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Saturday, March 24, 2007

New On Sale Dates Announced, Presale Passwords Up at OFC

The official fanclub has announced new ticket on-sale dates for the 2007 Summer Tour. In addition, fanclub presale passwords for Houston, Gilford, Chautauqua, Canandaigua, Philadelphia and Atlanta are now up on the fanclub homepage after you've logged in.

Date Location Venue On-Sale
Jul 6 Houston, TX Jones Hall Mar 28
Jul 17 Philadelphia, PA Mann CenterApr 17
Jul 19 Canandaigua, NY Constellation Performing Arts CenterApr 14
Jul 20 Chautauqua, NY Chautauqua Institution AmphitheaterApr 2
Aug 3 Pala, CA Pala Casino StarlightMar 23
Aug 4 Los Angeles, CA Greek TheatreJun 2
Aug 18 West Palm Beach, FL Kravis Center for the Performing ArtsApr 7

One More Week To Donate to Six Degrees For The Bubel Aiken Foundation

During the month of March, Clay's Daily Double has told readers about the opportunity to donate to Six Degrees by clicking on The Bubel Aiken Foundation's Charity Badge. The top six charity groups will receive matching funds from Kevin Bacon for as much as $10,000.

At this time, TBAF is in second place and has a fairly healthy lead over third place. However, with a week left to send in donations, anything can happen. We would like to encourage anyone who has not had the opportunity to donate to do so this week. You only need to donate $10.00. As we've mentioned before, its the total number of donations made that determines what place you are in, not the dollar amount given. TBAF already has almost $22,000 that has been donated, so if we remain in the Top 6, we will receive the $10,000 in matching funds, for a total of at least $32,000! The last day to donate is March 31.

To donate, click on these words: TBAF PERSONAL CHARITY BADGE. It will take you to TBAF's badge, and then click on the badge. You can then complete the information on the page you are taken to in order to complete the donation process.

Beginning on March 17, when you donate through the official TBAF Six Degrees Charity Badge, you can also benefit the Beta Alpha Chapter of your choice. To do this, follow the steps below:

Step #1: Please use the TBAF badge when donating by clicking on the link in this sentence or use the DONATE button on the official TBAF Six Degrees Charity Badge wherever it is displayed.

Step#2: Simply forward a copy of your receipt from Network For Good to Aron Hall at TBAF at and indicate the name of your Beta Alpha Team in the SUBJECT of your e-mail. Find out more about the Voices of Beta Alpha at TBAF's Beta Alpha page.

We hope that anyone who is able will donate this week in order to keep TBAF in the Top 6. There's a lot they can do with that extra $10,000!

Photo of Clay & Cousin Jamie Braswell In Smithfield Herald

The official fanclub's GoldsboroAikenFan found a nice article about Clay's hair and Clay's hairdresser & cousin Jamie Braswell in the March 20 issue of The Smithfield Herald. Here's a small scan and the excerpt from the article which was typed up by GoldsboroAikenFan:

Hairdresser sharing the road with cousin Clay
By Sarah McNeil
Staff reporter

Four Oaks- Clay Aiken likes to change his hair often—from brown to blond, spiky to sleek, short to long. And for the past three months, Aiken has been entrusting his locks to his cousin, Jamie Braswell.

“We have become closer and really good friends,” Braswell says of her relationship with Aiken. “I feel lucky to have him and experience all the things he does, because a lot of people don’t get that chance.”

Most people know Aiken as the Raleigh resident who nearly won “American Idol” in 2003. Although he lost to Ruben Studdard, Aiken’s first solo album, “Measure Of A Man”, was the highest-selling debut for a solo artist in 10 years. He released his latest album “A Thousand Different Ways,” this past September.

Although Aiken is now a celebrity, Braswell has known him since they were children. Braswell, 28, is only four months older than her cousin. She has fond memories of Aiken belting out country classics at the Johnston County Music Showcase in the late 1990’s. He even organized his own concerts in Benson and Dunn before trying out for “American Idol”.
“When he went to try out, I always had a positive view, because I knew he could sing,” says Braswell, who lives in Four Oaks. “I knew he had one of the best voices I had ever heard, so I had a lot of confidence in him.”

After receiving her cosmetology degree from Johnson Community College, Braswell began working at John Michael’s Artistic Hair Team in Smithfield. Aiken asked her to be his personal hairdresser this past Christmas during a tour of 18 cities in the United States. After working out the details with John Michael’s, Braswell hit the road with Aiken’s crew in a tour bus for three weeks.

“Every night we tried to watch ‘The West Wing,’” Braswell recalls. “We had the series on DVD. We would stay up and talk because we were all really good friends. We would talk about what happened at the shows and just cut up.”
During the tour, Aiken would rehearse at the venues in the afternoon. Braswell would primp Aiken’s hair and chose his clothing one hour before it was time for Aiken to hit the stage. Early on, Braswell would watch the show behind the curtain, but that did not last long.

“Clay had this idea of me walking out on stage with a sign for the word of the day,” she says. “The fans had to guess what it meant. They loved it and started cheating. They would bring their dictionaries and as soon as I walked out with the word of the day, you could see people in the audience trying to find the meaning.”

Before the holidays, Braswell has had the chance to visit New York with Aiken. Besides indulging in some shopping and Broadway shows, Braswell met anchors from “Good Morning America” and “The View,” along with stars Jennifer Love Hewitt and Patrick Dempsey.

“In the past four years of my life, I have experienced a lot of firsts, as far as flying, going to California, New York or the big cities,” Braswell says. “I have really been blessed to experience every thing I have gone through.”

On Valentine’s Day, Aiken premiered his latest hair-do on the “Jimmy Kimmel Show” in California. Gone was the long, dark hair. Instead, Aiken donned shorter brown hair with blonde streaks.

“We cut at least one or two inches,” Braswell says. “I know the dustpan was full of his hair. He’s really not picky. Most of the time he will just say to do whatever. If there is something he doesn’t like about it, he knows he can tell me, because I want him to so we can fix it.”

As Braswell continues to experiment with Aiken’s hair, she realizes some people may not always like the style. “You hear the good and the bad,” she says. “Everybody has their own opinion. I have learned to take it with a grain of salt and don’t worry about it.”

Tidbits 3/24

Nice Clay mention on The Insider yesterday... though I'm not sure Clay qualifies as a "teen" any longer.

  • There's a nice photo of Clay in tomorrow's (Sunday) New York Times, says the CB's pearlgjr:
    Certain sections of the New York Times get delivered on of which is the 'Arts Section'

    The New York Times has a story on how singers from the South have dominated American Idol. How the winners of Idol come from the south; they have a 'lockdown' on the's an interesting article.

    But the point is that they used 3 pictures in connection with the article....

    Top picture is Clay.....

    then Kelly and then Reuben.

    Interesting...considering Taylor, Carrie and Fantasia all 'winners' were not pictured at all.
  • Atlanta Journal Constitution - Clay Aiken coming to Atlanta for concert. "Among the marquee names in what an ASO press release calls the "first round of performers": Morrissey; Natalie Cole; Steve Miller Band; Travis Tritt; Clay Aiken"
  • Entertainment World - Dianne Austin comments on Ryan Seacrest' on-air dancing during Idol this week:
    I absolutely loved it when Ryan broke into his beat boxing and dancing. Who knew he had any rhythm? I remember watching him live in the studio when he hosted his own On-Air show and had Clay Aiken as a guest. At that time, he broke into some moves to the tune of Clay’s then-top 40’s hit song Invisible, and he looked like a total geek. Couldn’t dance worth a damn. Maybe it was on purpose for Aiken’s benefit, though.
  • Winston Salem Journal - An article about Chris Daughtry has three Clay mentions: "LOSERS ARE THE NEW WINNERS - Clay Aiken set the Idol precedent when he came in second to Ruben "On Wry" Studdard, now a weight-loss advocate and never-say-never soul crooner", "Clay Aiken had - sorrrrry, has - his Claymates" and "North Carolina has emerged as fertile ground on American Idol. Fantasia. Clay Aiken. Kellie Pickler. All North Carolina natives."
  • RW (Radio World) Online - In an article about the impact that American Idol has had on radio, the number of spins by various idols, including Clay, is listed as follows:
    Season One winner Kelly Clarkson and Season Four winner Carrie Underwood are leading the pack with 4 million radio spins between them. Mediabase says Clarkson has 3.3 million spins since winning the first title, and Underwood has amassed 725,000 spins, averaging more than 450,000 per year.

