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Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Note About CDD & Browser Compatibility...

Our switch to this new layout might present some display problems in 'ancient' browsers.

Unlike our old layouts, this new layout is powered by a new standard in web design that is becoming ever so popular. We're using a technology called Cascading Style Sheets which dictates how a webpage is displayed on your browser. Browsers 5 years and older will have issues with CSS since CSS wasn't widely accepted until 2001.

To ensure you get the best CDD has to offer,we recommend:

Internet Explorer 5/5.5/6 users:

  • If you are using Windows 98, Me or 2000 - we strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.
  • If you are on Windows XP - please upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla Firefox 1.5.
Firefox Users (Windows and Mac)
  • Ensure you are running the latest stable version of Firefox which is currently 1.5.
Mac Users
  • Use Safari on OS X
  • Use Mozilla Firefox for Mac on older Mac Operating Systems
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Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 2

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Future Shop & Best Buy Canada Circulars Include ATDW

ATDW is showing up in some of this week's circulars. I've only be able to find 2 and both happen to be up here in Canada. Future Shop and Best Buy Canada are advertising ATDW at CDN $13.99.

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CDD Launches New Layout

As we promised you last month, we developed and unveiled a new layout today across all CDD websites. We've added some cool new features:

  • The Add CDD To Your Homepage allows you to add CDD's news feed directly onto your current MSN, Yahoo, Google etc. homepage so you're up to date all the time.
  • As per request, the top right hand side of the page has a Text Resizer which allows you to increase or decrease the font size of the page.
  • On the right sidebar, there is Submit A News Tip form for your convenience. Many of you are submitting news to us via the contact form, but we thought we'd place a news tip form directly on the homepage to save you a few clicks.
We hope you like it! We would love to hear your feedback on this new layout. Please leave a comment on this post.

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Tidbits 9/16

  • People Magazine- 'Clayheads, rejoice! Your man is back. The American Idol star returns with his third album, A Thousand Different Ways, his first recording in two years. Besides several new songs, Clay Aiken goes back to his roots, covering hits including Dolly Parton's "Here You Come Again" and Bad English's "When I See You Smile."' (Note: Clay will be on the COVER of People in the near future)
  • Oops... notice the boo boo the Vancouver Sun made in this River Rock 2006 article -- "Foster got happy the night before the concert, too, after he and singers Babyface, Matt Goss and American Idol winner Clay Aiken had entertained."
  • BC's Peach Arch News notes that a contestant at the Star Search competition preceeding the River Rock gala says Clay gave him good advice -
    And Stones got some advice from another second-place finisher: Clay Aiken, who lost to Ruben Studdard in the second season of American Idol.

    “He was really helpful, and had good, constructive feedback,” said Stones.

    Aiken sat in on dress rehearsals, and urged Stones to practice as if he had an audience.

    When Stones did perform in front of Aiken, Babyface, Daisy Fuentes, Olivia Newton-John and David Foster, he impressed the judges, and made the cut to five, and then to three, before earning the top runner-up spot.
  • Colorado Springs Gazette - Jay Leno appearance mention.
  • Detroit Free Press- Detroit Christmas Concert mention.
  • Ottawa Sun music reporter received ATDW - "Wow, the UPS guy just dropped off new CDs by Julio Iglesias, Kenny Chesney, Clay Aiken and MC Mario. Let the weekend begin!"
  • ClaySpots blogs about the Eve of ATDW's release.
  • Woohoo! Jemock is back! Taking A Moment - new blog about Clay's Leno "twisty tie" comment. Cute.
  • Carolina On My Mind- a Clay Nation summary for this week... news, TV appearances, etc.
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Clay Tells Leno About His McDonald's Addiction

Sporting a stubble, Clay made a triumphant return to The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Aside from the hilarious commentary from the other guest, NBC's Howie Mendel, it was an otherwise normal late night talk show appearance. Clay talked about his European vacation and how he got "morbidly" sick (he said he passed out in a McDonald's in Slovenia after being given the wrong medication.... awww...) and why he thought he had "bird flu". Roars of laughter echoled follwoing Clay's comment about having Ruben to sing at his funeral. He then went in depth about his quest to visit "as many foreign McDonald's" as possible. Leno also brought up Clay's move back to Raleigh. Clay said mama Faye was put in charge of decoration and that he had hired a chef to cook for him.

After the commercial break, Clay gave a fantastic performance of the new single "Without You". My only issue was that Quiana and Angela didn't complement Clay well with their high register backing vocals. I agree with some opinions stated on the boards that Clay needs a male backup vocalist again.

Downloads in MPEG and WMV are already up at ClackUnlimited. We will not be hosting this in our CDD Video on Demand player because the files are huge!

More screencaps are available at THUD.

Update: Popdirt has a transcript. Now, mind you the transcript is very rough and isn't nearly 100% complete.

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Friday, September 15, 2006

So Many Ways That You Can Help The Bubel Aiken Foundation

I have the privilege of being one of the coordinators for the Houston CD Release Party. Many of the coordinators had asked for ways that Bubel Aiken could be promoted at the parties. Kristy sent each of us a list of many ways that the fans can help by volunteering, donating, and sharing in a variety of other projects. I want to share these ways with Clay's Daily Double readers in hopes that you will find something that you can do to reach out to Bubel Aiken. Here is the information that Kristy sent:

"Our Friend Mikayla"
Our Friend Mikayla is the story of a child with severe developmental disabilities who finds friendship with her typical peers which was written and illustrated by third-grade students at the Lower Nazareth Elementary School, Nazareth, PA. It is an honest portrayal of the children's first reactions to Mikayla, their barriers to acceptance and finally the true friendship they formed with her.

