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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stage Door 10-14-08

Okay, I must warn you to get ready for this one, LOL. As one fan stated, doesn't Clay have a mirror in his dressing room? Is Jerome afraid to tell Clay his hair is not just right?

This per LilRed at the Clayboard, I just had to laugh at this one, LOL.

Now that hair style reminds me of the Flock of Seagulls Look LOL, but I don't even notice the hair when I see that SMILE...


Katy4Clay reporting Brown Hoodie with hair standing on end. 4/5 rows deep at stage door. She didn't get a look tonight but will be back tomorrow. She got some pictures ...eeeeeeeeeee

From Claysbabygurl:
Funny so far
Clay very animated tonight
Tom isn't here so its an understudy
Clay poked the understudy
He was so happy to catch the LOTL's armour
He told the drummer who does the symbol part that that's stupid
Making funny faces during the horse scene before the french guard scene
He screamed wait for me right before intermission I will have more late

Video uploaded to YouTube by ClayMelia, thanks so much. the crowd seemed very subdued even though there were a lot of people there. Some of the regulars up front, obvious when Clay said "Oh, I see I signed the other side, that is why you turned it over!" LOL, busted. It must be nice to be able to be there so much, I have seen the one set of ladies there numerous times, I only wish I could be. I do hope at the one show I will get to go to that I too will be able to get an autograph and perhaps a photo with OMC. What are the odds? LOL.

Now on to a verry, verry nice picture thanks to Barb916

Some of the regular group got to go backstage, and on stage to romp around for a little while, how cool is that? I guess it pays to be seen often, LOL.


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