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Monday, October 20, 2008

More on Champions for Change Gala

HCorbett10 brought over to the Clayboard this fact finding post:

From Claym8 From the CV:

Didn't Clay say something about being up all night? OH! I just remembered. A hotel manager-type guy stopped by our group in the lobby this afternoon and told us that Clay spent the whole day in a suite in the hotel and ordered grilled cheese for a snack. Ben Cohen also told someone in the bar that he and Clay were on the same flight and it left NY at 6:30 a.m. He had a very very long day!

I've also seen a lot of people mention that Clay sang the end of Right Here Waiting quietly. I'm not sure if anyone also said that the last few words were sung with no microphone. It was very touching. I too think he teared up at the end.

That mirror picture is to die for. I've never seen so many copies of a picture of a picture. I've got a couple of them in my camera too.

I was very lucky tonight. The front desk called me a few minutes ago and asked if my rental was a blue Volvo. I had left my lights on!! Tomorrow morning could have been very bad! To me the Volvo lights and wipers are very confusing to deal with.

I had other stuff to say but can't remember it all.

thanks again to everyone for sharing my excitement!

Got it! It was totally wonderful to hear Clay talk about his "family." and when he introduced Faye to draw for the raffle he introduced her as Mom and then revised it to Grandma. Awwwww!


From ncclt4clay:

I am really late posting because I got back just a while ago and don't have a lap top. I know that a lot of what I could say has already been said so I won't even try to recap. Just some of my observances - this was one of my very favorite Clay times ever. Somehow it just seemed magical. I met and got to know some people that I loved instantly. Clay. Well, Clay was just the best that I have ever seen him. Not better perhaps, but certainly right there with the best. He was Clay. The Clay that we haven't seen for a while. ETIDN absolutely brought down the house. So just gaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. OMH - wow. But RHW - I can not even begin to express the depth of emotion. The introduction made me teary enough. He conveyed every nuance through every phase and breath. I wouldn't have given up this performance for anything in the world. All I can say is that when he dropped the mic and sang the last bit of that song - it will stay with me for the rest of my life. To those that I was with, those that I knew, and those whom I met and bonded with - all of you will be in my memory with this wonderful, magical, unforgettable experience. And Clay? Oh yeah - he is going to be here with us for a very long time. And I love him.


this recap was beautiful from Mickey7129 at CDB, I got it from janwhatever at CH..

I did read Brightstar's recap which was brought over. Her recap IMO is right on in all aspects--the emotions (love being the predominant emotion of the night, I think), Clay's cognizance of the message boards (fugly...too funny!), the still and forever indescribable beauty of his voice, the intimacy of the message conveyed and received in his rendering of "Right Here Waiting". I too will be wrapping my mind, heart and soul around the depth and beauty of last night for many weeks to come. Not to mention the sheer fun and joy. Yep, he done did it to us again! (Please don't ever stop, Clay, 'k ?! )

Just a couple of (disjointed) thoughts I wanted to share.

About midway through "Right Here Waiting for You", I thought I was the only one with tears streaming down my face and sniffling, but then I realized I was hearing sniffling and sobbing all around me. In case you're wondering, the little ripple of laughter at the very end of "Right Here Waiting" was slightly embarrassed laughter at ourselves as the sobbing was just as audible as Clay's tender voice as he sang the last phrase of "Right Here Waiting" without the mike. (And the beauty, purity and texture of his unamplied voice...truly every bit as beautiful and transcendent as the finest instrument ever made).

For me, it felt like we had gone back to our roots. Clay even looked so much like he did back in 2003/2004 when he first mezmerized us and cast us underneath his spell. I saw so many of those early gestures and nuances and passion. It reminded me of why I first fell in love with him. (Yep, I said, "in love" with it!). It was so eerie but so right. Whatever the degree of wondering each of us may have gone through about "is Clay still Clay", I say the answer is a blessedly, resounding YES! Even for those who didn't have that doubt or concern, what a treasure it was to be reminded and be able to relive that magic again. Last night was like the perfect mixture of Clay of the past AND present...old look, new songs. Totally cool, freaky and somehow right.

Personally, I've given up the battle of trying to find the words which accurately describe the emotions Clay, both the man and the voice, evokes from the very depths of your soul. In total seriousness, I don't think the words exist in the dictionary. Maybe because he makes me feel so much. Maybe because when your heart is that full to overflowing, no words could ever be adequate enough. The closest I can come, broken down into the simplest terms, is: He's back. We're back. We're home again.

How lucky are we?

I am sorry someone sent this to our group as a third party so I do not know where this was originally posted, but it is touching and I thought there are those that would like to read it, enjoy.

Originally Posted by loriham

I'm finally able to sit down and write my recap of this amazing
weekend, so here goes!

Saturday morning Michelle and I went to the Volunteer Roundtable and
screening of "Including Samuel." I'm sure you've heard how moving
this film was, and how well it got across the message that those with
disabilities are just like the rest of us with our hopes, dreams, and
desires. It made me think. More.

Saturday night we got all gussied up (thanks to Michelle I wasn't so
underdressed!) and went to the gala.......

The food was good, the auction items grand, the setting nice.

Then the auction began.....and you've d/l the Clack by now, so I
don't need to tell you it was by turn funny, astonishing, naughty,
and touching.

When Clay put on that blue shirt from AI and came back out on the
stage, I felt a strange sense of something.......a deja vu, a ghost
of the past.....whatever you want to call it, something came over me
ever so slightly.

When Diana went up after winning the shirt and Clay sang to her, it
came over me again. It was like seeing him five years ago. Not for
the first time exactly, but seeing him anew somehow.

The auction went on and I watched. I saw the shirt, the spiked hair,
the smile when an item went for so much more than he thought it

The auction ended.

And he sang.

It was a bit rough at first, as he was tired. A couple of raspy
moments and one "bent" note. Then he kicked it into gear and got over
that hump and began to enjoy the performing.

"When I See You Smile" was good and I enjoyed it.
"Everything I Don't Need" was....................what can you say???
He was hot, sexy, dripping with the attitude of the song, growly, and
the "well,well" had me melting off my seat!
"On My Way Here" was beautiful.
"Where I Draw the Line" and THOSE notes were goosebump inducing.
Then "Right Here Waiting" did me in. I watched him sing only to us. I
watched as he communicated over time and space in the way only he
can. I knew then: I had come home.

Tears came to my eyes as I realized that it didn't matter whether or
not I agree with all he says and does. It didn't matter whether he's
right or wrong. It didn't matter that he's in no way related to me or
that I may never really know him. All that matters is that I love him
and that voice that's so much a part of him, and that I believe he's
in my life for a reason.

It was like being back in time. It was like the world tilted back on
its axis again and I knew I was supposed to be there. I had "my" Clay
back again.

He sang to us.


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