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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stage door 10-21-08

Back to business as usual for Clay and his Spamalot buddies. It was a slow night, but there were some charming stories.

Photos taken by Bluenosebythesea, absolutely gorgeous.

Bluenosebythesea at the Clayboard went and reported:

was one of the lucky ones tonight who saw Spamalot and Clay was fabulous!!! My husband and son loved it too. It looked like a great crowd, especially since it was Tuesday night and very cold out. I was worried that I wouldn't like the lady of the lake, but she was great and she has an amazing voice. Clay can really dance and he is so funny. Of course I was at the stage door. (I was the one who messed up the pictures so you got to take another one---sounds like I did good and the second one turned out perfect.) Anyway I don't post much so I didn't know how to post in red so if anyone wants to change it, feel free. Also my husband took some stage door pictures that I would be happy to post if someone can explain how to do it very clearly. We tried a few minutes ago and I lost my whole post so I need help, but I am will to share if I can figure out how to do it. The stage door went so fast that I really didn't notice what he was wearing, but I did notice he had on striped socks with sandles----got to love that man.

Clayfan1000 had a glorious night this is her report:

I just got back to my room! I was the best peasant tonight. I use a cane and wanted to come up on stage but they didn't want me to fall!

I was in row C seat 101. I am still shaking! I didn't expect to be peasant because I thought it would be Row A tonight. When the explosion knocked down the wall and I saw C101, I was like... OMG! I am going to be the peasant. Patsy came down and asked
me if I could get up on stage. I said I thought I could with my cane, but the King didn't want me to fall, so they came down to me. It was so exciting to have the King and Patsy and all the other Knights singing to me and cheering for me. I didn't get a picture with Clay but loved the picture I got of the King and Patsy Anyway, I rushed out to the SD to get the picture of Clay and me that I had gotten from Friday night signed by Clay. OMG! when Clay came out he started signing autographs and got to my friend, Annieg9. I will never forget this. Clay asked Annie where I was. He called me by name Annie pointed me out and Clay started coming right over to me. Annie had to yell out that she wanted a pic too! He signed my picture that I got from Friday and then asked me who was taking my picture. I told him noone, because I had already gotten a pic with him. He then asked a nice woman standing there to take our picture. All I could think to say was thank you very much,Clay. He hugged me and put his arm around my waist and I touched Clay again on his waist. Once the pic was taken, he grabbed my camera to make sure it turned out. It wasn't great, so he posed again and we snuggled again and got another picture. I am now like mush.

I messed up the picture I took of Annie and Clay because I was spaced out from Clay calling out my name and looking for me I will write more once I can put my thoughts together more clearly.
I love the pic of the King, Patsy and me, which I hope to get Patsy to sign. Patsy helped me up out of my chair and the King came down to me. Patsy asked me if I could make it up on stage and I felt so special. I was disappointed that Clay was not in the picture, but it all worked out.... I loved everyone singing to me and I will cherish the Best Peasant Award!

A report from Annie9:

Tonight was fabulous! Clay was so fabulous in every one of his roles as always.
Everyone in the cast was wonderful. The one that took Rick's place as Lancelot, Knight of Ni and the French Taunter was expecially great. He put his own twist on it but he did a wonderful job.
We saw Merle (Lady Of The Lake) at the stagedoor too and she signed our playbills for us. I took a pic of her with Kathy that she will post in awhile.

Clay is so thoughtful and wonderful. He saw me sitting with Kathy and he knew she was disappointed that he wasn't in her peasant picture so the first thing he did when he saw me was ask me where she was.
He really is amazing man. He doesn't like to disappoint his fans.
There were many, many NJUs in the audience tonight and they showed appreciation for the whole cast. Clay got the most applause at curtain call so he gave a wink to Merle. He won the competition tonight.
The man sitting behind us really enjoyed the show and showed it by his laughing and applause.
Not too many people at the SD tonight. The temp outside was 46 degrees and the wind was wicked. We froze but it was very much worth it.


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