When Mikayla's family moved to Pennsylvania four years ago, the idea of full inclusion for a child with severe developmental disabilities was relatively new. Yet in keeping with their personal philosophy, they requested that Mikayla be included in a regular first grade class.

What they found was that Mikayla's classmates accepted Mikayla and began to see her as just like them. Their relationship with Mikayla and their journey to acceptance inspired the book.

The children have dedicated Our Friend Mikayla to all people with disabilities and their friends. When they chose the dedication, one of the children realized that might mean they were dedicating the book to everyone in the world.

The book will be sold on The Bubel/Aiken Foundation's website and all net proceeds will help support the Foundation's efforts towards full inclusion. The book will be available at this October.

"Wrapping for Inclusion"
TBAF recently announced our 3rd annual holiday gift-wrapping awareness campaign and fundraiser, Wrapping for Inclusion. WFI will take place in shopping malls across the country November 18, 2006 through December 24, 2006. TBAF volunteers will wrap gifts in exchange for donations to the Foundation. Use this opportunity to spread the word about this opportunity to volunteer in your community. If you have a WFI team in your area, use this opportunity to recruit additional volunteers. If you do not have a team in your area, use this opportunity to find out who is interested.

"TBAF Flyers"
A one-page flyer with the TBAF mission is available for download at our website at Please see the downloadable forms page.

"Beta Alpha"
Have you heard about a new volunteer opportunity with TBAF? Use this opportunity to spread the word. Join the Voices of Beta Alpha and join the push toward full inclusion. Beta Alpha is a nationwide community project where groups come together to raise funds and build awareness for full inclusion. It is easier than you think to join the effort and make a real difference. Beta Alpha allows you to turn events like golf tournaments, tennis matches, marathons, and auctions into one that helps support the goal of inclusion. It will also allow people to make individual donations to join the cause.

Join the team that's working to make life fuller children with developmental disabilities. Beta Alpha volunteers are dedicated, proactive, giving individuals committed to giving children with disabilities a fully included life. Register today and join our efforts. Every voice raised for inclusion gets us that much closer to bringing the world to children with developmental disabilities.

"Change for Change"
In our country today there is approximately $10.5 Billion in loose change out of circulation. By encouraging participants to bring their change you will allow the Foundation to further its mission to provide children with special needs the opportunities to have access to recreational programs in their communities, which will allow them to be included in activities where all children can learn and play and have fun!

Go to order Change for Change boxes. We ask that you convert your change to check or money order and forward it to:

The Bubel/Aiken Foundation
8601 Six Forks Road, Suite 400
Raleigh, NC 27615

Because of your support, programs to further the mission of TBAF have gone forth. The vision is to expand these programs nationwide and the is why continued support is necessary

For the past three summers, The Bubel/Aiken Foundation has implemented its Summer Camp Program, Let's ALL Play at YMCA's across the country. This Summer Camp Program gives children with and without disabilities the same summer camp experience with their peers.

Two summers ago, we had a child with cerebral palsy who had the opportunity to participate in a game of baseball with the help of a counselor who helped the child stand and move around the bases. While waiting on the baseball equipment, the children decided to play a game of imaginary baseball. When the imaginary ball came across the plate, the child swung at the ball. All of the children's heads turned at once. They all started screaming to send him home. He got a home run on his first time at bat. To see the compassion of the other children and the look on his face was priceless. And even though the baseball is imaginary, the thrills were perhaps even more heartfelt, because the child was participating in a situation where children like him are often left on the sidelines.

The Bubel/Aiken Foundation is proud to be the guiding force for inclusion of individuals with disabilities across the nation. We are creating an environment of full inclusion where opportunities exist, barriers break, and doors open. Let's work together to give children of all abilities the opportunity to learn, live, and play together.


Kristy Barnes
President & Chief Operating Officer
Now, think of ways that you could help.
  • You could buy the book, "My Friend Mikayla", and give it to your local library or elementary school.
  • For Wrapping For Inclusion, you can volunteer to be a State Coordinator or City Team Leader or just help wrap at the set store in your area. Its not as hard as you would think. I know because I was both a state coordinator and city team leader last year. If I can do it, anyone can.
  • Check into the "Beta Alpha" information online or the "Change For Change". There is a way for everyone to help The Bubel Aiken Foundation.
As Clay would say, "Use your voice."

clayis' note: Don't forget to search for the BAF with GoodSearch. Every web search you do at GoodSearch earns the BAF a penny. To date, Claymates have raised over $1000 for the foundation. Learn more.

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Leave Comments at People Online "Clay Hair Poll"

People Online has a poll of sorts entitled "Tell Us What You Think of Clay's New Look." They ask us to, "Tell us what you think: Is Clay's new look an improvement? Or do you prefer the old hair?" Hmmmmmm, apparently they have already made up their minds since they say, "But this new k.d. lang-meets-disaffected-myspacer image just looks a little forced to us."

Thankfully most people are writing in positive comments to this poll. For example, "I think his new 'do is adorable. He looks younger." And, "I think he looks handsome and sounds great , too. I love the new look." There's lots more great comments where that came from.

Add your comments by clicking on our People Online link above, and then when you get to People's site, scroll down to Clay's pictures, click on "read more", and leave your comments about Clay's hair. Let them know that the majority of us love it!

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Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 3

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More Critical Praise For ATDW

"Aiken should no longer be Invisible to recording industry!"

