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Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Blast From The Past

I just thought I would add a blast from the past from YouTube. My goodness, Clay looks just about the same now, just a little heftier, not much, just a little. No Clay you are not fat, LOL. This was just about my favorite performance from AI2 for sure. Incredible!


E True Hollywood Story

This is being brought over from the Clayboard since it appears to be a valid warning. If you have any You Tube videos you do not want used for the E! True Hollywood upcoming story on Clay, please read below for instructions on how to avoid that. Also, be aware someone may contact you requesting your cooperation on this story. Again there is a strong warning on what might happen to your words. Of course we all know by now just how statements are abbreviated, twisted, and misconstrued sometimes in the press, so please read and use your own judgement.

This is the post from ellenpoppy at the ClackHouse.

As most people are aware, I work in the entertainment industry. I have written releases to be used in connection with obtaining rights from an individual, and I have reviewed many releases that have been written by others.

I am writing in caps, not to scream at anyone but to make sure that these points get seen and remembered. I hope no one is offended.



I just want to make sure that any fan who thinks that she might be able to participate and "help" Clay understands that in no way will she have any control over her participation. Ain't gonna happen. Ever. It doesn't matter what the producers say. Even if some nice production assistant really, REALLY is honest as can be and has the best intentions and is told that the show will be fair and balanced and relays that information to the fans he/she is working with... if the producers and editors go in a different direction, there is absolutely nothing that the P.A. can do about it. The releases are signed, the participants have given up their rights.

The script for this show may well have been written, and now they are looking for fans who will say the right words to fit the roles allocated for them... "Crazed Old Lady Fan Wearing Head-to-Toe Claywear", "Deluded Young Fan Who Thought She Might Get To Marry Him", "Religious Fan Who Now Thinks He's Going to Hell", "Nutty Claymate Who Went After J.P." and so on. If they have to edit an interview to make the words fit just so, they may well do that.

And just as with an auto loan, a mortgage loan, a credit card agreement... don't bother trying to change the boilerplate. They will not change the language for you. If you agree to participate, it will be on THEIR terms, not yours.

Just a fair warning. I have no doubt, though, that there will be fans who will jump at the chance to get in there and participate and try to help out Clay. *g*

If anyone feels that it will be helpful to take this post elsewhere, it's okay with me.
If you have videos on YouTube you can select to have them NOT be available to be aired on TV. Here are the instructions as posted by Playbiller: sign into YouTube, then click on subscriptions, click on uploaded video, then click on edit, scroll all the way to the bottom, you will see syndication, click on that and change the default option I think it's important that we don't try to help Clay with this. E probably will not portray him or us in a positive light. The suggestion has been made that we neither give any information or opinion and we don't watch when it airs. Sounds like good advice.

Again each person can do as they choose, but for those that get contacted and are not aware of their rights in this situation, this information may be of use.

BAF Fundraiser - Voices for Inclusion Missouri

Be sure to check out the CafePress Store for your upcoming holdiay gifts. They have lots of great items that certainly would be usable for those you love and know. It really is a good way to support BAF, because you are buying a gift for someone you know and at the same time some child waiting to go to camp this summer can get a little closer to that dream. Always remember it is about the children and Inclusion. Thank you to Voices for Inclusion of Missouri for hosting this store for the children.

Stage Door 10-10-08

Things were a little slow last night for sure. I hope that some others that are going to see Spamalot will take the time to call a friend so that we can get more red clack, LOL.

There was a bit posted by magofa at the CH:

The show was funnier than ever. Clay has gotten so much more comfortable and funnier. He's added little extras here and there, changed up the way Brother Maynard reads (his voice gets real high when he says "Three"). He sang the amen! The bottle dance is hysterical. He sticks his tongue out and his eyes look crossed because he's looking up at his hat. He had his hood behind his one ear and he just looked like such a doofus!

Clayngl was nice enough to take the following video and share it on You Tube with us all. Thank you Clayngl, we love our clack gatherers.

It was also reported by HCorbett10 that:

From NJSoccer:

I went to Spamalot tonight. Brett was at stage door!!! He is soo cute . Jerome came out and said he was looking for someone that sent him a text message and it was Brett lol. So Brett and his 2 friends walked into the stage door while Clay was signing. LOL I dont think Clay even noticed them walking in.

They said that Jerome came out looking for the person that sent Clay a text message, and lo and behold it was Brett with some of his friends, so he whisked them backstage while Clay was signing autographs.

To top off the evening...

Above photos by PA4Clay, thank you so much for the clack.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tidbits 10-10-08

He blogged!! Go check out the OFC. If you aren't a member, why not?

Isn't it about time you joined?

On the Bright Side...

On the Brighter Side, wow what a segway...

For those of you that have not been able to get back to see Spamalot again, or have never been, I was just watching this video on You Tube and I thought it might help you get through the fact that you can't be there, or tempt you to go again, LOL. I believe it was taped for the Thanksgiving Parade in 2006 in NYC. With a few modifications, it is one of the numbers from Spamalot between King Arthur and his man servent Patsy. Enjoy.

