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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Higher Quality Snippet Clips Available

ClaysButtercup99 from The Clayboard has made available some incredible higher quality snippet clips of the 14 songs from Clay's CD. I've downloaded and listened to these, and IMO, it is as though he is singing in the same room as me, which is very nice!!

These clips are available at You can download all 14, one at a time, or just download the last file, which has all the clips together.

Don't wait another minute to download these gems. They are awesome!

clayis' Update: Now available for download at my 4shared account. Scroll down to the bottom and wait several seconds for the download button to show up. Download link.

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Kimmel After Party Being Planned

SLG111 from The Clayboard tells us that an after Kimmel party is being planned. She says at the Clayboard thread:

"Butterfly Shine over at the OFC is planning an after party for Kimmel. She's asking people that are members to go over there to sign up. It's under the thread called CLAY SOIREE and is one of the stickied items. If you are not a member and want to go, let me know, and I'll sign your name up over there. They are planning on going to some place close by that has huge TV screens to watch the show. It should be a ton of fun. So far over there, about 50 people have signed up."
You can go to the Clayboard thread and PM SLG111 if you are not a member of the OFC and would like to go.

Hmmmmm, I wonder if they've sent Kimmel and Clay their invitation!

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Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 23

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Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 24

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Limited Number of David Foster Tickets Available to Public

According to Vickums and Rainlover at the Clayboard, there are some tickets available for the public to David Foster's Charity Gala to be held on September 10. They said that this information came from CNN, as follows:

Gala Tickets Now Available to Public!
If you're a fan of Clay's or of children's charities, you'll be happy to hear that the David Foster Foundation is making a limited number of Gala tickets available to the public. The event takes place September 10th at The River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, British Columbia. For more information, contact the organizers at:
Clay will be one of the people performing at the Gala, so I'm sure these tickets will be going fast! Check it out quickly if you are interested in purchasing one of the few tickets available.

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Interesting, if slightly odd, Clay mention

According to an article entitled, "Out of the Darkness" by: Tim Shellberg at Northwest Indiana News, he wants to know how many Claymates will prove themselves...kind of:

Clay Aiken, "A Thousand Different Ways," RCA (Sept. 19)Of all the "American Idol" winners and first runners-up, Aiken's fanbase -- aka "Claymates" -- have to be the most rabid, which makes it likely that they'll turn out in droves for "Thousand." The album contains a small handful of compositions alongside covers by everyone from Elton John to Dolly Parton to Mister Mister.Yep, you read that right. Mister Mister. How many "Claymates" were born when that band struck it big in the mid-'80's with "Broken Wings?" Even worse, how many "Claymates" who were around when that song struck big will waste their time and my e-mail space to let me know?

Well to answer his first question, I'm sure quite a lot of Claymates were alive when "Broken Wings" came out. That's what's great about us...We range from 9 to 90. =)

Now in response to his second, mildy ridiculous question...I think a lot of people would e-mail to answer him. And there's no shame in it. He says we "waste (our) time." I call it dedicated! I personally think it would be hilarious if a whole bunch of people filled his box to prove just how dedicated we are...

If anyone else thinks that would be funny, click on "post a comment" (below) where you can leave feedback.

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Tidbits 8/26

  • Grand Rapids, MI's DeVos Hall issued a PR (PDF) today for Clay's scheduled December 19 concert. Tickets are now onsale. Find out more.
  • Attention Claynadians... whether this is of relevence - you decide. The Global & Mail says a "faux Clay Aiken" will be on tonight Comedy Inc., airing on CTV stations.
  • ATDW is now listed as an upcoming release at Hits Daily Double. Once you've managed to get into the site, click on Sales and 09/19/06. Clay is the first item listed.
  • Raleigh Chronicle has a nice ATDW article. I love the first sentence!
    Raleigh's most famous resident and recording artist is almost ready to release his new album. On September 19th, fans will be able to purchase Clay Aiken's new album entitled "A Thousand Different Ways." The album is the American Idol star's third album and Aiken sports a new look on the front cover, with a different hairstyle and definitely a more sophisticated look.
  • AOL's TMZ (warning: this site has been very negative to the Clay in the past) - ATDW article. Small reference to the "thing" from January.

  • Sally Randy McNally updats us on her life - got tickets to see Clay in concert!
  • ClayKat blogs on the 1st anniversairy of the Toronto JBT concert (hey...I was there too! Read our Reliving JBT Toronto post from yesterday for more), updates us on ATDW.
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Friday, August 25, 2006

Clay To Celebrate with Diane Sawyer and GMA on CD Release Day has confirmed that Clay will indeed be appearning on ABC's Good Morning America on Sept. 19. This was widely rumoured last week in the tabloid press. ABC said earlier this week that 'no firm date' had been set for Clay's return to GMA, but that was probably just to keep the announcement a suprise.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Go mark your Claylendars Claymates!

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Clay's Wal-Mart Soundcheck Out Sept. 29

The Internet Movie Database says Clay's Wal-Mart Soundcheck will be released on September 29. Clay said in a recent blog that he had taped pieces for the Soundcheck. It will include exclusive performances, behind the scenes footage, extras and much much more.

Clay's Wal-Mart Soundcheck will be available at Wal-Mart's website free of charge. A small fee applies if you wish to download a copy to your computer.

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Clay's Radio Fortunes Turning Around?

Will ATDW give Clay the radio breakthrough he has deserved for so long?