Following the lead of two earlier CD reviews, a blog called Music Messiah has issued their review of ATDW, full of praise for Clay's voice and the CD production. All this coming from an INDIE music fan! Yeah!
Music Messiah - Music Review - A Thousand Different Ways

Most of you who read my picks, know I'm a huge fan of Indie bands such as: Dashboard Confessional, The Killers and PLAIN WHITE T'S, so this review may be a shock to you, when I give you my MUST have CD of the week.

From RCA Records: Clay Aikens new CD is called A Thousand Different Ways. It will be available in stores on September 19, 2006.

This is a must have CD. A Thousand Different Ways is filled with covers and sprinkled with a few originals. This CD will give you a feeling, that hope and romance are in the air. Like your favorite tasteful dessert, this CD is a guilty pleasure.

The music production is rich. Aiken's vocals have power, range and passion. He proves once again that he is one of this generations greatest vocalists. Aiken performs a vocally stunning rendition of Mr. Misters - Broken Wings. Aiken also takes on other difficult songs by Richard Marx, Celine Dion and even country great, Dolly Parton.

Aiken seems to handle these songs with respect and care they deserve.

September 19, 2006, Aiken should no longer be Invisible to recording industry!
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More Goodies From Star Search

Even more photos and clack from last week's David Foster Star Search competition have popped up. Clay was in Vancouver last weekend to help judge the talent contest with music icon David Foster.

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Fanclub Year 2 Officially Launches

The official fanclub has officially launches their 2nd year with a sleek new layout filled with new photos! A news item posted onto the homepage reads:

09/14/06 : Welcome to Year 2 of!
By Team Clay

The Clay Aiken Official Fan Club has officially entered its second year and we are happy to introduce a fresh new look, an all new membership package, exclusive new content and more...We're looking forward to having you around for all of the fun and excitement we have in store! Whether you are a new, or renewing member of the Clay Aiken OFC (Official Fan Club) we'll be here to welcome you with open arms.

So, what's in the bag for year 2? We've got a brand-new members only chat room, more personal blogs from Clay coming your way, new voice messages from Clay himself, cool contests with exclusive prizes, new wallpapers and buddy icons, and the opportunity to buy concert tickets first and attend meet & greets*! Want to find out more? Join or renew today to make your way in Clay's official online community...
As mentioned in the news item above, year 1 fanclub members can now start renewing their memberships. Don't forget that Best Buy stores nationwide will begin selling membership packages beginning September 19. For more information about renewal and the Best Buy fanclub package, click here.

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More Concerts; Jacksonville Tickets Onsale

ATTENTION FLORIDA CLAYMATES! Tickets to Clay's first Florida concert since Clearwater 2005 are now on sale. Tickets, $25 to $55, for the December 21 concert at the Moran Theatre in Jacksonville, FL are now available via

... and we have even more concert news! The official fanclub has announced the following concerts:

  • 12/07/06
    Norfolk, VA
    Scope Arena
  • 12/10/06
    Wilkes Barre, PA
    FM Kirby Center
No ticketing info yet for either venues. All tour dates are listed in our CDD Claytracker. Check the Claytracker often - we make every attempt to update it as soon as news breaks.

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Greensboro Concert Ticketing Information Announced

Ticketing information for Clay's December 23 concert in Greensboro, NC have been released. The Raleigh News & Observer says tickets, $49.50 and $64.50, go on sale at 9 a.m. Sept. 23 at the Greensboro Coliseum advance box office. Tickets can also be purchased online at or by phone at (888) 397-3100.

[Via Raleigh News & Observer]

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ATDW Commercial Airs on Lifetime TV

Eee! How exciting! The ATDW promo has really shifted into the high gear. This commercial aired today on Lifetime TV. Keep an eye open for it on a TV station near you.

You can download a cap of the commercial HERE.

CDD Video: ATDW TV commercial

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iTunes To Carry "Something Extra"

Oh Clay, naughty Clay! It's as if you aren't already torturing us with this excruciating wait... says Apple's iTunes music store will carry "something extra" with their version of ATDW:

9-15-06 :: Something extra on iTunes!
Be sure to check out Clay's album on iTunes first thing Tuesday morning - it will have a little something extra included!
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Shock and Awe - More TV Appearances; Don't Forget Leno!

Are you ready for what's being called "shock and awe"? If you include syndicated TV, Clay will be on every major US network next week as the promotion for ATDW's release revs up. has posted a revised TV appearances list for Clay which starts TONIGHT with a performance and interview on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Needless to say - please CHECK local listings as the air times of these shows vary drastically by market. New TV appearances added today have been bolded. is a good resoure for clack should you miss any of these appearances.

Sep 15 Clay Aiken - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC)

Sep 18 Clay Aiken - Entertainment Tonight

Sep 19 Clay Aiken - Good Morning America (ABC) - performance of "Without You" and "A Thousand Days" (will air between 8:30 and 9 AM)

Sep 19 Clay Aiken - Entertainment Tonight

Sep 20 Clay Aiken - Good Morning America (ABC) Diane Sawyer Interview Part 1 (between 7:30 and 8 AM)

Sep 20 Clay Aiken - Entertainment Tonight

Sep 21 Clay Aiken - Good Morning America (ABC) Diane Sawyer Interview Part 2 (between 7:30 and 8 AM)

Sep 21 Clay Aiken - Entertainment Tonight

Sep 22 Clay Aiken - The View (ABC) - performance of "Without You" and interview

Sep 22 Clay Aiken - Entertainment Tonight

Sep 24 Clay Aiken - Good Morning America (ABC) Weekend Show - performance and interview

Sep 26 Clay Aiken - Entertainment Tonight

Sep 26 Clay Aiken - Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)
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Dec. 22 Charlotte Concert Presale

A presale for the December 22 Charlotte concert is now up. Tickets are now being offered online by the North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center at their ticketing website.

