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Saturday, October 29, 2005

NY Times Article

Small mention in today's New York Times. Abridged article appears below.

'Always Magic in the Air': Leaders of the Pack
Published: October 30, 2005

Rock 'N' ROLL died toward the end of the 1950's, when Elvis Presley got his G.I. buzz cut, Little Richard found religion, Chuck Berry was arrested, Buddy Holly died in a plane crash and Jerry Lee Lewis drove his fans away by taking his 13-year-old cousin as his bride (while still married to his second wife). The music that replaced the supercharged version of rhythm and blues made by those men was polished and faintly ridiculous, but it ruled the airwaves until the Beatles set things aright by scaring off all rock 'n' roll pretenders with their primitive-seeming mop-top energy.

The author has little patience for the "authenticity" argument. Citing two current acts who have recorded Bacharach-David songs, he writes, "However disparate their music, Clay Aiken and the White Stripes are equally pop." In the same vein, he notes that Presley himself scored No. 1 hits with songs ("Hound Dog," "Jailhouse Rock") written by Leiber and Stoller, and that, early on, the Beatles recorded Goffin-King's "Chains." Later British invasion bands, who, myth would have it, put an end to the Brill Building style, also made hits from material cranked out at 1650 and 1619 Broadway.

Clay's MySpace Updated

Check out Clay's updated MySpace! From there, you can stream Mary Did You Know. MySpace keeps track of the number of spins of the song, so be sure to head on over and spin it to support Clay.

Joint Announcement from ATCA/Clackhouse Regarding JNT2005 Clack Hosting

This announcement was posted this morning at the Clackhouse. is undergoing a number of changes so clack can be shared with the Clay nation as quickly as possible. ATCA is also in need of your monetary support, so if you use ATCA, please donate any amount you can to help offset the high costs of running a site like ATCA.


Many of you are aware of the site run by KCClaymate called All Things Clay Aiken (or simply ATCA) which hard to works provide clack to a significant portion of the fandom.

What you may not know is that, during the last few months, the tremendous influx of clack has made it extremely challenging for sites like ATCA, which don't have an on-site community and staff, to keep their content up-to-date.

The Clack House and gonzofan have always worked closely with other clack dealers to make certain that media files get out to both the private and public fan sites, and ATCA is an invaluable part of that network. After talking at length with KCClaymate about ATCA's needs, the CH and gonzofan have agreed to work more closely with that site, starting with the JNT2.

KCClaymate will be implementing the following minor changes, to ensure clack is made available to the fandom at large as quickly as possible:

1) KCClaymate has always had direct access to the CH Vault allowing her to retrieve and host files immediately, but the sheer volume of clack in recent months has made it challenging to keep ATCA updated with new clack in 'real time' as it becomes available.

To help ATCA host JNT2 clack as quickly as possible after processing, the CH admins will be given direct access to the ATCA server and will upload files directly to the online area. (That means, when files are finished being processed and are moved to the CH Vault, another copy will be online at ATCA.)

gonzofan will be doing the same with any clips that she processes.

The CH will post the availability of these files on its boards, as usual, with a footnote that the files are also available at ATCA, info which can then be passed along to other boards.

2) KCClaymate will be changing the interface of her site to a 'directory tree' listing (heirarchical folders), to avoid the bottle-neck that occurs when fans have to wait for links to be updated on html pages.

Funding ATCA: In order to provide access to a high volume of media at high speeds, KCClaymate has invested in many upgrades to her server and internet connection. If you use her site to download clack, please don't forget to donate, if possible, to help meet operating costs. Please note that ATCA provides high-speed access at all times -- not only when Clay is actively on tour -- and that donations are welcomed at all times.

To donate now, you can paypal

Clay Returing To Insider Monday

The Official Fanclub tells us Clay'll be on The Insider Monday.

10/28/05 / Clay on The Insider 10/31
A behind-the-scenes exclusive with Clay from Joyful Noise 2005 rehearsals will air on The Insider, this coming Monday, October 31st! Check your local listings for show times. Be sure to tune in! Hosts Clay Discussion Monday Oct. 31

The Washington Post will be hosting a special live discussion with Clay this Monday at 1 PM EST about this year's UNICEF Halloween Trick-Or-Treat campaign. Clay is the spokesperson for this year's campaign. The Post is looking for questions to pose to Clay on Monday right now. You can submit your question here. This event is only for registered users of, so be sure to sign up (free) before Monday.

