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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Stage Door October 3rd and 4th

With things being a little slow right now, I thought perhaps we could have a collection of photos and videos from the stage door for the first week of October. I think most of you would enjoy that. Hopefully soon we will be getting news of future projects so that there will be lots to share with you.

As reported by Hcorbett10 at the Clayboard for 10-03-08 evening show:


Dark blue Carolina hoodie...

Oh gawd...Clay looks good.

That is all.

He is working on the pics...

Lilred at the Clayboard managed to capture a nice recap of the show and the stage door fo 10-03-08:

From bigappleforclay at CH:
QUOTE ETA: Wish I had read his blog before the SD tonight! Way to go, Clay!

Clay Aiken Still Makes My Knees Wobbly - Friday, 10/3
Long story, but I managed to catch the show tonight. However, I did not get in until 8:30, during the LOTL scene. This would be the first time I'd see Clay in person since he came out. The Knights of the Round Table walked out one by one. There was Clay/Sir Robin with his chicken. I was surprised by my reaction. My heart was filling up with pride for this brave, extraordinary man. Yeah, when I signed on 5 years ago, there would be no turning back.

- A good, receptive audience, although no standing ovations until the very end when the confetti falls. Clay was warmly received and got lots of laughs.
- 99% of the audience seemed to be NJUs. But quite a full house, 95% full in orchestra, and I was told 2/3 full in the balcony.
- A new line has been added to "Idol of My Age" (this may have been reported before) and he did not hit the highest note because of it.

The Stage Door:
- Yes, you could watch the entire show and the confetti fall, and still get a space at the barricade--and only 3 barricades used. Felt weird.
- Probably less than 50 fans, but all very enthusiastic
- Practically everyone who asked got a pic with Clay. Be ready with your camera, tho', he moves fast!
- I got video of most of it, but with lots of stops and starts, as I was trying to take photos of other fans with Clay
- Even with all the picture taking, it still goes by quickly. I had to sit down and process this latest phenomenon of the smaller crowds/more accessible Clay. Whoever can make it here, enjoy it now, as it may not be possible again!
- Clay Aiken is still totally thud-able.

from dancermom at CV...
Okay guys...someone said...are you dancerdad to DH and now he is embarrassed half to death!!!!!!!!

It is great to see that he is looking so happy, and having the time to have his photo taken with people as long as they have their cameras ready and they are close by, that is great news for sure.

Hcorbett10 once again reported from the Clayboard for 10-04-08 evening:

from Starry:

I haven't seen this mentioned yet, so I'll mention it.

When the Lady Of The Lake walked off stage after "Divas Lament", she had dropped one of the roses off of her boquet. When Clay came out to do the guard scene, he sort of accidentally kicked the rose across the stage and then paid a lot of attention to it as it slid. It was funny and I don't know how to describe it! After Prince Herbert's father went into the castle again, Guard 1 (David Hibbard) picked up the rose and started smelling it, Clay made a "oo" face and was doing the same. LOL I thought it was hilarious.

Also, he was very talkative during SD, talking to a lot of fans and taking pictures with a lot too!! He came out pretty quickly after the show was over. I have pictures I will upload and post tomorrow morning. I'm too tired right now!

A big thanks goes out to Dancerdad for all of his wonderful photos!!!

This is a video of the stage door activity for 10-04-08 after the matinee, thanks to
Clayphan76 loading it at YouTube

All in all I would say it was a good two days, great shows, great photos, great video and a great crowd. Thanks to all the clack gatherers and Clay fans.


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