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Saturday, September 04, 2004

New Concert Tix Sales figures from Pollstar

New Concert data from Pollstar:

Clay Aiken
Greensboro Coliseum Complex
AEG Live
Atlanta Worldwide Touring
C & C Concerts Cherie
6,934 (attendance)
8,755 (capacity)
79% (% sold)
35.00 - 45.00 (ticket price)
$291,070 (gross ticket sales)

Clay Aiken
Bi-Lo Center
AEG Live
Atlanta Worldwide Touring
C & C Concerts Cherie
36.00 - 46.00

Clay Aiken
Ohio State Fair
(In-House Promotion)

Clay Aiken
North Charleston Coliseum
North Charleston,SC
AEG Live
Atlanta Worldwide Touring
C & C Concerts
36.00 - 46.00

Clay Aiken
Rockford MetroCentre
Jam Productions


Clay Aiken
Roanoke Civic Center
AEG Live
Atlanta Worldwide Touring
C & C Concerts
36.00 - 46.00


Clay Aiken
Thompson-Boling Arena
AEG Live
C & C Concerts
35.00 - 45.00

Possible 2nd Raleigh Concert

From the Clayboard

I spoke to a lady at the NC State Fair around 4 p.m. today and she said that they are trying to set up another concert since this one sold out so fast, for the afternoon of the 17th or 18th. She said to keep checking the NC State Fair site. Don't know if this will happen but wanted to pass along what she told me.

Columbia House promoting TBA Christmas CD

From the Clayboard

This is the music club I'm currently a member of.On the card you are required to send back it says:Pre-order hot new titles from Rod Stewart, Clay Aiken & Nelly... (that's a big deal; not every artist gets that)Inside the catalog on the Pre-orders page it has a picture of Clay in the upper right corner. The caption reads:Clay Aiken: Title To Be Announced.Banking on his smooth stlye, Clay's Christmas album is a must-have for your holiday collection. (Release Date: 10/12/04)Also, on the pre-orders page: Annie Lennox, Rod Stewart, Ruben, George Strait, and Nelly.Also, his cd MOAM is listed as one of the club's best sellers and a member favorite. Others listed are: ACDC, Christina Aguilera, Rick Astley, The Bad Plus, Kenny Chesney, Belle & Sebastian, Brooks & Dunn, Larry Carlton, Jet, Kelly Clarkson, Robert Cray, Celine Dion, Fabolous, Foreigner, Jewel, Annie Lennox, John Mayer, Martina McBride, MercyMe, John Michael Montgomery, Outkast, Sean Paul, Pink, Princess Diana (Tribute), Todd Rundgren, Dido, Switchfoot, Train, and Widespread Panic.

Comcast showing Invisible concert video

Available exclusively to members.

BAF making its way up to Canada

From the Clayboard

Good Morning! I have good news and bad news. The good news always goes first - lol! BAF is in the process of completing the requirements to do business in Canada. The bad won't be completed in time for my Canadian friends to participate in Wrapping for Inclusion. BUT, more good news.

BAF is working on a benefit to be held in Toronto once the red tape is completed. I can't give you any of the details at the present time, however, once everything is in place the Foundation will announce the benefit. So keep your eyes and ears open, and start celebrating!

Love to you all,
Trudy Littleton
Bubel/Aiken Foundation
National Project Coordinator
Wrapping for Inclusion

Clay For President

During the Canadian Elections in May/June 2004, we had a bit of fun with Canadian Election signs... So I did the same with the US Elections.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Clay mentioned in this week's BILLBOARD chart Bonus

IF YOU 'BELIEVE': For the 10th consecutive week, "American Idol" third season winner Fantasia is No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles Sales chart with "I Believe" (J). That means she is one week shy of tying the record for the longest-running No. 1 on this chart by an "Idol" finalist.

If Fantasia is still leading the list next week, her single will tie Clay Aiken's"This Is the Night" as the longest-running No. 1 "Idol" single.