Monday, Oct. 31, 1 p.m. ET
UNICEF Ambassador
Clay Aiken

National Spokesperson, 2005 Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF Campaign and Recording Artist
Monday, October 31, 2005; 1:00 PM

Clay Aiken, national spokesperson for the 2005 Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF campaign and "American Idol" finalist and multiplatinum recording artist, will be online Monday, Oct. 31, at 1 p.m. ET for a special AUDIO discussion about this year's fundraising program.

United States Fund for UNICEF

Submit your questions and comments before or during the discussion. An AUDIO link will be provided for listening upon its conclusion. There will be no transcript of the discussion.

Last March, Aiken traveled to the tsunami stricken region of Indonesia where he visited many affected children at schools and shelters. Most recently, he visited Uganda where a civil war has been raging since 1988 and more than 20,000 children have been abducted to be used as combatants or sex slaves. And he has taken his mission to help and protect vulnerable children to the U.S. Congress where he challenged the nation's leaders to keep their commitment to these children.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Seattle Times Poll

The Seattle Times wants to know which concert is the best ticket cover!
Cast your vote for Clay here (scroll down a little bit).

Is American Idol Worth It?

Reality Check: Is "American Idol" really worth it for contestants?
Michael McManus
October 28, 2005

There's one television show that holds a special place in a many reality fans' hearts. Schedules are adjusted, phones get unplugged, and meals are skipped, solely to watch the one show that dominates in reality television: "American Idol."

The concept seems too good to be true. Audition, sing, and if you're good enough, win a million dollar contract and the love of thousands of fans.

Former "Idol" contestants such as Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia Barrino, Clay Aiken, and Carrie Underwood did just that.

Unfortunately, with any show that exploits and/or uses real people in a game setting, there will always be controversy and speculation close behind. Whether it be racial prejudice, voting fraud, or gender bias, "American Idol" has seen its fair share. But what happens to the artists who don't win the show? They sing, boost ratings, and are then voted off. Does their singing career end? The answer is rather complex.

According to Sammy Burns, a music executive for RCA Records, "The phrase 'American Idol' is great for the television viewers it doesn't, however, cross over to the music world easily."

Many radio stations around the United States often disregard any CDs or singles with an "American Idol" connection. Kelly Clarkson and Fantasia have seen their share of radio play, but unfortunately you have to win to see this success.

"American Idol" isn't the only reality show that has this effect on a contestant's life. Jenna Lewis, a contestant on "Survivor" and recent cast member of the reality show "Kill Reality," said that, "Nobody takes me seriously any more, they hear the word 'survivor' and move onto the next person in line."

Although it doesn't seem fair that a talented singer or actress should be denied a role in television or music, it definitely makes sense.

"American Idol" has one goal. To find the best undiscovered talent in the United States? Along the way, the show encounters the "wannabes" but they are quickly put in the shadows by the true star, the winner of the show. All the viewers who watch "American Idol" have their favorites, but after they are sent home they find someone else to favor, leaving the recent castoff as only a distant memory. It's unfortunate, but holds true in nearly every case.

Justin Guarini placed second on the first season and released his self-titled debut two months after Kelly Clarkson was crowned American Idol. The results? He was dropped from his label. Tamyra Gray, another successful Idol from that season was also dropped from her label. Diana Degarmo? Dropped. There is no doubt that these performers were extremely talented, so what happened?

"American Idol" happened. These contestants will never rid themselves of the television show that made them a star and took it away the next. Kelly Clarkson once said, "I have yet to sit through an interview where I am not asked about my 'Idol' experience." Does she regret it? Or course not. Clarkson has seen tremendous success on the charts and has dominated in nearly every aspect of her musical career.

Reality television is a ticket to instant fame. The contestants don't have to work to get to where they are, their fame is created as soon as the show premieres. Like anything that happens too quickly, their fame usually fades. The phrase "15 minutes of fame" is clearly the way the shows run, and it's something that any contestant should expect.

"American Idol" is obviously a strong force, and one that doesn't seem to be weakening as the year's progress. With the fifth season quickly approaching the madness is only going to get stronger.

Although the celebrity status of the contestants quickly fades, the viewers will continue watching. Fifteen minutes of fame is better then none.

