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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tidbits 11/24

CDD's Christmas tour blog
  • Washington Post - coming in second place isn't all that bad -
    Which brings us to Clay Aiken, as most good conversations should. He came in second to Ruben Studdard on "American Idol," but he became more popular and successful in the long run. He loved his seconddom, and his seconddom loved him back.

    "I think people like an underdog sometimes," Aiken once told Larry King.
  • Lake County News Sun - Clay returns to Waukegan for Christmas concert -
    American Idol favorite Clay Aiken will be celebrating the holidays in style at the Genesee Theatre Nov. 29 at 7:30 p.m.

    The multi-platinum recording artist emerged from his 2003 American Idol experience with a recording contract, Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly magazine covers, and legions of loyal fans. Those fans voted him the Fan's Choice winner at the 2003 American Music Awards as well as TV Guide's Fan's Favorite Reality Star that same year. His first single, "This is the Night/Bridge Over Troubled Water" won the Billboard Music Award for best-selling single of 2003, and that was just the beginning.
CDD Blogwatch

  • Chexxxy's has a Clay Aiken Christmas sampler, containing several YouTube videos for you to enjoy, including the one above of Clay performing "Christmastime" during JNT2005.
  • Clay - The Man - new blends and goodies are up

Friday, November 23, 2007

A Joyful Noise 2004 Review By Dianne Austin - A Wonderful Memory of That First Tour

I love looking back and remembering good times gone by. Christmas holds some of my favorite memories. So when I found this review by Dianne Austin of Clay's first Joyful Noise Tour, I just had to share it with all of you. I had forgotten that he had to postpone his first three concerts because of illness. But as Clay never wants to disappoint his fans, he simply put them at the end of the concert giving his California fans something to look forward to.

I hope that somewhere in this review you'll find some memory that will be stirred inside of you. For the most part, I believe it reminds us of the joy that Clay brings to all of us when he uses that glorious voice, that gift from God, to shower us with love and inspiration. Be sure to check out Scarlett's Good News Video at the end of the review.

Joyful Noise--The Beginning (Costa Mesa, CA) and The Beginning of The End (Pasadena, CA)--A Clay Aiken Christmas Tour

First of all, I must comment that it was fitting and oh-so-satisfying to have Clay Aiken's Christmas tour begin and end in California. Granted, he and his team may not have originally planned it that way, but because of illness and bruised vocal chords, the first three scheduled concerts were postponed until the end of the tour.

So, the fourth became the first (in Costa Mesa, CA) and the first became one of the last, which took place last week in Pasadena, CA.

Why is it fitting and satisfying? Because I had the opportunity to see both and it was satisfying to watch a performer grow and develop with a show, knowing that he is not only instrumental in his own growth as a vocalist, but also in the production and orchestration of the entire event. Now that he has been able to add the title 'Executive Producer' to his entertainment resume (A Clay Aiken Christmas, NBC), it’s certain that he is becoming more involved with the staging and production of his live concerts as well. Much satisfaction can be gleaned from seeing the evolution take place from beginning to end, which comes, I'm sure, not only to the spectator, but to the people who produce it as well.

And fitting. Why? Well, perhaps it’s because I still have a slight chip on my shoulder that isn't healing well due to Clay Aiken's last tour wherein no venues in the vast state of California were scheduled. That's right--not a one. Therefore, whether it was planned that way or not, it still has something to do with a kind of sweet destiny that this tour should begin and end in the great state of California, don't you think?

It was exciting to attend the first concert of the Christmas tour right after Thanksgiving at the Orange County Performing Arts Center in Costa Mesa. I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the Christmas season than to hear Clay singing the songs we love most. Besides that, the venue is particularly beautiful because of its unusual interior design, modern architecture and yuletide decorations.

The crowd looked festive as they streamed in dressed in their holiday best, and this set the tone for a very classy evening. I got there later than expected, so there was no time to mingle in the lobby beforehand. After I took my seat I noticed there was a little time to spare. After meeting and talking with friends behind me I saw Ms. Parker there just a few rows ahead waiting to see her son perform on this premiere night of the JNT. It made sense, since she had traveled from Raleigh to spend Thanksgiving with Clay, accompanied by her younger son Brett, who had been on leave from his own “tour” at the time. Faye was glowing that night and looked the picture of happiness sitting beside Brett. I had the pleasure of speaking with her before the concert and she told me about their Thanksgiving. Must have been 'fun' cooking for thirty, but if anyone could handle it, I’m sure it would be this little lady—the southern belle from Raleigh, NC.

