InTouch Weekly Publishes Clay's New Look

The June 12th issue of In Touch Weekly features Clay's new look prominently in its "Big Changes" section.

Thanks to the OFC's Butterflyshine for the scan!

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Hitwise: Clay Searches Following Finale Skyrocketed

According to Hitwise, a blog about the search and blogging industry, searches and blog postings mentioning "Clay Aiken" skyrocketed across the internet after last week's AI finale appearance. Take a look at these two charts... pretty self-explanitory.

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Tidbits 5/31

  • New Times: 'Some bad day 30 years from now, a musical about the first decade of the 21st century will undoubtedly highlight all of the singles produced by American Idol winners. That's what I mean. Sure, there might be a few sad reflections thrown in about terrorism and war, but mostly it will be cheery, like, "Remember back in 2009 when we listened to iPods and still had the right to vote?" and then they'll sing a memorial duet to honor Clay Aiken and Celine Dion.'
  • American Idol PR about Taylor Hick's signing to Arista Records... "The 29 year old Alabama native, that captured the hearts of millions of viewers by pouring heart and soul into every performance, joins the ranks of other idols that have gone on to have outstanding music careers under the guidance of Davis. Previous Idol winners and runner ups have sold a staggering 33 million records which includes music from Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, Ruben Studdard and Bo Bice."
  • Raleigh News & Observer: Athlete of the week 'dislikes' Clay Aiken. (hey... why should we care?)
  • Fantastic Beavers On Idol article on Clay's AI appearance last week... "no matter what he changes on the outside, the inside is always gracious, admirable, compassionate and chivalrous... that night Clay showed the world how to treat someone who is different. He was kindly and generous with the so-called 'Aiken wannabe'."
  • Don't forget to check out The Clay Blog... a really cool Clay blog.
  • Claybeauty's "Clay beauty" analysis of Clay's sizzling new look.
  • Uh... I guess this is what happens after watching and thuding for the Clay too much. Check out this hilarious YouTube fan video.
  • ...and don't miss this fantastic Clay montage to the tune of Bon Jovi. YouTube.
  • blog about the new Clay... (check out the comments too!)..."Oh, no, the Clay Aiken lookalike is going to sing. I guess he's the new William Hung, right? And there's CLAY AIKEN! Could this be any weirder? Or something. Clay's hair is pretty, though. Lookalike is about the have a heart attack."
  • A reminder... please vote for Clay on AOL's Best Idol poll. Clay is STILL stuck in 4th place!

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Today is your last chance to see before it closes tomorrow!

Don't miss this piece of Clay nation history. Visit ATCA before it's too late.

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Claymates Disappointed At New

Yesterday's premiere of the new Measure of A Fan drew a very lukewarm reception. Many Claymates are upset and disappointed that the site has chosen to become an American Idol website, yet still call themselves a place for Clay Aiken fans to gather.

Nonetheless, MOAF insists that it is still a very Clay Aiken centered website.

MOAF responded to some of these criticisms today saying:

Is this a Clay Aiken Site?
Of course it is! In order to keep it current, we're using technology that wasn't available to us three years ago -- and that includes automatic content updates. At the moment, we can't trust that all the automated content we receive on Clay will be 100% positive, so it all has to be screened. We've never been shy about posting all the news we could find on OMC, but lately -- some of it has been very malicious, and we can't risk that kind of thing automatically appearing on our site.

In the short term, we pulled data on other performers as a proof of concept.

What about the Media Gallery?

We draw the line there. We have 11,000+ media files that are ONLY of Clay -- we can't possible host videos of other performers, nor do we want to. The only "exception" we've made in the past are with MP3s of American Idol Contestant performances, and with Clay-related montages and fan events.
CDD recommends that you do not donate to MOAF until the site is completely up and running and Claymates can evaluate the worthiness of the site., a previous co-owner of the site has split from the new site establishing its own site.

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Clay Sweeps Korea

Clay is the most searched for pop star on South Korea's #1 web portal, Naver.