New Customized Claysmas Ornaments and Upscale Merchandise @ JNT05 Concerts

The official fanclub tells us this about the new 2005 Clay Aiken Ornaments! Last years ornament was such as success, they were introducing 8 versions this year!

Everybody sing-a-long to the tune of 'O Christmas Tree' were go:

"O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree, Clay Aiken's on your branches
O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree, there are one hundred chances..."
That's right! For serious collectors only! A limited edition of 100 Clay Aiken Christmas ornaments are being produced and customized with date and city for EACH concert date on the Joyful Noise 2005 tour. Each city will have one design available with the tour logo and city/date on the back. If you're going to one of the shows, don't miss your chance to get these collectibles (and trade with friends going to other shows! Hint: Across the entire tour, there will be 8 different ornament designs made available). Make Clay a part of your Christmas holidays for years to come. Find the Clay Aiken ornaments at the merchandise table at each stop on the tour.
P.S. WE HEARD YOU! Many of you have also requested more 'upscale' Clay Aiken merchandise. You'll definitely want to check out the wonderful new pashminas. A 70% cashmere, 30% silk blend, these large black scarves include a beautiful black on black pattern and Clay's autograph in silver thread in one corner. When people ask if you bought it at the upscale department store downtown, won't they be surprised when you say "no, I got it at a Clay Aiken concert". Posted by Team Clay

KTLA Reads Claymates' E-mails

Claymates e-mailed KTLA in force yesterday after their fantastic Clay Aiken interview. KTLA read a few e-mails on air this morning, including this one, from the CH's CaliforniaClayFan:

I don't usually watch KTLA Morning News, but when I heard Clay Aiken was
being interviewed by Sam Rubin this morning I tuned in. I really enjoyed your
show a lot and I think LA Today on Ch. 11 is "history" is our household now in
the morning. I loved how warmly you all welcomed Clay and pointed out his
popularity, his Unicef activities , his upcoming LA concerts and gave him so
much air time. That was very generous of you and, as a fan of this wonderful
singer, I thank you for having him on your show. Look forward to watching you
every morning. And hopefully we'll see Clay on again soon.

You can send KTLA an e-mail here!

Thursday, October 27, 2005 Article has posted a negative article/interview with Clay. WARNING: THIS ARTICLE HAS A PG RATING. Since we are dedicated to unbiased Clay journalism and because this is of PG nature, we are not posting the article directly onto our site, but you may read it here.

BAF Press Release Regarding Rebranding

We reported last week about the BAF's rebranding. The BAF issued this press release yesterday.

The Bubel/Aiken Foundation Showcases Success With New Look

The Bubel/Aiken Foundation (TBAF) recently announced an updated look including a foundation logo and Web site. Since its inception in 2003, TBAF has served to bring full inclusion to children with disabilities into all society has to offer. TBAF has accomplished major strides including Camp Gonzo, a summer camp program that brings the YMCA experience to children with disabilities. The new branding program showcases the accomplishments of the Foundation by centering on the children whose lives programs like Camp Gonzo have enhanced.

"The Foundation has grown up quite a bit in the past two years. We've accomplished great things and have a strong platform for moving forward. The new look reflects all we've accomplished in such a short period of time, and where we are going from here," said Bubel, a founding TBAF partner. Both Aiken and Bubel were instrumental in focusing the new look and feel of the brand to develop the brand elements.

Where the prior Foundation materials focused on the launching of TBAF through relationships and passions of its founders Diane, her then 13-year-old son, Mike who was diagnosed with autism at age two and Aiken, the new brand imagery reflects what inclusion looks like. The site will be styled with imagery of children sharing the joy inclusion brings (real experiences brought by Camp Gonzo), brand colors are reflective of joyfulness, and the graphic design elements of the Web site express connection.

The new logo abstractly displays five individuals coming together, almost like five points of a star. One is unique from the rest but is nonetheless included as part of the whole.

"I am excited about the new brand imagery. I believe it touches on the very heart of who we now are, what we've done, and the great accomplishments that are yet to come. I look forward to continuing to build our presence and our role in enhancing the lives of children with developmental disabilities," said Aiken.

As TBAF moves through the branding process, they will be releasing brand elements. The final logo is now complete. The Web site will be posted as it is being developed allowing those connected to the Foundation a first hand view of the progress.

