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Friday, October 10, 2008

Fun at the Stage Door 10-09-08

It is so great to see Clay having some fun out by the stage door every night. He is looking fit as a fiddle and somewhat rested (see photo below). It is time to share a word or two from the clack gatherers and some photos once again by dancerdad who is becoming quite the clacker.

Once again from Hcorbett10 at the Clayboard:

From Jess:

just got back from a Spam trip with an AMAZING little boy named Tyler!! He was HAD SOOOO MUCH FUN! Clay is literally his idol and he practices to be like him everyday!! lol he always tells people that if he isnt blessed with a gift like Clays he can just be Ryan Seacrest!!! He was able to meet Clay Wednesday night at SD, and got a couple pictures with him!! Clay picked him right up and since then he hasn't stopped talking about it. He was sooooo happy that he cried!! The thing that stinks is that he is really sick with a heart condition so that might have been the only time he will be able to see Clay, due to his health and the severity of his illness. He has asked me to take him back on Saturday though, and has us moving to NYC all planned out! He was also disappointed that he didn't get a picture with Jerome!!! lol he got a high five though!! I got some really good pics of him and Clay and once I upload them I will post!!! If any fans have video of the "meeting" I am sure his mom would appreciate it, as would I!!!

From Jess:

I think that NYCitymom (sorry if I just murdered your UN) got some really good stuff!!! lol you have no idea how much this kid LOVES Clay!! Its ADORABLE!! he didnt even know what to do with himself!! My little cousin Ryan came with us too!! Hes 7 and LOVES Spamalot! He got an adorable pic with Clay!! We had to go around to the other side of the barricade to get it though!! lol Jerome just sent us around and Clay saw me pick him up too!!


I am sure this photo was just one of those, oops I blinked moments, LOL. Get some rest Clay, Parker is coming soon.


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