Although the achingly beautiful voice was there, Clay showed a bit of strain in a couple of spots during the first half of the show. It was apparent that the effects of the illness had not disappeared completely. He also showed a little hesitation with the verbal part of his program, and it was not evident if this was due to it being first time jitters, or perhaps that he was not quite at the top of his game due to recovering from the “bug”. But that aside, it didn’t interfere much with our enjoyment of his performance because despite just a few inconsistencies, he pulled it off in his inimitable way.

Being the perfectionist he is, it seemed that Clay wanted to make up for the aforementioned discrepancies that came up during the early part of the show. The second half contained the more difficult, serious and intense songs, and this is where Clay took off and blew his audience away.

We were mesmerized with “Oh Holy Night”, “Mary Did You Know?” and “Don’t Save it All For Christmas Day”. Clay didn’t miss a beat or a note, and he poured himself into his vocals for the entire set. I know I’m not the first to notice that something happens to Clay when he sings a religious song. There’s a kind of reverie that goes on which enraptures those who are watching. He seems to separate from the audience and engage elsewhere for the time he’s singing. Usually, this kind of separation would lose an audience for any other performer, but with Aiken, it's kind of strange--as he goes somewhere else, he pulls us in even more. It’s an other-worldly experience that he allows us to be witness to.

The use of the local choirs and young children reading passages from the bible brought us back down to our earthly parameters however, and it was the right touch for an Aiken family Christmas concert. Clay always stresses his desire to employ and support 'every' kid--from all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, and that rang true when we got to watch the children on stage perform with him. It was also perfect since Christmas is about kids--who else could bring out more joy with the season?

I actually would have liked to see him engage more with the kids. Clay's gift in that area has not yet been tapped into when it comes to his performances. Why not have him combine his ability to talk, teach and elicit, even off the cuff, in one of his shows? I expected to see him sit in a big, comfy chair with kids all around on pillows, listening to a story/song he tells and sings while they join in. Hope he takes that idea and runs with it for the next Christmas tour.

Sadly, I was really taken by surprise by the encore of the evening, 'Good News'. I didn't like it at all. It seemed overly staged (or perhaps just the opposite, I couldn't tell which) stilted and uninspired. Of course, I had no familiarity with the song, and perhaps that had something to do with it. But it just seemed to be tacked on at the end, when what we really needed was a rousing rendition of something that would leave the audience with an exhilarated but satisfied feeling. I was a bit disappointed. But read on, because as it turns out, there's good news about 'Good News' for Pasadena.

Long before we ever made it to the encore in Pasadena, however, there was the rush into the Civic Auditorium in a downpour of rain. I'm here to tell you, it was raining cats and dogs that night. We had just enjoyed a wonderful dinner at PF Changs, and then had to high-tail it across the street to the concert venue. I had left my umbrella in the car (what was I thinking?) and had to share one on either side of me with friends, inching our way across the flooded boulevard. Needless to say, I got soaked from head to toe anyway. As we strode in to one side of the theater, with wind, rain and disgruntled women in tow, Jerome, Clay's bodyguard, was there to welcome us and make us feel safe and warm (if not to giggle a little to himself at the state of our presentation). Aside from how we knew we looked, it was nice to be greeted with a smile from the large, charming man.

We primped in the lounge, mingled, and went to find our seats. The star's voice was heard well before we ever saw the lanky body or spikey head. Then he appeared, and proceeded to take us on a Clay Aiken sleigh ride we won't soon forget.

The first act was memorable. Clay was in great voice-- no strains, cracks or breaks, and with beautiful form. He was relaxed, remembering the right lines but sometimes winging it and making that work, moving fluidly--waltzing, bouncing, striding with hand in pocket, and a lovely surprise--an adorable little tap dance at the end of (wouldn't you know it?) 'Sleigh Ride'.

He was bursting at the seams, wanting to break out of the Christmas format and rip it up, I’m thinking--and the audience was egging him on. By the end of this act, which was marking a proximity to the end of this tour, it is my belief that Clay was done with Christmas (after all, it WAS December 28th, for gosh sakes) and this young man seemed ready to move on.