About The Bubel/Aiken Foundation:

The Bubel/Aiken Foundation (TBAF), founded by RCA recording artist Clay Aiken and Diane Bubel, envisions a world where people with developmental disabilities are totally immersed in all life has to offer. The Bubel/Aiken Foundation serves to bridge the gap now existing for young people with developmental disabilities between full inclusion and today's reality.To learn more about The Bubel/Aiken Foundation's work, to become a contributor or volunteer please visit the TBAF web site at

About The Bubel/Aiken Foundation and Anoroc Agency's partnership:

The Bubel/Aiken Foundation named the Anoroc Agency, a full service advertising agency in Raleigh, NC, its agency of record in 2003. Together TBAF and Anoroc have worked to re-brand the Foundation by redesigning the TBAF logo and Web site.

'New' Jimmy Kimmel Clack

Jimmy Kimmel LIVE's ticketing agency has put up a unedited version of the 'commerical', called Reunited recorded last year with Clay onto its website. Download it here.

Clay on KTLA Morning Show

Clay's scheduled appearance on KTLA Los Angeles' Morning Show was 15 minutes long and we have a recap courtesy the CB's WOWpoc. Video is available on KTLA's website and ATCA.

Ok ladies! I just finished watching Clay on KTLA Morning News! He was on for 15 minutes! That is the longest I have ever seen one of their guests be on air! They were actually very very respectful and gracious. All but their Weather Man, Mark Kriski, who was very clearly not on set during the entire segment! He is always there. The way it is set up, the entertainment guests sit right at the news desk with all the news casters.

They talked about his audition which they showed, his tremendous success on touring. Clay snarked that he actually believes it is the same 5,000 fans going to the different venues! LOL! Well, he has part of it right! LOL

They talked about his role as UNICEF's Ambassador and Trick or Treat For UNICEF. He talked about his move to NC and said that the reason he is moving (or 1 of the reasons) with a snark, "I want to be able to drive 15 miles in 15 minutes instead of 3 hours!" LOL! I am sure this will be up on All Things Clay Aiken this morning. He also talked about his JNT. Saying that he has hired his high school choir director. There will be dancers and an entire production this year. Also has hired a young boy from Raleigh who will sing. He looked absolutely awesome. White shirt with grey sweater. His hair is light brown and looking very good! He is an amazing guy! I just adore him. I sincerely think he converted all the people on set except the Weather dude!

He also sang a little of Mary Did You Know, just because they asked him to sing a little of his favorite Christmas Song. The female anchor said, "Oh that voice!" Truly a great morning for me!

Vancouver Sun Mentions Clayboard Members

A few member of the Clayboard were mentioned in this article in the Vancouver Sun. Apparently, these member quotes came from the CB's Clay Chatter forum. The Joyful Noise Tour 2005 kicks off in Vancouver, BC next week. Generally speaking, this is a very positive article!

American Idol loser one of show's biggest winners
If adoration and record sales are the measure of success, the singer's album is double-platinum and his 'Claymates' legion

Elaine Corden
Special to the Sun

October 27, 2005

At 10:30 on a recent Saturday night, there are 198 people on the "Clayboard," perusing some 3,124,421 posts made by the board's 12,630 registered members. The posters have screen names like "WhatWouldClayDo?" and "Claysladylove" and they post with astonishing regularity. The topics range from the functional ("Tour Dates 2005" ) to the inane ("What do u think Clay's favourite colour is?" ) , to the downright disturbing ("How many freckles do you think Clay has?" ) .

There is fan fiction, artwork, picture-trading and prayer circles, from devotees (usually women) who range from 18 (the site is adults-only) to 81 years old. The fans, or "Claymates" as they have dubbed themselves, speak in a sort of obsessive Esperanto, wishing each other a "Happy Birthclay" and referring to Clay pictures as "Clack," a derivative of "crack" and "Clay." To say it was over-the-top would be an understatement.

It has been more than two years since Aiken, who starts his Joyful Noise Christmas tour in Vancouver this week, found his way into North American homes via the Fox network's ratings juggernaut, American Idol. Awkward, jug-eared, and looking like a hybrid of Howdy Doody and Ritchie Cunningham, Aiken's Broadway-ready voice and dorky appeal distinguished him immediately from the hoards of half-topped honeys and preening players that normally make the AI cut.