Meanwhile, Aiken's "I Will Carry You" (RCA) debuts at No. 27 on the Adult Contemporary survey, where it is his seventh chart entry in a career that began 15 months ago. listing Sept 28 release for Christmas TBD

Christmas Album-WW



RELEASE DATE: Sep. 28, 2004

Autism Gala in Washington DC postponed.

From the Clayboard

I just wanted you all to know so you don't get your hopes up...I contacted the Autism Society in D.C. and have been advised by Leigh Conkling that the Dec. 1 date has been cancelled.They are trying to reschedule for the early part of next year...after New Years.

'Idol' Star Clay Aiken is Still Baffled by Fame

ABQ Journal

Friday, September 3, 2004

By Leanne Potts

Journal Staff Writer

Nice guys don't always finish last. In Clay Aiken's case, the nice guy finished second— and still ended up on top.
Aiken, the elfin runner-up from season 2 of the reality show "American Idol," turned out to have as much star power as rotund winner Ruben Studdard. The former special education teacher from North Carolina has seen his debut album "Measure of a Man" go platinum, inspired a slew of worshipful Web sites dedicated to following his every move and has a legion of smitten female fans who call themselves "Claymates."
The 25-year-old also has been on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, and he is in the middle of his third national tour. He will play at the New Mexico State Fair tonight.
Aiken called last week from Buffalo, N.Y., to chat about all things Clay. Here is an edited version of his comments.
On his being named the sexiest male singer of the year by the readers of InStyle magazine:
I don't know what's going on with people! Two years ago, people didn't even know my name. People didn't even pay attention to me. I don't get it. I really don't. It's very confusing to me. I think it's a joke half the time. I saw that thing (about being named the sexiest singer) and I thought I was being punked.
On why so many women are so crazy about him:
It's my musk, I think. Make sure you quote me on that.
On the instant celebrity that resulted from "American Idol":
It's something that takes a lot of getting used to, and I'm not quite there yet. Not long ago I would have been able to go anywhere. Now just to go to the grocery store or the bank or the gas station is quite a procedure. If I want to do something I have to get a security guy to get prepared for this and that and the other, and to get the car ready.
I'm still definitely not used to going out to dinner and having five people come up and interrupt dinner. It puts you in a tough spot, because I have to realize if it wasn't for these people asking for my autograph, I would never be here.
On keeping in touch with his "Idol" competitors:
I talk to Ruben about once a month. He's doing a gospel album right now. Kim Locke is my roommate in L.A. I talk to the others whenever I get the opportunity, so we kind of stay in touch. We're kind of a family. We worked together. We lived together. We went through the same stuff. We'll stay close forever, I'm sure.
On the waning popularity of "Idol" in its most recent season:
I'd like to think it's because the talent wasn't as good. I'm kidding. I think a lot of it is based on who the contestants are— not whether they can sing or not, but who they are. Ruben and I, our finale— I'm not trying to toot my own horn here— but it was much more suspenseful than either of the other seasons. Season 1, it was very obvious that Kelly was going to win it. Season 3, it was obvious Fantasia was going to take it. Next season, season 4, if they can pull two people in it who are neck and neck at the finale, they'll do just as well.
On whether or not he would do "Idol" again:
Hmmmmm. I'm happy. I do love what I'm doing. I do miss being a teacher. I do miss North Carolina. I do miss having that freedom that comes with being unknown.
I kind of like to think that I'm here for a higher purpose than my own stuff. I talk to people every night who said that this song made a difference to them, or that song did something for them. If I think about it that way, it would be selfish to say I wouldn't do it again.
I have to remember who put me here, and why I'm here, and what I need to do in order to make God happy, and to make the public happy. I have to realize there's probably more good coming out of me signing 10 autographs at dinner than I know.

Visit an awesome new Clay Site

James Maguire's latest column


Another big November release: you know the Clay Aiken book will be hot. It won't hit shelves until November 2, but it's already ranked around 500 on the Amazon popularity rankings. Given that we're eight weeks before release that's impressive. Also, the tome is published by Random House. They know about promotion

Raleigh, NC concert sold out totally in 12 minutes.

The Raleigh concert sold out in 12 minutes today.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Texas Clay Fans announce Silent Auction.

Now up for bidding....