Let's hope so! Early indications are promising. Take a look at this:

  • In Toronto, Darryl Henry at 97.3 EzRock, the city's largest soft rock station emailed the CB's aikenfan6 saying: "Haven't heard anything regarding the new Clay, but as soon as it's here I'll look into it. Hopefully he'll get a lot of airplay from it -- sounds like he's picked some solid tunes!"
  • In Austin, TX, 96.7 KISS FM played a snippet of Clay's Without You!
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Hi-Res Poster Available at

A special treat for all you Claymates! has a HUGE ATDW poster available for download. It's yours to print, frame, whatever... just don't get too much saliva wheile drooling on it. :)

Update: yes.. yes... we stand corrected. This poster is available for FREE at Thanks to MrsDM for the heads up.

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Tidbits 8/25

  • Yahoo! Music has updated Clay's profile to include the new photo. Thud.
  • The Sony Music Store (who leaked us those fantastic 30 sec. clips from ATDW) is offering a free ATDW magnet and gift if you pre-order ATDW through their store. Supplies are limited.
  • Grand Forks Herald- chances to become next Kelly Clarkson or Clay Aiken slim for local singing competition winners.
  • Tyronepa- similar article to the one above-- "your chance to become the nxext Kelly Clarkson or Clay Aiken"
  • OC Weekly- now here's a statement I take issue with --
    Despite the power and momentum that surround Idol contestants, history shows it’s improbable that any winner—or, in the case of Clay Aiken, runner-up—will escape the clutches of normal human existence. They can’t, because they’re essentially ordinary, if ambitious, kids who got lucky. None of them has the magnetic, inherent charm and allure—the charisma—of a Jessica Simpson or a Justin Timberlake.
    Clay... not charismatic? That's an oxymoron!
  • Deadbolt- music revival for September... Christina Aguilera kicks it off with 342,000 first week sales --
    The injection of new life into the top ten is only getting started with Christina Aguilera's Back to Basics. Outkast's Idlewild and Danity Kane's self-titled debut dropped this week and new CDs from Justin Timberlake, Bob Dylan, Jessica Simpson, Audioslave, Beyonce, John Mayer, Clay Aiken, and Fergie will all challenge for the top of the charts in the next month alone. Save some cash. You're going to need it at the music store.
  • South Brunswick Post- 12 year old 'Idol' likes Clay Aiken -- "I like Elvis Presley, Louis Armstrong and some poppier stuff, like Clay Aiken"
  • WRAL in Raleigh updated their ATDW article to include info about the Raleigh CD release party -- "The Raleigh Clay Fans are hosting a CD release party Monday, Sept. 18, at the Wake County Shrine Club at 6015 Lead Mine Road from 7:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m."
  • CBS ShowBuzz - Clay's DLTSGDOM and Build Me Up A Buttercup to be on American Idol game (this has been reported so many times!!!) -- "Players who earn it will be able to watch selected video footage from the first five seasons' performances, including Clay Aiken's rendition of Build Me Up Buttercup."
  • MTV: co-writer of Clay's 'Touch' helping produce album for AI5 semi-finalist Ayla Brown.
  • The ACC- WRAL-FM's Sheri says the only time her children have wanted to come to the studios was to see Clay -- "Sheri is followed by her two kids, Sydney and Stephen. She informs Bunting that the only other time they've wanted to come to the studio to meet a guest was for Clay Aiken. No one is sure whether this is a compliment or not."

  • Chexxy provides a nice round up of upcoming events in the Clay nation.
  • DO NOT MISS --
  • Taking A Moment- while we wait for ATDW, can't we all dream of a little "office romance with" (and I use that word lightly) Clay Aiken.
  • Taking A Moment-- and I thought Jemrock couldn't get any better than this... hilarious - laugh-your-sock off post about Clay 'coming to your house'.
  • Southern Girl- a recap of some cool news items and notable blogs from the past week.
  • Carolina On My Mind- reaction to the ATDW snippets from the Clay nation.
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Reliving Jukebox 2005: Toronto, Canada, Molson Amphitheatre

Many thanks to FilleDeJanvier, etihwons and galrow for photos in this post.

Ahh.... my first and only Clay Aiken concert- the Toronto JBT concert. What a night it was! After all, it was Clay's first solo concert in Toronto. His last appearance in Toronto, during the American Idol 2 tour drew huge crowds to Toronto's Air Canada Centre, home of the Toronto Raptors and Maple Leafs. This time, however, the venue was the BEAUTIFUL 16,000 seater Molson Amphitheater nestled on the edge of Toronto's waterfront. Clay's timing couldn't have been more perfect. Across the street, the largest festival in Canada - the Canadian National Exhibition was taking place. Outside the venue was Ontario Place, a waterpark/theme park that's a family favourite. And the Claynadian fans? Well, let's just say they're one of a kind.

The Performances

  • This was the first time I heard Clay live and let me tell you - there is nothing like hearing Mr. Aiken live. The vox is SO much better when experienced in a live atmosphere.
  • MOAM Set- the Claynadians were the only ones left out of IT, NAT and JNT, so hearing Clay sing songs off MOAM was a highlight for me. The amphitheater rocked with over 5,000 fans singing along to every word.
  • BOTW, ICMYLM, Solitaire - if you're not dead by the end of this triple hitter, you must be a cat with 9 lives. Clay got huge standing ovations for each of these songs. FANTASTIC!
  • Tears Run Dry- Clay debuted this song for the first time in Toronto. It was awkward because it was he only part of the concert where no one made a sound. I've heard other versions of TRD, but the Toronto version was by far the best- perfect announciation & breathtaking vocals (as usual :)).
Stump The Band
Clay choose to do a Stump The Band for this concert, perhaps as compensation for the 2 Clayless-Claynadians years.