Aside from the normal throngs of tween girls that follow the show, Aiken's southern grace and mild-mannered demeanour won him adult fans as well, and soon grandmothers and granddaughters alike were side by side in their love of the red-headed singer, voting in droves to keep him on the show each week.

As most of are now aware, Aiken did not prevail on Idol, losing to the girthful Ruben Studdard in the final vote. But today, if adoration and record sales are the measure of post-Idol success, it is Aiken who stands the victor, with a double platinum album, and, more to the point, a legion of fans whose devotion evokes the hysteria of Beatlemania.

While "Claymates" might argue that Aiken's voice, which is often found crooning FM soft-rock and MoR ballads, is the reason for his immense popularity, there is something, surely, larger at work.

Over the phone from L.A., Aiken, fresh from the dentist's office, seems as flummoxed by any other outsider by the enthusiasm of his fans.

"We don't call them 'crazy,' " says Aiken in his famously endearing North Carolina twang."We call them energetic. You know what? That's probably been the biggest blessing. Of course, I went on American Idol, and that was a big blessing, and then having an album was a blessing, and being able to go on tour and all that was great. But probably the most surprising thing is that more than 10 people actually want to hear [me] and that more than 10 people have stuck around for so long. "

He's surely underestimating. Two years on from Idol, Aiken is still selling out shows and inspiring adoration.

"What's amazing, as well, is more than 10 people have gotten passionate about what I'm passionate about. I work with UNICEF, and I work with a foundation that I help start for children and people with disabilities. It's amazing that people donate not just their money, they donate their time, they talk about it to other people. It's just amazing."

He sounds genuinely bewildered.

Elaine Corden is a Vancouver freelance writer.


From the message boards of (an unofficial Clay Aiken fan site):

"I pray for Clay and his family everyday. I wish I knew specifically what he would want prayers for, but I know God knows."

-- nebclayfan. Posts: 1134

"Today I feel like talking about Clay's Neck . . . specifically that patch of tender, smooth white skin on his throat between the ending of his beard and the beginning of his chest hair. . . . It looks tasty."

-- Georgia Girl. Posts: 1043

© The Vancouver Sun 200

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

New Pittsburgh Courier praises Clay, AI Idols' Success

Article about AI Idols' success has a small paragraph about Clay. An abridged version appears below.

'American Idol' is the proven short cut to fame
Fri Oct 21, 2005
by Steve Holsey
For New Pittsburgh Courier

LaToya London, who was the fourth place winner in the third season of "American Idol," made an impressive first-week appearance on the national R&B and Pop sales charts with her introductory album, "Love & Life." Which is not a surprise considering the popularity of the show.

Being a finalist on "American Idol" gives a singer a huge recognition advantage. That being the case, and the fact that finalists have built-in fan bases of substantial size, it is almost impossible for an "American Idol" finalist to make an album that flops. And the contestant doesn't even have to have been the first-place winner.

Clay Aiken, who was narrowly defeated by Ruben Studdard, in the second season, enjoyed platinum success with his introductory album, "Measure of a Man." Unfortunately, a lot of Black people turned it into a racial issue. I, for one, like Ruben a lot (he was nicknamed "the Velvet Teddy Bear" by celebrity guest judge Gladys Knight), but I believe that Aiken is a better and more versatile singer. I don't believe in voting by race.

Anyone who can get up there and perform on television, watched by millions of viewers, and face judges Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and the notorious Simon Cowell, is to be commended.

Mention on Oct. 25 Tonight Show (Repeat)

Clay was mentioned on last night's Tonight Show With Jay Leno, reports the CB's ForClayAlways.

Jay Leno comes on TV twice in the LA area. His second show is at 2 AM and is a repeat of a recent show.

I was listening to his monolog at 2 AM, trying to fall back asleep, when I heard Jay talking about the recent Iraqi election.

Jay said, there was a 65% turnout in Iraq for the election. The only time we have had that good or better a voter turnout, was when it was Clay versus Ruben!!!!!

Clay is on everyone's mind!! Wasn't that a nice mention?

Elle Readers Vote "Clay Coolest Person to Get Stuck With"

MTV has picked up the Elle magazine 'coolest people', first reported by CDD on Oct. 13.