But that didn’t affect his ability to continue to sell the message he was there to bring--the message of Christmas. He soared in the second act with “Mary Did You Know?”, “Oh Holy Night” and “Merry Christmas With Love”. His delivery of the most traditional carol of all--“Silent Night” was the sweetest rendition one could ever hope to hear. We were yelling, standing and applauding every step of the way and our hearts and souls were full by the end of “Don’t Save It All”. If it had ended with that, we could have gone home quite spent.

But it didn’t end with that, because there was “Good News”.

And it was just that sort of news the encore turned out to be this time. What happened? I'm not quite sure, but it was worlds apart from the first one. This time he delivered it and he had something to say. It was full of soul, hope and prophetic expression. The staging hadn't changed much--he just stood still at stage right and sang. The spotlight came on and off each time he sang the title words. The difference this time might have been his hand and arm movements--he seemed to be ministering to us. His face was full of expression. At the end of the song his head tilted back, and his eyes looked up to heaven. Although he wore an austere black suit, he still reminded me of the little drummer boy because the tips of his ears peeked through his hair. Clay stood there and looked like a waif at the side of the anger on that strange, beautiful and holy night--a messenger of God proclaiming that man now had something to be truly joyful about.

And we were.

Then the spotlight went out, but there was a light that would not be extinguished. The Joyful Noise Tour may have been drawing to a close, but there was a feeling that would linger.

Aiken had done it again.

Editor: Michelle Arce
Dianne Austin is a free lance entertainment writer.
From YouTube: Good News - This is Scarlett's partial Good News video from the final Joyful Noise concert tour. December 30, 2004, El Cajon California.

With The Christmas Tour Around the Corner, Let's Do Some Reminiscing - JNT 2004

The Thanksgiving holiday will no sooner be over when Clay's Christmas tour begins in Wichita, Kansas on Monday, November 26, and runs through almost the whole month of December. The most festive time of the year is made even more festive by the beautiful Christmas music sung by Clay Aiken.

Its hard to believe this is the 4th Christmas tour Clay has made. So before, the first concert begins, let's look back at some great pictures from each of the first three tours. Today, we'll enjoy a few pictures from the first Joyful Noise Tour.

Tomorrow, we'll look back at the 2005 Joyful Noise Tour and that wonderful Christmas play written by Clay.

"The Way We Make A Difference" Taking Donations For Concert Tickets Again

For the last several years, the organization "The Way We Make a Difference" has sent many people, both with and without disabilities, to Clay's concerts courtesy of your donations of money and concert tickets. Once again, they are taking donations so people who otherwise wouldn't be able to go to see Clay in concert are able to go.

At their website, The Way We Make a Difference tells us:

The Way We Make a Difference began with a simple idea - that of fostering the cause of inclusion with a donated concert ticket. Thanks to your support, people with and without disabilities have been able to experience the joy of attending a concert together. Some of the organizations we have worked with include Best Buddies, Special Olympics, YMCA, The Arc of the United States and Ronald McDonald houses.
For a limited time, they are offering a thank gift to those who send their donations, an "exclusive ticket holder". You can check this out at their website,

At their website, you can also click on the "How To Donate" button on the homepage. You can then either leave a monetary donation there or contact them at if you want to give tickets or ask questions.

Make someone's Christmas dreams come true to see Clay Aiken live by sending in your donation or tickets you are unable to use. What a wonderful way to show the spirit of Christmas giving.

Tidbits 11/23

CDD's Christmas tour blog
  • Christmas tour mentions:
    • Kane County Chronicle
    • Wichita Eagle
    • Morris County Daily Record
    • Wilkes Barres Times Leader
    • Post Tribune -
      Clay has his day in concert and Broadway

      BY BOB KOSTANCZUK Post-Tribune columnist

      Plenty of stars come through the Star Plaza Theatre during the course of a year, but few have a more fervent following than Clay Aiken.

      His most ardent admirers are called Claymates.

