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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Idolforums reporting Clay signed to Docker's Pants Company for an ad...

I heard on the radio this morning that Clay signed to do the Ads for 'Dockers' clothes (actually i think they only make pants). But that's BIG money!!

Mamarose's PJ's she bought for Clay was worn by OMC at a M&G!

DarDar gave Clay the t-shirt which reads 'Saints'
and Mamarose gave Clay the 'Cat In The Hat' PJ's.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Please go and buy a S'way

Billboard tallies for the 2004 Billboard Music Awards end in November. Please help Clay beat Fantasia!

Signed, Sealed, Delivered Video up!

At Gonzo's site! talks about Clay's Aladdin DVD POYB Performance

I am not a Clay Aiken fan, but I was extremely impressed by the clip they showed from the DVD of the song. It's a fantastic song, and Aiken does an impressive job with it, something absolutely worth checking out.

NEW Pictures from the Aladdin DVD!

News About Voting for Clay for the Regis and Kelly Awards

Regis and Kelly announced today (Friday) that:The Best Music Guest category will be featured on TUESDAY of next week.I'm presuming that Tuesday will be the one and only day to vote, but they didn't actually say that, they said:TUESDAY will be "Best Regis" and "Best Musical Guest."PLEASE tune ON MONDAY to the showor check the website,or this thread, to find out, JUST IN CASE.The voting could start Monday andit could just be Tuesday that the Best Music Guest is highlighted.I think the vote will be Tuesday, but tune in on MONDAY, JUST IN CASE.We just can't take any chances on missing any voting sure to WATCH THE SHOW on TUESDAY.This is the day they will show clips of Clay's performance, I'm sure.Check early in the day (info should be available on theRelly website and this thread by 10 - 10:30 am eastern) so thatyou can alert all the other voters you recruit.To Diana Fans: Diana DeGarmo's category,Best Junior Achiever, will be featured on Wednesday.

Clay mentioned on ET 8/26

They were comparing AI to a new Dance-talent-search show: 'American Idol brought stars like Clay Aiken [shows Clay's pic] and Kelly Clarkson [shows Kelly's pic]'

Clay mentioned in Sept. 6 issue of InTouch Magazine

From the Clayboard:

Yes, folks, a Clay mention in the magazine we love to hate! page 85, singing pic from GMA concertGist of blurb is that rumors of Clay's dissatisfaction with performing & the loss of anonymity are driving him out of show-biz & back to NC are false according to a friend. (well, DUH?! )"Clay loves performing," the source explains. "He wants to do Broadway eventually. It's more who he is."

Clayfans donate $4500 to Broadway Cares

From the Clayboard

My contact at Broadway Cares said that they were thrilled that $4,566.00 was donated in Clay's name for this charity. You will remember this was in response to their making the video of Clay's Broadway debut with Heather Headley (singing Can You Feel The Love Tonight) available to us for download.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Greetings for ClayNation (Clayboard Owner)

What a treat to come back to the Street and find your greetings! Thanks, clayisouridol and all! And you're welcome! I'll post here to make sure those who've posted know that I've seen this and read their notes. Hey Everyone! I'm not quite back yet, but I did come back on to let the staff know that we've extended our trip (not totally a vacation) until the third week of September. BUT, I will try to pop my head back in to try to warm up to life on the Clayboard again. WOW, the 10K mark. That's really cool! Of course, there are trolls among those 10K , as well as members incognito , as well as some MIAs and/or emigrants , as well as folks who upgraded to ezSupporter , but nonetheless it is a big landmark number and it's cool to see! What's most important is that those who are here are enjoying themselves, Clay and each other.I appreciate the kind words and look forward to joining you more in the coming months. I trust you're all having a great summer, getting good quality time in with your families and friends, enjoying concerts, and life in general. Prayers for those who have faced struggles and hardship this summer as well and ... and an extra .Many thanks to our amazing staff who through all the trials they've gone through, still have their chins up, still care about this community and the individuals who make it up, and still manage to keep their sense of humor and support one another like no team I've ever worked with before. Kudos to all of you.Well, that's all for now! Thanks again for this sweet thread!Holding fast, home at last (well sort of anyway!). ~Mama, hug! ~Blessings and Love,ClayNation

Clay Mentioned in YM Magazine

Clay is mentioned in September's YM.

Clay Aiken ON TOUR with Ben Jelen E-Card! Send it today!