Axl Rose Named Coolest Old Person In Teen Mag Poll — Right After 'Grandparents'
10.26.2005 1:29 PM EDT

Never mind the fact that Axl Rose hasn't been seen in years -- not since his reconfigured Guns N' Roses pulled out of their 2002 tour with eight stops to go. Forget that Guns N' Roses haven't released fresh material in more than six years (the track "Oh My God" appeared on the "End of Days" soundtrack in 1999). None of that matters to the teenage readers of Ellegirl magazine.

According to the results of the magazine's latest poll, which can be found in the new "Cool" issue, Rose, at the ripe age of 43, is one of the world's coolest old people. He ranked second in the survey (that's 10,000 girls worldwide, with about 4,000 of them U.S. citizens), right behind top vote-getter "grandparents." Whose grandparents? Everyone's grandparents, it seems.

Called "The Second Annual International Cool Survey," the poll covers all the basics -- coolest couple, coolest guy celeb, coolest band, and coolest person to be stuck in an elevator with (that person being Clay Aiken), among other categories.

-- Chris Harris

TV Guide Online

Brief Clay mention at

THE MUPPETS GET REAL: ABC has ordered script outlines for America's Next Muppet, a reality-TV parody in which viewers get the chance to pick Kermit and Miss Piggy's next colleague, Variety reports. The series would borrow from such shows as American Idol and America's Next Top Model as judges consider several new characters to become a Muppet star. I already have Clay Aiken in the office pool.

Charlotte Coliseum Closing Article- Clay Mention

Editor's note: The Independent Tour kicked off in Feb. 2004 at the Charlotte Coliseum. The venue is now closing.
Abridged version appears below.

It's closing time for Charlotte Coliseum

He was here when the Charlotte Hornets came and left and when the Charlotte Bobcats arrived. He was here for Frank Sinatra, and Frank Brickowski, for MC Hammer and Clay Aiken, for Mother Teresa and George Shinn.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

AD: Washington, DC

Free Image Hosting at

'Get Ready'

Clay said The Insider's slogan on yesterday's edition of the show. The slogan is "Get Ready", so basically Clay on for a few seconds and said "Get Ready".

Monday, October 24, 2005

Clay in PR About New Rhapsody Music Service

RealNetwork's PR about its new music service praises Clay as a 'platimum superstar".

RealNetworks to Webcast Special Santana Concert, Live from NYC, on November
1st, Same Day New Album, All That I Am, Hits Stores

Audio Selections From Live Concert to Benefit Santana's Milagro Foundation

NEW YORK, Oct. 24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- RealNetworks(R) (Nasdaq: RNWK)
and Arista Records today announced they are teaming up to give rock fans
worldwide exclusive pre-release access starting this week to Carlos Santana's
hotly anticipated new album, All That I Am, and an opportunity to see a
webcast of a live performance by Santana and special guests at New York City's
famed Hammerstein Ballroom on Tuesday, November 1st.

About Arista Records/RCA Music Group:
The RCA Music Group, which includes J Records, RCA Records and Arista
Records, is a BMG-owned label group. The J Records roster is home to platinum
superstars Alicia Keys, Rod Stewart, Annie Lennox, Luther Vandross, Ruben
Studdard, Maroon5, Gavin DeGraw, Cassidy and Mario among others. RCA Records
is home to superstar artists Christina Aguilera, Dave Matthews Band, Foo
Fighters, The Strokes, Velvet Revolver, Clay Aiken, Kelly Clarkson, Heather
Headley and more. The Arista Records family includes all-time superstars Sarah
McLachlan, Santana, Dido, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Babyface and Kenny

UPDATE 10/27: Clay in Today's Christian Magazine

Today's Christian magazine has asked Clay's Daily Double to spread word about the November/December 2005 issue of their magazine which will have a feature article about Clay. Clay is also going to be looking hawt on the cover (left). Limited quantities are being reserved for Clayfans, we are told and can be obtained by e-mailing

Update: Cover added, order online here.

You Know Christmas Is Coming...

When Clay's Merry Christmas With Love disk is #614 at! Congrats Clay!

New Items Up for Bids @ BAF Auction

New items have been added since we last told you about the 2005 Bubel Aiken Foundation auction on Saturday. New items include:

  • Jimmy Kimmel LIVE hat, signed by Clay
  • Signed sheet music
  • Clay Aiken autographed jersey
  • BAF Voices For Change program, signed
  • Aladdin DVD posters, signed
  • Various signed magazines, calendars, pictures
  • Signed LTS
  • Signed football
  • Signed tour programs
  • CD's, signed
  • T-Shirts, signed

And many more! Click here to see the auction.