3 S'ways, autographed

3 MOAMS, also autographed

Autographed Prints

Autographed Tour Pictures'


Sales Slow at Carolwinds/Charlotte, NC

From the Clayboard

I know this does not belong on the street, however I feel it is important to post it here.I just got off the phone with a very nice lady at the Carowinds.(I was purchasing my pre-concert part tickets)I asked how ticket sales were going and she told me NOT well. They had hoped for much better. This theater holds over 13,000 and so far just a little over 3,000 tickets have been sold.What is the problem? This makes me sad

Clay in October issue of POPSTAR!

See Scan #1
See Scan #2

Clay Aiken's voice bigger than his self-esteem

For the Chronicle

What: Clay Aiken
When: 7:30 p.m. Tuesday
Where: Reliant Arena, 8400 Kirby
Tickets: $35-$45; call 713-629-3700

Its OK to be a loser sometimes. Just ask Clay Aiken.

The Raleigh, N.C., native narrowly missed clinching the American Idol 2 title from Ruben Studdard by 130,000 (out of more than 25 million) votes. Since then, Aiken's success has equaled -- or surpassed -- that of Idol alumni Studdard, Kelly Clarkson, Tamyra Gray and poor, poor Justin Guarini. DETAILS

Aiken's first post-Idol release, This Is the Night/Bridge Over Troubled Water, was the only platinum-certified single of 2003. It spent 11 weeks at No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles Sales chart.

His debut album, Measure of a Man, sold 613,000 right out of the gate, the highest first-week total for a new artist in more than 10 years. (Snoop Dogg matched that figure in 1993). The album has moved more than 2 million copies since its October 2003 release.

On top of that, Aiken was named one of People ' iest men alive and one of Rolling Stone's People of the Year. He also co-headlined the wildly successful Independent tour with fellow Idol Clarkson earlier this year. Aiken's current solo tour touches down Tuesday at Reliant Arena.

Not bad for a self-professed nerd who doesn't understand what all the fuss is about.

"Lord! I would not get that worked up over me at all. It's all very baffling to me," says Aiken, 25. "I guess that's why it's so hard to wrap my mind around it when people are waiting outside the venue after a concert and cheering. I'm amazed that they're actually doing that because I would never do it. I especially wouldn't do it for some skinny little dork."
RCA Records
Former American Idol contestant Clay Aiken is scheduled to perform Sept. 7 at Reliant Arena.

Self-esteem issues notwithstanding, Aiken's appeal lies in his ability to offer a little something for everyone. His clean-cut looks make him an ideal pin-up for excitable teens, while his aw-shucks image and soaring voice endear him to mothers and grandmothers.

"Luck. That's all I can figure," Aiken says about his cross-generational appeal.

But much of it has to do with Aiken's effortless genre-switching on Idol, during which he credibly tackled big-band, country and pop classics. He was one of the few contestants who seemed at ease almost every week.

Measure seems designed to make the most of that audience. Hit singles Invisible, I Will Carry You and The Way are poppy enough to attract the TRL set and appropriately breezy for the older, at-work crowd.

Aiken promises more variety next time around. He plans to release a new album next year.

"This last album I like everything on it, really, but a lot of the songs are kind of sappy, heartbreak songs. I don't need to keep oozing heartbreak," Aiken says. "I think I'd like to find some stuff that's a little more upbeat and up-tempo and also a little more positive."

Also on tap is a Christmas album and Learning to Sing: Hearing the Music in Your Life, a book of inspirational thoughts and musings Aiken says have helped him reach a peaceful place in his life. Publishers were initially interested in an autobiography or a behind-the-scenes Idol story, but Aiken balked. He eventually came up with the inspirational book idea.

Aiken sees the project as an extension of the Bubel/Aiken Foundation, which he founded to help children with developmental disabilities. Aiken has a degree in special education and was a camp counselor/substitute elementary school teacher prior to his musical success.

For now, Claymates (as Aiken's most rabid fans call themselves) will have to make do with seeing their idol up close and personal onstage. Aiken's tour runs through October, and he pads his shows with covers of songs by U2, soft-rock outfit Orleans and Christian-pop phenom Avalon.