    Other popular contestants include Fantasia Barrino, Josh Gracin, Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken, Kimberley Locke, Bo Bice, Mario Vazquez, Chris Daughtry, and 2007 Academy Award Winner Jennifer Hudson.

    Here’s how they stack up against Clarkson and Underwood: Josh Gracin, Season Three finalist, about 580,000 spins; Fantasia Barrino, Season Three winner, 375,000; Ruben Studdard, Season Two winner, 294,000; Clay Aiken, Season Two runner-up, 225,000; Kimberley Locke, Season Two finalist, 210,000; Chris Daughtry, Season Five finalist, 146,000; Mario Vazquez, Season Five contestant, 123,000; and Bo Bice, Season Four runner-up, 115,000 spins.
  • Myrtle Beach Sun News - celebrity 'battles'...
    Battle of keeping your hands to yourself, Clay Aiken and Kelly Ripa

    When 2003 "American Idol" first runner-up Clay AIken was a guest co-host for "Live with Regis & Kelly" in November, he put his hand on Kelly Ripa's mouth when he wanted a chance to talk with the third "Dancing with the Stars" series winners, Cheryl Burke and Emmitt Smith. Ripa immediately voiced her discomfort, "I don't know where that hand's been, Honey," prompting homophobic hallucination accusations from Rosie O'Donnell's view.

    Winner: Ripa, especially if any manufacturer of instant hand sanitizer such as Purell wants a poster girl.

  • The ConCLAYve's Michi's beautiful the highlight blog this week...
    I know that when I listen to Clay cd’s, our common bond will be there and I will smile. Maybe we’ll be lucky and we can go to a concert together.

    I hug her tightly. Call me if you need me.

    Goodbye for now Mom. I love you.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Old Classics, New Favorites On 2007 Summer Tour Setlist

The Houston Symphony leaked a partial set-list for the 2007 Summer Tour today in an e-mail sent to its members. The partial set list includes material from both MOAM and ATDW as well as a cover of "For Once In My Life" and "Moon River".

Clay Aiken in concert with the Houston Symphony

Friday, July 6
7:30 PM

On Monday, March 26th, purchase your tickets in advance of the March 28 general public on-sale date.

Tickets from $29

Who can explain why a singer becomes a pop star? Sure, talent and ambition contribute to the rise of many singing sensations, but skill and drive alone do not guarantee a berth at the top of the charts. Ultimately, it is an almost inexplicable reaction between a singer and his or her audience that creates a superstar career, sparking the kind of fanatic devotion that propels a performer into the pop stratosphere.

Such was the explosive reaction when Clay Aiken burst onto the music scene. An unlikely pop star, Aiken has remained steadfast in his desire to remain true to the simple values he learned as a child in Raleigh, North Carolina. "I still live in the town where I grew up," he says. "I like surrounding myself with people I know and love." It is this authenticity that his millions of fans have responded to, an almost supernatural earnestness that feels unconventional in the cynical world of today.

Clay will be performing hits such as I Want To Know What Love Is, For Once In My Life, Moon River, Bridge Over Troubled Water and Measure Of A Man.

Tickets can be purchased starting at 10am, Monday, March 26:
(713) 224-7575 or online at

Performance will take place in Jones Hall, 615 Louisiana

Pala, CA Concert Tickets Now On Sale!

Tickets for Clay's August 3 concert in Pala, CA is now available through Ticketmaster. Prices range from $45 to $65 each ticket.

Tickets officially went on sale at 10 AM PDT this morning, but fanclub members might want to stay tuned to the fanclub "post-sale" which begins at 10 AM on Monday. The fanclub says better tickets have been blocked off for fanclub members and will be available during this "post-sale".

Please be advised that an exclusive fan club "post-sale" will begin at 10 a.m. PDT on Monday, March 26. This password protected "post-sale" will give fan club members access to a special allotment of the best tickets available for the Pala, Ca show.

Again, please note that other tickets for this show will be available beginning tomorrow morning, but hundreds of the best tickets are on hold specifically for the fan club members. If you're looking for the best tickets available*, we suggest you wait until Monday, March 26 to participate in the fan club "post-sale".

Tidbits 3/23

  • FOX 28 interviews Carmen Rasmusen, who competed on AI2 with Clay. She says the AI2 top 12 still keep in touch with each other:
    Fox 28 talked to Carmen Rasmusen who made the Top 12 on Season Two.

    The blond country singer tells us about her friends: Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken and Kimberly Caldwell.

    [The interviewer] says, "And you've been on American Idol Season 2. Especially when the show was brand new what was it like to go up against people like Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken and Kimberly Caldwell?"

    Rasmusen says, "I'm definitely a better performer now and that really taught me how to be comfortable in front of different audiences in front of a camera in front of arenas, huge stadiums of 10 to 15 thousand people. I performed in little radio rooms."

    [Interviewer] says, "I have to ask you with all the other people you competed against... Kimberly Caldwell, Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken. Did you make friends? Do you still talk to them?

    Rasmusen says, "I still keep in contact with Kimberly Caldwell, Clay Aiken... I just saw Josh a couple weeks ago. We don't call each other as much as we used to... I'm so busy and they're busy."
  • Charleston Post Courier - nice Clay mention in this sports article ...
    Like Clay Aiken, Memphis took advantage. John Calipari's Tigers defeated South Carolina in the 2002 NIT final and the program gradually built itself into a No. 2 seed in the current NCAA Tournament.
  • Winston Salem Journal - AI losers become winners -
    Clay Aiken set the Idol precedent when he came in second to Ruben "On Wry" Studdard, now a weight-loss advocate and never-say-never soul crooner. More notable of late is the story of Jennifer Hudson, who was given the boot earlier in the competition than many expected. Hudson The Loser just won an Oscar for her role as Effie in the film version of Dreamgirls - and you can bet there is a Grammy in Hudson's not-so-distant future.
  • Radio World Newspaper - American Idols have big radio impact ... "Other popular contestants include Fantasia Barrino, Josh Gracin, Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken, Kimberley Locke, Bo Bice, Mario Vazquez, Chris Daughtry, and 2007 Academy Award Winner Jennifer Hudson."
  • Desicritics - why Sanjaya Malakar is still on American Idol 6 ...
    Look, race and Idol have shared a complicated relationship for a long time now whether it was Frenchie getting kicked off while Barba got to stay or Ruben Stoddard beating out Clay Aiken with the alleged backing of Oprah. But it is beyond ridiculous to say that there is a BPO pact to vote for him. It isn't just paranoid, it's insulting.
  • Toledo Free Press - Kathy Griffin alert.
  • A few mentions of that weird sign held up on AI6's result show this week by Brad Garrett which read: "Clay Aiken hurt me". We're still puzzled as to what the heck that means. According to People, the sign was not from Garrett himself, but was taken from someone in the audience.
    • People:
      Blake Lewis showed his own quick comedic timing when he grabbed a sign from an audience member that read "Clay Aiken Hurt Me" punctuated with a frowning face and handed it to Garrett. The actor continued to ham it up with the sign, holding it when he took a seat in the audience.
    • Entertainment Weekly:
      The Elimination... began with a bit of mugging from Brad Garrett, who came up to the stage to greet all the finalists during the ad break and then decided, spur-of-the-moment, to sit down with them. At which point Blake raced down to the audience and snatched the random "Clay Aiken Hurt Me" sign and gave it to Brad. (So Blake's a fan of the snark. Good to know.) When the Coca-Cola ad began, however, all the finalists stood up to watch, and somewhere in the shuffle (I couldn't see how, since the lights had gone dark for the ad), the Clay Aiken sign got pulled. Awww — no snark for you, Brad!

