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Latest News From CDD

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Ticket Sales Delay Possible

Statement from the official fanclub.

Additional on-sale and presale details have not been posted on the site this week due to the fact that the production house that creates all of the advertising for the tour is located in Houston, which as you probably know is presently in the path of a major hurricane. All of the employees have had to evacuate the city and we won't know until Monday Sept. 26th if the production house will be operational and back to business as usual. Some concert promoters may move their on sale-dates back as a result, though it's possible additional fan club presales will still be able to go on the latter part of next week. Clay's management is in communication with each concert promoter to develop a hurricane "Plan B". Further updates will be posted as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding and join us in extending best wishes and prayers for the safety for everyone in the path of Hurricane Rita. Posted by mca

Pollstar Reporting Jukebox Tour Ticket Sales

From Claytonlady of the CB:

Update as of Saturday, September 24, 2005

I will keep updating until all the Pollstar results are in. They may not get data from every one of Clay's concerts; but whatever ones are reported on I will keep posting:

Some of these results have been listed here for a few weeks; but the last two concerts were just added today:

Now that the Juke Box Tour is over and Pollstar results are slowly coming in, I am using this thread to post the ticket sales results:

I've been getting these numbers for a few weeks from the CV and CH
-- adding a couple more today from kmh135 at the CH


Clay Aiken
Bank Of America Pavilion
Boston, MA
Tea Party Concerts
38.50 - 50.00

Clay Aiken
Meadowbrook Music Festival
Rochester,MI The Cellar Door Companies
3,677 7,668 47%
$18.00 - $46.50

Clay Aiken
Fraze Pavilion For The Perf. Arts
Belkin Productions
3,293 4,252 77%
$32.50 - $59.50

Clay Aiken
Zoo Amphitheatre
Belkin Productions
4,638 4,675 99%
$39.50 - 47.50

Pollstar Results as of August 2, 2005

This was posted by hockeydonna on CV and CH:

Don't Panic! Don't Extrapolate! It looks fine. Maybe a little lower than some of our projections, but still fine. THese are the only 3 that showed up today. Both Pittsburgh and Darien have lower grosses, probably due to the Live8 promotion.


Clay Aiken
Chastain Park Amphitheatre
Peter Conlon Presents
33.50 - 50.50


Clay Aiken
Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
Darien Center,NY
Ron Delsener Presents
18.00 - 45.00


Clay Aiken
Chevrolet Amphitheatre
Belkin Productions
18.00 - 51.50

Latest Pollstar -- August 25 - This is NOT GOOD NEWS!

Too many Ohio concerts this year, unfortunately. Look at the comparison of the Ohio State Fair last year and this year.

I'm starting to get worried about the JNT2. There has got to be some television promotion, or something to make people come out.

From CH

QUOTE ("kmh135"
One new pollstar listing for Clay today:


Clay Aiken
Ohio State Fair
(In-House Promotion)
3,941 (att)
7,970 (cap)

I have one thing to say....OUCH!

Compare this to last year:

Columbus OH
$185,000 (gross)
7,400 (att)
8,312 (cap)

Comments by hockeydonna from CH


Posted: Fri Aug 26, 2005 2:36 pm GMT Post subject:


kmh135... OUCH is right. The repeat venues have been trouble. I hope we don't see problems with the CHristmas show... they better promote that dang thing somehow.

He reallllly needs another album out, and radio songs before he does his next mainstream tour. That's why I'm hoping for more like a February release than an April release. Get some traction... have a hit song, and then get a second song before tickets go on sale in May. It needs to be an event

More from hockeydonna's comments at Clayversity

QUOTE (deepsouthgal @ Aug 26 2005, 03:22 PM)
Just curious, but do any of Clay's sold out or high attendance tour venues get reported and publicized by that particular concert site? (can't remember the name)
From my records, he's already had at least five or six sellouts or near sellouts. What about them?