      The 2003 runner-up on Fox's "American Idol" has a Christmas show with orchestra at the Merrillville venue at 8 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 22.
    • Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
    • Chicago Sun Times
    • Scranton Times Tribune
    • Wichita Eagle republishes Houston Chronicle interview from the summer
    • Courier Post -
      Clay Aiken to Carol "With Love," with Chelsea Symphony Orchestra

      You know you've enjoyed molding young Clay since his first nervous nights on "American Idol." Backed by the 45-piece Chelsea Symphony Orchestra, Aiken will be crooning the holiday classics featuring selections from the best-selling "Merry Christmas with Love." This show is one of the final chances to see him in concert before he makes his Broadway debut in January as Sir Robin in "Monty Python's Spamalot." State Theater, 15 Livingston Ave., New Brunswick, $65 to $100.
  • Houston Chronicle ... Christmas specials... not too good a mention:
    For those of you who are as depressed as I am for missing the only holiday special that doesn't involve a special holiday performance by Clay Aiken, there is hope: The good people at Tubular are proud to bring you The First Annual Holiday Program Review-o-rama!
CDD Blogwatch
  • ClaySpots - Rockysmom on things to do before the Christmas tour starts -
    1) Right before the tour to my cra...I mean creative fans that my hard-drive has crashed and I've lost all of their touching, heart-warming stories about love, redemption, eggnog, donkey poop, and what-not. Since there won't be time for me start over, we'll just have to do the show without their participation this year. Whew. That was a close one.
  • ClayKat, who submitted an entry to the OFC's Christmas stories contest is nervously awaiting results:
    The suspense is getting to me...

    As I await for clews (Clay-news) on whether:

    1. my story has been chosen for the concert I will be attending in two weeks
    2. my name will be picked for a meet and greet

    ... well, my middle-aged heart is pitter-pattering in ways it hasn't done for a few years now.

OLMass' Inspiraiken Christmas: Encore

It's time to bring out OLMass' Inspiraiken Christmas once again, to get into the festive mood.... enjoy!

Deck the Halls with Aiken's Raleigh
Deck the Halls with Aiken's Raleigh,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Not the city but the dawgie,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
On the road with Clay she's working,
Fa la la, la la la, la la la.
Has the other dawgies flurking,
Fa la la la la, la la la la!

See what Raleigh does before us,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Doesn't want to make a floor mess
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Don we now the leash and collar,
Fa la la , la la la, la la la.
'Cause where Clay goes, Raleigh follers(?),
Fa la la la la, la la la la!

Do You Thud Like I Thud
Said the Claymate to the Studdard fan,
Do you thud like I thud
Deep down in your heart, Studdard fan,
Do you thud like I thud?
For Clay, for Clay, I'm thudding every day
With the gals there's no other way!
With the gals there's no other way.

Said the Claymate then to the critic man,
Do you see what I see
Up there on the stage, critic man,
Do you see what I see?
A star, a star, was born on AI2
He is loved by Christian and Jew.
He is loved by Christian and Jew.

Said the Claymate next to the DJ Ma'am,
Do you hear what I hear
Ringing through the hall, DJ Ma'am,
Do you hear what I hear?
A song, a song, filled with angel sound
From That Voice so big and profound,
From That Voice so big and profound.

Said the people all to the Idol King,
Do you know what we know
In your ivory tower, Idol King,
Do you know what we know?
A man, a man, starting as a nerd
Is the voice that now must be heard!
Is the voice that now must be heard.
The man, the man, singing in the night
He's the star that's shining so bright,
He's the star that's shining so bright!

The Twelve Days of Christmas
On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:
12 Clay Aikens dancing,
11 Claymates thudding,
10 ladies fainting,
9 panty throwings,
8 claymates panting,
7 songs Clay's singing,
6 concerts seeing,
4 red glow sticks,
3 Aiken shirt tugs,
2 aiken winks,
( all together now...)

Clayton, the Red-Haired Aiken (Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer)
Clayton, the red-haired Aiken,
Had a voice like no one heard.
And when first time you saw him,
Bet you thought he was a nerd.

All of the Idol judges,
Wondered was he right for fame.
They chose Kim Locke and Ruben,
Tossed him from the Idol game!

Then one wondrous Wild Card Eve,
Voters called to say,
Clayton with your voice so right,
Won't you sing for us tonight?

Then how the people loved him,
And they shouted out with glee,
Clayton, the red-haired Aiken,
You'll make music history.
You'll make music hi...sto...ry!!!

These are a Few of My Clay Aiken Things
(These are Few of My (Wife's) Favorite Things)
Guys who are nerdy and wear funny glasses,
Then become sexy and turn on the lasses,
Shirt tugs and knee bends and angels that sing,
These are a few of my Clay Aiken things.