  • Southern Girl & Clay's hair ...
    What's the first thing you notice about the opposite gender?

    Probably his hair. I'm picky when it comes to hair -- needs to be short and clean-cut, off his collar and nothing flopping down in his eyes. There are two exceptions to this -- pretend Boyfriend Clay Aiken and best-looking-long-haired-man Guy Penrod.
  • Carolina On my Mind - Claymates, inspired by Clay's humanity, keep BAF #1 at Six Degrees fundraiser.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

2007 BAF Clay Aiken "Able-To-Serve" Grants Announced

We've heard of a variety ways that Clay's Able-To-Serve grants have made real impact on the lives of people across America, so it's wonderful news that the Bubel Aiken Foundation is announcing receipients of 2007 Clay Aiken Able-To-Serve grants via this press release from Youth Service America:

APRIL 20-22, 2007

WASHINGTON -- (March 16, 2007) -- The Bubel/Aiken Foundation and Youth Service America are pleased to announce the grantees of the Clay Aiken Able-to-Serve grants for National & Global Youth Service Day, April 20-22, 2007. These awards of up to $1,000 support youth-led service projects in which youth with and without disabilities serve their communities together. A selection of the service themes include: emergency preparedness, building wheelchair accessible gardens, disability awareness, and building intergenerational relationships.

The Clay Aiken Able-to-Serve projects for National & Global Youth Service Day 2007:

* Forty-five youth from Hutchinson, Kansas will plant trees along a popular walking trail and dedicate a plaque to commemorate their efforts reminding future visitors on the trail that youth of all abilities can make valuable contributions to their communities.

* After learning that scent-trailing dogs have difficulty tailing people with Down’s syndrome, Hillary, age 19, from Brewer, Maine was awarded a grant to launch a public service campaign about this topic alongside 25 youth with and without disabilities. They will reach out to police who will share the information with the National Down’s Syndrome Society, bloodhound training organizations, and search and rescue organizations.

* Tiffany, age 18, from Lynn, Massachusetts was awarded a grant to tackle the overcrowding and violence she has witnessed in her community public parks. She will lead 20 youth from the Part of the Solution Youth Council to mobilize their community and launch five simultaneous park clean-ups. The youth will petition the city to replace basketball hoops.

* Ashley, age 18 from Sparta, Michigan was awarded the grant to implement a project in which special education students who run the high school ice-cream shop train students from the National Honor Society in ice cream preparation. Following the training, both groups of students will plan an ice-cream social together for elders in the community.

* Fifty members of the Paraquad Youth from St. Louis, Missouri will assist The Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition’s resale clothing store and the Circle of Concern food pantry. Extended interactions among low-income youth, youth in foster care, and youth with disabilities will work to challenge assumptions and stereotypes.

* In Cranford, New Jersey, 300 students and community members will prepare garden beds for spring planting at two schools and one senior housing complex. Students will design, budget, and plant the community gardens.

* Youth in Durham, North Carolina, will convene two community forums to highlight best practices for public safety, human service professionals, and people with disabilities. One panel will focus on the interaction of the police department with the disability community and the second panel will focus on the interaction between EMS, the fire department, and the disability community.

* In Salem, Ohio, 40 students with learning and cognitive disabilities, in partnership with vocational education students, and with the assistance of a high school horticulture class, will design and landscape the Salem Storybook Museum. The Museum provides reading programs for 2,860 youth who are not proficient readers.

* Matt, age 20, from Carbondale, Pennsylvania won the grant to mobilize 30 youth to create an interactive information and snack station in conjunction with Healthy Kids Day. The group will educate the community about health and well-being from good nutrition and exercise. The Youth Board of the Carbondale YMCA will recruit youth from other youth-serving organizations.

* More than 150 younger youth between the ages of five and 14 from Abingdon, Virginia, will create wheelchair accessible gardens for children with severe disabilities to use as areas for physical and mental therapy. The group will collaborate with local high school students studying horticulture to develop a plan and will collaborate with students in the 4H Future Farmers Forum for construction and summer maintenance. Students with disabilities will water and monitor the growth of the plants, assisted by non-disabled 4th and 5th graders.

Full profiles of the grantees are at:

National & Global Youth Service Day (April 20-22, 2007), the largest service event in the world, mobilizes youth to identify and address the needs of their communities through service-learning and community service. The event is organized by Youth Service America (YSA) with the support of State Farm Companies Foundation as the Presenting Sponsor. More than 115 National Partners and 51 Lead Agencies throughout the United States organize projects. Overseas, National Lead Agencies in 118 countries around the world manage international events. Planning Tool Kits, Service-Learning Curriculum Guides, classroom posters, grants, and more are available for youth, parents, teachers, and organizations. For the U.S. Map of Service Projects for National & Global Youth Service Day 2007:

Youth Service America is a national nonprofit resource center that partners with thousands of organizations committed to increasing the quality and quantity of volunteer opportunities for young people ages 5-25, to serve locally, nationally, and globally. Founded in 1986, Youth Service America’s mission is to expand the impact of the youth service movement with communities, schools, corporations, and governments. In addition to National & Global Youth Service Day, which take place concurrently each April, YSA also hosts SERVEnet (, providing the largest database of volunteer opportunities in America. For more information:

The Bubel/Aiken Foundation provides services and financial assistance to promote the full integration of children with disabilities into the life environment of those without. The Foundation strives to create awareness about the diversity of individuals with disabilities and the possibilities that inclusion can bring. To learn more about The Bubel/Aiken Foundation or ways to get involved visit their Web site at

Houston, TX Added To Clay's Tour Schedule!

Houston Concert Announced
As a Texan, I was thrilled when I found out that Clay would be coming to Dallas/Grand Prairie for a concert during his upcoming summer tour. He hadn't been to Texas since 2004. But let me warn you, as a Texan who lives just outside of Houston, I am beside myself with excitement to be able to tell you that Clay is also coming to Houston on his tour! Per the Official Fan Club public information, Clay will be performing at Houston's beautiful Jones Hall on Friday evening, July 6, the day before his Dallas concert. Jones Hall is in downtown Houston's wonderful theater district, complete with hotels and great restaurants, including The Hardrock Cafe.

Houston Fanclub Pre-Sale Info
The official fan club also has this important information concerning ticket pre-sales:

03/22/07 : Important Info Regarding Houston, TX Ticket Sales
By Team Clay

This pre-sale will be accessible via telephone only beginning at 10 a.m. CDT on March 26th through March 27th. Fan club members will need to call the venue directly at (713) 224-7575 and mention the pre-sale password accessible prior to the pre-sale start time through the fan club on the "Tours" page of the website.
Note: Only fan club members will be able to access the pre-sale password information.