We pretty much know which venues will be reported. Sometimes it takes time for the reports. He definitely has NOT has 5 or 6 sellouts so far. Cary was sold out, Merrillville was sold out (3100 tickets), Mohegan Sun would have good numbers (hoping they report), Wolf Trap should show good numbers (well over 5500) but probably not sold out. Atlantic City will show some of the best numbers of the tour because of how they report. So far we've had 4 reports. One was very good (Chastain - about 226K gross), and the other 3 were under expectations (Darien, Pittsburgh, Ohio State Fair).

The most important thing to the promoter is "Did I make money?". Clay's fee was most likely in the $100K-$150K range. Hopefully these lower performing venues didn't have a $125K fee, or the promoter was losing money, which isn't a good thing.

I totally LOVE this tour, but from the beginning I thought it was risky from a business standpoint. If they were booked into 3000 seat venues, it would be a complete sellout. WHat were expectations? How much money is Clay getting? We don't know that.


Clay Aiken
Wolf Trap Filene Center
(In-House Promotion)
25.00 - 45.00


Clay Aiken
Molson Amphitheatre
House Of Blues Canada
42.50 - 55.50
(211 645)

Comments from kmh135 at CH

The Wolftrap result seems quite good considering that the weather that day basically sucked (you aren't going to sell many same-day lawn tickets in a lightning storm). And the Toronto result is quite respectable - pretty much right in line with most of the sales for this show.

This brings his totals to:

Total Gross: $1,474,406
Total Attendance: 37,200
Total Capacity: 57,996
Average Ticket Price: $39.63
Average Capacity: 64%
Average Gross: $163,823
Average Attendance: 4,133
Average Capacity: 6,444

With the reported results to date, his attendance numbers are down from last year's average (which was 4,594). His average gross is up a bit though (last year was around $160) largely due to a $5 increase in average ticket price (from $34 to $39).

Aiken Returns to Jimmy Kimmel Live

Clay will return to Jimmy Kimmel Live September 26 (ABC, Citytv [Canada]). Clay last appeared in February.

Clay On Insider Friday

Once again, Clay reported from the set of Dancing With The Stars where the challengers won in the highly anticipated ABC dance off. Clay interviewed both pairs of dancer and even gave a hug to Kelly M., who lost the dance off. Video is available here.

New Audio Clip Up at Fanclub

A new audio clip of Clay talking is up at the official fanclub, once you have logged in. Since this is member exclusive, we are not authorized to share the contents of this clip with you. We encourage you to join the fanclub ($29.95 per year) at

Friday, September 23, 2005

Hurricane Rita

On behalf of Clay's Daily Double Inc., I send my best wishes to the residents of Texas and Louisiana this afternoon as category 4 Hurricane Rita continues toward the Texas-Louisana border. It is expected to make landfall later tonight.

You can help by donating to the American Red Cross or the Canadian Red Cross. These organizations need your help right now. You can also donate to UNICEF (Clay is an ambassador for UNICEF), which usually works internationally, but because of the scope of Katrina's damage, has chosen to step in and help.

Clay's Daily Double Inc.

Looking Hawt in Oct. 3 People Magazine

People Magazine's October 3rd issue has a hot portrait of Clay from Fashion Week, last week.

Click to enlarge. Thanks to nunu@the CH.
Free Image Hosting at

InTouch: Clay Looked Like A Magician

In the October 3rd issue of InTouch Weekly, they say that Clay looked like 'a magician' on the Emmy red carpet last week.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Virtual Clay-House Tours Spark Media Frenzy

And you think it'd be over by now! Last month, when Clay put his LA house on the market, Clay's realtor put a virtual tour of the home on the internet. Now, the operator of the virtual tour has put a full 1 page ad in a North Carolina paper, thanks to Claymates.

Corresponding article in the same paper:
Free Image Hosting at

Many thanks to the CB's plumclayzy.

Clay Mention on CBS's Yes Dear

Clay was mentioned on yesterday's episode of CBS's Yes Dear.

From the CB:

Stuffy guy, Greg and wife are living with brother-in-law, Jimmy. Greg is not working and has been hanging around the house bumming off of Jimmy.
Jimmy finds a bunch of Pay-Per-View bills or whatever, and says they MUST be Gregs. His wife asks him how he knows they're Greg's and Jimmy says;
"Clay Aiken in concert; come on. They have to be Gregs"!!!!!