You can expect the night to be an all-out squealfest. Has Aiken ever been as star-struck as his fans are about him?

"I guess I got a little star-struck when I met Oprah because she's the media giant. I don't think I could ever get star-struck about anybody else," Aiken says. "I think I was ... You know, I think I ... gosh. I guess that answer is no."

Spoken like a true dork.

I Will Carry You Enters Billboard AC Charts...

At #27!!!

Clay- An Authentic American Idol

Click HERE To read this wonderful article in the Sept issue of News4U.

Sales Slow at Carolwinds/Charlotte, NC

From the Clayboard

I know this does not belong on the street, however I feel it is important to post it here.I just got off the phone with a very nice lady at the Carowinds.(I was purchasing my pre-concert part tickets)I asked how ticket sales were going and she told me NOT well. They had hoped for much better. This theater holds over 13,000 and so far just a little over 3,000 tickets have been sold.What is the problem? This makes me sad

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Aiken to headline Autism Gala in Washington DC, December 1st

From the Clackhouse:

Clay Aiken to Headline Autism Coalition Gala in Washington, DC The Autism Coalition for Research and Education, in partnership with the Bubel/Aiken Foundation (Clay Aiken's foundation to promote the needs of people with developmental disabilities, including autism) will be hosting a gala benefit event on December 1, 2004 , at the Four Seasons in Washington, DC. This special event will honor several members of Congress who have championed our cause on Capitol Hill and will feature a performance by platinum recording artist Clay Aiken . The gala will commence with cocktails in the early evening and culminate with an after-dinner program that includes a performance by Clay Aiken; it promises to be a very special night to raise awareness about, and funds for, our critically important cause. A number of corporate-sponsored tables as well as a limited number of individual tickets are av

Download the Arthur Bonus Track
Please use this link to download.

The Auction is now over for the 1st Autographed Arthur Audio Book.

From the Clayboard:

The winning bid was $660.00.

The proceeds of this auction will go to the Starlight Foundation Funcenter and the Bubel/Aiken Foundation.

Random House Announces that Clay's Book is 272 pages, not 256, which was originally posted.

Written by Clay Aiken and Allison Glock

Category: Biography & Autobiography
Imprint: Random House
Format: Hardcover, 272 pages
Pub Date: November 2004
Price: $21.95
ISBN: 1-4000-6392-2
Also available as an abridged audio cassette, abridged audio CD and an abridged downloadable audiobook.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

VCR/TV Alert

Tune in for Tomorrow's Live with Regis And Kelly Show, just in case Clay is on

New Clay Aiken Unauthorized Biography

Clay Aiken: From Second Place to the Top of the Charts
BY Kathleen Tracy
October 28th, 2004
Available for Per-Order on Barnes and Noble.

Clay says tour ends on Sept 19 in Springfield, MA?

There are Charlotte and Raleigh dates after that, so they maybe not part of this tour, but of the next or they maybe cancelled?

Clay Holds on to #3 on Lycos...


More on the Aladdin DVD:


There will also be many extras revolving around the deleted song “Proud of your Boy.” First, it will be presented as the story pitch that Howard Ashman and Alan Menken made to the studio. Senior Vice President of DVD production at Buena Vista Home Video Andy Siditsky said, “You’re going to have the opportunity to watch the original pitch that Howard and Alan put together as a demo, combined with the original storyboards. That’s version number one. But we wanted something more for the DVD and we called Alan and said, ‘We really want to bring this thing to its full life the way you and Howard originally envisioned it.’” Menken approved of the plan. “I was floored by what you guys did,” Menken said. “They basically gave us the opportunity to assemble the original musical team. We went to Fox Studios with a 70 piece orchestra, and Clay Aiken came in to sing ‘Proud of your Boy.’” The second version of the song is the Aiken music video.

Clay Mentioned in AI Article

'Idol' hands hold too little personality

NY Newsday

September 1, 2004

Fox's "American Idol" talent show - and the live concerts that accompany each season - take a lot of heat for being overly glitzy, commercial, fake and calculated.