Also there is this video again from You Tube that shows little snipets of Clay and the cast performing in Spamalot whilst interviewing Hannah Waddingham. For your viewing pleasure...

Fun at the Stage Door 10-09-08

It is so great to see Clay having some fun out by the stage door every night. He is looking fit as a fiddle and somewhat rested (see photo below). It is time to share a word or two from the clack gatherers and some photos once again by dancerdad who is becoming quite the clacker.

Once again from Hcorbett10 at the Clayboard:

From Jess:

just got back from a Spam trip with an AMAZING little boy named Tyler!! He was HAD SOOOO MUCH FUN! Clay is literally his idol and he practices to be like him everyday!! lol he always tells people that if he isnt blessed with a gift like Clays he can just be Ryan Seacrest!!! He was able to meet Clay Wednesday night at SD, and got a couple pictures with him!! Clay picked him right up and since then he hasn't stopped talking about it. He was sooooo happy that he cried!! The thing that stinks is that he is really sick with a heart condition so that might have been the only time he will be able to see Clay, due to his health and the severity of his illness. He has asked me to take him back on Saturday though, and has us moving to NYC all planned out! He was also disappointed that he didn't get a picture with Jerome!!! lol he got a high five though!! I got some really good pics of him and Clay and once I upload them I will post!!! If any fans have video of the "meeting" I am sure his mom would appreciate it, as would I!!!

From Jess:

I think that NYCitymom (sorry if I just murdered your UN) got some really good stuff!!! lol you have no idea how much this kid LOVES Clay!! Its ADORABLE!! he didnt even know what to do with himself!! My little cousin Ryan came with us too!! Hes 7 and LOVES Spamalot! He got an adorable pic with Clay!! We had to go around to the other side of the barricade to get it though!! lol Jerome just sent us around and Clay saw me pick him up too!!


I am sure this photo was just one of those, oops I blinked moments, LOL. Get some rest Clay, Parker is coming soon.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

In Style Magazine - Style Spy

This is the cutest mention of Clay in a long time, how could it not be on the pages of CDD? In checking the Clayboard, HCorbett10 posted the following report:

From InStyle magazine "StyleSpy"

Spied: Clay Aiken With Chef Boyardee

What does Clay Aiken do on a Wednesday night? Spamalot pub crawls? American Idol reunion parties? Nope.
Apparently, he goes grocery shopping...just like me.
(With his bodyguard...not just like me.)

That's right -- I ran into Clay last night at my local market. The singing sensation -- and recent People cover boy -- was filling his basket with bananas and Chef Boyardee ravioli. I asked him about his self-professed favorite (Breyers peach ice-cream), and he laughed and said, "I didn't get any. I'm getting fat!"

Always friendly and always down-to-Earth, Aiken perused the store wearing jeans, an argyle sweater and sandals with socks.

Personal style is always best when spied in unexpected places.

The photo is not from the store, but it is possible that he went shopping after the stage door and was wearing this outfit. They did say in the stage door reports that he was wearing striped socks and sandels, LOL. The video is courtesy of YouTube and Clayphan76, love it.

Tidbits 10-09-08

For those that have been trying to get to the Claymaniacs board but have been unable to find it lately, check out the Claymaniacs temporary home.

For all of you in the Toronto area, don't forget about the Cluncheon being held on November 8th, one month to go. I have been to Toronto many times, and it is one of the lovliest cities in North America. Did you know it is only about 70 miles from Niagara Falls, so you can combine friendship and sightseeing as well. Go for it, all are welcome.

Just a reminder about Clay's Blog at UNICEF stating,

"Did you know that approximately 25,000 children die each day before their fifth birthday, largely due to preventable causes?"
You can make a one time donation, or there is an option for monthly, quarterly, or yearly pledge as well. You know how Clay feels about the children, so if you can think about donating whatever you are able to in Clay's name. I am sure it will be greatly appreciated.

Don't forget to check out at present they have two advertisements for Spamalot featuring Clay.

I have also heard that he is back on the NYC buses. That is something to look for in your spare time in NYC. has all the latest news on everything Broadway so who knows when a tidbit will pop up concerning Clay.

For all of you Hannah Waddingham fans out there, I see that she will be opening in November in London in "A Little Night Music" at the Menier Chocolate Factory just in case you are in London, we should be so lucky. I checked to see if Clay would be in the cast but alas not, LOL.
Wouldn't she be surprised to see one of her Broadway fans at the stage door.

Have you heard of the Radio and Records Hit Predictor? Guess who tops the Mainstream AC List, none other than Clay Aiken, numero uno, now that is great news. As has been suggested of late, it is time to release the best single from OMWH pronto. He is in NYC and can do the promo work, he has the new PR firm, let's get it Shakin Aiken, LOL. Keep the hit predictor site in your favorites and check it out from time to time. It will be great to see Clay back on top again. Thank you LoveOMC for bringing that to my attention.