Randy and Paula but no one named Simon,
Those who see mountains and then start a climbin'
Guys who teach children with love on their wings,
These are a few of my Clay Aiken things.

When the boss bites, when the news stings, when I'm feeling sad,
I simply remember my Clay Aiken things and then I don't feel so bad!

Clayton Aikenland (Winter Wonderland)
Clayton sings, are you listening?
Hum along or start whistling
To the beautiful sound, the one that we found,
Singing in a Clayton Aikenland.

Gone away are the old tunes,
Here to stay are ones he croons.
You know that I'm right 'cause 'This is the Night,'
Singing in a Clayton Aikenland.

In the morning when I am arising,
I start to sing a Clayton Aiken song,
And in the evening when I am reclining,
To Clayton's music I still sing alo-o-ng.

Later on, I'm still listening,
In my dreams, I'm still whistling
To the beautiful sound, the one that we found,
Singing in a Clayton Aikenland.
Singing in a Clayton Aikenland.

G-d Rest Ye Weary Clay Aiken
G-d rest ye weary Clay Aiken, how tired you must be,
Been on the go since AI2, it's time for AI3,
When Randy, Paula, Simon's power will pick a choice, but see,

O, no one is quite as good as Clay, better than Clay,
O, no one is quite as good as Clay,

On AI2 in old L.A., a brand new star was born,
He said his name was Clay Aiken, he took the world by storm,
And now the sun shines brighter on the music world's morn,

O, no one is quite as good as Clay, better than Clay,
O, no one is quite as good as Clay.

From G-d, our heavenly Father, he blessed Clay with that voice,
And though the votes did not show it, he is the people's choice,
Now let me say it loud and clear, CLAY IS THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE,

O, no one is quite as good as Clay, better than Clay,
O, no one is quite as good as Clay.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Clayboard TBAF Camp for Clay Challenge Looking for Your Support

Each year, the Clayboard holds a fundraiser to benefit TBAF in honor of Clay's birthday. This year, the Clayboard Team for Inclusion Beta Alpha Chapter has a special goal in mind for Clay's birthday. We all know that TBAF is aiming for 100 camps in 2008, and we have heard Clay say that ONE camp is about $10,000.

So this year, the Clayboard would like to reach the goal of raising enough money to fund one TBAF Camp...a total of $10,000. The deadline donations to the"Clayboard TBAF Camp for Clay Challenge" is noon Eastern Time on Thursday, Nov. 29. All donations, big or small, that could help us to reach the goal of a TBAF Camp would be greatly appreciated.

You do NOT have to be a member of the Clayboard Team for Inclusion to take part. All you need to do is make your online donation at the TBAF site and when filling out the donation form, just type "Clayboard Team for Inclusion" in the box marked "Beta Alpha Chapter."

After making your online donation, please be sure to PM or email Mamarose10 at The Clayboard (email: with your screenname and amount of donation so we can add your donation to the tally, and make sure your name is included on the card that will be forwarded to TBAF and Clay.

We hope everyone will join us in this challenge and help us in reaching this very special goal of a TBAF Camp for Clay's Birthday.

"Spamalot", Clay Mentioned in CBS Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Coverage

New Spamalot newsletter mentions Clay.

CBS mentioned Clay joining Spamalot during their coverage of today's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Spamalot participated in the parade by entering a float.

A video cap is up at Bandongo and ClackUnlimited.

St. Louis Post Dispatch Interviews Clay - New CD Out "First Half" of 2008

The St. Louis Post Dispatch interviewed Clay on a variety of topics ahead of his 2007 Christmas in the Heartland Tour, kicking off next week. Make sure you give the article plenty of hits on the St. Louis Post Dispatch website... here are some highlights:

Claymates are on alert.

Big-voiced Clay Aiken, the object of their affection and the most famous runner-up in "American Idol" history, is on his way to St. Louis to celebrate "Christmas in the Heartland."

"Doing a Christmas tour is kind of my Christmas tradition at this point,'' Aiken says. "I don't even know if I can do a December without doing a Christmas tour.

Q. How are things going with the new album?

A. That's another reason why the New York opportunity ("Spamalot") worked out. I was in the process of putting something together for next year, that I hope to release sometime in the first half of the year. One of the benefits to doing the play is I would be in New York City anyway recording an album.