But this year's concert - featuring contestants from the show's third season - wasn't glitzy, commercial, fake and calculated enough.

Last year, various set changes, fireworks and confetti cannons helped bamboozle the audience into thinking the Idols were genuine entertainers rather than clueless mannequins dressed up by clever minders. This year, the producers skimped on the set (a simple two-tiered rig with chrome railings) and seemed equally short on ideas. As the Idols ran through rudimentary dance steps and sang a mix of old soul and recent pop, they looked less like slick corporate creations and more like kids muddling through a high school musical.

The bare-bones, slap-dash concert comes at a time when the Idol franchise appears to be losing steam. Singles from this season's stars ("Don't Cry Out Loud," from runner-up Diana DeGarmo, and "I Believe," by winner Fantasia Barrino) haven't sold as well as last year's hits from runner-up Clay Aiken and winner Rueben Studdard. And though overall ratings were better this season than last, the finale drew 2 million fewer viewers than the previous.

As each Idol appeared on stage, you could almost hear the hasty, impatient planning sessions that must have come beforehand. "OK, John Stevens sings standards, so he'll wear a tuxedo. George Huff likes Motown tunes - put him in a cape, just like James Brown! Camile Velasco is from Hawaii, so that's easy: Throw a lei around her neck. Jasmine Trias is also from Hawaii? Who let that happen? Well, just stick a flower over her ear."

(Amy Adams, the pink-haired Kelly Osbourne look-alike, didn't appear. She's sitting out the next few shows "due to health reasons," according to a concert spokeswoman.)

After three years of scouring the country for talent, the "Idol" machine may be draining America's resources. Most of this batch had merely passable voices: Jon Peter Lewis possessed more volume than accuracy, La Toya London delivered an unmemorable version of Mariah Carey's "My All," and DeGarmo belted out every song with equal force, whether it was a chugging rocker (Neil Diamond's "River Deep, Mountain High") or a hymn ("His Eye Is on the Sparrow").

Barrino showed off her colorful, sandy voice during a sultry version of the Gershwin tune "Summertime" and a gutsy take on Prince's "Purple Rain." The baby-faced Jennifer Hudson, though, put everyone's else's pipes to shame, packing more creativity into a short phrase than her cohorts did in an entire song.

But nobody revealed what you'd call a personality. The between-song patter was limited to encouraging the audience to scream; Barrino offered the obligatory can-do message, "if you have a dream, go after it." It was enough to make you wish for last year's Aiken, who at least knew how to charm a crowd. Boy, they knew how to make them back then.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Vote for Clay for Relly Awards Tomorrow 8/31

Visit for all the details!

The Way/Solitaire Available again on Amazon

After a 18 hour haitus on sales of S'Way on, they are now ready to accept orders again. Please order one..This is the week we want him #1 again!

Congrats on 10,000 posts NYMom4Clay

NYMom4Clay has hit the Clayboard 10K mark! Congrats!

Interesting News

From the Clayboard:

My friend's son knows Nick and he met them at the MN concert. Son got to tour the Clayton's bus (Mom was not happy), but Clay did send an autographed pic out for her. And here's what she learned from Nick, (who is adorable, she says): His gig with Clay is a paid internship for a Master' Program for which he is receiving credits. from CH:Nick went to visit her son at a camp where Adam is a counselor and Nick used to be when they were in Maine. Clay was going, but changed his mind at the last minute. Clay bought a house and Nick claims he is still rooming with Kim. Clay has sneaked in and out of movies on occasion Clay's bus sleeps 6 and each bunk has it's own TV, DVD and Playstation. And the best for last: Nick says he is so happy because Clay's confidence is soaring, especially with the women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clay makes it into the Sexiest Guys issue of Singpore Mag 'LIME'

View Cover: HERE

View WriteUp: HERE

Clay #1... Sorta

On Adult Contemporary TAKING OFF chart. IWCY has three new stations, 32 additional spins, and 52 stations altogether. This song has already exceeded my expectations, and it just might crack the top 20 in AC.