Clay began by teasing Felix on his Canadian knowlege asking him: "Do know what the capital of Canada is?". Felix said 'No' and got a big booooooo. Clay then used his geographic talents to see how far Claymates travelled to see him. Amazingly, there were fans who flew in from as far as Vancouver!

What happened next was the most memorable part of the concert for me. In the days leading up to the concert, all the boards initiated a co-ordinated "sing touch" campaign in an attempt to compel Clay to sing the 'controversial' MOAM track. Well, guess what? It didn't work, but it sure did leave an impression on Clay. When Clay asked the audience for a song to sing, hundreds of signs reading "TOUCH" in big bold letter rose up. Naturally, Clay tried to ignore them for a few moments before saying: "Rarely have I choosen a song on a sign... actually, you know what? I've never done it before." The audience was in hysterical laughter, most of it coming from the die-hard Claymates gathered in the 100-level pit. As Clay went on explaining Stump the Band to the audience, while at the same time trying desparately not to laugh or loose control, he said it more bluntly: "any song other than Touch. I don't want you to hurt your arms. I'm not doing it."

The first song requested was "Sweet Child of Mine" done by Guns'n'Roses back in the 80's. Clay said he didn't know the lyrics so Quiana la-la'ed her way through most of the song.

The second song Clay picked was "Crying". He said he knew a small bit oof the song, and agreed to sing one line: "cryyahhhahhhahhinnnngggg".

With Claynadians hollering "Oooooooooooooo Caaaaaaaaannnnnaaaaaaaaadddaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!", Clay picked O Canada as his final Stump the Band number. Nothing like some Claynadian pride to top off a sizzling Claynadian Clay Aiken concert. His experience singing at hockey games in Raleigh really paid off. Clay sang the anthem beautifully, not missing even one word. Everyone in the audience stood up and quietly sang along to Clay. To give a truely patriotic feeling, the lighting director quickly switched to red & white lights only, giving the stage a very uniquely Canadian like appeal.

The Fans
Being a multicultural capital of the world, the crowd in Toronto was very diverse. And given the fact this was Clay's first concert in Canada, Claynadians decended on the Molson Amphitheater from all corners of the country. As I waited in line before the concert, a lady from Montreal was talking about how she wouldn't have made it had it not been for her Clay fan group who bought her family train tickets to Toronto. Awwwwww....

Classic Clay Moments
  • During the Motown banter, someone from the first few rows gave Clay a sign reading: "Clay, you're an honourary Claynadian". Clay immediately spotted the 'extra' U. "You spelled honorary wrong. At least that's not how we spell it down in the States."
  • Clay always knows how to stun an audience. Before the debuting Tears Run Dry, he found a lady from Victoria, BC who took 3 flights to Toronto. At the end, Clay surprised everyone announcing the JNT2006 tour would kick off in Vancouver.
  • Throughout the show, Clay played with Ottawa and Hamilton fans. Each time Clay mentioned Hamilton, the amphiteater would shake with roars of approval. Clay said that Hamilton fans were louder because the city is situated closer to the US. He kept praising the Ottawa fans for being "quiet". LOL.
  • During the 70's banter, Clay asked the audience for some major Canadian events which took place in the 70's. When one lady said: "Canada beat Russia in hockey", Clay jokingly said: "aack... Russians."
  • As Clay introduced Tears Run Dry, fireworks began shooting off (from the CNE which was taking place just across the street). Clay said: "you guys shot off fireworks for me?"
  • Clay had fun with the Canadian provinces. He had fun asking if there were fans from X province.
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Number of CD Release Parties Has Overtaken Last Year's Number

According to Corabeth, who is our go between with RCA for the CD Release parties, and Nanjeanne, the National Coordinator, there are 79 parties that will take place September 18-19 around the country! MOAM parties numbered 75. This is great news!

If you are not taking part in a CD party as of yet, go to the Clay Aiken CD Release Party Planning Board and log in if you have joined or set up a name and password to join up. Parties are being held from Texas to New York, from California to North Carolina, and all states in between. It will be a great night of food, fun, and Clay music and CD's. Then at midnight everyone will be heading to their chosen CD store to purchase the CD's! All states have their own thread at the board.

This is a really exciting time in Claynation. We've been waiting for the release of Clay's new CD for months. Come celebrate with all of us and help make Clay's CD #1 its first week on the charts!!

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New Changes At Clay's RCA Site and Clay's Myspace

According to One Singer Gal at The Clayboard, there are changes at both Clay's RCA site and Clay's myspace.

At the RCA site, the CD cover has been put up. At myspace, you can now sign up to to receive Clay Aiken news. You must have your own Myspace account to sign up for this.

Head over to both sites and check it out. And listen to "Without You" while you are at both sites! Can't listen enough to that song!!

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 25

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Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 26

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Singapore To Get ATDW 36 Hours Before North America

Well, it's going to happen again!

The Singapore Claymates are going to be the first ones to hear ATDW. ATDW's Singapore release date is set for 12:01 AM local time on September 18. This means ATDW will hit shelves in Singapore at noon Sept. 17 EDT, a full 36 hours before the rest of the world gets it.

In 2003, this same situation applied to MOAM.

Darn it! I envy you Singapore fans!

[Via the Temasek at the CH]

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Another Album Coming (dare I say it?) Soon?