Canandaigua Concert Confirmed
Clay's Canandaigua, NY date (we've been reporting this date previously as Rochester, NY) has also been confirmed by the OFC. Clay will perform on July 19 at the Constellation Performing Arts Center. Per the Constellation's website, "CMAC is located on the campus of the Finger Lakes Community College and is home to the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. Since the opening of the performing arts center in 1982, virtually every performing artist on tour has enjoyed a stop in Canandaigua." Now we can add Clay to that number! No information is available yet on ticket sales.

Pala Fanclub Pre/"Post"-Sale Info
Furthermore, the official fanclub has announced more presale information for those of you looking to attend the August 3 Pala, CA concert.
03/22/07 : Important Info Regarding Pala, Ca Ticket Sales
By Team Clay

The public on-sale for Clay Aiken's performance at the Palomar Starlight Theater in Pala, Ca will, in fact, begin at 10 a.m. PDT tomorrow morning (March 23).

Please be advised that an exclusive fan club "post-sale" will begin at 10 a.m. PDT on Monday, March 26. This password protected "post-sale" will give fan club members access to a special allotment of the best tickets available for the Pala, Ca show.

Again, please note that other tickets for this show will be available beginning tomorrow morning, but hundreds of the best tickets are on hold specifically for the fan club members. If you're looking for the best tickets available*, we suggest you wait until Monday, March 26 to participate in the fan club "post-sale".
We'll keep you updated on new concerts as we get more news.

LiveDaily: "Clay Aiken mapping out summer tour"

LiveDaily has published a very good article about Clay's 2007 Summer tour. Here's an excerpt of their article.

Clay Aiken is ready to get back on the road behind his latest studio album, "A Thousand Different Ways," with a fresh slate of shows lined up for this summer.

The singer found himself in a somewhat awkward position upon the album's release last September, since he'd already lined up his traditional holiday concert schedule for much of the remainder of the year, which limited his ability to promote the new album.

Aiken will attempt to remedy that with his summer tour, which kicks off July 7 in Dallas. The initial routing, detailed below, shows 13 dates through the months of July and August.

NBC: Clay To Appear on NBC Figure Skating Special

Clay has been added to the roster of artists who will appear on NBC's Disson Skating "ice skating extravaganza", NBC and Comcast announced today in a press release.

Past celebs who have appeared on the show include Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban, Gladys Knight, Kimberley Locke and Barry Manilow.

Taping for Clay's show is scheduled tentatively for November 3rd at Lake Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV. The official airing dates are listed below, but we don't know which special Clay will be participating in.

Disson Skating has already scheduled its 10 shows for the 2007-08 ice skating season, beginning on Saturday, October 27 at 4 p.m. with the Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular. Other shows will air on Sunday, November 11 at 4 p.m. with Kurt Browning’s Gotta Skate; Sunday, November 25 at 4 p.m. with Kristi Yamaguchi’s Friends & Family; Saturday, December 22 at 4 p.m. with Country On Ice; Sunday, December 23 at 4 p.m. with Wynonna Tribune on Ice.; Tuesday, December 25 at 2:30 p.m. with Holiday Celebration on Ice; Tuesday, January 1 at 3 p.m. with Brian Boitano’s Skating Spectacular; Sunday, January 6 at 4 p.m. with Latin on Ice; Sunday, January 13 at 4 p.m. with Skate for the Heart; and Sunday, January 20 at 4 p.m. with Fashion On Ice.

American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken, vocalist Sarah Brightman, country music sensation Wynonna Judd and classical pianist Lang Lang have already confirmed their participation in upcoming Disson Skating shows in 2007-08. The company is in negotiations for additional acts to be confirmed shortly.

Tidbits 3/22

Nice Clay mention in the latest issue (March 26 - April 1) of TV Guide. Thanks to the CB's alfrank04 for the scan.

  • Almost a year after the AI5 surprise, Michael Sandecki ("Faiken") is still making headlines... check out his (weird) new look at People Magazine.
    The Clay Aiken doppelgänger sang on last season's May 24 finale and got the surprise of his life when Aiken joined him onstage. But since his big moment, the Phoenix-based Sandecki (who got rejected at his first Idol audition) has changed his look so as not to be mistaken for Aiken. Still, the aspiring singer – who does clerical work for an online school – isn't giving up his dream. "I eat, live and breathe music, and I'm going to make it somehow," says Sandecki. "But now I just want to be Mike."
  • Sidelines Online - In an article entitled, "Idol Brings The Awwww Factor", the comment about Clay is, "Season two gave us "Idol's" only successful 'mom vote' candidate - Howdy Doody-esque belter Clay Aiken. "A strong wind would blow him away, yet he finds the strength to sing with the shrill gusto of Celine Dion. Awww."
  • The Wildcat Online - In an opinion column by college student Damion LeeNatali, he says concerning Clay (while talking about American Idol), "Nothing in this nauseatingly repetitive spectacle resembles anything close to useful entertainment or genuine talent; really, the show has only produced two marketable talents - angry chick rocker Kelly Clarkson and the annoyingly flamboyant Clay Aiken.
  • BuzzSugar wonders about that mysterious Idol sign shown last night ... "What was the deal with the person in the audience holding a sign that read 'Clay Aiken hurt me' with a frowny face drawn on?"
  • The Common Voice - ridiculous article on why AI6 finalist Chris Sleigh has to lose weight in order to win AI, although we'll take the Clay compliment.
    Plus, remember this is a television show looking for someone who a record label can put out there in the public eye as a marketable product. At least with Clay Aiken, they got rid of the nerdy glasses and helped him look as polished as that beautiful singing voice he has. For Chris Sligh, it's gonna take some weight loss that livin' la vida low-carb could help him with. Unfortunately for him, it won't be quick enough to help him before his American Idol experience comes to an end.
  • Landover Baptist - uh...
    The second place finisher during the show’s second year was Clay Aiken, a nancy-boy who has gone on to sell thousands of secular records to the Satan-worshippers of this country. Even Aiken’s most subtle mannerism seems to dare the Lord to let loose a fiery rain of Sodom-leveling brimstone.
  • BuddyTV - America's Next Top Model looks somewhat like Clay Aiken? "Sarah is a cross between Cycle Two contestant April Wilkner and Clay Aiken."
  • Winston Salem Journal - American Idol article ...
    Clay Aiken set the Idol precedent when he came in second to Ruben "On Wry" Studdard, now a weight-loss advocate and never-say-never soul crooner. More notable of late is the story of Jennifer Hudson, who was given the boot earlier in the competition than many expected. Hudson The Loser just won an Oscar for her role as Effie in the film version of Dreamgirls - and you can bet there is a Grammy in Hudson's not-so-distant future.

    Clay Aiken had - sorrrrry, has - his Claymates. Taylor Hicks is boosted by the Soul Patrol. Chris Daughtry has ... fans. Perhaps it's the nature of his name, pronounced "Dot-tree." Let's see, there could be the Dot Matrix, or maybe the Treehuggers. Nah. Just "fans" will do.

  • Nothing here today.

Clay Aiken Sign at American Idol Causes A Bit of Confusion Among Fans

If you were watching American Idol on Wednesday night, you noticed the camera zooming in on a sign that said "Clay Aiken Hurt Me" along with a sad face. Those like me did not notice at first that the sign was held by Brad Garrett or someone in the cast of "Til Death", who were all at Wednesday's show. When I first saw the sign, I was not very happy about it and wondered what in the world it meant. So did lots of other fans. Some of the thoughts about its meaning are:

1) It was a cut down on Clay brought on by AI.
2) It was a joke meant to give Brad Garrett's show some attention. The media will probably be asking tomorrow what the sign meant.
3) Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Brad Garrett's new show had an episode last week called "Clay Date" about his character's daughter taking up pottery as a major in college - even though there is no mention of Clay at all in the episode.
4) It was a joke because people think of Clay as someone who would never hurt a fly and Brad Garrett's a big man. This could just be Brad's snarky humor.
5) Brad Garrett has a reputation as a big baby and the fact that even Clay could hurt him is funny. (like Clay beating up Kimmel) Again Brad's snarky humor.
6. Maybe Clay was in LA this week taping a show for "Til Death". Maybe he beat Brad up on the show. Maybe this is part of the "exciting developments" we've heard about from Clay.