Please don't forget the Coloring for Inclusion project to raise funds for BAF, this is an important project and the time is now to make your purchases for the holiday seasons. You can make your purchases at their Coloring for Inclusion Store. The books are just $6 and there are so many children that will benefit from this project, let alone it being such a learning process for the children that use the books. Think about all the children in your life, your local hospitals, doctor's offices, libraries, etc. There is a need to spread the word about Inclusion.

It has just been announced by TheManFromPlaybill that the Playbill with the winning fan bio for Clay has come in. Please check the Playbill Store to get your copies. They still have some left so order quickly. He said it was very funny, but he wouldn't say what it was because it wouldn't be fair. If you get one, keep it a secret, we want them to sell lots, it looks good for Clay and his fans.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Stage Door October 3rd and 4th

With things being a little slow right now, I thought perhaps we could have a collection of photos and videos from the stage door for the first week of October. I think most of you would enjoy that. Hopefully soon we will be getting news of future projects so that there will be lots to share with you.

As reported by Hcorbett10 at the Clayboard for 10-03-08 evening show:


Dark blue Carolina hoodie...

Oh gawd...Clay looks good.

That is all.

He is working on the pics...

Lilred at the Clayboard managed to capture a nice recap of the show and the stage door fo 10-03-08:

From bigappleforclay at CH:
QUOTE ETA: Wish I had read his blog before the SD tonight! Way to go, Clay!

Clay Aiken Still Makes My Knees Wobbly - Friday, 10/3
Long story, but I managed to catch the show tonight. However, I did not get in until 8:30, during the LOTL scene. This would be the first time I'd see Clay in person since he came out. The Knights of the Round Table walked out one by one. There was Clay/Sir Robin with his chicken. I was surprised by my reaction. My heart was filling up with pride for this brave, extraordinary man. Yeah, when I signed on 5 years ago, there would be no turning back.

- A good, receptive audience, although no standing ovations until the very end when the confetti falls. Clay was warmly received and got lots of laughs.
- 99% of the audience seemed to be NJUs. But quite a full house, 95% full in orchestra, and I was told 2/3 full in the balcony.
- A new line has been added to "Idol of My Age" (this may have been reported before) and he did not hit the highest note because of it.

The Stage Door:
- Yes, you could watch the entire show and the confetti fall, and still get a space at the barricade--and only 3 barricades used. Felt weird.
- Probably less than 50 fans, but all very enthusiastic
- Practically everyone who asked got a pic with Clay. Be ready with your camera, tho', he moves fast!
- I got video of most of it, but with lots of stops and starts, as I was trying to take photos of other fans with Clay
- Even with all the picture taking, it still goes by quickly. I had to sit down and process this latest phenomenon of the smaller crowds/more accessible Clay. Whoever can make it here, enjoy it now, as it may not be possible again!
- Clay Aiken is still totally thud-able.

from dancermom at CV...
Okay guys...someone said...are you dancerdad to DH and now he is embarrassed half to death!!!!!!!!

It is great to see that he is looking so happy, and having the time to have his photo taken with people as long as they have their cameras ready and they are close by, that is great news for sure.

Hcorbett10 once again reported from the Clayboard for 10-04-08 evening:

from Starry:

I haven't seen this mentioned yet, so I'll mention it.

When the Lady Of The Lake walked off stage after "Divas Lament", she had dropped one of the roses off of her boquet. When Clay came out to do the guard scene, he sort of accidentally kicked the rose across the stage and then paid a lot of attention to it as it slid. It was funny and I don't know how to describe it! After Prince Herbert's father went into the castle again, Guard 1 (David Hibbard) picked up the rose and started smelling it, Clay made a "oo" face and was doing the same. LOL I thought it was hilarious.

Also, he was very talkative during SD, talking to a lot of fans and taking pictures with a lot too!! He came out pretty quickly after the show was over. I have pictures I will upload and post tomorrow morning. I'm too tired right now!

A big thanks goes out to Dancerdad for all of his wonderful photos!!!

This is a video of the stage door activity for 10-04-08 after the matinee, thanks to
Clayphan76 loading it at YouTube

All in all I would say it was a good two days, great shows, great photos, great video and a great crowd. Thanks to all the clack gatherers and Clay fans.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

2008 Champions of Change Gala Auction

2008 Champions of Change Gala

NEWS FLASH!! Some Items to be Raffled Off!!

October 18, 2008

Raleigh Marriott-City Center
500 Fayetteville Street
Raleigh, NC 27601

The following items are now being raffled off for the BAF Auction, how great is that? We all have a chance at winning something in an auction that usually is reserved for the heavy hitters. Yeah!

The following items are being raffled off on the 18th of October, so get some tickets now and get as many as you can, this is a great opportunity and if this works out well, there could be many more raffles in our futures:

Carolina Hurricanes Jersey framed and signed by Clay Aiken

Estate pearl earrings and necklace set

32” Vizio Flat Screen

Check out the auction site at BAF and get your tickets now. Buy now, and buy often as all the money goes for a wonderful cause, helping the children lead a more inclusive life.

CDD supports:

Bubel Aiken Foundation GoodSearch for TBAF UNICEF