BAF E-Mail About 2005 Wrapping for Inclusion

Those of you signed up with the Bubel Aiken Foundation should have received this email from the foundation regarding the 2nd Annual Wrapping For Inclusion project.

The Bubel/Aiken Foundation is proud to announce a holiday awareness campaign and fundraiser, Wrapping for Inclusion. From November 20-December 24, volunteers of The Bubel/Aiken Foundation will set up gift-wrapping booths at stores and malls across the country and wrap gifts in exchange for donations. The donations will support the mission statement of the foundation, serving the vision of inclusion opportunities for children of all abilities.

Monies raised will help fund projects of The Bubel/Aiken Foundation including its YMCA initiative. The past two summers, camps for children with and without disabilities, were instituted by the Foundation in collaboration with YMCAs in Kansas City, Missouri and in the North Carolina cities of Concord and Raleigh.

We have secured locations to wrap in many states and cities across the country and we are seeking more wrappers! We are looking for volunteers of all ages and abilities. You can give as much or as little time as you would like! Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in any way possible!

Why not:
-Get a team of teachers, students, and parents together and make it a community service project.
-Post a notice in your church newsletter or bulletin and form a team to give back for the holiday season.
-Volunteer for a day with your family to celebrate the spirit of giving.
-Gather a group of students from your school and pair with students from a special needs school to promote inclusion and make some new friends.
-Ask charitable organizations in your community to make a donation of their time and help wrap for an evening.
-Have a friendly competition between two groups, grades, classes, organizations, etc. and see who can log the most wrapping hours.
-Ask your local Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop to get involved.
-Come one, come all and join in the fun! Every person no matter what your age or ability is encouraged to be a part of this great event! You decide how much time you can give and when you would like to wrap.

We are also seeking donations of wrapping supplies: seasonal or plain-colored wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, tape, scissors or monetary donations to purchase these supplies.

To volunteer for this great project, to donate supplies, or for more information, please e-mail Trudy Littleton, at For additional foundation information, email

About the Bubel-Aiken Foundation
The Bubel/Aiken Foundation provides services and financial assistance to promote the full integration of children with disabilities into the life environment of those without. The Foundation strives to create awareness about the diversity of individuals with disabilities and the possibilities that inclusion can bring. To learn more about The Bubel/Aiken Foundation or ways to get involved visit their Web site at

Update on KLTA Interview

We reported last week about the upcoming interview with KTLA TV Los Angeles (also available to some satellite subscribers in the US & Canada). We now know that the interview will occur at 8:40 AM PDT this Thursday Oct., 27.

Update from Clayarmour of the CH:

My husband who works for an NBC O&O says that the KTLA show (WB network) is
the highest rated morning show in the country

Note: "O&O" means an
NBC "owned and operated" station - one of NBC's own stations. I believe that Sam
Ruben's entertainment interviews may be syndicated to some stations around the
country, but I am not sure (has anyone else seen them outside of L.A.?). If he
interviews Clay in a separate segment, that could be the case. However, if Clay
comes into the studio and sits at the news desk with the other anchors (as the
guests sometimes do), then that segment would not be syndicated. But those
segments are usually a lot more fun!

I also understand from some of the
Canadians that some of the superstation packages get KTLA out of Los Angeles, so
Canadians, be sure to check!

Original post:
They just announced on KTLA-TV, CHANNEL 5 in Los Angeles that Clay will be there
next week for an interview (note: found out it's Thursday, October
). This is Channel 5, the morning show from 7 to 9 a.m. Sam Ruben
is the entertainment reporter.

That name "Clay Aiken" just jumped off
the screen when Sam announced it. Sam's a fun interviewer and a nice guy. This
is an independent station, not a network one.

I found out the exact date
by calling over to KTLA. I barely got out the question before she answered me,
so I said, "I guess you've had calls?" and she laughed and said, "Yes. Have a
great day." She definitely wanted to get off the phone. Soon they'll have an
answering machine set up to take all calls.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

AD: Joyful Noise Tour 2005

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New Photos from the 2005 Emmy's

We have some new pictures from last month's Emmy awards, where Clay was a celebrity correspondent for the TV show, The Insider. Like the socks? Click to enlarge. HQ's are available here.

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