And I'm sure there are more thoughts as to what the sign means. Only time will tell why the sign was really made and what it means. Or we may never know. But one thing we know for sure did give the Clay fans something to talk about! And talk about. And talk about! We'll let you know if we find out the story behind the sign.

clayis' update
- we're not the only one wondering about this sign... here's what BuzzSugar said: "What was the deal with the person in the audience holding a sign that read "Clay Aiken hurt me" with a frowny face drawn on?"

Post-Gazette Article Argues That Clay and Other Idols Not Given Proper Promotion

An article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (scroll down to read article online) makes a good argument for RCA not giving Clay, as well as Taylor Hicks, "the proper promotion to both radio and the public." This article has many good points included in it, so I am going to post the whole article below for your consideration.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Not all 'Idols' created equal

Although I agree with Scott Mervis about the successful female "Idols" ('Idol' results: Here's who's up or down, March 15), I have to argue the fact that some of the others have not been given the proper promotion to both radio and the public.

Instead of focusing on "Idol" winner Taylor Hicks, RCA decided to hype Daughtry, who did not even place. Look at the size of his venues to see how confident RCA is or NOT.

Then, of course, look at what Clay Aiken was "mandated," his word, to do for his all-important sophomore CD. It seems RCA has lost its compass with this one. Clay, a multi-platinum proven seller, was all prepared with a CD of new music, and Clive Davis nixed it. Why? Clay and Taylor got no payola to the radio, but I know that is a dirty word.

The business itself seems very dirty to me. It released Daughtry's single weeks before his CD was released. It did nothing of the sort and did not back any singles of Taylor or Clay.

Finally, it would be nice to see an article that goes beneath the veneer, if you know what I mean.

Lee Stevens
Phoenix, Ariz.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

2007 Summer Tour Fanclub Presale Info Released

The official fanclub has posted information regarding fanclub presales for 3 upcoming summer concerts. No word on which other tour dates will be having a fanclub presale. There's also no news on the other 7 or 8 tour dates which were expected to be released last week. A full list of confirmed and rumored tour dates is available at the CDD Claytracker.

03/21/07 : Clay Aiken Pre-Sale Information
By Team Clay

Please note the following pre-sale information regarding tour dates listed below:

7/17/07 - Philadelphia, PA - Mann Center for the Performing Arts

A pre-sale for this tour date is confirmed. Exact pre-sale start date and time will be listed on the site as it is confirmed.

7/20/07 - Chautaqua, NY - Chautaqua Institution Amphitheater

A pre-sale for this tour date is confirmed. Exact pre-sale start date and time will be listed on the site as it is confirmed.

8/03/07 - Pala, CA - Palomar Starlight Theater

A special allotment of the best tickets available are being held specifically for fan club members. These tickets will be available via a password protected "pre-sale" - we expect to have confirmation of the pre-sale start date and time by the end of the day tomorrow. Please note that other tickets for this show may be sold in advance of the fan club sale, but be sure to keep in mind that hundreds of the best tickets are on hold specifically for the fan club members.

"Happy Spring" Says Clay

Clay has left a very short spring message for fanclub members. You can find the message on the fanclub's audio page once you have logged in.

To recap for those of you without fanclub membership, Clay wished us "happy Spring" even though "spring is not an official holiday, but it should be"... "the snow is melting away and the hillsides are turning green. Go out and enjoy the fresh crisp air!"

Tidbits 3/21

So I upgraded to Windows Vista last night. It took almost 2 and a half hours from start to end, but I think it was well worth it. The above is a screenshot of Vista's Aero Glass Flip3D feature... Nice!

  • The picture seen to the right is being used by the Greek Theatre in LA to promote Clay's upcoming summer concert there... Looks new to me! HAWT!
  • Lycos50 - down 3 this week to #19.
  • Hollywood Reporter American Idol update ...
    Some winners do even better than that. Six of the artists discovered through "Idol" -- winners Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Hicks, plus Season 2 runner-up Clay Aiken -- have combined to sell more than 23 million copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan.
  • (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ... most popular Canadian news website) - wonderful Clay mention in this AI6 article:
    Doolittle and Jones are both so ferociously good that they shouldn’t even be expected to show up on the Wednesday elimination show – which isn’t to say they’re safe indefinitely. Idol has a funny history with black women. Despite a song-list heavy on Mariah, Whitney and Chaka, Fantasia Barrino is the only African-American female to have won the competition and she hasn’t achieved the mainstream success of Season One winner Kelly Clarkson. (The only African-American man to win, Ruben Studdard, has been overshadowed by his runner-up, Clay Aiken.)
  • Barre Montpelier Times Argus - American Idol hall of fame ...
    Other contenders require more help from products and flat irons. During Season 2, Clay Aiken's hair was transformed from messy-geeky to artfully tufted. Nowadays, he's evolved post-post-show into a much lengthier, lankier 'do.

    SEASON 2: Clay Aiken. His journey from geek to chic resulted in one of the best "Idol" makeovers ever. Do you love or hate his new lanky look?
  • Press Telegram (via Billboard) - no doubting the impact of American Idol -
    Even with its pop focus, "Idol" has managed to churn out a diverse roster of talent, ranging from pop crooners Clarkson and Clay Aiken, r&b belters Ruben Studdard and Fantasia, country queens Underwood and Kellie Pickler and rocker Daughtry.
  • St. Petersburg Times - back up singer Tanya Green got a "gig" with Clay - "She even managed to snag a backup gig with American Idol star Clay Aiken. " Green is now releasing her own CD.
  • The Hotline - article about Sen. Hilary Clinton's campaign mentions Clay ... "Terry McAuliffe introduced the Clintons at 8:11. At 8:13, grown men are reduced to adolescents at a Clay Aiken concert, as they eagerly hold up their camera phones. Bill Clinton begins his introduction of Hillary Clinton at 8:14. Hillary takes the mic at 8:25 and Bill exits the stage."
  • Shabby marketing on American Idol tonight... take a look at the sign being held by the cast of FOX's ready-to-be-cancelled show "Til' Death" ... it reads: "Clay Aiken hurt me". What a pathetic attempt to be funny.
  • 411 Mania - not too good AI6 related mention - "Howard Stern is urging his listeners to vote for Sanjaya Malakar, who is of course the barely pubescent contestant of this season of American Idol. Which is quite hilarious really, as he's helping to destroy the legitimacy of the show and you just know he gets off on that. Hey if the people want a closeted girly boy with Farrah hair to be their idol so be it. It worked for Clay Aiken. "
  • National Ledger - Rosie ... "Also she struck out at Kelly Ripa and lambasted for secretly wishing Clay Aiken had worn sanitized gloves when muzzling her, dubbing her a homophobe even though Clay insists that he is not gay."

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

American Idol 2 - Remembering Clay's Performances - Top 11

Tonight on American Idol 6, the top 11 sang songs from the "British Invasion" of the 60's. Though I thought they did better as a whole than they have in previous weeks, the Top 11 of American Idol 2 is still the most special week of all the Top 11 weeks. Why? Well, of course, because Clay was part of that week!