Time to vote for the printable 2005 Clay Calender

Vote information:



Track listing:

1. Hey Ya! - Outkast Windows Media Real Audio
2. Cinderella - The Cheetah Girls Windows Media Real Audio

3. More To Life (There's Got To Be) - Stacie Orrico Windows Media Real Audio
4. White Flag - Dido Windows Media Real Audio
5. Perfect - Simple Plan Windows Media Real Audio
6. So Yesterday - Hilary Duff Windows Media Real Audio
7. Where Is The Love - Black Eyed Peas/Justin Timberlake Windows Media Real Audio
8. Tide Is High, The (Get The Feeling) - Atomic Kitten Windows Media Real Audio
9. It's My Life - No Doubt Windows Media Real Audio
10. Rain On Me - Ashanti Windows Media Real Audio
11. Voice Within, The - Christina Aguilera Windows Media Real Audio
12. What Dreams Are Made Of - Hilary Duff Windows Media Real Audio
13. This Is The Night - Clay Aiken Windows Media Real Audio
14. Here Without You - 3 Doors Down Windows Media Real Audio
15. My Immortal - Evanescence Windows Media Real Audio

Singapore Idol contestant sings...

"Clay Aiken's Solitaire — his audition song, in its entirety."

from Channel News Asia

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Ohio State Fair- Soldout

According to reports, the Ohio State Fair has been Sold out!

IWCY is a Hit! -Billboard

-IWCY Gets High Marks on Billboard Hit Predictor
IWCY is now showing up on the AC Hit Predictor, with an impressive score of 89.5 (over 65 is considered top 10 callout potential). It is #2 on the Predictor chart.

Clay featured in Guinuess World Records 2004

He's on page 154 with the other AI2 Idols.

The Clayboard hits a big----

10,000! Congrats Clayboard!

I Will Carry You removed from Radiomax music

Vague Statement from Director of RadioMaxMusic:

I am really tired of this debate and not going to waste the time I have on this. I will explain why he was taken off the Top 70 Poll and my reasons for dropping additional support, and I want you to thank yourselves for this decision.

1. RadioMax is NOT a CLAY AIKEN exclusive station. It is an Internet Radio Station currently ranked in the Top 50 in popularity. We have been around for over 6 years and have tremondous support across genres.

2. The constant commentary and accusations I receive in email, Toll Free voice line, and forum postings have pushed me to make a decision.

3. Last week up to Sunday afternoon, there were over 4,000 votes received on our Top 70 Chart. Over 2,300 for the number one tune and 435 for Clay Aiken.

4. This is a business not a place for artist fans to comment and manipulate our services for personal benefit.

5. We provided Clay specific programming for YOU with the hopes that you would listen. There were banners and numerous postings that it was available and or playing at specific times. There was NO interest as we received the LOWEST listen times in over a year.

6. There are 7 specific people who burden our voice lines with the same requests 3 and 4 times a day. Emails that are NOT re-written but carbon copies of the same, " I want to hear my new favorite tune The Way etc... from my new favorite artist Clay Aiken" Day after Day.

7. I have personally extended my time and programming hours for support of your artist and the only thing I have gotten out of it are bad mouthing and negative commentary.

8. With all of this and more, I see no further need to participate in the antics and bullshit that surround this artist. It is abusive and far past my expectations and support.

9. I do not want to blanket these comments to the entire supportive and caring members of the community. If not for this community, I would not have met the love of my life, BRS aka Jamie. For that alone it was worth all of the nonsense, but there comes a time to say enough is enough.

10. There are many to thank and I know that have gone out of their way to support RadioMax, MixNJude - Claytyme - Songbird, LRClay, Hisyous, Mona Lisa, Mannknows, Jenny, and countless others.

11. We will revisit this situation at our next staff meeting during the beginning of September and I will let you know what support we will or not provide.

12. A Word of Warning - If what we have gone through at RadioMax is any indication of what others have or are going through, you can forget about and type of support for Clay Aiken.

13. Lastly for those that will respond with negative comments. We are not the biggest thing on the planet, but I think we do have influence and a platform to reach more people than you. Please don't provoke me to make this a part of my next program. 30,000 people a week listen to what I have to say and I can take this up a notch if you want.

Regards - Ron

IWCY back on Jump off Charts!

I Will Carry You is doing very well, with 43 stations currently playing IWCY.

New Aladdin DVD Ad

Free Image Hosting at

Still a Sex Symbol...Still Sizzling HOT!

Free Image Hosting at

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Christmas Album Tidbit from San Fran paper:

Nov. 2
Clay Aiken, title TBA (RCA) Twinkle, twinkle – it's a Christmas album from the longest lashes in the biz.

Monday, August 23, 2004

CDD FIRST: A TV Ad for Learning to Sing!

503 KB (For both dail-up and Hi Speed)

TV Advert

Click HERE to see it!

CDD supports:

Bubel Aiken Foundation GoodSearch for TBAF UNICEF