A poster over at the Pulse Music Board says another album from Clay is coming (and I quote) "soon" (don't kill me, ok?). He says it'll have a very different flair from MOAM and ATDW:

You know what? Laugh all you want . The album is good. I live in Nashville and I have quite a few friends that work on Music Row. We were sitting around at Chili's a couple nights ago, and his name came up. The word on the street is. Damn, the boy can sing. There will be another album coming down the pike, and I know for a fact, it won't be covers. Now Clay's been an easy target for everyone, and I guess all I'm saying is really listen to the album when it is released even if it isn't your thing. They are saying there is a Hell of a lot of difference between this and Mearure of a Man. Everybody chill. He's just a dude from NC. I forgot to add most of the ones lifting elbows at my table say they don't think he's gay. FWIW.
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Dance Champ Benji Schwimmer Flattered by Clay Comparisons

In an interview with Claymate reporter Diane Austin, the winner of FOX's So You Think You Can Dance 2 says he's flattered by the Clay Aiken comparisons:

A lot of the fan girls that talk about me online—there’s sometimes a picture of me standing next to Clay Aiken—which I don’t know how that happened because I’ve never met the guy in my life—but the comparison is always being made. If that’s true—I’m really flattered. I mean, 30 million people really like Clay Aiken! It’s actually quite an honor to be compared to him.
Read the full interview at Entertainment World.

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Duet Partner Suzie McNeil Talks About Recording with Clay

Rock Star: INXS' Suzie McNeil talked about recording with Clay in this interview with BuddyTV. McNeil sings a duet of "I Want to Know What Love Is" with Clay on ATDW.

So I heard you did a duet with Clay Aiken on his upcoming album?


Awesome! Has that song already been completed?

Yeah. Again, in the business it’s funny because I did it but then I didn’t really hear anything, but then my mom sent me a link to the fact that it’s going on the album…like I think someone told me (laughs) …but I wasn’t really involved in it, so I was like, oh ok! (laughs)

So it was a surprise to you?

Well I kinda knew but these things all just sort of happen without you being involved really. But no, I definitely know I was in the studio! (laughs) …Yeah it’s gonna be good, it was a good song and it was a fun song to do.

Can’t wait to hear it! So how did that relationship come about? We’re you and Clay in contact before?

No, actually it was…you know it’s a small musical world in LA. But my producer, the guy who produced my album, his name is Marty Fredrickson, was producing that song and you know Marty and I work really well together and we really enjoy it and he’s like dude, I think you’d sound really good on this song, lets give it a try. And you know we were both on TV so we thought it would work out, and it did! It sounds really good!
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Want a Clay Aiken Haircut???

This was posted at my home Clay site, and I think this is one of the funniest things I've read lately. I just love this:

From the CH: Posted by: drmchaser614

mercedes at the CV was adorable:
Quote: My future DIL, Emily, was getting a haircut in SOHO (NYC) today. She said a guy in his late 20's walks in and asks for a Clay Aiken haircut. The hairdresser asked new or old look. He said NEW. LOL She was not able to stay to view the results. She could not wait to call me when she got home.
Not only did the 20 year old guy ask for a "Clay Aiken haircut", but the hairdresser knew enough about Clay's hair to ask "old or new"!! Even with all the stars who are wearing their hair like this, its still a "Clay Aiken haircut"!

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If You Have Any Clay Aiken Concerns....

Secretly loves Clay at the Clayboard points out this hilarious item at the Williamsport, PA Community Arts Center website on the "contact" page:

For questions regarding ticketing set-up, sales policy,
and any other box office or Clay Aiken concerns
This is the venue where Clay will perform on December 9 for his Christmas Concert Mini-Tour. I read on the OFC message board that on August 14, the site was down, so its possible that the fans crashed the site that day trying to get tickets! I guess they've had so many calls about the Clay concert, they've had to assign "Ryan" to specifically handle fan's concerns!! They must have assigned him because he has nerves of steel!

And who do people say is the biggest star out there?

I know those who managed to get tickets will have an awesome time. And if you happen to see Ryan, the box office manager, let him know you appreciate him taking care of our "Clay Aiken concerns"!

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Tidbits 8/24

  • LBFCA- the summer of Clay Aiken blockbusters? (This is sooooo funny!)
  • The jury is still out on whether the picture seen on the right is the authentic Clay or Photoshopped Clay... The CB's canadianclayfan says she found it on Clayversity who says it was found in a library sampler.
  • IGN: Clay definately in American Idol computer game's locked bonus features -- "Clay Aiken is definitely in, and the name William Hung was thrown around the room."
  • Dollymania, a Dolly Parton website has a nice write up for ATDW (Clay covers Ms. Parton's Here You Come Again on ATDW):
    American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken will cover the hit which catapulted Dolly to superstardom, it was announced on Thursday. His third CD, A Thousand Different Ways, to be released Sept. 19, will feature a cover of "Here You Come Again," the Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil-penned tune which Dolly made famous. Released in 1977 on RCA, the same label to which Aiken is signed, the song held onto the No. 1 spot on the country chart for five weeks, the longest of any Dolly song before or since, and was her first to crack the pop top 40, going all the way to No. 3. Aiken has always hinted at his appreciation for Dolly, noting that one of his first public performances was at a high school dance when he was 5 years old and sang a solo version of her hit duet with Kenny Rogers "Islands In the Stream." In a press release announcing the set list for the CD (read the full release here), Aiken explained: "I've always loved that song. But for this album, we didn't use a country arrangement. It's a ballad version now. Adam Anders produced the most amazing arrangement and I couldn't wait to sing it." The album will contain nine other cover tunes (including Richard Marx's "Right Here Waiting," Elton John's "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" and Celine Dion's "Because You Loved Me") and four new songs as well.
  • A Bryan Adams site also mentions ATDW-
    Season two "American Idol" runner-up Clay Aiken tackles a host of enduring power ballads on his third album, "A Thousand Different Ways." Due Sept. 19 via RCA, the set features 10 covers and four new songs.
    The new album will include Aiken's takes on Richard Marx's "Right Here Waiting," Bryan Adams' "Everything I Do (I Do It for You)" and Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is," with guest vocals by Suzie McNeil.