Q. What direction do you see yourself going on the next CD?

A. When they talk about direction, I don't ever know what that means. I hope anything I do will just be Clay Aiken. I won't do an album where I'm doing stuff people won't recognize as me. The album I did the last time was an album of love songs from the '70s, '80s and '90s. This will be new music, new songs that will become signature songs. They'll stand up against some of the mess in the market nowadays.

Q. There was talk of you, Ruben Studdard and Kimberly Locke touring together. What's the status of that?

A. I'm not sure where that came from. It wasn't even something that was discussed as, 'Oh, wouldn't that be a fun idea.'"

Q. Have you been keeping up with "American Idol" at all?

A. I haven't watched an episode in two years, by choice. It's not fun for me anymore. Everyone has to graduate at some point.

Tidbits 11/22

CDD's Christmas tour blog
CDD Blogwatch
  • Nothing here today

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Clay Blogs About Christmas Stories Contest

Clay posted another blog about the Christmas stories contest running on the OFC. Looks like they're really close to picking the winners for the first 5 shows. He is asking anyone who submitted a story to check their emails regularly over the next few days as his team will be contacting winners soon.

Official fanclub members, read the blog here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
from the CDD crew

Brightcove TV - Exclusive "Holiday Celebrations on Ice" Clip

Brightcove TV has posted an exclusive clip of Clay with Sasha Cohen before the taping of Holiday Celebrations on Ice in Las Vegas earlier this month.

The NBC Christmas special will air on Christmas day.

Tidbits 11/21

CDD's Christmas tour blog
  • Christmas tour mentions:
    • Western Michigan University -
      American Idol and contemporary music icon Clay Aiken will visit Western Michigan University to perform holiday favorites with the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra at 8 p.m. Friday, Nov. 30, in Miller Auditorium
  • SFist - Jordin Sparks... can she sell CD's?
    Jordin Sparks - Jordin Sparks: Music pleasure? No. Curiosity? Yes. We are definitely curious to see if the latest American Idol can actually sell CD's, concert tickets and continue a career after her four months of fame earlier this year. We think that another season two fiasco is upon us (meaning that the #2 will be more famous than the #1 - Clay Aiken vs. Ruben Studdard). With the recent semi-demise of Kelly Clarkson and yet another (lovely?) country album by Carrie Underwood (bleh!), we wonder about how many seasons do we have to endure of this ridiculous search for the next pop star. We are disenchanted by it all.
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Ruben Studdard on Clay & Kimberley Locke -
    In recent weeks, he's had a chance to relive that 2003 season of "Idol" when he and Clay Aiken ended up in the first and second slots. The syndicated "American Idol Rewind" is replaying that season, and stirring up memories of the biggest event of his life.

    "I see Clay a lot, I see Kim Locke a lot. Pretty much everybody," he says of that sophomore "Idol" class. "We were the best of friends then, and we're the best of friends now. You have to understand with all of us being from the South. We're pretty much all raised the same, same church-going background. It was really a family."
  • Associated Press - Birthday article for Nov. 30 ... "Singer Clay Aiken is 29."
CDD Blogwatch
  • Nothing here today

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

WASH-FM Interviews Clay: UNICEF Trip in December

Washington D.C.'s WASH-FM interviewed Clay today. The 5 minute interview is up at WASH-FM's website. Quick summary:

  • Clay talks about the fanclub Christmas contest stories, noting he has read between 1200 and 1300 stories and is finally beginning to dwindle them down to the winners.
  • Clay also said they are rehearsing for the tour at his house
  • Clay will be taking a UNICEF trip to an "undisclosed location" during Christmas, and will immediately return to New York City to begin Spamalot in January.
Clay will be at Warner Theater in Washington on December 2.

TBAF To Host 2008 Gala in New York City

According to an email sent out by TBAF's Aron Hall, the foundation says it's looking to host its 2008 Gala in New York City to correspond with Clay's starring role in Spamalot -

I hope this note finds you well. Just a few things from TBAF:

Employer Information

As we solicit more and more corporate donations, we are finding that many ask if we have a supporter or supporters who are also employees. We then realized that we do not have any kind of that information. If you would be willing, could you send us information on your and/or your spouse's employer? This will help us greatly get "our foot in the door."