Once at the website, enter the promotional code "CLAY". Good luck everyone!

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Tidbits 9/15

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

According To Roger, Next Week Is "Clay Aiken Week"

According to Pinklace at CV:

BIG things will happen

I just got a email from Roger

it's all good don't week is CLAY AIKEN week - song goes to radio, he's on Leno tomorrow night - GMA on the 19, 20, 21 The View on 22nd and GMA Weekend show the 24th....he will be all over not to worry
It looks like Clay might be on GMA for 3 days instead of two. Possibly a two-day interview? Next week will be filled with lots of shock and awe for everyone. Almost every day with Clay on TV, CD Release parties Monday night into Tuesday morning, CD released on Tuesday, radio play beginning. This is what we've been waiting for for months! Seems as though everywhere people look, not just the Claymates but the general public as well, they will be seeing Clay and hearing him sing. Let's hope that lots of people will be running to their music store to purchase his CD after hearing that glorious voice and seeing the amazing person that Clay is.

Are YOU ready for Clay Aiken Week?

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Clay Will Be on GMA Tuesday To Sing and Wednesday For Interview

According to a GMA promo that was on TV tonight, Clay will be on Good Morning America next Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday will be his concert that we all know about. But Wednesday will be an interview with Diana Sawyer where she will interview him about "the rumors about his private life...what you haven't heard." The video for this promo is up at Clack Unlimited.

Be sure to watch this and set your recorders for Tuesday September 19 and Wednesday September 20. In my opinion, this interview will be Clay's way of telling the truth about the nasty rumors that were spread about him earlier this year. I may be wrong, but it does sound that way to me. Whatever, though, this is something you will NOT want to miss.

Update: The interview part 2 will air on Thursday September 21, according to RCA. The entire interview plus performance will be re-aired on Good Morning America Weekend on Sunday, September 24.

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Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 4

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Vancouver Video Now @ YouTube

Videos of Clay performing at David Foster's Vancouver River Rock 2006 Gala this past weekend are now available for streaming at YouTube. They have also be loaded into CDD's Video on Demand player. Enjoy!

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Clay Officially Sworn In To White House Committee

After last week's announcement that President Bush intends on appointing Clay to his President's Committee For People with Intellectual Disabilities, the White House issued a statement today confirming Clay's appointment and swearing in which took place at the White House earlier today:

Appointees Sworn In to Serve on President’s Committee
For People with Intellectual Disabilities

Members of the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities (PCPID), appointed recently by President George W. Bush, were sworn in today by HHS Assistant Secretary for Children and Families Wade F. Horn, Ph.D.

“By appointing these individuals, President Bush is strengthening the care, attention and services for people with intellectual disabilities,” Horn said. “These men and women will help achieve the goals of the Bush Administration to help citizens with intellectual disabilities live full, happy and productive lives.”

The appointments to the PCPID are as follows:
  • Clay Aiken of Raleigh, North Carolina: Recording artist Clay Aiken is also the founder of the Bubel/Aiken Foundation, an organization that promotes and funds educational and recreational programs for children with special needs.
Once again, congratulations Clay on this major achievement!

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Tidbits 9/14

  • As we told you yesterday, WRAL-FM in Raleigh debuted "Without You" this morning. Very good reaction from Bill and Sherry who has interviewed Clay many times in the past. They even invited listeners to phone in with their reaction! Good buzz for ATDW. WLYT-FM in Charlotte said they'll be giving ATDW a spin between 1 PM and 2 PM tomorrow.
  • Detroit News: mentions Clay's upcoming Detroit Christmas concert.
  • um... not sure whether I should laugh or cry at this -- "Clay Aiken is named to the President’s Council for People with Intellectual Disabilities. Aiken’s primary responsibilities on the council will be to make sure President Bush only drinks one juice box at lunchtime."
  • Entertainment Weekly article about Rock Star Supernova which wrapped up last nignt -- runner up "could still become the Clay Aiken of this season"
  • This is the BEST way to spend some TV game show winnings-- News Time Live -- "he wouldn't say whether he and his wife, Joanne, will soon pursue her dream of following singer Clay Aiken around the country on tour."
  • Boston Herald- AI5's Kellie Pickler releasing new album in October. Small Clay mention.
  • Rocky Moutain News - ATDW mention (same type of tidbit mention we've seen for a quite while now)
  • 2 Jay Leno mentions. Clay will be performing and chatting with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show tomorrow, Sept. 15 -- Richmond Times Dispatch, Baltimore Sun.
  • mentions Clay's presidential appointment.
  • has updated their main page with the ClearChannel ATDW preview link. They also have a list of ClearChannel radio stations that are offering this preview on their respective websites.
  • Lake Powell Chronicle: Another article about an Idol contestant hoping to be the next Clay or Kelly.