  • Burlington Free Press mentions Clay playing at the Champlain Valley Fair last year -- "[Carrie] Underwood follows on the heels of Clay Aiken, the most-famous "Idol" also-ran who played for his adoring fans in the grandstand last year."
  • Charlotte Observer/Topix- North Carolina a diverse state -- "It gave voice to both Clay Aiken and Thomas Wolfe."
  • Pocono Record- article about a band called Led Foot... says they've shared the stage with Clay (hmm...)

  • Taking A Moment: the incredible hair blowing, slow-motion! (this is so cute!)
  • Marhaven shares some nice Clay comments left on her site with us... "While not a huge fan of his (I'm more into country music), he is such a cutie, and the pics you've chosen to showcase are adorable!"
  • There Was A Man - YouTube videos - a look back at Clay's earlier Jay Leno appearances. Clay will drop by Leno on Sept. 15.
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It's That Time of Year... Back to School

... so we thought it would be an appropriate time to share this cute story from the CB's Villamil22 with you:

AHAHAHA! I went to chem class today and saw the library pic of Clay on her desktop and started freaking out!!! She asked if i was a Claymate and i said ya and she said she was too! And we were standing there for about 10 min talking about how wonderful he is! NOW I'M HER FAVORITE STUDENT!! HAHAHAHA!!!! I find this quite funny!
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New E-mail From Team Clay

Most of you should have received this email in your inbox this morning. It's from Team Clay! If you haven't signed up for this mailing list, you can sign up at

August 23, 2006

Hey friends!

I know it's been a little while since our last Clay Aiken Online Team email but as I'm sure many of you know already...


This new album combines 10 cover versions of well-known songs from the '70s, '80s and '90s with four BRAND-NEW songs! Stay tuned for upcoming team emails that will include a whole NEW design, NEW pictures of Clay, NEW team only missions and contests, and of course NEW MUSIC from A Thousand Different Ways! Until then, make sure to keep checking , and for all the latest news!

Thanks SO much for your continued support and dedication, it means a lot to Clay.

We'll be in touch!

The Clay Aiken Online Team
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Clay Confirmed For Sept. 15 Tonight Show

Our friends at Clay Nation News have confirmed (see our first Leno post) that Clay will be on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on September 15 to promote ATDW.

The Tonight Show airs between 11:35 PM and 12:35 AM local time on most NBC stations.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

FYI: Font Size Increased

We've increased the font size sitewide by a notch (up from 12px to 13px). Some of you have been complaining about the font being small and difficult to read.

CDD is due for a layout makeover this fall (if I get around to doing one!)

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Clay Replaces Rimes - Dec. 19 Grand Rapids, Michigan Christmas Concert Confirmed

Clay will be replacing country superstar Lee Ann Rimes who recently cancelled her December 19 concert at the Grand Rapids Symphony/DeVos Performance Hall in Grand Rapids, MI.

The box office opens TOMORROW (August 24) at 9 PM EDT at which time tickets will go onsale by phone (we've been told that they won't actually be mailed out until Oct. 2). To order, please call (616) 454-9451 and dial extension 4.

Showtime is set for 7 PM.

This announcement follows this week's string of concert announcements -- For a full listing of confirmed tour dates, visit our CDD Claytracker.

Update 8/26: a press release from the venue has been issued.PDF or visit the venue's website.

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Mini-Christmas Tour Hits West Point, NY December 15

Another Christmas concert!

Clay will be performing at Eisenhower Hall Theatre in West Point, NY on December 15.

No ticketing information yet, but we'll bring that to you as soon as it becomes available.

For a full listing of confirmed tour dates, visit our CDD Claytracker.

Update 9/3: It was announced today that pre-sales for this concert will begin September 6 and end on September 8. To purchase your pre-sale tickets for Eisenhower Hall visit, enter the PASSWORD: "EHT1215" (valid 9/6-9/8).

Tickets go on sale to the public on September 8.

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ATDW Mention in Latest TV Guide Issue

Clay is mentioned in the current issue of TV Guide (Lost cover).

From the CB's pearlgjr:

In next week's TV Guide (Aug 28--Sept 3rd), in a full page covering the AI6 auditions, on the right hand side is a section on the AI alumni albums coming this Fall.

ATDW tops the list ( doubt an omen)

What's cool too is that TV Guide acknowledged in its brief intro to the list that all the people listed wrote at least some of the songs on their cds.
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List of Christmas Concerts Continue To Grow

Clay has been confirmed for another symphonic Christmas concert! This one will be held at the 2,242 seater Tilles Center in Brookville, NY on December 14 at 8 PM.

Although no on sale date has been set, tickets from $45 up to $150 will be available via


CDD will keep you posted when tickets to this show become available.

Update 9/3: Concert pre-sale begins September 7 and ends September 8 at To purchase your pre-sale tickets for The Tilles Center visit, enter the PASSWORD: "AikenFan" (valid September 7 to 8).

Tickets go on sale to the general public on September 8 via and by phone, (516) 299-3100.