5th Grader Pledge Drive

If you have not heard already, Clay Aiken won $300,000 for his appearance on "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?" on November 1. The pledge drive has also been a huge success with $90,000+ in pledges and $60,000+ in actual donations. Thank you to all who have sent in their donations already. If not, go ahead and send them in.

Tentative Gala Plans for 2008

Please note: Tentative truly means tentative. Everything that follows is subject to change. We will get concrete details out as soon as we have them.

We are tentatively planning our 2008 Champions of Change Gala for New York, NY in mid to late spring. We are hoping to plan an event where people who want to can come to New York to participate in our gala and to see Clay Aiken in the Broadway production of "Spam-a-lot."

Happy Thanksgiving!

At this time when we all reflect on what we are thankful for, the entire staff and board of TBAF wishes to thank you for your faithful support and generous time and effort that you give in order to help us further our mission of inclusion and to open doors in your own community. We wish you and yours a happy and fruitful Thanksgiving!

Aron Hall
Director Services
Creating communities where ALL children can learn, live, and play together.
The Bubel/Aiken Foundation
8601 Six Forks Road
Suite 400
Raleigh, NC 27615
Phone: 919.882.2152
Fax: 919.882.2155

Tidbits 11/20

The CB's Clayquebec1 posted a scan of a July 2005 edition of the French Sensass Magazine. CQ posted the rough translation from French to English on the CB:

Former American Idol contestant, Clay Aiken decided to open a day camp for children with disabilities in the state where he is born, North Carolina. It is because of his foundation, Bubel/Aiken, in partnership with YMCA, that the singer will open the Gonzo Camp. Former youth leader for the young, Aiken created his foundation because the children whom are suffering of physicals handicaps are often exclude of the holidays camps, since they have not of installations nor staffs enough. Because of the foundation, the youngs handicapped or not, will be able to profite of the same activities.

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  • Los Angeles Times - article about band OneRepublic and its lead singer/songwriter Ryan Tedder -
    "It's like how David Duchovny popped up in a porno," Tedder said. "It's all stuff I didn't write for any one person, and then it ends up in the hands of the biggest cheeseball. When you're a writer, you live and die by every cut you get. But I just passed on Clay Aiken."
  • ESPN - random mention: And that's that. Back on the road, Ron's working the tunes but he's out of CDs, so we're listening to a toxic mix of Willie Nelson and Clay Aiken."
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Monday, November 19, 2007

Tidbits 11/19

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  • Idolator - blog live from the American Music Awards -
    10:25 p.m. The secret: Midway through his set, Barry Manilow is going to rip off his mask, Mission: Impossible-style, and reveal that he's Clay Aiken.
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  • All That Is Clay Aiken - it's almost been a full year since the "All Is Well" Christmas EP came out... check out some YouTube videos of Clay singing songs from AIW.
  • Carolina On My Mind - counting down the days to the 2007 Christmas tour.
  • Clay - The Man has more Clay blends, graphics up for you to enjoy... WOW, I must say they're VERY impressive!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tidbits 11/18

  • South Bend Tribune - Claymates get set to welcome Clay -
    Fan group prepares for 'Idol' star's local show

    SOUTH BEND--Gerry Fults unravels a long white banner as Jeanoma Babcock secures the other end.

    She finds the edge nearly halfway across Lula's Café exposing the large black capital letters: "CLAY: WE CAME FOR THE VOICE WE STAYED FOR THE MAN"

    "We made this for the Merrillville concert last year," Fults explains.

    It's been nearly four years since the object of their affection, Clay Aiken, was runner-up on the Fox singing competition "American Idol," but for these self-confessed fanatics, the fervor hasn't waned.
  • More Christmas tour mentions:
  • PR-USA - recording artist gets nominated for LA Music Awards ...
    His latest debut solo effort "Unbreakable" features such all-star guest songwriters as Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith, Faith Hill, Sheryl Crow), Reed Vertelney (Clay Aiken, Destiny's Child, Luther Vandross)
  • Talk about jumping the gun... KXMC has published an AP wire story prepared for Nov. 30:
    (Following Advance for Use Friday, November 30th)...

    Comedian Colin Mochrie is 50. Former Football and baseball player Bo Jackson is 45. Rapper Jalil (Whodini) is 44. Actor-director Ben Stiller is 42. Rock musician Mike Stone is 38. Actress Sandra Oh is 37. Country singer Mindy McCready is 32. Singer Clay Aiken is 29.
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