Wednesday's Insider

Clay reported from Dancing With The Stars last night on The Insider. Clay interviewed the dancers and asked them how come he never got a sing-off with Ruben. As Clay threw it back to Pat in The Insider studios, Clay said that it was time for Dancing With Clay! Clay returns on Friday with more Dancing With The Stars news.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Albany and Vancouver Fanclub Presales Tomorrow

Fanclub presales for the Albany and Vancouver concerts start tomorrow at 10 AM EDT.

Nov. 2/2005 Vancouver, BC

Dec. 8/2005 Albany, NY

For more info, log into your account at the fanclub.

Charity Motorcycle On The Auction Block

The Harley Davidson motorcycle signed by celebrities including Clay for the American Red Cross is now on the auction block at eBay. The current bid is $60,100.

Kimmel Mentions Clay's Emmy Job

Jimmy Kimmel mentioned Clay on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live. A video is available here.

From the CB:

Jimmy just showed a clip of the girls screaming for Clay at the Emmy's and the "kiss". It was really cute. He said they had to rush Clay to the hospital after the kiss to treat him for prevention of cooties. It was a good mention.

Clay On Insider Tuesday - WILL BE BACK TODAY AND FRI

Clay was on again last night. The Insider's Pat O'Brien mentioned that bidding for Clay's Emmy-red carpet clothes are now up to $6,000 and Clay showed us some of the items being auctioned off. Clay also said he'd be back today and Friday reporting from Dancing With The Stars. Stay tuned to ATCA for video.

Free Image Hosting at

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

AD: LTS Paperback II (September 20, 2005)

Free Image Hosting at

Clay on Insider and Entertainment Tonight

According to official fanclub, Clay will be reporting about the Emmy's and Dancing With The Stars on The Insider every night this week except for Thursday. It might also be good to watch Entertainment Tonight as The Insider is an ET spin-off started in 2004.

Wrapping for Inclusion 2005 Announced

The Bubel Aiken Foundation announced Monday that the Wrapping For Inclusion program is returing for its second year this holiday season beginning November 20, 2005 and running through December 24, 2005. "During the holiday season, area stores and shopping malls set up gift-wrapping booths for their customers. In exchange for a donation to the Foundation, volunteers will work the booths for the stores and malls," reports the Clay Nation News. More information can be obtained via The Bubel Aiken Foundation's website.

Photos from the Past Week

A few photos from the past week! Thanks to for The Insider and Leno caps. Videos of these events are up at various Clay sites, including ATCA, MOAF and pax's Vivavoice site. Click to enlarge.

The Insider Friday
Clay showing us the Architectural Digest Emmy room.
Free Image Hosting at

Emmy Red-Carpet
Looking handsome!
Free Image Hosting at

The Insider Monday
Starstruck Clay on the red-carpet interviewing the housewives, Donald Trump, fooling around backstage at The Insider's Emmy's studio...
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Clay signs a motorcycle for Hurricane Katrina
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Clay Drops off Lycos50

Update: We have learned that Clay did not drop off the list and was dropped by error. Clay is #3for the week of Sept. 27.

Clay Reporting From Dance With The Star Special Tonight on The Insider

Looks like Clay is liking his new job as an Insider correspondent. He's reporting tonight from ABC's Dancing With The Stars Dance-Off (ABC, CTV, check local listings). Be sure to watch Clay's report tonight on The Insider (syndicated, check local listings).

Do Over! The Final Dance-Off, Again!
Just when you thought it was safe to watch TV, the break-out reality hit of the summer, "Dancing with the Stars," is returning with a rematch of its two most popular personalities, and this time the judges' votes won't matter!

"General Hospital" cutie KELLY MONACO and "Seinfeld"'s regal JOHN O'HURLEY will return to the dancefloor tonight for a live showdown at 8:30 on ABC. And who better to catch all the pre-show primping and palpitations than "The Insider"'s own guest correspondent, "American Idol" heartthrob CLAY AIKEN?