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Tidbits 8/23

  • Access Hollywood poll - "If you could vote for the "American Idol" champ again, would you vote for Ruben or Clay?" VOTE NOW. Clay currently has a 79% lead.
  • Recap of last night's The Insider: it was basically a repeat of August 2's Entertainment Tonight piece on ATDW. The only new thing was a shot of someone combing Clay's gorgeous hair. LOL.
  • MTV News: "Clay Aiken staple 'Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me'" to be included on new American Idol game.
  • Northwest Indiana News - paragraph about ATDW (this isn't new, just a repeat of an article from last week)
  • USA Today: September CD releases.
  • Chicago Tribune- Young Brit a hit in the culinary world -- "If he isn't drawing the numbers or generating the frenzy of a Justin Timberlake or Clay Aiken, Stern clearly is developing a following."
  • AV Club- Conan O'Brien's message to Clay Aiken - "I'm not out to hurt people's feelings. I think I turn the gun on myself a lot. That's part of the world we live in."

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 27

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Clay Mention on DirectTV Channel 227

Jesben from the Clayboard tells us that Clay's name was mentioned on DirecTV 277 "Taste Of America" with Mark DeCarlo. Jesben said, "...Mark is tasting foods made with peanuts. Someone made peanut soup with chicken. Mark gives out samples and asks the testers multiple choice questions. I was not really paying attention but he was asking a young girl who was trying the food one of the questions and one of the choices was "Clay Aiken." I just didn't hear the question."

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Non-Clay Blogger: ATDW will be "career-defining release for Mr Aiken"

See! Here's proof we're not the only ones who love ATDW and all the snippets we've been getting.

Daimn at Singers At Heart offers this pre-release review of ATDW based on Without You and today's leaks:

If you thought divaish belts died last decade along with much of AC radio and the Diane Warren ballads that dominated its airwaves, you need to think again. Clay Aiken and team are promising to offer much in terms of vocal slurge on his upcoming CD, as shown in his new single, a cover of "Without You", written by Badfinger and first made famous by Harry Nilsson. In the 90s the track got a revival Mariah Carey's chart topping rendition. How does Clay fare against those? I would say Mariah still offers the ultimate version from a performance standpoint (how can anyone forget her lush alto dips which cultimate in abundant and endless vocal outburts?) but something about Clay's version rings truer then all others to me. When he is not belting his tenor lungs out, I find that his voice hints of the type of vulnerabilty and heart that is conveyed in the plaintive lyric. As for his tone, I think it has gained in color and maturity, most probably a result of the growing up the brown-haired accidental hunk has had to do in the six months staying clear of acknowledging the massive and unprecedented gossip war that has been opposing bloggers, alledged past lovers, and legions of his fans on the subject of his sexuality. You can listen to "Without You" on Clay's official site or myspace.

One word: Mind-blowing! This might well become a career-defining release for Mr Aiken.
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ABC: No Clay GMA Date Set Yet

An update to the Good Morning America appearance rumour from yesterday -- a representative from ABC called the CB's lsdollylovesclay and informed her that no firm date has been set for Clay's apperance on Good Morning America.


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Reminder: Clay on The Insider Tonight

Don't forget to tune into The Insider tonight to see Clay with more ATDW info. In the meantime, check out The Insider's article:

Sounds like CLAY AIKEN may have some competition! The freckle-faced crooner's new album, A Thousand Different Ways, hits stores on Sept. 19 and features 10 cover songs from the "Idol" runner-up, plus four new songs. The theme? L'amour!
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Claynadians' "Order ATDW" Day Set For Sept. 6

To help Clay reach #1 on, Claynadians are being asked to order A Thousand Different Days from on September 6.

If you are a proud Claynadian, please take part in this effort.

A letter from the CB's RedBay:
Dear Claynadians:

We have been waiting for quite some time for Clay's new cd and now that it is almost here we would like to help it succeed in Canada. There are only so many things that we can do but one of them involves

On Tuesday August 22, 2006 at 11:00am EST, ATDW was ranked 28th on It would be great to see it much higher. Maybe as a bit of an experiment, and to boost that ranking for PR purposes, we could all order ATDW from To properly judge our purchasing power, I am suggesting we do this on Wednesday, Sept 6 2006. Also, to get an idea of how many copies we have ordered, if folks would be so inclined to email me at and let me know that they have done this and how many copies they have ordered. This might help us understand how many copies the top ranked cds on this site sell.

I will post the (hopefully) change in ATDW's ranking frequently in the Claynadian thread on the CB on Sept 6.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via email or pm at the CB.

Thanks a bunch for supporting Clay in Canada.
For more information, go to the CB's Claynadian thread.

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NJ Clay Aiken Christmas Concert Confirmed

Another Christmas concert FEATURING Clay has been confirmed for Red Bank, NJ (The CB's hotclay confirmed this with the venue this morning):

Saturday December 16, 2006, 8pm
Count Basie Theater
99 Monmouth Street
Red Bank, New Jersey 07701

More information at: or via the contact the box office at (732) 842-9000 (M-F 12pm-6pm; Sat.: 12pm-3pm)

Ticket prices range from $38.50 to $125.00 plus service fees.

Good luck everyone!

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Tidbits 8/22

  • Clay blogged today. 'Bored' as he may be, Clay seems very excited and nervous about the impeding ATDW release. He says everything is now complete- recording, photoshoots, approval etc. Some special performances were also filmed for Wal-Mart's Soundcheck feature. Read it for yourself at the official fanclub (members only).
  • Sarasota Herald Tribune- Indie music store stocks Clay Aiken -- "Technically, the store also has the tacky and sentimental -- Clay Aiken, Kelly Clarkson, et al. -- but that's so ... not cool."
  • Access Hollywood: "I haven't heard Ruben's name in a long time (and it was runner-up Clay Aiken, not the actual winner of "Idol" season two, who performed at this year's finale), it sounds like Ruben's career is flourishing."