  • ConCLAYve on the, uh, pressures of staying an ATDW virgin -- "It's hard when so many have chosen to listen to the whole album and the reaction is so incredibly positive. Someone described his version of Broken Wings as sex while floating on air."
  • There Was A Man has some excellent videos of Clay singing UM, WY and RHW from the Vancouver David Foster gala from last weekend. Chexxxy also has a blog about this. The 2 blogs are almost identical, in terms of content.
  • Not really Clay related- Southern Girl's blog about Dancing With The Stars.
  • Southern Girl - some recent news items.
  • Non Clay blog- Raleigh's raleighing blog mentions ATDW -- "This week is a big one for Raleigh's Clay Aiken. With a new CD being released on Tuesday, Clay seems to be everywhere right now."
  • ClayKat- Clay's music and humanity brings light to Montreal's day of terror.
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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

2007 Tours New From The Official Fanclub

In today's news on Clay at the OFC, we hear that plans are already in order for a tour in the beginning of 2007!

09/13/06 / Clay Aiken Holiday Symphony Appearances

Clay’s third CD, A
THOUSAND DIFFERENT WAYS, offers 10 cover versions of love songs spanning three
decades. Plans for a tour including the new music are already underway to begin
in the early part of 2007.

Prior to that tour, Clay will be making some special appearances with a select number of symphonies and orchestras for special holiday shows in the month of December. These are not the Joyful Noise concerts of the past two years. For these shows, Clay is joining local
orchestras for a special performance, many of which are part of the host
orchestra’s concert season. Each of these concerts in December will open with
the host orchestra performing and then Clay will join them to perform the final
hour of holiday favorites.

We are not able to do fan club presales for these special orchestra performances, but some orchestras own membership clubs you can join to get access to their presale if you so choose.
We appreciate your understanding, and should be assured that we DO plan on resuming fan club
presales as soon as Clay returns to full-fledged Clay Aiken engagements in the new year.
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...and yet 2 more Christmas shows


"Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere we go!" At least as far as Clay is concerned. Two new shows have already been mentioned today here at CDD. Now we have two more to add.

Clay will be performing on 12/21 at the Moran Theatre in Jacksonville, Florida and on 12/23 at the War Memorial Auditorium in Greensboro, North Carolina. As of today, he has not been listed at these sites, but keeping watching because I'm sure they will be telling when tickets will go on sale soon.

Clay now has a total of 16 Christmas shows. Think about it. Before the Christmas holidays begin on Christmas Eve, Clay will be performing in 16 shows in a 23 day span. That's all but one week, and that will be used for travel time mostly! This "Not a Christmas Tour" has turned into "Quite The Christmas Tour"! Thank you Clay!!

Below is a listing of all of Clay's shows that you can find in the "Tour Section" at You don't have to be a member to be able to see this listing.

Clay Aiken Holiday Symphony Appearances
12/02/06 Star Plaza Theatre Merrillville, IN, US
12/04/06 Turning Stone Casino Verona, NY, US
12/05/06 Bergen PAC Center Engelwood, NJ, US
12/06/06 Lyric Opera House Baltimore, MD, US
12/07/06 Scope Arena Norfolk, VA, US
12/09/06 Community Arts Center Williamsport, PA, US Buy Tickets
12/10/06 FM Kirby Center Wilkes Barre, PA, US
12/11/06 State Theatre Easton, PA, US
12/14/06 Tilles Center for the Arts Greenvale, NY, US Buy Tickets
12/15/06 Eisenhower Hall West Point, NY, US Buy Tickets
12/16/06 Count Basie Theatre Red Bank, NJ, US Buy Tickets
12/18/06 Orchestra Hall at the Max Fish Detroit, MI, US
12/19/06 Devos Hall Grand Rapids, MI, US Buy Tickets
12/21/06 Moran Theatre Jacksonville, FL, US
12/22/06 Blumenthal Performing Arts Center Charlotte, NC, US
12/23/06 War Memorial Auditorium Greensboro, NC, US

Update: Ticketing info for Greensboro are now available -- Tickets, $49.50 and $64.50, go on sale at 9 a.m. Sept. 23 at the Greensboro Coliseum advance box office. You can buy them online at or by phone at (888) 397-3100.

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Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 5

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Clay on Jimmy Kimmel Special Tonight


Clay will be on tonight's Jimmy Kimmel Live Special which will take a look at some of the show's most memorable moments from the past 3 1/2 years. Clay's June 2004 'fight' skit with Jimmy will be one of the moments highlighted.

The show airs tonight at 10 PM ET on ABC.

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Los Angeles Autograph Session - September 26

Clay will be signing autographs at the Virgin Megastore in Los Angeles before appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live September 26.

You must attend and purchase a copy of ATDW at the LA release party to get a chance to meet Clay. The release party will be held at:

The Virgin Megastore
6801 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 105
Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 769-8520
September 18 - 11 PM.
Everyone who attends the party and buy a copy of ATDW at the Virgin Megastore that night will receive a wristband which enables you to meet Clay on September 26.

Clay will be at the Virgin Megastore on September 26 at 1 PM, so be sure to arrive at the store by 12:30 with your wristband and CDs.