Clay's spent plenty of time under the hot lights being blasted by temperamental judges, so he knows exactly what these amateur performers are going through -- although without the wardrobe malfunctions!

Earlier this summer, soap star Kelly triumphed on "Dancing with the Stars," despite some finicky costumes and the ballroom dancing judges' often-withering criticism. Still, many viewers were split on the series' outcome, and thousands thought the distinguished John and partner CHARLOTTE JORGENSEN deserved the trophy instead.

"You want a dance-off? I'll give you a dance-off!" the petite brunette dared the press in July and this one-time special was born.

Tonight's face-off will once again pit the couples against one another in Latin, ballroom and freestyle dance. During the competition, viewers will be told how to cast their votes via phone and Internet, and the final tallies will be announced in a results show at 9 p.m. Thursday on ABC!

For a sneak peek at Clay and the "Dancing with the Stars: Dance-Off," watch tonight's "Insider."

More Concerts Announced

We have fully updated our Claytracker with the latest concert dates including 3 show for New York, a show at the RBC Center in Raleigh and 2 shows in LA. More info.

Clay On Leno 9/19

Clay appeared briefly Monday on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to sign a motorcycle that is being auctioned off for Katrina relief. We've uploaded a few caps here.

Video from The Insider/Emmy's Now Up

Video of Clay covering the Emmy's for The Insider and of Clay on the Emmy red carpet are now up at ATCA. Click here to read a summary of the show. Video of Clay interviewing Donald Trump and the housewives are up at The Insider's website, another video also at Insider's site.

Clay on ET 9/19

Clay was on ET yesterday, part of his job as The Insider's Emmy correspondent. A video of this is available here. Video of Clay and other celebrities at the post-show ET/People Magazine party is up at ET's site.

Monday, September 19, 2005

USA Today Article - "[Housewives] make me sad I'm single"

Clay says he had such a good time on the red carpet last night, but he is 'sad', reports USA Today.

It's Claytime: TV show The Insider had a new correspondent on the red carpet this year: Clay Aiken. "It's very glamorous - much more glamorous than the music awards shows," he said. As stars filed into the theater, Aiken said he got to meet all of the Desperate Housewives tonight, adding, "They make me sad I'm single." And what is Aiken listening to right now? "Christmas music," he said. "I'm prepping my Christmas tour." -W.M. Posted 7:25 p.m.

Buy Clay's Emmy's Red Carpet Tux

Clothes Off Our Back is now auctioning off the Kenneth Cole tuxedo Clay wore on the red carpet last night at the Emmy's for charity. The current big is $5,550. Click here to see the auction.

Clay Reports for The Insider - The Donald 'Wants' Clay

As we reported last week, Clay was out and about for The Insider (an infotainment show) at last night's Emmy awards. This program already aired in some parts of the country. Check local listings. Most TV stations show this program after their 6 o'clock news programs. Video is up at MOAM and ATCA and pax's Vivavoice site (you need to PM pax for the link).

ET also showed a brief clip of Clay on the red carpet and Scrub's lead-actor Zach Braff told ET "I love myself some Clay Aiken and I'm not ashamed.". You go Zach!

Summary from the CB:

The Insider is airing right now in NJ...and our man is EVERYWHERE! He was with Pat interviewing all the winners, and he even SANG! He sang "Thanks for the memories" to the lady from Everybody Loves Raymond, and the "Happy Days" theme with Pat O'Brien at the piano!!!

Clay met Donald Trump and The Donald said that he wants to book Clay for Mar'Lago in FL and asked for his business card!!!...Clay pointed to his publicist (Roger?) with long blonde hair and Donald said "i wanna book him right now!"

Lara was talking to Joan and Melissa and Pat commented how NICE Joan was this year about all the outfits and then said something like "will it take our newcomer Clay Aiken to be caddy about the clothing?" (i know that's not exactly what he said...but bear with me!"

They then showed Clay commenting about some up and coming screenwriter's dress saying "i'm not sure how much money was spent, because there was barely any fabric!"