The CB's Bloomingclay says:
After his appearance on AI5 and the pics of him got uploaded on our fanclub, we kinda went craazzzy. Those pics floated all over the famous internet sites in Korea(most of wich were posted by us:grin ), about 250 people joined the fanclub during 5 days,etc,etc,etc. Anyway, during the chat, somebody suggested that we search him on Naver(the most popular portal site here) and he got #1 in 'foreign singers category(which includes singers from US,China,HongKong,Japan,etc)!!!!! He was around #113 at first and went up to #46,#28 then finally he is #1 now!!!!!
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Help BAF Receive $500,000 Grant from GM and Pontiac

The folks over at NBC and GM are annoucing a special promotion called the "Raise the Roof" event. Tied into NBC's The Apprentice season finale next week, GM wants to know which charity should receive $500,000 grant from GM.

The money will be granted based on the number of votes each charity receives in a special online voting session. Voting begins at Pontiac's promotions website tomorrow at 12 PM EDT (noon).

PLEASE E-MAIL EVERYONE an ask them to vote for the Bubel Aiken Foundation.

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Tidbits 5/30

  • Nashua Telegraph: politics and American Idol -- "My favorite moment from last week's exciting 'Idol' results show? Not Meat Loaf. Not Prince. Not Clay Aiken and the dead animal on his head. I just loved when John Kerry conceded defeat by phoning Hicks. It was a class act, Sen. Kerry."
  • Princeton Packet- "Forget Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken"... announcin Princeton Idol.
  • American Daily on winning American Idol: "It really doesn't matter. Look who won the second American Idol: Ruben Stoddard, a guy who was morbidly obese at some 300 pounds or more, beating out the best voice of that season, Clay Aiken, who has since sold many more CD recording than the big guy who sweat his way through every song."
  • LJ World: Hicks doesn't look like a star: "Even Clay Aiken, who started out geeky looking in Season Two, ended that year with contacts, better clothes and much better hair. He looked like a star."
  • Black Entertainment: ratings news for last week's Idol finale. (a tad inaccurate since AI2's finale still had the most viewers averaging the entire show)... " Ratings for Wednesday's Idol was up 20 percent from the 2005 finale that crowned Carrie Underwood; and inched beyond the 2003 Ruben Studdard-Clay Aiken final showdown to become the most-watched Idol ever."
  • Arizona Republic's Idol panelist: "My highlights were Clay Aiken, the Brokenote Cowboys and Mary J. Blige."
  • MSN Video: MSNBC interviews Michael Sandecki, "America's newest star." -- Very complimentary to both Clay and Michael.
  • Miami Herald blog: "Former American Idol fave Clay Aiken (shown in his boy-next-door days at far left) has adopted a new, trendier look seen near right. There is no phrase for his new look, exactly. until there is, we'll go with fey grunge."
  • Using My Voice (Clay) blog: Clay Aiken moment on last week's idol was the best moment from the finale. Very nice photo essay -- "Clay was so gracious, extending Michael's time in the spotlight, and obviously getting a big kick out of the whole thing. Plus, he reminded everyone that he has one of the best voices of his generation, making it not just a great humerous moment, but a great musical moment as well. And, of course, he looked every inch the star. Many, many people who were polled or interviewed after the show rated it as their favorite part of the finale."
  • Hollywood Reporter's article on American Idol's success. 'Whoever wins or even finishes second, whether it be Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken or Carrie Underwood, becomes a true idol."'
  • Foxes On Idol: is Taylor Hicks' "Soul Patrol" as big (or bigger) than Clay Aiken's Claymates?
  • Knight Riddler Wire: Coolest AI finale moment "had to be the new 'do that Clay Aiken was sporting. It looked like he had spent way too much time watching the Charlize Theron bomb, 'Aeon Flux' on SpectraVision in his hotel suite. Either that or he had swum to the stage through a thick bed of kelp."
  • Worcester Telegram & Gazette News article about a teen who likes Clay.
  • Wicked Chop Poker blog... uh... not sure what this is. Not really important. (content is PG-13)
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Monday, May 29, 2006

RCA To Release New CD-Single?

LUVClay26 says her local Borders is listing a new CD-Single for Clay. We're not sure as to the crediblity of this seeing that this comes from a bookstore. Sources also tell CDD that this is a 'leftover' listing from 2003's cancelled Invisible single.

I went to Borders today after having a rough morning, and I decided to search "Clay Aiken" just for grins and giggles to see if there was anything new. Well, I hope this was not my eyes decieving me.