Update 9/15: more info from
9-15-06 :: Clay Aiken In-store Appearance!
Date: Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Time: 1pm
6801 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 105
Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 769-8520
Here's how it will work:
250 wristbands will be given out 1 per customer with purchase of the new Clay Aiken CD starting at 10am on Tuesday 9/19.
An additional 250 wristbands will be given 1 per customer with purchase of the new Clay Aiken CD on Tuesday 9/26 starting at 10am. 1 per customer (note - if one person purchases 8 clay cds they do not get 8 wristbands)
Fans can begin lining up for the appearance no earlier than 10am on Tuesday 9/26.!
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Tidbits 9/13

  • The United Press International has 2 hot new photos from the David Foster gala. Canuck2010 also has some new shots from the gala -- see it at her Photobucket gallery.
  • Richmond News mentions Clay in article about David Foster's River Rock. Clay performed at the gala and judged at the Star Search competition this past weekend.
  • Raleigh Chronicle has a good article about Clay's upcoming Jay Leno appearance (this Friday) -- "Raleigh's most famous resident Clay Aiken will be on the Tonight Show with talk show host Jay Leno on September 15th (Friday night) according to the official Clay Aiken website."
  • article about Clay's Easton, PA concert.
  • Attention Raleigh fans- WRAL-FM will debut Without You on their airwaves tomorrow. The CB's PreciousDTP says the station plans to air the song at around 7:40 in the morning.
  • The Washington Post printed an interesting quote about the importance of first week CD sales in today's paper:
    "There's more and more pressure on the first week," says Greg McCarn, vice president of marketing for Lyric Street Records, home to country-pop chart-toppers Rascal Flatts. "The first week speaks to the health of your fan base. Have you been able to maintain or expand your fan base since the last record? Or have you seen some deterioration? We've seen that first week become increasingly important over the last few years."
  • Access Atlanta announces ATDW's release and the Atlanta CD release party.
  • USA Today blog quote from a new Entertainment Weekly article about Idol - "It appears those Claymates follow their leader no matter where his hair takes them."
  • Dallas Fort-Worth Star Telegram - FOX Reality Channel to begin airing American Idol Rewind -- "Sorry, Clay Aiken fans, he's still gonna be runner-up. 7 p.m."
  • article about a "Clay Aiken wannabe"
  • Newsday corrects their Clay Aiken "American Idol winner" boo-boo- "Clay Aiken was runner-up on season two of "American Idol." A story on Monday's Flash! page was incorrect."

  • Nothing here today... we're on the lookout for Clay blogs.
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Clay's Charlotte, NC Christmas Show Announced

Phew! Another Christmas concert has popped up! Clay will be in Charlotte, NC December 22 for a concert with the Charlotte Symphony. Interestingly, this date comes exactly 1 year after Clay's 2005 Raleigh Christmas concert at the RBC Center.

The show is scheduled for 8PM December 22 at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center.

Ticketing information is forthcoming. The venue says more information will be out on Friday morning. Of course, we'll keep you updated as ticketing info becomes available.

For a complete listing of all of Clay's Christmas concerts, go to our Claytracker.

[Via Charlotte Observer]

Update 9/15: pre-sale tickets are now available HERE. Once on the page, enter the promotional code "CLAY". Good luck!

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...and another one... Englewood, NJ Christmas Concert

Looks like this mini-tour may turn into a full sized Christmas tour! Another concert has been announced for the Bergen Performing Arts Center in Englewood, NY. The concert is scheduled for 8PM, December 5. Tickets are now onsale online via the venue's website (click on December and the Buy Tickets link beside Clay's name).

Good luck everybody!

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Clay Has A New Dog, Durham

It seems that wherever Clay goes, he brings a piece of North Carolina with him. Well, now he has the option to take two pieces with him, Raleigh and Durham! What we are trying to say is this...Clay now has a doggie play mate for Raleigh, a sweet little male dog named Durham. This came as a total surprise to many of us. Apparently Clay took Durham with him to the Star Search in Canada this weekend but left Raleigh at home to guard the house!

We don't know when Clay got Durham, but my understanding is that he had a female dog at first (possibly named Charlotte?). But being that Raleigh is a female, she didn't get along very well with another female. I suppose she wanted no other females around Clay! Anyway, now Clay has Durham and the two get along fine.

As you can see by the pictures, Durham is just too cute! I'm sure he's very happy to call Clay's home his home, and if he could talk, he'd tell you what a great master Clay is. Raleigh has already let that secret out of the bag!!

Hopefully we will hear more about Durham in the future.

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Radio Stations Streaming Clay's CD -- Let's Be Listening!

Evancol at The Clayboard has started a thread which is keeping a running list of radio stations around the country which are streaming Clay's CD, "A Thousand Different Ways". In addition, you will find information a-plenty about streaming, NOT linking directly to the stream, and etc.

I know that this is a long list, thus making this a long article, but I believe it is important for us to know which stations are streaming Clay so that we can listen to his CD via their websites as well as listen to the station when we are at work, home, in the car, etc. So please check this list out, and if you know of any other stations that are streaming Clay, go to The Clayboard thread and add it in a post. Below is the information and the list of stations. This is a big way we can support Clay. We want the CD played on radio stations everywhere!
Oh, and by the way, as of Wednesday night, 9/13, ATDW was #9 on the bestseller list. That's up 2 from the last time I checked!

Here is Evancol's post:

I thought I would try to start a list so it would not get too far out of hand. I am going back to fix links and add them.... PLEASE add additions to the thread and I will update until the mods check in. Thanks jane

If that station's city is PURPLE....we KNOW that is a NIELSON MONITORED STATION.
NOTE FROM GOOD BABY BRUSH: Guys, please do not link
directly to the stream! That is, link to the MAIN page of the station, not to a link ending in cc-common/mfeatures/clayaikenSP/

These stations will likely be measuring click-thru traffic so we need to make sure we send people to the main page of the site so they need to click on Clay's picture to get to the stream.