He said the dress looked like it was made of dental floss!

The show ends with him singing UP WHERE WE BELONG to Lara...with Pat playing the piano again!!!
OMG OMG...this is TOO MUCH - can't wait to see it again!!!

Here is Clay's report for The Insider:

Clay reports for The Insider. Clay on the red-carpet with Desperate Housewives star Terri Hatcher.

Clay Aiken's Red Carpet Report!
It was a sizzling Sunday night at the Shrine Auditorium as TV's hottest stars walked the red carpet for the 57th Primetime Emmy Awards. 'Idol' CLAY AIKEN was on the scene with The Insider to get close with his favorite celebs -- well, as close as he could get.

"EVA LONGORIA was over there," said Clay. "I tried to get close to her. I ended up stepping on her dress which is the closest I'll get to touching her again, but hey, I'll remember that forever and ever."

Clay was undeniably starstruck, but he musn't forget, he's a celebrity himself! As CAMRYN MANHEIM exclaimed to him on the carpet: "You're the biggest rock star in the world! Did you hear those girls scream for you?!"

And TERI HATCHER said, "My daughter's like his biggest fan! We watched you ... we were there!"

For more with Clay on the red carpet, don't miss tonight's Insider!

The Emmy's Love Clay

Our Man Clay was a reporter for The Insider at the Emmy's last night. His full report airs on The Insider today (syndicated, check local listings). Scrubs star Zack Branff confessed his love of Clay saying "I love myself some Clay Aiken" while presenting an award on last night's telecast, aired on CBS. Clay guest-starred on NBC's Scrubs in February. Clay also attended the ET/People Magazine afterparty. ET has video of the afterparty here.

More than 1,000 of Hollywood's finest, including CLAY AIKEN, WILMER VALDERRAMA, PATRICIA ARQUETTE, EVA LONGORIA, KELSEY GRAMMER, GEENA DAVIS, FRANKIE MUNIZ, BRENDA STRONG, DAVID BOREANAZ and KATHY GRIFFIN partied the night away at the Skybar and adjoining Asia de Cuba restaurant at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood courtesy of ET and People magazine. It is the ninth year that ET has thrown its post-Emmy bash and the second year it has teamed up with People.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Clay Mention on Emmy Website has posted an article about an Arizona ET viewer who won a trip down to LA for today's Emmy Awards. There's a nice mention about Clay along with this very thudlicious picture.

And if for that moment, Murray felt like she must be dreaming and this Emmy experience cannot be real? American Idol contestant-turned-pop superstar Clay Aiken walked by, all smiles, with the crew from ET's The Insider. Aiken is going to be The Insider's correspondent for the Emmys and be on the red carpet with Pat O'Brien. Now there's a guy who can vouch with Murray that some Hollywood dreams really do come true. - Juliana Bolden

Contest winner Murray got to go behind-the-Hollywood-scenes, seeing such moments as pop star Clay Aiken (left) chatting with Television Academy president Todd Leavitt (right) and the Emmy awards production team rolling out the infamous red carpet.

Clay On MSNBC Scroller

Clay is on the MSNBC News scroller today. Tune in to MSNBC to see "From Red Carpet to Clay preparing for the Emmys" on their scroller at the bottom of the TV Screen.

Clay on Weekend Edition of EXTRA

Clay appeared today on the weekend version of EXTRA, an entertainment show similar to Entertainment Tonight.You can see when the show airs in your neck-of-the-woods here.

From the CH:

Clay was just shown three times on Extra! I was watching it and it was an hour long (weekend edition, maybe?) and first he was shown in a segment talking about AMC and it showed his "Congrats" to Erica Kane, then it showed him again talking to her really quickly. Then later in the show they were talking about Fashion week and showed and mentioned Clay posing with Katie Couric. :banana

Clayboard Joyful Noise Tour 2005 Member Pass Contest Open

The Clayboard's JNTII Member pass contest is now open. If you wish to submit a pass, read this thread and follow the instructions listed. The contest closes Sept. 29 and voting begins Sept. 30.

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