In the listing, there was a NEW listing for a CD SINGLE. It didn't have a date nor title, but it said something like "not available yet." So, there was a listing up for around $5.00 for a CD single. There was nothing as far as an LP, but the single thing was there. Also, the "not available yet" says to me it is something NEW.

If anyone wants to go and confirm this, go ahead. I hope I wasn't seeing thing, repeated something someone what someone else may have seen, nor get shot down in this thread by "insiders." I just thought it was AWESOME to FINALLY see something that indicated something NEW is on its way. :)

Please let this be it! :pray It was just a single (and it was NOT S'way, TITN/BOTW nor "Invisble" - it was "untitled"), but I will take it.
CDD will keep you up to date on this as soon as more information is made available.

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Measure of A Fan Returns!

The new Measure of a Fan is finally here after a 6 month wait. The new site, sporting a hot new look has some great new look including a dynamic calendar, news postings and a 9,000+ file clack library (only 20% of it is actually online... more clack is being uploaded daily). The site is also making a shift that will see more American Idol content being integrated. For example, all of Kelly Clarkson's tourdates are up on the calendar.

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Another Photo From Finale

Jeanette Cowell posted on her MySpace blog tons of photos from last week's finale. It seems she met every celebrity there including Clay, seen above with Jeanette and Tamyra Gray.

...and FYI, Jeanette doesn't have any relations with Simon.

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Tidbits 5/29

  •, AI's official website, has a few photos of Clay performing at the finale in its photo gallery now.
  • Another Associated Press wire story. This one is entirely about last Wednesday's Clay/Michael Sandecki duet. "When I first auditioned, I said my dream was to do a duet with Clay Aiken. They let me live my dream," Sandecki said.
  • andPOP and Electric New Paper Asia: McPhee says being runner-up isn't that bad: "Being a runner-up gives more career freedom and she wouldn't mind being the next Clay Aiken."
  • Blogcritics: "Here's to hoping Kat goes Clay Aiken on us and not Bo Bice."
  • The Sun News: AI is one hot shot -- "Clay Aiken, the runner-up in 2003, was teaching in Raleigh public schools until the show sent him into orbit as an international star."
  • Charlotte Observer: Underwood, Seacrest visit Idol state... "What about the fact there were three North Carolinians among the finalists this year, not to mention Clay Aiken and Fantasia before?"
  • Reality TV Magazine: most memorable AI finale moments-- "As Clay Aiken look-a-like Michael Sandecki sang 'Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me," the real Clay Aiken walked out behind him. Michael Sandecki's surprise reaction was the leading topic of water-cooler conversations on the day after the finale."
  • Another Blogcritics article... deals largely with Clay's new look and a bit of history on the thing (you know what we're talking about), but they do it nicely. "The producers managed one of these perfectly constructed TV moments. Sandecki got to act out the homage to Idol's awards show roots, we watched his Clay Faiken audition in all its bladder-tightening glory, then Ryan made us wonder if the show had jumped the line to full-on mean by asking Sandecki to sing again. As he screeched while scrunching up his face for a few painful bars, suddenly from behind door number three, Idol 2A version of Clay Aiken popped out. As a bonus, Aiken sounded better on Elton John (wow, interesting choice there) than any of this year's contestants ever managed. Yes, I'm looking at you, Levon lite."
  • Here's a hot YouTube video chronicling Clay's "return"
  • The CB's Debya's fantastic "Nobody does it better" photo montage.
  • Clay's return is still sending shockwaves through the blogging world says's pop columnist.
  • Entertainment Weekly interview with Katharine McPhee. She says, "But Clay has obviously shown that being the runner-up is just as great as being the American Idol."
  • Mediafiends: Katharine won't fade away: "She will not fade away into the sunset like past runners up (save Clay)."
  • Want a limited edition BAF jersey? Here's your chance.... eBay auction.
  • On Extra today, Simon Cowell said: "Clay, no disrespect, but your new look - particularly your hair, was horrible."
  • According to unconfirmed rumours, all 3 American Idol judges gave Clay a standing ovation after Clay performed on AI last week. This was not shown on TV (commercial break)
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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Tidbits 5/28