The day was Tuesday, March 18, and it was Movie Week on American Idol. Clay was the fourth contestant to sing, and he came walking out with that big beautiful smile and as much or more confidence as the week before. The song..."Somewhere Out There" from American Tail. And he poured his heart into that song. And when he got to "underneath that great big sky", that great big voice of his just soared. It sends chills down me to hear it still.

Not only was "Somewhere Out There" a crowd pleaser, but he also got glowing comments from all the judges, including guest judge, Gladys Knight. Randy said, "Where is that voice coming from...the power, the range, I mean every week I see you I say, "Wow man". This is a good show. You did your thing baby." Paula said, "Its a great are effortless with your voice and you are so natural." And Simon said, "I just love songs about mice. Actually, I think after this performance tonight you're the one they've got to beat. I really do." Wow, did Simon really say that? Clay looked down after all this praise, taking it all in, and when he looked back up, the look on his face was one of unbelief, and yet relief, humility, and happiness. Clay, I believe, was always the one to beat.

I saved the best judge for last. Gladys Knight. I think almost every Clay fan has this critique memorized word for word. It was arguably one of the best things any of the judges said about Clay during the whole competition. "You're a mystery. You have your own look. There's something very magical about your look. And your voice is so pure. I don't know in the contemporary world what is going to happen to you, but something exceptional is going to happen with you somewhere along the way because you are pure. You're wonderful." What I'd give to be able to give Gladys Knight a big hug for those wonderful words! And, of course, she was right. We could write volumes on all the wonderful things that have happened to Clay in the last four years, as well as all the wonderful things he has done.

If you would like to download Clay's Top 11 performance of "Somewhere Out There", go to American Idol 2 Solo Performances at Clack Unlimited.

Next week, on to the Top 10.

First 2007 Christmas Concert Announced!

The Palace Theatre in Albany, NY has announced a 2007 Clay Aiken Christmas concert. So it looks like we'll be in store for another wonderful Christmas season with Clay!

What I found most interesting was the name of the concert. Goodbye "Joyful Noise" and hello...

Clay Aiken's Magical Holiday

The concert is scheduled for December 7, 2007. Ticket prices are $41.50 and $51.50. No information on when these tickets will go on sale.

Here's the complete listing posted by CH's waikiki:


Bubel Aiken Foundation Issues PR For Upcoming Raleigh Gala

The Bubel Aiken Foundation has issued a press release for the upcoming Raleigh BAF "Champions for Change" gala to be held on March 31.

Mar 31: The Bubel/Aiken Foundation Hosts Champion for Change Gala at Raleigh’s Cardinal Club (Raleigh)

Raleigh, NC- The Bubel/Aiken Foundation (TBAF) will be hosting its annual Champion of Change Gala, Saturday, March 31, at the Cardinal Club in Raleigh. The Gala honors individuals and groups who have created opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in all that life has to offer.

The event will feature a special performance by multi-platinum recording artist Clay Aiken as well as an exquisite three-course dinner from Executive Chief Fred Leach, compliments of the Cardinal Club. Lynda Loveland, local news anchor for WRAL-TV, will serve as mistress of ceremonies. Champion of Change awards will be given to State Farm Insurance, Coach Jim Johnson, TBAF’s Voices of Beta Alpha volunteers and Youth Honoree, Jonathan Bunzey.

“I am proud to celebrate the accomplishments of our honorees. State Farm Insurance’s corporate commitment to seeing communities become places where all children can participate, our own Beta Alpha volunteers’ passion and dedication to raising awareness all across the country, Coach Jim Johnson’s decision to include a child in an event that in turn gave hope to countless people, and Jonathan Bunzey’s willingness to take the benefits from his own experience and turn it around to help others should inspire all of us to use our voices to make a difference in our own communities for inclusion”, said Clay Aiken, co-founder of TBAF.

State Farm Insurance has teamed with TBAF to provide much needed funding that will spur the development of an educational curriculum focused on teaching social and life skills to children of all abilities. The Bubel/Aiken Foundation’s K-12 Inclusive Community Service Project is designed to address factors that impede the successful inclusion of children with disabilities both in school and in the community. With State Farm’s help, the Inclusive Community Service Project will create awareness about the abilities of all young people. We will be able to change the attitudes and behaviors that stigmatize and exclude children with disabilities from all that life has to offer. Together, State Farm and The Bubel/Aiken Foundation will foster real life experiences that promote the positive role full inclusion will play in all our lives and the lives of generations to come.

In July 2006, The Bubel/Aiken Foundation formalized its volunteer efforts in an initiative called the Voices of Beta Alpha. Over the course of several months, Beta Alpha chapters have been established in twenty states and on nine message boards. Chapters have been actively doing fundraisers ranging from jewelry sales to trivia nights raising significant funding to support the Foundation’s mission of full inclusion.

On February 13, 2006, Champion of Change Honoree, Coach Jim Johnson made the kindhearted gesture of inserting his team manager who has autism, Jason McElwain—now known to the world as J-Mac—into Greece Athena High School’s final home game, which the Trojans won 79-43. J-Mac scored 20 points in just over four minutes, including six three-point baskets, to become an instant national celebrity. Johnson is being honored as a Champion of Change for his commitment to including everyone on his team and making a decision for inclusion that has brought to light the possibilities that including children with disabilities can bring not only for the particular child but also for an entire community.

For the past four years, Jonathan Bunzey, the Champion of Change Youth Honoree, has worked on the We Build People Campaign at the A.E. Finley YMCA in Raleigh, NC. He raises money for kids with special needs to be able to have the same, fun camp experience at the YMCA that he has had. In his first year with the campaign, he raised around $700. Three years later, Jonathan challenged himself and raised $6400.

“The Bubel/Aiken Foundation believes it’s time to include all children in community programs. We would like everyone to understand that inclusion benefits children with and without disabilities. The Foundation is committed to creating communities where ALL children can learn, live and play together. My sincere thanks go out to the Cardinal Club for embracing the mission of our foundation by hosting this gala. I’m grateful for everyone’s support and participation. My hope is that together, we can make our world a better place for ALL children”, said Diane Bubel, co-founder. Bubel will be speaking at the Gala.

The Cardinal Club is located on the 28th floor of the Wachovia Capital Center Building, 150 Fayetteville Street Mall. The event begins at 7 pm. Tickets for the event are sold out.

About TBAF: The Bubel/Aiken Foundation will serve to bridge the gap that exists between young people with special needs and the world around them. By providing services and financial assistance, TBAF supports communities and programs in creating awareness and opportunities for full inclusion where barriers break and doors open. It is their goal to create an environment for children where inclusion is embraced. To learn more about The Bubel/Aiken Foundation or ways to get involved visit their website at

About Cardinal Club: The Cardinal Club provides an elegant gathering place for North Carolina's business and social communities. As a respite from a busy world, the Cardinal Club's atmosphere encourages Members to enjoy family and friends, foster new relationships and expand personal and professional horizons, all in a world-class setting of comfort, privacy and uncompromising quality. As an integral part of its community, the Cardinal Club is committed to Raleigh's development and prosperity and to being the employer of choice in the Raleigh area hospitality industry. Visit them on the web at

