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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stage Door 10-11-08 Matinee

LOL, OMC says Chef Boyardee is um-um-good!! I couldn't resist after hearing about his shopping trip and he looks so well fed.

There was little clack from the Matinee, but what there was is good. Thanks to Joy2Talk2U at the Clayboard I have added it below:

More from LauraQ....

looks nearly sold out....... mostly nju people.
Men laughing a lot at matinee behind us. 3 to 4 rows deep are stage door for the
matinee behind he took pics with fans.
grey hoodie and jeans couldnt see his

I love that Laura has her priorities straight, gotta check out those feet, wonder if she is looking for more striped socks and sandels?

KrystyneY at the Clayboard offered, in part:

It was not really much of a Clay crowd. There was clapping for him when he first appeared, and laughing at all his jokes of course...but you can tell it wasn't mostly us. The crowd seemed to appreciate him though.

I wish I could remember more details. He was very cute in the Not Dead Yet scene, and he did poke Tom with the triangle ringy thing. He got laughs for the Idol of my Age line...but you could tell some people did not get it. He didn't catch the LOTL's arm in the Camelot scene...Of course he was a totally oogling perv throughout like always! The quail line got a lot of laughs, and he did that whole scene more like a statement than the usual question of "The quail?" He lay on the floor praying for a long time while God was speaking. He was really funny in Brave Sir Robin, and the people laughed a lot...but you could still here the minstrals whole song, which was good. Pooping his pants has become a huge production! Very funny. YWSOB was amazing...very impressive as always. The crowd really responded to that. Brother Maynard was very funny...he has individualized all his characters so much...they are so different from one another. The hand shake thing during the peasant scene is still hysterical. It never gets old when he puts his hand out and the peasant ignores it! Because he times it just right, so that they are never looking his way. He seemed to be having such a great time during Always Look On the Bright Side of Life, and he shimmied with one of the girls...cute...and he gave us his usual salute as the lights went out.

Thank you once again to all the Clack gatherers, we all appreciate you so much. Keep the reports and photos coming please.


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