LiteMix 99.9 Mobile

KOST 103.5 LA
Star 101.3 San Francisco

K-Lite 106.3 Colorado Springs

Key West
KTK 98.5 Panama City


93.9 The Lite Chicago
105.9 Lite Rock Springfield
The Bear Southern Illinois

B98 FM Wichita


96.1 The River Baton Rouge

q105fm Ocean Springs

Grand Rapids Michigan

KGBX 105.9 Springfield

WSUS 102.3

Walk 97.5 New York City
106.7 Litefm New York City

NEVADA Las Vegas

Lite 102.9 Charlotte
WMAG Greensboro

93.3 Lite Columbus
101.5 The River Toledo

K103 Portland

KISS 102.7 Williamsport

Coast 93.3 Providence

WMYI 102.5 Greenville

Kosy 106.5


98.1 Kiss Spokane





Akron OH 98.1 WKDD
Atlanta GA Peach 94.9 WLTM - Monitored
Augusta/Waterville ME Star 101.3 WKCG
Anchorage AK Magic 98.9 KYMG
Ashtabula OH Star 97.1 WREO
Augusta GA WBBQ - Monitored
Bangor ME KISS 94.5 WKSQ
Battle Creek MI 95.3 WBXX
Baton Rouge LA 96.1 - Monitored
Beaumont TX Mix 104.5 KKMY - Monitored
Biloxi MS Magic 93.7 WMJY - Monitored
Binghamton NY Mix 103.3 WMXW
Birmingham AL Magic 96 - Monitored
Bismarck ND 92.9 Y93 KYYY
Boise ID Lite 107.9 KXLT - Monitored
Boston MA Kiss 108
Bozeman, MT MY 103.5 KZMY
Bryan TX 104.7 the MIX KKYS
Burlington VT 92.9 WEZF - Monitored
Charlotte NC Lite 102.9 - Monitored
Chicago 93.9 WLIT-FM - Monitored
Colorado Springs CO 106.3 KKLI - Monitored
Columbus GA Sunny 100 WGSY - Monitored
Columbus OH 93.3 WLZT
Dayton OH Lite 99.9 WLQT
Dayton OH MIX 107.7 WMMX
Detroit 100.3 WNIC - Monitored
Eau Claire, WI WISM-FM The Mix 98.1
Fairbanks AK 101 MagicKAKQ-FM
Fayetteville AR Magic 107.9 KEZA
Floriday Keys FL 93.5 WKEY
Frankfort KY Lake 102.3 WLLK
Fresno CA Soft Rock 98.9 KSOF - Monitored
Grand Rapids MI Star 105.7
Greensboro NC 99.5 WMAG - Monitored
Greenville SC MY 102.5 WMYI - Monitored
Honolulu HI 92.3 KSSK - Monitored
Houston TX Sunny 99 - Monitored
Huntington, WV 100KEE FM (Hot AC)
LaGrange GA Magic 98.1 WMGP
Lancaster/Antelope Valley, CA 105.5 The Oasis KOSS
Las Vegas Sunny 106.5 KSNE - Monitored
Lima OH Mix 103.3 WMLX(AC - Mix)
Long Island NY WALK 97.5
Los Angeles CA 104.3 KBIG (Hot AC) - Monitored
Melbourne FL 99.3 WLRQ - Monitored
Minot ND MIX 99.9 KMXA
Mobile AL Lite Mix 99.9 - Monitored
Modesto/Stockton CA Sunny 102 KJSN - Monitored
Muskegon MI Star 108 WSHZ
New York NY Lite 106.7 - Monitored
Panama City FL Sunny 98.5 WFSY
Portland, OR K103 - Monitored
Providence RI 93.3 Coast FM WSNE (Hot AC)
Raleigh NC Sunny 93.9 WRSN - Monitored
Sacramento, CA Y92.5 KGBY - Monitored
Salisbury/Ocean City MD Q105 WQHQ
Sarasota/Bradenton FL 92.1 Lite FM WLTQ
Salt Lake City UT 106.5 KOSY - Monitored
Savannah, GA WYKZ-FM 98.7 The River
Shreveport 96.5 KVKI - Monitored
Springfield, MO 105.9 KGBX - Monitored
Spokane, WA KISS 98.1 KISC
Sussex NJ 102.3 WSUS
Syracuse, NY Y94 - 94.5 WYYY - Monitored
Talahasee FL Magic 107.1 WTLY
Toledo OH 101.5 The River WRVF - Monitored
Utica NY Mix 102.5 WUMX
Wash DC 97.1 WASH-FM - Monitored
Wheeling WV 97.3 WKWK (Hot AC - Mix)
Williamsport PA 102.7 Kiss FM WKSB
Wichita, KS 97.9 B98 KRBB- FM - Monitored
Worcester 96.1 WSRS - Monitored
San Francisco CA Star 101.3 KIOI

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 6

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One Week to "A Thousand Different Ways" release!!!

Today, what a glorious day. No, as you know, it's not the CD release day, BUT we are only one week away. Is it just me, or is that not super exciting? I think it is!

So, I thought I would share a little planning kit on how to keep busy while we all wait for next Tuesday.

7 days until the release (9-12-06)
ONE WEEK! Do a little happy dance with me. *dances*

6 days until the release (9-13-06)
Do another little dance, because it is officially less than one week (And swoon a little over the picture on the left. Who else is jealous of that pic?)

5 days until the release (9-14-06)
Get your VCRs ready! Clay will be on Jay Leno the next day!!!

4 days until the release (9-15-06)
First sit-down interview of the "ATDW" press release time! EEK! Double check your VCRs and get ready to tape and watch Clay on Jay Leno. Then, watch it over and over and over again. =D

3 days until the release (9-16-06)

Start doing double-time on listening to Clay's CDs. How about reviewing some concert clack? And, of course, rewatch the Jay Leno interview a few hundred more times or so.