  • Something That Really Happened - AI2 memories... I Could Not Ask For More.
  • Two blogs from Southern Girl -first one about the 30 sec. clips from ATDW that came out this morning, 2nd one about the blog.
  • TV Guide's MySpace blogger: Clay stole my hairdo!
  • MySpace blogger - I'd rather listen to Clay Aiken than Justin Timberlake's "revolting piece of trash"
  • Singers At The Heart offers a non-Clay fan perspective about ATDW:
    something about Clay's version rings truer then all others to me. When he is not belting his tenor lungs out, I find that his voice hints of the type of vulnerabilty and heart that is conveyed in the plaintive lyric. As for his tone, I think it has gained in color and maturity, most probably a result of the growing up the brown-haired accidental hunk has had to do
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30 Second Snippets from ATDW Now @ Sony Music Store

What a fantastic way to start this perfect Tuesday morning. The Sony Music Store has posted 30 second snippets from ATDW.

Go listen now... run, don't walk!

Update: Sony has removed the clips probably since we've drained their bandwidth. However, you can download an MP3 of all the snippets combined via my account:

1. Click on this link.
2. The download button is on the bottom of the page.

Update 2: We've found much better quality clips courtesy

HQ ATDW Clips - download link (zip file, clips in WMA format)

Update 3: Longer HQ versions are now available for download at my 4shared account. Scroll down to the bottom and wait several seconds for the download button to show up. Download link.
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Monday, August 21, 2006

Countdown to September 19 and ATDW Release! - DAY 28

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Reliving Jukebox 2005: Meadville, PA, Crawford County Fair

Pictures by Denise Bernadette

This was my third out of four concerts to attend and was at the Crawford County Fair in Meadville, Pennsylvania. Meadville has a population of about 14,000 and is the seat of Crawford County. A very nice small town. I absolutely loved the fair. It is just the way county fairs should be. Lots of animals, crafts for sale, judging of canned goods, quilts, and the animals, and lots and lots of yummy food. I chose cotton candy and a drink, and I could not believe the prices! I believe they were each about 50 cents! It would cost four times that much at the big Texas State Fair. Yep, small town fairs are really awesome. Oh, and another reason this one was so awesome in 2005....Clay Aiken performed!!


Clay fans, as always, were very vocal in showing their love for Clay. And, as always, its hard to pick out the best of his performances. He nails them all!

CocaColaDragon from the Clayboard said that "I think one of the song highlights from last night has to be "I Can't Make You Love Me"..he always seems so emotional and passionate during that song, but tonight it me at be much more emotional/passionate.". I agree with her. I cried during that song at every show I went to. Then as if that wasn't enough, Quiana came out and sang and I cried some more!

For me, Clay's new songs were great. "1000 Days" is even better to go back and listen to now that I have heard Clay sing a new version of it. And, of course, everyone loved "Back For More". I don't think we've heard the last of that song.

Clay was on fire during LLVL! Part of me wants to laugh with him when I see him do this because on the one hand it seems so unlike what we've known of him all these years. Yet part of me knows I can't laugh because I'm too busy having to pick myself up off the floor after having a heavy-duty THUD!! He has the moves down perfectly. C'mon, Clay, yes you CAN dance!!

Clay not only sings and dances, but he totally entertains everyone in the audience. He has us laughing and crying and melting and sighing....the women, anyway. And admit it or not, I think the men enjoy it too!

Stump The Band

Meadville's "Stump The Band" was the best one of the tour, no doubt about it. It took Clay a while to finally get a song that he and the band could do. Once again, he refused to do Bohemian Rhapsody. Finally, someone requested "When A Man Loves A Woman"! Clay told the audience, "Entertain yourselves for a second and we'll see if we can figure it out." So they practiced for a little bit. Then someone produced a copy of the lyrics on a piece of paper, and Clay ran over there and grabbed that up! What a lifesaver!! Everyone was clapping and cheering, and then it happened. The music got louder and louder, and Clay turned around and belted out, " When a man loves a wo--man!!" The crowd went absolutely wild! I remember everyone cheering and screaming. Chills went up and down my spine. I mean, what a song to show off Clay's voice!! He sang it like he'd been singing it all his life. Then he said, "That's the end of the song...there you go...Now let's stump her. Name a song and see if she has the lyrics to it!...Put your hands down. That wore me out!" Don't you just love it! He is so quick witted. Like I said earlier, he doesn't just entertain us with the golden voice, he has us rolling in the aisles with his snarky humor.

The Fans

There is always something interesting going on with the fans at a Clay concert. CocaColaDragon said, "My dad said he got a lil teary during Suspicious Minds, because that's one of his all time favorite songs and he really enjoyed hearing Clay singing it. Whoot for that. Yes my dad was one of those males forced into coming heh." Hmmmm, looks like even if her dad was forced into going to the concert, he found out that it is enjoyable to listen to Clay and even brought back old memories for him.

Angelty said, "I was more than pleased with the size of the crowd. It looked to be about half full even though the numbers don't reflect that. They were loud and on their feet. Clay was happy and interactive and the show was long, nearly 3 hours!" There's nothing better than a longer than expected Clay show! Three hours isn't even long enough!!

