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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tidbits 4/2

New poll at
"Which Idol alums would you like to see follow Clay on Broadway?"
  • American Idol articles:
    • Reuters wire story - Idol contestant hospitalized after show -
      "American Idol" pits singers against one another in a months-long competition for a professional recording contract. Past winners including Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood have gone on to music stardom, as have some runners-up like Clay Aiken.
    • E! Online - it's David vs. David on American Idol 7 -
      Bottom line, both guys have proven themselves enough to have wildly successful stand-alone careers after the show ends, regardless of who wins (the loss didn't hurt Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson or Clay Aiken), and if you ask me to choose between my Davids, I won't. The'yre both too good to make the call.
    • TV Fodder - American Idol top 9 recap - "Singing sixth was David Archuleta, who performed “Smoky Mountain Memories.” His voice was great and he completely nailed that last note. He’s like Clay Aiken Version 2.0 with the way he can sing any ballad they throw at him."
    • Roanoke Times -
      David A. Oh, David A. I agree with Dolly that David "has the voice to become a great, great singer." But, I'm just not feeling it's his time yet. He does have a solid voice and he performed the heck out of "Smokey Mountain Memories," but I don't know. I'm just over him, I think. Again, his will be the CD at Starbucks or on adult contemporary stations. Or on Broadway with Clay Aiken. Not that that's a bad thing at all, but I just don't want him to steal the limelight from someone who deserves to win.
    • My Fox - Gulf Coast -
      David Archuleta, "Smokey Mountain Memories:" Oh man, this kid is back in the game… he picked one of Dolly's favorite songs, and she tries not to cry when he sings it. He reminds me a lot of Clay Aiken, even though they don't sound a like. But they both have that (slightly fake) "Aw, shucks," innocence about them. Randy thinks that was the best performance of the night, Paula says he's glorious and Simon says the song choice was spot on.
  • Boston Herald - celebrities have specific demands from the hotels they visit -
    Some requests, such as buckets of “clean” ice, seem reasonable. Luxury hotels must occasionally get rusty water in the ice machine for this stipulation to be so common. Others, such as the mandatory cereal schedule for Clay Aiken’s backup band, go off the silliness charts.
CDD Blogwatch
  • Idle-wandering presents a montage to the tunes of "Here You Come Again" by Clay


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