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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tidbits 10-09-08

For those that have been trying to get to the Claymaniacs board but have been unable to find it lately, check out the Claymaniacs temporary home.

For all of you in the Toronto area, don't forget about the Cluncheon being held on November 8th, one month to go. I have been to Toronto many times, and it is one of the lovliest cities in North America. Did you know it is only about 70 miles from Niagara Falls, so you can combine friendship and sightseeing as well. Go for it, all are welcome.

Just a reminder about Clay's Blog at UNICEF stating,

"Did you know that approximately 25,000 children die each day before their fifth birthday, largely due to preventable causes?"
You can make a one time donation, or there is an option for monthly, quarterly, or yearly pledge as well. You know how Clay feels about the children, so if you can think about donating whatever you are able to in Clay's name. I am sure it will be greatly appreciated.

Don't forget to check out at present they have two advertisements for Spamalot featuring Clay.

I have also heard that he is back on the NYC buses. That is something to look for in your spare time in NYC. has all the latest news on everything Broadway so who knows when a tidbit will pop up concerning Clay.

For all of you Hannah Waddingham fans out there, I see that she will be opening in November in London in "A Little Night Music" at the Menier Chocolate Factory just in case you are in London, we should be so lucky. I checked to see if Clay would be in the cast but alas not, LOL.
Wouldn't she be surprised to see one of her Broadway fans at the stage door.

Have you heard of the Radio and Records Hit Predictor? Guess who tops the Mainstream AC List, none other than Clay Aiken, numero uno, now that is great news. As has been suggested of late, it is time to release the best single from OMWH pronto. He is in NYC and can do the promo work, he has the new PR firm, let's get it Shakin Aiken, LOL. Keep the hit predictor site in your favorites and check it out from time to time. It will be great to see Clay back on top again. Thank you LoveOMC for bringing that to my attention.

Please don't forget the Coloring for Inclusion project to raise funds for BAF, this is an important project and the time is now to make your purchases for the holiday seasons. You can make your purchases at their Coloring for Inclusion Store. The books are just $6 and there are so many children that will benefit from this project, let alone it being such a learning process for the children that use the books. Think about all the children in your life, your local hospitals, doctor's offices, libraries, etc. There is a need to spread the word about Inclusion.

It has just been announced by TheManFromPlaybill that the Playbill with the winning fan bio for Clay has come in. Please check the Playbill Store to get your copies. They still have some left so order quickly. He said it was very funny, but he wouldn't say what it was because it wouldn't be fair. If you get one, keep it a secret, we want them to sell lots, it looks good for Clay and his fans.


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