And during the 70's banter, when Clay asks everyone for something that happened in the 70's, I had brought a book I bought for the year 1978 (Clay's birthday year) that lists all sorts of things that happen in 1978. So when he asked us for 70's events, I held the book up and waved it at him. He finally looked at me and said, "She came prepared, not like the other night, not like the other night when you didn’t do your sign until you got to the show." Then he continued to ask people for their ideas, and someone finally said, "The Pittsburgh Steelers won 4 Super Bowls" in the 1970's. So I yelled out that the Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl in the 70's too. Clay said, "She's fighting, she says the Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl in the 70’s" Whoops, I shouldn't have said that because there was this big bunch of boo's...I had forgotten that I was in Steeler country! Clay said, You might not want to sit there when you get out of here maam." And of course, the most important thing about the 70's was...."I was born!" And we're glad you were, Clay!!

Classic Clay Moments

Our Classic Clay moment for Meadville is the guy that Clay got out of the audience to dance during "Car Wash". Clay picked out a sign that a girl was holding that said, "You mean this isn't a heavy metal concert?" And then he went to town with that one. Quick and witty Clay strikes again!! Clay told him (Jason), "You are a sucker aren't you. Who exactly did you think you were going to see. He's got an Iron Maiden t-shirt on...did she tell you that? She's got that much power over you and you're admitting it to this entire audience? That's a crying shame." Clay also said that maybe they would do some Iron Maiden later (snark).

Apparently whoever handed the sign to Clay got real excited and Clay had fun with that one. He said that he had not touched her, just the sign, and he passed it around for everyone to touch. When he handed it back to her, he said that she might just pass out now that everyone had touched it!

Once Jason and his girlfriend came up on stage, Clay had to tell him, "Come on over, sir, don't be shy. I'm not gonna bite!" I love it! I could listen to Clay and his snarky humor all day long!!

Angelty from the Clayboard wrote some about her son and his girlfriend going onstage:

When I heard him reading my son's gf's sign that said "You mean this isn't a heavy metal concert?", I couldn't believe it. They were in first row also, but down the row a ways. He had a heavy metal shirt on. He is 32 and has always been a heavy metal fan. He does like Clay somewhat, but agrees to going to multiple shows more for his gf and for me. He is a little shy though and claims he can't dance, so he was really nervous. Christy got to go up on stage with him and I was thrilled. Her comment...well, I do have a boyfriend, but omg, those eyes.

After intermission, Jason was on stage and head banging. He lost his nervousness and did a great job. Jason said he had little interaction backstage with Clay, but he did thank him for being a good sport and agreed that a little head banging would be funny as part of the act. On the eye discussion, Jason said that from a male perspective, Clay's eye contact was very impressive. He thought being backstage was hugely professional, and was surprised that being onstage was so much different than how things feel from the audience. He said that when the music plays, you can't hear anything from the audience. And even when it's not playing the voice volume is difficult to adjust to.

He thoroughly enjoyed the experience and all the males surrounding our circle of friends were pleasantly entertained. I was soooo proud of him.

He also signed their sign which had made the round of touches onstage by all the crew. A funny bit of banter. One side says Christy, Use your voice, Clay Aiken. The other side says Sorry to disappoint, Jason, Clay Aiken,in reference to it not being a heavy metal concert.

One more thing that was funny had to do with all the people that were holding up signs that said "Touch". Of course, everyone knows that Clay won't sign Touch. Clay's comment was:

I see a lot of signs out there that say “TOUCH” but there ain’t near enough for me to sing it. Oh there are more. If every single person had one, maybe….I wonder how long you can hold your arms up like that. Let’s see how long they can go, anyone have a watch?....Yours is upside down. See if you had held yours right side up I would’ve sang it. You can blame it on her."

As you can see, and as is always the case, there is just nothing like going to a Clay concert. Meadville proved to be no different. Awesome songs, lots of funny banter, and Clay fans from all over the country to celebrate a beautiful man named Clay. Bring on the next show!

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ATDW Cover Confirmed by Amazon, BN, RCA

So I guess we'll have to bite our words - this is indeed the official cover for A Thousand Different Ways contrary to what we reported yesterday.

Leading music retailers and Barnes & Nobel have both added the cover shown above to their ATDW listings.

Official word from the CB's corabeth who has been in contact with RCA:

Just got off the phone with RCA Marketing and she did confirm that the are going with the pictures we're seeing on the online retailers as the cover!

I asked her about the thumbs, etc. and she laughed and said I think the B&N one is wrong. She said whatever WalMart had last week. She did say that it was not official last week.

(Yeah! I love the cover and the font)

I asked her about the promotion and she said you're going to start seeing stuff over the next couple of weeks. She said for this type of album we want to concentrate promo as we get near album drop. I said for this type of album as in love song covers? She said no, for a superstar artist.

There's more stuff related to CDR and I'll put that in the appropriate places after supper.
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Clay on The Insider Tomorrow

Clay will be on The Insider tomorrow, August 22, according to a promo shown on today's show proclaiming: "TOMORROW: Clay Aiken"

It's unclear what they'll feature, but we can probably presume that this is more ATDW promo. Woohoo!

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Clay on Leno's Tonight Show September 15?

Rumours, rumours and more rumours!

Musician Daniel Pearson, who served as one of Clay's bass/guitarist on JBT, recently listed two dates on his MySpace calendar -- Sept. 15 for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Sept. 26 for Jimmy Kimmel Live (mysteriously, these dates have since been removed).

Since Clay's Sept. 26 Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance was confirmed by ABC last week, speculation that Clay will be appearing alongside Pearson on the Sept. 15 Tonight Show with Jay Leno is running rampant.

So, a quick recap of upcoming dates, both confirmed and unconfirmed:

September is shaping up to be a clack filled month!

BUT-- this possible Leno appearance is NOT CONFIRMED. We'll keep you posted when/if this date is confirmed by either NBC or Team Clay.

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