Another Snippet from DVD Talk's article about the upcoming Aladdin DVD


"I'm sure the next time Disney goes looking for a musical lead for one of their major animated features Aiken will be at the top of their list. It's something absolutely"

The Way/Solitaire takes over Amazon!

Currently #26

New Animated MOAM Promotion

*the preview thumb is distorted. Corrected when viewing any of these:



Sunday, August 29, 2004 shuts down August 31st


After much deliberation, I have decided that this site has become too much for me to handle, both financially and otherwise. I don't have the time or energy to continue to update daily/weekly, and cannot afford to keep this site open for archive reasons only. If other sites out there would like to take any/all of the videos on this site and host them elsewhere, please feel free. This in no way means that I am not a Clay fan any longer. I will continue to follow his career closely. I just cannot continue to contribute to the Clay fandom in this capacity. I hope that you all understand!

Videos/audioclips/screencaps will still be available until August 31st, when the site will shut down completely. Thanks for a fantastic year of amazing support. I've really appreciated everything, and enjoyed being able to show my support for Clay through this website. Take care all! :)


The Seattle Times declares 'Clay has a Magnetic Draw'

Clay Aiken has some sort of magnetic draw that has nothing to do with his schmaltzy pop and mediocre (not that we bought it) CD. We do not know why it has come to this. But if there's a late-night talk show or an entertainment-news show that features him, it is, very shamefully, not to be missed.

Amazon sold out of The Way/Solitaire CD-Single

They have completely sold out as of 1:20 PM EDT August 29th.

York County Fair- York, PA Soldout

The Set. 16 show in York, PA has been sold out!

Idol release dates from New York Daily Post

Contender: Clay Aiken
Title: Season Two Runner Up
Fighting As: Christmas Crooner
Release Date: November 2
The Buzz: Don't Let His Size Fool You. The Geek Goulet may
have lost to Ruben Studdard on TV, but he knocked out the heavy-weight
in first week sales by 200,000 units. He also got a new move: In addition to releasing a Christmas CD, he'll publish "Learning To Sing," a book about life's lessons.
Our Bookie Says: Looks weak, but punches strong. That "Tiny Tim" techniquewill get crybabies to empty their wallets

Contender: Fantasia Barrino
Title: Season Three Champ
Fighting As: R&B Diva
Release Date: November 16
The Buzz: She's a 23 year old single mom who was beaten by her daughters father. She overcamethe odds and was eventually christened "Idol's Best Singer Ever" by the usually cruel Simon Cowell. Her CD single, "I Believe" hit No. 1. She's entering this fight with fists swinging.
Our Bookie Says: Suffered and survived just like Mary J. and Tina Turner. A sure bet to top the R&B charts.
Contender: Kelly Clarkson
Title: Season One Champ
Fighting As: Singer-songwriter
Release Date: November 9
The Buzz: The firstr ever Idol winner packed a punch when her debut album, "Thankful" went double platinum and earned a grammy nod for Best Female Pop Vocal. But what kind of fighter trains in the off season by making inexcusably bad films like "From Justin To Kelly?"
Our Bookie Says: I don't even remember season one. Her people might have moved on. Might crack the top 20.
Contender: Diana DeGarmo
Title: Season Three Runner Up
Fighting As: Pop Tart
Release Date: November 30
The Buzz: The girl has fallen down a flight of stairs while singing "Crazy In Love" - and gets right up to keep crooning. Determined? Yes. Starbound? Umm, we'll leave you with Cowell's typically apt asseseement: This teen-pageant veteran was too young and robotic.
Our Bookie Says: Who? Get outta here! She's lucky if we let her be the ring girl.
Contender: Rubben Studdard
Title: Season Two Champ
Fighting As: Gospel singer
Release Date: November 11
The Buzz: For his sophomore CD, "The Velvet Teddy Bear" is returning to his church roots. His debut, "Soulful," went platinum, but still lost out to Clay's "Measure of a Man." He lacks a rabid tween fan base, but he's got two things Clay doesn't: pipes likened to Luther Vandross, and a Grammy nomination.
Our Bookie Says: It ain't over till the fat man sings. Gospel's a niche market, but he's got God on his side God on his side.

New LTS Ad

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