2 days until the release (9-17-06)
Make sure that all your plans for your CD release parties are in order. Call everyone you're going with. Make sure you have a meeting plan. Fill up your gas tank...etc. Listen to "Merry Christmas with Love," so you can stay calm while making sure all plans are good to go.

1 day until the release (9-18-06)
CD release parties! Online board parties! Whoot! Party it up. Remember to stay safe though. Review "Measure of a Man" (not like you could ever forget any of it, but you know it never hurts to listen to Clay's beautiful voice) Make sure your VCRs are ready to tape Good Morning America the next day.

ATDW release!!!!
It's finally the day! Do the biggest happy dance of them all! Go get your CD. Tape and watch Good Morning America. Spend as much time as possible listening to your CD and watching Clay on GMA. Try not to over-swoon. ;)

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CDD Sets New Record

THANK YOU to's Bob Lamb who linked to CDD in a pop music blog yesterday. As a result, CDD's daily visits yesterday surpassed 2000 for the first time in our history.

Our tracking software recorded 2182 visits to CDD and 5025 page loads yesterday- September 11, well above our daily average of 1200-1300.

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Fanclub Message Board Down

The official fanclub's message will be down until Thursday, says a statement posted on the fanclub's homepage.

09/12/06 / Important Notice: Clay OFC Message Board Upgrade

Along with the new website we'll also be upgrading the Clay Aiken Official Fan Club Message Board to a new software with enhanced features and better usability. Such features and enhancements will include profile pictures, private message tracking, a calendar with event manager, and much more!

To ensure that the message board upgrade is a smooth transition for everyone, we'll do our very best to make sure that users' post counts, user titles, and signatures will all carry over to the new software without trouble. While it may take a few minutes to get acquainted with the new message board, we're sure you'll love the new message board and the new features it will offer!

To successfully integrate the current message board with the new software and ensure this smooth transition, the OFC message board will be unavailable as of 5 p.m. (Pacific) today until September 14, 2006 to allow for testing and to make sure the most up to date information is transferred.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

The all-new message board will be unveiled and back in action along with the new website on September 14, 2006!
The new version of the fanclub goes live on September 14!

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ClearChannel ATDW Stream Back Up

The stream of the full, uncut version of ATDW is now up as promised. ClearChannel removed the stream yesterday because it wasn't supposed to be released until today. The stream was leaked out late last week. Enjoy! -- - Clay Aiken ATDW Preview

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Easton, PA Christmas Concert Announced

Another Christmas concert has been announced, bringing our total number of concerts 11. According to the venue, Clay is set to play with a symphonic orchestra at the State Theatre in Easton, PA on December 11. (For a full listing of upcoming concerts, go to our Claytracker).

Tickets to the show go on sale to venue members on September 20 at 10 AM, while the general public on sale date is set for September 26 at 10 AM. There is a limit of 6 tickets for each customer. For more information, please visit the venue's website.

The State Theatre's website has an awesome write-up for Clay:

Since the stunningly close second-place finish on the second season of American Idol, Clay Aiken has gone on to create an inexplicable chemistry between him and his audience that has sparked the kind of fanatic devotion that has propelled him into the pop stratosphere. For his State Theatre appearance, Clay Aiken will perform a selection of treasured Christmas classics. There will be a special opening performance by the 50-piece Chelsea Symphony Orchestra from New York who will then accompany Aiken in what is sure to be an inspirational performance in the intimate State Theatre.
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Tidbits 9/12

  • karebear65 posted this photo of Clay's new dog Durham who accompanied Clay to Vancouver this past weekend. Raleigh's, who's said to be at home in Raiegh, now has a male counterpart to, uh, flirt with!
  • - American Idol's website has an article on its home page about Clay's appointment by President Bush, and in the same article, you can read about Clay's CD release date and information about the CD. Its fantastic to see news about Clay at such a variety of sites! Clay truly is everywhere these days!
  • - As of September 11, Clay's "A Thousand Different Ways" is No. 10 on the best sellers list! That's awesome!!
  • According to Admire99 at The Clayboard, Radio Station WSRS 96.1 in Massachusetts broadcast a promo for a "sneak Peek" preview of Clay's CD. In the broadcast, Clay's voice was actually broadcasting the promo!! People are beginning to hear Clay everywhere!
  • Weird place for Clay to show up - article from Reuters about the UAW head blasting President Bush on his lack of time for his union-
    Gettelfinger also said it was "ludicrous" that Bush had no time for the car industry, but managed to find the time to tap Clay Aiken, the runner-up on the popular U.S. reality talent show "American Idol," to serve on the President's Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities.
  • Newsday also has (slight negativity) a presidential appt. mention.
  • AgWeb mentions the Jay Leno Clay mention we reported last week. About the Presidential appt.
  • - Canadian Idol article on a performance by top 2 finalist Craig Sharpe -- "I'm not sure if that was meant as a compliment to Craig or an insult to Mercury. That performance was less Queen and more Clay Aiken."
  • Entertainment Weekly: battle of the idols. Kelly vs. Clay (this is stupid... they compare Kelly's mainstream pop/rock album to Clay's Christmas album).

  • Southern Girl on how ClearChannel's ATDW slip up changed her mind on the impeding album. -- "good grief, somebody slap me the next time I base my judgment on 30 seconds of song. For an album I thought I'd, at the very least, LIKE because it was Clay, I'm astounded by this. It's sublime."
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