Tidbits 3/20

  • The CB's claysladylove says Tyra Banks mentioned Clay on her show today:
    Hi Everyone! I was just watching The Tyra Banks Show and she mentioned Clay and showed 2 pictures of him. One with Ruben and another one from American Idol 5.:confstars :wheee :wheee I thought I would let all of you know that. Also Carmen Rasmussen from American Idol 2 is also a judge on Tyra's show today. Have a Great day!
  • - In the article, "'Idol' Contestants Change Their Looks to Fit The Image of a Star", by Julie Hinds, she says about Clay, "Other contenders require more help from products and flat irons. During Season 2, Clay Aiken's hair was transformed from messy-geeky to artfully tufted. Nowadays, he's evolved post-post-show into a much lengthier, lankier 'do."
  • TV Guide - spoke with Kimberly Caldwell and Rosanna Tavarez, the hosts of TV Guide Channel's Idol Chat, Idol Tonight and Reality Chat, about the Top 12 Idols. When discussing the forgetting of words, Kimberly said:
    "It isn't about, "Oh, my god, I forgot a couple of the words," it's about how you recover and if the audience can't tell you forgot the words. I remember Clay Aiken forgot the words during my season [of Idol], and that was during the top four or five. It's not like, "You're a bad singer and can't be the next American Idol," it's just that Haley and Brandon, both of their faces just went blank. You could tell they were hunting for the words. Do a crazy dance or start doing runs, but don't let the audience know that you forgot.
    It was actually during the Top 3 that Clay forgot the words to "Vincent" because a verse was added at the last minute. But Kim is right...Clay acted like a pro and picked right back up as though nothing had happened. That is because, in my opinion, he is a pro!
  • Lycos 50 - Clay has dropped 3 spots to #19 on the Lycos Top 50. He was at #19 two weeks ago, #16 last week, and back to #19 this week. We need to get him back up again! Under his name this week, the caption reads, "March 31st Raleigh concert sold out". This would be the Gala!
  • TV Guide via The Clayboard - Clayaikenisthegreatest at The Clayboard tells us this:
    From ObLaDi at the CH: "Just got the new TV Guide (3/26-4/1), and there's a small AI piece (Page 83) called "Loss Leaders." "Here's our favorite half dozen who have proven that winning isn't everything." There's a picture of Clay (from the AMA's) with the caption: Quote: Say what you will about Season 2's runner-up, but the kid's voice is crazy good. And his CD sales totally lap the guy who beat him." ObLaDi said: "It's a small mention, but "crazy good" works for me."
  • Newsday - who would give Rosie O'Donnell "dead flowers" for her birthday ... "Kelly Ripa, lambasted for secretly wishing Clay Aiken had worn sanitized gloves when muzzling her."
  • The State - review of Jamie Foxx concert ... Foxx jokes about Clay:
    Foxx cracked on Britney Spears, Beyonce and Michael Richards, the “Seinfeld” star who shouted racial epithets onstage and then insisted he wasn’t a racist.

    “That’s like me wearing a Tevin Campbell T-shirt to a Clay Aiken concert and sayin’ I’m not gay,” Foxx said. He later explained to the audience how (proper) usage of the N-word can describe such mundane things as the club and girls.
  • - not so good mention ... "The American public doesn't always know what a talented individual looks like. I mean -- Clay Aiken -- need I say more."

  • Nothing here yet.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Upcoming Scrapping 4 Inclusion Events to Benefit The Bubel Aiken Foundation

As many of you are aware, The Bubel Aiken Foundation has many approved fundraisers listed at their website. Included in this list is "Scrapping 4 Inclusion", which is a scrapbooking fundraiser. is announcing several Scrapping 4 Inclusion events that will be in six different cities. Dates and cities are as follows:

• Indianapolis, IN - April 20-21
• Atlanta GA - May 5-6
• Salt Lake City UT - May 5
• Northern Virginia/DC - May 19
• Detroit MI - June 2
• De Moines IA - August 12

The article also gives more information about the Scrapping 4 Inclusion fundraiser:

“We are looking for additional volunteers to plan events in their own community. You do not need to be a scrapbooker to get involved, you only need the desire to help.” The more volunteers involved the more voices there are to raise awareness.

It is no secret that scrapbooking is one of the fastest growing hobbies in North America and “crops” have become the quilting bees of the new millennium. A Scrapping 4 Inclusion event, through creating awareness and raising funds will help to create new and meaningful memories in the lives of children with and without special needs across North America.

About Scrapping 4 Inclusion
The mission of Scrapping 4 Inclusion ( is to combine one of the fastest growing hobbies in North America with the need for creating awareness and raising funds on behalf of The Bubel/Aiken Foundation. “This is a very exciting time for me. Every day is a positive day with more people becoming aware of the Foundation. Every week another passionate supporter joins our team or another location confirms a date.” says Laurie Weishar, founder of Scrapping 4 Inclusion.

If you would like to become involved or find out more information about this fundraising event, go to Scrapping 4 Inclusion's website.

Clay Take Part In News & Observer's "TV Tourney"

For those of you who are tired of basketball's "March Madness", The News & Observer has just the thing for you. And even Clay is taking part in their TV Tourney!

According to The Raleigh News & Observer, their tourney will "crown the greatest character in the history of television". As you can see from the picture above this article, they have "picked and seeded 64 characters and placed them in an NCAA-style bracket". The readers pick the winner. The final four will be revealed on March 26 and the winner on April 2, which also happens to be the same day as the NCAA Championship game.

What does the have to do with Clay, you ask? According to Claylily at The Clayboard, the News and Observer also said the following about the TV Tourney:

Among the participants in the "TV Tourney" is Clay Aiken, Raleigh native and 2003 "American Idol" runner up. Aiken had some interesting picks, which will be shared when the winner is announced."
We've inserted "TV Clay" in the above picture eyeing the brackets to see how many correct choices he has made! We'll post Clay's picks here just as soon as they are made known. It should be interesting to see what he had to say!

Kevin Bacon To Speak About TBAF On Ellen Tomorrow

We've received word from that actor Kevin Bacon will be speaking about The Bubel Aiken Foundation and other participating charities participating in the Six Degrees Fundraiser he is spearheading on tomorrow's (3/20) Ellen. To date, over 600 donations amounting to in excess of $16,000 have been raised for TBAF. Bacon will match donations, up to $10,000, for the top 6 charities. TBAF is currently #1, but that's no reason you shouldn't donate. Donate here.

Ellen is syndicated, so check local listings!

Kevin Bacon To Speak About The Bubel/Aiken Foundation on Ellen DeGeneres
Tuesday March 20th! -- click on TUESDAY tab.

How exciting is that! Kevin is amazed at how well the charity badges are doing, and this is just the beginning of a series of promotions about the TOP 6 charity badges in the contest that runs through midnight on March 31st. (Steffanie) received a phone call this morning from Network For Good. They are a partner and have been talking to and TBAF about the success of the TBAF Six Degrees Charity badge, which is currently in 1st Place:

Kevin Bacon will be on Ellen DeGeneres Tuesday March 20th to talk about -- and talking points on his list include:

* Clay Aiken's foundation, The Bubel/Aiken Foundation, currently way ahead in first place.
* Other Top 6 badges, including Autism Speaks, currently in second place.

Hopefully editing of his taping will be kind and leave in lots of mentions! Spread the word -- get everyone to watch Ellen DeGeneres tomorrow!

To thank Kevin afterwards, you can send an e-mail to him through his AIM Page at:

Clay Aiken & Children

We spotted two gems today that we'd like to share with you.