  • Above: a new shot of Clay with AI5 semi-finalist Will Makar at Wednesday's Idol finale.
  • RealityTV Magazine mentions Clay's search buzz on Yahoo: "The Yahoo Buzz Index shows the American Idol Tour as one of the most searched for Summer tours. As far as overall Yahoo Buzz Index searches, the American Idols are dominating the charts. American Idol related terms occupy four of the top five overall search spots currently. Making the top five list are American Idol, Katharine McPhee, Taylor Hicks, and Clay Aiken."
  • Ottawa Citizen article about "teenboppers"... "Pop culture/music writer Kristen Kidder examines the phenomenon of teenyboppers -- those young girls who scream, swoon, gush and faint at concerts starring the likes of the Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync and Clay Aiken (and, more than 60 years ago, the original pop star, Frank Sinatra). One woman she spoke to admitted to almost killing herself in 1989, only to be dissuaded upon hearing the New Kids On the Block singing "Please Don't Go, Girl" on the radio. Funny, I only considered killing myself AFTER hearing it."
  • Salt Lake City Tribune: AI finale was lackluster... "Heck, even past "Idol" star Clay Aiken was better than Hicks and McPhee."
  • MySanAntonio: Clay mention in sports column. Not very nice.
  • MJ's big blog offers a recap of last week's American Idol finale:
    It's time for another "Golden Idol". This time it's
    "Best Impersonation" and we get to see the dude from Boston who sang a dead-ringer impersonation of Cher, A Micheal Jackson wannabe and Michael Sandecki, also from Boston, who had this nutty idea that he sounded just like Clay Aiken. Micheal wins the "award". He's there and they shuffle him out to sing 'Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me'--you know--just like Clay Aiken. Micheal looks like he snuck into Pauler's stash before the show--he's got some serious twitching going on.

    Just as I'm thinking "Ugh, get this guy off my TV," out from behind the stage walks... Clay Aiken? Uhhm, in a wig? He's got this black mop-top do and it looks really strange. At first I think the hair is part of the joke. I spend several seconds trying to figure it out. Finally I realize that the hair sort of new look. Then I spend more time thinking Clay should fire his stylist. Seriously. It's not a good look. I'm really distracted.

    Oh, Clay is singing. Once I'm able to focus again, I listen to Clay's voice, and I remember why I enjoyed him so much as a contestant Season 2. That boy can sing. He really can.
  • WebMetricsGuru talks about "Idle" demographics -- "Clay Aiken, who we can almost say won AI 2, has many more woman searching for him on the web than men - and after 51 years of age, it's 10:1 woman over men."
  • In case any of you could'nt play the Larry King video from yesterday in our CDD Video on Demand player, CNN has posted a handy transcript of the show here.
  • Small Clay mention on TV Guide last night. Referred briefly to Clay's AI appearance.
  • Nice article from Incense & Spices's Diane Sprugue. Talks about the rejuvination of the Clay nation.
  • Boston Herald: celebrity gossip blogs turning a profit. (mentions the fact one of them first broke the Clay on AI story). PLEASE ONLY READ THE ARTICLE... DO NOT VISIT THE BLOGS... THEY'RE NASTY.
  • Montgomery Advertiser: Where the idols are from... (nothing big. Just says Clay's from NC)
  • INQ7 News: more American Idol stuff... "Clay Aiken (sporting a new Beatle-esque hairdo that is a shade darker--'AI' fanatics were divided as to whether the mop was cool or alarming), walking onstage to join [Sandecki] for the famous Aiken rendition of 'Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me' was an absolute surprise."
  • If CDD's "New look" wallpaper is not your taste, try these ones at Best of Clay.
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Idol Producer Talks Reveals Secret Plan

Are you still wondering how the American Idol producers got Clay into the Kodak Theatre without anyone noticing? Well, here was the perfectly executed plan courtesy Clayversity's Carolina Clay:

Lythgoe Reveals Secrecy Plans

In a local TV interview on KTLA-TV, executive producer Nigel Lythgoe revealed that details of Clay's appearance and performance were kept secret from almost everyone, the judges and Ryan included. Clay arrived at an obscure entrance in an SUV with tinted windows. Attracting no attention whatsover, he walked in unnoticed with wardrobe personnel and the garments they were transporting and secretly watched the show in a nearby building before being escorted to the stage just in time for his grand entrance.
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