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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Deck the Halls 4 Inclusion

Triad Voices for Inclusion , a Beta Alpha of The Bubel/Aiken Foundation, is proud to introduce " Deck the Halls 4 Inclusion " a holiday fundraiser in conjunction with Rockdale Wreaths, a Maine company which produces beautiful, handmade, natural wreaths. This year, as you begin to decorate your homes and offices for the holiday season, and prepare to exchange gifts with family and friends, we'd like to invite you to help The Bubel/Aiken Foundation provide an additional gift: the gift of a more inclusive life experience to children with and without disabilities across the nation.

For each individual wreath purchased through "Deck the Halls 4 Inclusion" the Bubel/Aiken Foundation will receive $9. Bulk orders, 8-10 wreaths shipped to any one address, not only saves you $5 per wreath on the purchase price, but also benefit the Foundation even more, bringing $13 per wreath. All prices, both here and on the website already include shipping built into the price. If you are placing a bulk order and have a Beta Alpha affiliation, please let us know and we will make sure the additional $4 per wreath donation is credited to the Beta Alpha of your choice. Please note: if you place a bulk order online with Rockdale please email us the details of your order-name on order and Beta Alpha affiliation-so that we can ensure that you receive Beta Alpha credit. The deadline for ordering wreaths is Monday November 10, 2008 . You can see all of the wreaths, and a few bonus items, at our Rockdale store at the link below or on our website. When ordering directly from Rockdale at the store they have established for us online, please be sure to use the following link to ensure TBAF receives funds:

Price List: Includes tax & shipping charges already. TBAF receives $9 per wreath, $13 per wreath for bulk orders with 8 or more wreaths shipping to any one address.

A. Deluxe $49.25
B. White Wreath $39.95
C. Classic $34.95
D. Country Charms $39.95
E. Blue Wreath $39.95

Bulk Orders (8 to a box):

A. Deluxe $44.25
B. White Wreath $34.95
C. Classic $29.95
D. Country Charms $34.95
E. Blue Wreath $34.95

Check out the Clayboard for ordering instructions so that your Beta Alpha, or a Beta Alpha group gets credit for your purchases. Check out wreaths at Rockdale Wreaths Online


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