First up is RockyMom's MUST READ essay, "Clay Aiken Through the Eyes of A Child", which was posted on ClaySpots. Here's an excerpt:

That's how WE see Clay Aiken....the caring, compassionate, dedicated man who sets time out of his busy schedule to make sure these children's voices are heard. While his contemporaries are partying from nightclub to exclusive nightclub.... Clay is testifying before Congress for additional funds for the ravished areas of Indonesia. Instead of spending small fortunes on "bling" and imported champagne, Clay is making sure he manages to get from a television appearance in California to his meeting of a Presidential committee he's been appointed to. And he makes that meeting, even through bad weather that stopped many members who had much shorter distances to travel. The same man who is, apparently, scheduling his long-awaited summer pop tour around his next trip for UNICEF.
Next up is this beautiful montage by claylicious78, posted to YouTube, called "Everything is Beautiful - A Tribute to Clay and His Kids":

JNT2005's Gregory Ellis Taking Part in Six Degrees Fundraiser

The Bubel Aiken Foundation has already received over $16,000 in donations courtesy Kevin Bacon's Six Degrees fundraiser. But JNT2005 cast member Gregory Ellis is also lending his support to another worthwhile charity, which is also participating in the Six Degrees program, according to this press release:

At age 12, Gregory Ellis and his dog, Kiwi, have a very interesting story to tell. You see, Gregory was diagnosed a little over a year ago with type 1 juvenile diabetes while on tour performing as Tommy in Clay Aiken’s 2005 "Joyful Noise" production.

Gregory is already a seasoned actor, performing since age 10. He was a big hit with the Clay Aiken fans, who followed him on tour with Clay’s popular holiday production. Gregory also appeared in North Carolina Theatre’s "Camelot," which starred pop songstress Debby Boone. His most recent display of talent was in "The Music Man," performing on stage with Tom Wopat of "Dukes of Hazzard" fame, who played the leading role of Harold Hill.

But when Gregory tells you he has faced some major changes in his life with diabetes, he is not acting.

Gregory and his family hope that his personal situation might be inspiring and raise awareness and contributions for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). Right now, they ask for your help to put JDRF in the running to win an important recognition and a matching donation from Kevin Bacon of up to $10,000. The challenge is on and it ends March 31st, 2007 at midnight.

Faye Parker To MC NC Pageant

The Goldsboro News-Argus says Clay's mom, Faye Parker, will serve as Mistress of Ceremonies for this year's North Carolina Pickle Princess Pageant to be held this Saturday in Mount Olive, NC.

The first event to kick off the 2007 North Carolina Pickle Festival will be held at 7 p.m. Saturday in the Mount Olive Historical Assembly Hall at 207 Wooten Street in Mount Olive.

The 2007 North Carolina Pickle Princess Pageant will have more than 25 contestants from all around the state competing for the chance to represent the Pickle Festival and the town of Mount Olive for a year.

Mistress of Ceremonies for the event will be Faye Parker, the mother of singer Clay Aiken.

Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door and are available at Classic Moments Boutique in Goldsboro.

For information, visit the pageant website at or email or call 734-8792.

Tidbits 3/19

  • Monsters & Critics - American Idol article ...
    Even with its pop focus, "Idol" has managed to churn out a diverse roster of talent, ranging from pop crooners Clarkson and Clay Aiken, R&B belters Ruben Studdard and Fantasia, country queens Underwood and Kellie Pickler and rocker Daughtry.
  • American Chronicle ... another Idol article - "Remember Ruben Stoddard? He won the 2003 American Idol talent contest over favorite and runner-up Clay Aiken."
  • Knox News Sentinel - AI6 article; Chris Sleigh:
    For starters, I was disappointed that Chris came out without his glasses -- the "Idol" makeover effect. It worked for Clay Aiken, but Clay was beyond geeky. Chris has his own style of cool geek, and he should stick with it.
  • TV Grapevine forums - forum poster says Taylor vs. Chris Daughtry isn't a case of Clay vs. Ruben ...
    Re your question about Chris, or Taylor vs. Katharine, I am sure there were many discussions early on, just as there were many fans unhappy about Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard. I really believe Taylor won because he was different from the pack, and the audience wanted someone different. Katharine, Taylor and Chris are all talented in completely different genres.
  • Foxes on Idol - remembering Idol's top 11's ... American Idol 2:
    It was movie night for the second season’s top 11 and Gladys Knight was the guest judge. Corey Clark sang “Against All Odds,” and Ruben did “A Whole New World,” earning a heaping helping of praise from Simon. Trenyce did a fabulous job with “I Have Nothing,” and after Clay sang “Somewhere Out There,” Simon said he was the “one to beat.”
  • Delco Times - hypocrite Kelly Ripa a good "TV talker". Needless to say, I beg to differ...
    All of the hosts will play well off of Ripa who is engaging on her own and could probably do "Live" solo if she must. That isn’t, however, the show’s format, and in all instances when Regis has been absent -- all but one unfortunate time with Clay Aiken when Kelly was right to react -- Kelly has both led the show while including and interacting well with her host.
  • PR Newswire- the obligatory Clay mention in another StubHub PR.
  • Antimusic has posted dates for Clay's 2007 ATDW Summer tour.

  • Nothing here yet.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Special AI Report In 3/24 Billboard Mentions Clay

According to LosAngelesDawn at The Clayboard, a special report on American Idol and its 200th show that is in the 3/24 copy of Billboard features Clay in it several times. Here is what LosAngelesDawn says:

Didn't see this posted anywhere and they are small mentions, small for all the Idols because it's about the show, and also pictures.

Page 38:

Six artists discovered through “Idol” - winners Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Hicks – plus season two runner-up Clay Aiken, have sold a combined 23 million-plus copies of their albums, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Page 42:

A little picture chart of 'Idol' Hits – Clay is 3rd (after Kelly, Carrie) with MOAM.

Page 41:

A lot of industry full-page ads congratulating Idol on its 200 episode and one from Tribune Entertainment has the 200 with the first '0' filled with year 1 contestants and the second '0' with year 2. Cute Clay pic.

Page 48:

Pic from Idol tour with Ruben, someone, and Clay in all white, singing.
Its great that on page 38 of this article, Clay is mentioned along with the "winners" on the show. Of course, we all know that Clay is a winner no matter what place he came in. Congratulations to Clay for all the success he has had since being on American Idol!

... uh ... What The Heck Is He Doing?

I'm hearing the sound of Claymates dropping like flies loud and clear today. And here's the reason why:

Download SecretlyLovesClay's HOT video of Clay playing with his thighs at last year's West Point, NY concert here at SendSpace or at the Clayboard.

Tidbits 3/18

  • The News Tribune/Fort Worth Star Telegram - are Idols "oversinging" it? (I think this critic needs to wash his ears out and actually listen to Clay, Kelly & Katharine's CD's... they are NOT oversinging anything!)
    Frequently, music fans tell me that this “oversinging stuff“ is all in my head: “What do you mean Christina Aguilera was no good at the Grammys? She sounded great!” is the kind of response I get, suggesting that not only is the phenomenon approaching epidemic levels and poisoning people’s ears, it’s leading them to believe that impossibly contorted vocal performances – Katharine McPhee’s single “Over It,” the whole of Kelly Clarkson’s “Thankful,” Clay Aiken’s discography to date – are the new gold standard.
  • News Advance - American Idol & democracy ...
    Last Tuesday night, I joined most of the rest of the planet (or at least the U.S.) and tuned in for the first time. I knew about "American Idol" alums like Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, Carrie Underwood and Fantasia (would she have won if her name was Gloria or Maureen?), because the pop culture machine wouldn't allow me to ignore them.
  • London Free Press - Rosie O'Donnell gives The View record ratings. "This season, she has spouted bigoted remarks at Asians, trashed Donald Trump, and mocked Miss USA Tara Conner for seeking treatment for alcoholism. She also outed Clay Aiken and dubbed fellow morning talker Kelly Ripa a homophobe."
  • Sunday Gazette-Mail - "Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken finished first and second in season two. Though Aiken was runner-up, he was arguably the more famous of the two. His third album, “A Thousand Different Ways,” was released in September and debuted at no. 2 on the Billboard chart".

  • There Was A Man - remembering Clay's AI2 Top 11 performance - "Somewhere Out There"

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