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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Clayboard TBAF Camp for Clay Challenge Looking for Your Support

Each year, the Clayboard holds a fundraiser to benefit TBAF in honor of Clay's birthday. This year, the Clayboard Team for Inclusion Beta Alpha Chapter has a special goal in mind for Clay's birthday. We all know that TBAF is aiming for 100 camps in 2008, and we have heard Clay say that ONE camp is about $10,000.

So this year, the Clayboard would like to reach the goal of raising enough money to fund one TBAF Camp...a total of $10,000. The deadline donations to the"Clayboard TBAF Camp for Clay Challenge" is noon Eastern Time on Thursday, Nov. 29. All donations, big or small, that could help us to reach the goal of a TBAF Camp would be greatly appreciated.

You do NOT have to be a member of the Clayboard Team for Inclusion to take part. All you need to do is make your online donation at the TBAF site and when filling out the donation form, just type "Clayboard Team for Inclusion" in the box marked "Beta Alpha Chapter."

After making your online donation, please be sure to PM or email Mamarose10 at The Clayboard (email: with your screenname and amount of donation so we can add your donation to the tally, and make sure your name is included on the card that will be forwarded to TBAF and Clay.

We hope everyone will join us in this challenge and help us in reaching this very special goal of a TBAF Camp for Clay's Birthday.


sje44 said...

What is MamaRose10 email address:
How do we let her know?

My screen name is "Sandy"
I'm Sandy Ectman from Massachusetts
I just gave a $20 donation

sje44 said...

What is Mamrose10 email address:
She is not listed with the mods

My user name is "Sandy"
I'm Sandy Ectman from Massachusetts and I gave a $20 donation to the Clayboard Team for Inclusion

my email is

clayisouridol said...

Mamarose's email address is:


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