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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spamalot 10-29-08 Recaps

First before you read the recaps, this is the reason there was no stage door last night:

There was a special dinner held at the Bon Appetit Club to honor David Foster. Clay was again amongst the "A" listers, Dr. Phil, Donald Trump, Peter Cincotti along with others. This is one of the photos.

When all hope was lost of getting any reports from Spamalot last night, finally the reports started flowing in. Clayshines at the Clayboard posted:

Actually, NY4Clay was there with her daughter and she just phoned with a report.

She said the show was FABULOUS as usual. Tom was back and got quite a cheer when he appeared as Not Dead Yet Fred. It was mainly an audience of NJUs, a lot of men who were totally enjoying themselves. There was a standing ovation.

Clay was playing a little with the ribbons in the guard scene but did not sing the Amen. Actually he just said the word AMEN.

They were in the second row so her daughter could really see Clay's face and was very impressed with how his facial expressions have developed.

She echoed what Dancerdad had said about SD. They chatted with the king and some of the dancers and Tom but no Clay.

HCorbett10 at the Clayboard reported these recaps from CV: From Njrp4clay

I just got home from Spam. When we went to pickup our tickets we saw a film crew come out of the SD. Don't have a clue why they were there though . Our seats were in the second row with 2 empty seats in front of us. Clay was great. He was dancing around alot. My DH said Clay looked at him and seem to recognize him. (Clay scopes the first few rows). He had tongue action going tonight. Almost every scene the tongue was appearing. During the finale Clay was having a problem with a piece of hair from the wig. I think it was tickling his nose. He finally pulled it out looked at it then blew it away. I was glad to see Tom back and I liked the king. I thought he had a very nice voice.

After the show I was standing next to this guy with a big camera. I asked him if he was dancerdad and he said yes. Jerome came from 44th st and went in the stage door then came out with a computer bag and that was the last we saw of him. He didn't speak to anyone. Shubert guy just stood there then all of a sudden pulled the one barrier away and told us Clay had left already. It was strange that Jerome didn't tell us there would be no SD. However, Jerome was dressed up. Maybe they had some place to go.

ETA: I think he flicked the hair away then watched it for a few second as it floated to the ground. Every one else was singing but him.

From lindylo

There was a short promo on ETalk Canada tonight about David Foster. I think they said that he had a lot going on in NYC this week re his book launch and they would have coverage tomorrow. I wasn't really paying attention until I heard his name so I could have missed something. Maybe Clay was attending something for this tonight and that is why he left quickly and Jerome was dressed up.

From SiClayfan

I don't know if this post will go through--I have really poor internet access here at the hotel. My friend and I were in the 2d row too--great seats. Clay did lots of tongue action, though not much during YCSOB. It was cute how during the curtain call he kept trying to grab the single hair from his wig hanging in his face --he finally got it and pulled it out. He didn't lift his pants to show us his socks, but he put his left foot out during the finale and we could see stripes. I was a little disappointed he just said the AMEN--was looking forward to his singing it--maybe tomorrow night. He didn't seem to have any problem with his dancing, so hope he is all better.

It was definitely a NJU crowd, but everyone seemed to enjoy the show. I'm so glad Tom is back--the last show I saw was without him and he is such an important part of show. I read Rick was back from his trip to Italy so I hoped he'd be back in the show, but not tonight. The king is growing on me, but I still liked Jonathan interpretation better. LOTL has a magnificent voice and she's grown into the role since I saw her opening weekend, but she's still no Hannah!!


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